Adam Lambert interview with SIRIUS XM’s Larry Flick

Watch Adam talk to SIRIUS XM’s Larry Flick about one of the tracks off his new album, “For Your Entertainment” written for him by Muse.



Adam says he has a polarizing effect — and he’s really glad to have that. “Eccentric, weird and nuts,” is how he describes his new album — and “I was just interpreting the lyrics of the song” he talks more about his controversial AMAs performance.



Adam Lambert says he suffered from “ugly duckling syndrome” but learned to love himself anyway.



Adam talks about mixing the masculine with the femenine.

How does one person manages to have so many interviews and make each one so interesting?

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  1. He’s so adorable…I didn’t know he weighted 250 pounds *_* I’m sure he was beautiful inside and out even then!

  2. GREAT INTERVIEW and Larry Flick asked great questions…

    ADAM articulate as ever….

    HE LOOKS GORGEOUS (as usual) !!!!

    LOVED IT !!!!

    • Dee,

      Agree, agree, agree.

      I think that those expressions like: “as ever”… “as usual”…”always”.. , and some others in the same line we are using nowadays to describe ADAM , shows how GREAT he “always” will be for us.

      He knows we will support him whatever, “as usual” , and also we know that every time he will performe awesome and will look gorgeous “as ever”.

      Evelize – GLAMB 80


    • Dee, oh yeh!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      ADAM is priceless!!!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        ADAM’s interviews lately have been really good. It’s like we’re actually getting to really know him for the first time. BTW, his mouth is so beautiful & sexy, I wished I was his keyboard player.

        • Amen to that one!! I would love to have been the keyboard player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forever….

        • KIMBER….

          I find it interesting that his keyboard player, Tommy, NOW PLAYS THE GUITAR and the blonde girl is playing the keyboard !!!! Interesting…I wonder why????

          • AdamRocks! says:

            I believe that Tommy was always the bass player, but was playing the keyboards for that performance.

            Cindy in MS
            Glamb #37

            • Cindy, when I was watching the show, I thought he kissed Lisa at first, knowing she was playing keys. All I saw was Adams face and then him grabbing who I thought was a girl. Didnt realize Tommy had that much blond hair.

            • I believe in the rehearsal , Adam grabbed Tommy’s hair, they decided the scene looked better if there isn’t a bass between them so Tommy played keyboard instead. In the performance when Adam grabbed Tommy, he decided to kiss him after the grab.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Yes, you’re right Cindy, Tommy is the bass player but also plays keyboards.

        • kimber, oh yes I want to kiss those sexy lips. Loved the interview where he said his Glambulge is his favorite body part. OMG, he is so into us and what his fans love……

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            And we’re sooooo into HIM!!!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Everyone always focused on Adam’s eyes and yes I think they are SO beautiful, but I always thought he had such a luscious mouth! Don’t worry Dianne, the tongue is still yours!! (but can we share maybe?)

            • Dianne Hill says:

              Seeing you asked so nicely Helen, of course we can share. He has got luscious lips, his whole mouth is soooooo sensuous.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            About his glambulge….do you remember where that term came from. Did we initiate it here on this site or somewhere else. You know how we’re always wondering if he reads any of our posts or on any sites. Apparently, he must, or how would he know about the glambulge. Oh, by the way, my favourite body part of his too, although it was a really tough decision. Let’s see, his hair, his eyes, his mouth, his tongue, his teeth, his arms, his fingers, his legs…..oh wait…..his bulge, that’s it!

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              I’m thinking the Glambulge was here on this site. First of all, the Glamb part, secondly, no one talks about the Glambulge like we do!! LOL!! & We need to get all the credit we can get since the Glamberts are mostly mentioned. ADAM needs to know us , we’re a pretty cool group of people.
              Sorry to change subject, but I miss a few particular people on this site. I’m going to cry here because I feel like they are a part of us & we them. So SAD!!! :(((((( Please come back!!!! :((((( I need a big GLAMBHUG please!

              • Dianne Hill says:

                There are plenty of us still here to give you a Glambhug Kimber, don’t you worry about that.

                Big hugs and love to you.

                • Lisa Imbruglia says:

                  Hi all about the Glambulge. I was reading it on idf months ago… so I dont think there is any point in trying to figure out who was first as many people move from site to site using the same terminology.
                  Not trying to burst anyones bubble.
                  Who’s missing?

            • Helen, I do believe our site started talking about the famous Glambulge first. Havent seen it on others. I think he reads when he can……………..:)
              oh my , he must get a kick out of us. he loves all the hornyness…………………”Intense bunch we are, intense”””””HAAA

              • I think so too, Mary, in fact I think it started when we first talked abut “Adam’s pants” even before Jeanette posted pics of them In particular were those greyish satin ones, remember? He was with Cheeks then? and they posed. I must have them somewhere in my collection. The way the pants fit, they were slinky but almost quilted, very unusual, but we weren’t looking at the pants anyway. LOL

          • Haha, whoa – when did he say that?

          • Micki (Glamb 535) says:

            Mary – what interview did Adam say that? I thought I’d seen or heard most, but I’ve not seen that one I don’t think. I don’t have the best memory, but I’m sure I’d remember if I’d seen/heard him say that! Do you have a link? Pls?

        • ME TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUCKY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    this was also a good interview

  5. Another great interview with Adam. He is so amazing. I loved it!

  6. Very good interview, good questions and answers. Adams voice is polarizing to me. Not only his singing voice, but listen to the tone here! Good God, I want under the toga sheet with him. “Its sheety,”hahahha.


      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        I want to be under the sheets w/ ADAM too! We’re going to need a very large sheet!!

        • kimber and Dee, after that performance on the AMA’s, HA , he’ll take us all under the sheets………………

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Oh, if I had one wish in this world………….OK, Helen focus (slapping myself). What a vision!

            • Ha, Oh Helen, I know what ur thinkin…………..

