Adam Lambert Introduces His #1 Video on VH1 Countdown

Thank you VH-1 for this great interview and even better #1 video!! ENJOY!!

Adam Lambert dropped by the Vh1 Countdown for an interview and to introduce his #1 video, “Whataya Want From Me”.
The song has been #1 two consecutive weeks, and this is the third #1 in the last 4 weeks. Plus, Idols have taken the #1 spot on the countdown six consecutive weeks:

1/16 – Daughtry, “Life After You”
1/23 – Kris Allen, “Live Like We’re Dying”
1/30 – Adam Lambert, “Whataya Want From Me”
2/6 – Kris Allen – “Live Like We’re Dying”
2/13 – Adam Lambert – “Whataya Want From Me”
2/20 – Adam Lambert – “Whataya Want From Me”

Video: Loreletti

and just so you can see the ENTIRE video…



  1. lovely-good song – love you adam lambert.

  2. I think ‘If I Had You’ for next single is a good choice. When my son heard the album that was his favourite. I work with teens and they say he needs something upbeat and catchy next. Gotta agree. Adam congrats on #1. See you in Vancouver!!

    • I agree jnellie. LOVE that song and think it would be a radio friendly success. Some sites are saying the next single will be Music Again, so I’m glad to hear straight from Adam on which one it will be. I would be happy with either one since I love them both but I think “If I had you” will appeal more to the younger dance crowd. I just want to hear him a LOT more often on the radio! ARE YOU LISTENING DJ’S??!!!

    • Adam is doing real well here in NZ to, On our music channel c4 he has FYE and WWFM running conseculatively on the chart and WWFM is climbing. He is No 2 on most downloaded for the week as well only beaten by Katy Perry with Timberland. Both videos are played heaps on our other music channel as well, and WWFM is played a lot on the radio. It was unfortunate that FYE wqas released first, but I was really surprised to see it at no 10 last week on the top 40.I am also looking forward to next singlr I just love Pick u up. buy also like Music Again and If I had you, and think it will probably be one of these.

      Go Adam, luv ya!!!!

  3. Adamfan or TheresaCanada pls e-mail me at if going to River Rock show.

  4. Oh yeah , i always wish from the beginning that “If I Had You” be the first one come out instead of FYE because it also for dancing with hard beat and less controversial, eventhough the more i listened to FYE I like it more and more. Last night I watched FYE performance at AMA again on YouTube, I really loved the performance in overall. Adam and the dancers are well performed, very artistic. I hope that I had you will have another performance with dancers, it will be awsome. Love ADAM !!!

    Btw, Adam always happened to throw shocking news…. Did you all heard from the news? Now, he discovers something new in his life….he “finally” knows how to enjoy making out with girl (Ke$ha)…hahaha…. I am so happy for him !!

  5. I am not surprise at all! This is a beautiful song! The acoustic one was to die for. Love him and great job from all the voters. Congrats Adam. Love U?

  6. I am waiting for Sleepwalker. Love his live version. And the remix and new songs. I am getting excited about that. The River rock concert is going to be incredible. I can just tell by seeing the theatre and the location. I wish I could go. Wish I was rich and retired. I know you all will liet me know whats up. And thank goodness for that or what would I do. I love this group and cannot wait to meet up at a concert in Northern California or Nevada. Reno would be a dream.

  7. Yes, Renogirl, Sleepwalker is great. While I think “If I Had You” is also a wonderful choice for the next video, it is too bad that the backlash over the AMAs has been such that “Fever” is out of the running because its considered too sexual. It’s like the industry wants Adam to pay and pay for his self expression at the AMAs and the point Adam makes that people are uncomfortable with male sexuality gets underscored when decisions such as If I had You over Fever get made.

    • I think Fever will eventually be released as a single. Once he has a few more hits I think they’ll consider it. One reason they may be holding off is because there is a single out right now by another artist called Fever that is getting spins and that would be a disaster to have them out at the same time. I would eventually love to see Strut, Sleepwalker and Music Again as singles. I also love Aftermath, but hard to say how it would do as a single as I think it’s one of those songs that has to grow on you. So many great single worthy songs, but I may be a bit biased since I have every one of them burned to memory.

