Adam Lambert “No Boundaries” Winning Song during Finale HQ VIDEO, MP3, ARTICLE AND PICTURES

Personally, I think it was not the right song for Adam to sing during a finale. The beginning didn’t sit right on his range. The key was setup for someone like David Cook. It got better towards the end. Now, don’t get me wrong, the other performance of A Change is Gonna Come was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.

Fortunately, I will even have to admit that this time he got the pimp spot on this song and good comments from the judges 🙂 I didn’t think Kris did such a great job either.

MP3 VERSION: No Boundaries (Live)

By LindaK – Fan Group Leader (

Normally I don’t like these cheesy Idol songs but Adam’s version made me like it as much as I could.  Kara co-wrote this?  Why?  The words were a bit much with mountainous and whatever else.

Randy: I said it before, I’ll say it again.  Dude you can sing anything but that was not one of my favorite Adam performances; it was pitchy in parts.

Kara: It is amazing with someone with your level of talent sings something we’ve written and I thank you.

Paula: Adjectives can’t express what you’ve brought to season 8.  You can sing whatever you want to sing and I will be a fan forever.

Simon: I’m not going to judge the song, I’ll judge you.  You have been one of the best, most original contestants we’ve ever had on the show.  With this show, you hope you can find a worldwide star.  I generally believe we’ve found that with you. Congratulations.

In General:

Paula predicting Adam will be an icon, and Simon saying Adam is a worldwide star is totally prophetic. Even though those comments are premature, I have no doubt that they will be proven to be accurate in the not so distant future.

I don’t think most people are going to vote based solely on tonight’s performances.  As for the casual viewers, I hope they vote based on overall talent, ability to mix it up, versatility, range, and future long lasting career. If votes are based on TALENT and do not take into account extraneous factors, Adam will be crowned the next American Idol.  I hope America has her head on straight and makes the right decision.

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  1. UK4Adam says:

    Guys, thank you very much for all the information and support. I will be voting for American Idol for a very first time EVER! It feels great, we are all in it together! Go Adam!

  2. Hello from the Philipines. THe voting is on at the moment here at 9am (Wed), I pushed through once then am reconnecting with Gizmo . This is the only way I can vote.
    While wating for Gizmo to reconnect, I want to let ADAM know that I am one of those he touched!!!
    I hope that I could meet you one day or that you will come over to Philippines to perform one fine day.

    • I agee! we filipino’s love the idea that he could come over here like what David Cook and Archuleta did.

  3. vietnamfan says:

    It is now 8:18am in Vietnam, can i vote now??? Or wait to 9am?

  4. Great song! Might have sounded even better if he did not have back up singers :)). Considering he just had a few days to memorize the lyrics and melody, I’d say he did a great job. Best of luck, Adam!!!!!

  5. Pls pls vote, Kris is slightly ahead omg
    Vote non-stop, I am from Brazil and have my husband and a lot of friends voting now!!

    • What did you mean Kris is slightly ahead? Where do you see that? How is that being measured?? I just need to know….my nerves are getting the best of me today waiting!
      ADAM has to win or this contest is really a joke. I know I am not saying anything new to anyone on this site but Adam clearly is the more deserving artist with his greatness all season.

  6. alessa0392 says:

    hi! i’m from Venezuela.. and i have a problem with Gizmo!, when i call to vote for adam… it makes the ping sound but then nothing else sounds… and the program does not respond.. i have to close it and open again.. and it;s always the same.. can somebody help me?

    • Yeah it happened to me too. Sometimes Gizmo is saturated but try log out and log in. U have to be patient, if the ring doesnt appear hang up and try again with another line.GOOD LUCK!

  7. AdamAddict says:

    You guys have no idea how sad and mad and disapointed I am now. Not 1 call can get through. I’ve been trying for more than 1 hour already from the start I can vote. I hope this is suppose to be good news because I heard sometimes you can only votes twice in 2 hours?!
    You guys who can,please i’m begging continue a good work. I’m not going anywhere and will keep trying!

