Adam Lambert on Kidd Kraddick Part 1&2

Hi everybody, I’m just throwing this one out there for you!! Adam calls into the Kidd Kraddock Morning Show from Leeds, UK.
I have not listened to it yet because I just got home from work and saw it so I’m getting it right on here for you!! I am sure it is enjoyable because when is he NOT enjoyable? I’m going to take a listen too once it is posted…


video via: mililac

video via: mililac



  1. Just found this interview on which is a Canadian Gay and Lesbian news site. Nice interview that gives a little insight into Adam’s views on being Gay in today’s society. Mostly stuff you’ve probably already heard, but still worth watching.

    • Do not miss this interview!!!!! He is too adorable. Thanks for posting!!!!

    • Adam is always so articulate and genuine.
      With the 2 shows here in Vancouver, it means he will
      be staying OVERNIGHT, sigh, and just wondering if he will visit a club?
      Is “Celebrities” still the main one – I am not really up to date
      on this, but I can just picture all of us women showing up! haha

      • Hey Adamfan,

        Celebrities and The Odyssey are the main ones that are more straight-friendly. I’ve been to both with my son and there were quite a few straight people there, but my son prefers the under-ground clubs which I think would be more like the clubs in LA; the kind Adam would prefer. Anyway, I know your question was more facetious than not, but I’m guessing they won’t be here long enough for fun because a while back Monte tweeted he wanted to do an open mic while he was in Vancouver, but last week tweeted he wouldn’t be doing one because he wouldn’t be in town long enough. 🙁
        I wanted to go to the open mic and then have my son take me to all the gay bars looking for Adam. lol

        • Sounds like a plan! If your son spotted him somewhere, I’d
          probably head right over! lol Maybe it’s just wishful thinking…
          I’m probably not the clientelle they’re hoping for, ha ha

    • This was wonderful. Thanks for sharing.I love Adam’s interviews. I wish I could go to Canada for his concerts.

  2. i really love the way he communicates… he can be the perfect host… charming, articulate, frank & open-minded… i swear he beats these djs at their own game… they lose their focus on his music, he entertains them for a second then goes back to the focus of the discussion- great moderator;p I followed the link for the interview and i felt so proud of adam when he went in-depth on his views of people’s attitude toward sexuality and then easily switched to his music. he’s so accommodating which is totally cool because he appreciates the fact that people value his opinion and gives well thought out answers… sigh, he’s really a treasure=)

  3. Iyleneidol09 says:

    Hi everyone, since Adam’s mom quit her job and moved to LA to help out Adam (like an assistant), did she go with him in his international promo tour? Just curious

    • I don’t think so because I haven’t seen her in any of the airport pics, just his assistance (Lane?),