Adam Lambert: Nominated For a Grammy!!!

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The music industry is beginning to head its head on straight as Adam Lambert was nominated for a Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for his recording of Whattaya Want From Me, as announced last night! Other nominees in this category include: Michael Bublé (Haven’t Met You Yet), Michael Jackson (This Is It), Bruno Mars (Just the Way You Are) and John Mayer (Half of My Heart).

Kudos to For Your Entertainment’s Rob Cavallo and Dr. Luke, as they were also nominated for Grammys for “Producer of the Year, Non-Classical.” In addition to producing other recordings, Rob Cavallo was nominated for producing Music Again, Soaked, Sure Fire Winners and Time for Miracles and Dr. Luke was nominated for producing title-track For Your Entertainment. Click here for the full list.

After being curiously omitted from nominations for both the AMAs and the People’s Choice Awards, Adam’s fans are filling the tweet boards with “congratulations.” Adam also took to Twitter to make the announcement: Woah!!! Just got the news! A Grammy nomination?!?! I’m floored and honored. There are no words….

Congratulations Adam! Your fans around the world are standing up and cheering for you!

The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards Show will be broadcast February 13, 2011 on CBS.

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. cheryl 334 says:

    oh! congratulations, ADAM!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so thrilled for you!!!!! I’m sure you NEVER expected a nom. THIS yr!!!

    KICK-ASS!!!!!! Show them what a real singer/performer really looks and sounds like.

    Peace-Love-Light-Truth-Fun-Happiness 4 Adam…………………………………..:)) :)))) 🙂

    • Congratulations to Adam. May he continue to prosper and wow audiences everywhere.

      ** I notice that sometimes when I post, I get a note saying “pending moderator approval” and other times, I don’t. I posted a congratulatory note to Adam the other day, and I rec’d the pending notice, and it wasn’t posted. I can’t imagine why.

  2. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    So proud of you Adam; you have worked hard and your gift is so extraordinary you should get recognition! It also says a lot about your character that so many people are sending you messages of real love and support- your heart is as beautiful as your voice! Will certainly be watching in February; want to see you take home that pretty statue!

  3. I am thrilled too death to hear this news…..thinking this is the beginning of many!!! Our boy deserves this so much. He has worked himself to death this year making a name for himself overseas as well as at home….VERY DESERVING!!!…

  4. Adamisamazing says:

    SO happy for Adam! I wasn’t happy regarding the VMA, AMA and People’s Choice Award snubs (prob all have to do with Dick Clark Productions), so when I heard last night on Twitter that Adam was nominated, I was so thrilled for him. It is poetic justice in a way as he waits all year, and then is nominated for the most prestigious music industry award of them all. He will now be known as Grammy Nominated Singer Adam Lambert, and that is validation, recognition and acceptance. He deserves it so much. His voice is beautiful and so is he. His fans are having the time of their life congratulating him. This really made my evening. I know he doesn’t need awards to validate him, but it is just the icing on the cake for the extraordinary career and success he is experiencing now.

    • Yes, and hopefully we won’t hear “American Idol runner-up” which I am sick of!

      • Adamisamazing says:

        Yes, especially since it should have been American Idol. But, yes…I know what you mean. A new introduction will be wonderful. Grammy nominee forever…and hopefully “winner.”

  5. Salute and bravo Mr. Lambert… deserve to win…:0

  6. Congrats, Adam! I’d love to see and hear him sing his acoustic version of WWFM on the Grammy show.

  7. Congratulations Adam! We are SO proud of you. I’m so glad that the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences has taken notice of you. I’m proud to be a part of the Glambert family.

  8. So proud and happy for Adam!!! Still think he deserved MANY more nominations, but glad to at least see him recognized by the Grammys! Hope they give him another chance and he gets invited to perform on the show. I’m sure he’s learned a LOT in the past year and could give a performance that would make everyone forget about the AMAs. ( I wasn’t so fazed last year as I was worried about how that performance would affect sales of his CD and his career.) Anyway, looking forward to seeing Adam there Feb. 13th and hope he wins! GO ADAM!!!!!!!

