A MUST HEAR interview with Elvis Duran: More about his AMA performance

This interview is AWESOME and funny, it will make you laugh * guaranteed.

Since it is a pretty long three part interview, be sure to come say hi to us on the chat, below to your right hand side.

Part 1. They talk about the AMA performance including how he turned his fall into a ‘ninja roll,’ the improptu kissing, ABC’s statement and more:



Part 2. They talk with fans, more about the creation of ‘For Your Entertainment.’  He even reveals that he has never had piercing in private parts 🙂


Part 3. They talk about Lady Gaga and more about his album.


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  1. AllaboutAdam says:

    hmmm…. where is everyone?

    • Listening to the interview 😉

      • Oh I have to wait untill I get home from work for this one. Quitting time wont come soon enough!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Same here Mary, it is going to be a long, long afternoon. I can’t wait to get home to hear this. I did hear five minutes of it this morning but had to leave to catch a bus to work. What I heard was great.

        • Finally heard this fantastic interview. He sounds totally awesome. Low, deep manly voice. He has taken the heat, is learning and doesnt want to alienate any fans. I really like elvis duran, gosh he is ornery, so are the others in the studio. Listening to this, makes me go back to why I fell in love with this guy to begin with. So cool. Not to worry people! He wont let you down, “Whataya Want From Him”

  2. If feels like everyone that interviews him is telling him how great he is and that what he did was ok. I am afraid that he is becoming spoiled and full of himself. I loved Elton John music and didn’t care if he was gay, but I didn’t want to see him kiss another guy on TV. I wanted the discussion this week to be about his album and how great his voice is. If all that we discuss is his “schock” performance, Adam needs to know that it cheapens his talent. He doesn’t need to go there because his singing ability is so incredible. I hope he tones it down a little. If not, he has lost me as a fan. He said in one interview that he doesn’t care if he loses fans, but I think that would be a shame.

    • AdamAdmirer says:


    • I totally agree with you Brian. I did go ahead and buy his album and wish the best for him. I sure hope he starts behaving like the talent he is and that his next album shows off his voice and vocal range as he did on idol. I like his new album but don’t love it…and was horrified at his performance that I waited for 3 hours to see. At the time I called it “career ending” hope I wasn’t right. His voice is so amazing…hopefully he will get back to “its all about the music” frame of mind and off his high horse about his sexuality…I really don’t care about his sexuality and don’t want it forced upon me when I just want to hear him sing his face off for my enteretainment.

      • i too bought the cd and think it is fantastic. I hope Adam stays grounded. One thing that bothers me in his cd is his thank you page where he thanks many people and doesn’t thank the fans. Maybe a little thing to someone else but it matters to me. I still love him. Can’t help myself.

        • Lee/Saline says:

          Glamitup I too noticed that he didn’t thank his fans and felt left out for all we fans have done for him on the sidelines. I thought maybe it’s not something singers and musicians do anymore. I’m looking forward to seeing him on The Early Show and seeing “my boy” give a wonderful performance. Adam is the best, and I love him!

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Adam is always thanking his fans and one time (when most of you have turned on him) that he doesn’t you bag him for that as well. He can’t win can he, he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

            It is time to move on people, get over it. Who cares if he kissed a guy, there are a whole lot worse things going on in the world, isn’t it about time you got things in perspective.

            • I’m with you. If you don’t get Adam it is time to move on.

              • PAMELA, why don;t you put your own little list of those YOU think don’t get Adam. let’s see if you are right. You’re NOT Get over it and on with the program. Just lying around lide a grouchy old woman is tiring and old. No one likes to hear someone constantly complaining and nagging a lot of us.

                Stop with the complaining about others, and stop your whining because everyone doesn’t think like you. Theat will never happen. You are fightin a losing battle, Aren’t you tired of being the whiney grouch trying to put someone else down all the time.

                Try to come up with some original happy feelings toward others. Everyone who is on this site is here for one reason. That being love for Adam. You just do not own that spot yourself. Get real. or maybe a break would be of help.?

            • No, Dianne, I think it’s about time Adam got things in perspective. Without his loyal fans, he’d be back on the chorus line.