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              Oh you naughty girl! Speaking of naughty, I came across the cutest advertisement this morning while I was at work. I was looking at Christmas candy & I came across Palmer’s ” Santa’s Coal”. A llittle bag of chocolate crispy coal-shaped candy. And what did it say on the label? It said, “Santa’s Coal, Being Naughty Never Tasted So Good”!!!! LOL!!!!! I loved it ! & who did I think of when I saw this? Mr. ADAM LAMBERT! that’s right! It was so perfect! I just had to share that w/ all of you. Please feel free to share your thoughts.
              Today I listened to “Pick U Up”, his vocals are just amazing. He has so much control over his vocals, as far as I’m concerned, he is able to go anywhere w/ them vocals. Just like he did on ama, even though his vocals weren’t well recieved. Thank you! I love you MASTER ADAM!!!

              • kimber, Ha love how you thought of Adam when reading about the naughty chocolate xmas candy! “Being naughty never tasted so good” Ha so love that.
                Oh yeh, “Pick U Up” one of my favs. for sure, his vocals and the melody, gets me high. Thats one of the tracks he wrote too!


  8. Love, love, love Adam!

  9. I am a little late is hearing these interviews as I found them on another site and zeroed in on Youtube as I often do, to read the ‘comments’ posted on anything about Adam. It’s amazing how just since the AMA night or maybe since the last few days’ appearances on TV plus the verbal fallout, that more and more people have come to ‘know’ Adam. Oh, not know him the way we do, but recognize his existence and his talents. Now they are ‘oohing and ahhhing’ about his intelligence, his charisma, his eloquence, his humour… sound familiar?

    This is fantastic, isn’t it? The more who know Adam, the more who love him, all is good!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Terry, don’t mean to be a stick in the mud, but, I’m still worried about the radio play. Without media support Adam may not do as well as we want him to. Reports are saying that the initial onslaught of his cd sales was by his fans who know him and now that his diehard fans have purchased, his song is falling off the charts. Anyone hear anything about this?
      You are right, the more who know Adam, the better for him. But I really think he needs support from the radio to do well. Please comment if you are hearing his song on the radio in your area. I’m still not.

      • I haven’t heard it either. . . I always check the three top 40 stations in my area to see what they’ve played that day. . . and every time I call either station, the phone just rings and rings. 🙁

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

    • Terry, I have to tell you all. When I picked my son up at school the other day, I had my CD playing and he and his friend was saying how they think Adam is really cool. Then they go on to say since seeing him perform on the AMA’s so many kids are into him now. Yes thats right, he is getting himself out there to more people than ever. People that never watched Idol. These young kids dig Adam. I’m talking about 15-16-17yrs olds here. Glad to know the younger generations are getting into his music.
      Adam you Rock my man……………..

      • Same here Mary. I loaded my daughter’s IPOD with Adam’s CD and the feedback I got is……It’s a great album ! Yeah ! BTW, my daughter’s 19 yrs old and not a fan of AI. Now, she is slowly getting into Adam’s songs. Another potential fan is my older sister who loves to dance. Wait till she hears the CD ! I’m giving her one just so she can discover Adam. Next, I will influence my sons, then my husband…then my entire clan ! Oh, the radio is playing TFM right now and the DJ just said , so many have been calling and requesting for the song….YES ! GO ADAM LAMBERT ! !

        • Helen/Canada says:

          That is all very encouraging news! I’m very happy with that info. Let’s keep it up and spread the word!
          ADAM ROCKS!!!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Oh, by the way, read an article that said RCA is marketing Adam overseas more than in the US. That may be why you’re hearing the songs over there??? and not so much here???

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              I truly believe we are witnessing a worldwide star emerging! This is so freakin’ awesome! I have never gone thru something as big as this other than the 10 hrs of birthing labor to my daughter LOL! W/O an epiderral?!!!!!

            • There was kind of delayed reaction here. I think I was one of the earlier callers requesting for TFM right after it was launched. The DJ was kinda lukewarm to it at first because it was still very new and they were giving more air time to the more popular artists. 2012 just premiered and I just figured, probably, after they see the movie and here the song, they will start requesting for it. It took awhile, but hey……it’s happening !!

              My son just reported that he hears it more often now and is beginning to like it. I tune in to the same radio station which they recommended. So without me forcing them to listen to Adam and getting a negative reaction, they get to hear him from a source they respect musically and that makes Adam sooo cool.

        • glamasia, wonderful so glad you are getting your family into Adamania! Did you say your sister loves to dance? Well she is in for a great time with Adams CD. She can dance her
          bootie off all night longgggggggggggggg…………………. Love it!

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            Just gave 1 of my friends 1 of my copies of ADAM’s . She liked ADAM’s ama performance. I know she will enjoy & recognize his gift.

            • I was at 2 stores tonight and Adams CD is selling very well! YAY ! Each store only had a couple left. Hope they restock soon………:)

              • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                I chkd my WM, I bought 3 & there were 11 still remaining, of course in OK it’s mostly country I guess, cunderwood is from ok? Don’t care, next payday I’m buying another.

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Yes, Mary. I downloaded it from i-tunes, so I went to buy a hard copy tonight. One of the record stores was out of it, but I found it in Walmart!

          • Yup ! I truly believe she will enjoy the CD. Its her type of dance music, fast pace and happy . She dances regularly with friends as a form of exercise. I’m sure she will recommend it to her dancing buddies. Yesterday, after a refreshing massage, the masseuse asked if she could hitch a ride and be dropped off at the bus station. While in the car with Adam’s CD playing, I told her that’s the guy we are all crazy about during AI and this is his first CD. Her reaction was, he has a very beautiful voice and SINGS SO CLEARLY she could actually understand the lyrics, unlike other singers who eat their words. I was surprise with that comment coz we never talk about music. She has an ear for discerning crap versus real music. I will go buy an Adam CD for her .

  10. I love him in this interview, he seems so relaxed

  11. Wow another great job. Thank you Larry – Adam does his best interviews with like people.

  12. Just love Adam in these interviews. He looks just so gorgeous and the Adam who captured my heart during Idol!

  13. I don’t know why,but every time I see him in an interview or appearance,I’m newly shocked at how gorgeous he is;like I didn’t know it before.I know that sounds crazy but there it is!

