Adam Lambert On Hallam FM

Now this is more like it, all Adam all the time!! I must say, I missed him for a little while there because I have to have lots of him everyday and there wasn’t a whole lot going on. I’m getting better now that he is out and about, but forget about me and check this out…


~Star of American Idol and soon to be mega star Adam Lambert talks to Ollie Hayes @ Hallam FM in between signing autographs and posing for photos for fans…



  1. Glenda #1946 says:

    As usual….the perfect guest, perfect speaker, charming, witty,personable, wins people over where ever he goes!!! Best representative out of the USA in a long time!!

    • I haven’t even listened to this interview but I know I will agree with every word that is already posted here.
      How can you not love this man? How can you not be inspired by his way of looking at Love and Life? In the Zone completely, always so present and in awareness of himself and others.
      Weird? Weird never sound more grounded and well put together!
      I obviously just listened to the interview.

  2. Leilani aloha says:

    Awesome, Adorable, Funny, Creative , so much Talent & moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Like AI Judge Randy would say week after week during Adam’s AI perfomances
    “sounding like a broken record, Adam’s in the Zone!!!,
    Adam’s current & a Rock Star!!!

    Yes,I agree London’s awesome!!! lived there & for creative & talented artist like Adam, he’ll grow real real BIG there!!!

  3. Adam has a way about him that makes you feel “comphy”. He seems like he has all the time in the world to chit chat and respond to all the questions asked of him.
    He is classic. Who could not be in love with Adam? Even in the beauty shop he is a HOT TOPIC.
    Thankfully we are able to follow him around and share his tremedous journey.
    Thanks for sharing this with us Adam,.

  4. What more can I say? I am addicted to you…I need a daily dose of you or else …….

    • I agree, without a daily dose of Adam, our lives will be incomplete and lonely and boring- totally miserable. So Adam -please stay clean and healthy so we hear and see you each day.

      Love Adam even more!!!

  5. He is so lovely. And lively like a puppy leaping into the world and enjoying every minute.I love everything about this man. My hope is that American loves him as much as the rest of the world. He is our treasure people.

  6. tweeterpie says:

    He’s so FANTASTIC & ADORABLE and so articulate as well. Even the haters find it hard to continue to hate him because he is so likeable & respectful. I was a little bummed to hear him say his AI performance would give WYWFM an additional push because I was really hoping that he’d be performing something else from his album. I LOVE ALL HIS SONGS but he has already done that one on tv quite a bit. It may be that HE DOESN’T get to choose and AI wants him to do that one because it’s ALREADY on the charts. Oh Well! I’m still excited to see him on AI because I’m ALWAYS THRILLED to see my Adam no matter what!

  7. OMG, that is too adorable! Adam drawing on the lamb was just precious. And very ingenious…give him something to do while he’s talking. Could the guy be any more fabulous? And I have always wondered what the tattoo on his wrist is…an Egyptian eye. Very apt for him. What a beautiful spirit he has.

  8. Adam for President!!!!!!

  9. he’s so creative! he made that lamb so special;p arrgh…the UK person who gets it should treasure it! I’d imagine they’d be auctioning it off in the US. First time I’m seeing him draw… so cool! hehehe… how can they forget the glitter! LOL

  10. MERS! You got me. I opined on that before, on the route that Arnold Schwarrzeneger and Ronald Reagan took. Aside from me, now there’s you who thought of that. But I think not in the near future. Ha – ha ! Maybe Adam would leave it to Neil first, because he’s the politician in the family. But if GAY is the new BLACK, then who knows who’ll be the first GAY US PRESIDENT someday, because now we have the first BLACK US President. But we should not box-in Adam to our expectations. It’s good for him to be free and fly like a bird, on his wings of songs. And we’ll be the wind beneath his wings!

  11. Amazing stuff …… ADAM always in control, eloquent, beautiful and totally brilliant!!! …….never
    under estimate ADAM for one second!!!!! The U.K. still waiting for WDYWFM…………..BOY, are they
    in for a treat!!!!! ….and sounds like a urgent need to break out the glitter there…..Oh well,
    ADAM will soon cure that problem……….Oz is still rolling in it!!!!!!!!! ……….. Love London and so
    glad the U.K. are treating him soooo well……!……and keeping him warm!!!!!………and the
    sound of the Summer Tour in the U.S. and hopeful Oz one this year is pure music to our ears!!!!!!
    …………..and yet again today more ADAM talk on our ventures……people again asking about the
    album because they love WDYWFM sooooo much after airplay on NOVA! …… It’s getting crazy
    and ADAM is taking over every single day!!!!!…..We’re giddy here!!!!!!!……Yet more Albums to
    get out to people!!!!!!!…………………….Also check out Monte’s Album……he is amazing!


