Adam Lambert on Conan

Loved (just loved!) the little twists Adam put into the vocals with some extra falsetto, etc. Yes, Adam can really sing his face off! Also LOVED Monte’s glitter guitar! This is the Adam-look I really adore – his hair, makeup, and the studio lighting were perfect.Β  Dana, Glamb #6


  1. Very nice performance. I am surprised that with all the publicity he has gotten on the various talk shows that his album sales or radio play hasn’t increased. Especially when we see how good his performances have been recently.

    • Brian, that is one of life’s mysteries!

    • Hey Guys! Actually, there’s very good news about Adam’s sales and radio play. I read that he picked up 22 radio adds yesterday, and CD sales have remained steady at around 50,000, which puts him just under 300,000 for 3 weeks. I think that’s VERY good news! And when you throw in the fact that FYE MV is #1 on iTunes and he’s singing tonight on SYTYCD Finale, I think he’ll continue to gain ground through the holiday season. Way to go, Adam!

    • We’re in the ‘Christmas zone now, and all charts are chaos, but, what just came out that is fascinating is: The ratings from past have all been wrong. wrong wrong. Apparently there are teck gagets now that measure what is playing on people’s radios etc and the most listened to music is; tadaaa! “Easy Listening” – the study showed people who were claiming to be listienting to soft rock, sports,talk radio, jazz, etc-hard rock-were really listening to Easy Listening music. I just heard this info on news station KFI in Los Angeles. Adam could make a Michael Buble type album along w this current one, singing old faves and it would sell.
      By the way, this past entire year of Adam, we were lucky and priviledged to see this wonderful guy, great artist at the very beginning of his career.

      • I agree Martha that the age demographics of N America mean ‘easy listening’ is more popular than it used to be. That likely partly explains Susan Boyle, Michael Buble, Barry Manilow, the new Rod Stewart and others who have a softer sound, selling so well.

        Adam could easily do both types of music though his heart and identitiy are with the rock sounds. To me, TFM and some of his ballads on FYE fall into that category.

    • glamb# 442 Paula says:

      i love adam unconditionally and his voice has been wonderful on all the appearances but… i was glad he changed the song a bit on Conan. i feel he is holding back though i wish he would attack these performances like he did on idol. he always had a hook in every song that should the world how magical and amazing his voice is.
      i also thank barbara walters for actually talking with him while on both of her shows. i don’t think he is getting his just due with just one song at the end of a show.he deserves better. he also deserved a hand shake from conan instead of conan only paying attention to the audience until they cut to the commercial.just my thoughts i think adams mangers could be doing slightly more than they have.adam has to he heard performing live the feeling he brings to the songs he sings is what makes them over the top amazing.LOVE YOU ADAM!!!

    • his FYE video, is #1 on itunes !!!! and you want to know something !!!! I LOVE THIS GUY !!!

    • Best version of it yet.. he takes great and HELLO makes it even better… his feelings pour into it–love Adam… GlamRN

  2. OH yes, Adam was to totally Hot on Conan. His eyes, whatever makeup shades he used last night,
    was absolutely beautiful. His voice came over so so awesome. Every time I hear him sing WYWFM, the song gets better and better (if thats possible). He is so ready to be touring. Look at him
    a Rock God to be released in 2010 for his tour! Even his extra little dance steps he footed around, oh his long long legs , reminds me of a hunk of burning rock star for sure.
    Kudos to Monte for bringing out some hip guitars too. All of the band looked great!
    Adam you are the Man, thank you for what you do……..YOU ARE SMOKIN HOT! And I wanna dance with you.
    love and peace

    • Monte actually had his guitar stolen last week…so the glitter guitar is possibly his new one…nice choice!


      • Great choice, it draws more attention to him, Adam usually manages to include his ‘entourage’ in his performances… a very generous heart!

        • I’ve always found that so endearing about him, Terry.

          • Yes, Sherry, he never fails to give ‘props’ to his band, his Idol friends, or any other performer he admires.. much more than they do for him…. but it shall change! After seeing the Peruvian vid of the Adam impersonator to FYE we can see he is heading for worldwide stardom.

      • Luv the glittery guitar. So Adamlike!

        • AdamAddict says:

          Next,glitter tight pants! ~gulp~

        • I also love this guitar, you are right, it is Adam
          I finally got back in town and when I was gone i saw a tape of Adam on AMA and my heart fell, I was thinking WTH is happening this is not the Adam that I knew and then I heard him on a interview about the AMA performance and yes that is the Adam that I know and love. My two favorites guys, Adam and Tiger Woods, while I was gone I thought WTH is happening, like AM. Express don’t leave town without it, well, I was thinking I shouldn’t left town without them Adam & Tiger, needless to say our Adam is going to be fine, not so great for Tiger. For the gifts that I bought for people that had done things for me while I was gone, I bought them Adam’s CD’s (they aren’t really Adam’s Fans) I thought to myself just as Adam said on Barbara W’s show “Deal With It” in a response to him being Gay and how people handle it, so that is what I said to myself and I bought them the CD’s and smiled when I gave them the Cd’s. Life is a great if you don’t take it too serious and don’t sweat the small stuff.
          But now I have to get to all the stuff I have to do to catch up on my “Christmas To Do List” that I have been ignoring for 3 weeks..Wishing you all the best for the holidays!!

          • lee M, welcome back to us. Hope you had a good time in Texas. Lots to do this time of year,
            Tis the Season!!

            • Mary C, thanks for the welcome back,, yes, had a good time ,,but,, missed being able to be here with you all. So glad that things haven’t changed too much here..
              My son loaded Adam’s FYE on my MP3 and now I am connected to Adam most of the time, oooohh, to have Adam sing me to sleep, nothing like it !!! I am running thru batteries like crazy, but that is quite alright until I get a MP3 that is rechargable & that’s on my Christmas list !
              Peace and Good Will and Lots of love!!

        • Mary C…. While ADAM and his band were at Ellen show, Monte’s guitar was stolen from some area where it was put when they weren’t performing. There was a picture of it on Twitter, and apparently have a suspect…unk to everyone…that they had on security video.
          It was a fancy (not glittery) white guitar. He was sick about it. He told everyone about it on twitter.

          I didn’t know whether you or anyone else had seen it. How sad … I told him (on twitter) that they’re going to have to start locking up their equipment…always somebody who would love to have something of theirs.

    • Yes, i have thought the same. Love his look , eye shadow and tight leather pants . His voice was so good , it’s getting better and better. Can’t wait to see him again on “So You Think You Can Dance” tomorrow Wed . I am getting addicted…

    • always a pleasure, but wow, the eye makeup was perfect- erotic male looking -just the perfect application. Oh my, he looked exotic, gloriously magnificant, the hair style and eyemakeup got us at my house’ swooning ‘like idiots.

      • Martha, you are so right about Adam, he was just perfect that night, everything about him just keeps getting better, it is impossible not to get addicted to him. I can listen to him non stop and not get tired of hearing him sing.

    • I agree with you Mary, Adam is ready for a tour, considering that the band was just put together they have a good vibe about them. Adam looked great, loved his make up and the emotion of his performance. All he needs now is to begin his tour and begin writing and recording more of his own songs.

    • I can’t wait till he goes on Tour next year. I bet his album sales rocket through the ceiling then. I just hear on YouTube about how Kris Allen was asked about Adam’s AMA performance and Kris said that is just Adam being Adam, that he couldn’t do that stuff on Idol but now we are seeing the real Adam. Most people commented that they thought Kris had put down Adam but I didn’t take it that way. Wow. One more question, is Monte the Monte that supposely co-wrote the songs with Adam on that Wanted album? And wasn’t he one of Madonna’s guitarist?