  14. AdamAddict says:

    Listen when he said he was ugly and fat when he was a kid.Like Jerry O’Conell.He was over weight kid.And the “doctor”,can’t remember his name or the tv show,LOL but he was a nerd when he was young.Both turn good looking now.Adam will make a trend for girls to date a fat and nerd and weird and freak guys in school.LOL!If they didn’t change when grow up,well to bad for the girls!LOL!!It’s a risk!haha! 😛

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Emili, you are absolutely amazing. I love you so much. I just love your way of thinking, especially where Adam is concerned. Hugs to you. Love Dianne.

    • AdamAddict, you are something else. Yes the beauty queens and kings in high school are now the fat and uglies and the nerds are the hotties. Ha……… In Adams case it all certainly worked out for him.

    • AA, I also noticed when Larry was making light of the overweight issue with Adam, Larry was laughing?, not Adam he was soo serious. Poor guy, remembers to well how he used to not feel so good about himself. Well not now baby, he is Smokin Hot for sure……………………

  15. Wonderful interview no matter Adam does or says he is just simply amazing. Saw him at the Morning Show and gave him a glass Rose, he said thank u very much I thought I was gonna die right there have photos also will send asap.

    • merrie, lucky you! I think that is wonderful and would love to see your pics. I am sure you have’nt come down to earth yet. Mmmmmmmmmwah

    • merrie, lucky you my dear. Cant wait to see your pics. He is a dream, did you get a good look into his beautiful eyes? Totally mezmerizing……………

  16. wow -finally an interviewer who asks interesting questions!~ Since Adam *always* gives interesting answers!

  17. lisa taylor says:

    The big question about why female performers can get away with sexy performances has a simple answer. Men are turned on by it, it gives them pleasure.
    Adam is great. Love him even more after this interview. I am glad he is getting radio time.

  18. lamamasita says:

    I don’t know why ABC is making such a big deal of Adam kissing a man. There is a soap opera on every day at 2:00 (One Life to Live), that for the past couple months has a story line about gay couples and the men involved have kissed at least 5 times!!!! It was 11 PM when Adam did it. Like Adam said, it’s a different story when they women do it. Adam’s new CD is amazing. I hope his career skyrockets despite the AMAs.

  19. Helen/Canada says:

    Great interview as always. How can one man be so articulate, intelligent, charming, playful and beautiful all wrapped up in one amazing package!

  20. I love all the interviews that Adam has been giving after the AMA’s. He’s not afraid to be who he is.
    He’s so loveable, and handsome. His voice is mesmerizing & watching him just talking holds me glued to the computer. Adam is bound for superstardom! No doubt.!
    Love this interview!!

  21. I love Mr. Flick’s open mindedness, his the type of person we want living on this planet. Adam was very comfortable and as always just always being himself. His pure genius, honest, charmning, and articulate. A class act. Did I say his also Gorgeous! 😉

  22. Great interviews, Adam!!!!
    Very open, sincere and articulate.

    I like this short article about Adam on Digital City by Carly Milne:

    With the way he’s being forced to defend himself, you’d think Adam Lambert murdered someone.

    The American Idol alum took on The Early Show after he was axed from Good Morning America, telling host Maggie Rodriguez, “I think it’s up to the parents to discern what their child is watching on television.

    “Lady Gaga smashing whiskey bottles, Janet Jackson grabbing a male dancer’s crotch, Eminem talking about how Slim Shady has 17 rapes under his belt – there was a lot of very adult material on the AMAs this year and I know I wasn’t the only one,” he finished.

    On the heels of Lambert’s sexually charged performance on Sunday night, ABC netted 1500 complaints – which really isn’t all that much, when you consider that the show had 14.2 million viewers. Plus, the show was up 2 million from the year previous, and had the best ratings since 2002.

    So congrats, Adam! You’ve done what hasn’t been possible for quite a long time – you’ve gotten people to talk about the AMAs long after they’re over.

    • Right on Gala. Hey what did you think of the show being there in the flesh??

    • Well said, love your post, Gala! Mmmwah

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I’m sitting here listening to the cd and the more I hear Whataya Want from Me, the more I love it. Adam’s voice is hauntingly beautiful in it. I feel like this is Adam’s anthem. Not just the circumstances of this week but everything that has lead up to it. So many people wanting a piece of him and so many expectations of him. No wonder his adrenaline was pumping on Sun. night. It was the culmination of months and months of speculation and scrutiny. Poor Adam. I hope this blows over and he can finally have a chance to catch his breath. Love him so much, what a beautiful soul he has.

      • Helen, well put. Love the song too! I change up my favorites all the time. They are all so good. Last night I kept playing “Fever” over and over. Oh yeh, his vocals……………to good.

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          OOOHHHH ! I love WWFM & FEVER too! WWFM should be a hit! I love his sexy vocals in Fever. ADAM Has wonderful vocal highlights in all the songs. The man is gifted & magical!Don’t care about no other entertainer or music artist. ADAM is my true love.

      • Helen…..I too just love ‘ Whataya Want From Me’. Taped it from David Letterman show and now I can watch him on the ‘big screen’ all day !!! Can never get enough of him….want him so badly (oops!! was that rude !!!)…….

        Loved your post.

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  23. oliver summer says:

    He’s a lovely, young man trying to make a place for himself. I believe the AMA’s was just one side to Adam Lambert. In time, we will get to see who he is, what he wants us to see and hopefully his talent will exceed the hysterical hypocrites.

  24. OMG- Where are the over 50 Glamberts like myself who must see the Elvis resemblance more in this interview than ever! Elvis and Adam hang side by side around my computer area , so 24/7 there are the “sheety moments!” Awesome interview from both sides. The new Elvis in Adam’s body has that same wonderful sense of humor, but is wiser. He will not be anyone’s puppet. Thank you, Sirius, and hope YouTube leaves the posts on awhile.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      That’s funny, cause I kept on thinking about Elvis too. ADAM must be a “multiple reincarnation”.
      Elvis, Freddy, J Morrison(poet), MJ, although Plant & Bowie are still alive, their inspiration for ADAM is still there.

