Adam Lambert on ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’

Once again, Adam takes the stage and just blows all the viewers away.  I don’t think the sound system completely supported his performance, but it was still just spectacular.  Maybe Adam read that we loved the new twists to “Whataya Want From Me,” because he gave a similar performance to the one from Conan. 

Now let’s chat about Adam’s costume!  The harlequin-esque makeup, suit, and shoes were glam perfection.  Freddie Mercury’s take on this theme was a cut-away bare chest in the late 1970’s glam era, but Adam’s interpretation was much more classy and polished.  Are there some hidden meanings here?  The tear?  Afterall, a harlequin never gave a boring, simple performance if something to spice it up could be added.  …yeah, that’s Adam!  Dana, Glamb #6


  1. cool adam!

    • In case you all didn’t know…FYE Music Video is #1 on ITunes!!!!! Also WWFM is quickly moving up the top 100 on ITunes, jumping over 30 spots from last night to this morning!!! Thinking WWFM is on the verge of breaking BIG!!!

      • DKNY64, thanks for the news. Thats is great!

        • thanks for posting good news. Adam is a fantastic brillant talent, and is fascinating to people in ‘the biz’-he always will be fine, but it is great to be able to see and comment on his success. Adam is a real sweetie., a real honest open book, a man of integrity, a guy with guts. I admire him. I just really am totally crazy about him.

        • No problem. More great news! FYE is now playing on MTV and and is actually in the Top 20 most streamed videos online!! AND is a Top video pick as well!! It is still number 1 in sales on ITunes and the single is slowly climbing back up the Top 100. Even better is WWFM which is now up more than 20 spots from this morning to #49 on ITunes!!! PLUS Adam was just named #3 Male Artist of the Year by MTV!!!

      • I JUST LOVE HIM!!!!!!! WONDERFUL!!!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        That is very exciting to hear! With all the songs to be potentially #1 hits, I wonder what will we see next . I know this is kind of strange, but sometimes you may hear a pop song on a country radio station, & I was just thinking about MASTER ADAM’s TFM being played on the country stations. You never know.

        • Lisette here..bonjour all glambs an monbeau Adam..had to visite despite health issues vous etes a rai d’lit any jour de le semaine…remedie for any bleus or maladies..Simply le best performance of quest chanson..monbeau j’adore this show an so surprise to tune in an here toi angelique voix..sensual,sweet,an thet silver suit,perfete liner to enhanse le crystalbleu eyes there..twinkling like a radiant star atop a holiday tree..vous etes m’ange d’musiquie…an of course of glambs here on this lovli tribute page..I av missed all here an specialmente to espress sentiments for best vocaliste/artiste of millenium,or anytime an anywhere.Many blessings,bisous an grande hugs for all an of course vous Adam..j’etaime toujours..merci pour le gift au chansons.a gift from above an always yur lovli parentes as well..J’adore vous toujours til the end de le monde..pardon Im so very swept away..Merci Dana for poste thes video..An always plasur to visite here..Holiday hugs an bisous for all an of course sensual being an angel most of all!!!!!xoxo

          • adammlamberttlovee says:

            Yay! Oh and today at exactly 6:20 they were playing For Your Entertainment on MTV. I was so happy.
            And also, let’s not forget to vote for Adam on the VH1 video countdown. He debuted number 16th on Saturday. Let’s vote him all the way to the top!<3;*

    • Glamdoc300 says:

      Oh Adam. You are forever entertaining and perfect. I do love this song. When, oh when, will they let you sing another song on TV? Are they afraid you might gyrate? God forbid.

    • Bravo Adam!!! aghhh and once again what happened with the audio system? anyways Adam managed to pull the performance together 😀 Im excited with Adam and Chelsea Handler, what else is next!!?

      • Au contraire, cheri…despite the momentary glitch with the sound, Adams overall performance was sharp and direct, focusing on his voice, not the mixes and synthesizing that tend to overshadow his voice on his album. I like to see Adam move as much as anybody, but in this performance he focused on his voice, and delivered a much better performance than the cut on his album. Other singers may need the electronics to support the voice; Adam does not.

  2. OMFG, SYTYCD!!!

    Harlequin Adam is soooo beautiful!!! History lesson for today: Harlequin is the king of the stage in the Commedia dell’arte of Italy. He begins as a humble servant who becomes a tumbler on the stage (ninja roll AMAs, ha) then retrains under the influences of his surroundings as a dancer/performer that reflects his audience and wins them over with his transformation. The performers wear black and white masks to signify different characters and often have the teary eye or happy/sad face. If that is what you were going for: Brilliant, Adam!!! If not: I’m Drunk and you are just plain sexy!!


    Well. Shit. Adam can wear the same high-heeled mary janes I wore to my Sr. Prom in ‘76 and everyone still wants to have sex with him. Me in ‘76—not so much.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:


      great post and interpretation of the “mis en scène”.

      • WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!





        Thank you for this exciting performance tonight!!!!!!!!

        • He was SWEEEET on Chelsa tonight!! Just giggiling at all her jokes!! Looked hot of course and she was DRESSED TO THE NINES FOR HIM. I have never seen her so dressed up. She was so nice to him.. He has everyone eating out of his hands..

          • Summer, Agree. Adam sitting there talking with Chelsea like they were in their own living rooms.
            How comfortable did he look, lots of good laughs going on. I thought they were going to sit him
            between her and Ross? Glad he had special treatment with a one on one!
            He looked soo good too!

            Also another treat on Jay Leno , there was a short set with this guy trying to get kissed under the
            Mistletoe and low and behold he was in a mall and Adam appeared. So cute, Adam says ” no
            cant do it” meaning kiss the guy under the mistletoe……………….
            3 treats in one night.YAY

            • Oh, Mary C, I missed that on Jay Leno, WOW 3 times in 1 evening, how great is this for Adam….Can’t keep a good guy down!!!!

    • Hey Wannabe, now don’t you go disappearing on us again, dammit!

      Loved your post! Yes, those lips … those damn lips that I just want to devour, those damn sexy eyes, those hips, … what’s between the hips just a drop down …! I have become immune to Helen’s chill pills – definitely need something stronger!

      Adam is bringing fashion back to rock in a big way. It’s is not just his style, it is his ability to carry it off. Adam could don a sack and still look absolutely appealing.

      Silvana and Summer, I think you are also way beyond chill pills!

      Love ya all – mmmmmmmmmmwah

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Oh Ingrid, wasn’t he just fabulous. Fabulous doesn’t even begin to describe him. I know what you mean “chill pills” just wouldn’t do it for me. Only Adam does that – whatever it is, every time I see him I go to that place. Everything about him is smokin’ hot. I adored that tear. He is just so damn beautiful. How on earth does he do it, he doesn’t even have to try, but from the first close up on this video clip and I instantly fell in love all over again. He definitely has something magical about him. Maybe he’s a sorcerer or a wizard.

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        you are so right, after this performance I’m beyond chill pills!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I couldn’t stop watching him. I loved so many of his performances, but I don’t know what’s about this that made it so special for me. He’s been singing this song in a more intimate way till now. But last night watching him and the band looking amazing together, so in synch, his fusion of music, theatrics, fashion and style, I felt that I was watching the real beginning of his career. a sample of what is coming. AND LOVED IT. CAN’T HAVE ENOUGH OF ADAM, and his artistry.

        Beyond chill pills, for sure, and not wanting them either.

        MMMMMMMMwah to you,

        • Silvana, yes they looked amazing together – not Adam all fashioned out and them in T-shirts! A full-on professional outfit! Those shoes really do it for me!

          I agree that we have become immune to the chill pills! Mmmmmmmwah

        • Silvana, no chill pills for me either, I like the adrenaline…………

          • Silvana/Moschioni says:

            Then Helen will have a good stock of chill pills for the solo tour……I’m sure will be needing them at that time….