  3. I love watching Adam on each show and as always, he always tries to mix it up a bit to keep it fresh! Love that about him. I wish I were a lip reader so I could tell what him and Conan were talking about at the end of the show! Conan was the first to say something and Adam seemed to chime right in. Wonder if that girl in the green dress knows how lucky she was to be sitting next to Adam? I would have died! I was xmas shopping today and went into the never ending calendar store hoping that maybe there would be an Adam calendar but no luck! Wouldn’t it be great to have a new Adam to look at every month? Oh a girl can dream! Maybe next year! Looking forward to So you think you can dance and I also heard he will be on the Chelsea Lately show. Yey! The more Adam the better!

    • glamitup, The girl on Conan was putting her hands on Tom Arnolds chest at the end of the show silly girl, I would of had mine on Adams………………Oh he is a hunk of good lookingness.

      • Mary, Tom Arnold over Adam? Oh silly girl has she not a clue? I would have been all over Adam. I probably just would have stared at him like an idiot!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        ADAM’s sexiness intimidated her. That is exactly what is was. Cuz she didn’t even attempt to flirt w/ him just a bit.
        Conan is pretty tall, but w/ ADAM compared to Monte, he is pretty tall, long legged gorgeous creature, you know it’s late & I’m feeling pretty good right now, so why not have a little fun here while ya’ll are sleeping & I’m up partying w/ ADAM. but I can’t get this vid to play! Oh well I’ll just go to my protected dvr recording of ADAM.
        But first I’ve got to go to Citizen vein. Hehehe!!!! Hahaha!!!

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Just got back from the Cat Club in Hollywood, saw MASTER ADAM , oh yea, what a man!
          If you haven’t seen this video, goto before AI -Citizen Vein- main vid will not display but the little thumbnails?whateva, will pop up- goto vid w/ MASTER ADAM in a brown pants& jacket. Watch it closely!!!

          • oh kimber, is this the video where you watch IT grow? I think so, brown tight pants. I have to
            check this out VERY CLOSELY* Talk about getting excited. Jesus, Adam !

            • Summer, you are so good at bringing over videos can you bring over the video that kimber
              is talking about> citizen vein and the brown pants…..?
              I’m sure a lot of us want to watch the growing.

              • Mary, watch what grow… ???? πŸ˜‰ I don’t get it ! ( tongue in cheek) and Dianne, just cause I printed the word tongue, don’t fall off your chair.

                • Dianne Hill says:

                  Sherry, I know the word “tongue or to be more exact Adam’s tongue” can set me off but believe me when I tell you what will really make me fall off my chair is that video clip and watching Adam’s bulge grow. Wow, just the thought of that is enough to make me all …… you know what I mean. I will have to wait till I get home before I can watch anything “grow” though as I don’t have access to video clips here. How sad is that. So hopefully by the time I get home it will already be here. No I can’t get the picture of Adam’s tongue out of my head – now what am I going to do about that. LOL.

            • Mary C, watch WHAT GROW! How inBULGENT! Helen, just run over hear and bring a few kilos of chill pills! Whew!

              • lol… great minds think alike.. we posted the same thing…lol

                • now girls, dont you remember?? kimber was telling us about this awhile ago.
                  She saw this vid. of Adam and could actually see glambulge grow, right before
                  her very own eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I wanna see too and so do you, huh?
                  oh Ima gettin real excited here. Someone please post it for us to lust over.

                  • Yes please someone. I gotta see this growing bulge in action! LOL πŸ˜‰

                    • I will bring it over, but Glambs, you must remember on a few other occasions of performing Adam’s bulge reacted. I do believe he really gets off on performing live! Think gold sparkly tights at Zodiac, think black sparkly tights at Zodiac, think AMAs…..

                      Now… ta da!


                      Let me know if there is another one..

                    • Hmmm, this was only 38 secs, cant be the one, do you know which song it was???

                    • It grew … it grew….and then he held it in his hand for a minute, well maybe a second! OMG

                    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                      FINALLLLLLLYYYYYY!!!!!! NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      Thank you very much!!! Did you like what you see????!!!!
                      I Certainly did!!!!!!!

                    • At the time the glambulge was cover by that line,I was moving my head hoping I can take a peek.LOL!Stupid me!Damn,my eyes only staring at the HUGE glambulge.Sorry pretty face,but that it’s hard to resist when IT’S growing!LMAO!! Ingrid,half kilo just for me! Phew!!

                    • OMF, I loved itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. Thank you for bringing this Hot Sexy Action over to Us.
                      HIs hand, oh I want my hand to do that for him! kimber, know what u mean now, my girl………
                      Terry you delivered for us. I think he gets off on live performances too, noticed Glambulge gets
                      excited quite often, hahhaha. I’m so excited right now myself. Cant contain at all. Oh I love him.
                      Adam grab it, thrust it, shake it, gyrate it, and sing to us. You are the King………

                      AdamAddict, so agree with you about that silly line in the way, covered the prize possession.
                      Oh my…………………….Adam what u do to us*************************in Every which way imaginable!!!!!!!

  4. Silvana/Argentina says:

    thank you for a new thread and the vid of this performance. I also noticed the extra twists in the vocals, they enhaced the sentiment of the song, the pleading. Loved it. He never does a song the same way. He is amazing.
    Me too loved the glitter guitar.
    Thanks and love to you,

  5. He looked and sounded GREAT!!! Conan is taller than Adam! Adam usually towers over everyone else. Hmmm. I hope an Adam calendar comes out next year too. I was thinking the exact same thing when I was looking for my 2010 calendars. Glamb #176

    • I have been wondering about a calendar also!! I wish I could create one on my shutterfly account but I am sure most of the fabulous pictures are copyrighted.
      Wouldn’t it be great if we could get this idea to somebody who knows how to go about this?!!! Maybe it is already in the planning, maybe not. I am putting my thinking cap on.

      I agree with all of you that Adam seems to relate to his songs on yet a deeper level everytime he performs. This man was bred to perform live as this is where his true beauty and power come out, his relationship to the song, the people and himself.

      • “the man was bred to perform live, as this is where his true beauty and power come out””l

        Irena, a perfect statement about Adam on stage!


      • Lisa Imbruglia says:

        Go to They are a site dedicated to making business cards and many other things including calendars. Ah I see that Theresa has told you so I wont bore you. I have had a couple made and they were quite reasonable in price. I used my own pics you just need the higher quality and bigger mb ones. It tells you what you need as well as lets you know if the pic you want is too small.
        The biggest problem is, which pics to use… To choose is sooooo hard…

      • dawn myers says:

        I went to vistaprint to create a calendar.You can upload pictures stored on your computer.Most said the photos i had might not print clearly but they came out pretty good!I got 2 one for my daughter and one for myself.Hope this helps.

        • OK you gals just cost me $50 bucks…….lol I went on this web sight and ordered 2 calendars and a mug and address stickers…… What ??? there are only 12 months a year and sooooooo many beautiful Adam pictures to pick from.. I hope they come out as beautifully as the final page showed.. can’t wait to see it.. Thanks Girls !!!! I’ll send you the bill !

          • Lisa and Sherrlyx…..Maybe you could sell your calendars to people in our group!
            Take orders and sell them as a “business”! I’ve seen other calendars…like Elvis, and other stars. Someone has to do it! Why not you??? Business could grow for you….mmmmmmm just like ADAM’s bulge!!!!!!!!! LOL

    • kittybaroque says:

      Saw one on Twit pic earlier that someone had created..will try to remember where and post later.

      I ‘think’ it might be under luvnadam ?????

      • People using Vista or maybe even Window s7 now? There is a link for getting a calendar made from your own photo collection.

        It’s thanks to a fellow Glamb Lisa for this info.

        • You can also go online for and with your own pics make a calendar. My friend made
          me one for my birthday.

    • CALENDARSβ€”pick your favorite photos of Adam and have one made!

      for example: WALGREEN’S 8.5″X11″ $19.99
      11.5″X14″ $29.99
      (coupons for 20% off are easy to find)

      • Oh, I am SOOO there! Now the hard part is to narrow it down to 12 pictures. It’s a tough job but I”ll get it done! LOL!!