              • SONGWRITER………………..said like a person with some common sense! That’s it. Say it like it is. You are totally correct, I agree totally. Adam will be so much better off by what has happened. I’m glad it did, just for the lesson he learned early in his career. It can only turn out one of two ways. Eighter he learns and is better for it, or he doesn’t and he is worse off for it. Well, once again Adam chose the right way and truth, and everyone’s all lovey dovey. Happy and glad, and even more improtantly, proud of Adam for being the bigger man with this controversy. We love him and respect him so much more, now!!! So all in all, it;shas become lemonade.

                Adam you are the man. You stay humble, considerate, sweet ,etc like you have always been and you can’t go wrong!!!! You have a great reputation going for you and that ain’t easy in show business. Love and respect you so much!

            • DIANNE………….WHY DO YOU KEEP BEATING A DEAD HORSE??? NOBODY has turned on him. Get over it andtry a new way to post by showing your loyalty, and not by putting others down to make yourself look better, cuz this is not the methos to use. This sour grapes with you is getting very old. Very old, already.

    • I so agree with you Brian – it should have been all about his music and not the shock and awe we witnessed. Is this what the future brings?

      I was so excited to see his performance at the AMA Sunday. I thought he was such a class act on Idol and had far to go. SO talented. His performance Sunday was NOT a class act. I thought it was depraved. It belonged in a club performance – not on ABC. While I do agree there is a double standard out there – this went far beyond anything I have ever experienced. Totally unnecessary. It’s not even him kissing a guy – it was the rest of it. I don’t care that he’s gay. It has nothing to do with it. And, to do this on the eve of his debut album. From what I have seen maybe only 1500 people complained to ABC – but a lot more tuned out and I hope the cancellation of his interview on GMA shows him how far reaching his actions can bring.

      I hesitated to buy his cd but I had been looking forward to his creative side and beautiful voice and bought it for that reason only and really like it. However, if he continues in this depraved route – he’s lost me as a fan and fans are his bread and butter. Then he won’t think its funny any more.

    • Sherry K GLAMB #445 says:


    • Brian, you are soooooooo right. He is full of himself now and with that performance on AMA – he is going to lose album sales. His singing abilitty is now the best in the business so I hope he can realize that simulating sex on stage is not necessary.

  3. Great interview…still a fan!

  4. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    I wanna know where the rest of the interview is!!!!

  5. Great interview and I’ve always loved Z-100 in NY…..

    Sounds like ADAM backed down a little bit about his performance…saying that the “kiss” and the “guy in his crotch” were NOT planned and he just went with it “in the moment” and didn’t mean to offend anyone….

    Guess he learned his lesson that he’s going to have to really think before he acts….some shows may cancel his appearances such as ABC because they’re “skerd” of what he might do …..glad to hear CBS picked him up and he’ll perform “Whattaya Want From Me”….great song and everyone will love it…

    • I agree. If he blows them away with his voice in “Whattaya Want From Me” and then on Letterman Wed night, he should be OK. His performance on Sunday night would only be appropriate in concert, not live TV.

  6. I hope he can undo some harm he did at AMA, I really hope so. It IS serious, and he is smart enough to realize that and admit it to himself. It’s too big of a machine to smash him, and he definitely does care despite that he said he didn’t. Otherwise it’s a very good chance for him to end up at the Zodiac show. I love Adam very much, I don’t really care about that controversial performance, but many people do.

    • Most of the greatest artists in history were controversial like Adam. Keep that in mind.

      He will never end up at the Zodiac Show.

      • dreamsound, you so get Adam!

        • … meant to say, I so get you and yes, I so get Adam!

          • 😉

            • Never say never. You don’t have to argue with me , I’m not his enemy, I just state my opinion which I’m entitled to. And I’m not saying, that the Zodiac show is bad, but this is a kind of show where Adam could say “It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, and If you don’t like it, don’t watch it”. Now he is in a different situation in life, and he has different responsibilities, so his behavior should be altered according to this situation. There is a big money involved, his reputation, his success.
              This is not about us arguing. As I said I wish him all the best, and I hope he will have a great career. BTW I don’t have ” sense of entitlement”, I really care for him, but I don’t want my 14-year old watch this performance, or listen to this song, and high-school kids are all different. Believe it or not, some of them are pretty innocent. I could write more about all this stuff, but it doesn’t really matter. I just want the sales go up, and Adam will continue with his glorious career, as it was thought and planned.