            • Silvana/Moschioni says:

              Still awaiting moderation, after so many hours? I’ve posted no links, no “smiles”, anything strange. Sorry for asking why?
              I have another one on the first thread in the same conditions.

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            Me too! I love being high on my MASTER ADAM. He is the best love drug ever! I need to be with him ! Cause I want to od on MASTER ADAM!!!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Just wait you guys, you say that now…’ll come crawling back for my chill pills!, ha, ha….or you all are going to collectively combust! And I’ll be left with Adam all to myself…….just saying…….chill pill, anyone??

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            Mary C., I’ll repeat my post of this mornong, because I changed unintentionaly my users name and my posts were deleted.

            Isaid that I hoped Helen could make a big stok of the chill pills…..because we will need them for Adam’s solo tour.

            So Helen, just keep the pills in a safe place…..will come running for them in a couple of months, or we “are going to collectively combust”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Okay, Wannabe, I have just watched this again and I now know what that is on his shoulder, where have you been you sneaky little snake, hanging round up there on Adam’s shoulders, you have shed your snakeskin haven’t you my friend, where are you now if you’ve left your old skin behind, have you disappeared into the nether regions down below Adam’s belt line. LOL. Ha ha ha, I can’t stop laughing, sorry.

      • If it’s not discarded snake skin, it may be road kill, or the “blackened testicles of ABC executives” (someone else’s conclusion). In my humble opinion, completely unnecessary and very distracting. His hottest look for me was the one on The Early Show. The cowl collar shirt, skull scarf, and hair were awesome.
        I also hope the back rub from Tommy won’t be criticized.

        • Princessshakeitup says:

          Yes, the creature from the black lagoon on his shoulder was very distracting to me too so I am glad to be able to watch the video today when I can concentrate and not be afraid it is going to slime up and eat his head! Otherwise, loved the makeup and the vocals as always. I thought maybe his ‘look’ was a way to make Nigel a little uncomfortable, seeing as he claimed to be so in control of Adam’s performance. Also watched the video on Chelsea [couldn’t stay up that late] and was completely charmed and amused. TIME NOW to do songs like Fever and Strut! Remember, Adam, you are not “skerred” You have far more lovers than critics out here!

        • Shirlee, that’s so funny. A gal who used to be well-known on this site said to me “I loved the gray suit, except…what was that horrid thing on his shoulder that looked like the sludge that a plumber pulls out of your stopped up pipes with a drain snake?”. LOL. LOL. As for me, I just kept just wanting to brush it off his shoulder ’cause it was distracting the hell out of me. Loved the rest of the look, though.

          Our boy is always full of surprises! I must say I drooled over the way he looked on Conan and I still haven’t gotten over his killer look on the TFM video either!

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        Everyone is having different ideas of what was on his shoulder. From discarded “snake” skin, to flowers, to frou-frou, ABC executives private parts, etc.

        This is hilarious, he is always giving people things to talk about.

        Rock on, Adam

      • Exactly, Dianne! That is where I will curl up and hibernate for the winter!!!!! Pythons like to spoon…..


      When Adam appeared on stage, the biggest smile came over my face. Look at him. He Never
      ceases to amaze us! LOVE how he comes up with all the different looks.
      The Tear, he defin. had some meaning behind the tear. Look at me, I am human,not perfect I have feelings and am not skerd to show them. Possibly a symbol of the pain and suffering he has experienced… Thats what I take from the tear message. Adam you are Beautiful and Sexy!
      He is so much an entertainer, he gives his whole 100% being in his performance from his voice, expressions to his stage presence! The man puts out and no one else is going to do It better than Adam. When I go to see a show, I want a show , I can count on him to not dissapoint.
      Got a little nervous when Adommy rubbed backs, OMG settle down fellows, 2cd live primetime performance here. LOL 🙂
      Adam singing his heart out, Band was rocking, ( Monte sportin another guitar) and the audience groovin, cant get any better than that!
      love and peace

      • WHAT this you say, Mary C, Adam puts out ???? WHERE? WHEN? How do we make connections? It goes without saying no one does it better. You can tell by those LIPS!!!

    • “Spats”! Those shoes were “spats”? Well, hell, no wonder I went to the prom alone.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Oh wannabe,
      I knew you’d come back to us!
      You’re not drunk (or maybe you are, ha, ha), Adam is just plain sexy is right! Oouuuu, I want him so baaaaaddd! Can I have him, please!!!

    • number8gurl says:

      That’s hilarious about the Mary Janes…ur a little older than me but not much. Adam was incredibly amazing on SYTYCD…I was totally blown away and loved it the most out of all of his performances of WWFM to date. His look was incredible and his energy was electric…he looked smokin hot in that suit and I loved the whole harlequin/tear/rotting testicles thing…and the Tommy back sex (immediately followed by an Adam smirk)….it was almost like Adam read my mind…I was thinking OK I’ve seen him do WWFM on The Early Show, Ellen, Conan and The View and I hope he changes up his look a bit for this performance…boy did he!!!!!

  3. *moved to proper thread*

    *goes to watch again*

  4. Silvana/Argentina says:

    The make-up, the suit, the twists of the song, his eyebrow, the Adommy moment, last sound with that expression on his face. Theatrics at it best.
    So many messages to look for in this performance. I’m in awe, thrilled, ecstatic. Couldn’t believe my eyes while watching.

  5. Adam never disappoints me!! He looked absolutely gorgeous and i thought he sounded fantastic too!
    I loved the makeup and his suit….. but wasn’t crazy about the ruffle (?) on his shoulder.
    But i do think its time to shake things up a bit and start singing some other songs from his CD so the general public who don’t follow him like we do can hear how fantastic all the other cuts are!
    Love ya Adam!!! You ROCKED tonight!!

  6. Trying to catch up with Dana……

    Retro with a difference, spats over his boots, very late 19th, early 20th century, collar pin, gunmetal tie (love it), and the shoulder thingy, that is a new one on me!

    The Adommy lean was so reminiscent of Alison/Adam on tour. And the clothing, all black white or grey, Tommy was a perfect complement to Adam.

    Adam is creating his own style and I predict he will be a fashion icon as well. Hair, face, teardrop?? etc… perfection!! Vocals, again rock angel!!


    Oh and just announced, Muse coming to Vancouver next week..

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Adam is trutly creating his own style and will be a fashion icon. But even more important, I believe, he is creating a new esthetic in the music business. I think this is a sample of what he has always said about his vision and fusion of music and theatre. Bringing back the glam of the past, with a more current vibe, presented in a theatrical way (the use of make-up, clothing). Far beyond anything we have seen so far.

      Can’t wait to see what he is doing next. When we had heard this song 4 or 5 times and thought we knew every movement by heart, he surprises us with something different. GENIUS.

      • It also reassures the naysayers that he is not lip syncing at all.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          I don’t believe that Adam would ever lip synch would he Terry, he has way too much class to do something like that.

          The only other male singer (solo) around would be Justin Timberlake wouldn’t it, off hand I can’t think of anyone else, I used to think Justin was quite snazzy in his suits, but really compared to Adam he looks so shabby and not classy at all. Adam is the one with class and style. Gorgeous, gorgeous man.

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          HEY TERRY!!!! I left you a post on “Conan”, hehehehehe!!!!!

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          I would not even imagine he doing something like that. He has SUCH a thrill performing live, he no way could lip synch….ever. You FEEL him singing. that would never happen if he lip synch.

        • ADAM has such a perfect voice…and such confidence in his voice…that he doesn’t need to lip sync…..

          Look how beautiful he sounds when he’s singing acapello.

    • Mother T, a perfect description! Mmmmmwah

    • Theresa, are you thinking of going to Muse? I would love to, but they’re playing at the Coliseum and the acoustics are awful there. Still undecided. Not sure when/if Adam comes to Vancouver he’ll be able to fill GM Place and dreading the idea that he might be at the Coliseum. Lady Gaga was at The QE Theatre and that would be great b/c it would be up close and personal, but b/c it’s so small it might sell out too quickly. Oh, the stress of it all.