        • Deb (Deemoonpie) says:

          I couldn’t choose just 12 pictures so decided to go with the whole year on a poster size! I was allowed up to 40 (I think) but with that layout, some of the pictures were a little too small so I “narrowed” it down to 36 …With the whole year format, you don’t have to worry about flipping the month and you can see all the pictures every time you look up! Just a suggestion …

          Deb (Glamb #381)

      • oops Sherry didnt see your post about Walgreens. ditto.

  6. I just listened to an interview Adam did with a DJ for one of the Jingle Balls. Adam said after the Jingle Ball in Miami he partied till 4AM at the Hard Rock. Wow, any Floridians could have been really lucky to be at the HR that night. Imagine that!

  7. leilani aloha says:

    On Conan last night Adam sing beautifully!!!

    Look forward to see & hear him sing on SUTUCD wed night:)

    Loves all his songs on his CD

    Adam U rock!!!!

  8. maddymarie18 says:

    Adam looking super, sounding even greater! He is ONE talented guy and he’ll be on top in no time, believe me, you can’t ignore talent like this. Love Adam Lambert and the Band!

  9. Miss Molly says:

    Good show. Cute how Adam put his hand out there again to shake Conan’s and Conan didn’t even know it. One of those little human moments.

    • Noticed it also, he looked like a star smitten little boy just for a moment… I think Conan really really liked him!

      • At least he didn’t have the really weird reaction that Kris had when he had the same situation after the GMA concert this summer. My kids and I still laugh about that!!!!

    • And Adam handled this so well. Just smoothly put his arm around Conan. No further awkwardness. Nothing but cool!

  10. Forgot to mention: the Jingle Ball ’09 thread has been updated with Tampa videos.


  11. I was on iTunes this evening and I noticed that the number of customer comments for Adam’s FYE was huge compared to other artists, even the albums that were in the top 10. This seemed really strange. I would have expected the most popular albums to have the most comments. It is hard to explain Adam’s large number of comments (most positive) and the ranking of FYE. Has anyone else noticed this difference?

    • Adam’s FYE music vid is #1 on iTunes – it is a beautiful sight. I added a comment earlier today and DID notice a lot of Adam love – great reviews.

  12. Yessss. Thissss. Singing his ass off. Improvising. Genius. He is so pretty it hurts. And the pants! The PANTS!!! Tight, gunmetal leather sensuously hugging his form. Please, fairy(?)godmother turn me into Adam’s pants for one night so I can cling to ….everything….and hands, make me pants with hands, so I can caress his chest at the same time….and, oh, hands on arms…arms long enough that fingers on hands can touch the freckle on his lower lip and tangle in his hair…and…


    • Dianne Hill says:

      You have me “thudding” right along with you with that description Wannabe, oh my god, and don’t forget you are going to need a tongue for…, you know what for!!!! LOL. OMFG I am thudding all over the place.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Hey wannabethesnake! How’s it goin’? You don’t know me but you will. I am ADAM’s #1 obssessed, perverted, & hands down, the “biggest crybaby” FAN for our MASTER ADAM! I saw your post earlier & I very well remember you. I used to follow all of you from my phone until my hubby gave me an e-mail. It is truly a pleasure to be able to finally reply to you here on the site. I see that the site has been down emotionally lately, why don’t we kick it up a notch along w/ the other perverts around here. AND YOU ALL know who I’m talking about!
      This has been the best site, although it’s been a little crazy at times, but nuttin’s perfect , right? Oh, well, Master ADAM is, in every way, & that’s what this site is all about. Master ADAM is totally magical!!! I believe in his magic, you know why? Cause every time that man opens his mouth, that music comes out & I, we, us, are all totally blown away! Literally!!! I cry every time because Master ADAM put happiness in my life when I needed it.
      Okay, so happiness can only go so far, but when Master ADAM looks the way he does, fully packaged, & I mean fully packed, you gotta have a little bit of horniness to go along with it. When I look at him, all fantasies really do come true! We all have our own fantasy with Master ADAM, mine is definitely not one to share,maybe later. Master ADAM is truly a SEX-HARD BODIED ROCK GOD! How much more hard, I mean magical, can one get?
      Master ADAM’s performance on Conan was absolutely PERFECT!!! That falsetto, absolutely turns me on, so bad I just want to grab his ass & proceed to ….. . His eyes, his smile, even his God given tattooed sparkles of freckles are out of this world! Master ADAM is one of a kind & we are truly blessed to be a part of him, & he, a part of us.
      I am so happy that you have returned because you were one of my very favorite posters on this site. I love everyone on this site. But I very well remember you, how could anyone forget?
      I’ve been told that I was a reminder of you, so hey can I be “wannabethesnake jr.”? And for me that was a big compliment.
      So, question of the day, How good did Master ADAM look in those black nice-fitting, I did see the Glambulge, pants? Let me tell you, I closed my eyes & I can literally feel Master ADAM while he is singing to me. And ladies & gents, Master ADAM feels real good!

      • So true wannabethe snake, Kimmi here, is one of our ‘proud pervs’ of whom there are quite a few on this site!!

        Hey Kim, have you thought of making an ‘ADAM MASK” for dear hubby to wear ..??

        I remember a couple of the Glambs saying that their husbands should appreciate that Adam is in their world because it has made said hubby’s worlds a heck of a lot better!

        Ha ha,, aw, I’m just jealous ’cause I have no one to divert my Adam fantasies on!


        • Theresa…..I can’t stop ‘ADAM MASK’ for hubby….. hilarious !!! My son thinks I’ve gone mad because I am literally LOL and he doesn’t know why. I am picturing all those husbands out there……….not mine..don’t have one either. The rest of you ‘naughty’ girls have me cracking up too.

          Love, Yvonne (Australia)

        • Terry, Adam Mask? I’m still thinking about the pillow case. OMG?? haha
          ” manaje a tres” or however u spell it!

          • Oh yes, the pillowcase just jumped into my mind at this point, haha.. Glambs there was an Adam Lambert pillowcase advertized a few weeks ago… You could easily get one or more of those made as photos printed on fabric are commonly done.

            Now for those married ladies, (Mary??) a menage a trois would be the way to go. LOL

            The rest of us can just cuddle, YUM! Hey, you know those long body pillows??? well…how about a full length Adam? and Kim, a lovely large face with some tongue action???

        • I’m laughing and crying at the same time!!!! Now I’m going to scream——


      • Ha, kimber you Rock girl! keep on closin the eyes and feelin good! You can open your eyes when
        its time for Adam to cum to me. LOL.

      • I need a cigarette!!!!!!!

    • Hey Wannabethesnake !!!! haven’t seen you in a long time… Welcome back ! I loved seeing Adam on conan.. my god , those leather pants are killing me !!! when the light shines on that glambulge I brake out in a cold sweat ! lol muah to you AKA… admfan1

    • Snake??!! Now you wanna be the pants too??? Gosh, leave something for the rest of us… gee whiz!!! LOL

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        I wannabetheboots, so I can look at those beautiful feet . Master ADAM is perfect from head to toes. Oh yea, them toes, sexy toes. The man has got it all, A Voice, the Looks, the damn pack!, Damn that PACK!, Somebody save me please! I’m dying here of ADAMstarvation! I can’t help but think about that “brown-zippered pants” video w/ Citizen vein!!! I think I’ll go check it out again!

        • AdamAddict says:

          I remember we thought Kimber is Snake.But we obviously wrong.Now we have two fun people,SUPER FUN πŸ™‚

          • Thank all of you so much for the warm welcomes. It is sooo exciting to be back and feel the love and passion and laughter on behalf of our favorite object…er…sex object…er, I mean, subject.

            Kimmi, of course, for keeping the perv fire burning you are now an official “snakelet”. Welcome to the nest. The only rule is: We must all sleep together and grope! (And, talk dirty nonsense about Adam Lambert.)

