Adam Lambert On Meatloaf’s New Album, Hang Cool Teddy Bear

Read through this paragraph, outlining Meatloafs new album, and you will see that Adam is one of the big names that participated, along with Brian May from Queen!!
Hanging Cool 98.7 KLUV
Meat Loaf last released an album in 2006 — Bat Out of Hell Three — and since then contemplated retirement. But apparently he wasn’t done yet and today he releases Hang Cool Teddy Bear, an album that he says had no grand plan. “It was never thought out. Everybody just sat back and let it happen, let it reveal itself.” Among those joining Meat on the album are Queen guitarist Brian May, actor-musician Jack Black, Switchfoot and American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert.

I also have included an audio of Meatloaf’s praise for Adam, where he admits that he is a self proclaimed Adam Lambert groupie!!

I am really looking forward to hearing Adams contribution to this. What about you guys?



  1. No one is hearing Adam on there. Let me know where he is.

    • david p ford says:

      I love Meat Loaf and Bat Out Of Hell 1,2 and 3 are so great. I agree with Meat, I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t know how great a singer Adam is.

      • Meatloaf, my man. Not to mention how phenomenal Meatloaf himself is. Meatloaf just proved to me what a true artist he is from the props to Adam he just gave. Hang tight Meatloaf, Joplin wasn’t an overnight sensation. It took a minute. Adam WILL be a household name. All in good time, all in good time.

  2. I really hope that this true, that Adam would sing real rock! I thought that he met Meat Loaf only when recording “Time For Miracles”, but…let´s hope for the best. Me too looking forward.

  3. Judy Lushman says:

    Awww… that was so sweet. Meatloaf got it right when he said that no one knows how good Adam really is. What a nice compliment for Adam. Adam is the best there is out there today

  4. Had that album in my hand a few weeks ago, here in NZ and was tempted, but put it back, didnt know adam was on it, I will go back now and get it. Hopefully all the cds are the same no matter where they are released, hope so. By the way Sue thanks for all thes photos, they are just gorgeous.

  5. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    Adam is the man!!!

  6. judyastrid says:

    I tried listening to the songs, but am unable to find Adam…is he singing a whole song? any ideas

  7. How does Adam do everything he does? My lord this guy is busy. And what a tremendous compliment from the Meat!!!!!

  8. I think Meat Loaf did not say Adam was on his cd. He said Rob Cavallo was working with him (Meat Loaf) on his album, that Rob was going to introduce him to Adam, and then gave his opinion of Adam’s voice. The connection was Rob Cavallo only. Am I missing something everyone else heard?

  9. He does not say Adam is on the album. He was commenting on the producer Rob Cavallo. Rob is the one who was working with Adam and that Rob would be introducing him to Adam. He then goes on to say how incredible Adam is, which HE IS!!!

  10. when you have an artist comment on the talent of Adam lambert, what does that tell you? Adam is iconic and I predict will be right up there with the likes of Elvis, MJ. I know I have never felt about an artist like I do about Adam. I can’t get enough of him.

  11. I’m an Adam Lambert fan, but I’m a bigger Meat Loaf fan. Although this duo did not team up for Meat’s newest album, Hang Cool Teddy Bear, Meat speaks very fondly of Adam and often. I want to thank you from Meat’s Street Team for all your kind words about Meat Loaf on this forum. Meat’s album is simply stellar and if you are a fan of Rock and Roll, then you should have Hang Cool Teddy Bear as a supplement to all your Adam Lambert keepsakes. I bet it won’t be long before these two masterminds dig in at Rob Cavallo’s production house. Let’s cross our fingers and best wishes to both artists.

  12. stay up my friend u r really doing it stay true and keep it real that meaning 1 love from my heart 2 urs

  13. Dont think Adam was on that cd, I think it may have been a misunderstanding.

  14. I think we’re now here because we know how great Adam is as a singer, and more. That’s why Sue volunteers all these efforts because she knows how great Adam is. Our degree of dedication, follows our degree of realization of this greatness. Meatloaf further gives us this affirmation.

  15. Josie, I feel same way about Adam, have never felt this way about any singer/artist. Adam iconic, was predicted by Paula,simon,Brian May and meat loaf. It may take time but Adam will be very famous artist in time. LOVE HIM TO PIECES!!!!!!

  16. renogirl says:

    I realize how great he is. First time in my life I have become a groupie and joined a fan club. And listen to every song I can find. bought every song and video on itunes and so on and so on. He is so incredible yes Adam will color your world There is no one like him. Just can not get enough. MORE MORE ADAM

  17. what a great a compliment from meatloaf.

  18. Kristina says:

    So is Adam on the album or not? Meat and Adam would be the best. Only thing better would be Adam and Slash!!!

