Adam Lambert on Alexa Chung (11/24)

Preview of FYE Music Video and MORE talk about his AMA performance:



  1. One word:

  2. Adam is keeping a good attitude @ others insecurity!SO CUTE! I JUST LUV THIS GUY! SUCH A `adamitisnky~GREAT COMMUNICATOR! ADAM I ADORE U! semperfi!

  3. cheryl 334 says:

    TOO BAD HE DIDN’T DO THE VIDEO TYPE OF PERFORMANCE. He is being a bit of a stick in the mud, by saying that those who did not like his performances are not lovers of rock. Big difference Adam. Adam has used hismelf as the guied as to who is a rocker and who is not. Bad judgement again, Adam. If people loved you but not your AMA performance, you better watch how divisive your words are being. Bad judgement. Here’s hoping you will grow, and understand things that only time and wisdom can teach.

    • I second that! Not even a hint of an apology! Just laughter! Is that what he thinks of his fans? Not cool!

      • Becky West says:

        Why should he apologize?!!!!!!!!!!!! if anything all of you saying the negative comments your saying should apologize- he didn’t ask for, nor does he need anyone’s permission to be himself! i think it was a cool, exciting, and sexy performance and i hope there will be many more to come!!!!! all of u need to stop being such prudes and take it for what it is – ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! love u adam-rock on!! 🙂

        • AdamRocks! says:

          Thank you Becky!

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

        • That is what I told someone that commented on the performance. It is just a show!!! Be entertained or turn off your TV. If you want to worry about something, worry about world peace or the new health plan, put your energies on something besides this.

          Loved the performance!

    • Sherry K GLAMB #445 says:

      Cheryl; Once again you and I are on the same page. do you think he learned anything??? I am a bit disappointed! You have such a cool way of putting things! I absolutely agree it is not right by saying that those of us who did not like his performance are not lovers of rock.

      BIG, BIG DIFERENCE ON THE VIDEO!! I totally agree with you Cheryl. BAD JUDGEMENT AGAIN. I am like you and was hoping he would grow up, and take a lesson from that CRAP on AMA. I am a bit disappointed in this interview. SOUNDS LIKE HE DIDN’T LEARN ANYTHING AT ALL.


  4. I can’t believe what a big bubble he is blowing for himself, will soon pop.
    He keeps pushing his fans away and not caring for them one by one.

    By the time you know it, he will have no solid fanbase to sustain his career. He’s cutting into a niche smaller, smaller, lower album sales, less interested fans, what a business model (i wonder who those elite hard rockers are, o yeah they are all dead, on drugs, or underground.)

    ADAM needs a reality check. He had such big potential to be an all time hit making record breaking artist, that included mainstream fans.
    Disaster, can’t believe I had to defend him over and over as a fan. It’s gonna get old too fast, too soon!

    • Sherry K GLAMB #445 says:

      Agree with you Josh! ADAM does need a reality check! He is pushing him main fan base away. He refuses to even apologize for giving the finger. And gives a lame excuse!! Plus he say’s he would not change a thing!

      Quite frankly I am getting tired of defending him over and over again too! xoxo It is getting old!!!

      • AdamRocks! says:

        I will defend him until the day I die. . . he is an artist, and is being true to himself. Who are we to dictate how he acts. . . if you can’t stand the fire, get out of the frying pan. . . sheesh!

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

        • hypnotizedbyadam says:

          Thank you! Everyone needs to just relax. Adam is Adam. I don’t know why anyone here is especially shocked by the AMA’s. Adam has never given the impression that he would be mainstream. I took my 10 year daughter to Idol Live but I expected that she would not be going with me when he tours solo – knew he would take it up a few notches. And I’m fine with that.
          He was wonderful on the Early Show this morning – both his interviews and performances.
          I too will defend him until the day I die!

        • Eliane BRASIL says:

          I agree!!! Eu sou fĂŁ do artista Adam. Ele Ă© teatral e a letra da mĂşsica Ă© consistente com a coreografia. Acho que quem ficou chocado nĂŁo entendeu a letra da mĂşsica. Obrigada pelos e-mails que este site me manda diariamente.