            • AdamRocks! says:

              It’s such a great feeling to “get” Adam, isn’t it? 🙂

              Cindy in MS
              Glamb #37

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Hasn’t he already done the Zodiac show Dreamsound. I am getting fed up with these people, it is time to move on. Isn’t that what we loved about Adam in the first place, his controversy, his willingness to step outside the box, how quickly people forget. I am glad you get him too Dreamsound.

        • DEANNE……………IS IT LONELY AT THE TOP? You seem to believe your own PR for yorself. Looks like you just want to sit back and tell anyone you shoose how you are the only true fan and you GET It. You are junst l in a million,huh? You need a

          • was not thru with my comment…………….sorry.
            You need a reality check was what I wanted to say. You are not the only player inthe game, but I think you want to be the most important. It just isn’t gonna hapen. Everybody is important to themselves and they don’t go around andtry to belittle anyone else, so wwhy don’t you ust wind up this art of you hostility and let it go.

  7. Very interesting…..the kiss being impromptu? Wow. So I think this interview puts a few things to rest for many “Glambs”. I don’t think Adam had tears in his eyes at the end of the show, he said he WASN’T nervous, it wasn’t the “pressure” getting to him. Adam was being Adam, rode out his adreniline and basically got a little (or a lot) carried away.

    I think Adam is still the Adam we know and love and I was happy to at least hear him say his intention was not to piss anyone off and that he respects the networks for feeling the need to censor his performance on the West coast. Even if he does think there is a double standard going on I think he will make adjustments to his “artistic expression” the next time around. Adam is definitely going through the learning curve and I think all the attention he has received after Idol probably did make him a bit more cocky but that fades fast when networks cancel your interviews.

    So Glambs, quit losing sleep for “poor” Adam….he is going to make millions and millions of dollars. He is going to win you back, then disappoint you, then win you back for many years to come. The one thing we should all get used to is that Adam is always going to be unpredictable, sometimes sweet, sometimes vulgar, create a ton of great music we love and quite a bit that we don’t. Just be prepared for those “WTF” moments (because this won’t be the last).

    Looking forward to seeing how he performs “What do you want for me”? on Letterman!!! I’m pretty sure he won’t be kissing anyone.

  8. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    well, okay, so it was an “in the moment” performance, still loved it ! He’s young & wants to have fun & express himself. He doesn’t want to be part of the “herd” of society. Frankly my dears, I don’t either. I want to be myself. Didn’t want to share this but I will. ADAM is a nonconformists so I’ll nonconform also, I bought Take One! I couldn’t help myself, yea right, & I’m glad I did. He has some beautiful music on it. Some really nice ballads! Ballads anyone? I just act w/o thinking, it’s something I’ve done as long as I can remember.
    BTW, I love the Zodiac & if he went back, I would follow!

    • I’m as guilty as you, I bought Take One also. I need to have everything that Adam does! I’m so infatuated with this young man!

  9. oookay, it looks like adam got it=) no apologies still but he understands that it wasn’t funny as he thought it would be… the DJs were fawning and babying him a bit but that’s okay. It doesn’t seem like the kind of radio show vested in social/moral issues. at least i heard an explanation there and a bit of promise with that statement that it was the only ‘risque’ song or so… hmm, strut seems pretty hot as well.. but i took his statement to mean that he won’t be taking this kind of risk again. i don’t want him on a leash definitely but at least on live national TV… I totally loved it when he admitted that he was still in the learning process — sigh, that’s what i’ve been typing about the last day or so on all these websites. hehehe, i felt like seeing back to him him song “Aftermath.” yes folks he got it… now let’s go on with our lives;p

    • Dianne Hill says:


      • dianne………………of course an apologize would be the thing to do! He came close enough to it, and that makes me and others respect him for that. Good manners and some humility is always a god thing!

  10. Adam made a mistake and I think he knows what he did was inappropriate.
    Obviously, the choreography and set design was all wrong. Adam cannot be expected to sing that great when he is doing all that moving around. All that set was missing was a slide and a swing.
    He tripped and still was able to pull it off. I felt bad for him.

    But, I will give Adam another chance and I am sure he will do well on CBS’s Early Show and then David Letterman. I’m over it and we need to move on.

