Adam Lambert on Best Week Ever (Video)

Below is Adam Lambert appearance on Best Week Ever.

Part 1

PART 2 (Adam fans fast forward to Adam at 2:30):

I’m dying for Adam to show up on Saturday Night Live now. I’ve been telling everyone since the beginning, Adam is not only one of the best american singers. He is the modern ‘triple threat,’ he can sing, act AND dance. He will surprise us and the best is yet to come my friends (yes, I will keep repeating myself)



  1. amazing vid thnx … god adam is so funny .. actually there is nothing he can’t do 🙂 i luv him

  2. Isabella says:

    omg, adam is hilarious^^ i just love him more and more every day!

  3. Funny skit. It was good Kris was able to pull it through, as he usually cant put on a straight face. His “Too late to apologize” sends me giggles. He looked like an angel. Funny too the line “Have you said anything on fire?” bit.
    And of course, Adam (with Paul) what can I say? So seasoned….so focused on anything he does. Never faltering…..on anything he does. “Hey, keep it down second place…..” and the “….which should have been YOU by the way…” LOL.

  4. haha i love adam’s face when he said “sorry”.. haha

  5. Haha, he is so funny…and cute 😛

  6. Glambertfan says:

    Adam Rocks no matter what he does, singing, interviewing, being a friend – he has the “Obama” affect where everyone is in awe of him and everything he does!
    Superstardom is the only thing Adam is headed too and I hope he keeps his head on straight so we can enjoy him fand the many ways he entertains and makes us feel good or MANY years to come 🙂

  7. AdamAddict says:

    At first I thought ” what is this,I hope it’s not stupid jokes” but now I have tears in my eyes. It’s really funny expecially part 2 & 3!
    Adam looks like Clark Kent when he’s wearing glasses. So adorable!!CUUTEE!! And the part “Sorry” “Thank you” Very cuuteee!!
    By the way,he really should consider to be an actor,seriously! He surely got talent. I definitely will watch him in big screen.
    Kris’s part is funny too!
    Someone go tell Adam to be an actor as well,pleaseeeee!!



  10. Stephie says:

    I am sure he will be on SNL very soon. He can sing, act, dance, cute and funny!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      I live in Malaysia and I don’t think we have SNL,I think so! If there is,I never watch it. Is it really that good? Who other big star that already in this show? BTW,I still hope I can see him in big screen!

      At least cameo in “Gossip Girl” that he loves so much. Just let me know what season and episode because I never watch “Gossip Girl”,I watch “Supernatural” I prefer BIG SCREEN,ADAM PLEAASEEE!! Do big movie with big star!! I wonder if it’s really going to happen??!!PLEEAASEE!!

  11. Hilarious, both Adam and Kris did a great job in acting 🙂

  12. Kudos to Best Week Ever -job well done – and thank you for another portion of great entertainment, Adam, very enjoyable.

  13. niwanda says:

    LOL… he looks great with the clark kent glasses. OMG, I cant believe how much time i spend online here and other sites adam related. He is just fabulousness and hotness on streroids!!

    btw, AdamAddict, I am from Malaysia too, and we do get SNL on Astro! Doesn’t it suck that we can’t go to the Idol tour. I am seriously thinking about renewing my visa to the states. this guy has turned my life upside down, i’m typing this with black nail polish on :p

    • AdamAddict says:

      IT SUPER SUCK IF YOU ASK ME!! And I’m typing this with eyeliner on,the weird thing is now is 2 am!! 🙂 Adam turned all our life upside down and I’m sure we all feeling good!! 🙂

  14. adamfanatic says:

    ADAM in SNL, here we come………….

  15. waddlezizmyname says:

    I love when he says “Sorry”… His face is perfect!

  16. Ana Lambert says:

    I can´t get enough of Adam and his “je ne sais quoi”, his mojo, whatever you call it. I am listening to him singing “Mad World” in the Today show and it is amazing!!!! Those people who were there to experience it live are so lucky! Adam must come to Brazil. He´s welcome to stay with me, of course.

    Much love from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  17. Adamfan says:

    I loved this skit and each time I see Adam I come away more in awe but also I though Kris did well, he’s not the same presence of course but really seems funny and cool and just cute as a button, the more I see of both these guys the more I like them.

    But I just can’t get enough of Adam, I am so addicted to seeing and hearing him, so thanks for the website!!!

  18. lol. It’s so funny, Adam’s facial expression is soooooooo cute!!! Gosh, can’t get enough of Adam!
    Same with waddlezizmyname here, I replay the part where Adam said “sorry” for like 5 times, lol. so cute!

    • AdamAddict says:

      I replay the “sorry” part like ….I lost count! Just look at his expression…too cute!! He suppose to be hot and sexy,but now cute too! Unbelievable!! I just love this guy more than I love him yesterday. It keeps growing,I’m going nuts one day! Someone help me!!

  19. I have been wanting Adam to be on Saturday Night Live really badly for a long time, too! Or, at least Connan O’Brien. Connan will probably get Adam to do A LOT more than just insterivew or sing! Adam can’t do no wrong. I was just thinking that Adam has a huge advantage over any other contestants because he can be more than just a singer. Reminds me a lot of my other favorite, John Barrowman in UK, just a lot younger and the music is a lot edgier, in a good way. I can’t y get enough of him. Thanks for posting.

  20. Hilarious…loved it! Both Adam & Kris were great!!! They do good “team” interviews!

  21. glambertfan says:

    When just see kris ,feel like musican put on wrong show promotion himself.a bit boring.
    when just see adam,feel like celebrity put on Tv ad chanel, a bit awkward.
    when see kris and adam’s comedy.especially “keep down,2nd place”..and kris sing off key “too late to apologize”.priceless.both stand out and shine,kris’ nature humble with adam’s nature naughty suit each other perfect.give a great example of entertaining always team work.without support action ,there will be no main action can stand out.especially they are both support each other.also make bring to our world with beauty.season 7 the “boxing finale” singer against stupid the idea it is.collaboration grace the stage. kradam are double fun.

  22. Only Adam could somehow manage to look sexy in the granny glasses with the neck strap:) Look forward to seeing what he’ll do next. And still asking myself, how did he NOT win. He’s a superstar, acting, singing, sexy, smart and funny!

  23. hilarious!

  24. Too funny..Adam did so good. Even Kris did good.

    Hey, were did your interview with Adam go? Those were some of the best pictures of you and Adam! I love a person who truly laughs with their whole face and body! I was going to look up Adam’s favorite movie, I had never heard of it. Can’t remember the name.

  25. Veronika says:

    Multitalented Adam, he can do ANYTHING. So cute with the glasses, and also the finger licking to open the folder page. Everything about Adam is amazing. Do you know that he did his lines in the first take? Can’t wait for his album or film of whatever he make. Go Adam!