Adam Lambert on Grammy Social Media Rock Stars Summit

Adam Lambert is again going where few artists have gone before. He has been chosen to sit on a panel of industry experts discussing how social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) is making its mark on the music industry. Here’s another peacock feather in his crown of confirmations from the industry that Adam Lambert matters and is here to stay.

I’ve been lucky enough to get a ticket for this event, and will fill you in on everything. This summit will take place Friday, February 11, 2011 at LA LIVE and will be televised live via YouTube. Read ahead for the details.

I feel Adam has been selected for this honor because of his forward thinking and knowledge about the issue, considering he’s smack in the middle of it. Of course his superior conversational ability is always a plus!

From Renee Snyder of LA, “With almost 855,000 twitter followers, Adam Lambert’s influence on social media has been news for quite a while. Recently, Adam’s huge twitter influence was even pointed out in a study by Northwestern University which showed that at the time of the Haiti earthquake, Adam had more twitter influence than even news organizations.”

Don’t forget to watch Adam on The Talk on CBS on Wednesday, February 9th. Lila and I will be there with a great group of our friends, many who we’ve met from this site!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Here is the event description:

In advance of the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards on Sunday, Feb. 13, The Recording Academy will once again recognize the Rock Stars of Social Media by bringing them together for a summit to discuss relevant issues. This year, we will gather and present an in-depth discussion on how mobile is changing the music industry.

Current GRAMMY nominee Adam Lambert (Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for “Whataya Want From Me”); GRAMMY winner Chamillionaire (RIAA-certified as the biggest selling ringtone by a solo artist); Facebook Director of Platform Product Marketing Ethan Beard, Foursquare Co-Founder Naveen Selvadurai, and Pandora Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Tim Westergren. The panel will be moderated by legendary broadcast music journalist John Norris.

This forward-thinking panel will feature the world’s most elite group of social and new media trailblazers. This session will go beyond the ringtone and the digital download to cover the explosive growth of mobile devices. The growth of mp3 players, smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices have altered the way consumers interact with music. Additionally, how the industry engages fans/consumers to share new music and content has had a defined impact on the business. The panelists will tackle these issues and related topics of discussion during the 90-minute event before the live audience and online interactive community.

The Social Media Rock Stars Summit will be streamed LIVE on both and beginning at 2:00 pm PST Sharp.
For an additional article, see here.

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Mary at the Lake says:

    Thanks Carol for posting this, so great to know Adam is going to be included in this panel discussion! And…have a fabulous time at “The Talk”!

  2. Carol,
    I’m so thrilled that you will be a part of these events. We know you will keep us posted. This is great expansion for our Adam–and he has just started. I love watching him grow and simply can’t get enough of his beauty and wisdom. You are so lucky to be going along. Looking forward to your input almost as much as Adam’s!!


    • This is such great news after weeks now of fans complaining or implicating that Adam is losing his footing in the music industry. Not so much….

  3. I think I’m more impressed by them for recognizing in Adam what we always known.. Not only is he music, but he is intelligent and articulate and NO ONE can be a better interviewee. He is very aware of all that goes on in the music industry and facebook, twitter, etc. He’s the twitter king!
    He’ll make himself heard and he’s not afraid. Wish I was there. Oh, well, thanks Carol for informing us and we’ will all look forward to your commentary of it. It’s great to be a fan of Adam.


  4. Hi Carol, I like to know how do you find out about all these events and able to get ticket for them. Would you share the info?

    • Yes, Carol….please do tell us how you have been so lucky to be able to get tickets for everything that involves ADAM!!! When you hear of these events, please inform us fans about them so that we can also have a chance to attend….not after you know about them and you have YOUR tickets!!!!
      As Amy commented….please share the info!!!!