      • When the other countries jump all over all his songs and just love him, then maybe they will realize how lucky we are to have raised this talented young man in our country. Let free expression ring clear. Its ok to have lyrics like “I kissed a girl and I liked it” but no male to male lyrics allowed. Hetero Men still have to much to say – sorry to say. Anyway I love fever too and so do the young people.

  8. Oh, and by the way, for you folks who have paid attention to Adam being questioned about whether he knows anything about Johnny Weir. I looked Johnny Weir up on Youtube and the comparisons between Johnny Weir and Adam Lambert are spot on. Definitely Johnny Weir is Adam Lambert on ice. He even makes very similar dance moves and his costumes and his look are veeerrry glittery. As someone who has watched skating over the years what really impressed me about Johnny is the loyalty his audience feels for him and there outspoken support of him, this despite the fact that he is in a very conservative sport. I’m sure that Johnny gets points marked off simply for being gay. My impression is that they really dislike gay men in the skating sport so you have to stay in the closet to succeed. And there is Johnny outright letting the judges know. I mean, simply the costumes. I’ve never seen custumes like this on a male skater. Most of the time male skaters wear black and that’s it; they skate around in a boring way until they jump in the air with a dazzling gymnastic performance. Not Johnny–he’s doing poetry between the dazzling gymnastic jumps. Well, it’s worth checking out for those who haven’t yet done so on youtube. I think if those two–Adam and Johnny–got together, they would have a lot to talk about, and since Johnny has skated to the music of Lady Gaga, it would be great to see him dance to some of Adam Lambert’s music. I think Johnny would do a great job of interpreting it.

    • LoverofLifeNH says:

      WOW! I just went out and watched Johnny Weir perform Lady Gaga’s song Poker Face. Amazing! I agree that Johnny Weir and Adam Lambert should hook up and perform together. Can’t you just see Johnny skating to FYE being sung live by Adam? What a show that would be. Thanks, Elizabeth for turning me on to Johnny. He’s someone I’ll be watching for from now on. 🙂

      • Wow !! that’s true !! Johnny Weir performance is amazing ! You two are right, ADAM should hook up with Johnny Weir and perform together….!!

    • Elizabeth, I didnt catch the question About Johnny Weir to Adam. Did he know of him, they would make a winning combination. Is Johnny American. he is a wonderful skater. thanks for the information.


  9. First of all, thanks Sue for posting Adam’s interview with VH1….i loved it, plus the bonus of the video itself!!!
    Second, I’m THRILLED that “If I Had You” is going to be Adam’s 3rd single….its my absolute favorite on his CD!!!
    And 3rd…a quick response to Elizabeth……there are MANY gay men skaters. Johnny is just more flamboyant than most. John Curry, Randy Gardner, Brian Orser, Toller Cranston, Dick Button, Brian Boitano and Rudy Galindo who died of aids………just to name a few. There are many more whose names aren’t as recognizable.
    They were all huge stars in the skating world during their time!!!

    • Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

      Yes, gay men have always been in skating, but they kept that quiet in front of the judges who are notoriously conservative from my memory. But it has been a while since I watched skating so I could be wrong.

    • Donnaw, I didn’t know that Rudy had died, that makes me very sad. I haven’t been watching Ice Skating for sometime, the last that I watched Rudy was on the top, he was such a great skater and he did have a hard time with the Judges because of the way he dressed but then the way the Judges could judge changed all that. I just thought that Rudy had finished with the competion and had gone on to teaching like Brian Botino and many others. Rudy had a hard fight to get to the top, I had watched him all the way. So sorry that he went this painful way.
      I had thoughts of the same about Adam and Johnny, but Adam is much more mature and doesn’t want to fight with the world and Johnny would cause Adam all kinds of heartache, of course,,,what do I know,,,just want Adam to be happy and loved by someone of his choice, someone to go home to when he gets done with all the singing, photo shoots & interviews….