    • Alcrazy, we’re here! Yes, he looks so much like Elvis but definitely wiser and more dynamic!

  25. I still haven’t heard any of his songs on the radio. Has anyone been hearing them.

  26. Adam is so well spoken. He speaks intelligently, and thoughtfully. He chooses what he says carefully. when asked, “can you come to our country, are you going to join this band, are you going to collaborate with this performer”? His responses, are always, “I hope so”, or “that would be fun” or something to that nature. And then on the “issues” side of things, he is quick on his feet with even the most difficult of questions. I think this is why I am always fascinated by his interviews. I could, and do, listen to or watch his interviews over and over.

    DREAMSOUND: It would be wonderful if you would start a thread for postings of just Adam Interview Links. I may not always post but I come to your site daily. Then I search the web for anything else Adam that is out there. It would really be cool if there was a thread here that all off us could post Adam interviews on. Like the one on this page from Lisa. I would never have found that on my own. Just something to think about. 🙂 thanks.

  27. love it when hey says “dig into me” with that amazing smirk!

    • lamberghini says:

      Speaking of flirting…check out the tweets between “glitterbaby” and “babyboy.” The YouTube’s are replaying the kiss that rocked the world. Not that Adam doesn’t always have his flirt on, I think he might be smitten.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        The first time I saw Tommy, I thought, “Oh, just Adam’s type”. So cute, too bad, he’s straight!

        • Not sure if this Kradam or Adommy video has been posted but here it is..

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            OOOOHHHH! Damn ADAM! Why do you have to be so frkn hot?! What does it mean “who’ll he choose?” Kris is not just married, he seems to me well on his own way. But there’s always their friendship. If Tommy is straight, not no mo’! LOL!!! He is one frkn lucky dude! So jealous! I think I’m going to have to watch that vid again, I think Tommy just got laid! LOL!!!

            • Ha ha ha, well on the idolforums site they are madly talking about both Adam and Tommy and how close they were, the big grab, the lip sucking etc .. and both of their ‘reactions’, body language etc..

  28. Thank you for posting this interview, it is so intimate and genuine – Thank you!
    I think my favourite part is when Flick asked the question “When the drag comes off, what do you see…” THERE IS A PAUSE… a few seconds… and it is almost magical and at the same time it chills you to the bone because you really SEE ADAM!!! The real Adam, all the bravado stripped away…

    You see the boy, that became the man… You don’t see the singer-entertainer – YOU SEE THE PERSON!!! And then he says the most simple and familiar to all of us thing of all – that he needs a few more hours sleep… And then… when he talks about his personal life… he gestures with his hand and you can really feel the loneliness he’s been through, the dark period he has talked about before.

    I think whatever Adam does, one thing is for sure, he will be honest about it. And I think that this is one of the MOST RARE QUALITIES found in this business. And that’s why I knew from day one, that he will be a legend… and I still believe it… And sometimes I am scared for him, because this business can be very very very cruel… but then I see him speaking about it, I see his intelligence and understanding of who he is, and I feel better!!!! And I feel grateful!


    • Helen/Canada says:

      What a great post. You’ve really captured the essence of Adam.

    • UK4Adam, love your post, I have same feelings! During the AMA performance, I thought to myself, what is he doing? so soon to be so insane on TV , 1st live perform. since AI, on his own, OMG? He looked great, so hot. After hearing his 1st interview on Access Hollywood, I felt better immediatley. Love his honesty.
      love and peace

    • UK4Adam oh you have seen him, really seen him, he is so self aware, humble, self deprecating and so blatently honest when referring to himself, no putting on airs with him. For myself, I love when he is open and honest, for good or bad, it’s all good to me!

    • UK4Adam – loved your stunning post!

    • UK for adam
      Beautifully put you are so sensitive to Adam and thank you.
      I will go to bed feeling better and grateful like you! Hugs.


    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Only if she truly a magical person, will she see what ADAM is all about! If she decides to let ADAM perform, then we know Oprah is a special person as well. But if she doesn’t, then we’ll know that she is just like everyone else.This I have got to see! Oh! ADAM is on Ellen Tuesday isn’t he? Oh Ellen, it is good to have people like you in this world. Sorry Ellen if I insulted your invitation to be a judge on AI. But I am still not watching S9. What ADAM can do with that voice of his is absolutely incredible! And he sounds so beautiful, what a voice!

    as exemplified in the above interview, reminds me that I want to say something about Adam’s PERCEIVED attitude after the AMA’s.

    A lot of us, including me (though I never stopped loving him for even a minute), thought he came across as a little cocky when he said, (paraphrased) “If you can’t handle it, then maybe I’m not for you.” It occurred to me after a couple days though—THAT WAS NOT COCKINESS AT ALL!!!

    Indeed, that was simply Adam being HONEST—that trait we have so dearly admired in him for so long. You all know he has said, “I’m honest— ALMOST TO A FAULT.”

    So, apparently, when that FAULT lies on his shoulders, when he undertakes the unpleasant business of airing all the dirty laundry of his past life in front of us (with the courageous risk of hurting himself that such openness entails), we like it. But when his honesty bruises our own sensibilities, we deny him???

    We’ve known from the beginning that he pushes boundaries. Did we ever consider that some of the things he’s done—which most of us loved—may have been hated by others? The Details shoot which ignited a cacophony of female *thuds* around the world was probably hated by many of his gay fans. Yet, they were broadminded enough not to leave him.

    Please forgive me for bringing the AMA’s up again. I am really sorry because I myself am whole-heartedly glad we’ve moved on and am relieved at the final absence of the “fair-weather fan” commentary.

    But I’ve been thinking of the importance and the ramifications of this “honesty” characteristic of Adam’s, and felt a strong urge to voice my thoughts.

