Adam Lambert Makes Best-Selling Covers of 2009

I am going to take the time and thank YOU, Adams fans for making this happen. This is one thing that we, as true Adam fans, CAN take credit for. How many of you were stalking your neighborhood Barnes and Noble every day until it came in?? I sure was, and then it was a panic to make sure you got your copy(or 4) before they sold out!! Well all that trouble has paid off because not only do we actually own it, it now is being toted as one of the best, which we already knew… just saying. Thank you to myspace for the following blurb:


Congratulations to Adam Lambert who scored one of the best-selling magazine covers of 2009, according magazine industry publication. The magazine that made it to the top of the list is Adam’s now famous Rolling Stone cover, which has him looking amazing!




  1. I clearly remember running all over town B&N, Borders, were sold out, Target,Vons were also sold out and I literally, literally cried, and then, OMG, they had a couple at Albertson’s, I got one ot the last two remaining and the cashier saw in and sent her ‘bagger’ to get one for her to have. In that short time, it was gone, the bagger came back saying some lady grabbed it befoe he could.
    I cherish my copy. I protect it like a work of art. i really do.I love the kid.

    • Like you, I searched everywhere. Finally, I found my copy at the airport just as I was leaving for a work assignment overseas. They were just unpacking them when I got there, and three other people were in line for them. Now I check out Rolling Stone just to look for an Adam sighting in the current issue.
      I wonder how many Detail magazines sold that edition when he was on the cover. I am guessing that Rolling Stone was not the only “best-selling” cover for a particular magazine. I’d never heard of Details….but I made sure I got my copy.
      Can’t wait to see the Ruiz photo shoot somewhere. The two publicized photos were stunning. Just when I think I’ve seen just about everything Adam can do as a photo shoot model, there is another fantastic layout. So, I keep a lookout!!!

      I managed to get a certified and authenticated autographed copy of Rolling Stone which I had professionally framed just for my office. When was the last time I did something like that…..Lovey this guy! And remain fascinated!

      • Lila - glamb #3 says:

        I think I ended up buying 3 copies at a book store the day they came out! I gave one to a friend, and Carol and I mailed one each to e19 with SASE and a silver sharpie with a letter asking Adam to sign them and send them back. A couple of weeks later I was at the airport and saw a whole stack of them so I bought another!

        When we went to the Hard Rock (the day he donated his outfit) I took one with me and he signed it. I thought for sure the one we sent to e19 was just in a black hole somewhere… then about a week or two after the Hard Rock appearance I got a strange package in the mail to me addressed in my handwriting… hmmm. The return address said “A Rock God”. No, it couldn’t be! Yes!!! It is!!! OMG! Adam signed one for Carol and one for me and MAILED IT BACK TO US!!! Holy crap!

        I hadn’t thought about getting it framed! What a good idea!

  2. tweeterpie says:

    ME TOO! I was lucky enough to enough to get 3 copies of “our man'”s cover shot. I’m not at all surprized it was a top seller, but I hope he gets a chance to do another RS COVER because he could look EVEN hotter now.

  3. cheryl 334 says:

    I remember the day well……….got to Barnes & Noble, it was pouring the rain. I protected my copy with my entire body. Sat in the parking lot for over half hour looking at Adam before I could get myself back to reality and go home!! Have his autograph on a picture of the cover! Never forget holding his hands and talking to him and being Adamized! It was a VERY GOOD DAY!!

  4. i too was so desperate to get a copy of RS that i requested my
    nephew, who’s vacationing in the US at that time, to buy me a copy!

    i can’t breath with excitement when i finally held it in my hands..OMG!!!

  5. we are all so funny. i did exactly the same thing. worried about it, ran around in the rain looking for it. stalked all of the barnes and nobles, boarders, 7/11’s, walgreens until i found it , then bought 4-5 of them. framed one (it’s in my bedroom),put one away for safe keeping, gave 3 away to friends who couldn’t find any. it was , and still is, an adam adventure and i love it.

  6. crazy4adam says:

    I managed to grab five copies — but best of all Adam signed one of them personally to me!! I’ll treasure it always.

  7. ezrasace says:

    What I loved was looking for it at Hastings, before their supply had come in, and the clerk wondering why so many people were requesting a copy. I just told him that when you see the cover, you will understand……

  8. I have a subscription, but I knew it would have a fold (thank you postman!), so I ran all over town, too. Thank goodness no one had been stalking Books A Million!

  9. Yep-I did the same thing-running all over town looking for Adam on the cover of RS. Bookstores, supermarkets , CVS stores etc etc. Finally!!! There they were !!! Two copies left at Albertsons of all places! I have them stored away with my most precious items in my bedroom. Yes, I got it bad—Adamitis—–I wonder how far the afflictiion has spread….. My poor husband doesn’t know what to make of it all.