    Vote Adam,pleazzeeeeeeeeeeee! I’m trembling now!OMG!!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      And that’s ONE VOTE,GOSH! With all these busy signal, Adam better win!

      I’ll keep voting even I got like twice in 4 hours.At least I know I tried! My butt getting numb here but it’s fine,no problem at all. Who cares about my butt! Because I don’t!

      I continue vote!! OMG!!

    • I absolutely love Adam’s studio version of this song. I listen to it every morning on my way to work. It fires me up and inspires me to get going. I listen to it fairly loud-it is so good. I also am very disappointed in the voting. I could not get thru until the last hour and then one got 12 votes in. This is from someone who had gotten through 10’s of times in the past. I am very happy for Adam’s success but I am angry because I think his fans got screwed in the voting process and he should have been the winner.If the lines were so busy that we couldn’t get thru,it should indicate others were getting thru and he should have won. Will not waste my time watching Idol next season and even if I change my mind won’t vote because the system is crooked.

  8. i’m also having trouble getting through…only 3 votes in so far. no disrespect to kara d., but the song just didn’t work.

    • AdamAddict says:

      At least you got 3 times. All I got is busy signal! WTH??!! But still , I’m not giving up! I’m just going the cry alone now,in front of my desktop! VOTE ADAM’S LOVERS,VOOOTEEE 4 OUR DARLING ADAM!!!

      Adam sing “No Boundaries” way much better than Kris! Come on now, Adam has to win!!

      • UH well I might just kick that back up singer!!!! WTH is she trying 2 do AGAIN!! outstand adam or mess him up with the beat!! jeez vote her off!!

  9. CatEyes says:

    I don’t feel that the final song showcased either of the contestant’s talents or style. It was a little too “radio pop” for me. Too bad they are forced to sing something like this. Back to voting, when I can get through!!

    • Eve Mayer says:

      I know. They should have ‘Fans Theme’ in finale too. But they don’t.
      I wanna Adam to do the best ‘Bring Me to Life’ Evanescence. And its Fans’ choice too.
      Too bad they don’t have the Fans’ Theme. I think fans know better how to pick song.

      But I still love him after all. Now still voting for him…

  10. Hello from Indonesia! :3
    I tried my best from gizmo5 here. So far out of many attempts i’ve only succeeded to get through once.
    but i’ll keep on going ?(^?^)?
    Go Adam!

  11. MyBoyAdam says:

    I just listened to the song here and I loved it! I thought he did a beautiful job with it. Adam can do no wrong.

  12. Hello from Indonesia! :3
    I tried my best from gizmo5 here. So far out of many attempts i’ve only succeeded to get through once.
    but i’ll keep on going
    Go Adam!

    • JustJoey says:

      hello rizky, from indonesia here too!!!! nice to finally see somebody from indonesia!!!! woooohooooo…. i can’t download gizmo, darn it… voting time is always during work time here so i can’t download gizmo cuz of office firewall policy (i hate this so much)…

      • hey you too xD
        thank god gizmo work well here with my PC
        i get through most of the times now within the last hour.. i hope it would contribute to adam winning vote >_<

    • Beat ya!! I’ve done better from Hong Kong…4 times!! Lolz! Why is it so difficult to get thro’???

  13. MIrta-Yam says:

    i don’t even try the gizmo anymore, i just pay international land call…

  14. Eve Mayer says:


    Launch your Adam Rocket now!!!!!!!!

    • Eve Mayer says:




      WELL DONE!!!!

  15. really felt bad that both adam & kris had to end with kara’s poor song. if it did anything, it sealed her fate in not returning next season. GO ADAM!!!!

  16. Everybody is still voting fo ADAM???

    Keep voting……….. LET’S VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE…………

  17. RadicalRich says:

    Some people are saying that if Adam doesn’t win they’ll never watch Idol again. I beg to differ…

    After Adam wins [and he will win by the way] why would you even need to watch Idol any more. They may as well pack it up after tomorrow no matter who wins. There won’t be any good reason to watch. We’ve already got all the Idol we’ll ever need. Mr. Adam Lambert.

