Adam Lambert Looks For Some Support As Glam Nation Tour Begins

As Adam is getting ready to begin his first Glam Nation Tour this week, he is already thinking of others instead!
As you will read in his tweets below, Adam is looking for his fans to support their favorite charities in lieu of bringing HIM specific gifts.
His decision to have people donate to either, or any charity of choice, is such a brilliant idea for all that are involved.
Plus, Adam seemed to be genuinely excited that his idea about donating, instead of bringing HIM gifts, was so warmly accepted.
If you are interested, you can click on ANY of the links within this article, which is directly linked to our specific page, or you can read the comments that were left, on past posts, below that were written by two fellow Glamb’s regarding support for the Heifer Project.
The link goes direct to a page specifically made by one of our members, thank you for setting that up for those that are interested in donating!!

I think Adam would be proud to see his Glambs showing their love and support!!



~adamlambert~Been doing lots of thinking…Last year on the road I received so many thoughtful gifts from all of you. But I very quickly ran out o’ room

~adamlambert~Instead of giving me gifts, why not donate 2 or other charity in my name? U can print a reciept 4 me and personalize it:)

~adamlambert~What are your thoughts?

~adamlambert~Yay I’m glad u all like the idea! I love reading your cards and seeing your drawings too, I’m just not going to be able to take them with me

~adamlambert~ Yes fan club and site is in the works…

***I am including 2 posts from our very own, Princessshakeitup and Farzana, that have started another great project for any of you that would like to donate!!
Submitted on 2010/05/23 at 6:31am

In the video of the interview here Adam was asked about whether he accepts gifts and he stated that he would prefer that his fans make a charitable donation to a worthy cause and then give him the receipt. Great Idea from a GREAT guy, RIGHT!? Well, back at Christmas time, when I lived in the States, I would donate to a charity called the Heifer Project and they would buy animals for people in other countries who could use them to create a sustainable life for themselves. Most of the people I know already have everything they need so this seemed like a great idea and recipients loved getting a gift card saying that a goat had been shipped to Honduras in their name etc. etc. CAN YOU SEE WHERE I AM GOING WITH THIS!?
In addition to individual animal gifts, they have something called an “Ark” that costs $5000 and includes all the animals in the program. There are over 600 of us GLAMS, right [I am proud to be #601] so if we each gave say, 10 dollars we could make this happen in Adam’s name and someone who is lucky enough to be going to his first GLAM NATION tour could present it to him on behalf of all of us who love him to thank him for all he has given US!!!
PLEASE respond and let me know if you might be interested!!! If you are, I will get this started! You can go to the Heifer Project International site an see for yourself what I am talking about…they have an EXCELLENT reputation as a charitable organization!!!! If someone else, who is more adept at this ‘link’ thing can put theirs here, that would be great too!

My Sisters in Adam and I send each other links to You Tube Adam videos on Sunday and wish each other “Happy Sundays With Adam” so that is what I wish all of you!!!
Big Love from Princessshakeitup; Glam #601!!!


~Submitted on 2010/05/27 at 8:29pm
Oh! How I would love to be your assistant in the #1 scenario…I could pick you up after you faint with the screaming! I was a nurse in a “former life” so I know how to deal with others hysteria…not too sure about mine! LOL

Truly, guys, is anyone out there seeing the fabulous opportunity with “Adam’s Ark”? Let’s continue the love revolution he has started and forget the negative rumor mongers!

We, his dedicated fans, are the ones who can shine a light on the integrity and sincerity of this gifted performer!! In his KISS 108 interview he was asked about receiving fan gifts and his reply was to the effect that he would prefer his fans give to a charity and give him evidence that they have done so with a form of receipt. This would show appreciation for his concerts.

Now, the man has spoken!

I would love to show this man how much he means to me by giving him a gift that would have lasting meaning, wouldn’t you?

Personally, I think this reveals a sterling quality of Adam in that he remembers others and is considerate of their needs! (How else would he be – as reflected in his performances?)

Let’s give back to him by reflecting his goodness into the world. The Heifer Project – “Adam’s Ark” is a fabulous opportunity to provide economic assistance to thousands across the globe in his name. It only takes a few dollars to contribute to the cause, certainly, the amounts can be any you wish. The more people that contribute the larger the final benefit. For international fans, any currency is accepted per their web site.You can read about it all on:

Adam’s Ark….has a nice message for the world through your love dollars! Wouldn’t you like to be one of the people that puts a smile on his face? If this particular project doesn’t appeal to you, then please pick a charity and give generously along with all your fellow fans!

I believe Adam’s fans are one of a kind and we can demonstrate this abundantly to the negative elements that try to tear away at his unique character/talents.

I, for one, feel inspired by him. What about you? If you feel the same, then join the fans that support “Adam’s Ark.” His personality and talents have inspired me to elaborate my zeal for him in this post! Can you feel the love?



  1. beaglewoman says:

    Heifer Intl – great idea. I put my $$ in the team donation!!

    Glamb 611

    • gah/rph says:

      Donating to the “Glamberts for Adam’s Ark” team is a wonderful and clever way to support a great cause in Adam’s name! Let’s spread the word and make this happen!
      Glamb #632

      • This is a super idea. I will be donating to Adams Ark

      • Susan V says:

        I am in the process of developing ALFFA; otherwise known as the Adam Lambert Foundation for the Arts. More info to follow; 501 3c and permission with management in process.