    • Laura ,,honey,,,please don’t wish that on Adam,,he has all the attributes,,true,,,but he doesn’t need the headaches,,,hehe

  13. I don’t know ,I try to stay away ………just can’t ..THE BEST EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. i was going to ‘get a life today’
    played this tape
    now i’m all aGAGAh’st again
    agree best so far , thanks soo much for sharing xx

    Hallam FM you rock- yes PLAY THE RECORDS!!

  15. Deb From Oz says:

    Wow!!! I live in Sheffield but have been so busy lately I didn’t know about the interview but was very excited to hear FYE played on Hallam FM one afternoon. It was brilliant (as usual) so thanks so much for posting it.

  16. What a treasure. I join all of you who say “My life revolves around ADAM.” What was I doing a year ago? He is the USA treasure…..let’s hope they appreciate him!!!! He is so relaxed and easy to talk to. It doesn’t matter who it is, where it is, or about what, ADAM is right there talking easily and everyone ends up loving him… how could they not?

  17. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    I Want a “Bert” the lamb! How coool is that? So creative that Adam!

  18. kat4adam says:

    Oh no, please don’t move to England…We love you so much and need you closer here in the US!
    I live in So Ca and he is the best thing since Elvis and the Beatles for me anyway. AI will never be the same without him…Just too boring!
    So happy he’s having a wonderful time traveling to promote the album. Love to listen to him being interviewed. I too need my daily dose of seeing what he’s up to and what new pics are available for viewing. Love him so much…Kat4adam

  19. I am always so happy and so proud. It seems that we are so lucky to have come to know Adam before the rest of the world discovered him. He is on his way to being a galactic superstar. But we had him first, Ha! Ha! He will always be our glittery, glam boy.

  20. LOVE, LOVE, ADAM! Best Interview, and interviewer, yet. He was very up to date about ADAM, and his life in the US. Good questions, and ADAM,as always so loving, sweet, and so COOLLLLLLLL! I did agree with one post, was hoping for another song on AI, next month, for us here in the U.S.WWFM is great, but something different would be nice. For you out there, who have COMCAST ON DEMAND, check out music videos, there is the cutie, on my big hd screen, WWFM, AND THE END I LOVE!!! and always gives me a thrill, that cute face in the camera, so every day and night , I get a big ADAM fix, and loving it!!!Thanks for sending this interview, it is REALLY GOOD. and I can send to my friends, THANKS SO MUCH! And know ADAM must love the U.K., but DON’T LEAVE US!!!

    • Libraglam says:

      Oh yeah, did he say he might stay in UK one day….?
      ADAM, please don’t leave US….

  21. Iyleneidol09 says:

    That was a long interview, thanks Sue for sharing. I felt as though I am sitting next to him, and he was just casually chit chatting away. He is such a delight to listen to, he always have the right and safe answers to every questions. He was just funny when he was said ” Christina, I can be your genie”. I am soo hook on this pretty boy again!! I had undergone an Adam detox few months ago, and here I am, back to my “addiction” again! Oh well!!

  22. That was great!! What a nice long interview! The lamb at the end cracked me up! When Idol ended, I sent Adam a cute little brown stuffed lamb and the toy company tag sewn on it’s bottom said it’s name was LAMBERT!!! So, of course I had to buy it and mail it to him. I included a note to Adam and told him to be sure to look at it’s bottom. Haha! Anyway, thanks for providing us with this interview and all the other fantastic stuff!! So many Adam postings I can hardly keep up! (Not that I’m complaining…lol!)

    • Oops! Left the L out of my screen name…L for Lambert , of course. (My real initials are just the reverse of Adam’s.)

      • WTF!! I just typed a nice long comment and it said awaiting moderation and while I was rereading it, I noticed that I left out the L in my screen name, so I followed it up with this “oops” comment and hit submit. But then my original comment completely disappeared! What happened? (Boy, I look like a real dumb ass now!)

  23. What a great interview. Adam makes me laugh. He is so awesome.

  24. adam makes working your ass off look easy and effortless. he’s working every day, all day and is kind, open,generous, gives his fans everything they want, and still performs at the top of his game.