            Yes, Theresa, I wanna be the pants, too. I know I am selfish. I know I am a whore. I am a selfish whore. But, you may slither in, too. It would be a “tight” squeeze but isn’t that what we want? (Pythons like that, you know. I bet Adam likes that, too.)


          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            More SUPER FUN, coz we have THREE funny and perv people at the site. You are definitely one, sis.

            • THREE?There’s Kimber,Mary C,Summer,Snake,Dianne,I think Trish just in….definetely not 3,sis! Give more time,we can make a soccer team.We call it PERVERT UNITED! πŸ˜›

              • AdamAddict, πŸ™‚ What a team name, haha. Should we have our own Tshirts, PERVERT
                UNITED 4 ADAM?

                • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                  Sounds good to me!!! I put together mine & my daughter’s t-shirts for ADAM’s concert in Dallas, so I guess I can put one together for this one , will it singular or plural, “Perverts United 4 ADAM” ? or “Pervert United 4 ADAM” ?

              • Dianne Hill says:

                I love it Emili, PERVERT UNITED – yep that is definitely us. We are the kings of perverts – or should that be the Queens of Perverts. Don’t know about soccer but we will definitely be on Adam’s team.

                • Perverts United

                  Perverts Anonymous

                  Perverts vote for ADAM

                  Perverts for ADAM
                  and proud of it!

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    I just say it but now I really love it.LOL!Maybe we should have our own T shirt!LOL πŸ˜› Make like Manchester United with number like jersey but the number is our glamb number.Hmmm,very good idea!Perverts are smart afterall.LOL!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      WANNABETHESNAKE!!!! I’ve missed you so much! I was wondering when you’d get your ASP back here! πŸ™‚


      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • wannabethesnake, you have me drooling over here. Adam pants? thats soo good. I always think of
      the RS snake when I see your name. oh yes, we all want to be the snake too, not only clinging on everything Adam, but slivering our way up and down his Hot Sexy Lucious Body!

      and Dianne the tongue? for? OMF for sure here. My muscles are twitching. HA!

  13. Of course he was just gorgeous, perfect and dazzling on Conan – loved EVERY second and then some. But, I just saw the impromtu performance at Jingle Ball Florida – He just, He just ……… give me words!! He chose the center core of the song and just kicked it out there with his mellow, powerful voice and I had the same chills across my scalp that I had the first time I heard him sing that soaring part of Soaked!! I don’t think I have every heard him just pull it out of the bag like that – the world just stops at those moments. UIMA


  15. Dianne Hill says:

    I had a hard time watching Adam last night on the clip for Conan (because we don’t get Conan over here in NZ). First of all I had no sound. I was in panic mode and even did a restart on the computer only to realise it was my own damn fault for having turned the sound down earlier when the phone rang.

    Okay, finally everything was working properly and I had to watch it twice one time after the other because I was so busy watching the bulge, I forgot to look at anything else. He was just magical, both times. Oh my god he is soooooo gorgeous, I just love him more and more every single day, Adam in all leather is a sight to behold.

    • Is he not just the best thing to SLLIIIDDE into a pair of leather pants?!! He can wear them like no other! Now that’s the stuff of (wet) did I say that? DREAMS!

    • Dianne, I can’t believe that you watched that (bulge under leather) the whole time Adam was singing… how could you do that ?? shame on you .. ….. did you notice how the light made it shinny ????????????????????????????? that hot black leather was just stretched snugg over that extra package… OMG see how you girls have influenced me !!!! I never had these thoughts until I came on this sight and was taught to think lusty thoughts by you horny women!! Never have I noticed a mans bulge or tongue ( Dianne) like I do now !! I know this is not my fault… I’m sweet and innocent !!!

      • What if his mother is reading this sight !!!!!!!!!! she would be shocked at how we talk about her son.. we are all old enough to be Adams mother.. hell, some of us are almost old enough to be mother to Adam’s mother !!! lol ok maybe not but someone call Dr. Phil and get us some HELP fast !!!!!!!!!!! hugs to all my horny friends πŸ™‚

        • Hanging my head………alright, I need therapy. But it is so much fun!!!

          • OH my, Sherrylx, you took the thoughts right out of my head!! You know what they say about ‘great minds’?? I noticed first off, well maybe second off, that the light reflected off that gunmetal leather.

            Wonder who is making the leather clothes for him, if it is still Skingraft or others are clambering to get onboard Adam’s leather express?

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Hold your head up high LvAdam and you too Sherrylx. Don’t you girls worry I will definitely lead you astray. Where Adam is concerned I just can’t help myself. I know I am old enough to be his mother, my son is two years older than Adam and I am sorry I still don’t feel any guilt. When I look at him I can’t see anything except him, he is just the most beautiful, adorable person in the world and believe me when I say that none of my thoughts are how a mother should think of him. Yep Sherrylx you got it right, as horny as hell.

            Oh and by the way LvAdam the therapy you talk about is this site, it is all the therapy we need. I am not confessing my feelings to anyone except those that come to this site, and Adam, in my dreams anyway.

          • LvAdam, Adam is My therapy! oh yeh.

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Oh yea! This is therapy alright. LMAO! It hasn’t helped me one bit. Cause I AM STILL HORNY FOR ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!! I can’t get this man out of my head!!! I’m seriously going to the NUThouse!!!!

          • AdamAddict says:

            I saw that leather pants too and hell I’m going to take my eyes away!No freaking way.The truth I’m trying to see if I have superpower that I haven’t develope before.I’m trying to look deep inside,focusing until nose bleed but no ,I think I just normal human being,pervert but normal human being.No X-Ray version for sure.Shoot!!!

            The vocal is out of this world,isn’t it?The “It’s me,I’m the freak” give me chills.That was the best I’m the freak ev..veeeeeer!!Next when he going to sing WWFM,he going to change a bit in someplace else,he make the song feels new everytime.Adam is brilliant! LOVE HIM πŸ™‚

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              Hey Emili! I guess I just missed you, but I miss you all the time!
              Loved that ME falsetto, just found new old pic of ADAM!
              Had fun talking w/ ya the other day, let’s laugh some more!
              Yea! We’re all magical freaks for MASTER ADAM! He was severly hot on Conan, wait til w see him on SYTYCD. I wonder if he is going to go up in flames, he’s so hot!! I really liked ADAM’s performance on letterman, I guess cause that was the first, all of the performances were excellent, but Conan topped them all.
              I love the way he casually dances around w/ the band. We definitely need to go dancing w/ MASTER ADAM!! He could handle all of us.

              • Yes, girls, yes. There is enough sexual energy on this site powered by Adam’s…um generator…to light up NYC for the night! Ha, Adam is such a beautiful freak! Hey, I am a freak, too! I wanna get FREAKY with Adam!!!!

              • AdamRocks! says:

                I guess I’m in the minority. . . but as WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, AWESOME, FREAKIN’ INCREDIBLE as all of his peformances of WYWFM have been so far. . . my favorite is still The Early Show. He just looked so exceptionally handsome and beautiful in that black coat, a strong, confident man, but also a vulnerable little boy. . . some of his moves and expressions reminded me of his performance of Is Anybody Listening in The Ten Commandments. . . he just took my breath away. . . as he ALWAYS does, but even moreso. . . he took it up a notch for me that morning, if that’s possible.

                Cindy in MS
                Glamb #37

                • Cindy.. I am with you 100% .. The Morning Show is my very favorite of all the appearances so far.. I loved the hair . He looked so beautiful in his emotions.. The singing was perfect.