  5. I wonder which interview came first… on the radio interview, there wasn’t any apology either but there’s some humility in admitting that he still has some things to learn even with all those DJ being very supportive and all… I’d really like to see if Letterman would grill him about it. Adam can really does a smooth balance of charm and honesty… I wonder how he’ll manage it with hardhitting questions coz Letterman is not the type to fawn over celebrities… especially newbies;p Good luck Adam! I’m rooting for you;p

  6. AdamRocks! says:

    OMG, the whole video is on AdamOfficial. . . it is SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!!!

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  7. AdamRocks! says:

    Oh God! Here we go again! What does Adam have to apologize for?

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  8. I just saw the entire video of FYE on adamofficial and it is exactly like what I expected – a sexy, sensual showcasing of the song, with great close-ups of Adam and all the scantily-clad dancers sidling up to him. Other than the snake (LOL), I loved it.

    Now, in retrospect, I can truly say that I think the AMA performance sucked in comparison. And here’s what really offends me, and it’s really the only thing. Adam gave us all the “finger” and didn’t have the maturity or guts or decency to utter even one word of apology to anyone. I think what he did was hurtful, mean, immature and yes, self-indulgent. So, I’m sulking about it, no question. It’s going to take some time for me to get over it.

    • I have to laugh as I read your line about the snake…. I HATE SNAKES !! I was just telling my sister that I wish Adam would have more of a girl side to him and STOP PLAYING WITH SNAKES.. EVerytime I look at Adam I feel all sexy and loving towards him unless he’s playing with snakes for Gods sakes..!!! yewwwww lol

    • Songwriter, have you heard the interviews yet where he explains the finger? It was NOT for his supporters or fans but for those who diss him like Aaron of Out.

  9. Lamberkitten says:

    Adam was not giving fans the finger, he explained in an interview it was to Aaron Hickling and basically all the haters and he said that no way was that aimed at fans and he hoped they didnt get that impression. Maybe it was immature but I wouldnt take offence even if it was aimed at me as a fan. I love rebels, what more can I say.

  10. I truly believe that ADAM did not give the finger to his fans! He is answering everyone’s questions in regard to his AMA appearance and said he got alittle carried away, etc, etc, etc!

    That was the performance, it’s now over, and people, move on! ADAM is still the sweet, humble, loving, talented man that he’s aways been! ADAM looked and sounded great this am on CBS…hopefully ABC sees their mistake in “banning” ADAM on GMA! Kudos to CBS!

    ADAM is definitely here to stay, and so am I!!!!!

  11. Adam you are fabulous!!!! Hang in there!!!

  12. Adamrocks I agree with you… I love Adam regardless and I went through the rock era, and love all kinds of music…the other night he sure didn’t shock me.. ..So let him play,, he will learn…Love his new video, all but the snake, also…

    • Adam stated that the “true” rockers of the past were identified by their rebelliousness and outrageousness. However its main quality was that of macho, a kind of tough guy rebel image. He says he is pushing rock’s envelope , HIS way now.

  13. APOLIGIZE,APOLIGIZE, APOLIGIZE!!!!! What makes you people think you deserve an apoligy????? You knew who Adam was when you went along for the ride…If you don’t like the ride anymore get off,stop complaining and find some other “BORING” ride,Cause thats what you will get if Adam is not along for the ride!!!

  14. I applaude CBS they did a great job. The interviews, Q&A & performances were just perfect. Nothing was overdone or false. Just Adam being honest…. I hope this calms things down. He is so young & talented & has a lot to learn. Hopefully, this will be a valuable lession to everyone involved. I love this CD!!! How foolish does ABC look now. I hope that they do not cancel Adam’s New Years Eve performace.

  15. He is a true Artist who walks on the thin line between dark side and light side and makes us wanting more of the thrill of the new experience. Listen to lyrics people, they are plain simple and meaningful. Love all of the Adam’s 58 facets. A rare diamond of an unparallel brilliance.

  16. leilani aloha says:

    Yes kudos to CBS!!!
    Love Adam’s performance this morning:) & his CDs
    It’s all ENTERTAINMENT:)

  17. Adam’s interviews always reflect the flavor of the show/interviews so if you really want to comment, listen to all of them. This crowd was playful, screamy, love ya, love ya, babe and they certainly were not looking for anything like an apology. I liked the Elvis Duran interview where he really got across what that whole night was like and what led his actions and he said repeatedly, ” I got carried away”.