    Guys and gals, we are going to have LOTS more fun with Adam and I look forward to sharing it with all of you.
    Sherry S.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Thank you Sherry S., I understand why you need to talk about his ama, I come close to it but don’t want to fire things up again. ADAM is liberal & he wants to speak his mind . He says things I wish I could say. The man has got BALLS! I think that’s so cool & sexy, he’s brave & is not going to take anyone’s crap! I wish I had that confidence. I was entertained by his ama, & I will stand by ADAM no matter what! Wish I was in NY w/ him , only in my dreams.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Thanks for that Sherry S.!

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • Oh Sherry, very well put, so thoughtful, just like Adam, and you are right. We take him as he is..

    • Sherry S…..and that was a very honest post…very heart-warming. Thank you.

      Yes!!!! I think Adam is going to always surprise us…..he won’t ever be boring….and that’s what Adam is about !!!

      I would say that he got more publicity than he ever expected (even though some not so favourable)…….and that, we know, is more than good !!!

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

      • Sherry, bravo! Your post is spot on! Adam’s candor is just too much for some people to handle – a pity because the World would be a better place if we have more of it. I buy what he said 100% after the AMA’s. I always observe Adam facial expressions, particularly his eyes, and he remains true to himself. I prefer honesty rather than someone fabricate a response to placate the masses. I also tend to observe what sits behind what someone says and in Adam’s case, I have not had reason to doubt him at all. A key factor is whether people are ready for what Adam brings. Many of us have said that Adam is a catalyst for change because he makes us confront what is uncomfortable leading to a valuable lesson if we are prepared to shift our paradigms. Adam’s need to be authentic is greater than his need to conform to societal norms, hence the likelihood that what he delivers may not sit well with others. So whose fault is that? This begs the question, why not? It takes courage to answer honestly and objectively! Sometimes I am slow to respond to a situation because past experience has taught me to digest and reflect before responding and when I respond, to be honest at the risk of being unpopular. I live the implications of my actions simply because I have been true to myself. Adam’s maturity is waaaaaaaay beyond his years and something which continues to fascinate me. I wish I had his wisdom and sheer truism when I was his age!

        To all my Glamb friends, Dreamsound has provided this platform for us to showcase our love and belief in Adam. I am sure that he has many other things he is involved in. How about us sharing the responsibility to keep this site current and going by putting forward ideas to Dreamsound. Whataya think! CAN YOU HEAR THE DRUMS FERNANDO – WE ARE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU IN SUPPORTING US TO SUPPORT ADAM!!! Wow, that’s a lot of support! Mmmmmwah

        Glambs, let’s show some love and support (duh, again) to DREAAAMSOUND!!! Love all your posts!

        • Excuse the typos … I can live with the implications of my…. (just one of the typos)

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Why am I having to continue to write my name first of all? Secondly, why do I feel like we’re at a standstill. Any new news on ADAM? What was AI’s reaction? Never mind, I’m sure I know what it was, so boring. I like excitement, & ADAM has brought that to me, he is exciting! His ama was exciting, & like he said shock is good. We all need excitement in our lives, that’s what ADAM’s is here for, shocking, surprising, &exciting entertainment!
          I love our ADAM!

        • Ingrid~

          Ahhh yes, the eyes. Wide-open, guileless, looking directly into the camera. Good for something other than just being beautiful. Always the window to the soul.

          Like you, even when things shock me, I tend to stand back and analyze before making judgements. This does not serve to make me any less passionate. In fact, it makes me more so.

          Kimber, Cindy, Terry, Yvonne~
          Thanks for your supporting comments.

        • Hear! Hear!

          MWAH Ingrid!

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Yes Fernando, what Ingrid says is right. We really want to keep this site flowing with new exciting things that Adam is doing and that we can discuss. Let us know how we can all help you. We are here to support you and support Adam in any way we can.

          Hugs to you Ingrid. Mwah, my friend.


  31. Itsme I just watched the EW interview.He is such a doll.I just love him to pieces.also watched the syrius interview.He’s going to be just fine.OMG he looks so much like ELVIS.Especially in the syrius interview.He’s one smart man.I think because he looks so much like Elvis and he has sooooooo much sex appeal is the reason us older “older GIRLS gravatate towards him.NOT to mention that beautiful voice.He sure is the TOTAL PACKAGE.

  32. love2adams says:

    The latest People (with Oprah on the cover) has a great review of FYE, including one of those great red shoe photos of Adam.
    Also there is a one page ad for Barbara Walter’s special which airs Dec 9th. As we already knew Adam is one of the 10 most fascinating people of 2009.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Do you have a link to that Walters special to be aired? People are looking for it! ADAM is going to be just fine, he’s going to be ackowledged & people will see his magic!!!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        I hope ADAM is one of her lengthy interviews on t.v.!

      • It is just page 35 of the 12-07-09 People magazine….it came in the mail yesterday. Adam is pictured along with Lady GaGa, Tyler Perry, Sarah Palin, etc………………on ABC !!

  33. People’s Choice Awards will be on CBS!
    Jan. 6
    go through for the quick vote link

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Do you think they will let ADAM perform? LOL!!!!!

      • I doubt there have ever been any plans for Adam to perform on that show. We are just voting for him to pick up the Favorite New Artist Award. Keep voting everybody!

        But I can’t see any possible scenario in which “Time For Miracles” would not get a nomination for best song from a movie from the Academy Awards people. Usually those songs nominated are sung by the people who originally recorded them, so I fully expect Adam to be performing it that night. That show is still 3 months and one week away. I trust this will all have blown over by then. That song is beautiful. Plus, Adam will bring them higher viewership ratings. Plus, Adam is making more and more contacts within the movie industry.



    • renogirl, I am sooo with you – loved your post!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      renogirl! I am a lot obsessed so don’t worry, it’s all natural! LOL!! I do nothing but sleep ADAM, eat ADAM, work ADAM, bath ADAM, sex ADAM, everything ADAM!!!!! LOL!!

    • I think it´s the ADAM´s effect in all of us! I´m with you too!!