    • leilani aloha says:

      Yeah, u said it .
      totally agree with mac0330
      got his cds, love it 🙂
      will look forward to see him perform on CBS

  11. It was theater.
    Yes, please let’s move on.

    see ADAM use a BEDAZZLER on Elvis Duran’s shirt (youtube) —
    never used one, but figures it out immediately!


    • Thanks Sherry S. It’s good to know the that some clear heads prevail. It was theater.

      • AdamRocks! says:

        And Adam is an artist. . . he’s not going to conform to everything we want him to be. . . I think he’s so brave!

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

  12. SmackYrLips says:

    JUST APOLOGIZE – ADAM, Face it,People have the right to choose what they allow into their homes on the public owned airways. Maybe they don’t want their children or themselves (for that matter) to watch graphic sexual simulation. nobody cares about a kiss. If a women simulate fellatio she would have been censored too! What about the viewers freedoms? There was no warning – if there was their would have been a choice to turn the channel. IT WAS SHOVED AT THEM WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT!!! THIS IS THE ISSUE – i am a big fan- Adam’s fans are not just the underground or fringe although some are- It is everybody – which is amazing because it happens so rarely. Just apologize if you offended anyone.– Say that was not your intention. –Then all will be forgiven – (after you say it on every interview) the fans you lost will come back and maybe after a week or two – we can start talking about the amazing diverse album that appeals everyone. — to my 21 year old alternative band musician nephew, his 14yr old sister, there mother 47 and uncle 55. How many new artists can cast their net that wide. Up until now you have been able to accomplish the almost impossible task of a bad boy image that is still very likable. Soooo hard to do — You have made an album that is in no one category, crosses styles and will appeal to the wides possible demographic. Don’t waste this opportunity.

    • AdamManFan says:

      sorry, but your probably going to be more upset if you listen to that interview I just posted from the Seacrest show.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      If you don’t like what is on your airwaves be it radio or TV have you ever heard of the OFF button. This is getting ridiculous. Your people are PISSING ME OFF.

      • AdamRocks! says:

        I know! I have a feeling we ain’t seen NOTHI N’ yet! heehee

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

      • AdamAdmirer says:


    • Sherry K GLAMB #445 says:

      AGREE ~SmackYrlips Thanks ~ Sherry K

    • cheryl 334 says:

      Totally agree! You are absolute feeling in the right way about it all. Nothing wrong with being wrong. We are all human and are wrong all the time. Adam is just not used to it.

  13. Love Adam great interview. Thank God for CBS. Love the CD it’s great.

  14. AdamManFan says:
  15. melinda glam#482 says:

    So GMA has cancelled Adams preformance. What a shame. Adam had everything going for him. What a way to screw things up.

  16. cheryl 334 says:

    For one reason, I am glad that GMA cancelled Adam. That is so that Adam might GET IT. If he comes out of this without even a considerate thought for anyone but himself, then he has NOT gotten it, yet. I am not one of the people who personally hated the performance. I am just looking at it in a larger view, and KNOW that this was wrong for Adam th have gone this far on his first National TV appearance ever. Flipping off the people in the end was more of the same nasty attitude. He may have gotten away with that on the Zodiac show, but he has got to know that he is performing in a different kind ov venue, when he plays for the whole country and even other countries around the world. What I can handle and what I like is not my issue, here. Adam I don’t think, needs to feel he is ‘better’ than everyone else and can use the term, ‘artistic’ as an excuse to do wrong. He says he is not a babysitter. No, no one thinks like that. That is ridiculous. However he is on a show that started on a Sunday nite at 8PM where many kids and teens and idol audiances would be watching. No one had to pay a ‘cover charge’ to be able to get this on regular tv. It wasn’t even cable, for god’s sake.

    I won’t be scarred for life b/c of Adam’s performance. I did not feel, ‘creepy’ to watch Adam, but I am not the only one and only type of person he had to consider when he took it up another level. He was dead wrong to me. I am sorry he did it all, and I hope, although he tries like hell to say he hasn’t learned a thing, and that he doesn’t care about anything or anyone, I hope that this is just part of his stubborn personality, and the fact that he is not yet big enough to man-up and apologize. The reason, now , that I am glad he was cancelled, is that no one else has shown there are consequences for bad behavior, there are rules all must follow, and he doesn’t need to get his ‘head’ all blown out of shape believing he is too good, and too important to worry about the ‘minor’ things in life, like ‘rules’ and ‘respect and consideration ‘ for the general audiance. This was not a small private club in Gay LA. Man, to say that the younger people that can buy much of your music and eventually do grow up, are not important, is making at least, a huge mistake. Yes, he is coming across a bit spoiled and uncaring about his career. That is the scarry thing about this whole issue. The public doesn’t give one many chances. He may have been stupid once, but it was the world’s first look at him. Not a good time to be making his bigest blunder. Talking about his career,here only. I WANT his career to flourish. That is my concern. Being an ‘artist’ doesn’t mean shit if nobody wants what you are ‘selling’.