      • Jackie please mail me at so we can talk about future concerts. I will even drive to a second one, or if he does not perform here, to Wash or Oregon to see one. I’d love for you to join glambsBC where I am moderator. our small group needs more Adamizers.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Just read an article, Adam talking about his upcoming tour. He said the vision he had in mind would be more conducive to a smaller venue, rather than an arena tour, which means, OMG, probably impossible to get tickets!!!!!
        Adam would be up close and personal if you were lucky enough to get tickets!!

  7. So beautiful! All of it! Adam is such a talent and really knows how to connect. I am a huge fan! Can not wait for the next performance.

  8. OMG!!! Adam just had a bit piece on a Leno skit tonight!!!! He was AWESOME!!!

  9. He’s back on live and sounded awesome. What a voice, indeed. Loved his high fashion look. He needs to be on the fashion magazine. That suit is a killer and that shoes— where can I get women version of that which I think is boots.

    OMG, I just saw Adam on Jay Leno Show, on the last skit. It was so funny. Loved it. I think maybe, they’re promoting his upcoming guest spot.

  10. LibraLamb7 says:

    KILLED the VOCALS!!! LOOKED GLAMTABULOUS (boots w/SPATS!!!, gorgeous suit & tie…Clockwork Orange eyes!!!)…WTFthingy on the shoulder…only our Adam can be so BRILLIANT…He is a GENIUS!!!! Way to go, ADAM LAMBERT!!!

    • Oh, yeah…has anyone seen Diannne???? Think she might be missing some tongue action on this vid tonite!!!! Maybe we’ll just keep that to our ownselves….slips off to bed….

      • Dianne Hill says:

        LibraLamb7, I am missing nothing, believe me, if Adam is around then I am just hanging around for a glimpse of that beautiful tongue. If anyone is slipping off to bed with Adam or his tongue then get in line girls, way behind me. Do you hear what I’m saying!!!!! LOL.

        • Dianne, ok have to bring It Up……… Did anyone get a glimpse of Glambulge? Oh my, how could
          you not get a glimpse, hee,hee. Adammmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Glambulge was sportin
          himself in that suit!

          • live for it!!! of course I saw it!! how can u miss it!!! Hot!!

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Oh yes MaryC, I ALWAYS notice the glambulge AND the tongue. I don’t really think we have ever seen one performance where there hasn’t been a sighting of the bulge. I have never seen Adam looking sexier, well that’s not strictly true is it, whenever he appears anywhere he looks more sexier than the last time. I LOVE THAT MAN.

  11. I haven’t liked his recent performances, but this one was perfect. Winning me back? Maybe.

    • Randy, winning you back????? When it comes to Adam, there are noooooooo maybe’s with me! I am soooooo clear about where I wannabe – back here, all the time, every time, day-time, night-time, you name the time … I’m here for ADAM and for my Glambs!

      It’s all cool! Mmmmmmmmmmwah

      • Dianne Hill says:

        I’m with you Ingrid, there is no “winning me back” involved or a “maybe”. I am with Adam all the way 1000%. Love you Ingrid, you are always here for your Glambs and right back at you my girl, we are here for you.

        Big, big hug and a huge MWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH to you.

    • Oh Randy,
      Sorry to hear that you had “lost” your feelings for Adam. Do hope they come back.
      As for me I never gave up on him and can’t think what more he can do to “win” people back.
      He is just exquisite. IMO.
      Hugs Brenda

    • Randy, hope he does win you back.

  12. That was amazing. HE LOOKED HOT. That tear drop almost made me want to cry. The vocals were amazing. I missed it live and kicked myself for it. I hope someone post his chelase lately thng on here. But besides that I loved EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! He us makig a splash on the world and this was the first giant step. He Better release a tour scheule or I will die. And all these twists amazing. I wish I could travel with him that would be like heaven. Maybe that was Over statement but everyone gets it. Hugs love and ADAM EVERYONE. Xoxoxoxox.

  13. OMGGGGG him and the guitar dude, so cute.

    • It was! Reminiscent of him with Alison but also their ‘colours’ looked so compatible, Tommy’s hair, black and ‘white’ with all black white and grey or silver.. I’d love to see a still pic of just that pose!

  14. OMG! Did anyone see Kris Allen on Letterman tonight? His performance was ok….but what was with those butt ugly Christmas sweaters they were all wearing? They looked like something my grandmother would of worn in the 80’s!!! UGLY!!! Kris needs a little “style” help from Adam…..who NEVER in a million years would be caught dead wearing a red sweater with rudolph on it!!!

  15. People were tweeting that the stuff on his shoulder were – shriveled up testicles of ABC executives. That made me laugh out loud!

  16. Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

    I though he was very elegant tonight. His choice of clothing is perfection…WOW did he look hot…suit, collar pin, spats, shoulder drape and eye makeup. I loved that he and Tommy touched backs…I think he gently but intentionally harassed the gay-bashers. HeHe
    I read that Adam went home sick after SYTYCD.. Poor baby is sick again or he wanted to avoid another interview. HMMMMMMMM

    • Ladyc, Oh hope he isnt sick. Sure hope he takes advantage of his hiatus coming up soon and gets
      some much needed R & R.
      love and peace

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Master ADAM does need a serious vacation! I sure hope he gets it soon! We will need him later for the concert tour & another video.
        He said he wants to go to the Pacific islands, with who I wonder. His assistant? which one? Which one of you assistants are going w/ MASTER ADAM? Step up now or I’m going!
        Mary C this is what happens when you become a superstar!

  17. OMFG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG HE WAS BRILLIANT ! CAN THIS MAN GET ANY SEXIER ??? LOVED THE VOICE… LOVED WHEN TOMMY BACK HUGGED HIM.. OK, IT’S LATE .. YOU GUYS TAKE IT FROM HERE..LOL I just got home from work and watched my dvr… THUDDDDD

  18. Great performance. Time for a different song though. I was hoping they would be forward thinking enough to let him do FYE. Appropriate for this kind of show and I think we can count on him behaving, especially if all he is doing is fronting the band. Well, that guitar player IS still there. haha. Good job. Bummed I missed him on Leno. I’m sure somebody will post it here in no time.

    • I think the fact that FYE is NOT being performed is deliberate, to allow a little chilling time, everyone has short memories nowadays..

      However, I would like to see Music Again again.. but i think they are promoting WWFM now, maybe the next video??? and it is apropo in its timing.

      • I would so love to see him perform FYE in a lighter fashion. Sexy but fun! Those in LA for NYE may
        get that extra treat………”Can you handle what he’s bout to do”

        • Yup, got my ticket to the New Year’s Eve bash. Wow!

          • Alright girl!!!!!!!!!!

          • Songwriter, in my next life I’m going to definitely pursue your career – shucks, you are one lucky lady! Spare me a thought in South Afica where Susan Boyle’s cd is being advertised on TV and no Adam.

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            Very lucky girl!!!!!!!!!!

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Oh Songwriter, wow, that is absolutely fantastic. You are going to have one fantabulous time. Wow, one of our own at the New Year’s Eve bash, watching Adam, it is almost (no, not really) as good as being there. I am so happy for you and so envious all at the same time, but envious in a happy way, do you get my drift.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            blah, blah, blah, got my tickets, blah, blah! Those bitches may say they’re happy for you BUT WE ARE ALL JEALOUS AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!####!!!!!
            Just kiddin’ (not), ya, I am, love it that you’re going. Of course we expect a full report!!!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Read that WWFM is the next video coming up. They have to promote one song at a time at this poing, so I’ve read.