    Never mind an Idol, we’ve got our American Icon. Adam the Icon.

    He is such a fine showman. He’s such a consummate gentleman and a genius. So humble and thankful and respectful he is to the other contestants, judges and the band. He is so very appreciative and complimentary to his parents, his voters and his fans. What else could you possibly need in an entertainer, or in any person for that matter. He is a true class-act in every sense of the word.

    And what a great ambassador he will be for the United States? He’s going to be such an inspiration to so many people with his brand of respect, humility and Americanism. He’s going to be able to span across most every genre’ of music and appeal to more people than probably anyone else ever has. All he has to do is stay true to himself, resist the temptation to stray from the path he is presently on, and he will attain heights never before reached by any artist.

    The AI Season 9 show next year, if they are foolish enough to do it again, is undoubtedly going to seriously pale in comparison to this year cause it was just so unbelievably good. So absolutely good because of Adam Lambert, and only because of Adam. Even his perceived minor imperfections made him more real and entertaining than any of the other contestants. The others were OK, but none of them had the concentration and determination to do as well as Adam did with each and every performance.

    Just wait until all the factoids and figures come out about the number of views and listens of his various videos and songs, and TV interviews and everything in between. Just wait until you see the money he has generated for the iTunes company from the song and video downloads. Just look at all the unlicensed merchandise that’s already for sale at this point and he’s only just begun. Wait until the ratings of his performances are tabulated and published. Just wait until the figures come out about how he single handedly brought out of the dust the popularity of all the classic songs he performed and how much the original writers and artists and groups have gained by his exposure of them. It’s going to be staggering the number of people who absorbed everything there is to absorb of Adam as they could since he started. People are going to crave for him and his talents more than a drowning man wants another breath or an addict wants another hit.

    Adam may even have the ability to soften a lot of those hardened hearts and haters out there who might realize his gifts of kindness and respect, and how much we all could learn and benefit by the fine example he set with his performances, his character, his comments, his forthright personality and his genuinely kind hearted nature all along the way.

    It is a rare gift indeed to find such a person as Adam in these times. Let’s all use and follow his exemplary attitude of determination, respect and kindness, and witness as he embarks on a journey most of us can only dream of, but who each of us can make the best of any path we are on if we can follow his example.

    Rock on Mr. Lambert, Rock on!!


    • Lamberkitten says:

      I loved all that you said, thank you :). It is so true that Adam is a really lovely guy, why can’t the haters see past his “theatricality” and acknowledge his talent and humanity? It saddens me. He will be made most welcome here in the UK and worldwide acclaim awaits him.

    • Evelize says:


      • AdamAdmirer says:

        I am in tears after reading RadicalRich’s comment. It is so true and well said and everything people should take away about Adam, the man, the performer, the entertainer, the idol, the icon, the person and, most importantly, the great inspiration to young people that will want to follow his creative genious and humble graciousness.

        Thank you God, we waited so long for someone like him to come along and I’m sure it will be a long time after for the next big thing. Thank you Adam, God bless, you are a heaven sent.

  18. ‘Adam is such a GREAT Artist..So Guys Vote for Him..He really deserves it because he really worked for it, so Let’s make it happen..God bless ADAM, America as well..

  19. adamsgpfan says:

    I got quite a lot of votes going for Adam although Gizmo failed me many times. I am confident that all of us have put together our votes, more than enough for Adam to win! Those who cannot vote for whatever resons, their prayers for Adam will help him to cruise to the finishing line too. Can’t wait for the results…

    • AdamAddict says:

      How many times we, Adam’s lovers vote for Adam,can we beat Danny+Kris voters? That’s what scared me. I’m really worried,I don’t think I can sleep tonight. My heart will crush into pieces if Adam doesn’t win this.

      • The unknown that might really come up big for Adam is the Allison voters and don’t forget what also might tip us over the top is the Alexis voters, and of course all of our amazing efforts. I believe that both the last two weeks it was random who really got named first to compete, and lets all take a deep breath, because DC was named 2nd and they all but crowned DA, but it was DC who won! We all knew that DA was not ready to handle what comes with the title and DC was! The same is true for Kris he is totally not ready.

