Adam Lambert Mad World HD VIDEO, MP3 and Pictures (by Tears for Fears) Top 8 Week April 9 Performance

Below is the high quality video, MP3 is on the music player on the side (#17). Pictures of his performance below the video. History in the making with an standing ovation from Simon. Adam Lambert performed Mad World by Tears for Fears as interpreted by Gary Jules during Top 8 week. Out of this world performance, arguably the best so far this season in my opinion. [ad]


Here is the studio version of Mad World (Please rate this video on YouTube):


This song is a pesimistic man’s somewhat true view of our world. He believes the people that surrounds him are like ‘robots’ doing the same things everyday (school,work) for pointless reasons. He believes most people he knows conform to society, doing what is happening around them while not many ‘truly searching for their goals.  Its mad because they all have hopes of happiness but they are these robots in search for happiness in all the wrong places. They hope it comes to them, they don’t go after it.

It’s a crazy deal… we should all go after dreams and refuse to live our life pointlessly. Do what makes us happy. No more conformity.

If you like the meaning of this song, read ‘The Manual of the Warriors of the Light’ by Paulo Coelho.

Pictures of the performance:

IPB Image

IPB Image

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By ERIN CARLSON, AP Entertainment Writer Erin Carlson, Ap Entertainment Writer Wed Apr 8, 6:00 pm ET

NEW YORK – Winding down for the night, Gary Jules turned on “American Idol” — his guilty pleasure — and left the room to watch surfing videos on his computer. Then he heard some eerily familiar notes.

It was Adam Lambert — one the top finalists on the most popular TV show in the country — performing Jules’ arrangement of the Tears for Fears song “Mad World.”

“I ran out and I was like, `I knew he was gonna do it! I knew it!'” he recalls. “I’ve been waiting for years for somebody to do it. I thought David Cook was gonna do it last year for sure. … As soon as I saw that guy Adam on `American Idol,’ I was like, ‘Oooh, this could be it.'”

The singer-songwriter deserves at least some of the credit for Lambert’s haunting performance that earned a rare standing ovation from “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell.

Jules covered the ’80s song on his 2001 album, “Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets.” His stripped-down, slowed-down version, recorded with producer Michael Andrews, was featured in the cult movie “Donnie Darko” the same year.

The song topped the charts in Britain in 2003 but is little known to U.S. listeners.

Lambert, a 27-year-old actor known for his daring performances and vocal range, had the coveted final spot that often goes to the front-runner on the Fox network competition. But on Tuesday, it wasn’t entirely an advantage.

Because the show ran eight minutes over schedule, Lambert’s performance was cut off for many DVR users, causing mass outrage in spite of the fact that the missing footage is widely available on the Internet.

Jules, 40, thinks Lambert put a signature spin on his cover-of-a-cover.

“It was fantastic,” he says. “He has a beautiful voice. … I heard his Michael Jackson cover and I heard some of his other stuff, and I think that he’s probably one of the most — if not the most — interesting performer I’ve ever seen on `American Idol.'”

He’s especially excited about the possibility of Lambert or someone else giving him credit for the arrangement on Wednesday night’s results show. Especially after the standing-O from Cowell, who called Jules the day after his version of “Mad World” hit No. 1 overseas.

“Simon said that he loved it,” he remembers. “That he thought it was a beautiful performance. That he thought it was better than the first one, better than the original and that it was very very heartfelt and blah blah blah — and I was, like, really grateful except I had no idea who he was.”

The song was a collaboration between Jules and Andrews, his best friend; they recorded it in 15 minutes, Jules says, while Andrews was writing the score for “Donnie Darko” and helping Jules make his acclaimed “Snakeoil” disc on a budget of less than $100.

After that, “Mad World” took on a life of its own. Tears for Fears singer Roland Orzabal called Jules and praised the arrangement as “better than the original,” he says. Jules heard that Radiohead singer Thom Yorke played it on the radio in England during a guest VJ spot.

“The song is phenomenal. … I got really super-personal, heartfelt sometimes really creepy, odd emails from people. I’ve had like bizarre suicidal pen pals and stuff like that,” says Jules, whose musical influences include Michael Stipe, Paul Simon and Neil Young.