  19. cheryl 334 says:

    Love Meatloaf commenting on Adam!!!!!!! Meatloaf says what he thinks, and it’s good to know he thinks so highly of Adam as we all do, but give America your thoughts Me at!!!! It’s all very good! I love you too. Always have. Adam is just so out in his own zone, that loving and obsessing about him is really such a personal matter. Don’t mind sharing these shots with anyone who loves Adam, Mr Hunk, himself.

    You’re living your life’s dream………….enjoy it all. But, as time goes on, be sure you make your decisions on what YOU want, but be fllexible and listen to those you respect, also. No matter what you do, your future is set in stone! You ARE a rock icon. A Rock-God with all the extreme talents that go along with that ! As time goes by, I’m sure we
    ll be hearing from many, many more great rocke rs, blues singers, and all those that have a lways been a ‘real deal’. Not interested in ‘fakers or disingenerous people’. Adam needs truth, love and light to keep his music in the direction he wants to take it. I just wish Adam would put our an album that he would sing all the greatest Classic Rock hits, and add his own touches on them! That would sell llike hotcakes! We babyboomers are still the eclectic bunch Adam can identify with. He has said he wishes he grew up in the 60’s – 70’s. Well he doesn’t need to grow upo then to do what he can do. And that is ANYTHING HE DESIRES! i MUST SAY THAT MAKING LOVE TO A GOIRL HE IS COMFORTABLE WITH would settle his down just a bit to take on an entirely new high!!

    We all love you Adam and just want you to be as happy as you can be on this earth, and find TRUE love eventually. Gaga has said she is ‘celebait’ and is happy with that for now. Cool! She is a very strong personality to come out to the world and say she’s not having sex with anyone right now. I respect that.

    Waitting to get some good tickets for an Adam concert!!! Everywhere I’ve tried has beeen poor seating for sale, so the research is ongoing. Love our boy!

    peace-love-light-magic-fun-iconic concerts-masterfullllllllllllllllllll Adam-Happiness-freedom-pleaslure-joy
    All thilngs and more I wish for Adam! As we all ldo!!!:):)

  20. Meatloaf, we get where you are coming from. We are also in awe of Adam’s talent.
    It’s been decades since I’ve heard a voice like his. Actually, I’ve never heard a voice like his.
    Has anyone seen the 5-year old kid singing Adam’s Whataya Want From Me? Kid’s good.

  21. Hugh Laurie (HOUSE) plays keyboards on the album, but Adam is NOT on it…unfortunately. Love how Meatloaf and so many others in the industry fanboy Adam though. <333

  22. Adam EXCITES Meatloaf!
    How cool is that?

  23. Many professional musicians see the greatness of Adams voice. He is a star & no one can stop his rise to fame. His talent is phenomenal!!!! GO ADAM!!!!

  24. Canadiann says:

    When Meatloaf says he’s excited about you, you’re GOOD. I’ve been a fan of Meatloaf since the beginning and when I heard Adam’s Idol audition, I was instantly hooked. Meat is a legend and Adam is well on his way. Both are incredible.

  25. Glamitup says:

    Goosebumps hearing Meat Loaf talk about Adam! Fantastic and the truth. Love it.

  26. “Meatloaf” is rated by Rolling Stone at #14 of the top 50 all time great rock singers-so gettiing a compliment from him is a genuine validating honor. Meatloaf is right. Freddie Mercury of Queen has been in the #1 spot for 40 straight years and Adam gets compared to him.

  27. I heard that interview with Meatloaf ages ago and was always going to look for it again, so thanks for that. GREAT VALIDATION.

  28. JMGlambert says:

    I am in my 50s and grew up listening to Meat Loaf. He has a great voice like Adam. I immediately became a fan of Adam after watching him on Idol because he has a strong voice like Meat Loaf. I love them both. I might just pick up Meat Loaf’s record even if Adam isn’t on it. They should get together and do a song, since they both sing better than most artists of today. Love this…..

  29. Adam is definitely a brilliant singer….Meatloaf knows exactly what he’s talking about.
    I will buy this album now that I know that Adam is singing on it…Lol

  30. MyBoyAdam says:

    Wow what a complement!!!! I’ve never much cared for MeatLoaf but now I have a whole new respect for the guy. Anyone who recognizes Adam for who he is, is a kindred spirit of mine; at least in that respect.

  31. Don’t think Adam is on Meat Loaf’s album. I checked the songs on the album and there is no mention of Adam. I’ll bet Adam would have been on it if he was asked. Possibly Adam was already committed to other things. I have decided to buy Meat Loaf’s new album as I did hear some songs and the album is fantastic. There was a special on TV about ML and it made me empathize with him even more. He has been through a lot in his life and has bounced back stronger than ever. God love him!!

  32. I always new Meatloaf was super great but now I know how super great he really is!!!!!!!!!!! He knows are Adam has everything to make it to TOP!! Keep it up Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ellyloves Adam, Glamb #640

  33. Maybe if Adam got Todd Rundgren to produce him HUHHHHH Remember BOH


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