Adam Lambert is SINGLE and ALWAYS LOOKING, he said on FOX WNYW

Watch him at 1:59, he even gives a tiger ROAR to the camera, WOW!


  1. Well well well!!!!!!! Single and looking…funny me too!!!!

  2. ADAMADDICT says:

    me 2. ha, we’re so alike, we should set me up with him!! lol

  3. ADAMADDICT says:

    i wish i were rachel, i think it would be an honor for him to even say my name!!

  4. wEll aDAm sayss..

    AlwaYs looking..

    he said that

    cOz he dId’nt see me Yet,,,

    were both sIngle..

  5. Ahhhhh my name’s Rachel!!! Not the same Rachel who asked the question, but still, he said my name! =D Well, anyways, I’m single, too, Adam… 😉

  6. stepho says:

    I totaly am in love with Adam! Obviously he hasnt met me yet!lol:P

  7. awwwwwwwwwwwwww hes single and looking meh 2 ^ ^ hes gawjus
    when i see him singing i cry and get goose bumps <soz spelling
    butt am only 15 =/ hes 27 =[ still i want to be his gf lol *keep dreamming * lol


    i love u adam lambert babee x
    his hair is like emo and soooo cute xxxxxxxxx

    • Its scene not emo emo is when you have emotional problems and scene is a dressing style. Like me im scene and my hairs awsome its brown with pink,Colbolt blue and purple high lights.

    • Im A Dude And Im Gay As Well And Sexy Adam Isnt Into Girls Sorry Ladies

  8. RaaawR he is a good person 2 *winks *
    how do i know i havent met him hehe x

  9. adam is super hot!!!!! says:

    adam is sooooooo hot!!!!! i mean, like super! he can sing, dance, speak well, he seems really nice. He’s got it all! and he’s so fun!

  10. Wait a minute. stop the clock! Adam said he’s “always looking” and “I am single”. Sooooooooo, what’s he doin’ with the Labry fella????? Was this a lie? Adam said he never lies

  11. Kristina says:

    um guys he’s mine and always will be!!!

  12. Adams mine cuz he is so hot and im gay so if he is looking for a man to love him im the one he should be dating. god i want his body. im 24 so like back off sister he is mine. i love u adam lambert n u can call me anytime. maybe we can hookup or hangout.
    Love U Adam Lambert
    Urz Truely Matt Yakamook

  13. For all of u guys looking for a man call me. and Adams mine. he has such a beautiful face n i love his smile and plus his hair. omg i love him. well im rich so i can go and talk to him. any of u wanna come call me. ill hook u up.
    Call Me Adam

    Matt Yakamook (Adams Next Boyfriend)

  14. adam lambert is single but did you know he is also gay. Even thought he is gay i still love his music i love his song fever it is the best song i have ever heard