    • Good golly, Miss Molly – you can’t wait to see him perform all the songs! I understand why you can’t wait but I agree with Theresa! Hang in there! Mmmmmmmmmmwah

  19. From the superb vocals on ‘The View’ soundstage with its starry backdrop, to the drop-dead ecstasy of black leather and cut-to-falsetto wizardry of his late-night appearance on Conan, to this utterly astounding full-bore, Master Of The Underground Cabaret performance of ‘Whataya Want From Me’ on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, Adam continues to reveal his complete mastery of his perfect voice, and the enormous scope of his superb theatrical ability. The fantastic progression from Rocker, to beautiful Black-Leather Bad Boy, to the ‘ amuseur élégant club-parisien’ with the shockingly sexy spats and fabulous grey suit, is a tour-de-force of performance art, a stereo-opticon viewer’s delight of seeing Adam in first one perfect vision of himself to the next. This current performance of his on the reality dance show seals for all time the fact that Adam Lambert cannot be equalled as a multi-talented performer in the media arts. His Harlequinesque single tear painted beneath his beautiful eye, the raw silver-grey of his perfectly-fitted suit, and the effortless glissade of his voice wreaking havoc with the deepest emotions of his audiences, all come together to stir the heart, and mind, and soul, and imagination to the greatest degree possible. These three performances alone should cement forever his peerless command of the stage, his voice, his beauty, and the fierce love of anyone and everyone who wanders helplessly within the radius of his matchless power.

    As a child born in the 80’s, Adam absorbed all of the best of every musical genre of the entire spectrum of modern musical history, internalized all of it, re-grouped the catalog, added his own sonic tweaks, re-translated it all for the modern ear, appropriated every possible artistic, architectural, and sartorial bit of design and engineering splendor to the whole creation, and turned around to face the audience, and wove a spell so powerful that it is nearly impossible to resist. He is an extraordinary showman, but he is also far, far more. He is a tragedian actor of the first order, a supernaturally gifted singer, a devilishly talented dancer, a devastatingly beautiful man with universal attraction and appeal, and the most charming, winsome, and disarmingly attractive man walking among us on this planet. And, he is one step BEYOND us, which makes him the icon and trend-setting legend of his time. He has already seen and is living the future, because all that he is, IS the future. He has taken and synthesized from all the art forms of all the ages, the best and most potent vignettes to add to his magician’s bag of the last word in performance art. He has distilled the whole into a perfectly poised and balanced scintilla of pure delight mixed with a kick of phenomenal sexual prowess and power. The ‘Master Of Ceremonies’ is he, with his daring, fascinating change-ups, his unpredictability only adding to the heightened sense of excitement, his sensuality enhanced to the maximum by his beautifully-tailored suits, black swept-back hair, fiercely powerful glance, and barely restrained physicality. He is matchless, without an equal, standing completely alone, breaking through to a new world we have only just glimpsed with him. Adam could light the sun with his glance, and turn and light the world with his beauty. From this time on, he will take hold of his unequalled power, and turn the world upside-down with his peerless gift. From his black velvet bag hanging from his glittering belt he will reach in and pull out your heart’s desire, be sure of it…for Adam Mitchel Lambert IS the brilliant master of subconscious imagery and unspoken desire, and the uncontested King of the hidden world of the heart.

    • But … did you like it? haha (quoting snarky Simon to Paula here) MOST EXCELLENT POST!

      • Oh my oh my, miss Lorrin, yet again you’ve taken us on flights of fancy with Adam! Your ever expanding Adam vocabulary ( wizardry, tour-de-force, glissade, winsome, scintilla) is helping us absorb and embrace this lovely lovely man.

    • Lorrin, there you go again, sending me off into orbit again! Reading your posts triggers some intense sounds, like ooooooooooooh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, hhhhhhhhhmmmmmm, yeah baby! (Mary C also likes that one), yes! Mmmmmmmmmwah

      • Ingrid I am completely with you. At least you put words to the sounds!
        Right now after reading Lorrins beautiful piece , I’ll just go off and continue moaning in ecstacy.
        Last night was an overload , but bring it on!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Lorrin, you intimidate me with your words= I love you! If I haven’t said it before, I’m saying it now, YOU SAID IT ALL! “The uncontested King of the hidden world of the heart”, that’s exactly what MASTER ADAM is.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Lorrin, as Kimber would say, you are “magical”. We are all magical because we see who Adam is and love him so. I like being “magical” Kimber. I’ve never been “magical” before! LOL

    • Lorrin ..” the words fall tripily off your tongue’

      sheer poetry .. thank you for expressing Adam’s artistry in a such a lyrical,sensual and classical fashion.
      Girl you sure get him!

    • puteri abdul says:

      lorrin.. as usual you said said it well..

      you are killing me adam ..
      killing me softly with your looks that charmed ..
      hypnotizing me with a piercing smile ..
      sizzling me in flames with that blazing eyes ..
      burning one with desire, with just the fantasy of your physical self ..
      added with the look of innocence that touches one’s heart to your vulnerability and fragility, one just could not help it, but embrace you in an open arms and say that everything is going to be okay ..
      with that crying voice that sings and shoot me straight through the heart ..
      slicing me in shreds of emotions with your voice that mesmerizes me..
      stabbing my mind with your out of this world moves and performance ..
      grabbing me physically to be in state of awe with your song ..
      squeezing my emotions that drives me to tears with your life ..
      adam, it’s just that words enough just could not describe you and how you twirl one’s life, upside down, …with you adam , just being you ..

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Oh puteri, that was deep! You & Lorrin are just brilliant w/ your words. “squeezing my emotions…”, love it. thank you dear puteri!

      • wow, puteri … that was absolutely beautiful !

      • Puteri……your words would make a beautiful song!!

      • Wow Puteri , that was lovely.
        Always liked that song but had forgotten it but now I’ll probably have it in my head, but it”s alright.
        Adam can kill me softly with his songs anyday………and he does. Whooo he is so great.

      • Beautiful Puteri! Mmmmmwah

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        beautiful post. .

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Puteri, I just loved that. You express yourself so well when it comes to Adam and I feel it all the way.

        I love your last sentence Puteri, because he does twirl you upside down, round and round and he doesn’t even have to do anything. I watched the fan montage again today of Rush by Ferras, I love that song and I really love the visions of Adam throughout that clip and every time I watch it I end up in tears, because Adam just affects me so much. At the end of that video it says “Thank You, Adam for being you”. And that is it isn’t it. He doesn’t have to try to be anyone but himself.

        Thanks Puteri, love you and your sweet meanderings.

    • Hi, I’ve subscribed to this site since May and have wanted to comment, because you ladies have made me keep my sanity, as I thought I was crazy for loving Adam so much.Every day I look up everything about him, usually takes 3 hours in the morning, You’ve made me realize that I’m not alone and that feels good. I won’t tell my age, but I was around when Elvis became popular, then the Beatles and I never understood, why the girls were screming and fainting. Now look at me, this man has turned my world upside down. My husband and family think I’m crazy, my friends stop calling, because I talk about Adam to everybody, even to salesgirls in the stores.
      Anyway, I’m glad to see Wannabe the snake back, I’ve missed her. And I’m wondering what happened to Jeanette and especially Lisette, I felt a kinship with her, as I also have fibromyalgia.
      Lorrin I wish I had your gift of writing , King of the hidden world of the heart, that’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard and fits Adam so well. I’m not very good at expressing myself, just wanted you all to know how grateful I am for this place, AdamAddict, I absolutely love you for making me laugh and starting my day off on a happy note, and so many of you girls ie Mary C, Dianne, etc,etc.
      I’m hoping to get my glam # if I figure out how to follow instructions 🙂

      • Luzia, darling, there is always room for one more inmate in the asylum…..

      • Luzia, Welcome to our Adam Family.. We are all crazy and none of our friends and family in the outside world understand us either.. welcome and please feel free to post and share in this crazy love for Adam.

      • Luzia, you’re in good company! You can NEVER lose here!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Welcome Luzia and believe me, we know exactly how you feel!