It’s an important week for Jules: He has two songs on TV. The single “Beautiful” from his latest album, “Bird,” will be heard during the season-finale of the NBC football-and-family drama “Friday Night Lights.” In 2007, his song “Falling Awake” charted on Billboard after being featured during an emotional segment on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Jules — who jokingly calls his music “wuss rock” and counts fellow singer-songwriters Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson as friends — thinks the exposure could translate to album sales.

“I need to kind of get people to know my name as well as they know some of my songs. … Obviously, the story is `Forget the publicists, just get yourself on `American Idol‘ every once in a while,'” he says.



  1. Tears for fears is the orginal version but i think he sang Gary Jules version which is featured in the movie Donnie Darko. Wow what a perfomance and a standing ovation from Simon! I don’t think I ever seen that before. Great job as always, we love you Adam!

    • Adam,
      You are incredible. Keep the wings open and fly. You are an amazing performer and artist. The world is an open canvas to you. Paint pictures for us to see with your voice. Reach for the stars, and the galaxies beyond.

    • robert m. davis says:

      Speechless. Breathless. On every performance I find myself simply saying ______________, he’s ____________ great.

      Every song he sings is as if I am hearing the song for the first time. I listened to every word with anticipation because you never know when he’s going to take the song into another zone. The stones, cash, smoky…he re-makes classics and something obscure as Mad World and makes them all No. 1 hits once again.
      The Adam-Bomb, baby. He is the real deal…not a mold breaker, but a mold maker. Like Kara, I can’t wait to see what he is going to do next. It’s taken American Idol nine years to find real deal…Adam is part of music’s timeline.

      • You are so right. Adam just takes my breath away. I could listen to Mad World over and over again, and I do. There has never been anyone like him on Idol. I hope he does an album of classic re-dos. It will soar. He is the best all around entertainer to emerge in years. And seems to be such a nice and humble guy. Can’t wait till Tuesday.

    • I predicted Kelly Clarkson to win, as I do with Adam,,,,as per what Kara said,,,,you ARE a ROCK GOD Adam. He is so gifted, cute and loves his mother. How can you go wrong with that. He will be a great asset to the already long list of winners. Can’t wait to see what he’ll do once out on his own,,,,YOU ROCK ADAM…..

  2. Oh, it was divine! How do I download the MP3, by the way? The sidebar doesn’t work for me…

  3. Wow! Adam is clearly the best American Idol ever.

  4. How can we turn off the sound that comes on by default when someone makes a comment—it sort of ruins the effect hen trying to listen to Adam singing “Mad World” or anything else for that matter! He is a fantastic performer!

  5. wow Adam had a standing ovation from Simon and thats the first ftime I have seen Simon do that 🙂 Adam is so outstanding and what another good job this week !!:)

  6. Montebellomermaid says:

    Tonight Adam proved that he is the only true artist on the show. People hang on to watch him perform. It is no surprise he is always saved for last so that the fickle public will hang on and not switch over to Dancing With the Stars.

    His performance was bewitching, beautiful, and the way he sang the lyrics was so very sad. I thought his version was moving and liked it so much more than the original Tears For Fears version. I’ve watched it over and over and think it was just brilliant.

    Adam seemed to follow Paula Abdul’s advice to ex-idol Megan…”just sit on a chair (stool?) with a lone spotlight and just sing beautifully” She said something like this to Megan who never got a chance to deliver but Adam took this advice to heart.

    Without Adam, this show would certainly be boring and mediocre.

    P.S. for tivo viewers, always add 10 extra minutes to American Idol or tape the following show, too to get the whole thing! I had to tape Fringe to get Adam’s performance!!

    • I ended up taping ‘Fringe’ too. It was the only way I could capture Adam’s performance. Beautiful, wasn’t it? That man literally makes my heart skip a beat. Adam truly is a rare bird of brilliant plumage. Next week’s theme is ‘Songs From The Movies’. I cannot wait to see what he’ll do with that!