  9. I am so proud of you Adam and so happy for you, you are so deserving of this Grammy! It’s about time the music industry realized and acknowledged your amazing talent! Somehow I actually don’t think you feel you need this adulation because you simply just do what you love and you are so happy to share this with all of us. But we all feel you are an amazing gift to us and we feel you should be showered with all the finest honors and awards that are out there to be given. Your voice is beautiful as is your person and I know there is so much more to come. And we will be with you, all the way………………

  10. REDSTAR040665 says:

    It is about time. Adam deserves it. He is such talent and entertainment.

  11. Finally, it’s your time to shine! We’ve known all along that you are THE ONE…our own Sure Fire Winner. Congratulations, Adam. Peace & Love.


  13. NinaLatinaGlam says:


  14. OMG>>> heeeels YEEEAHHHHhhhaaaa baby!! I was so thrilled when I read the title on line this morning I stared for 10 seconds straight before I finally understood the word GRAMMY was involved… Then just total TEARS of happiness streaming down my cheeks…

    SOOOo happy and proud for Adam. FINALLY the recognition he deserves from his peers… and what a nomination… for VOCALS…. not new artist that could fade tomorrow or be the flavor of the month, but acknowledgement and validation of his amazing VOCAL TALENT.

    It HAS to be incredible for Adam, not only to realize WHAT an acomplishment this nomination is, but to see HIS name nominated in the SAME category with one of his influences, the great Micheal Jackson… WHAT an achievment..!!

    GOOOoooooooo ADAM!! we’re all so happy for you… BUST OUT THE GLITTER!

  15. So THRILLED for Adam…. It’s about time he gets the recognition that he so deserves!!

    Now, just hope he WINS!!!! Can’t wait & hope he performs at the show!!

  16. Adam “this is it!” Oh, wait a minute, I think that phrase has already been used. How about “what I want from you is a win on Grammy night!” That sounds like a winner to me!

  17. I am so happy for you Adam. You deserve this nomination. In my eyes you are definately a winner. I cannot stop listening to your CD. I can’t stop googling any Adam Lambert news. I never get tired of hearing your songs and you are just one amazing person. Lots of love!

  18. Linda Krosinski says:

    Yea Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a deserving night that will be for you! You are truly a superstar and so loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. Wooohhoooo!!! Congrats Adam!! The award is yours!!

  21. yes adam you are the best¡¡¡¡¡

  22. Adam, We are so thrilled for you on your Grammy Nomination !!! You surely deserve this honor. We also know that your singing of songs for Producer nominations for Rob Cavallo & Dr. Luke are also thanks to you. Keep up your amazing singing & charming being yourself. We love you.

  23. Soo happy that ADAM is finally recognized for the true talent he has. Love that guy….

    Glamb 616

  24. Adam right now is leading in the polls at Yahoo. 42% way ahead of the other nominees in the category. I just voted and commented there. Grammys, you have done Adam Lambert justice !! You are unbiased and true to what you stand for . Your Academy List is awesome.

  25. I am so proud to say that I have been a fan since he auditioned for AM. I knew he would rock the music world. Congratulations Adam, you so deserve it.

  26. leilani aloha says:

    Yes! yes! Yes! Long time coming!!!:):):)

    So so proud of Adam & so so happy for him 222222222222222222222222222

    Love Adam’s Amazing voice!!!
    Adam, stay as beautiful inside & outside !!!

  27. Tina Glamb#645 says:



  28. yvonne (glammer) says:

    ‘ABOUT BLOODY TIME’ (as we Aussies say) Show them how it’s done!!! NOBODY deserves it more than you. “Our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we touch” “Universal love and peace always”
    “The old lady with the purple fringe” LOL


  30. I wa so glad to see this post. I watched the nominations & missed his nomination somehow. It seemed I was always hearing everyone else’s name but his. BIG CONGRATS TO YOU ADAM. HOPING YOU WIN & ALSO THE PEOPLE CONNECTED TO ALL YOUR TERRIFIC SONGS TOO. It’s long past time that his talent was recognized here like it is in other countries. Also hope that you get to sing on the show & show everyone there what we fans already know & have since he was on AI. GO ADAM!!!!!!!!.

  31. Congra!!! love my Adam.

  32. Congrats Adam – you deserve the recognition!! 2011 promises to be a stellar year for you!!!!

  33. Whoa!!! WAY TO GO ADAM!!! I know its the first of many!!!! Congratulations!!

  34. Congrats Adam!!! It had me doing the Happy Dance!!!! Start building that award room. This is the first of a lifetime of nominations and awards! So proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I clicked on this and was so excited! I’ve been avoiding these nominations all day because I didn’t think Adam would have a chance with the disappointing results I’ve witnessed so far. I haven’t watched any awards shows this year, but I will be watching this one. He is up against great artists, but even getting the nomination is good enough for me.

