Adam Lambert Kissing and Gay Pictures

WARNING: Most people have seen the three or four pictures of Adam Lambert kissing a guy but there are many more. Some people like them and wanted to see more while some people don’t like them at all.

If you are the later and have ANY issues with them please hit back right now or go to his best pictures collection here:

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  1. Be true to yourself, Adam.

    You are soooo very gifted!!!

    • Haha(:
      He’s one of the best singer in the world world world world (:
      Obsessed i may be.
      Yeah those pictures disgust me too (: BUT WOW TO ADAM LAMBERT.
      you are who you are.

  2. mrslambert530 says:

    disturbing is all i have to say

  3. Glad to see he isn’t shy and is true to himself without apology. It’s the only way to be happy in this thing we call life. Good for him.

  4. The best artists of any genre are often very excentric. He is Very gifted and his sex life is no ones business…(this from a 62 yr old Mom of 2 sons) I just wish I looked half as beautiful as a woman as he does! LOL

  5. I agree with both Karen and Laura’s statements. Adam is a special person. Look how well he bonds with the other contestants. The camaraderie among this group is amazing. I wish him well and hope that he wins. I like several of the other contestants but he is the only one that I would go to see in concert. I hope Idol will reschedule and have a show somewhere in Virginia. I know of several people that would be interested in seeing the group perform but Adam alone could carry a show by himself.

  6. MyBoyAdam says:

    This just makes him more interesting! He’s an entertainer on so many levels, confident, outgoing, and beautiful no matter what look he chooses at the moment. Just remember that he’s not the average boy next door and isn’t that one of his many attractions? (From a 49 year old fan, mother of 3)

  7. Adam is brilliant

  8. Daring & Different but cool!
    Just be yourself.

  9. Jonathan says:

    I think that Adam Lambert is the most talented singer/performer I have seen in decades! Particularly his live version of “Tracks of My Tears” which I find both exhilirating and haunting, no dount along with millions. People say he looks like Elvis Presley. To me he is sui generis: unique and hypnotic in his own right. Actually, there is a slight resemblance to Kurt Russell playing Elvis in a sensational 1979 TV biopic. Which leads me to my next great hope for this talented wunderkind — that he will become an actor in movies too. And, I do not just mean musicals. You can’t help but cast him in previous classics: Joe Buck in “Midnight Cowboy”, Travis Bickle in “Taxi Driver”, and Alex in “A Clockwork Orange”.

  10. He’s theatrical. He’s an actor, a dancer, a singer, ….So, he likes to dress up like a girl. It’s probably for a show. He’s got an awesome voice. Whatever…makes him happy.

  11. mitchieforever says:

    at least the webmaster is broadminded enough as well as the fans. ADAM is clearly CHARMING!!!!

  12. Just watching him in whatever he does being either in these pics, on AI or in theater just makes him that much more hot and sexy and interesting! He so reminds me of Freddie Mercury. Adam just rocks it all!

  13. His sexuality is such a non-issue to me. He’s intense, charismatic, intelligent, gifted…you can even tell by these pictures. I’m just glad he’s willing to share his talents with the world!

  14. MyBoyAdam says:

    Your are so right. His sexuality is a non issue for me too. Who cares? Maybe if I was a single, 20 something girl who actually knew him in real life I’d care. Whoever is his significant other will simply be a fortunate person as Adam seems like a genuinely nice person. That matters much more as far as I’m concerned. Being gay (or bi) hasn’t stopped the likes of Elton John or the flamboyant Liberace! I’d love to see Adam in movies too. He just seems like he can and will be a huge, huge star if he wishes.



  16. elizabeth says:

    This 27 year old is BRILLANT when he performs! Disturbing to learn he is gay but that is truly his own business! He is an excellent singer and his stage performance is beyond 100%. He never disappoints me when he sings. BRAVO!

  17. Roberta! Girl where have you been all my life!!!!

    Tell the truth….that pic with Jeffree…your a closet HIM fan….

    Love ya..and good luck with American truly are the best!

  18. adam.lover says:

    hate those piece of crap..!!!!

    don’t believe this!!!! i really don’t believe this…


  19. All I see is a very gifted young man who is very humble and has a great sense of humor about himself.I don’t think i Have ever seen a singer who can go so long without taking a breath. C’mon people -who are we to judge anyone? Do you think everyone we watch on TV and movies is straight? Think again. If they vote Adam off, there will be no reason to watch Idol. This 68 yr. old Grandma thinks Adam is hot!

  20. kristin says:

    I honestly could care less who he is kissing as long as he keeps singing the way he does. If he getts voted off I will stop watching Idol. It is a singing competition not on lifestyle.

  21. bonnie555 says:

    the only disturbing thing about all the hoopla surrounding the kiss pictures is that there’s any hoopla at all. this man is beautiful, humble, cool and above all, the only real talent to ever emerge from idols. and i’m a straight woman, and there’s about 20 pics of me snogging girls on facebook! so what! there’s nothing wrong with being gay – but there is something very wrong with being a bigot!

