Adam Lambert on Living as a Celebrity, ‘Horrifying” Jail Time and Being a Role Model

By Carol Hagey            Since May 2009

By Carol HageySince May 2009

I couldn’t resist giving two great articles today, in honor of all the beautiful readers we have! Adam has given us a treat today also, via his tweet:

@adamlambert Happy Mothers Day!!

In addition to the gift of his music – coming out in 2 days!!! – I love one of the gems from this interview where he talks about what it takes to be a Glambert. From his answer, we officially know he gets us!

Here’s that beautiful section, followed by the article, from the beginning. Thank you to Mary @glitzylady for sending this to me. I love my friends from this amazing GlamJourney who are so generous in giving me great articles they find, so I can give it to you. That’s one of the most special things about this site, and I think, a reason why we’re receiving so many great acknowledgements from the industry! 🙂

From Chris Azzopardi, editor of Q Syndicate, the international LGBT wire service.

What does it take to be a Glambert?
Reckless abandon. (Laughs) I think that any sort of diehard fandom is a crazy, surreal mentality. That’s part of the fun for the Glamberts; they’ve given themselves permission within that community to be kind of insane. And it’s gorgeous and it’s fun and it’s an escape; it’s not real life, it’s something else. Everybody wants that in some form or another. We all have our different versions of it. For people who are diehard fans, that’s their way; that’s their obsession and that’s their outlet.

Adam, I have to disagree with you. It is real life!!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Now from the start!

Remember the fuss Adam Lambert caused when he tongued his keyboardist in front of the world? Of course you do. The controversial kiss drew both homophobic outbursts and so-what shrugs, and it’s an American Music Awards moment that won’t soon be forgotten. Especially by Lambert himself.

“That was an interesting night,” he says, snickering in his charmingly guy-next-door way about that seminal smooch. “That AMA performance was trespassing in a way.” And, on his latest album, he’s not done crossing the line: “Trespassing,” out May 15, is the defiant second to the “American Idol” spawn’s 2009 debut.

In this candid interview with Lambert, the pop star opened up about the “redundant” press questions regarding his sexuality, becoming more confident as an out celebrity, and breaking the rules – and going to jail for it.

What does the album title, “Trespassing,” mean to you?Being who I am in this music environment is trespassing and that’s why Pharrell (Williams) and I wrote it about that. We had a big conversation about the music industry and the business and being an artist, and then on top of it being somebody that’s different, being a gay man and being in an industry where it’s not very common, not very present. Kind of feeling like I’m gonna own this, march forward and ignore any kind of sign or person telling me no. I’m gonna do what I wanna do and not feel sorry for myself.

Is anything you do for shock value premeditated?
No, I don’t think, “OK, I want to piss people off now” or “I want to shock people.” I kind of, especially after the (American Music Awards), go with what I want to do musically. That’s been more in the forefront for me in my decision-making. I think just kind of being, and being unapologetic for being, is a risk in and of itself in today’s music industry.

Was the AMAs kiss good for you?
I don’t even know. I was in such autopilot. It was one of those weird moments that just kind of happened. Some of the choreography earlier in the number was planned but that whole moment with him was just, “Oh my god, now we’re kissing!”

You’ve spoken with gay publications and mainstream publications. How is it different talking to each?
I try not to make it any different. That’s been one of my big goals, especially with this album. This time around I’m trying to just adopt a post-gay mentality about it because I’m so proud of who I am and I’m 100 percent positive about it and I celebrate it, but I also think it’s a bit dated to harp on it and to lean on it and to constantly be defined by your sexuality. I think that gay men and women who live their lives as gay men and woman understand that and understand that it’s just another part of who they are. Unfortunately, with some mainstream publications, it’s such a novelty for them to be able to talk about it. It’s such a hot-button issue that it becomes the focus of a lot of discussion.

Does that bother you?
(Hesitates) It gets a bit redundant. (Laughs.) Gets a little old. It’s something I’ve made peace with; I’m trying to just look at it from the other point of view and realize that a lot of the questions are legitimate for someone who doesn’t understand. I think the way to progress and confront ignorance is information. You start talking about things and we get past them. So yeah, it gets a bit redundant, but I feel like at this point it just comes with the territory that I’m trespassing on.

Click here for the rest of the article.

Happy Mother’s Day from Carol, Lila and Fernando!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. “Thank You”…Carol, Lila & Fernando!
    Us Glamberts are so very pleased to have you sharing with us, all these JUICY interviews!
    I just Love it! I really appreciate all the love & effort that goes into this wonderful site! I have been waiting for my CD in the mail. I’m hoping it comes tomorrow!!!! I can hardly stand it anymore!

    Also, the universe gave me a great gift today on Mother’s day!
    I heard Adam’s “NCOE” on a local radio station this afternoon…”first song” from the album played here in Vancouver, B.C. that I heard! So Exciting! I turned it up LOUD…It was an excellent moment for me!
    Adam is going to knock peoples socks off baby!
    Only 2 more sleeps! Bring on “Trespassing”!!!!
    HAPPY MOMM’YS DAY…to you fabulous Mom’s out there!

    XO Always…”ADAMICTED”

  2. glamity58 says:

    I am still waiting to hear an Adam song in Wisconsin. I don’t have too much hope, except now that NCOE should be going to stations on May 28 and his album is out, plus Idol this week, I have renewed hope. I want this album to do well. I’m so sick of the same old cookie cutter singers selling records and getting so much airplay. If I don’t hear Adam with this next song, I will buy satellite radio and never listen to normal radio again. My fingers are crossed for this album.

  3. Thank you for this! I hadn’t read it anywhere 🙂

  4. Mary at the Lake says:

    Thanks Carol!! This was the very first Adam Lambert site I discovered when I was searching around to find out more about Adam and to keep up with him on Idol and beyond..The friendships I have formed as a result are more than special, including yours and Lila’s..and many others from this site.. And of COURSE!! thanks to Adam as well!! After all, #ItsAdamsFault!!

    As part of my Mothers Day, I went with my family to see “Dark Shadows” and who should I hear featured very prominently in the pre-movie music and information but Adam Lambert, singing “Better Than I Know Myself” AND “Never Close Our Eyes”..and they also announced that TRESPASSING is coming out on May 15th…I’ve heard this is happening all over the country right now..which is super!! I think his label and management are doing a really good job getting his name out there..”Good Morning America” Monday A.M. for starters….So exciting!! Only one more day…Love the whole Trespassing album and will be thrilled to get my hot little needy hands on a physical copy…

  5. Mary at the Lake says:

    Ooops! Forgot to sign my “other” name!


  6. Just saw Adam on GMA. Was that a live performance for was it prerecorded? I hope ABC isnt insisting on prerecording him. Love the outfit. Hated the backup singers waving their arms. His voice does not need any backup singers. Loved his performance. Hope this is the start of really big things for him.

  7. Thanks to all you wonderful Adam fans that share your thoughts with us! We love you all and feel Adam is in a very good place right now and hope it keeps getting better! Can’t wait to get Trespassing CD, hope it’s in the mail TODAY!!! Keep on going Adam and we will stand with you!!! Love forever and a day, Rita Norton and Donna Levi

  8. Scootersmom says:

    Nothing but love and more love for this absolutely honest, beautiful guy who can also sing his face off about anything!

  9. Paula in San Diego says:

    I have to laugh, because part of being a Glambert is, for so many of us, having spouses/partners who are understanding (or think we’re just plain nuts) of our obsession with Adam! Now if I could just get my hubby to agree to hang those lithographs in our guest bedroom! I agree with you, Carol – it IS real life for us! Thanks for all your hard work!