  36. Bravo Adam. It brought tears to my eyes last night when Adam’s name was mentioned. If anyone is so
    deserving of a Grammy, it is ADAM LAMBERT. This is just the beginning of many to come for our
    beautiful Adam.

    You SO deserve it!!!!
    Love ya! 🙂

  38. Wonderful news!!! The BEST male voice I have EVER heard, bar none!!! Adam, we love you and are SSSOOOOOOO happy for you!!! Should have been more nominations but this is a good start. I am waiting for the day that you take home an armload!!! I have no doubts that you will!! Really should have been a nomination for “Time For Miracles”!!! Adam, you are the only singer I want to listen to!!!

  39. It doesn’t get any better than this! Does it?

    When I think of all those years Adam performed on stage and no one scooped him up! It was American Idol that gave him the platform to prove himself and Adam ran with it. Adam is now a star in the eyes of many and this is just the beginning.

    Bravo Adam, you worked hard to get to this place in time and your efforts will not go unnoticed by those who appreciate great talent!

  40. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    This is FABULOUS! Couldn’t have happened to a better guy!

  41. super-jackie says:

    Adam congratulations!! I saw you in Paradiso Amsterdam. It was amazing!! All the dutch fans, including me of course, wish you all the luck of the world. You’re the best. Thank you!!

  42. I’m so happy for you Adam!

  43. Doryan Jarrell says:

    No one deserves it more that Adam! You deserve this and you’ve worked hard! Luv u Adam!

  44. And so begin the accolades for the Entertainer of his generation. Hope I live long enough to see him get a Lifetime Achievement Award! Congratulations, Adam! Something tells me that you will be taken much more seriously now. “Grammy award winner, Adam Lambert” has a beautiful ring to it, doesn’t it?

  45. sun-n-stars says:

    Breathtaking! Unbelievably happy for him. Brings me to tears.

  46. I have nothing to add to all these beautiful and powerful words already written here!!!!
    Just want to say it so amazing to feel the unifying Big Wave of Love the fans are sending you.

  47. I have walked around for two days grinning every time I think of Adam’s grammy nomination. I could not be prouder and I see no reason that he would not slay the competition. GO ADAM!!! The world has been made right again.

  48. kat23mogan says:

    Adam should win this….I love MJ but his this is it was out last year…not sure why he is nominated for this year…..Adam’s WDYWFM is wonderful…Congrats to Dr. Luke and Cavallo….the FYE cd was a true hit…and to be done in around 2 to 3 months was an amazing feat.

  49. AllaboutAdam says:

    OMG so proud of Adam! I’m sure he’s thrilled with the nomination alone…. and if he does win, it would make the perfect statement to everyone out there that doubted even for a moment…. what we all already knew to be the truth. Adam is the epitome of talent and what a PERSON – let alone, entertainer – should be. How can ANYONE know him, hear that voice and not agree? GO ADAM – you are THE MAN – the best of the best. This is only a taste of what the future holds – and no one has ever deserved it more – or will again. THANK YOU ADAM!

  50. Just another CONGRATULATIONS TO ADAM !! and to the voters in the music industry who, after all, do know music better than the average folks on the street.( With the exception of all the Adam fans who know excellence when they see and hear it.) I am old enough to have been around for Sinatra, Beatles, Elvis whatever and Adam is clearly the best singer , and showman AND all round fine human being of them all. I, too, would hope to live to see him get alifetime acheivement award, but I will really have to hang in there !! Love you, Adam!!!!!!!!!!

    • WOW grammmabeth!!! That’s certainly high praise for our BB! So glad to hear this from someone who ought to know. Actually got goosebumps reading your comments!

  51. Congrats to Adam!!! The best entertainer EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Love you! You are so deserving!

  53. Glamourclamor says:

    While Adam is celebrating the end of GNT in Paris, we are celebrating the Grammy nomination. Considering the shortness of time since Season 8 of Idol and the debut of FYE, this has been a whirlwind ride. It has not been two full years, yet article after article, say, “Superstar Adam Lambert”. Our hearts are full. Thanks for the post Carol.