  7. I work afternoon turn my daughter text’s me adams number everyweek, at work so I can vote for him! Unfortunetely this week my dvr didn’t record adams performance, I was frantic, thank you for having it here. What an awesome performance and he looked gorgeous as always, thanks adam for the great entertainment!!

  8. JoeyLoveAdam says:


    thank you so much for such beautiful honest vulnerable performance… brought tears to my eyes, adam..

    it is indeed a mad world, adam.. you got simon to his feet and the rest of the world on our knees, begging you for more beautiful performances..

    adam, i love you so much! you are the greatest… words fail me, adam…

    amazing, brilliant…

    my chest is pounding so hard now, and when i saw simon stood up i was actually beaming with pride and joy over your acompishment… amazing, adam. awesome..


    watching you was like seeing an angel descending down from heaven above. brilliant..

    thank you adam… thank you!!!


  9. Seth Remis says:

    By far the best performance of this season- top few of all seasons…

    I remember watching his audition & telling my girlfriend that “This guy could win the whole thing”…

    He has exceeded my expectations & is the most original & has the most incredible vocals..

    Im already ready to buy his CD, as is most of the people I work with…

  10. Adam – I know you read these blogs – I’m making a request, please! To do a nice slower ballad using a non-falsetto vocal, to remove the last vestiges of any of even the tiniest room for complaint from the few Adam haters left out there. You know, in the vein of “Is Anybody Listening.” Would love love love to hear something done in that vein.

    Performance tonight left me speechless. I was not familiar with “Mad World” although I did see Donnie Darko and I was in (gulp) high school when the Tears for Fears version came out in 1982. But now I love the song – I like the Gary Jules version, which I think Adam covered more closely than TFF.

    I can’t believe I still read comments from people who like Adam but question whether he would sell CDs or sellout concerts. Ahem, I told my boyfriend tonight that if the AI tour doesn’t come to Hawaii, we are taking a vacation to Vegas to see the tour when it’s there. I am TOTALLY serious. So, now I understand the Deadheads dedication, I feel it happening to me!!

  11. Oh, and does anyone know – the guy in the audience with Adam’s parents, in the charcoal striped jacket – I thought he looked a lot like Adam. Does he have a brother?

  12. Mark Joefer D Suson says:

    Oh My God…

    Every time I hear him performing from the very beginning, he always makes me feel blessed because of him.

    I love him so much. I work in a call center in the Philippines and most of the time, when I talk about American Idol and of course Adam, I am always reprimanded but I do not care. I love Adam and I know he will win…

    Guys…Please do not forget to vote for him..

    Thanks Simon for the S.O…that was necessary.

  13. I’ve always been a huge AI fan, but due to Adam Lambert, this year I’m bordering on the obsessed. I am a huge David Cook follower but Adam’s silky voice puts Dave’s to shame. You can bet I’ll be at the Ai concert tour this year–even if it entails traveling…I’m really hoping he’ll treat the audiences with his amazing version of Ring of Fire…

  14. I do have a picture of Adam’s family, but I didn’t know if you allowed pictures on your site.

  15. I have to admit that the performance was freaking good. Out of this world vocal! BUT I CAN ONLY LISTEN TO HIM WHEN HE DOES BALLADS! I really can’t stand his vocal acrobat, screeching and screaming he does most of the time…

  16. Wow. That was breathtaking! Not only did Simon give a standing O, but all of the judges did, perhaps the entire audience. Adam has raised the bar of American Idol so high. As talented as everyone else is in this competition, he’s leaving everyone behind in a cloud of dust. His theatrical background is an incredible asset, not detriment, cause he knows how to tweak it to suit television. It’s thrilling to watch this rising star perform!

  17. Yes, he has a brother. An only sibling. That’s Mom, Dad, Grandma and brother. Family support. 🙂

  18. Adam, I am in the U.K. and if it weren’t for YouTube, and now this site [just discovered], would have to wait until Thursday and Friday to watch you…
    I read some things about you…but eyes show the soul…I have seen your soul and it’s a good one…
    be true to yourself and the things you’ve learned from people who really love you, like your parents…
    and your future will be a good one…
    you bring real feeling to the songs and have a Gift…use it wisely
    ble blessed!!

