Adam Lambert is the real ‘package’ artist


Adam Lambert Package Artist

Adam Lambert Package Artist

xD… that’s a whole lotta love right here. Comment below!


  1. AdamAddict says:

    I’m speechless!!

    I’m smiling…happy…for him!

    • AdamAddict says:

      If there’s a package contest, The winner is ADAM LAMBERT!! LOL!! I vote for him,again!LOL!! Seriously!

  2. adamfanatic says:

    no words are necessary………. i would like to thank the person who posted this pic…….. whoever you are, thank you from the bottom of my heart……. you just made my day wayyy better!!

  3. DS,

    You’re one hella funny guy. I though the article refers to Adam as a real complete package as an artist. Turn out, you talk abt other PACKAGE, lol.
    BTW, I’ve just seen that particular pic few hours ago, and I said to myself. WOW!!!!
    Now I say it again “WOW!!!”

  4. AdamAdmirer says:

    and what a fine package he is!

  5. I’m weak in the knees! My body tingles from my head to my toes! If I said what was on my mind I’d set this page on FIRE!!! And you would have to change your site rating to XXX!!! I’d like to thank whoever took this photo from the bottom of my perverted naughty heart!

  6. lol. eye candy…..yummy!

  7. Lamberkitten says:


  8. Not sure that needs a comment- pretty self-explanatory!!! (I have a reaaaallllllly big smile on my face right now!!)

  9. AdamAddict says:

    Did anyone here love “Prison Break?” I know this is not PB websites but I came here when I feel down. Everytime I saw this picture, I’ll smile.

    PB ending was sucks! I hate it and I cried like a baby. I’ll kill the writer if I see him/her. I hope I won’t cry like that again this week in A.I season finale. I only want to drop tears of joy!

    VOTE ADAM,VOTE ADAM,VOTE ADAM! Make me happy,make all of us happy!

    And Adam, wear this pants in finale,please! LOL!!

  10. InAWEofAdam says:

    Um…Lawd Have Mercy! Shewwwww, don’t know what to say, some times words aren’t sufficient. Shewww

  11. this is where he should start singing :


  12. Adam4Life says:

    *Speechless and drooling* =D

  13. I am stilll fanning myself but come on this picture has been altered or the camera got just the right angle. WOW!!! Who cares I love it.

  14. do NOT think this pic is the REAL deal! i watched the video of this performance and he did not look like this! i think SOMEONE ENHANCED the PIC!…..just sayin’……. but i’d be willing to bet Adam needs NO help from anyone in ANY catagory!! he’s ALREADY PERFECT with or without anything in his “private” area!

    • @cherrylynn4 You’re right – this shot isn’t on the vid you see now on YT. But you may not be aware that YT HAD another version, which was removed while AI was still on – which may be where that photo came from. I don’t know if Zodiac performed this show more than once – but the other video was VERY different! The only reason I know it was removed was because I had it bookmarked and went back to watch it many times – then one day a message came up that said it had been removed – and the version up now was the only one available to see. I keep hoping that when Zodiac finally comes out with their PROMISED movie that it will include the OTHER version!! I keep waiting!

  15. OMFG, all i can say is DAMN what a Glambulge. and What a SEX GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 Ya ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Adam needs no enhancement. It’s the real package.He has also stated that he’s been “blessed!” He also was commando at one GNT venue[New Orleans?] and when he jumped up and down,the package freely moved in all it’s glory! Nothing stuffed. When wearing thin tights he may wear a cup so outline not too prominent. He literally is the whole package. Lucky the man that gets to open that amazing package and enjoy the gift!!