    • Thank you Sheryl! This is what I was trying to say.

      • cheryl 334 says:

        IRENE……………… I know. I read your comments. We all make mistakes. It’s those who can still love after the mistake who is the true fan, and I see that we all feel that way. We don’t want much from Adam, but he dows ‘owe’ us that explanation and the rest of his sttements trying hard to undo any paid he might have caused. And he caused enough to have a tv station lose trust in him. Now, that is not a good thing, and everyone should understand that rather than put the blame on GMA. Adam owned the blame, and we should not coddle him and baby him for being a naughty boy. By encouraging bad behavior you become just what no star needs, an enabler who tells him he can do wrong in the name of ‘art’. No he doesn’t need treating him like he is better than everyone else. That is never a good thing for someone to think about themselves as. We would just create a monster of the ugliest kind!

  17. Glambertcraze says:

    GREAT Interview very funny. Just luv Adam to pieces.
    At first I didn’t like the AMA proformance mostly because of Adams voice (don’t know what happened there) it was soooo unlike him not to sound perfect.
    The dancing was just that, Dancing. He didn’t do anything more over the top than any of those other singers did.
    Everyone just needs to get over it and enjoy his next proformance.

  18. MadworldGlamb says:

    This fan site was designed for REAL glamberts. And all the people posting here are traitors. You may as well be Kris fans for god sakes! You lost interest in Adam because of his first live preformance since idols. And REAL adam fans don’t act to insanley obsessed with something so minor to the HUGE career he will have. Ever since the Ama’s everyone on this site has become traitors. When I thought we were one group coming together, this was a great idea. You call yourselves fans??!! Your not. choke.

    • Listen, MadworldGlamb. You are totally out of line to call people “traitors” on this site. How dare you be so judgmental. Everyone is entitled to their point of view and we all need to be kinder and more considerate of others.

  19. AdamRocks! says:

    I just adore Adam! And I don’t feel I have a right to think I know what he should do. . . it’s his life. I want him to be himself. . . GO ADAM!!!

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Here, here Cindy, you are in my head this time. I would never want to tell Adam what to do. He is his own person and I want him to always be himself. Did you hear on that interview he said his parents thought his performance was funny – they get him. We get him, I don’t understand all the crap that is going on, on this site. I have tried to be open to other’s feelings but I am getting so angry about all of this. People are just being ridiculous now, it was ONE SONG, IT WAS FIVE MINUTES for god’s sake find something else to complain about, becasue there is plenty going on in the world that you should be more concerned about. Give me a break. No you Cindy, love you and hugs to you, it is all these others that are pissing me off.

      • AdamRocks! says:

        I LOVED when he said that about his parents. . . how cool are they???

        Yeah, I cannot believe all of this nonsense. . . I’m moving to New Zealand! lol

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

      • Dianne, I am with you. I agree with what you wrote above……..and yes folks ! It was just a performance…a very spectacular and ‘entertaining’ performance. He did a few things ‘out of the box’ …and that’s how Adam want to portray himself. I thought you all knew this!!!! Havn’t you been listening !!!….he has said it so many times. THIS IS ADAM…… please try to accept him as is.

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • puteri abdul says:

      cindy I luv you too!!
      dianne, don’t put me in this link of person you are pissed off…I hope you have read my feelings about this ama’s….because I am maybe some of the few ones who is so into it and dig it !!!!!!!

      and to some….please ………
      stop it !! stop it !!
      I know we have the right to voice our opinion and criticize, but some of them are just over criticizing and to make matter worse, the criticism is made in the name of loving adam ?? sheessshhh!!
      I don’t give a damn if people want to tell me that I am a blinded adam fan who will just say yes at whatever he does, but to me, adam is an entertainer and he was just trying to give his best, but his best is just not good enough (or too much) to some ..
      people…that is what adam is you saw in ama’s…
      adam has always said he is honest to the fault, and if he says he feels he does not need to apologize, then let him be it…at least he is not a hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      and to emili, cindy, dianne, silvana, aramikah, and a few more others that I feel is having the same feeling about this whole senario..let’s keep on with the show..
      let adam be adam and get us entertained !!!!!!!!!