    • I’m only too happy to share the info! I only find out by either scanning google, subscribing to other sites or getting calls from my fabulous friends in my Adam-network. I posted this seconds after finding out about it. To get tickets for any of the TV appearances (Leno, Idol, The Talk, etc.) it helps to check their Twitter or look on their websites for upcoming guests. Once you see guests listed you’d like to attend a taping for, just apply on the website. I don’t have any special connections with the industry – just fabulous friends who keep me filled in! Since I live in San Diego, I just have to make the effort to drive the 2 1/2 hrs. to LA. I wish everyone had this great opportunity. But we pay heavy in property tax and our gas costs more than the rest of the nation too. 🙁 Enough whining – sorry!

  5. Carol~ What a great opportunity….for Adam, and for you! I know this is going to be an incredible interview and i can’t wait to listen to it. Adam ALWAYS has interesting viewpoints!

    • Glamourclamor says:

      Carol, you must live in So. California or you are the most adventurous Glambert around. BTW got a bang out the the Moderators references to Adam’s passionate fans. Of course, Adam defended us. Guess our total adoration for Adam is no longer a secret, and part of the pop culture that is Adam Lambert’s persona.

  6. Adam is making his mark in the wider media arena in an ostentatious way.This summit sounds like a high-level conference and the duration says it all. It is also good for making entrepreneural connections too. Carol, you are pretty influential yourself too, getting all the tickets to Adam’s shows and this summit. The word summit sounds very important.

  7. Carol, I used the word ostentatious wrongly, definitely not for Adam. I’ll replace it with impressive.
    By the way, I like your expression : superior conversational ability, that nails it for Adam.

  8. Thank you so much for keeping us posted.

  9. Leilani aloha says:

    Thanks for the wonderful news!

    Proud of Adam!!!

  10. thanks Carol! I have High hopes that Adam can make a difference!! being a “southern inter-city H.s. Teacher” w/ many “Out kids” I know these kids need help! I’m glad Adam is going to give them a voice!!! go Adam!

  11. This is fantastic news! As an avid fan of Adam’s I already knew what the world is just now beginning to. I love listening to Adam sing, I love listening to him talk. What a great combo that not many if any stars have today!!! Congrats yet again to Adam.

  12. delibel (Nederland) says:

    Thanks for all the updates.Here in Holland there is no news from Adam.
    So all we can find is by people like you to update oversee fans.
    LOVE from Holland

  13. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    Wow Carol, lucky you! Thanks so much for keeping us informed; I know the discussion will be intelligent and fun with Adam on board! Looking forward to your recap!

  14. Glamity58 says:

    I look forward to listening to this on you tube. I know Adam will offer some great insight into the social media and it’s affect on the music industry. I wish I were going. Thanks.

  15. WOW !!! What’s great is their recognizing that Adam is not just a Rock Star in the Music Industry, but is also a SOCIAL MEDIA ROCK STAR ! He is both Freddie Mercury and Oprah. Hurray! (As if we don’t know already. He-he) They only acknowlwedge, what we fans know all along.

    I don’t know why I feel like I’ve won. That’s just how it feels.

  16. kat23mogan says:

    It is only natural that Adam would be on that panel….He is huge in terms of his world wide following….growing every day and I think the music industry is starting to realize what a unique talent they have who has the intellect to match…Congrats Adam.

  17. Carol, you are really the best(Lila too) as busy as you are keeping all of us soo informed about ADAM you still have the time to personally help us. You emailed me back a few times with help when I needed it on both websites(this one and the official one) I sure hope they introduce you on the “Talk”. It would be great to have faces (you and Lila)with the wonderful people you are. Can you let us know what you will be wearing so in case the camera scans the audience we can see you.

    Glamb 616

  18. think that it is simply wonderful that the powers that be in certain quarters of the industry, are recognizing his tremendous following. So many people dont have the ability to go to his concerts, or buy his music. In these economic times its tough for some to show the love they have for him..
    We all know the clique that there is that runs the events like the Grammys etc. He certainly did not
    receive the recognition on there that he deserved. This then is a big boost to his acknowledgement.
    I know he will be a big defender of the proper sides that he is aware of. Having been so popular on his worldwide tour. It makes people in power stand up and take notice of him. Even when the small
    group of stuckups dont give him the credit he is due. You go ADAM….