                  • Cindy,Sherry,
                    Oh yes!How can I forget that?Morning show was the first time he perform WWFM,right?Oooh,yes yes!That was the best.His facial expression,and how he sing to us,I can feel it.Watching him sing,I’m crying inside!Ok,fine maybe outside too but so what?Problem anyone 0_o ? That was the best!!But “it’s me,I’m the freak” this in conan was the best. I think I want to make a tattoo on my forehead “FREAK” You think it’s cool,or only freak does that? πŸ˜›

              • Silvana/Argentina says:

                He definitely can handle all of us!!!!!!!!!! that would be something, really!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • AdamRocks! says:

              LOVED how he sang It’s me, I’m a freak Emili. . . ~SIGH~

              Cindy in MS
              Glamb #37

          • kimber, yes anymore my husband just shakes his head and laughs. I’ve done gone over the
            edge. He cant do anything about it and I cant help it. Someone better be building a super huge Nuthouse to house us all in. And bring
            the Hot Nut that caused it all,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ADAM

            • Dianne Hill says:

              I agree MaryC, a special nuthouse just for us Adam’s Perverts. And of course he has to be there otherwise we wouldn’t be there in the first place. It is all because of ADAM. Wouldn’t we have a riot of a time in that big ole nuthouse.

          • WOO HOOO! You are all so right. The therapy is feelin’ soooooo good every time I see that face, AND all the rest that goes with it. I just love it when he said he was being NASTY when talking about the FYE video. So Cute! That’s what we are NASTY!! I love it! LOL!!

        • nikka/argentina says:

          You made me laugh Sherrylx!!! Keep on’s way a lot of fun!!
          Couldn’t hear the song yet (I’m at the office) but for now it’s enough to watch gorgeous Adam…he’s sooo HOT..I luuuuvvvvv this look he has here!!

        • hugs back at you Sherrylx, I’m thinking his mom would get a chuckle out of all this drooling over
          Adam. I know I would! If she can handle the AMA performance with a smile, this is good!

      • Sherrylx, if ya cant beat us join us………..Another one bites the perve dust. LOL stretched snugg over
        extra package, HAHAHHA……… You are making me smile big time! You can be sweet, innocent
        perve for Adam.
        LvAdam looks like you’re with us too! wetsie!

        It is hard to watch his beautiful face and everything else at the same time. Thank goodness for
        DVR’s. Each time stare at different parts…………………..

        • Mary, I like that idea… I will keep a list each time I watch Adam on my dvr.. 1st .. watch Adam sing beautifully, 2nd watch… look at glambulge the whole time.. 3rd watch.. look at glambulge the whole time…. 4th time watching… look at glambulge the whole time. Forget it, I don’t need a list !!!!! The list is short… but the GLAMBULGE IS NOT !!!!!!!! “THUD”

      • I used to pride myself in being a “crotch watcher”…..But now……wahooooooo

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          I’m a “crotch watcher”. I can’t help myself, I’m short 5’1 1/2 , all men’s crotches are right there in front of my face.

  16. puteri abdul says:

    my best whatdaya want so far from adam..
    well, maybe after ellen..
    but this one is different..
    there were a few twists here and there, and I love it !!
    that is what make adam special and his performance unique..
    he knows that after more than 5 times delivering the same song on tv talkshow, might be quite tedious for some (but not for me adam…you can sing it a million of time in my face and I won’t die of boredom ), so he made a slight change with the melody, and it works !! it was soft and beautiful and just slice my heart ..
    and to add up to that beautiful rendition, his looks were great..
    a little bit of the darker side which I think fits him well, and I love him in that leather jacket, made him look a little bit bigger, not fat, but fitter, as for the past few days when I see the jingle ball’s video, adam does look a bit skinny, thus, the conan attire fits him perfectly..
    I love the way his hair on his forehead drops here and there, he look so cute..
    and his eyes, a little bit heavier on the eyeliner tonight but always gorgeous, was as usual electrifying..
    I may sound like a broken record, but adam is beautiful and gorgeous, and so far never fail me in terms of his looks department ..

    way to go adam ..

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Oh puteri! You just keep on repeating those beautiful words, cause he is everything to us! When you describe him like that, I think about his hair, his style, his makeup, what a man! I want every freaking man to start wearing makeup that’s how I feel about it. I even tried to get my hubby to go black & he is strawberry blonde. I noticed his rings, & he has a band on the left middle finger, so do I. I now wear 2 rings to show my loving committment to ADAM, okay so I want to marry him, is that so wrong?
      I love you girl! you are magical! PLL to Master ADAM & to all the GLAMBS!!!
      ps are we going to get a playlist anytime soon? Be sure you put “ACIGC” on it, cause that song has significance in ADAM’s life.

      • kimber, talking about the playlist? Does anyone else get the Adam’s laugh coming out of their
        speakers when posting? I’m not kidding. Every now and then, his laugh comes out , like at the end of ” Pick U Up” Awesome! 1st time it skered me, now its cool.

    • Puteri, what a beautiful post! … and Kimber, I can just see you drooling!

  17. VH1 β€” TOP 20 COUNTDOWN
    don’t forget to punch in another series of votes tonight!
    we’ve got him in the top 20 β€” now we have to KEEP him there!
    fast link found on Adam Official
    (there’s a cute video message from him at the bottom of his page)

  18. KO's smiling says:

    If he’s getting tired of singing the same song, he never lets the audience know it. BUT I think he’s looking for some higher notes so he can show his voice a bit more…

    Anyway, I’m very excited to see him on SYTYCD tomorrow night. Jakob’s Adam’s type, I think. *giggle* (not a matchmaker, just love them both and want them to be happy)

  19. Just heard an announcement that Adam will be performing on Wednesday night’s grand finale
    of So You Think You Can Dance. I”ll be watching for sure! Wed night 8 PM on Fox.

  20. Fiftyheadidprnce says:

    This is my fav performance of WTWFM so far. I love the little changes in the vocals that he made and they didn’t take away from the song. Can’t wait to see more!

    wOW . So exciting. Our boy is lookin mighty fine.

  22. AdamAddict says:

    I better say this before I forget.See glambulge can make me Adamnesia.Ok,here it is,I’m going to scream my lungs out here so pay attention,people! HAPPY BIRTHDAY VERAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! She is 18 today πŸ˜€

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY VERA!!! I know someome else who just had a b-day, & someone else too, but I’m not going to say. It’s my secret, & I’m not going to tell you how young either. You’ll just have to deliver MASTER ADAM on a silver platter to get it out of me.
      Many Happy ADAM BIRTHDAY wishes your way Vera!!!!

      • Kimber !!!!!….when was your birthday ? Mine was yesterday 15th December. My son took me out for dinner and I wore my Adam T-shirt and black nail polish. Anyway…HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to VERA and lots of ADAM delicious thoughts to you both !!!

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

        • puteri abdul says:

          Happy Birthday Yvonne !!

          may you have a glorious life and blissful years ahead ..
          and may adam keeps you happy always !!!!!!!!!!!

          • Dear Puteri……Thank you. You are so sweet and kind.

            Love, Yvonne (Australia)

            • AdamAddict, Kimber, Yvonne, Puteri!
              Thank you so much!!! What a nice surprise that you remember my birthday!
              Happy Birthday to you! Let all your dreams come true….

              • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                My birthday is on winter solstice! A special wintry day of celebrating a new season!!

                • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                  And thank you for the birthday wishes, SAGS are great, we love beasts who are men built like horses! Like Master ADAM!

                  • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                    Happy shweet ADAM birthday Yvonne!!! May all your fantasies of ADAM come true, yea right! Just like the rest of our fantasies are going to come true! I just hope you get the chance to meet Master ADAM & have a nice late night dinner with him. May we join you both?

        • ‘Happy Birthday’ Yvonne! from WA! What a way to celebrate in ADAM gear!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Happy Birthday Yvonne. I love it you going out to dinner with your son dressed up in your Adam gear, way to go girl. I hope you have lots and lots of Adam delicious thoughts to, oh I know you do. LOL.

          And Kimber if it is your birthday too, Happy Birthday to you. Many, many Adam wishes coming your way.

        • Happy birthday Yvonne & Vera!

          If I could, I would Adam to you as a gift, but … I’m keeping him for myself, hee hee! May the year ahead be the best!

