Adam Lambert Live In London-Radio Interview

Great interview here because he is sooo happy after his performance that night. It is so great to hear the excitement in his voice.

I have decided that we need to keep a “sparkly” count. This means that we need to see how many times he says sparkly/sparkles in his interviews. I even had a suggestion from one of our readers, EternalGlamNation, to take a shot of your favorite “Glam” libation every time you hear him say it!! Haha, you guys just crack me up.
Keep in mind, be respectful of what time it is when you are listening to him. I am NOT responsible for you guys slamming shots during your lunch hours… just saying.
This one we hit the jackpot!! Make sure you post how many times you hear it in your comments so everyone knows!!!


A select number of fans got to see Adam Lambert play live on Monday night at an exclusive gig at London’s Heaven. The American Idol runner-up played 6 songs from his debut album, including his new single For Your Entertainment which is out this week.
Story by Capital’s showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes:
Click on the link below, to hear Adam, following his live performance Monday night!!

Listen to my interview with Adam Lambert:

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  1. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    I counted 3 in a row… but I’ll pass on the shots, thank you! I’ve got to get the kids to school in the morning!

  2. gran4adam says:

    I counted 3 also. Last thing I will listen to tonight………….:)

  3. EternalGlamNation says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Sue. How many did you hear and more importantly, did you play the game?

    I heard three and the start of a fourth “Sparkly,” so I went for four shots. Then Adam said “Frisky” and I remembered that another reader, Rema, had suggested including that word in our shot counts, so I had another. I’m thinking maybe I’ll just go ahead and have Lila’s, too, while I’m at it. I do believe I will sleep well tonight with dreams of a very sparkly and very frisky Adam! LOL


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