  2. Princessshakeitup says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! [seems like I have been saying that a lot lately] With this extra exposure, and everyone else I have been harassing lately, we should be sending heifers, water buffalo, goats, sheep and little honey bees off floating around the world SOON in Adam’s name! The good news is, he doesn’t have to clean up after them or pay shippig costs!

    This is ALMOST better than those Adam Dreams I have from time to time…but not quite.
    Peace, Love and Adam’s Ark [or whatever charity you choose to donate to!]
    Love and wet kisses, Princess and the Animals

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      “shippig” was truly a typo and NOT another cute play on words!

    • LuvAdam476 says:

      @Princessshakeitup, hi I goofed, help, I went to Adams Ark and next to my name it shows Donation 0.00 I actually made 2 $25.00 donations. I went into team member and Join team and I guess screwed up. I have the info on my donations but can you check on your end to see that it actually showed up as 2 contributions for Adam’s Ark.
      Thank you,
      Gloria476 Glambert 476


      • Princessshakeitup says:

        The same thing happened intially when I donated and I asked the woman there to go in and fix it to register the amount. I will do the same for you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    • Can we raise the profile of this topic again? Don’t really know how this website works, but am sure it wouldn’t take too much to raise the $5000 dollars needed for us to purchase all the animals in ‘Adams Ark’. We have raised $625 so far, which is wonderful, but fear we may never make the total unless we can keep promoting the issue to all Adams generous fans. Just for donating $25 I have received a beautiful photo and thank you letter from the the charity explaining how these gifts are changing the world. And for you lucky people who get to meet him, what an awesome ‘present’ to be able to give him!! It would only take approx $10 each (or more if you can afford it) to reach the target. I was really excited when I found out you were doing this but feel strongly that we need to keep promoting it. What a wonderful sense of love and unity and sense of ‘giving back’ if we could do this for Adam and the world!! Anyone who knows how we can promote this issue, I am sure your efforts will be rewarded if you can. Thank you.

  3. This is a Great Charitable Idea :0) I will be Donating Soon:0) Adam Fans and Glamberts are Sooo Very Smart, Talented and Brilliant:0) GOOOOO GLAMNATION!!!!

    • Thank you Sue for picking this up and making a whole thread out of this.
      This is literally a TEAM EFFORT now and I love the sound of “Adam’s Ark”. In a way it is funny because I don’t associate goats and pigs, chickens and cows with Adam but the Ark idea is so powerful and I know he will love it because he wants the best for everyone.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Backatya sunshine kymmie!!!!!


  4. I already donate to on a monthly basis in Adam’s name..
    I get the email, as it asks for his email address, so I give them mine.
    It’s a shame to see so many kids in our country having to rely on donations to
    receive tools with which to work.
    I’m just happy to be able to do this and I think it’s a worthy cause.


    • Donorschoose is fabulous! I like the idea of giving on a monthly basis.
      For now I am focusing on the Ark project and see whether I can get my daughters involved!

    • CelticMairin says:

      Do I detect a fellow Celt here?

      I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada but was born and raised in the UK by Irish parents from County Limerick.

      Where are you?



      GLAMB # 34

  5. SisterMaryMadWorld says:

    Hey Princess – me again! Proud to be your sister; very proud to be a part of the Ark. Can’t wait till you fly back to the mainland to rock out with Adam in Rockford. See you in September! (Did I tell you I would be in the GlamNation audience in fourteen days? Eat your heart out, little sis.) Lub you.

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      I can’t believe you are going to Milwaukee without me! Are you SURE hubby doesn’t want to give up his ticket to me…and pay my airfare from St Kitts…and contribute to my stretch leather wardrobe!? Probably not. Big bite out of my heart is healed by my excitement for you and all the Adam Glambs who will be close enough to touch him SOON!
      Lub you more…Lub ADAM like the big crazy!
      p.s. I think Rockford is the last stop on the GlamNation tour. Good thing cause there won’t be much left of him when we are done with him!

  6. tondelao says:

    Sent in a donation today to in Adam’s name. They have so many worthwhile projects relating to the Arts in education.

  7. LuvAdam476 says:

    I love the idea of “Adam’s Ark”. Am going over to contribute now.
    LuvAdam476 aka Gloria476 proud GLAMBERT #476

  8. Great idea, you can count me in.

  9. Princessshakeitup says:

    WOW!!! I just checked and we are almost at $500 and the little red ball at the bottom of the thermometer has started to rise! Yahoo! I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here but the lady at Heifer Project said they are very excited about this and doesn’t think they have EVER had a team donate on behalf of their FAVORITE star! Won’t Adam be proud to be the first!?
    Love you all!

    • I am liking that and I am sure Adam will be proud and amused because he is such a City Critter himself, but really this is about lifting people out of poverty and making them independent so i know he will LOVE it!!

  10. i wish i could come out to see u when u cooe to my home town i (love) you for sure friend stay up

  11. IDOLize says:

    i would rather donate to a charity of my own choice- or Adams good cause providing equipment for children in need.
    Animals that are bred for food- dont get treated too well at all, and generally are slaughtered inhumanely.

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      Appreciate your thoughts and opinions and certainly respect your desire to donate to a charity of your own choosing! LOTS of great charities out there and PLENTY of need!
      Just want to clear up one thing…ONE of the reasons I love the Heifer Project is that I am an animal lover as much as I am an ADAM lover. Almost all of the animals they send to families in need are to provide sustainable income so many are for milk, eggs, wool, honey etc. and are not slaughtered for meat. AND the people who get them are so thankful to have them that they treat them as best they can. Everyone wins!