    • Hi! Renogirl…..can relate to how you feel. As you say, friends & family do not understand….yet !!! You certainly are amongst friends here, who are all united…… our love for ADAM.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  37. Interesting article on the double standard:

    Love this quote from it:

    “So let’s be clear: a girl kissing a boy is romance, a girl kissing a girl is titillation, and a boy kissing a boy is a controversial act of perversion? What do people think gay men actually do when they like each other?”

    IMO the tittilation is mainly on men’s part, maybe that is why it has been so accepted. Mostly men run the big media, and most particularly the TV networks.

  38. WWFM is on OpenHouseParty right now! Adam will be on later in the show. Listen online here:


  39. cheryl 334 says:

    Don’t particularily like this dude. He is more interested in flirting with Adam than learning about Adam. He had a few decent questions, but that is about it.

    To me, Adam is mkore like Elvis, and less like Bowie. Adam has more on the ball than Bowie could ever have. Same is true about Freddy. Adam is a planet higher than these guys. Adam is definately more compassionate and caring than anyone other than Elvis I’ve ever seen. Of course, not tking anything away from Elvis in the singing category, but Adam is more genuine deep down. I really shouldn’t even say that, since they have different issues and were/are popular in different centuries. But Elvis is the one to compare all others to until Adam came along. Doesn’t take anything away from Elvis who have the most fanatical fans and passionate fans in the world. However, Adam’s fans fwill be known for all that too.

    He is so much better than so many of these people who interview him. Can’t wait till he can say, ‘NO’ to more interviews. I am realistic in knowing that Adam is just starting and feels the need to be as flexible as he can be, so as not to have people dissing him constantly. But, I would hope that someday, soon he will not give interviews to people who have the ‘gay issue’ up their butts to project out to the world and use Adam as ‘bait’ in getting an audiance. Skrew this guy! Soon Adam will not need this crap!

    Adam is not hot because he is straight, gay or bi. He is hot b/c he IS HOT! His personality, his voice, talent, and looks are all above anyone else in the world. THAT is his rightful claim to fame.

    BTW, hope everyone had a nice holiday. I sure did!

    peace-love-light-truth-hope-joy-happiness 2 ADAM! …………………………..You, my dear, are soo loved!!!

  40. Cheryl 334…..Oh! what you have just written……so absolutely true !!!!! I was never a big fan of Elvis (I was a bit young). I liked Bowie and Freddy……….but there is no one in comparison to Adam. As you say, he just has it all,,,,,,looks, voice, talent,personality…better than anyone I’ve known, and, he is the most sexiest man on the planet….Yes! just as you said.

    Loved you post……..

    Hope all you ladies (and gents) in USA & Canada had a happy Thanksgiving Day.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • cheryl 334 says:

      YVONNE…………..I was just a ‘babe’ in diapers, when Elvis came on the scene, but I liked him best before he went into the army. The scene was very similar to Adam’s. I remember my father coming home from work, and my mom had bought me ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ and it was plalying on the ‘hi-fi’ on a ’45’, anyway, my dad went over to the hi-fi, took my record off and broke it. !!??? It was a pretty scarry t ime. Greatfully, Elvis paved the way for ADAM in so many ways. What a living doll he is! I also agree with you, Yvonne!

      Luv, Cheryl

  41. I ask all you Adam fans to call your radio stations and request any track from his cd. The cd is really good…Very huge variety of music as he said it would be. I love them all but find the FYE a great dance grove…Love the ballads especially Broken Open…haunting song…Love Music Again and What do you Want from Me…ABC was very foolish and Un-American to cancel him without even giving him a chance to explain his AMA performance…which really needed no explanation…very sexy song…he is gay and exploring our double and triple standards…he did nothing other artist have not done …They looked really stupid after he went on CBS and was his usual candid, fresh and polite self and performed wonderfully….I have requested his songs a couple of times…DJ agreed with me in re to his treatment…Also encourage you fav stars to speak up…He is defending their rights and all our rights to express ourselves…freedom of speech is what we are all about. LOve you Adam

  42. I love Adam after just the first time I watched him on American Idol. He has the IT factor. His music made me feel young. I am always a BIG fan. It is ashamed that he got such a bashing for his first
    big performance. So, instead of buying one FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT cd, I bought two. I am sending one to my daughter-in-law who is also a fan.

  43. Somebddy PLEASE tell me when the For Your Entertainment music video is going to start airing on VH1. . . Kris’s video is already #9. . . I’m worried. . . even Rhianna’s new music video is playing, and it probably came out about the same time as Adam’s. . . and I noticed that on the VH1 top 20 countdown page, where you can vote for your favorite video, they’ve taken off the option of adding a music video that’s not in the top 20. . . :/

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  44. LOVED this post from the idol forums about Adam’s AMA performance:

    If I weren’t a fan before, I would have been converted on the spot. I love individuality and talent and people who are fearless enough to do what they’re moved to do regardless of what others think. He was so outrageously pure, raw and punk on the AMAs, unlike anything I’ve seen aside from Gaga in ages, I would have had to become a fan if I weren’t already.

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  45. AllaboutAdam says:


  46. don’t forget…

    TOMORROW (Tuesday, Dec 1) — Adam on ELLEN!!!

  47. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    Just watched these as well . . . didn’t read all of the above comments, but wondered if anyone else noticed that Adam has NO nail polish on in these vids??? Caught my eye right away. Then all I could do was watch his hands for the entire videos! LOL!!! Great interview. He’s just so LIKEABLE!!!

    • Della, yes I noticed his clean fresh look, absolutely handsome as usual. Also love on the 2nd interview about AMA’s how he talks about his album cover etc, love how he says ” I tried to set it up” meaning the reasoning for album cover title etc. Oh so hot he is………………………

  48. Adam on Ellen,Adam on Ellen, Adam on Ellen….; Dec 1…

  49. News for all you southern state Glambs: Adam is going to host the St.Pete Jingle Ball this year, Dec.13th , Tampa Florida. Tickets are available and he will be doing meet and greets! Its an event with 93.3……………………………

  50. Nothing to new going on around here, where is everyone? I have listened to the above interviews over and over, love them!