      • Hi Lee~ You got me thinking about Rudy passing on and i checked the web and you’re right…he’s still alive and fighting HIV! He wrote a book about his struggles a few years ago and i had heard (wrongly) that he had died. He’s an incredible spirit and thank God he’s still an inspiration to other young skaters!

  10. Evette #419 says:

    I’ve been away from my e-mail for a few days and haven’t had any news on ADAM….OMG how i missed him!!!

  11. YES !!!!!!!! finally the U.K tabloids ( daily Star) are heralding the arrival of Adam in the U.k in March and again April when his C.D is launched here !
    they headline how much British bands have influenced his life and music.( Queen ,Robert plant, Muse etc
    Already i am planning my rail trip to London to hopefully get a glimpse at his scheduled radio station interviews..

    would be grateful of any tips how we can be invited- as support fans- to attend his venues from yourselves and Canadian fans who have already done so. I would like to keep in touch with other U.K glam members on this site, as well as Lambrits U.k
    We want to make Adam feel welcome and much LOVED, while he is away from his home and family/friends xxxx sorry to have hijacked thread a bit xx

  12. p.s- Volto ? wont let the music videos above be opened up out of your country – due to copyrights …
    i hope that doesnt happen to you – when he is videod in england 🙁

    i guess i’ll just have to darn well wait til he gets here to see his music vid lol xx

  13. KailuaGirl1966 says:

    Every day, I wake up and go straight to my computer and log on to this site. For the last couple of months, I have been disappointed, as most of the “news” is a few days old and unlike before, we rarely receive notice of up and coming events (i.e. Adam’s appearances on TV, Radio or in magazines). I so enjoy reading the comments of my fellow Glambs and of course anything about Adam! So what has happened or why is information after the fact? I was very disappointed to have missed magazines featuring Adam.
    Glamb #394

    • Suzanne – I’ve noticed this as well. Since the website crashed a few weeks ago, I haven’t seen any posts from Carol…she did a great job of keeping us up to the minute on Adam. This was always the best site…I hope it gets back on track!

  14. Adam still -in my opinion- gets it wrong-FYE made some people uncomfortable because of lines like “I/m gonna hurt you real good’ and the sound of whip-we loved Whole Lotta Love-it’s not sex that offends, FYE ‘s lil bit of S&M hurt the entite song. I knew what would happen the minute I heard that lyric. And I knew the “playful’ Bondage garbage thrown on stage was not representative of the majority at all, not at all. Take that lyric out of the song and it would have done better,. Adam can sing any sexual song he wants, just never sing a bondage line again, Ever.There are great songs before the 80s -ballands and rock-that are beautiful music- but need a great vocalist-Adam is the answer.

    • Judy Lushman says:

      Ianaleah, I don’t agree with you on this one. I don’t think it was the words of the song that hurt Adam so much as what he actually did on the AMA’s – kissing/simulation of oral sex toward the same sex. There is a group here in Canada that has a very S & M song on the radio and the video is doing excellent as well, #3 or #4 most times. It shows an older woman tying a young guy up in her closet and causing an electric shock to him while he is in bed. Their name is Hedley. We love them here in Canada. But, there was no gay gestures toward anyone in this video, simulation of oral sex, kissing same sex.. What bothers people the most is not S & M imagery, or words of such, it is gay sex. People are homophobic, simple as that.

    • I agree that the S&M lyrics of FYE hurt the whole song and that
      the bondage stuff thrown on stage did not represent the majority.

      But the performance on the AMA’s scared people away
      from Adam expressing anything sexual (just look at the
      fallout from the gay kiss).