  19. I just read too that he’ll be on Ellen Degeneres this Thursday (2/10) as well. Finally!….after the “drought” some long-awaited Adam appearances!! I can’t wait!!

    • Wow! Thanks for passing the Ellen info on! I just set my DVR! Someone asked earlier how I find out about Adam’s appearances, etc. To be honest, I don’t have any special connections. I just find out things from MY social network – all of my friends!!


      • I just came to make sure you all knew about his appearance on Ellen and I see that you do! I was checking Adam’s site to see if anything besides The Talk and the panel were listed and was thrilled to see the Ellen appearance there also. I have my DVR set for The Talk and Ellen. I just hope I can figure out how to watch the thing on Youtube on Friday if I’m back from getting groceries in time.

        • A good way to keep up with Adam is to Google “Adam Lambert news.” Every week, I Google for updates and news on my favorite artist, and voila…Renee Synder always has an update. I haven’t been able to get on my computer, much less on this site, but I knew about his appearances on The Talk and on ellen and of course, the Grammy Social Media.

          Adam was fabulous on The Talk today. He looked absolutely gorgeous. He was make-up free. Not only is he talented, but he is also very articulate. I love listening to him talk. I have a feeling that Adam is going to win his first Grammy. That would be fantastic, and I hope he’s putting it out there into the Universe.

  20. Adam so sweet

  21. Carol, you are doing so much work keeping us informed about Adam, I realize that you have spent numerous hours searching from one site to another and going thru information that fans have sent to you, not to mention the money that you have spent to represent us, Adam’s Fans per say. I do appreciate your devoation to Adam and us.
    Regarding ADAM, I could not be prouder if I was his Mother or Grandmother! That’s our boy!!

  22. Glamourclamor says:

    I don’t think Adam is losing his footing, he is featured on the Grammy Album, and the Idol 10 Anniversary album. He is having some down time. We were completely spoiled last year as we could almost see him performing, talking, etc. almost daily. We became so use to seeing him, that when we don’t we assume he’s fading away. Not only is he getting a rest, we are also. I can still remember days when I spent most of my time voting, watching and listening to everything Adam. This week we will get some special times with Adam, and I for one can’t wait. Another note that Adam is still in the headlights is his personal life that seems to hit the net every weekend, now that he is out and about. The new BF rumors have helped fuel more interest in the public at large.

  23. The media must have been starved last year and now they are all queuing for him ; the shows stacking up and this Summit, all out for a feast ; yeah a feast for the eyes and ears, mind and heart. Negativity doesn’t work against Adam, in fact it seems to boost his fanbase, everyone knocking on doors to ask why and then become his ardent protective fans. 4.5 million cd sales worldwide ( not verified ) must be taken into consideration for his Grammy win.

  24. Adam the best singer

  25. Tina Glamb#645 says:

    That is Great, and you are so lucky!! LETTING EVERYONE KNOW….ADAM WILL BE ON THE ELLEN SHOW ON 2/10/11…Check your area for times..My vcr is already set to record!!!

    Mistress Lambert #654

  26. And don’t forget, Adam is on The Ellen show tomorrow (2-10-11) this Thursday.

  27. I have watched Adam on The Talk and on Ellen. He gets better looking every time I see him.
    He sang so beautifully and was so funny also.
    I just can’t get enough of this man.
    There is no one like him. He is unique.
    Like someone said about him “The music world needs him”

  28. Carol, thanks so much for posting about the Grammy Social Media Rock Stars Summit! I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise! Adam was awesome! It was so great to see a live stream like that, to know what Adam was doing in real time! Plus I could read everyohe’s tweets at the same time, all about Adam, I guess he was the only reason they were watching … Also, I saw you ask a question! Best hour and a half I’ve spent in a long time!

  29. Okay, first ADAM is not performing on the Grammys
    Then his award will not even be televised.
    So, even if he wins, he still can’t seem to get public validation.
    Why didn’t fans protest and petition he be on the show.
    ADAM deserves much more!!!