    • Hi Mary C

      I posted this as part of another post – whataya think!

      To all my Glamb friends, Dreamsound has provided this platform for us to showcase our love and belief in Adam. I am sure that he has many other things he is involved in. How about us sharing the responsibility to keep this site current and going by putting forward ideas to Dreamsound. Whataya think! CAN YOU HEAR THE DRUMS FERNANDO – WE ARE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU IN SUPPORTING US TO SUPPORT ADAM!!! Wow, that’s a lot of support! Mmmmmwah

      Glambs, let’s show some love and support (duh, again) to DREAAAMSOUND!!!

  51. cheryl 334 says:

    HEY, MARY………….I’m with you, where are the new threads???? Adam is out there, so lthere must be something to write about! As a matter of fact, Adam tweeting that he will NEVER do FYE like that again, and that he is still his same self and is going to concentrate more on his voice than on a sexy show. I think Adam is following his heart, now. Not letting so many advisors advise him! The messed up his mind for a mili=second. All’s well!!! He just keeps getting hotter and hotter looking, I see, but am not sure how he does that!!! I loved his hair on CBS morning show! He looked so happy!

    Damn! That little rumor about his big bulge is not true! hahaha!!!! Didn’t think so! I can see Adam making some ‘changes’ already! He is definately loving his fans and wants to entertain htem. He is doing that everytime we get a chance to see his hot little body and face! Just stand there, Adam, all we need is to see you! If you want to humm a little, fine, or even whistle, but you don’t have to put forth all that much effort to keep us pinning away for you, sweet thing! You are loved so much by us, your fanatical fans!

    peace-love-light-truth-hope-joy-happiness 4 YOU, ADAM!!!!!

  52. Pat/Glamb#36 says:

    Don’t really have time to listen to all the interviews he’s been doing but I’m sure glad I took time to listen to the Sirius one. That was very good, alot of new info from Adam. I loved him talking about “Broken Open” as that is one of my very favorites on FYE. He looked so sexy and handsome. He must get so tired of answering the same questions over and over but this interview had some good stuff mixed in.



    NEW AS OF NOV. 30

  54. From the AMA performance to the interviews with Larry Flick, this entire week, from Monday to Monday, has been a time of intense emotional upheaval and involvement with our darling Adam. It seems that nothing that Adam does can ever be done by halves, and that whatever he does is either an incredible triumph or a devastating disappointment for someone. Controversy surrounds him like lightning around a Tesla Coil, and the filaments of iron surrounding Adam’s magnetic presence are either magnetized or polarized to the last degree wherever he goes. From the horrible moment when he lost the AI crown, to last Monday’s fall from network grace, Adam has lived through a series of painful highs and lows, which has only served to make him stronger, more aware, and wiser than many of his contemporaries. As the smoke began to settle from the AMA performance, and every journalistic and media voice in the country emerged to comment on the content and meaning of Adam’s performance, I confess I was very afraid for him, afraid that he had completely killed his career from the start, in an industry that is very unforgiving, and where there are few second chances given. I was also extremely worried about his peers sitting out in the audience, many who may not ever take a second glance at him after having been subjected to such a confusing performance and unfortunate ending to that performance. And then something happened to me, I began to see Adam for the person he actually is, through his own eyes, and I realized that he was only trying to make an interpretation and a statement to let the world know that he was unleashed and unrestrained, ready to make his own style of ‘entertainment’. Instead of feeling personally let-down, I began to feel extremely protective of him, and willing to take on the world to defend him. I also began to realize that Adam, in his own guileless and supremely honest way, was simply being himself on that AMA stage, and was bringing the male homoerotic view of the sexually-charged dance ensemble review before a world audience. And because our country is archly-conservative in the public marketplace, (and hides a multitude of secret sins behind-the-scenes), Adam’s performance was a terrible shock to the good citizens of our immensely hypocritical nation. Adam had as much right to bring this kind of performance to the AMA stage as any of the other bigger names who shared the stage with him. The only difference in their performances and his was that Adam broke the last taboo, and brought his interpretation of sexuality to his audience with a male-on-male connotation, something that is still not acceptable in the United States. How that will all finally play out, remains to be seen.

    When Adam performed ‘Whataya Want From Me’ on the Early Show at CBS, I responded in every spectrum of emotion. As he was introduced with the words, “We’ll let Adam do what he does best, sing”, he looked down at the announcer with the most adorable smile and fleeting emotions on his own face, and then launched into the song with the most exquisite note he has ever sung, “Hey….”, and then, “slow it down, whataya want from me, whataya want from me”, and then he sang, “Yeah, I’m afraid”, and when I heard that phrase I couldn’t stop the tears, thinking about all the fears and anxieties we have had about him, this beautiful child we have all fallen so hopelessly in love with, thinking that he, too, must be afraid. Looking at his pale, beautifully-constructed face, so open, so vulnerable to the world looking at us all with such honesty, I felt such an overwhelming sense of fierce protectiveness for him, and thought, how many others could stand in that place and sing with such perfection and such heart not knowing whether their whole lives and career were on the line with every note they sang? By the time Adam got to “Just don’t give up….please don’t give in, I won’t let you down….need a second to breathe, just keep coming around”, I was yelling out loud, “We won’t give up,….we’ll never give in,….and we’ll always keep coming around!” Then when he sang, “baby you’re beautiful, and it’s nothing wrong with you, it’s me, I’m a freak”, I was sorrowing for the boy that was and still is, inside of him, who didn’t fall in love until he was 21. Every move he made, every gesture, were full of his enormous physical and emotional power, and I thought, how could anyone not see his stupendous beauty and talent? Here is someone standing before us now who is so undeniably near the ideal in human perfection in attractiveness, in physical and spiritual beauty, and the world around him is so stonily hard and menacing because he dares to express his vibrant homosexuality? Haven’t we all applauded and screamed for all the talented artists over the years who dared to do the same, flaunting convention, with their heterosexuality? When Adam’s mother was brought up on that stage, I knew that a silent plea was being broadcast from this tiny woman on behalf of her glorious son to the whole world, “Please, don’t judge him by that one performance, he has so much to give, give him that chance, and don’t destroy all that he is and all that he has worked for”….did anyone else see the oh-so-obvious parallels between Elvis Presley and Adam Lambert, both men who brought their adored mothers into their public lives? And then, finally, Adam explains at the end the meanings of ‘For Your Entertainment’ and ‘Whataya Want From Me’, saying that ‘Whataya Want From Me’ was about “vulnerability, and HOPE, and trust”, and as he said the word “Hope”, he opened his eyes wide with that emotion and looked up at all of us with that momentary silent pleading……I say,who can resist such a man?