      • Sherry K Glamb# 445 says:

        Luzia, I just wanted to say that I have fibromyalgia too! Isn’t it awful. It is very painful and just something you have to learn to live with! How long have you been diagnosed with it? It has been almost 10 years since I was diagnosed with it. I have just been worn out from it. But, the DR is going to start me on a pain patch for it! Because he said the medicine was messing up my liver and not working for the pain anymore! I can really sympathize with you! These ladies on here are jusr wonderful aren’t they? I love to get on here every day and see what they have new to say about Adam. My husband got tired of listening to me! I was driving him crazy talking about Adam! I miss Jeanette so much. I guess she really is through with Adam. I sent her an email begging her to come back. I never heard ack from her.So I guess we will just have to miss her! Love you Jeanette! and I did not know Lissette had fibromyalgia either. Isn’t Lorrin just wonderful. Her writing takes you away to another century. The words she uses just boggle my imagination! I love her posts. Luzia ask one of the other GLAMB ladies to help you get your Glamb#!! I had a hard time getting mine too. I just love everyone on this posting board except for maybe Bruce. If he doesn’t like ADAM then I think he should just shut it. I think all of us ladies are in agreement that ADAM IS THE NEW ROCK GOD! Take care everyone. I am going to sit down and watch a movie. I hope everyone has a very nice Christmas! ONE MORE THING LADIES AND SORRY FOR THE CAPS BUT CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHY MY CD OF ADAMS HAS ONLY 14 SONGS ON IT?? And especially it doesn’t have 2012 on it. Boo hoo, I am sad I didn’t get the right CD? I pre~ordered from I want the one with the 16 songs. Can someone tell me how to get it? Thanks.Love all of you. Sherry K

    • Lorrin,

      I am baptized in your eloquence and washed of my sins. My face is all shiney with an angelic glow with nary a dirty, snarky thought in my head…..for now…..

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Lorrin that was just heaven in your words. We are so lucky on this site to have such wonderful talented people such as yourself and Puteri to describe exactly how we feel about Adam. I can never put into words exactly how I am feeling but you two girls do it perfectly for me. Thank you.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I know what you mean, my mind just goes to mush and all these thoughts and feelings just get all jumbled up together and I become this big blithering ball of blither (LOL). You know what I mean!

    • judy Lushman says:

      Lorrin, omg, only you can put it so eloquently, in the words that we can only wish to say and write. Thank you for this awesome post.

    • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

      WOW LORRIN! I love your post. Now our poet is back. And that is good! If you do not write books you should be doing so. It’s like reading a true romance on this post above. You go girl. Keep writing all of that glorious stuff about Adam.SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THIS. Good-Night all.

  20. Too bad, I thought his performance was crappy. Does he have anything else he can sing? We are getting tired of him – and he may be right, who really wants his music?

    • Too bad bad for you. It’s called promoting a single, look it up. Who’s we? Oh I don’t know, I can think of a few hundreds of thousands of people off the top of my head!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:


    • If you are getting tired of seeing him perform the same old song over and over again, perhaps you should stop tuning to watch his every performance; perhaps you should stop reading every article about him. Just a thought.

    • Bruce and the unfortunate ‘we” (certainly not US) just happened to find the ‘wrong link’! Poor Bruce, WE SAY, “You are the weakest link, GOODBYE!”

    • Who’s this creep Bruce he needs to go play in traffic on the LONG ISLAND EXPRESSWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      If you are getting bores or tireD of “the same” performance of the song, it must be because you are not watching. He never does “the same” anything, that is his GENIUS. I can’t wait to see how he’ll twist this song around, one more time. Will never get bored of watching him.

      His place is definitely the STAGE.

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        Meant “bored or tired”

      • Dianne Hill says:

        You are so right Silvana, look at what Adam did on the Idol Tour. 52 cities, night after night singing the same five song set and yet he was different each and every night. That is pure genius right there.

        Bruce needs to realise that all artists, when they have a single released, promote that single, and as all you other girls have said, if he doesn’t like it, go and watch something else.

        I really can’t understand these “so called fans” who keep watching someone they don’t like. For instance I have never been a fan of Nora Jones, she bores me to tears quite frankly, and I have NEVER EVER watched any performance that she has done BECAUSE I DON’T LIKE HER. I would much rather spend my time watching someone that I love, like Adam.

    • Bruce, he has plenty of anything else to sing……He is promoting this single. Have to give him
      credit for changing the song up for gosh sake!!!! Also for all his different looks. His fans want his
      music real bad…………………..

    • Bruce, I find you interesting. One week you’re so into Adam, and next week, you don’t like him and then following week, he’s back on your grace and this week you don’t like him again. I suggest you make up your mind and stay or leave as his fan, but stop spreading negativity on this site.

    • You need to make up your mind. And you can’t speak for someone. Speak for yourself. And so will I. I love adam and everytime I hear this song I like it even more. So chose a side. Ok thank you

    • Bruce. Bruce. I had dog named Bruce once. He pissed all over everything, too. One day he just disappeared out of the yard. Noone ever missed him either.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Gee Bruce,
      You seem to not like Adam or his performances at all. Why are you watching?

  21. Tweeterpie says:

    Bruce, are you trolling on this site or what? Adam’s performance was FAR FROM CRAPPY and NO ONE is getting tired of him, I assure you. The reason he keeps sing the same song is because that is what they do when a single gets released. You go out and promote it on show after show. After a while you release a new single and then go around and sing it on all the different shows to promote it…and so on and so on! Get the picture BOZO! But, Adam IS going beyond the traditional “pony show” routine by giving a slightly difference performance of the same song each time. That way it is fresh, not only for him, but for the many viewers that will tune in to watch him on ALL the different shows. Adam is an amazing singer & performer and i know I’ll NEVER get tired of watching him, whether it’s singing the same song over and over, or a new one. He has countless performances under his belt, many that the general public has yet to see. If you took the time to go on UTube and search out his performances, you would understand why so many people are certain that this fine young man will turn out to be one of the greatest singers to have ever lived. Please don’t let your biases cloud your judgement, because it will be your loss. Adam is a superstar that has only just begun to spread his magic around the world, but I PROMISE YOU, he will spread that MAGIC far & wide and EVERYONE will want his MUSIC. He’s in and he own’s my heart !

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I agree with you Tweeterpie!!! Exactly!! People have not heard this man’s voice, they just want to abolish him because he is gay! FUCK that!!! It’s taking me time to understand & to open my heart & my eyes to see what MASTER ADAM is all about. I accept him, I love HIM unconditionally!!!! I owe this MAN everything because he has brought a new light to my eyes!!! crying, Does everyone understand? I owe this man, because he has brought emotions out of me I have held in for so damn long, & I couldn’t have done this expressing my feelings out loud without all of you GLAMBS here!!! That’s why I was so excited to be here.!!!! crying quietly because my hubby here & he just doesn’t understand. THANK YOU GLAMBS !!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

      • Sweetheart, we hear you and I think we understand. I understand.
        The crying that just hits us time after time when we hear his voice or see his mastery of performance is because there is such a deep connection to all that we need to be, fully charged, eyes wide open, Alert, Awakened, Inspired and above all Fearless. I thought I was all that already till Adam broke me open with ” If I can’t have you” on AI. It was like I was uncorked and finally was set free.
        Like Lorrin said he is the Future, that is exactly right, this is how all humans are supposed to live: TO THEIR FULLEST POTENTIAL and he is showing us how.

      • Fans, dont go getting off track with negativity please. Remember the magic word, ignore.

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          🙁 I’m sorry MARY C! I just don’t understand why someone could sy something was bad & it’s not. That’s like the news that MASTER ADAM has become #3 in Man of the year ’09 & some people can’t figure out why. I can’t figure out why he’s not #1.
          Love you MARY C< please forgive me.
          Did you go see the video? HEHEHEHEHE!!!!!

          • I know kimber, I hear ya, we have to stop adding fuel to their fire. Love you too!

            I saw the video and lovedddddddddddd ittttttttttttttttttttttttttt. You were so righto on that one!!!
            oh Adam what you do to us…………………………………..