  54. OMG! Adam deserves this soooo much!!! I am so happy the Grammy’s recognized this amazing talent–not to mention amazing person! Adam is going the direction I expected since I first saw him on American Idol. I am so proud of him–I can imagine how his wonderful family feels!

  55. I was so thrilled for Adam when I saw this news on Twitter. It wasn’t on the Nomination Show on TV. It definitely brought tears to my eyes because as we all know, no one deserves it more. I also love the fact that one of his producers, Rob Cavallo was nominated for producing “Time for Miracles,” “Sleepwalker” and many others on the CD. That is a testament to the strength of the CD as well. This is a shot in the arm for Adam who has worked so hard for the last couple of years, and given us the show of our dreams during his GN tour. No one in the music industry has those amazing vocals, gorgeous looks and wonderful personality. Now, when we google Adam and awards, we will see the Grammys rather than AMA. This nomination is simply the best news for Adam and everyone that loves him. And, it is only the beginning…

  56. I am soooooooooooo happppppppppppppy Adam was nominated for a Grammy.He so deserves this award.OMG a voice like no other.He can bring you to tears with “SOAKED” and have you up jumping with such joy and happiness with”IFI HAD YOU”my 2 favorites.Congratulations Adam Mitchel Lambert LoveYouToPieces

  57. Congratulations ADAM ! I remember in one of your interviews abroad you were asked to “show a face” if you were nominated for a Grammy & you were hilarious. Well dear Adam, it was a premonition of the real thing. Sooo overjoyed to see your name on the list. Early Christmas gift to the Glamily. Now, it’s a new countdown to Feb. 13 !

  58. Congrats Adam you so deserve this:0) You have been working so hard for so long it is about time for some Recontion Baby:0) AND THE GRAMMY FOR BEST MALE POP VOCAL GOES TO…. ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!

  59. vocalsrule says:

    You go boy!

  60. i dont think adam gone a win because im sure mj gone a win .im be very happy if he win but hes gone a have mj fans hating him.they should put him with someone weaker not mj.

  61. congratulations on your well deserved grammy nomination! how could they ignore you after your success this year? after listening to your cd over and over i still love it and it seems fresh each time.
    i’ll be watching the grammy’s and sending good thoughts your way.


    • Dianne Hill says:

      Please give Adam a little bit of time. You can’t expect him to be releasing new material when he has only just finished a gruelling tour of the US and internationally. He has been on the road for six months, when on earth would he have time to do any writing. He also needs a rest, he said in a recent interview that he may start writing in February, he needs time to wind down and get those creative juices flowing.

      Also I want to add my congratulations to Adam for his Grammy nomination. It couldn’t happen to anyone better and if there is any justice at all in this world Adam will win and MJ won’t get the sympathy vote. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Michael, but it is time to let him go and let the new (and to me) and better talent shine.

  63. I just opened this site after so many days, and what do I see!
    Adam, you recharge me again with so much hope. We will win okay ??? We will win this !!!!!
    This brings me so much excitement even in my work. I’m filled with hope again.
    Thank you Adam !!!!!!

  64. KO's smiling says:

    I’m so happy for Adam, but I can’t help hoping that this doesn’t ruin his Valentine’s Day plans… 🙂

  65. OMG Adam soooooooooo
    it. It’s about time someone as hot and talented as him gets to win an award as amazing as that. I totally hope he wins. I know who i’m voting for

  66. Hey Adam!!!Congrats!!! Can’t wait to see your acceptanance speech…..xoxo

  67. As far as I am concerned if you are looking for a male singer that would be Adam Lambert who can sing anything! For ballads it has to be Clay Aiken and for blues it is Michael Grimm. All 3 have proven to be the best singers. It just so happens that they are all attractive and have wonderful personalities. Aiken should have won American Idol in the season that he participated in and for sure Adam Lambert should have won the American Idol title. I have not heard a voice better than Adams. I saw a performance by Adam, Cook and K. Allen and Adam stood out among them. I would hate to have to sing before or after Adam in a show because the difference in quality and range is so outstanding in Adams favor.. I remember the day that Adam lost to Allen.I was just frozen in time. My family could not believe it. We did not speak for about a half hour it was just so unbelievable. Adam is the best singer anywhere and he has a great future.