Adam Lambert Interview with

Adam Lambert interview with one week after the finale. He answers reader questions about makeup, dream duets (Madonna! Lady Gaga), Queen rumors (again) and more  Articulate as usual.


  1. sashabxgirl says:

    fav junk food…ice-cream!!!

    what more can i ask 🙂

  2. Lisette here,
    thenks dreamsound for thes Adam’s interview with “People” magazine. An Adam is tresbeau always,articulate,humble,personable,honeste,sensual an genuine. An imagaine how fatigue must be as espresse with so many interviewe of press/media,magazines.Thinq too his selectione of artistes for duets he’d be wondreful with Madonna,David Bowie as they’re also very artistique an reinvente there appearances,an styles.So cute aboute l’nailpolish an eyeliner..I’d adore for Adam to show how to apply it..always so perfecte.But then he has naturale beautiful aqua bleu eyes.
    An am glad he reveale nevre had accounte on twitter..What aboute any on myspace au Utube..if not..wel thinq I was had beene foole to belive it had been his page. Wel Adam if yu evre have an accounte let us know so non to be fooled agan..Belive I was on Utube?Mystere ah yes there for sure. Is there webaddress also to send mail for him..Belive I have hearde Ryan Seacrest .If anyone knows apreciate info on. Nevertheless wishe Adam all best an know yu’re already adored arounde l’worlde,an can see beliv for many yers to come in concertes,Cds,Dvds an possible film
    career! Such versatilite an abilite to singe,danse,acte anything one has an estraordinaire gifte truly!
    An can see being l’entertaineur of thes generatione an millenium as legendes before as Elvis..Meant always as complemente but know yu’ have a distinctive style,magnetism,an artistique
    performer an gaine respecte an adoratione artistes,an people of all ages,races,religiones..children,teens,20-60s to grandparentes.Evryone is awaitinge more beautful songes an performances as only yu can do!Bravo beauamie..many blessings!
    J’adore et bisous Lisettexoxo

  3. natasha-p2 says:


  4. Sun&Stars says:

    Loved his interview – so articulate. Thank you for the daily updates, dreamsound. You are awesome as well!



    • That’s the same thing that I do before bed! I go to You Tube for a mini Adam concert and play a few of the really sweet songs that he’s done. Kiss From A Rose is usually the last one. I wish I would see him in my dreams.

      • MyBoyAdam says:

        I guess I’ve been lucky because he’s turned up in a couple of mine in a friend role. He was just as cute and nice as in real life!

  6. qcatlady says:

    Another great interview Adam – I could listen to you all day long!!! But at 52 I still have a job and really should get back to it, LOL!! Waiting for more!

  7. Just1NiteWithAdam says:

    i love getting up every morning and turning on my puter just do i can see adam. he makes my day

  8. Glambert2160 says:

    Dreamsound, right now you are the best thing out there for keeping me sane while I continue to go through withdrawals from seeing/hearing Adam every week. Thanks sooo much.

    I follow you on Twitter and am soo grateful that you so faithfully give us these little snippits of “THE Man”….It’s kind of Heaven and Hell because as much as I LOVE HIS INTERVIEWS…it makes me miss his PERFORMANCES all the more…I guess one of my “life lessons” is to learn “PATIENCE”. Bummer.

    • its good that he said that he doesnt have a twitter account for all those people who think that they have met him. and the same goes for people who think they met adam and kris (i know… crazy) on this sites chatango chat just because they had usernames Kris and therealadam.
      the only way to be sure you have met him is to ACTUALLY meet him. otherwise, you have just been fooled by a poser.

  9. Stephie says:

    Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!
    I always love his interviews. He’s so articulate! and… cute!!!

  10. Adam always completes my day. Not a day goes by without me opening my mail and reading about Adam. He is soooo yummy!

  11. My favorite part of the day is getting up and going to this site for the latest on SUPER STAR , ADAM LAMBERT
    Thank you DREAMSOUND for all the wonderful news and comments on our STAR.
    Now I can smile the rest of the day.\
    I am no youngster and the last time I had a crush on a celebrety was FRANK SINATRA!!!!!!!!!

    He makes me feel young again, what an incredible voice and charisma!

  12. Star Catcher says:

    OMG Adam shut up! You do not need to lose any damn weight!

    Hmm…I love ice cream too and actually we have the same rainy day activity. Fun coincindence!

    And I pick my nail polish off too, and I can’t afford a damn mannicure…grr. XD

    Oh Adam, how I miss your wonderful voice. Damnit I need your album to come out…

  13. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, he is a breath of fresh air!

  14. I love Adam’s sense of humor and his forthrightness. He’s very entertaining to listen to and watch. I like his personality and his attitude. Humility and gratitude look good on anyone, but I appreciate it on him, especially since he’s in the limelight.

  15. I love Adam to pieces and he always sings wondefully but I am getting sick of Mad World. Why does he have to sing the same song on ALL the appearances? What’s so great about Adam is his versaility, and he is forced to sing this one over and over again. I want to hear something else, either One or Cryin sometimes…

  16. JRZGRL1 says:

    Wow, awesome, amazing, incredible, funny interview – I love at the end how he says “Shame on you” to people who are pretending to be him. I would like to hear “One” – the more Ilisten to his version of it the better it gets. And if anyone out there has not heard “Muse”, go get “Black Holes and Revelations” – Adam had mentioned it in one of his interviews, said that he would have liked to have sung “Supermassive Black Hole” on AI but I guess they didn’t have a techno-funk-cutting edge category week (surprise!!!). I was in Target getting some black nail polish and dog food & there it was – can’t stop listening. I’m driving to Columbia SC from Charleston (where I live) tomorrow (about 2 hours) &I think my Volvo station wagon will be bouncing going up. And when I get tired (ha!!) of that I’ll go back to my videos on my iPod.