  19. adam is a phenom. he is, imho, the best contestant in the history of american idol and i think we will be hearing from him for a long time to come. he is a star in every sense of the word. please stay humble, adam!

  20. Wilhelmina says:

    Amazing! And I luv Adam’s laugh <3…it makes me smile ^^

  21. No words. Just speechless. And so grateful for you, Adam Lambert! You are incredible — amazingly incredible! Thank you so much for another amazing performance!!!!! Love, Casidy

  22. B Hender says:

    By far, the best singer/artist of this season!

  23. You know it might be crazy but this performance brought me to tears lol! i just love this boy now!

  24. EXCELLENT, performance…Speechless, incredible…You are are very very talent artist..
    I looked at some of your You Tube videos..AWESOME…
    You have provided some of the best performances of idol EVER..

    I look forward to hearing what you come up with every week…

    Keep it coming hun……

    Hugs & Kissies

  25. dreamheaven says:

    When I heard Adam sang this song, I was riveted….. totally bowled me over. Such incredible unbelievably beautiful voice and the way he renders the song…. words are insufficient to describe how he made me felt ! Simply superb Adam! You are already a star without a single doubt.

  26. Adam, every week you just blow me away! I’m a senior, and I can’t wait to see you on tour and buy your music! Every week you morph into a different persona. Last night was so beautiful it brought me to tours. The background, the musicians, all so understand that we could focus on you and that magnificent voice! You will surely win! In the minds of most of us, you already have! Thank you for sharing that incredible gift with us all!

  27. HOLY CRAP. I screamed when he started singing. I love this song. That was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
    By far Adam you are the best singer ever on American Idol. I agree with someone way back there, I loved David Cook’s voice until Adam came along. Now it seems a little boring!
    And who cares that he is gay, he is a GOOD PERSON. At first I freaked when I saw all his other videos from before AI, but now I realize that he just really is a great person, even though he is gay which is wrong, yes, but then again everyone sins. The Bible says it is wrong to be gay, but it also says no one is a worse sinner than anyone else. We all have bad things about us, and Adam is still absolutely amazing. ;D

  28. hello i from in guatemala, my family and my friend we are fans
    Adam Adammmm

  29. Hello Adam,
    Your songs, performance, voice, artistic skills, all moved my emotion tremendously. Thank you so much for showing us there is such talent. You are gifted and knows how to combination different talents, voice, expresstion, sensitivity, theater…all in showing the songs with feelings,…I did not know the song Mad World before, but my boyfriend knew it. I searched for it and I like your performance more. You brought the incredible feelings into the song, especially with lots of crazy news of mad bahaviors in the last several weeks. You brought me the motivation, the hope to bring such a beauty into the world, while the world is crumbling down around us right now with economy situation. At least the flower is still flowering around me. Each one of us will and should continue to do something to bring into this world, like you who brings joy, excitement, motivation, feelings to us all. It is not easy to have such feelings, but you are able to bring out these feelings in us. You should be proud and take care these capabilities carefully. Wish you more successful performance.

  30. to all adam lambert fans in the U.S. please vote for him! =D
    i’m from the Philippines so couldn’t vote for him… =( bummer!

  31. robert m. davis says:

    The Adam-Bomb has hit America.
    It would be great if Idol just shut down the competiton and made it “an Adam Lambert concert” for the rest of the series…….He could keep Allyson on to do a couple of numbers.

    Stay humble Adam Lambert. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say to us on your albumn…..

    You walked out of the stage and into our consicouness. “Can’t Get No Satisfaction” only made us say “Can’t Get Enough of Adam Lambert”…..of all that has happened, I think Simon needs to re-think what he said about a new enduring classic….Adam’s Ring of Fire….

    That song is so striking that it takes you back. And after a while, you realize you want to hear it again, and again.

    Mad World….right now it’s Adam’s World!

    Just give me one totally rocking out song….maybe “Stairway to Heaven” Go ahead and re-invent it…make us learn the words we never really heard before.

