Adam Lambert Interview With Scotty Rocker

This is one of those interviews that I wish would go on forever. It was just fun to watch, as you can see this guy LOVES Adam. He even told Adam that his “pipes” are the BEST out there, soo cute to watch Adam’s reaction. Ok, OK, get to it…
Quote from Scotty Rocker ~ Rad day meeting Adam Lambert. This guy was so down to earth and i wish him the best of luck for his future. Voice is untouchable !
Adam Lambert Interview With Scotty Rocker/ RockersHellshow



  1. Glamburger says:

    Fun! Could Adam be any more charming!!!

  2. Did he say MILFs?

    • tweeterpie says:

      The interviewer did say MILF’s (Mothers I’d lke to F–k) and then Adam did repeat it in response to his question. I’m one of the alleged MILF’s and I don’t take offense to it, so I hope you don’t either.

      • I’m not a mom, but I am 55 and have been called a MILF a few times. Not offended. Think it’s funny and kind of flattering, especially at my age. (Would be Adam’s MILF anyday… SUCH a fantasy!!!)

  3. Love this interview! ADAM so glued in as always… honesty, full of intelligence and
    right down the line…..always commanding and eloquent! ADAM is one heck of a classy
    guy and a genius performer! What a change from a female interviewer. I watched the media
    here and many were just so besotted with ADAM as he put them ‘under his spell’…..they were almost fan girly! LOL!

  4. Great interview!

  5. adamlover51 says:

    GREAT interview Adam looke so at ease and having a good time and yes without a doubt has the best pipes! don’t forget to vote on people choice he’s in third place right now VOTE we can’t let clay akin UGGGGh beat adam

    • are people still into Clay? After the boring stuff he’s put out? Wow. Is Adam third place with just the write ins or overall? Where do you see it? Adam has got to be first. We just have to keep trying and getting the word out. Seems like tweets are the best way?! He should at least be best break through artist.

  6. Lamchops50 says:

    How many times can it be said that Adam is so articulate, confident and funny! Love this interview! 😀

  7. tweeterpie says:

    Adam has NEVER done a bad interview but this one was extra charming. I love his frankness and he expresses himself so well too.

  8. Ummm, hope Adam is not calling his huge supportive fan base MILFS! I don’t know if this was a compliment or not. I don’t think he meant anything bad by it. I have no doubt he appreciates all of us, but I wasn’t happy with being put in a box, category, whatever that comment was. I really want to believe Adam sees us as his fans and that is it. And, what is that word referring to…I am only 39!

    I still love you Adam! That could never change! I look down at my tattooed signature multiple times a day and cherish this memorable year. Thank you!

    • Adamesque says:

      I don’t think he’s putting us in a box. It’s just good that he has younger followers too because they are the ones that can put him at the top of the charts. He’s not into women anyway….so…:o)

  9. I love hearing Adam talk about how he got into the music industry and jumped in with both feet when the opportunity came his way. Idol was the best avenue for him to travel on to get where he is. I appreciate that he thanks the fans for the support in this fantastic journey he is on. I feel like we are on this great ride with him…he is so down to earth and calm during the interviews yet very powerful on stage. How could you not be captivated by his gifts and talents? Kat~

  10. this is the most insightful into his business – creative process.. he is smart.. aware of the market place.. trends.. for commercial purposes..
    and success.. to please the audience..
    i am not surprised he thinks so calculating..
    milfs? so there is a huge category of his aucience in usa more that fit this milf?
    why do you spose that is?