      All the young people here like “Fever” way better than the
      other songs on the album, but the words are “there HE goes,
      my baby walks so slow” and the public again balks at the
      gay issue. Lots of artists have songs with sexual content.
      Think of the difference if he sang “there SHE goes” – there is
      a double standard for sure.
      ps. Google “Adam 24/7” for up to the minute coverage of what
      Adam is up to. Making out with Kesha – yuk!
      Headin home with Brad? be careful honey

      • I think Fever is being held off as a single right now because there is a single out right now by Cascada called Fever that is getting a lot of radio play and it would be a disaster to have two songs with the same title out at the same time. I have no doubt that it will be a single in the future as it is too catchy a song to not release. That one little pronoun won’t even be noticed by most.

      • I thought that we had moved on from the AMA performance but seeing that the subject has been brought up again I would just like to say that I enjoyed every bit of Adam’s AMA performance…Adam’s impromptu moments did not faze me at all and, in fact, I was shocked at peoples ‘over the top’ reaction. As for the lyrics…I don’t think people take the lyrics of songs that seriously…do they ? FYE is not the only song with raunchy lyrics. Back in the 80’s we had a band here in OZ called the DIVINYLS. Two of their songs “Pleasure and Pain” and “I Touch Myself” couldn’t have been more raunchier and no one battered an eyelid …and that’s 20 years ago !!!! Cannot help but agree with Judy…”people are homophobic, simple as that”.

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  15. ( this is just my oppinion)
    Adam wants to be a bad boy of Rock – if thats the case he is being true to himself.
    Other wise he might as well change his name to Adam Aitkin Or Kris squeaky clean Gokey .
    He could have played it safe in a lot of ways and probably have won A I
    but thats not what its about with Adam – be true to yourself he says..
    I’m an ageing grandma- i was depressed about it- i’m now a born again Glam Ma- and i dont care what the heck anyone thinks – when i go and support him i’ll be MUTTON DRESSED AS GLAM
    but my soul is now sooooooo happeeeee
    lighten up folks – lifes too short ( especially at my age! )
    He’s topping the charts with his music -who listens to the lyrics anyways? if they do- then shame on mothers of little girls who alow them to listen to Lady GaGa while she’s ‘Huffin’ with her Muffin’ and her ‘love glue gunning’ if they know what she’ s on about- then they are beyond innocent – dont you think? i’d rather be ‘hurt real good’ then hurt real bad- its just in the mind of the beholder-.

    • Idolize !! Yay !! you speak for me !! That is exactly what i am thinking. I am happy like hell since i got to know Adam. I enjoy much i can . It’s not easy to find something that please your “ears” lately. Music in the last 2 decades is grossed ! I have no complaint about ADAM, I am not his mother, I am his teacher and he is not my student. I respect people who they are, there is something you like more or less in someone does not mean you have to right to correct people how to be this and that. Never in history, someone started to complaint about this and that in an artist they like to hear. Adam is such a nice and caring person and people take it for granted. Look at the example of Micheal Jackson, he has brought happiness so many people and then people start to criticizing him and caused so much pain for him. His death is the result of what people had done to him . Now he died and suddenly people started to buy his CD, DVD, give him awards and talked greatly about him and wish he is still alive to bring more to the music world. That B*Sh*t !! People are disgusting !! They caused his death indirectly. They should have appreciated him and be a loyal fans. They should love him unconditional for what he has given them – happiness !! The majority of people don’t mind of what ADAM has done on AMA, people are WRONG !! only a minority of closed minded people make a fuss out of it. Then other people started to follow which they did not see anything wrong in the first place. The media is always ^%$^&**. I never believe what the media said. They exaggerate all times and make scandal.. That is how they make a living. I don’t care what they said. I enjoy ADAM and know how to enjoy my life. Yes /IDOLIZE is absolute right !! Life is short. Believe me !

      • ooops…. mistype ,fourth line should be : I am “not” his teacher

        • IDOLize and Libraglam……I so much love your posts. I can certainly relate to your feelings. Your posts are inspiring & positive and I thank you.