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Awwwwww puteri. ~blushing~ 🙂

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Right on Puteri, I am with you all the way. I know you have always been a lover and supporter of Adam. Cindy we would love it you moved to New Zealand, LOL. It is a long way away from Adam though, maybe we could get him to move over here too, now that would really be cool.

        Hugs and love to you Puteri, and Cindy too.

  20. leilani aloha says:

    yep! Great Interview:0)

    Yes, still a fan of Adam Lambert:0)

  21. MadworldGlamb says:

    You guys make me so insanly mad! He was entertaining and stunning and a REAL preformer. And any IDIOT who says Adam has to APOLLOGIZE is ON CRACK! I don’t even care if I get suspended from this crack house of a fan site. You traitors are all insecure losers. And with that I resign my Glamb number.

    I no longer wish to be glamb 463.
    Im gonna find a REAL fansite.

    • …only the strongest fans will survive this…???


    • Dianne Hill says:

      This used to be the best fansite for Adam MadworldGlamb, didn’t it. I don’t know where they have all gone, they’ve been taken over in the night by aliens and not from planet fierce.

    • puteri abdul says:

      don’t leave!!
      not all of us are like who you said in this site..
      go through the comments one by one..
      there are people here who is like crazy keeping adam on our side and being positive about the whole thing..
      ignore the criticism if it is too painful to be read, I did !!

    • Yippee, MadworldGlamb. Get lost…with our compliments.

      • hey songwriter………………this is a direct quote from YOUR comment above: “How dare you be so judgmental. Everyone is entitled to their point of view and we all need to be kinder and more considerate of others. ”
        Maybe you should take YOUR own advice…………….you are not exactly kind and considerate to MadworldGlamb………..does her point of view threaten you for some reason?

    • Please do not leave, MadWorld…………there are plenty of us who are just sickened by this preaching to and criticism of Adam………………it is like the gokey cousins have invaded like cockroaches…..

  22. just listened to the interveiw with Elvis Duran…loved it..cannot wait until the Early Show on CBS tomorrow…thank you CBS….keep the spirit Adam….David Letterman tomorrow night..Yeah

  23. Madworldglam,

    you are right!


  25. Just watched Adam’s video 4 or 5 times, fabulous. Sound is wonderful, images exciting, he is HOT, HOT, HOT. Perfecttion…………….. and we see the evil smile a few times. So excited for it to be out there.

    • That evil smile is what got me. 😀 I have to say that I had never seen Adam perform before the AMAs. I do not watch Idol and generally ignore any talk or gossip about it. I watched the AMas just to see the performances that are typically fun and spectacular. For once, I was still watching at the end of the program. I am sooooo glad that I didn’t turn it off early. I watched Adam perform with my jaw on the floor and a huge smile. Loved the vocals especially! The theatrical element to the performance was amazing. I really enjoy it when an artist can throw his entire body into a number. When it was nearly over and they showed his almost smug look at the end, I was hooked. An hour later I had bought 3 songs from the FYE album. By the time I headed to bed around dawn I had spent at least 5 hours straight searching and watching everything I could find. Adam consistently amazes me. I just love his voice and his theatricallity.

  26. Well, I don’t think Adam just got carried away–he’s too intelligent for that. He did what he did because it is his sensibility and I can actually see what he is saying about it’s just funny, don’t take it sooooo seriously. And, please, what child should be up at 10:50 on a school night. What is that. People are so hypocritical. And why put down the Zodiac Show; it’s a really class act with high quality performers. Who knows where The Zodiac Show may end up–I hear they are making it into a movie. I personally think folks on this website are much too entitled with Adam. He has to do this…He has to do that…says who? Adam is the artist. He makes the decisions. He will do what he chooses because his muse takes him that way, and personally, all this publicity is probably doing great stuff for sales and he probably figured that was a good enough reason to do what he did, plus get real, look at his performances on Youtube, the AMA act was quintessential Adam. Hello. Adam IS NOT SORRY. Get over it. Changing the subject. I didn’t really like the album when I listened to it streaming online. But I put it into my car cd and the sound was just great there and I absolutely loved it. I’m so looking forward to being able to listen to Adam live in person.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      elizabeth………………hate to be the one to tell you, but Adam said on a few interviews that he did just get carried away and he did a lot of improvising. Most of that was not planned.

