Adam Lambert Moments

In ways this summarizes why we LOVE Adam Lambert so much:


  1. I LOVE Adam! I cannot stop watching his performances and anything and everything I can find on youtube or google. He is irresistible 🙂 I have never enjoyed an AI contestant so much!!!

  2. Adam Lambert ___ Dirty is my favorite picture slideshow. It is awesome! Whoever created that is amazing.

  3. omg every time i here his name or his gorgeous voice i have to stop myself from screaming

  4. I agree with charity

    but he added me on myspace and i screamed my head off!!!!;P

  5. Well to start off, adam is so fucking sexy, he is so oragasmic to look at, pictures or on American Idol, i would dodge a bullet for him so he could keep singing to the world with him sexy, most amazing vocals that i have ever heared in my life, he is so well dressed, him hair makes me scream, and his ass, OMG can you say THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!, and his lips OMG i would not leave thoughs lips alone to tell you the truth, him mama raised him RIGHT!!!!, and i thank her for that, he is so talented, GOOD LOOKING, and the most amazing person,

    • yakinette says:

      after all those praising and all, i thought you were theor only one who said his mama raised him right………i just realized that that what actually makes him so different from the others………his demeanor…..he was never offensive…….even with the obvious sexiness……you cant help but like him……..really classy…….what more can america ask for!

  6. i love adam lambert ……………sooooooooooooo kute

  7. I only hope when he does concerts he will continue to do all types of music and come to Huntsville Alabama. We love him here and it will be sold out. I find myself watching AI and waiting to see what Adam will do, and smiling and loving his entire performance. I do believe he is he best I have ever seen on the show. It is like we are already watching a concert. I can’t wait to see him perform live on stage.

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