        Kris is flat out not ready IMO Kris pretty much imploded last night on that stage! The judges all pretty much agreed with that last night in their comments on Kris version of that last stupid song. They were kind, but no dice kid. Kris had a good run, but it is really over where as AL is totally ready to take and run with the title.

        Hey did they also put something in this year with judges save that the judges could add some weight to who wins this year? At least in some fashion verbally put it out their on the table! I some how remember something about that! After the 3rd round comments about Kris, I bet they are wishing they could add some weight on this decision.

        What is up with no contestant message? I couldn’t even get through once last year and so looking forward to hearing an Adam message to his fans. That just stunk! Maybe someone can enlighten me on this new practice, because for the 2 years before DC I could of cared less on who won. It was a total joke.

      • This is scaring me a tad, I just finally got the text response back at 1025am 5/20/09 anyone else notice this or something similar? Usually I got them back with in about a half hour!

        Does this mean that we totally overwhelmed the AT&T servers? It is taking longer then expected to count all the text votes?

        • GlamGirlLee says:

          I got my text confirmation at 8:30AM (PDT) this morning (5/20/09) too. I was getting really worried since in theory I sent about 20,000 text votes but no confirmation all night. My thumb has a dent from voting for 7 hours! LOL. I think they did get through. My phone is still changing status of each Send attempt from “pending” to “sent” (with their timestamps within the voting window of last night) as we speak. Last week only took a couple of hours to catch up with the pending text messages… But, but, but I want the votes back if Adam winning means that he is stuck with that pile of dung of a song as his first single. I am not a regular Idol watcher, so I didn’t know the winner is stuck with it!

      • I was wondering before if maybe the reason Danny lost out last week was that his fans did what we did a couple of weeks ago and split their votes, voting for Kris as well as Adam in a bid to get rid of him?

  20. how nice of Simon’s comments. I truely believe Adam is going to be a worldwide star. By the way, I get through 15 votes from New Zealand through Gizmo5 and Gizmocall in 3 hours. A lots of calls are clogged.

  21. I love Adam and I really hope he is the winner he does deserved it from day one.
    Adam Lambert you are a world start already. Congratulations!!!
    Please keep bringing up your voice , tour energy and charisma to all of us!!!

  22. AdamAddict says:

    I want Adam to win so badly. I’m terrified now! I can’t take it if he…..argh, I don’t dare say it!!

  23. Lamberkitten says:

    I managed to vote from the UK probably about 30-40 times, have been up all through the night without sleep. I pray it counts for something. I am hearing rumours that the DialIdol may not be as accurate as they predict, does anyone have any facts about this?

  24. Ana Lambert says:

    I totally agree with the comment posted by RadicalRich. I am not into American Idol at all. Neve have been. And Adam is the only reason I got interested in the show. I think the world is in need of an idol, and I do hope Adam wins the show, but no matter what, he is already a true world idol.

  25. Adam is the only contestant who got me interested enough in AI to even want to vote – I voted for the 7 hours and only made it about 20 times – I took comfort in the fact that this meant the lines were way busy so many votes were recorded. I actually like this song, after listening to it a few times it has grown on me. Haven’t heard Kris’ version yet, Adam’s is enough.

    Rock on Adam – we love you!!

  26. Evelize says:




  27. I voted as much as I could, but it was busy a lot. This is the first AI season that I have voted. I agree with everything RadicalRich said and Simon “A WorldWide Star”.

  28. Call me crazy but I liked this performance, I didn’t even think of the song itself. I think I might be biased:((
    I would like to correct this line of review: “I generally believe we’ve found that with you”.
    Simon said: “I genuinely believe with all my heart we’ve found that with you “. That’s make difference, isn’t it?:))

  29. He is the best of the best and a legend in the making. He will be the next king in the music and entertainment world. His career are not limited in only music but also the big screen. He will be the STAR of STAR in the Darn of 21st Century. The name ADAM LAMBERT will be in the HALL OF FAME among Elvis Presley & Michael Jackson

  30. I think Adam did the best with that stupid song,. Kris was all over the map and totally out of key for the whole song, and WTF with this song did anyone try to sing it first from start to finish to see if they could get through the stupid song, and I bet not, before they bestowed it on these poor guys. What a difficult song it just totally did not flow very well at all. Not really easy to follow either. Oh well another really stupid song that will again be buried as the last song on Adam’s album, because he will be the next Idol.