          • Thank you, Ingrid!
            Are you a kid? Don’t you know you have to share?….. Could you pleaaaaaese share Adam with me????…. lol

      • puteri abdul says:

        Happy Birthday vera / gala …………

        many happy adam returns to you and may you have a wonderful year ahead ..

    • AdamRocks! says:

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY VERA!!! I hope you have a perfectly ADAMLICIOUS day!!! πŸ™‚

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • Silvana/Argentina says:


      HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR YOU YVONNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • AdamRocks! says:

        HAPPY BIRTHDAY YVONNE! A lot of December birthdays for me. . . my husband, my son, my mother, my brother, my nephew. . . and all of you December babies here. πŸ™‚

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

      • Cindy, Silvana, Sherry, Danne, Mary and all my dear friends Glambs!
        Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!

    • Happy Birthday to VERA and YVONNE! Enjoy the gift here of light and laughter.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY VERA. Hope you had a great day.

      • HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF YOU WHO’VE HAD BIRTHDAYS THIS MONTH! Wishing you good health, peace and lotsaluv!

        • Happy Birthday to you too,Yvonne! πŸ™‚

          • AdamAddict says:

            Lorrin BDay on Dec 14th?so,happy BDay to you too,Lorrin! πŸ™‚

            • … and my twenty – something (too many) wedding anniversary tomorrow – very, very TRAUmantic, I mean ROmantic! Hhhhhhhhhhhmmmm, I wonder what awaits me …. Adam???? … probably not!

              • Dianne Hill says:

                Ingrid, wow 20 years married to the same man, LOL, he must be special, I only lasted 9 years, (two I lived with him and seven I was married) thank god that’s over with – well it was over in 1983 so I have had a long time to get over it. Congratulations Ingrid, I am sure only the best awaits you in the years ahead, but you are not getting Adam all to yourself, oh no, no my dear, you have to share, we all want a piece of Adam. Poor baby, he is going to be stretched from one corner of the globe to the other.

              • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                My mom & dad ould’ve celebrated their 44th the 31st, but my dad has been gone now for 3 yrs now.
                Happy Anniversary Baby, got you on my mind!!

              • Ingrid, Happy Anniversary to you and yours! Romantic for sure. Maybe hubby
                will get you a lifesize Adam blow up doll to have and to hold……………

              • Silvana/Argentina says:

                Happy anniversary Ingrid. Here’s to many more happu dancing years.
                Love to you,

              • Happy anniversary Ingrid…try to give some thought to hubby !!!! Impossible ???
                Adam getting in the way ????

                Happy birthday Lorrin.

                Love, Yvonne (Australia)

            • Happy Birthday to all of you December gals….I’ll bet we’re all about the same age now!!! 29 and holding?????

              ADAM keeps us all young at heart and emotionally!!!!

  23. I have missed the 4am updates…………..thanks, Dana, start the day off with coffee and Adam-love. I just float around at work with a smile on my face for all humanity (most of the time) because of all the joy and sexiness of Adamusic. That interview he gave this week where they asked the (stupid) question of what would he do it there was no such thing as music. You could see his sweet face groping to even phathom that possibility, then he just seemed to sigh and say he would be under a rock someplace, that there would be no reason for anything without music. SO sincere an expression of the truest love of his life. And, I don’t ever want to revisit the rock I lived under before he came swirling into the limelight. It’s time to turn the words of WYWFM on him – thanks for loving us, you’re doing it PERFECTLY!!

    Hey, Dana – is there any way we can help you with the site?? You seem to be starting things all by yourself (but I bet you love it). Truly, I live in such a conservative, uptight, close minded little part of the world. Even having an Obama sticker on your car in 2008 could get your car bashed up. I truly have only 2 people I can mention Adam to without foaming at the mouth and self righteous, homophobic rantings beginning. I would be adrift without this blog. Thanks again SO much.

    • fathom -fathom – I meant FATHOM – if you’re going to use a word, at least spell it right….right?? Sorry it’s early and the coffee has not yet spiked my aged brain…………LOL

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        could you tell me p`lease which interview are you talking about? I would love to see it. Maybe it has been posted already, but as I visit the site at work and can’t listen or see vids, I’m way behind that. I’d appreciate your help.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Yes ColorforAdam, I would like to know what interview too pleeeeeeeeaaaasssseeeeeeee.

    • “And, I don’t ever want to revisit the rock I lived under before he came swirling
      into the limelight.” You have such a way with words, coloforadam. Great post!

    • colof, that was great. Turning the words back to Adam! He so does luv his fans.

    • You are so sweet for asking… I’m keeping up with the bare minimum!

      Really, the two things I can think of that would be helpful are: 1) start or join a local Glamb group for your state or country (see the link here:, or 2) if you see something interesting that might be worthwhile to post on this site for discussion, you can always email me at — no guarantees that I can post everything, but I will look at everything folks send and give it consideration. It is sometimes hard to keep up with everything.


  24. Hot vocals hot music hot ADAM. HE WAS AMAZING. I still don’t know why people aren’t buying his cd after all these shows I pretty sure after the chealse lately thing and so you think you can dance preformance they might go up cause pretty much everyone watches that. But hey no matter what happens he will always have us. ?

  25. I recorded the Conan show and watched Adam as soon as I woke up yesterday morning. I told my husband that I may watch it every morning. To have Adam in tight leather pants for breakfast is just too yummy.

  26. Not to change the subject BUT……….Where did Adam go on the Billboard charts?? He isn’t even on the top 100,when last week they had him at #3?? That CANT be right! Seems odd that one week your there and the next your gone. I don’t know how they figure out those things so thought i would ask…

    BTW as always he was hot on Conan. Wish he would of interviewed him though. I love to watch him talk. He so cute!!!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      He’s doing fine. . . he dropped to number 21 the second week, but he’s already sold over 250,000 CDs. . . isn’t that halfway to Gold? πŸ™‚

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

  27. Adam has once again delivered a superior performance….just splendid…. and, yes!! he looked HOT. HOT, HOT. Loved the bands leather gear…especially Adam in his stylish shirt and tie and sexy leather pants. They should win the award for best dresed band. The glitter guitar just fitted in perfectly. I so much enjoyed this Conan show video and I thank you Dana.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  28. You ladies have certainly put a smile on my face this morning! Good thing my students can’t read my mind; they’d see something about those leather pants for sure! Happy Birthday to all the December babies – you know our joy over Adam will keep us all young! His voice (and his beauty) makes our world a happier place!

  29. GOOD NEWS! β€” WWFM made it official top 40 at # 40. Yay!!!

    Also, Adam Lambert’s “FYE” album was picked by a critic as a one of the best album 2009 on Soul Tracks site.

  30. Adam makes into TIME’s list of PEOPLE WHO MATTERED in 2009.,32517,1946375,00.html

    Adam’s International promos.

    Australian magazine:

    Japanese Rolling Stone:

    Chinese Television ( As a one of the American musician, his advise to young new Chinese band):

    • Thank you,Slick! It’s weird you know when they change Adam’s name.I guess it’s their way but it’s a name.why change to chinese name?I know Hong Kong artist goes to Taiwan and people there will say it in Mandarin so if the name is Lam Fung,it will change into Lin Feng.Now Adam Lambert change into Ya Dang Lan Bo Te?LOL!!Why can’t they say Adam?I mean they always put english name infront of their chinese name so just say Adam for god sake!I still don’t understand.Imagine if we were there and peole keep screaming “Ya dang lan bo te” and we just walking leaving the place while actually Adam Lambert is there?Yikes!LOL!I will keep that in mind,Ya dang lan bo te,ok!! πŸ˜›

      • LMAO. . . Emili, you need your own Adam TV Show. . . all Adam, all the time! And when he comes on your show, you can have the same rule that Conan talked about with Cheryl Hines the other night. . . no underwear. . . and you could be the person in charge of making sure he follows that rule. πŸ™‚

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

      • Wow, you’re being hard on Chinese language. The Chinese announcer does say “Adam Lambert” with an accent, it’s just an accent. They don’t and have no way to change people’s name. There’s no translation on English names. I just came back from a trip to China, and they are very nice people. They worked very hard to get my name right.