  11. Elizabeth, Glam#545 says:

    I guess I don’t quite understand the “pop is great and it is selling” bit. I’m so out of it that I’m not sure about the difference between rock and roll and pop, so the conversation goes right over my head. Sometimes I don’t think you can ever anticipate how certain songs will end up being received by the public, so I get choosing songs that are marketable, but also how do you know in advance that much whether a song will sell or not. Like execs didn’t consider Adam Lambert marketable prior to Idol, but they were wrong. Think how many times execs had conversations such as we can’t go for the Adam Lambert type because it won’t sell. Even though we like it, let’s go with what works, what is predictable. I just don’t think you can always play it safe like that even though you feel the need to be practical and listen to what your management team says, and, like Adam, you tend to be a cooperative type who works with the team–I’d also be interested in knowing whether Adam himself understood that the version of “broken open” which appeared on the album simply wasn’t as dynamic as the one he sang at Indio. I’m also wondering whether fear and caution are holding back songs like “Sleepwalker”, “Strut”, and “Fever”. Well, these are just considerations. I mean, don’t you just, like, have to go for it sometimes? Isn’t that what Burning Man was all about? Sometimes, simply doing what you know and love with confidence and maturity is sufficient over time, and that’s what I think Adam should reach for, rather than trying to find that hook which will get him notoriety but not enduring respect for the depth and complexity of his art. Well, just some thoughts.

    • Adamesque says:

      Pop is what is selling. It’s actually what I listen to on Sirius (Hits 1). If Adam wants to make it big (which he does) then he needs to grab the people that buy pop music, and a lot of them are the younger crowd. I am going to be 40 years old in 2 weeks, so I completely understand what you are talking about. Personally, my favorite songs are Fever and Sleepwalker (although I love them all). However, if Adam wants longevity, he must produce what the mass population wants. I just want more…however it comes!

    • Glamourclamor says:

      I also find he Rock Pop thing confusing. Obviously, Adam is not going to be doing Jagger, even if he did him on Idol. The Rock Icons are still viable in music today. The old groups still have a massive following, but their age and the age of their followers is catching up, or, unfortunately, dying out. There are a couple of newer rockers, Daughtery being one, who is making it. Will put money that he wouldn’t be if not for Idol, he would still be heading an Indy band, no one’s heard of. Pop/rock seems to be where it is today, and since Adam is comfortable in both lanes, I am sure he will make good choices. Besides, I will listen to anything he sings, and I am sure I am not alone. I love he theatrics he bring to his music and to his Show–GNT was genius.

  12. sun-n-stars says:

    Enjoyed this interview. Scotty seemed so nervous and jittery while sitting next to Adam. Adam is so calm and collected and honest. I appreciate that quality in him. I hope he acquires his dream house next year.

  13. Sue Glamb, I have been reading your column for a long time in our common admiration of Adam. I just have to tell you what a wonderful job you do in giving your time to share all these wonderful stories with us. When I finally get to sit down and read it is such a treat to see an e-mail from you. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you and what you do.

    • Sue Glamb,

      I, too, would like to thank you sincerely for all the hard work and love you put into your posts.
      This site brings me so much joy — daily laughs and heart palpitations! Your consistently excellent musings are appreciated more than we can all tell you! It is truly a gift to be able to share the excitement and awe of our wonderful Adam together as one proud family!

  14. I think Scotty was having trouble with his pants! Too tight or riding up or something. Kind of distracting. But he was nice.
    Adam? I love that since day one, he has been focused on buying a house. That focus is an endearing quality. It also makes me feel good that he is really working his career. Not just any appearance available, but trying to figure out with the hell you have to do to sell records and be taken seriously. I hate the idea that “it’s what people want”. It’s what’s being crammed down our throats that manipulates “what we want”. I am really looking forward to the new album. I think I read here that there is an extended album on sale at Amazon. I wonder if that would add to the FYE sale? I want that album to reach platinum. If all the people who “stole” it on the internet, would count, it definitely got there!

