Adam Lambert Is Posted On VH-1

Well how exciting is this tweet from Adam? Check it out…

adamlambert-iihy-2223_0-681x10241~adamlambert~Check out all month for a behind the scenes peek into my tour, video and life!



  1. witchyangel says:

    Well. I’ll be checking out VH1 ASAP! GOTTA get tickets for San Diego SUPER ASAP!!

    • I tried getting tickets yesterday at noon, guess they were all sold out, because it kept saying “unable to process” and when I called ticketmaster about it, they said “more then likely that means the pre sale is all sold out”. Major Bummer, all because I didn’t look at my email before 10 am. Figures.

      • Wow, just went on ebay and there’s TONS of tickets for sale at super inflated prices, no wonder they were all sold out by the time I tried, all the ****** ticket scalpers have bought them up. That really sucks for us true fans that cannot afford $250 to $500 per ticket.
        I am so bummed out!! 🙁

        • I so agree with you. I’m sure there are a few people whose plans change and need to sell a couple tickets, but I’ve noticed the ones on this site offer them for what they paid. The scalpers are another matter. They know these tickets are hot items, so they are taking advantage and it makes me furious. I would pay $250 for a ticket, but I would want Adam to be making a percentage of that, not a percentage of $39. I see the horrible images in the Gulf, and I know this isn’t in the same league, but it’s all part of the greed that is so pervasive in our world. I am sick of it wherever it arises. On a lighter note, I found some OPI nail polish, black and a new green, can’t decide which color to use when I go to the Denver concert. I am so ready for this concert. Just thinking about being there makes me want to dance!

          • buffy522 says:

            Don’t blame yourself Linda. I was on line fro the Fan sale, the internet sale and the regular sale for San Francisco and they were sold out immediately. I started to blame myself for not being fast enough on the “security word”. that is wrong. There is just some way scalpers are getting these tickets. They were posted before the fan sales even started. It is an illegal world that I don’t understand. I wonder what they do if they are not sold by the concert date? I’ve heard that tickets get “released” at the last minute, but don’t know how that works either. I have decided that if you can’t get a ticket go right away to the scalping site because there are some people less greedy or less hopeful or whatever and are selling at lower prices. Keep trying!

            • Glamitup says:

              Hey guys! I too tried to get tickets to the Louisville Ky show but couldn’t even get through once! It is a bummer that his TRUE fans can’t get tickets to see him! I can’t really afford scalped tickets either but when has that ever stopped me? Lol. Anyway, I will probably resort to the high dollar ticket because I just feel like I HAVE to be there to see him! Hopefully this tour will go so well that he will get to play bigger venues on his next tour! He deserves to be heard by everyone. He is just that good! GO ADAM!

            • Deb #606 says:

              I’ve given up trying to get tickets to the SanDiego concert. It would be interesting to know, since most of Adam’s events are sold out, how everyone got their tickets and if they had to pay inflated prices. Ticketmaster had nothing available.

  2. Can’t see the VH1 videos in Canada!! Soooo frustrating! Adam? Can you help? Want to follow your tour, baby!!

    • Diane, from Vancouver (River Rock, with nice Adam-fan husband), right? Coming down for one (or both) of the WA venues? Would be great to see you!

    • No doubt will be on You Tube as well!

  3. Judy Lushman says:

    dianed, I seen some of these posted VH1 on Youtube. Check it out

  4. hey adam what’s going on enjoy stay up friend

  5. Not too excited cause we cant see them in Canada …. sucks….

  6. Adamisamazing says:

    Thanks for this information/link! All things Adam on VHI and getting to hear/see how the tour is going… pretty cool. Until I am lucky enough to get tickets, I will be able to follow his success with the Glam Nation tour. And, he is thoughtful and generous enough to let the fans know the inside scoop. Nice consolation for some of us that may not be able to go to his concert. Thanks, Sue!

  7. For folks not able to go to a concert, this is Christmas/Fourth of July/Mardi Gras all rolled in to one. Very grateful to get the inside scoop on what’s happening, and love VH1 for all their support of Adam. His “Unplugged” sessions were just WONDERFUL-and anyone saying Adam has no talent should be forced to watch them “Clockwork Orange” style-and this is another gift.

    Thank you too, Sue.

    Yea!!!!! 😀

  8. I love Adam’s fierce look in this picture – he seem to emote the fierce struggle of the North and South wars, plus the Indian bravura. He looks like some kind of a General plotting for a war, only that his war now and the plot is the GLAMNATION TOUR, where he’ll wrestle with mediocrity, with discrimination and disunity. For no one has a weapon as sharp as his voice and wit, no one has a momentum as the powerful thrust of his personality. And no one has an army , like the Glambs, powered by LOVE that conquers all. Yeah, Glambs off to battle, and who can resist ? Conquer and be the VICTORS ! ! !

  9. If anyone has the know-how to post the vh1 posted videos here…those of us in Canada would LOVE YOU FOREVER! Well, we already love our Glamily here, but we would be forever grateful!

  10. adamfan says:

    Hi fellow Canadians,
    we can probably watch the vh1 videos on the “adam 24/7” site and
    the “adam planet fierce” site or utube and then we can share comments here

  11. jen johnson says:

    i am going to see adam at foxwoods casino- mgm grand on june 24th! soooo looking forward to it!!! i’m a 40 yr old woman who is obsessed w/ adam! i just think he’s gorgeous, very talented, funny…. my friends think i’m crazy- but he puts a smile on my face every day!!!! good luck to adam on his tour!!! xoxoxo