    • YES!! I Agree with everything you said 100%.

      I think Allison should open for Adam. How about an Adam Lambert/David Cook concert after Adam wins?

      The ultimate rock concert.

  32. I have been a fan for Tears for Fears for Nearly 30 years. I was blown away by Adam’s rendition of “Mad World”. So hauntingly beautiful it gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it…I do hope this will be on his first album.

  33. Been a Tears for Fears fan for years too.

    Totally agreed with Sheila…gimme goosebumps whenever listen to it.
    He reminds me of Johnny Depp, the mysterious, rebellious typa guy

  34. Milwadamfan says:

    After I downloaded the studio performance of Mad World, I listened to it for the first time on the way to work, and I literally had chills in the car listening to the song. For any single artist to go from something as fun as Play That Funky Music White Boy one week and something so heart-rending the following week is true talent. I’ve been a fan since his initial audition, and week after week my admiration and awe only grows!

  35. yakinette says:

    Adam, thank you so much for your music……

  36. We are ALL witnessing a super star in the making!!!
    Keep it going Adam

  37. like it …love it…want more of HIM. i was not familar with mad world . but i was mesmerized by that performance. i could not take my eyes off of him. and can’t get it off my mind.
    check out his original video crawl thru tfire on you tube(and more) be prepared is wild and rauchy. back i in the day i would be there to see it all. loved the shock and awe .
    he is truly talented. and as wild as he can look he can be very humble as well
    note to adam for your life know that friends and buddies are not the same people…don’t let the wrong people in close.
    thanks for re-lighting my fire !!

  38. He is incredible……….listen to him every day. I hope he achieves mega stardom. His voice just takes my breath away

  39. Brilliant and breathtaking voice and performance! What a gem you are!

  40. TOXIC!!!!!! In a good way!

  41. ‘Mad World’ is a song by the British band Tears for Fears on the band’s debut LP The Hurting .

    Written by Roland Orzabal and sung by bassist Curt Smith, it was the band’s third single release and first chart hit, reaching #3 on the UK Singles Chart in November 1982.

    From the arrangement of the music soundtrack from ‘ Donnie Darko ‘ , In 2003, composer Michael Andrews and singer Gary Jules found their piano-driven cover of the Tears for Fears’ hit “Mad World,” featured in the film as part of the end sequence,

    I personally have to state that Mark’s rendition of the Andrews’s arrangement ‘ Mad World ‘ , is by far , the BEST single song ever performed on all of the season’s of American Idol . ( with David Cooks arrangement of ‘ Billy Jean ‘ from last season running a far second ) .

    Mark is a very special young man . His rendition of ‘ Mad World ‘ is simply …… Hypnotizing and Haunting !

  42. 4 weeks after and I still can’t stop watching this performance over and over. It’s just that good. Wow. You should add the judges’ comments from the next day as well some how.

  43. Laurene Harrington says:

    even if adam does not win he is still the winner. He will go on to sell millions of albums and be a true celebrity. He has everything. No need to name it all. You know what I mean. Adamania has begun.

  44. Laurene Harrington says:

    adamania has begun!

  45. no matter what they say , i love you…4ever

  46. adam i love you 4ever

  47. from iran and im 24.
    im famle
    i love u very much
    and i have very picture from u
    i heard every your music
    if i had u ,then money,fame and fortune never could compete.
    keen to see.kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss u


  1. […] Här är hans Mad World framträdande som levde ett eget liv på internet efter sändningen, eftersom AI gick många minuter över tiden på tisdagen så var det många tittare som missade detta framträdande, på ett sätt kanske det var bra för Adam därför att det gav effekten att ännu fler pratade om honom efteråt. Men om till och med Simon älskar honom så måste det väl vara något speciellt med honom? Elaka Simon älskar Adam. Ta in det. Han gav honom en stående ovation, något som han aldrig annars gjort. Jag älskar årets American Idol. Allting med det, från att hata Karas hemska röst som ny jurymedlem varje vecka till att tycka om Paula mer och mer, till att se hur årets deltagare verkligen genuint tycker om varandra och har roligt tillsammans. […]