Adam Lambert on SWR3 radio (Germany)

Here you go guys, we have some interview banter, Adam singing lines from his favorite Broadway shows, and some singing of Whataya Want From Me and Sleep Walker. Pretty good deal, I think.




  1. How does he manage to always sound so wonderful? Awesome!!!

  2. k. morgan says:

    Love Adam…he changes his songs up on the fly…who can do that and still not screw up….He is amazing. Love the little singing lines from Musicals….go Adam!!

  3. ViviennePendragon says:

    Fantastic as always. How many performers could just do that – drop in and do an acoustic set.? He always answers every question with grace and enthusiasm, even when he’s answered it many times before. (Although they were ok this time).

  4. buffy522 says:

    Love these interviews and performances. It’s just old school, working the radio stations and TV stations to get your name out there. They don’t even have his album out! This is hard work for Adam although he really embraces it. Come on, this is no over-night-sensation (like few are) and it takes your soul! You know he was so tired doing those show tunes. Was the DJ kidding? Wow. Always wanted to hear some recordings from his Greece performance.

    This reminds me, as many of you, how cool Sleepwalker would be on his AI performance. The Jay Leno performance was so fine!


  6. Where the hell did this guy come from? I have been following anything that I could about Adam and his music and haven’t heard improv this great before. Oh, yes there was Fantasy Springs which was a once in a life time event (I saw videos, didn’t attend). This is so mindful of jazz musicians who get together and jam. Love it to bits. Adam, when you come home we will all direct soft and soothing thoughts to you so you can enjoy a peaceful rest before you embark on your many other quests. I’ll start now: ooohm..

  7. This interview made me really happy. Tohear thes songs snippets sung by Adam, I love all those musicals and after Joesph, Jesus Christ superstar is my second favourite, havent seen Wicked yet but hope to one day. He is the real thing our Adam.

  8. He is so confident in any interview!
    I can’t wait until he goes on tour!!
    He sounds fantastic, as always.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Adam is the type of person who you could talk to him almost about anything and everything under the sun. He always know stuff, he always has something to share. There is no dull moment with this superpretty boy. He is not just a pretty face. Very smart. He never ceases to amaze me.

  9. MyGlambert says:

    Thank you for this great Interview…SWR3

    Adam is my Glamgod…SEXY