          Love, Yvonne (Australia)


    Exclusive behind the scenes footage of Adam Lambert’s video For Your Entertainment

    • That is ‘For Your Entertainment’ oops and it probably is not new but first aired on Canadian Space. Anyway I never saw it so I though maybe some of you all may not have either. Anyway Wish I was Going it the 2/27 concert. Hope those who are have one of the best days of their lives. Just meeting some of you in person should be exciting.

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Thanks renogirl, I have not seen this behind the scene making of the FYE video. It’s unfortunate, that it was not received well by everyone. The song/music has such a nice tempo, very sexy and “danceable”and a very theatrical video. Very artistic!!

        • I totally agree with you. I love the old hotel and costumes not to mention the dancing and Adam with the snake. Jungle scene is awesome too. I love the video. Had to get it off itunes. Love it. I think it will get new life when time passes. Watch what happens in Canada and overseas.

  17. If I Had You is an excellent choce for Adam’s next video.
    Yes , it is too bad about Fever,as it’s a great song.
    I also love Pick U Up. Anyway, we love the anticipation.

  18. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Well, Sleepwalker. I want to tell you, that song is special and sooner or later it is going to take off.

  19. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Also, for those of you who have been following the ice skating conversation, there is a video on YouTube which shows ice skater Nick LaRoche dancing to Adam Lambert singing “I Just Love You.” It is an absolutely beautiful version of the song and it was done before Adam participated in American Idol. If you want to see what a collaboration between Adam and an ice skater can result in, take a look. It is truly a pleasure to view.

  20. Lots of lovin’ Adam Lambert. We’re waiting for more lovin’ from you. Sure, there’s sexy and the unholy in FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT, but you tempered it with your tears in WHATAYA WANT FROM ME? We’re excitedly waiting for the next video “IF I HAD YOU”, and the other videos of the rest of the songs in the album. We’re keeping our fingers crossed, hoping that everything will be smooth sailing. The best is yet to come from you. Make history. You are a trailblazer.

  21. AdamAddict says:
    Thanks to Adam,Bylcream will make more profits this year!LOL!

  22. I love all of Adams cd….and I have been voting and hoping we can keep him at #1 on vh1….I hope he is going to do “If I had you”.


  24. Let’s keep voting (just like when he was on Idol) and keep Adam at #1 where he belongs.

  25. For anyone within travelling distance of Vancouver (Canada),
    they have added a second show for Adam the night before the sold out one.
    It will be April 8 at the Red Robinson show theatre, another casino
    within driving distance of the April 9 concert. Tickets will go on
    sale this Thursday, Feb 25. They are about $100 at or phone
    604 280 4444.

  26. Dianne Hill says:

    There has been so much happening with Adam this past week, but this site is still stagnant. Where are all the Dare videos of Adam reading out the fan’s questions, where are the Pop Coutre interviews of Adam.

    Oh well, I guess the numbers will just keep dwindling on this site, such a shame.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I meant Chat videos, not Dare – there are about six of them and are awesome – as usual. It is great to see Adam reading out new and interesting questions, these kids can show the media how things are done – don’t ask the same old questions time after time.

      • Saw all this on other sites, yes this site is really behind and numbers dropping off bit by bit, such a shame I liked this user friendly site, but now go elsewhere for up to date stuff. such as the telephone saga, all that Dianne mentioned and also the Susan Boyle carry on, which some sites not all are het up, but there are just as many praising Adam, I have seen the clip. also heard the interview with the caller her self and she said he did it in a jokey way and blew her kisses etc after. I dont believe too

        much now unless I hear it or see it from Adam himself.