      • And you believe him, that this extremely bright, totally well trained entertainer, just got overwhelmed by the moment….OK, if you say so.

        • cheryl 334 says:

          elizabeth…………….NOW, WHO SAID IT? iT WAS ADAM. I had thought those very ideas before he ever said them and I posted it beforehe even came up with that story. I choose to believe him.I think he is as close to the truth as you can be ithout cutting himself open for all to see everything. Yes, I believe him, You don;t? Ok……………..if you say so.

          • Elizabeth Richter says:

            My feeling is that no one gets carried away without their own self’s permission. I just believe that Adam is far too intelligent and far to trained in his craft to be carried away. Even if Adam said what he said, I think the very essence of entertainment is a form of constant reinvention of who you project yourself to be to the world, whether you want to hear it or not. And I don’t think that is necessarily bad.

  27. Love his Elvis Duran interview. Lots of laughing and loving, that’s what our Adam all about. And, that’s why I love him sooooooooo much!

    Go Adam Go! Love the “AUTHENTICITY”…keep rocking!

  28. Tweeterpie says:

    MadworldGlamb, please don’t give up on this site because it really is a great site with countless diehard fans. Just because we aren’t on at the time a few got carried away with their “scolding of Adam” doesn’t mean the rest of us aren’t worthy fans. I adore Adam and will NEVER abandon him, but I had my own concerns about the AMA performance. Not that I didn’t love it, because I did. In fact, I actually thought the concept was great and the dancers were awesome. Unfortunately, in true spirit of Rock & Roll, Adam chose to go completely LIVE unlike most of the other performers. Why this wasn’t maybe wasn’t the best decision is because the particular song he chose needed the “music back track” for maximum impact of the song’s beats and it would have freed him up to take proper breaths while doing all the movements that the performance required. That’s the only reason his vocals weren’t spot on & the slip didn’t help any either. I personally could have done without the crotch shot & kiss but also understand how he got carried away with the moment. All & all, I still think he did well. And I’m surprized that so many people seemed to have missed that Janet Jackson grabbed her own crotch countless times, grabbed a male dancers privates and then bent him over in front of her while she thrust her pelvis against his rear. She also took a male dancers face and put it to her pelvic region as well. Replay the tape if you have it…I did…and it’s there. Many others had pretty sexual stuff in their performances as well and Adam had just sat their for hours watching it all go down. So, I for one, will certainly forgive Adam for getting a little carried away during the biggest “ROCK & Roll Night” of his career. It’s only the beginning of his career, not the end,TRUST ME!…P.S. I do think he’ll bring it back some and make it more about the music ,because that IS what is most important to him.

  29. Thanks for the excellent interview. I don’t really mind what Adam does as long as he keeps singing with that beautiful voice of his. The album For Your Entertainment is an incredible mixture of rock, pop, ballads, everything. Good for you and us, Adam. I’m looking forward to seeing you on CBS Morning show and David Letterman tomorrow. I wont say how I feel about ABC, whispers ‘homophobes’.


    Just because Madonna and Brittany previously kissed on television doesn’t mean that everyone loved it. I thought it was stupid and still do. I don’t think the negative comments now are about discrimination at all. I think it was uncalled for when Brittany and Madonna kissed and it is still is uncalled for. I’m interested in the music and don’t need to watch all that crap while you sing. I would have rather watched you center stage sing while the dancers revolved around you doing something. And before you say I’m uncomfortable with sex or being gay, let me say I’d love to sit and a bar and watch Adam make-out in the corner with some beautiful man…… so, it’s not that I’m uncomfortable with sex or homosexuality. It’s just that it’s not why I tune into the AMA and I shouldn’t have it pushed in my face like that. A lot of kids tuned in to watch that performance and it was not appropriate for children. You weren’t on HBO, Adam. You said it’s all still a learning process. I hope you actually learn from your poor judgement because you’ve ruined that one song for me. Now, everytime I hear it, I’m going to see you falling on the stairs. Be a singer, not a cheap Zodiac act.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      That was a “cheap shot” at The Zodiac Show, where a lot of Adam’s friends still are, and where he was nurtured and supported while paying his dues. That’s a big part of Adam’s life. . . and a big part of him. . . it’s like taking a cheap shot at Adam. :/