            • Mary C & Kimber, I agree! We’ve given Little Bruce his two minutes, now on to the ‘real’ important stuff! Mary, AA, where were we, the lips … ah … the bulge … ah both! Mmmmmmmmmmmman

              • Ingrid, haha, nothing ever distracts me from thinking of those luscious things………:)

                • judy Lushman says:

                  Mary C. Thank you so much how you are always trying to keep us thinking positive. Adam is such a positive person and would appreciate you doing this. Loving you for this

              • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                The new pics !!! that’s what’s on my mind!!!

          • The thing is to: not about ignoring or not replying to posts, Just not replying with more negativity.
            Maybe if you have to reply, reply with positivity :)……………..

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hey Mary
          Some of us are just having a little lighthearted fun! hee, hee!
          Love ya!

      • judy Lushman says:

        crying kimber I feel the same way

  22. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Tonight’s performance of Master ADAM & his band definitely caught my attention. As I watched Master ADAM, Monte, Tommy, Lisa, & Longeau perform, I was looking at every detail & just being wowed by everything. Monte looked & sounded great! I was actually thinking he looks very handsome tonight. He dressed his part for this peformance. Tommy as always, complimented ADAM with his attire, Loved the “back hug” too! With ADAM having that expression on his face as he & Tommy were “hugging”, I thought, “oh shit” he’s going to be a little onery tonight, & I feel like he was thinking about that ama performance.You know w/ the costumey -style, it wouldn’t have been a bad idea to sing FYE , IMO. Okay maybe “FEVER” or “STRUT” would’ve worked too.
    Lisa looked beautiful & sounded really good. You know, I have been really impressed with her. She has been sounding terrific w/ MASTER ADAM. I never could stand those backups on AI . But LIsa, she compliments MASTER ADAM’s vocals just perfectly. And Longeau wore his black t, he’s such a kickass drummer, he can wear whatever the hell he wants. Usually drummers go w/o shirts cause they’re working up a sweat, I wouldn’t have minded. I sure hope this band is totally committed cause they do work & sound terrific together. MASTER ADAM couldn’t have chosen a better group of people. Of course, Monte is loyality for sure. They are so different from each other but yet they come together so nicely.
    For me, I feel like I saw the true image of MASTER ADAM tonight on SYTYCD. The look reminded me of all those pics of him & others at the clubs. That’s who MASTER ADAM is. He was classy, handsome, & beautiful, he amazed me. It was cool to see him be himself , dressing up, the makeup, those boots, were they boots or man version of heels? I don’t know squat about clothing & shoes, so please forgive me if I seem not to know what I am talking about. Okay, the ruffle on the shoulder, I saw that in one of the pics of MASTER ADAM & a friend, a very goodlooking friend, the friend had a white fur-like piece on the right shoulder of his suit, surely someone here has seen that pic. anyways, it was in same style. The makeup was stunning. Okay ya’ll are going to laugh at me or with me, but the “tear”, I actually thought at first, his fake eyelash was coming off LOL! BUT!!, I realized that it was an intentional marking. It was unique, I knew then that MASTER ADAM was being his theatrical self. It was all coming together for me. The “burlesque”, the “caberet” of it all was elegant. MASTER ADAM’s hair looked geat as usual, I could’ve seen it a little bit more slicked like I have seen in a pic w/ him & two ladies, but was still beautiful.I loved his ring, but I wished he would’ve worn more.
    MASTER ADAM’s vocals were great & he twisted it again, can’t tell the part but it was early in the song, I’ll have to listen to it again. & he kept the falsetto “me”?, I just love that man’s voice.
    Overall, the performance was more theatrical MASTER ADAM & he is so damn good!!!!!!
    I would love to see him go broadway! Lorrin, that would be such a nice birthday to see our MASTER ADAM in a musical together. We SAGs do like to go to musicals, plays, & museums.
    Oh Lorrin, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!! MWAH!!!!LOVE YA!!!!
    This performance makes me more anxious to see him in concert, even more, I would like to join someone from this site to go see MASTER ADAM!! That would be a treat!! Can you imagine what is in stir for us at his shows? WOW!!!
    Loved watching MASTER ADAM on Chelsa, she was very supportive of his ama performance & she kept him on his toes w/ laughter.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      ps I looked at his GLAMBULGE ONE, 1 , UNO, time!!!! That’s how amazed I was w/ his performance!!! WTF!!! what’s wrong, gotta go look again!!!!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        spell correct”store” not “stir” “for us” thank you!

      • Kimber, I have a new word …inbulge … you know like indulge! Adam inbulge’s us! You get????

        • Ingrid, Ha inbulge in the Glambulge. Would love to my dear!

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          I want to inbulge him alright, til he screams my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I’ll be his MASTER!!!
          He is not going to get away from us so quickly!
          Master ADAM I”M HUNGRYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Glambs, I have a serious problem with concentration lately! I have a one-track mind – permanently preoccupied with Adam’s bulge – WHOLLY, SOLEY INBULGED, I AM!

    • Kimber, loved your post! You go girl! Mmmmmmmmmmmmwah

  23. loved the to watch again and again and again………..

  24. I thought ADAM was absolutely magnificent…his voice was magical, as usual, with those little tweeks to the song, and his outfit was classy! How could anyone get tired of ADAM….he’s always changing his look, little changes to his music with his voice….yet he stays humble, honest, and charismatic to his core.

    He also looked great on Chelsea….he didn’t sing but just talked to her. She’s quite a character and made ADAM laugh and relax!

    The world is seeing ADAM as we’ve seen him since the beginning. We all knew he’d be a STAR!!!

  25. I saw him on So You Think You Can Dance. he was awesome.

  26. AdamAddict says:

    That vid not good enough.I’ll post another one after my post.That one is in good quality.When I thought he will wear tight pants again,he wearing suit.When i thought his hair down,he make it up.I love when he always change his looks.That outfit and hair make me remember him in AMA.I wish Adam sing FYE in SYTYCD coz I think FYE will fit more.When I can hear Adam sing FYE again?I love FYE!!!!!
    And did you watched Adam on Chelsea?He was so adorable.She made Adam laugh all the time.And I saw Adam stick his tongue out a bit at 58secs.CUTE!That interview was hilarious.I saw Adam laugh,I start to laugh as well.His laugh contagious.So cute!I loveeeeeeeeeeeee him soooooooooo much!
    And another one when this guy want to kiss Adam and Adam want to kiss that dude back then back off.Awwww,why is Adam so adorable?WHY?I want to hug him!!!!!!But him and that dude?Nah,TOMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!Where are you,dear??LOL!

  27. LOVED Him on SYTYCD and Chelsea last night! He had some great dance moves I haven’t seen before too! And did I see something in his pocket or was he just happy to see me??!! Also according to Hits Daily Double he is still #2 on their Vibe-Raters list for a second week in a row! They say WWFM has great buzz and lots of radio stations jumping on board. AND his album has sold over 300K units too! Rock on Adam!!!

  28. this is the adam i love, i mean i love him anyway but this was all him, the other performances i have seen looked like he couldnt do his own thing like he had to watch himself….this one tho he rocked it..all adam the way it should be.

  29. I loved this performance; the focus was on the singing! (the audience really seemed with him too). Gorgeous in his suit – personally I didn’t care for the thingy on his shoulder – distracting ( reminded me of the spitballs some of my students shoot – damn one landed on his shoulder! Yuck!). The interaction with the band gets better and better as they work more together. Now I am going to speak my mind here (remember I love you Adam!). I know Adam is wildly creative and original and he should express himself as he needs to – but Adam do more of it through the music! You have a totally unique gift; I can”t even begin to say what there is in your voice that is so moving! I realize the visuals are important – please don’t let that become the main focus! I want to hear (and feel) the music! Lady Gaga is interesting, but her music has become secondary to the theatrics. Please keep the balance and don’t compromise your MUSIC! Keep SINGING for us, we need to hear what you have to say. I Love You Adam!

    • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

      Mary-Ellen Glamb #444, I am sherry K Glamb #445. Boy we got in there close with the numbers didn’t we? I just wanted to make a comment about something you said. I loved ADAM’S performance too. But now I am going to speak my mind too! ( AND EVERYONE REALIZE I LOVE ADAM TOO!) I know he is wildly creative too. But like you Mary-Ellen I would like to see ADAM do more with his vocals! His voice is amazing. He can sing the phone book like Randy said. I don’t want anyone to get mad. I love the items ADAM wears. BUT like Mary -Ellen I do not want that to be the main focus either. ADAM’S voice and talent doesn’t need so many theatrics.I would like to see him tone down the make-up just a tiny bit. AND JUST SING WITH THAT POWERFUL, AWESOME VOICE. He can wear some nice black leather! And I loved the way he wore his hair on American Idol. Like where it kind of hanged down on one side of his face. And it was fluffly looking! Making me want to push it up a little bit!! Or run my fingers through his hair! LOL! Just a way to touch him. I hope he reads our posts Mary-Ellen! I want to hear and feel the music too! I know exactly what you are saying. Don’t you think ADAM’S theatrical shows he did on broadway have a bit to do with the too much glamb. Like the Black thing on his shoulder? I didn’t care for it much either. Well I LOVE YOU ADAM. Keep on singing with that big old glorious voice you have! And Mary-ellen is right about Lady GaGa. I get so confused watching her smash things and her weird hats that I don’t really listen to her music. Well, I hope no one gets mad because I just really love ADAM. And I want him to be A BIG SUCESS! Truly I would like for him to concentrate on the vocals more that the out fits.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Adam has an amazing voice. The “theatrics” are a part of who he is and what he loves to do to entertain. I think he wears his makeup and clothes according to the “feel” of the show. SYTYCD is about artistery and dance, hence the more made up look in comparison to Letterman or Conan. I think Adam knows what he’s doing and I think he’s brilliant. No need to apologize for expressing your opinion. We all love Adam but “difference” is what makes the world go round and “difference” is what Adam is all about. I appreciate your honest thoughts.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Sorry, this reply was to Sherry K Glamb, forgot to put that in!

          • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

            Hi Helen/Canada! Yes Adam has an amazing voice. And we do all have our own opinion of him. He sure is good looking!! And I think if his production team keeps working with him he will just go up. He certainly is different. I certainly would not abandon him for any reason. There are just so many ways he looks handsome with a bit less glitter.I really like the look where the hair is falling down in the front next to his cheek. I would like to brush it back for him. Yes he definitely is in to theater. I just think on American Idol he was a bit calmer. He seems to be a bit nervous when he performs. Or maybe it’s just me? I pre~ordered his CD. And they keep saying it has 16 songs? Mine only has 14. The song for the movie 2012 is not on it. Oh well, I can’tt wait to see what he puts out his next CD. This one has done really great!!! ADAM YOU ROCK! I WOULD STILL LIKE TO SEE SOME BLACK LEATHER ADAM! I am always wondering what he is going to do to WOW us next. LOL!

  30. WOAH! I don’t think that he has ever looked better. He sounded great, I loved that he switched it up a little!! But, OMG…the makeup, hair and suit! SWOON!!!! His voice is gorgeous, we all know that and I love how he switches up his looks and makes it theatrical, ROCK ON!!

  31. I have loved seeing him focus on his vocals with this song to bring it to perfection over the past weeks. The Conan performan was actually my favortie “versions” so far, but I love the Harlequin look for this performance and great vocals. Wow. Go Adam!

  32. What can I say that hasn’t already been said! Adam was just awesome last night! Loved the “backrub” with Tommy! Maybe that was because Nigel told Adam to “behave”, and he couldn’t resist just a little naughtyness! And he just outsang the rest of those so-called star singers! He’s the real star!!!






    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Did you see how his man throat moved when he laughed? Oh! the ADAM’s apple FLMFAO !!!!!!!
      Not “the'”, just ADAM’s apple!

  34. This guy can do no wrong!!!!!

  35. OMFG….could anyone else be so beautiful and sing so amazingly….NO ! ONLY Adam….

  36. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    This is the one show I’ve watched since the AMAs where I thought Adam was letting loose and being himself and I breathed a sigh of relief. After being criticized and scrutinized and challenged and having to explain himself again and again, it seems like here he could just sing out and do his thing–in a modest way, after all, the controversy hasn’t totally died down, but enough for us to have a glimpse the real Adam. Anyway, what was it that someone said up above, Adam is “The King of the Hidden World of the Heart” Beautiful!!!! I was at Barnes and Noble last night. Early this week they had a stack of Adam’s CDs out, but last night there were only 2 left–so they are selling, no doubt. I agree that it would be nice to hear some of the other tracks on the album. I mean, how much can you apologize in song; let’s move on. “Fever” is a great track and so is “Sleepwalker” We want to hear more Adam, get money for more see Adam in more videos, see him live a little, and wear more costumes with the rest of the FYE tracks.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      As much as we would like to hear more Adam songs, this is his new single and he has to promote it. One at a time, we have to be patient.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I don’t think he’s really apologizing. The song happens to be a love song, but coincidentally, happened to fit in with everything that was going on right now. I love it. I think it’s a beautiful song about struggling with oneself and trying to make a new relationship work. That’s what I get out of it anyway.

  37. judi maine says:

    amen…go adam!!!!!!!!!

  38. i thought he was the best singer on the show last night by far…Lopez is a b _ _ _ ch on heels I hear, big time diva…so do not like her…plus you can tell she did lip synching…Mary J was pretty good…Adam vocally is way above most…they all know it…hence why other singers try hard to belt it when he is around…
    Yes, Bruce…you are one of those haters…we can smell you from afar…I bet you have not even listened to his cd….heads above the rest of what is out now…

  39. AdoringAdam says:

    Adam stole the show last night! I think the boa? on his shoulder was more of the snake thing, just my opinion. He’s having fun and it’s contagious no matter what. I also think he is starting his own Adam signature when he performs by having something outrageous on his right shoulder. He did it with KISS on American Idol and at the AMA’s and I am sure a couple of other times, just can’t remember now. I watched him on Cheslea and as someone else said he just kept giggling like a little boy. He is so adorable. He always surprises me as he said he would on his American Idol audition. Keep voting for his music video on VH.1. We want him to be number one Saturday morning. And buy his album for Christmas presents for everybody.

  40. I love that Adam always brings us back to what matters, the music. It continues to amaze me that I can be so moved by the very sound of his voice. Notes that he hits seem so other-worldy. Adam – you are such a remarkable talent. How anyone can question that is beyond my understanding. Beautiful, wonderful, special man.

  41. We are witnessing true genius! God, I wish I could be a mouse-in-the-corner in his mind as he works this stuff out and decides what to do and when and how. THAT was just – (here comes the repetition because I run out of explitives) – pure genius!! Just when I was beginning to yawn a bit at the idea of another performance of Whadda Want, he just rips out the wardrobe, glams up the personna and snarls at the crap that has been laid on him the last month. I was up off the couch with fist in the air, screaming for more!! I was going to pass on doing my new, privately-executed-in-my-own-livingroom workout to FYE CD last evening but after that, I did it TWICE!! ADAM, you are ragin’ baby ……… UIMA

    • Silvana/Argentina says:


      once again I agree with you. As I said above many times, he is pure GENIUS. But you’ve put in words what I was feeling and couldn’t say rightly. For me there were many messages in his performance answering “all the crap that has been laid on him the last month”.

      I WOULD LOVE to be a mouse, too, and witness his creative process.

  42. Lorrin, you should post your beautifully original comment at The Officical Adam Lambert site in the creative art section. I think he would enjoy reading it, as we did.