    When I finally saw the Flick interviews with Adam, I was so encouraged, because I saw the way in which those who love and support Adam in the entertainment business were coming to his aid, giving him every opportunity and all the time in the world to explain his position and intention in a very public way. I loved Larry Flick’s easy and competent manner, his articulate questions and slightly flirtatious friendliness, but most of all, his obvious love for Adam. I found Larry’s first questions about what Adam sees when he takes off all the make-up and is alone in his room, to be very poignant, and shows his deep sympathy and understanding for the young man across from him. The ‘sheeting’ remarks were very revealing also, but when Adam began to show how anyone could become a ‘bullfighter’ by shaking out the sheet, I saw for just an instant, the powerful movements of the master entertainer that Adam truly is. And he has never been so beautiful, his eyes wide with that characteristic innocent look, or narrowed with that scorching heat and merriment, looking away for a few moments so that his perfect profile is revealed, then listening intently to Larry, and blazing a hole in the glass between them with his intense and searing glance. And then describing the futility of the poor souls caught in an endless round of emptiness and addiction, looking for ‘something’, for ‘fulfillment’, for ‘something to fill that emptiness’, in the song ‘Soaked’, truly, Adam is a beautiful, highly charged, fascinating, and complex individual, who has only begun to reveal to all those who love him the many facets of his captivating persona. Long ago, I said there would ‘never be an end’ to all that Adam will pull out of his magician’s black hat to beguile and captivate his audience. Now that we have come this far with him, there is no going back. We have all come through a dense jungle of confusion and pain for and with our beloved and charismatic Adam, and we have a long road ahead with him still to go. Despite all that has happened and is still happening around him, I believe that Adam Lambert has a huge and successful future ahead of him. He too, will join the pantheon of music demi-gods, and will become one of the brightest stars in the entertainment firmament, and despite all the hatred, deliberate misunderstanding, and malice directed at him at the present moment, one day in a brighter future, he will be called one of the most beloved people who ever lived. May the name of Adam Lambert live forever..

    • Lorrin, there you are! Brilliant – bravo, bravo! We so needed this post of yours! Lotsaluv and mmmmmmmmmmwah

  55. Lorrin, thank you for this beautiful post. You nailed it girl !

  56. Fernandoooooooooooooooooo (aka dreamsound!) I have an idea that I would like to share with you. How do I do so without posting it here?

    Glambs, we may have different points of view but we need to acknowledge Jeanette’s contribution to the sight as well as the contributions of Dana and the rest of the crew (too many to mention, but you know who you are). Pappa Fernando has been gracious enough to create this site(if that is the right word) but I suspect that the deal was that whilst he would attend to the design, the responsibility for maintaining the sight needs to be shared by others. Jeanette’s presence as well as that of the crew is missed and hopefully she’ll be back. In the meantime, let’s not sit back but rather take responsibility for keeping this site alive. Sooooooo, this is my twopence:

    Let’s move away from the recent negativity and share what we as Adam’s fans would like to see more of, going forward. We could possibly let Adam know via twitter (open to more creative ideas and I am sure there are aplenty), e.g. suggestions for the type of music we most enjoy without expecting Adam to compromise what he enjoys most.

    If any of you think my idea is crazy, that’s cool, but then be objective and come up with something else! I just can’t give up on a site that has given me so many beautiful Adam moments and has been a special meeting place without making an effort to at least try to contibute to restoring what we had.

    Fernando, don’t worry, I’ve already posted my idea (albeit meek)! Mmmmmwah Fernando! You also deserve a mmmmmmmmmmwah!

    • Typos aplenty, but I am sure you get my drift!

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        I get your drift, Ingrid. Something must be done to rstore what we had. I’m sure that we’ll come up with something. there are plenty of creative people at the site.

        Mwwwwwwwwwwah! to you,
        Love your spirit,

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Great idea Ingrid. I would really hate to see this site end up on the scrap heap. It has been the best place to come to for any new information on Adam, plus I have “met” so many wonderful people who have come to mean so much to me on this site. It is like a meeting place, what am I saying, of course it is a meeting place, for anyone that loves Adam.

      I am sure we can come up with some ideas to keep it going.

      Mmmmwah to all the people behind the scenes that keep this site going, we really do thank you for all the hard work that you do.

      Mmmmmmwah to you Ingrid.

      • Everybody, hang in there!

        I’ll speak just for myself here… None of this drama has made me blink. 🙂 I’ve done some pretty naughty things myself, it’s just that they weren’t on TV!

        However, I have been really sick since middle of last week. Fever, burning sore throat, etc. Today, I am home because I have completely lost my voice, or rather, I sound like a barking seal when I try to speak.

        Things will settle down and re-balance in time. For some people, the process just takes a little longer.


        • Hey CatEyes, so good to see you! Please take care! When I was ill recently, I found the best medicine … ADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAm! Mmmmmwah

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Ingrid, great idea. You know what I always thought, that maybe we could have an ongoing post called “Breaking News”. Sometimes there’s late breaking news that just happened, or something important or Adam tweets something and you are so excited to share it to let everyone know right away, but there’s no where to post it. It usually ends up at the bottom of the most recent thread and by the time people have seen it, it’s old news. Just my thought.