    • Yes of course Scotty is having trouble with his pants, He is sitting next to Adam and he says “Everytime I hear your voice, it rips me a new asshole” I couldn’t believe my ears or is there something wrong with my hearing? Please correct me if so. I thought that was the wildest and craziest thing to say and ofcourse Adam is just laughing……

  15. To hear Adam say he won’t be doing a ROCK album & that rock won’t sell is just pissing me off!
    ROCK can sell with the right person doing it & ADAM CAN do it! He’s got the pipes. POP sells because it’s SHOVED DOWN OUR FACES! Why be like everyone else?? YOU are an INNOVATOR!
    DARE to take ROCK to the next level & stop playing it safe. POP singers can’t really sing, because when they are live, most of them stink! I don’t want to see a dance producton with lip sinking, (That’s what Madonna did last tour) Please you’re the real thing! You have the VOICE to bring it back! Go for it, Adam

  16. Beaglewoman (Glamb #611) says:

    Hey everyone – yes there is a FYE “Tour” edition on sale at Amazon that I would think would add to his sales since it is a U.S. sale. It includes all bonus tracks + a DVD of acoustics and the making of IIHY! But – Get this!!!! Go to AO and into the Community page. Under Adam Discussion, RCAEd is taking a poll of who wants a tour DVD!!!!! Log in and post your support if you so desire because if enough people say ‘yes’ I think it will happen. Yea!!!! We know that VEVO taped the Indianapolis concert – wouldn’t we all love to own that to watch over and over????


    • Hi, I guess that I’m sorta dumb. I have to ask what is AO? I sure am interested in a DVD of Adam’s Tour, be glad to vote for that.
      Adam’s interviews are so good, I just wonder if he could talk so well if his hands were tied behind his back? I love,love that guy!

      • Lee M – Hi…it’s referred to as ao! i’m just gonna say this & not at all being negative, but I think it is beyond ridiculous they’re taking a poll – just make the tour dvd – they shouldn’t have any doubts it will sell like crazy!!! piggybacking on Eclipse further up – a big huge yay to Sue as well! hi sue it’s jillc in Milwaukee – can’t believe we still haven’t gotten together altho I’m in awe how you do all you do – so no pressure – we’ll figure it out sooner or later – i’m still hoping Oprah will happen for adam again in 2011!! :0) WLL to all ~

  17. Adamisamazing says:

    That interview was one of my favorites because the interviewer is such a huge fan of Adam’s, and is so complimentary especially regarding his vocals. I also feel that Adam is the best vocalist in the world. I liked hearing what the new album was going to be like. And, I didn’t realize he still didn’t have a home. But, he didn’t need is anyway being on the road like he is. Hopefully, he will have his dream house soon. And, even though I am in my 50s and not a mother, I am glad someone explained what a MILF was. I’m not offended either. He apreciates his fans – all of them, as he said at the end.

  18. Wonderful interview! I love that interviewer because he respects and admires Adam so much.
    I am glad that Adam is going to do a pop/rock album rather than a pop/dance one. He is changing it up a bit, but that is what Adam does. He is also a very smart man who wants longevity in the music industry. He did an eclectic album which was in parts a throwback to the 70s glam era. I loved it, but am looking forward to his next artistic endeavor. I can’t imagine anyone saying he is a sellout for going pop/rock. That’s just smart and business savvy. More people might really take a listen to the best vocalist of our life, and maybe he will have more universal appeal. He is still going to be the architect of his next album, even writing more. He sounds happy, looks relaxed, and is probably looking forward to a few days off before he goes to Finland. I am now going to the People’s Choice Awards and writing his name in again on about four categories. I want him #1 on everything!

  19. Glamourclamor says:

    Scotty brought up the Milfs, not Adam, he just agreed. This term has been around a very long time–at least since rock & roll began. Not sure it’s that popular in US. Rather be a Milf than a person of a certain age, which could be anywhere from 40 to 100. At least Milfs makes us sound interesting. When my daughter went to her 20th HS Renunion, several of her male classmates asked how her mother was. She asked why they wanted to know. These guys told her they all had a crush on her mother, which blew her away. Surprised, but flattered me. Just goes to show that older doesn’t always mean a bad thing. Adam continues to be aware of himself as an artist. I like that he knows what it will probably take to keep current, and have a long term career. Read where he lived in a studio apt. for years, so I am sure having his own home at his age is a must. As long as the 70’s and 80’s rock bands are delivering, trying to reinvent that wheel won’t work. Daughtery is making it because his voice is a real throw back, as is his style, which is nothing like Adam’s. Adam is the consumate showman and his platform is very different.