  17. I’m right there with Adam on the icecream thing, it’s the best junk food ever. However, I have to disagree wholeheartedly with Adam on him needing to loose weight and have only one thing to say to him on that…NOOOOooooo. Adam you are PERFECT just as you are and don’t need to change a thing! Now as to your manicure…I’d be more than happy to give a manicure and don’t worry bout pickin the polish…I’m guilty too lol!
    Dreamsound, thanks so much for all the work you put into this to keep this Adam-addict up to date, without this I think Adamwithdrawals would be an understatement. Gosh I miss seeing him EVERY week and my poor Ipod is going to get worn out lol!

  18. AdamAddict says:

    Are you a friend of Adam? Come on now,don’t lie!! Are you,are you?? 🙂 Ohh,please say you are! I’m just wondering,this websites is awesome,the person behind it must really loves Adam so…are you,are you?? I wish you are so that Adam don’t have to worry or scared with all those stupid rumours!The truth is I’m a bit worried and sad for him. People can be very mean & cruel!

    Adam haters sometimes came here and leave harsh comment and I hate it.Are there any of us go to Kris or Danny websites and leave harsh comment to them?I know I don’t! I don’t see any point there.But surely they(Adam haters) have plenty of time,I guess!

    I just wish Adam knows that they’re lot more Adam’s lovers than haters! And those haters probably will fell in love with him too soon or later. All they need to do is grow up! Always be happy,Adam!

  19. PatCanada says:

    Dear Dreamsound, May you be blessed a thousandfold for your undying, selfless dedication to our Adam Lambert. The result of your hardwork (this incredible fansite) benefits countless of Adam followers all over the world. As for me, I always check on this site to verify and validate any other coverage about Adam. I also enjoy commentaries that you are posting yourself. Please keep talking to us.
    Dear Adam, Do you know that you inspire a lot of people because you remain true to yourself? I am tired of people – whether celebrity or ordinary folk- pretending or trying hard to be somebody else. Listening and watching to your video interviews is always inspiring. You are very down to earth (“I do my own manicure but keep picking on the nail polish.”) I am very glad to note that you are health-conscious and wanted to “lose more weight.” Whaaat? Now that made me think, I really need to lose weight (a lot lot more indeed!) And you should tell me, “Shame on you!” for not doing it so much sooner! Gazing at your face and listening to your voice is hundred times yummier than your favorite ice-cream and is totally calorie-free!

  20. Isabella says:

    oh, he do not need to loose weight! And ^^ i do the exact same thing with my fingernails, they actully look quite like his right now 😛

    • AdamAddict says:

      There’s nothing wrong if he’s trying to loose some weight. It’s not like he’s fat or something but you know,it’s a good thing to keep fit.I mean, I tried to mantain 52kg! If getting more than that,I remind myself no junk food until I got 52kg back! But Adam is really busy now,I think he’s still going to loose weight because of all those busy schedule so just eat ice cream as much as you want,Adam!

  21. SheaGlambert says:

    GUH! What a sweetheart. I just want to clone him and hide one in my closet, and he can hang out with me in my bed on rainy days.

  22. Christine says:

    I will share your rainy day activity any day of the week!

  23. After American Idol Season, I miss his performance every. He is a total entertainer!

  24. JAN LYNN says:


  25. Adam is excellent not only in singing but also in interviews. He is articulate and answers intelligently. I just love this guy so much.

  26. He’s so cute when he says “Shame on you!” Haha! I love his interviews so much; he’s so well articulated and i just love listening to his voice. I just can’t get enough of him!

  27. It goes without saying that i think Adam is beyond talented and i wish him the best of luck,

    The press totally needs to back off. Do they not remember what happened to Diana? Please just let the man have some breathing room.

    Lastly does anyone know where to get that eyeliner?

  28. I say thank goodness for this website! Love to keep up on what is happening with him since there is no more Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Can you ask for a more all around professional? NO! Just keep all the info coming dreamsound….French Silk? Gonna have to try it. We Love Our Adam!

  29. MyBoyAdam says:

    Thank you Dream Sound and your team for this terrific site and the emails we get. I’m on my computer in the morning if I have time or late at night before bed to get my Adam updates. I love the connection to Adam and his other fans.

    This was another great interview. So personable and down to earth. He’s like someone you could invite to a barbecue and instantly be at ease with; strike up a great conversation and have a good time. Then with his stage life he is this dynamite world class performer! I don’t think I’d feel the same way if Madonna walked into my party but I have no doubt that he can put on a show on par with her.

  30. Im 44 ,a lesbian, in a long term relationship,from Canada, and love Adam Lambert. He is talented, sexy, has an incredible voice and charisma , and I dont care what eyeliner on gender he sleeps with. Hello …Prince,glam rockers,MJ, no body cared about their eye liner or clothes. He moves me, excites me, loved all his AI songs and became a lover of Led Zepplin decades after they were popular. Never in to metal music until now. Any one promoting a song has to sing it a million times to get it to the air waves. Love the songs now, ie. Mad World or No Boundries,Adams talent is endless and will endure.

  31. Can you asl for a more down to earth guy !!!!! Adam is real and such a joy to listen to musically and in interviews.

    He’s amazing …

    Love you Adam…..