  43. I thought he had a whip on his shoulder, and the tear drop(which I absolutely loved) was representing not being able to have full artistic freedom. He gave 120% in that performance. His vocals were stellar and the audience loved it. His dream is to sing and entertain and “he’s doing it perfectly.”

  44. God, he’s Good. He manages to hijack my brain every time he shows up and I cannot get anything done! I think he parted those clouds last night, let the sunshine in and for all the silly doubters of this talented super hunky yummy man– it’s so over for them cause he is back.

    What a fraking thrill that performance was. Leather, suit, hair up, hair down, black roses on his shoulder, those amazing vocals, whatever he does–it’s all good…so very,very good. Even if I am now left with no brain cells, it was worth it.

  45. andrea_jeka says:

    Okay. My mom got angry because i kept playing this video. Omg ADAM is so HOT out the box! Can’t help it aaaah…….. *FAINTED*

  46. Paula said he would be iconic – and I’ve never doubted it for one minute – another spine tingling performance. Can’t wait for him to visit us in the UK.

  47. Yup, The POWER of ADAM is being unleashed……..all over this planet! ………and it’s about
    time! I cannot understand how it’s taken soooo long for many to realize how stunning and
    brillant ADAM really is! (Glambs excluded of course!). ADAM was breathtaking again tonight
    and his makeup was unreal!……! We all love the band too and Tommy has won hearts
    here! Still ADAM never ceases to amaze us…..he is a mind blowing entertainer! ‘ROCK ON’

  48. Just saw MTV names ADAM #3 Man Of The Year!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Should have been #1 but #3 will
    suffice right now!

  49. waveridergal says:

    Adam looked awesome and sang to perfection. The anticipation prior to his performances for me is HUGE because we never really know what to expect. He’s a gift…….watching him is like riding the perfect wave, the trill, the exhiliration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. After seeing Adam’s SYTYCD performance and then
    watching Jenn Lopez a little later in the show, I was
    transported back to that night on AI when Simon gave
    Adam praise followed by this comment:
    “the only problem is, nobody can top that now” !

    After watching Adam, all of the other current performers
    on TV and radio now seem a bit lame to me.
    For example, J Lo’s song had a 5 note
    range, she was not singing live and the dance was dull,
    considering she was on a dance show. Later, I watched Leno
    to see Adam’s hilarious skit, and John Mayer’s song
    and expressions also seemed so boring and he wore
    those horrible, large running shoes.

    My intent is not to diss other performers, but to point out
    what a truly amazing performer Adam is – the whole package!!!
    We are so lucky to have him and also lucky to have this site.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      MASTER ADAM Is the brightest star ever! He is special, he is magical!!!
      Good night everyone, gotta work!!! gotta save $$$ for his concert & plenty of t-shirts , they better be good ones too. I love my ai concert t of ADAM’s but I know ADAM will have a much better one.

  51. Dana thank you so much for the video, THE GLAM ROCK GOD IS BACK IN HIS FULL GLORY, Adam sounded and looked absolutely fabulous, he is back on top form again. I loved that suit, the shoes, and that tear is very meaningful, WDWFM will soon be #1 on the charts, I cannot wait for it to be released in the UK. Adam is a very talented artist, a true genius, he really knows how to present himself, how to perform, how to win the crowds, this is the Adam I have been waiting for since the AI tour, congrats Adam, you are #1.

  52. leilani aloha says:

    Adam, Adam, Adam, what a beautiful performance!!!
    Like I said from day 1 when I saw Adam on AI
    I said He’s the kid who got the ” IT Factor”
    Adam’s the whole Package!!!
    Yes! Yes! Yse! Adam is here to entertain us & we are all loving & enjoying it!!!

    Happy Holidays to all Adam fans!!!

  53. Oh when cute little Tommy leaned into Adam! That was the cutest little thing! Adam was perfection last night and the fact that we all get it just means we are the smart ones!!! I love him. What a performer and what a special person! LOVING HIM!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Yes, we ARE the smart ones, hee, hee. As Kimber said previously, we are MAGICAL, because we get him. Don’t you love being MAGICAL? I do, LOL

  54. Adam’s Cd went from #22 to #12 in one day! Looks like SYTYCD performance had an affect on sales it’s too close to not give it the credit.

  55. PS. That ranking is on Amazon.

  56. Is it my imagination, or was that “summer tour twinkle” back in his eyes?

  57. mtv article says “ADAM LAMBERT STOLE THE SHOW ON SYTYCD”

  58. Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

    Hi everyone! This is the last night to vote for KRIS, ADAM AND ALLISON to come to your town FOR A FREE CONCERT!! YOU HAVE UNTIL MIDNIGHT. IN CALIFORNIA IT IS 9:09 PM! PLEASE anyone who has time to go vote for them to come to your city PLEASE vote. PS, THE CONCERT IS FREE. RYAN SEACREST IS SPONSERING IT. Hugs to all. Sherry K

    • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

      EVERYONE ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE TO VOTE! Anyone hear from Jeanette? I sent her an email. But she probably deleted it. Hugs to everyone. AND LOVE TO ADAM!

  59. Evette #419 says:

    I didn’t think it was possible, but every time I see this man I love him more!

  60. Adam goes from one superb performance to the next superb performance and each one leaves me stunned…..because I can’t believe how anyone can be so perfect….but perfect he is. I loved his vocals, loved his look…he has so much creative style and love his band…they are so very ‘together’ and complement him extensively. Not only is he bringing back Glam but is is bringing back Class !!! Actually, was there ever a class act like Adam before ???????

    Anyway…things are getting exciting here in OZ. Full page article in (Aust.) NW Magazine (thank you Slick for info) re: ADAM. Found out in CD shop there is a big demand for FYE hence the earlier release date……and a few people told me that they saw Adam on THE VIEW and thought he was really good and they couldn’t understand the AMA ‘fuss’…..(two blokes kissing is not such a big deal here in OZ).

    Also, would just like to mention tha t whilst shopping today,I found a gorgeous sparkley key ring with the words “I LOVE ADAM”…guess what is hanging from my handbag ????

    Also want to say to girls above, you know who you are…. .the ‘naughty’ ones…you are so funny…my sides are hurting.

    To Lorrin and Puteri, our resident poets….thank you again for your beautiful words.

    T o Bruce….’.B……..r off ‘ (Dianne, Lisa & Glamaus know what that means…OZ lingo…may be too rude for USA !!!!)…….and to all other sweet ladies above….love to you all.

    Son just told me what LMAO meant so now I am LMAO.

    Love, yvonne (Australia)

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Brilliant Yvonne, we get NW Weekly over here in NZ so I will be looking out for it for sure.

      Yes, I know exactly what you are saying with the b****r off, I totally agree with you.

      Love the sound of your keyring, how lucky were you to find that. I hope you get your CD soon, it can’t be far away now can it, Aussie is catching up fast.

      I can’t believe how quick Australian Idol was to get Stan Walker’s album out, however it seems to have mostly the songs he performed throughout the show which I think is a shame really, although I really loved him singing Purple Rain and I might end up buying it just for that song. I certainly hope it is not long before he gets his own album out. Sorry everyone, totally off track with that paragraph, couldn’t help myself.

      Love to you Yvonne. I will get Lisa to give you my email address, I would love to keep up with you.

      • Dianne…. was told that CD would be a available today by CD shop …..that’s why I was in shopping centre, but, NO !!! Was given false info, perhaps Monday (they said).

        Havn’t looked at Stan Walker’s CD yet, but I saw it on display today…#1 Andre Rieu..#2 Susan Boyle #3 Stan Walker.

        Yes!! NW Magazine week commencing 21st Dec.

        Good to have your e-mail address….love to keep up with you too.

        Cheers, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Thanks Yvonne, I am one of the sweat little ladies and not part of the naughty group! They focus on what’s below the belt and I concentrate niiiiiiiiicely on what is between the thighs! Love ya lots, mmmmmmmmwah

    • yvonne, cute just learning about LMAO. we learn something new everyday! Yes we do a lot of that around here:)


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