        • AdamAddict says:

          HUH?They said Adam lambert?I didn’t hear it.Gosh,I need to clean my ears then.LOL!But,I saw this Asian entertainment and all HK artist went there,they really need to change their name.No kidding!If Taiwanese goes to HK,then their name will change into cantonese.I went to China early this year,have to agree with you,they all super nice.I love to go there again.We hired translator,that dude speak english fluently!Damn,make me sound so stupid.LOL!I can speak a little bit of cantonese and mandarin.And I love watching their tv serious.Some of them cute as hell.LOL!Me being hard on chinese languange?No,I love their languange,especially mandarin. πŸ™‚ Wo ai ni!

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            AA!!! I want to learn mandarin! I can read spanish & write it but not speak it so well, But I need a 3rd language, mandarin. Does Jackie Chan speak mandarin or cantonese. I need to speak to that man, he’s my action hero! so is Jet li !!! I’ve told you about my love for them haven’t I ? But Master ADAM is my only master, he teaches wisdom of the secret world of body encounters of the ADAM kind!!!

            • AdamAddict says:

              Jackie Chan speak cantonese at the beginning.He acted in Hong Kong movies.But now,I always hear him speak mandarin.Jet Li speaks mandarin.I guess mandarin such a beautiful languange,people just want to learn it.But it’s so hard.My sister learn the language,she said she almost bit her tongue.It’s difficult.LOL! I learnt few sentences just because if I meet my handsome actors!hee hee! Ni hao shuai.Wo ai ni,ni zhidao ma?(you are so handsome,I love you,do you know?) πŸ˜€

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        I can’t stop laughing. People screaming “Ya dang lan bo te” we would leave the place not knowing they were calling Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahah

      • AdamA, agree with you on that one. Ya Dang Lan Bo Te, oh my………… yeh just Adam.
        Under the RS was the hot hot sexy Details pics again. OMG look at him,,,,,,,,,beefy sexy arms.
        Ornery look in eyes!

        • AdamAddict says:

          I know,sound like it,right?But after listen many2 times,maybe Slick was right.The accent,maybe,Ah dam lam bort te.Like japanese accent.If they said sausage,they will say sau sage gee. So maybe they did said Adam Lambert.Again,I’m not being hard on japanese languange now.I also love watching japanese tv series and I love their actors.LOL!!Takuya and Yutaka kakoi!!Aishteru,Adam!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            My Japanese hero is Ninja warrior’s /Sasuke Makota Nagano & other allstars I like from this event are Yamada, Bunpei Shiratori, Naoki Iketani, & Toshihiro Takeda. I love these guys! They demonstrate amazing ninja abilities w/ strength, endurance, & balance. They have a women’s version of this event also. Only one young woman has defeated the obstacles 3 times. Makota Nagano has defeated the course once & nearly come to defeating it 5 or 6 times. The point that I’m making here, is that these men & women are amazing athletes, especially Makota Nagano. He is an amazing human being just like Jackie Chan, Jet Li , & to me my all time favorite amazing human being is ADAM LAMBERT!!! Overall , amazing in all areas, including the ninja roll he did on amas.
            See AA! He would be good in a Jackie Chan movie, make it a musical action movie!!!

            • AdamAddict says:

              Action movie+musical movie? I wonder how it turns out??!! Hey,imagine Jackie is a cop,Adam is theatre singer that goes to HK and somehow got involved with a case.Adam wants to sing and want to look pretty all the time and make Jackie got headache.Haha!!Action,comedy and musical?I bet it’s box office.I don’t mind to be the extra.Corspe?Imma fine with it.But I hope Adam touch my neck just to make sure i’m dead,than I am a happy corpse.haha πŸ˜€

              • Silvana/Argentina says:

                OH!!!!!!!!!!!! Emili, you always make me laugh. You are always making up some new scipt, as the one ot TFM. Remember?

              • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                I LOVE it! Let’s get it out there ! Biggest martial arts action hero & the biggest superstar to ever walk on this planet. Big movie will make big $$$$$$!!!

    • Slick…just raced out to get NW Magazine at petrol station a few doors away.. So excited !!! Finally !! …and I expect we will be seeing a lot more of Adam news and pics here ‘down under’ very, very soon…’s the ‘lull before the storm’. Yeah !!! Dancing ’round room. Adam CD released 18-19 Dec. !!!!

      Also ladies, please read post below

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  31. Just saw that the reader’s poll for Rolling Stone
    magazine voted Adam as the “Best Artist for 2009”!!
    For the top ten list, he was #1, beating out, well, everybody.
    Way to go Adam!!!

    Also saw an interesting article somewhere about radio
    play: saying that listening to radio isn’t as big as it used
    to be with this computer generation more into i pod
    downloads, utube views, written articles, etc.
    I don’t think we have anything to worry about.
    btw, can we request other songs from the album or
    just the two singles, does anybody know?

    • I’ve just been requesting the two singles that’ve been added to the radio station rotation lists.

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • You can only request songs that are released as a single. Once in awhile, some station will delve into the album, but not the top 40 stations. Also, it’s best to request the one same song versus two songs. One song that has more requests will have better chance to get up to the top of the chart. In other words, it’s better to have #1 song versus #10 and #15. Most artists only release one song in 4-6 months. But Adam’s FYE didn’t do well right off to bat, so they released the second song within 2 months. He needs a hit to gain his name out there.

      • Slick, though I love them all, it appears to me there are stronger “pop” contenders on his album (Fever, Broken Open, Sure Fire Winners). Any idea why they would not choose one of these first? Or is this just a case of my personal preference showing?

        • I think WWFM should have been his first single. This song has wide appeal and not straying too much from the rocker side of Adam, yet pop and edgy enough for the younger generation. But this song is a moody song and first song off a new album is usually happier, catchier song. The song “Fever” is a good option, but the song resonates Gaga and it’s written by her, which could label him as a male Gaga right from the gate, not a good start.

          Adam faced difficult issue with picking a debut song. The need to appeal to new and younger fans, which is heavily pop and dance oriented and still needed to assure his older, rock oriented fans.

          My feeling tells me, that Adam had preferred FYE song and wanted to present himself as a sexier, edgier, and different from the idol box. And since the AMA was going to be his first appearance, he probably wanted dancers, band, props and all the glitter. IMO, the song didn’t fly for several reasons, the lyrics were too adult oriented, and his rock oriented fans hated it, And his older fans who loved his high octave voice didn’t care for this song. However, I think this song will do well overseas. It has Eurasian beat to it.

          I do think “Fever”, “Broken Open”, “Sleepwalker”, “If I had You”, and “Music Again” have huge potential to be the hit singles, in my opinion. It’s funny that you like “SFW”, but it’s my least favorite. I love the Zepplinesque guitar and the wail, but the other parts of the song takes away from that rock sound.

          • This excellent review maybe more credible than my humble opinion.


            We can still have our own favorites.

            • Thanks, I like your analysis. Yes, I can see where it would not be good to start out with a Gaga song. I know I’m in the minority on SFW. I think if he performed that on his Idol guest shot and did some stomping around on stage it could become a hit. It’s the second part with the wailing that I likeβ€”very reminiscent to me of his “Crawl Through Fire”. Several breakdowns by critics were linked here when the album first came out and one critic said SFW was the best song of all! Now, I don’t agree with that. I’ve never seen an album which has so many people favoring different songs! It’s because it’s so eclectic and awesome!

              • Very true, there’s something for everyone. I hope enough people would give it a chance to hear his talent. Adam is trending on Twitter tonight. It’s great that his performance on SYTYCD has provoked so much conversation. He’s a master at that isn’t it? Good or bad, he’s on everyone’s mind.

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              For sure this was excellent reading. I felt that with his opening line on FEVER “There he goes….” would be something no one has done , portraying his sexuality like this. It’s smart . it was ADAM!!!!