  22. Doris Garnier says:

    I am so glad to have heard such excellent talent from this amazing person (adam lambert). I connect with this humble creature spiritually. I can feel this clean spirit that he possess. Those who speak bad of Adam indeed has a problem. I watch American Idol for the best talent – Never am I interested in a contestant’s preference to his personal life. Just because Adam dress differently and puts his makeup on for his performances does not change my mind about the talent he possess. I am hoping that Adam’s career is not ruin because of what people frown upon. I looked at the pictures and I do not see Adam in a way that I could not still see his clean spirit. There are so many contestants who lead a private life and maybe some of the other male contestants are gay, but they hide it so well. If they are gay, frankly my dear I don’t give a damn – It is the talent I am interested in.

  23. Adam is gifted and damn talented. Strongest vocalist in the history of American Idol. His sexuality is his personal life. Who are we to stop him or change him. We idolised his voice! That’s all matters! There are so many talented gay singers out there guys. GIve Adam a break. Come on! At least he’s honest with his sexuality. It took Clay Aiken 5yrs to admit that he’s gay too. Who cares right. These guys can sing!!! They can sing!

  24. Adam is a gorgeous, brilliant, unique, charismatic, confident, compassionate and massively talented man. Whether he is gay, straight, or bi, shouldn’t be a measure of a man. I say I am jealous of that man he was kissing! I know if someone kissed me like that I wouldn’t let them out of my sight (I’m 31 and been married for years and I still haven’t been kissed with THAT much passion) SO I say kudos to him for having that much passion in his life!

  25. I love Adam and his singing but these pictures are not the best thing to be putting out when he is starting his careeer….A lot of people would not buy his music, not that it affects me but I want him to be a world wide success, since he is so great……
    I don’t care if he has a boyfriend or a girlfriend he i gorgeous and can sing anything….Go Adam….see you at your show in Aug in K.C.Mo….

  26. rhymingrealtor says:

    I know its a little late to be commenting on this post, however I am constantly discovering things here that I missed… A few thoughts.

    thought # 1
    I don’t think he put these pictures out there” per se” they just were -as most people (kids- young adults) have a myspace or facebook, or twitters – where they are always announcing what they are doing at every minute of their lives – that’s just their means of communication – means of communication has always changed thru the years, that’s the new way.

    thought# 2
    Besides talent, Adam has charisma, style, beauty ( in the real quantifiable sense) creativity, a kind way and he exudes sexuality. He is most sexy however when in his own sexual element – which sorry ladies – is men. Take a real look – that is when he is sexiest. A real look not a I don’t like gays look, not an I wish he wasn’t gay look – A REAL LOOK- you will feel it and see it.

    thought# 3
    You can’t change an element about him and have him remain the same. Period.

    Karen from Kearny
    Glamb # 33? I Forgot my number!

  27. rhymingrealtor says:

    About the warning!

    Heterosexuality is in our face ( Not my expression but I am using it) It is in the wedding rings we wear, the announcements in the papers, the pictures we keep on our desks, in the stories we share about our children ( unless you don’t know where children come from) its on most questionnaires ( spouses’ name) you don’t have to look it is always there in all its forms. When we will realize not everyone one is heterosexual. Why don’t homosexuals complain as much about what’s in their face? How many romantic movies are made a year? how many are homosexually romantic? I have yet to see ” You’ve got Male!”

    Oh I am just going on and on. I have to stop

    Karen from Kearny

    • Alexandra Wanha says:

      I totally agree. How many homosexual movies is there? I haven’t seen any that kind of movie at all.
      In American idol, the votes went to Kris Allen, just because of Adam Lambert told that he’s homosexual.
      In that program you should vote on the best singer, not because of…

  28. haha I already loved Adam, and those pics just made me respect him more. Especially the one in that pink dress!

  29. hes hott on 1 picture with jeffree star and the rest are fagalicious!!!!!!!!!

  30. Awwww i dont see anythign worng with it…anyway its both my favorite gay guys…Jeffree Star and Adam Lambert <3 They are all so sweet!!!

  31. hey it’s rockey i know bout dat kiss oh my gosh you kissed a dude sweet hey can we can be special friends that way we can talk too each other k text me at this number k it’s 210-897-8498 k love u dude have a good singing career…….b

  32. Morgan lambert says:

    Heey Heey i love my cousin Adam lambert this is no joke ily hun cant wait to see u lol go on out secret room and go on cam agian haha miss u luv u <3 bye babe

  33. Alicia Emerson says:

    I wish I could kiss that sexy beast

  34. angela v.j says:

    i not belive adam guy…
    know and forever never belive ….
    adam you is boy come on show in….
    i love you adam….

  35. OMG:( Totally nasty. My friend loves him. EYE tell her not two. She never listens. No why? She’s gay too.

  36. de'andrea says:

    I think i that its okay ,nothing is wrong with being gay ,well i am not but you just see love in a different then i do love dede !

  37. de'andrea says:

    you just see love in a different way and i like that about you and your a awsome singer!

  38. Alexandra Wanha says:

    I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with gay people. Adam Lambert, I love him, because he’s openly gay and he has awesome music (of course).
    Gay people (bi too), I actually think that they’re awesome 🙂 I’m straight, but still 🙂
    What’s wrong with the people who hates gay people? That’s just childish. You should accept everyone as we are, that would make the whole world a better place. We all are just humen.

  39. super…i love youre talent adam…i love you!come into roumania please….you are welcome here so come on…we love you… kisses…:* 🙂