Adam Lambert on Nightline-3/12/2010

First of all, we must congratulate Adam for his acoustic performance of “Whataya Want From Me” getting to #1 this week on the VH1 Top 20 Countdown. In my humble opinion, those acoustic songs are going to rip apart that countdown. Do you think they will all make their way on there?? Can you imagine the “Adam domination” if they were??
That being said, for those of you that missed it or for those that just want to watch it again here is the Nightline interview from last night:


VIDEO: Adam Lambert on “Nightline”:



  1. I congratulate the #1 position of WWFM accoustic on VH1. That said, I don’t think the accoustic version could have made #1 in the time it was available to vote for. I believe that one was played in place of the original video to help give “Unplugged” a plug. I am not complaining, just saying. Now I wonder how they will deal with the two versions of the song, if they will put the other songs up for voting and how that would be equitable to the other artists. Hopefully we can have Adam as #1 and #2 next week.


  3. KO's smiling says:

    When I realized last night that I missed this, I panicked – but just for a second. I knew Sue would find it for us and it would be here today! 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing! His the best and I love him so!

  5. cheryl 334 says:

    This reminds of a Shania Twain CD I bought yrs ago and she had 3 different versions of the same songs in the set. One was more pop than country, can’t remember the other, someone took it, but, with Adam and this his First CD, and him being a bit controversial, I think it will give his original performances a boost and, those w ho didn’t really care for some of the original versions haver another choice, and it would be ‘Cool as Hell’ is Adam disrupted the top of the charts with several songs in the top 10, and even more in the top 100. That reminds me of the Beatles controlling much of the top 10 during a summer. Just gives the artists a big jump in credibility over the other singers, who are, in compared to Adam, simply ‘simple’ I will add here that in my opinion, Kris Allen , never should have made it out of Hollyw ood week as far as being talented. He is just plain ‘lucky’, then also lucky that Adam’s coattails carried Kris due to Adam’s praise of him continuously thru that season. Ada definately has the ability, as all will agree, to have each song judged on it’s ow n merits, being either unplugged or the original versions! I would love to see that happen where Adam has the original versions being tested against the newer ‘unplugged’ version. One thing cannot be ignored, Adam has shown more of his vocal prowness by doing the ‘unplugged’ that will undoubtedly bring in more fans for him. Rock-On Adam! You are the only Rock God on this planet! peace-love-light-hope-truth-fun 4 Adam!:)

  6. The interview was very interesting, and I have to say, ABOUT HIS FANS, it is so great what you guys do, all these wonderful emails and info on Adam, I could never do, it is so appreicated, and everyday, I wake up looking at this and before I go to bed! LOVE LOVE ADAM!!! And thank all of you so much, for the wonderful things you send on this most talented guy ever, and yes,I was around as a youngester in the Elvis younger days, and sometimes I think ELIVS REINCARNAITED, as a GREAT singer, and this time will last much longer!!! Is this crazy or what, but look at the sights that compare the two, very interesting! LOVE,LOVE ADAM, AND THANK ALL YOU for the amazing info you do, and always so good, and timely!!!!

    • retrogrrrl says:

      I totally second that Jeanene. I love this site because it’s always the most up to date and I love reading all the emails from the fellow Glambs too!
      I think Adam is like the love child of Bowie & Elvis combined! (with a little Madonna sprinkled in!)
      Yeah, I recorded Nightline last night, and finally the Fuse “Off The Record” interview was on On Demand so I was able to get that too!
      Any idea when VH1 will show the entire Adam Unplugged performances on TV?

      • cookeejar says:

        Hi everybody. I heard that Adam’s vh1 unplugged is going to air on tv on April 9. I have not been able to confirm that but I am excited to even hope that it will be on tv.

    • Jeanene,
      You took every single word out of my mouth….I feel the exact same way.
      Adam is incredible! ! ! ! !

  7. Again and all over again, THANKS Sue! ! ! You are a darling. Love and hugs to you. You don’t know how much your efforts mean to us, your GLAM sisters. This video is our Adam fix. Again, what a great presentation. Hearing about his childhood, thrills me. Yes, he had enough pain and joy in his past, where he draw much emotion and inspiration to his music. Yes, thank God even for pain.

  8. I owe you “sue” ..Thanx alot and keep searching, I know you love what you’re doing.

  9. I wanna see Adam doing Thriller!!!

  10. How can I get to see the VH1 performances in Canada???

  11. Just get to see the annoying Starburst ad and then nothing. Any suggestions?

  12. Thank you so much for posting all these great moments and performances. I always know I can come here weekly and see everything that’s been going on with Adam since I can’t see all the segments on TV. All the bonus candid video is great….love this site so much!

  13. Love the interview:) The talk about Madonna awesome. And his dad scaring neal that is so funny:) I can remember going thru something simalar when I was a kid:) I had the poltergiest soundtrack in the 80″s it scared me sh$#!less:) When the kid’s start laughing at the end it sounds really creepy and evil:0)

  14. k. morgan says:

    I don’t know how his acoustic versions can not get on VH1….they should (Sony) put his acoustic version of Wanna A Whole Lotta Love from Fantasy Spring out as a video…It would absolutely blow everyone away….lovers of Adam and even change some haters minds…that is to me a truly epic performance…Love the upbeat Down the Rabbit Hole…Would be huge now that Alice in Wonderland is out…