    I got through pretty good on the phones last night and the text’s of course. In fact it was non stop getting through for the last 35 mins until my 4 hour window came down with the phones last night and I hope that I got off over a hundred + votes in just that 35 minute period. Fighting with my cell phone on signal issues from my house. I gave up at times and went back to the phone, because it was breaking my rhythm and I figured I could get more in.

    Adam you are great and will represent amazingly being the next American Idol.

  31. I’m on the east coast and I tried to vote from the end of the show until 11:30pm on my house phone which I kept getting a error type message and on my cell phone I got a busy signal the whole time. I hope the votes from other countries count and they didn’t just tie up the lines. I couldn’t stay awake any longer and hope the west coast did a good job of voting. I hope Adam wins, but as he and Kris said, they feel they both have already won by being in the final. I’ll buy his CD’s and see him in concert with or without the title of American Idol. I hope they do a DVD of all his AI performances.

  32. I am surprised that no-one seems to like No Boundaries. and I thought Adam did an amazing job on a new song that is not entirely in his zone. If you watch this video a few times, it gets better and better. The words are appropriate for his journey, as are the words to Change is Gonna Come.

    They have got to stop with the “theatrical”. What business do they think they are in – the Stock Exchange?

    I am concerned to see that Dialidol has Kris with a 1.1% lead although I think that is without the West Coast – which is for Adam. Of course he will be a world class star, but we just want him to have the honour of winning !

    • AdamAddict says:

      I heard people said that the song is suck but I kinda like it. But of course Adam’s version. The way he sing it, I was like move my head slowly and start to close my eyes,feeling it,you know?

      Kris version,sorry but that was suck. He looks suffered enough to finish the song!But I think Randy said that the song suits him more than Adam,is it? Hmm,I don’t understand that part??!!

  33. I do believe Adam will be a global star and that all his dreams will come true. Except for being named the American Idol. I think Kris will win tonight. I have been in Adam’s corner since his audition and have alway voted constantly for him, four hours last night. Nevertheless, I think Kris has won. He is more mainstream and Main Street. Adam was born and raised in California where there are generally more liberal views. I am afraid that on the tour he is going to find that the rest of America is not as open as is California. I would love to be wrong but I fear the backlash.

    If indeed Kris does win and I think he will, he will be the weakest champion we have ever had. He is just a perfectly lovely and sweet young man but he does not have the poise or the charisma to carry it off. His interview skills are really lacking. What he does have going is the “boy next door” and “awww shucks” persona going on. Hopefully with some guidance he can improve. I wish him well but feel that he will forever be overshadowed by Adam.

    The last week, after Danny was eliminated it got really rough for Adam. The ABA (anyone but adam) campaign picked up and once again all the negative things were revisited as if they were news. Adam is not going to back down from who he is, he has remained true to himself and won’t toe the line for anyone. Whether he wins tonight or not he is my American Idol as much for his gentle sweet spirit as for his amazing and awesome talent.

  34. Guys! we did our best yestrday. From Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil to U.K upto Malaysia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, the Philippines and the rest of international fans, we all deserve to congratulate each other fo the job well done. For our american colleagues, thank you so much for the incouragements. Thank you for the guidance and continue giving the spirit and energy to fight with this journey. We’ve reached this far and for me, whatever heppens later for the result, Let us always remember that Adam will always be an icon to us and our American Idol no matter what!
    Kudos to everyone who participated in the voting! every votes count and every single of it means a lot already. Congratz guys! job well done

  35. pinkyakabb says:

    that song ……SUCKED!!! They need to let the contestants write their own……..
    What are these writers thinking????