  32. Donna Lee #409 says:

    Is anyone interested in tickets to the New Year’s Eve party at Paramount studios where Adam’s doing a set from his album? When I got my tickets, I freaked out and got two extras. They cost $150 plus handling, and I’ll sell them at my cost. If you’re interested get in touch:

    • Donna Lee, If I was out in LA for NYE, I would have bought them for sure. Ima sure you have them sold soon! You have a real sweet good time now. Rock with Adam New Years Eve******* Oh what a show that will be to raise the Champagne glass to!
      love and peace

  33. I just got back from Wal Mart to get a Adam CD. It was not at the end of the isle of new releases with the other idols cds.
    So I asked where it was and was taken to the end of another row where Adams cd is with other cds labeled Hot Music. I was shocked.
    What does this say? His music must be isolated?
    Also Adam is on Chelsea Lately tonite.


  35. To all the Adam fans….Adam is smart…Adam knows what he is doing…Do not fret….Those who are dissing him do not know him…do not wish to know him…do not know the facts…how nice he is…how giving he is…how incredibly talented he is…how he is helping us get past our phobias over gay and straight…a very hard road to hoe…and I am sure Adam has a lot of experience at handling the negative…His talent can not be held back…His cd has out sold Kris …triple the sales…second best selling cd of ’09….You can not change a bigots mind…so don’t waste your energy trying …just pass on the word about his cd…give it as a present to those who will enjoy it…Adam keep singing so wonderfully…I am waiting for him to do a couple of the ballads…If he does Broken Open on stage it will bring the house down…so moving…makes me cry….Awesome cd…awesome talent…

  36. ~~TONIGHT~~

    One hour after ADAM sings on “So You Think You Can Dance” (8-10 p.m. easternβ€”FOX) he will ALSO appear on the Chelsea Lately Show (11-11:30 p.m.) on the E! network (this is a channel usually found close to MTV and VH1)


  38. waveridergal says:

    Yep, he was awesome. I really wish though that he would perform Soaked on one of his appearances. I love that song and from my checking with my Adam lovin’ friends, they do too!

    Did Conan shake anyone else’s hand? Maybe he doing the no shake hands ’cause of the flu thing. Anyway, I think Conan is really a wierd dude. In fact, he sorta gives me the creeps…….but glad that he had Adam on his show.

    • No, it’s OK. He was very friendly. They were just running short of time with seconds to spare.

      • “He” meaning Conan was friendly. Sorry, watching SYTYCD and typing too fast.

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Yes I have been up for 20 hrs now, I’m going to bed, goodnight sweet darlings!!!
          Off to see MASTER ADAM!!!! in my bed. Dang it ADAM! you forgot to make the bed again!!

  39. A tear? Brilliant!

    • Did you see it, Sherry?
      This tear and the whole retro look?….. LOVE IT!

      • AdamRocks! says:

        OMG! OMG! OMG! What a performance!!! I’m still shaking. . . Adam is just out of this world!

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          I’ve just watch the vid on you tube, and I simply died. Can’t believe this man.


          Classy suit but crazy, his make-up tear included(wow), the band, his dancing a round a bit, the Adommy moment, how he changed the song, his eyebrow, his las sound with that wxpression on his face. Simply to die for.

          So far I had loved the other performances of this spong, so filled with sentiment, but this one…..I can’t even imagine all the things that Adam is preparing for us….HE IS GENIUS

  40. OMG!!!!
    LOOOVE Adam’s performance on SYTYCD!!!!!
    Love his make up, love his singing, love his hair, love what he was wearing…. (crazy outfit but I like it!!!)
    He is changing all the time…
    Love you, Adam!

    I keep voting on Person of the year 2009… Adam now 79% He is #3 … #1 and #2 are 81% He is so close… Please vote!

    • WTH??????
      He was 81% 5 min ago and now 71%????????????/
      What the hell is going on?

      • PEOPLE!!!

        Make sure you slide the glidder under the 50 over to the 100 BEFORE YOU VOTE!!!
        Adam had 13,000 votes, over twice the number as the 2 above him!!!

        We are talking about the TIMES MAGAZINE VOTE.

    • WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!





      Thank you for this exciting performance tonight!!!!!!!!

      • Retro with a difference, spats over his boots, very late 19th, early 20th century, collar pin, gunmetal tie (love it), and the shoulder thingy, that is a new one on me!

        Adam is creating his own style and I predict he will be a fashion icon as well. Hair, fact, teardrop?? etc… perfection!! Vocals, again rock angel!!


        Oh and just announced, Muse coming to Vancouver next week..

  41. I have been at a sales meeting for 3 days with no tv or emails/computers so I was having
    Adam Withdrawals!!!!
    This was the PERFECT present from Adam. You did it again, out of the ball park!! Love how you changed it up a bit and added something extra special to the arrangement!.
    I love you and am so happy for all of this publicity, you surely deserve it…

  42. OMFG, SYTYCD!!!

    Harlequin Adam is soooo beautiful!!! History lesson for today: Harlequin is the king of the stage in the Commedia dell’arte of Italy. He begins as a humble servant who becomes a tumbler on the stage (ninja roll AMAs, ha) then retrains under the influences of his surroundings as a dancer/performer that reflects his audience and wins them over with his transformation. The performers wear black and white masks to signify different characters and often have the teary eye or happy/sad face. If that is what you were going for: Brilliant, Adam!!! If not: I’m Drunk and you are just plain sexy!!


    Well. Shit. Adam can wear the same high-heeled mary janes I wore to my Sr. Prom in ’76 and everyone still wants to have sex with him. Me in ’76—not so much.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Great post WBTS! Everything about this performance was brilliant!!! Black roses on his shoulder maybe? Doesn’t that signify a funeral? The death of all of the nonsense that he went through recently, and the rebirth of an even more FANTASTIC, SPECTACULAR Adam!!!

      And that Adommy moment. . . HOT HOT HOT!!!

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • OMG — you and I are so on the same wavelength, wannabethesnake! I just wrote the post for Adam’s performance on SYTYCD — although it might be a little while before it gets published. Be sure to copy this info to that thread when it appears.

      Scary that we are thinking so alike!

      Dana, Glamb #6

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        I’m so with all you girls. Just posted a bit further up. ADAM IS GENIUS.

        His attitude was different, it’s a rebirth, it’s theatre again. I don’t know how to express all this in English.
        I’m in awe in the presence of this man. Love him so much.

        I can’t wait to read your new thread.

        IΒ‘m so excited. Just imagine his solo tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Dana, braintwins, yes?

    • LOL soo funny love it

  43. Adam needs more votes on Time’s People that Mattered in 2009. He is 72/100 now.,28804,1946375_1946333_1946329,00.html





  45. Dana already has the SYTYCD performance up! Already have watched it a many times over! Thanks, Dana! You’re the best!

  46. Just want to thank all of you sweet ladies for all your sincere, kind birthday wishes. I feel so honoured to be amongst such a lovely bunch of happy, funny, smart, passionate Adam fans….love to you all.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  47. I am just crying from happiness and sheer joy, the performance on SYTYCD was absolutely fabulous. Every time now he sings this song he is deepening his connection with the words, with himself and with us.
    The Dandy look with the frou-frou on the shoulder was crazy fun. My gosh someone is having a blast dressing this gorgeous Human Being.
    The make-up, was this a TEAR? The Eye of Horus?
    I was just watching him with such fascination; the hair, the look in his eyes, his shoes, the earrings, the combination of the gloves with the suit, his voice playing with the notes… always keeping us on our toes.
    How can you not adore, him, admire him, cheer for him?
    If anybody was ever afraid that he damaged his career they don’t have to loose anymore sleep over it. This performance is the proof, this man is going to do just fine.
    I am in Gratitude to be part of the unfolding of one of the most phenomenal careers in Rock History.
    And thank you to all you fabulously nutty women on this site for fueling the fire!