  20. beaglewoman (Glamb #611) says:

    AO is Go under ‘Community’ and on the Forums you will see Adam Discussion. You will have to register to leave a reply but it’s sure worth it!! Pass the word 🙂


  21. Adam looks so beautiful, clean, attractive with great energy and not what’s the word for it —not contaminated. I hope he doesn’t turning like that interviewer.

  22. Adamesque says:

    Not sure…but the guy interviewing seems like he is intimidated by Adam. Does he want him? Not sure. None-the-less….amazing interview. Adam is always so smart in the way he says things; I think it’s natural, not forced. I love his honesty and openness. What an amazing man!

  23. vocalsrule says:

    Yay ROCK! I’m thrilled he would lean more to rock. Best band ever The Beatles, #2 is Stones, best singer ever in the universe is Adam (followed by Linda Ronstadt).

  24. if i’m a Milf than my husband -to Adam- must be a Filf !!! hahaha-

  25. I cannot wait for his new album. The album should still be partly the kind that tell his innermost
    thoughts, and ideas. The songs on the FYI that were the most popular were written about the
    seemingly personal experiences. There are self illuminating and self aware type things. The other
    really strong ones were about him. ie Strut. If I had You, etc. I think that his music in order to be the’most long experiencing and lasting has to be him!!! Not something that is to be reinvented and
    renamed, Using Rock, Pop, Dance, Standard, etc. It should just be Lambert music. It will fit into all
    styles and genres. He should not place his style in a ticky tacky little box. Let it make its own style,
    that will encorporate all styles and kinds of music, by a person with the all around voice to place it in
    the whole of music.

  26. Yeah, Scotty, was so restless like there were some ants in his pants. Ha – ha ! We call that in Psychia try, akathisia, also a symptom of Parkinsonism. Another symptom in this that Scotty could have exhibited would be tardive dyskinesia, with wagging of tongue, drolling of saliva and smacking of lips. Ha-ha-ha ! WOW, wow! Isn’t Adam just salivatory, excitatory, titillating…..etcetera…etcetera..

    To the MILFs out there, how can anyone not love this man ?

    Oh, how I love this man !!!!!!

  27. Diane #610 says:

    This was my fav interview! I always love hearing Adam talk, almost as much as hearing him si ng, but this interviewer & Adam had a synchronicity that they don’t all have. Will probably listen to it again & again!

  28. ADAM leaves me SPEECHLESS! he F-ing ROCKS!

  29. Hello!!!! Scotty was so flirting with Adam whether he knew it or not! How could he help himself? How could anyone? As for the MILF, I’ll go with that any day. Thank You Adam!

  30. I don’t have time to sit and read all these responses but after watching that interview all I can say is yay for us MILF’s! I am one of them and I love Adam. Saw 2 of his shows and he rocks. What an incredible entertainer. I just thinks it is taking a bit longer here in the states for people to accept him! I could care less what anyone’s sexual orientation is. I just want to be entertained! Go Adam!!!

  31. I seen lots of Adams shows when he was in the states…..even tho” we know he is gay…The guy that I was crazy about his music was Ricky Martin, until Adam came out. then I moved to Adam…Ricky has a new one out now and sings with a girl and it was great and all the audience knows that he is gay now….but he still acts the same on stage…with his music…His guy he lives with stays in the background and he is happy….I love Adam’s music and his shows but am beginning to feel he doesn’t need to kiss males on his shows . Needs to act like an entertainer with both sexes….We know he is gay…..

  32. That Scotty guy is creepy, and he was SO trying to get Adam’s attention. It was almost uncomfortable to watch.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Scotty is not creepy, he is really cool. He is a DJ on one of New Zealand’s music TV channels, he is also married with at least one child, possibly two by now. I have to admit that I have lost track of him a bit.

      Scotty has admitted that he was so nervous meeting Adam because he admires him so much and is a huge fan. Not all of Adam’s male fans are gay, there are lots of straight guys that love him too.

  33. I agree with you Sally he is creepy…Totally…..

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