    I do believe Adam sang it better

    • AdamAddict says:

      Adam sang it much way better. Kris looks suffered. I feel sorry for him. It’s too high for him. Last year,there’s 2 different songs,right? They should do that this year too so it fits the singer. Unlike Adam,he can sing anything,I said it again,ADAM CAN SING ANYTHING!!

  36. Omg this song is so bad that I actually almost hope he doesnt win just so he can release his own choice of first single.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Your wish granted,happy now?
      I’m not and it had been hours and I’m still pissed! How can he lost?
      But let’s look the positive side,he does have his own choice now,doesn’t he,Jen?
      I think he said he wants his album like variety songs,right?Like he did in A.I .Which is good because I’m not into rock n roll so much.If he really can do whatever he wants now, than maybe I’m happy for him even though he lost. The future that matters not tonight,right?
      After all,we all gonna support him like FOREVER!

  37. I could not believe Adam did not win American Idol. It shows America does have problems. It is a sad thing to see a country that is not built on meritocracy. When you listen to the song NO BOUNDRIES sung by Kris as an idol winner, you actually realise how brilliant Adam’s singings are. I will buy every album of Adam in the future, but won’t see AI anymore.

  38. AdamAddict says:

    Kris beats Adam,guys! Is that funny or what?

  39. Alison Kingsford says:

    I am a working mother from New Zealand and qualified piano teacher. Everyone at my work was really blown away that Adam didn’t win. I am such a big fan of Adam – you are on my desktop at work and I have looked forward to and enjoyed every single performance immensely. I watched American Idol pretty much solely for your performances, but I could not watch the final show when I found out that Kris had won. We are all so disappointed here in Auckland, New Zealand. Adam you have star quality and Kris simply does not. The power and uniqueness of your voice brings something new to music!!

    Please bring out a record soon, I will be one of the first to rush out and buy it! FOREVER AN ADAM LAMBERT FAN!!!!!!!!!!

    Alie K.

  40. Thao Dao says:

    I’m from Vietnam.
    I really love him, love this song! Go on Adam, no matter what happens, go on! I always support you!

  41. ok seriously, am i the only one thinking that adam teared up a bit when simon was talking????? access full screen, youll see!

  42. Adam Lambert is an international Super Star..World Idol and very wonderful singer ,,,great talented,,brilliant performance.great voice,,powerful,,intelligent..great personality.genius,charismatic,very nice person,warm symphatic man,wish you have alot of luck with your nest great career….Iam your biggest fan forever…looking forward to collect all your cds,and gfo to yoru Gala concert…ADAM LAMBERT IS BRILLIANT..You are Very very worth ,,,I tell you with my heart….all your singing are great and feel very in touch….you are AWESOME…AMAZING….God BLess yo forever…Good Luck…greetings from Sandra

  43. Adam—- i am a hugh fan of yours. Watched you from the auditions to the end. I believed you were robbed of the Idol crown, but runner ups, do better than the winners. I will never watch another American Idol season again. I hope you are not gay? If you are stop, If you can’t than I leave that up to you and the Lord. I am still a hugh fan. I believe is you handle you future as a super star, you can be as hugh as Elvis, and Michael Jackson. Don’t get tied up in drugs either. They may take you up, but there is always the down, somethings gotta give, please don’t start. My advise

  44. Adam I didn’t get to finish I hit the wrong button. Don’t become a Queen lead singer or whatever is being said about your possiblely being. You need to develope yourself all on your own!!!!! I LOVED ALL YOUR SONGS, BEST WERE RING OF FIRE, FANTASTIC, AND MAD WORLD. DANG MAN GO FOR YOUR OWN STYLE I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!! BE YOU OWN PERSON, SING THE SONGS THE WAY YOU WANT TO. Hey if i like EVERYTHING YOU SING and I am a 56 year old divorced Mom, than you have got the TIGER BY THE TAIL, NOW RUN WITH IT.


  45. Joyce Adamczak says:

    who could top that performance
    daughter and I are watching his past performances and we are in awe of his talent
    why was’t he this season ‘s AI
    chris a will fizzle out asap

  46. adam is awaesome