Adam Lambert on Rove LA

Adam was recently on Rove LA with two other guests including Russell Brand and Kristen Schaal. Enjoy!

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  1. Eliane GLAMB #577 says:


  2. glamity58 says:

    This was hilarious. Russell turns alot of people off, but I really enjoy his humor for the most part. I think Adam was really guarded and appropriate. I’m sure he didn’t want to mention Katy Perry at all. I wish he had more friends in Hollywood and the music world. Maybe someday. We know Brian May and Roger Taylor love him.

  3. Oooohh this is hillarious, they’re all so funny. Sockless Adam… so adorable as always!

  4. I’ve watched this twice & think it is hilarious. Adam’s laugh is so great & I think he really enjoyed himself, I think this is the most relaxed & open he has been than when he was on other talk shows. I gues the length of time & the others on the show helped make him comfortable & quite open & funny. He is just so real & unpretentious. Just a real pleasure to listen to & of course look at.

  5. Loved it!! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  6. Loved it!!! Thank You!

  7. cory-coral says:


  8. I absolutely adore Adam Lambert. I have never seen him when he doesn’t really seem real and oh so charming. I wonder if he’s like that in real life. Meeting him would be a dream come true for me. I too like Russell Brand. You just never know what will come out of his mouth next. I think he’s hilarious. But, being a true Glambert, Adam was the drawing card for me.

  9. HEY GLAMBERTS ! just a note about Adam coming to our Arizona State Fair on October 17 !!! I already got my tix !!! can’t wait !!!

  10. Hilarious!

  11. WOW!! So funny, with Russell Brand on a show it might as well be a one man show, he sure takes over. Adam is always Adam, love that guy.

  12. Sooo cute! My two favorite men on one couch!
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. One good woman says:

    Another great show with Adam. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Wow! I laughed so hard – it made me feel so great (endorfins)!! Adam was just amazing as he always is no matter what he’s doing. Such a wonderful gift from The Universe :)) I could watch, listen, and drool forever and always!! Thanks for another awesome “Adam” fix!!

  15. adamcometo vegas says:

    Well I guess that’s the c;losest I will ever get to being at a party with Adam, LOL, that was really fun to watch. Boo to the messed-up so-called Glambert that claims to have hope of turning Adam though.

  16. Loved this show – Adam is such a delight – so adorable & talented