  27. Dianne….Those Pop Coutre interviews are wonderful! ADAM at his very best!!!!!

  28. Hi fans….please go to the article sites for the whole issue of Adam’s comments on Susan Boyle. I strongly believe they are taking his remarks out of context and trying to smear him as they did after AMA’s. I think Adam was laughing at her cd being classified as Pop or Rock…not at her personally..No way is her cd either on of those…yet media constantly says it is…it is adult easy listening….I in addition did not find her cd great….it is ok….I agree…her version of Wild Horses is ok…not great…She is a novelty…due to her story…People on the blogs on the site are being very nasty about Adam…We need to stand up for him…again….I wrote a long blog trying to do such…..Adam does so much for many charities…Susan has done nothing as far as I know and you know she is rolling in money…Makes no sense to list her as either pop or rock and to idealize her…If she had been on Idol …(ignore age)…she would have been cut…

    • I know K! I cant believe there is nothing new on here talking about this situation because I am freaking out over all of this backlash against Adam and I just have to trust that his comments WERE taken out of context as I think he has indicated on his twitter acct. ! I am sick of always having to defend him to stupid people who are ALWAYS looking for ways to bring him down! I really hope that he would not say all of those things exactly the way the tabloids have quoted him because I would have to say “Really Adam?” I love this guy but I wish sometimes he would think about what he was saying and how it will possibly be misconstrued in the media. Now to the cell phone debate! I am trying to defend what he said and I CAN do that all the way up to the part where he says ” This ain’t tv honey” . I just thought that was kinda really mean! I don’t know why the girl was on the phone but I kept thinking what if that was me yelling to a friend and telling them I was front row at Adam Lambert’s concert and jumping up and down and being loud because I was so excited and then all of a sudden everything stops and Adam starts bashing me! I would just die! Maybe that wasn’t the situation but I don’t know. I think I am rambling here so sorry! Just want someone to talk to! I love him! That will never change. He is awesome!

  29. I feel bad for Adam that the AMA performance came so quickly after his career is taking off. It just wasn’t the right time for him to do what he did and get away with it easily. Yes, it’s double standards because Madonna and Britney did it as well as many others but I just think he was too new. I think all the “misquoting” going on with him and the press after him will die down after awhile and he will get back on track . He’s such a great talent. I think the young generation isn’t as homophobic and he will recover. There’s a young kid on youtube, 17 or 18 yrs old that does some Adam covers that is amazing and he doesn’t seem detoured by bad press about Adam. His name is Blare LeVoir , check him out. Adam should be thrilled with that kind of talent that is trying to model after him. The kid is amazingly talented. All in all I think Adam will rebound as long as he keeps it under reigns..He’s got mad skills and is beautiful he just doesn’t need to be so SHOCKING!! My two cents..

  30. RE: the SuBo thing. IMO, I think it would be best not to even address any of the haters at the sites making their hateful remarks. If we don’t feed them, they’ll have no one to answer to. They’ll basically be talking amongst themselves…& how much fun is hate when no one cares??? Besides, from what I hear, The Brits are not that crazy about her, it’s the people here who have bought the majority of her cd’s! (and I can almost bet THOSE people will never buy Anything by Adam.) I have read that the Brits have said more hateful things about her personal looks & her cd than what Adam has been reported saying. He didn’t attack her as a person, just that he didn’t like the cd or her rendition of Wild Horses. (Personally I hated her rendition of Daydream Believer as well!) Adam is going over to the UK fairly soon & I’m sure he’ll have an opportunity to address that article with more detail than just being misquoted, if he has to. I can almost bet that the cool Brits will kinda like the fact that he liked the Stones original over hers. After all, the Stones are real icons. And, who said that Boyle couldn’t be criticized anyway? Even Simon Fuller has said that the phenomenon of Susan Boyle was bizarre. The “cell phone” incident, a non issue. Everyone pretty much agrees that that girl was wrong, even Bill O’Reilly, as much as I hate to type that! Heee!

  31. Hey you guys!!!

    To change the subject…does anyone know who made or where Adam got the necklace he is wearing in the WWFM video. I absolutely love it and would like to have one like it! Please reply!

    Thanks to all my Glam Fans out there!

  32. Adam is hot and his music FABULOUS. I love all of it! Who cares if he is gay or outrageous. He is FUN! All that crap with the AMA’s (Best show ever.. thank you Adam!) and the Boyle controversy. LOL