  10. So thankful for this issue ‘coz I also got to know about STEVEN CHU, Obama’s Energy Secretary, a Nobel prize winner in Physics, whose feature article follows Adam. He is tasked by Obama to help solve GLOBAL WARMING. As if the magazine knew that Adam can also help draw attention to Global Warming, because a lot would buy this issue. American Idol ADAM, vis-a-vis MIT’s Idol Steven.

  11. I have this magazine. The cover is amazing. Adam has so many looks and he looks so good in everyone of them.

  12. retrogrrrl says:

    I got 3 copies, one for my sister, who luvs Adam also, & 2 for me. One to keep pristine and one to drool on!!!

  13. renogirl says:

    I am so happy I got my copy. I love it.

  14. Love this photo!! I’m glad I got several copies b4 it got sold out!!! I framed one and it’s in my living room. My baby!

  15. Time to make FLAUNT one of the best selling magazines of 2010…….those pics of Adam in there are GORGEOUS!!!!!! 🙂

  16. This is off the subject of magazine covers but I just read that Adam is going to start his own line of makeup for men….AND….there’s a pic of him with his original red hair….and he’s still GORGEOUS!!! Take a look………

  17. Patricia (rose1) says:

    I also remember searching and searching. Richard, my cousin was here on business from England and spent three days with me before heading home. The only request he came with was for “three” copies of Rolling Stones for family members – and this request came after I had tried unsuccessfully to obtain a copy for myself. So we spent a good deal of those three days looking everywhere and finally he had to pack his bag and leave. As I was driving him to the airport we stopped off at Publix to buy snacks for his trip. Yes, you’re right, there was someone putting out newly arrived magazines and Richard was able to pick up his three and I grabbed one for myself. We both went on our separate ways with huge grins on our faces.

  18. k. morgan says:

    My daughter has this poster (a wonderful big poster) of this cover on her bedroom wall…All I can say is OMG….I go in there and stare at it periodically….Can we ooze sexy any more than this man….?!?

  19. Debbie Glam# 2473 says:

    I just love all of u guys:) your the only ones that understand us

  20. IJustLoveYouAdam says:

    What a hunt that was. Spent that weekend in Palm Springs with my BFF Glambert and searched every store they had to no avail. On the way home, she spotted a small mom-and-pop bookstore hidden in a strip mall, our last hope. We hurried in and started scanning. I saw it first and let out the biggest scream, the whole store stopped and looked. We finally had our magazine. Then to top it off, I took it to the Idol concert a few weeks later and got THE MAN himself to sign it. It is my most treasured keepsake yet.

  21. AllaboutAdam says:

    Well, listen to us…. Adam has created quite some terrific memories for us all – we remember EVERYTHING when it comes to him… such as how we felt when we first heard him sing, and the moment that it occurred to you that you were witnessing someone “other-worldly”… remember the first time we saw him with a pompadour, and the first time he sang soooooo sweetly and slowly “The Tracks of my Tears” we were dumb-founded in SUCH a good way….and I’m sure you know precisely where you were – on the edge of your seat – when the Idol results came in… personally, my reaction to his being runner-up is a moment I’ll NEVER forget…then came the various interviews, we couldn’t (and still can’t) get enough! Feels like we were catapulted with him in a way, taking the ride right by his side….and how you got your hands on the R.S. mag, the Details mag, the Elle, etc etc etc… your first autograph, your FYE album, your concert ticket, etc. etc etc. Adam creates, and encourages, and spreads happiness and humanity in places that even he isn’t aware of. Guess I’d better get myself a copy (or 10) of the FLAUNT mag as well… those pix are too good not to drool over in person.

  22. I totally missed ,I was so upset I even call the publisher of RS , they don’t have any left totally gone. But luckily I went on ebay and pay a lot more but I got myself one copy and I absolutely treasure it. I love my Adam.

  23. Glenda #1946 says:

    I subscribe to Rolling Stone and I was estatic to get my copy in the mail…..have it in a drawer beside my bed…hummmmm LOL

  24. KO's smiling says:

    I bought it at the university bookstore of my alma mater during our reunion… then I ditched everyone to go read it.

  25. Stephanie says:

    That is one HAWT cover. RS truly captured the essense of Adam – snake and all. GRRRRR. 😉

  26. I remember looking EVERYWHERE for that RS magazine!! I live in New Zealand so the American RS is particularly hard to come by – we tend to get the Aussie version here.
    Anyway, finally found one on Trade Me (it’s like EBAY) & managed to out bid several other hardcore Adam fans (sorry!!) & ended up paying $50.00. WORTH EVERY CENT – WOULD’VE PAID QUADRUPLE THAT!! Nearly keeled over & died when I saw the Details Magazine at my local dairy – I was like WHAAAAT? Not expecting it at all, but snapped that up too for $20.00. That was a happy day!
    Would love to get Adam to autograph them both one day ……..

  27. I found mine at a Wal*Mart more than a week after it came out, though I didn’t go crazy looking for it. My best friend got me the poster-size version for Christmas (which is why she’s my best friend 🙂 and it’s hanging right next to my bed so he’s the first thing I see when I wake up. Always a great way to start the day

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