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • And, again, I’m a teacher so I say this, what was any “kid” doing watching the AMAs in the first place, and what was any “kid” watching it at 10:50pm on a school night. And again, I agree with the other person, “cheap” Zodiac act–please the Zodiac Show is far superior, shows far greater artistry that the AMAs which must be produced and directed to a bunch of farmers, no offense to farmers, produced and directed by a bunch of brain dead nincompoops in comparison.

      • cheryl 334 says:

        ELIZABETH…………..so you are a teacher. Do you have children of your own? Well here’s the reason kids would be watching this. the were allowed to watch am. idol. The may have got to go to come concerts. They have been following Adam as kids fo. We adults here are the odd ones. Kids do what all kids fo every year and watch the boring AMAs.

        Thought you said you were a teacher? Or are you an expert in the productions field of rock videos? Stick to what you know. If I were a farmer I would take great offense to an adacious teacher pretending to be more than she is. I wonder if that is the reason teachers are not that well lilked?

        • Ok, I get that. my little girl who is 12 loves America’s Top Model and has watched that show this past season. However, the season finale lasted until eleven at night or something and so I had to tape it for her and she then watched it at a more appropriate time. But you are right. I actually don’t watch American Idol because it is beneath me since I’m such an intellectual and I first got to know about Adam Lambert when I heard my kids (I have three, 10, 12 and 16) yelling how wonderful it was that Adam lost and Kris won. They are actually Kris fans and they think I’m nuts to go for Adam. But what happened was that when I saw them so happy about Kris I became curious about who was this guy who lost and I went on Youtube to take a look. I actually haven’t seen any of the American Idol shows and I knew nothing about Adam until he lost. But come on, don’t be so angry. Do you think Adam would support you being mean? I don’t think so. Lighten up a bit. We are a community of Adam lovers and the first we can do is love one another and be nice to one another. I totally apologize to all Farmers.

  31. Why are we expecting ADAM to be PERFECT? He is new to this whole thing and it is all a learning process for him. No one is perfect! Let’s cut him some slack please…He is an artist and just creating his art! No one told Picasso how to paint and what he couldn’t paint! JUST LET THE INCREDIBLE ARTIST CREATE HIS MASTER PIECE! No professional gets it right the first time! Just let our “GLITTERY NINGA ALIEN” do what he does best! I DID love ADAM in the beginning & WILL always love him! I adore him! semperfi ADAM!!!!!!

  32. love the interview thanks for posting it!!

    i love you adam!! you rock!!

  33. The interview was quintessential “Adam”. He does not blame anyone, any circumstance, being under presssure, falling, timing in the show …..anything. He just owns what he does 100% – no excuses, whining, even when the interviewers gave him the opportunity to blame. I believe he talks to the people he loves and respects (a fantastic tribute to them in the CD book) and moves on, stronger and wiser. He inspires me, everyday, to do the same. I DO idolize his talent and voice but expecting perfect humans from entertainment stars is stupid.

  34. WowoWow! I don’t belong to this site but I think it’s great! Let’s face it, Adam shocked some of his fans cuz they didn’t really listen to FYE, he had a message even tho he didn’t write it but it’s certainly why he picked it! When I watched him on the Idol tour via youtube, I could tell he was holding alot back, altho, I did kinda figure he was going to go “there” on his own tour! Ha! He prematurely entertained us! As far as his AMA performance, I wouldn’t have a little kid up at that time since it was a school night & they should be in bed by 10:00 at least. If one has delicate sensibilities about a lot of things, Adam will always disappoint, me thinks. But, if you’re one who likes to see the freak flag fly once in a while, if you really don’t like a lot of vanilla in your life, I think Adam will be that hot, spicy, crazy cuppa! Oh yeah, his FYE video is crazy hawt!!!!

  35. …… and for the love of whatever, go back and READ the lyrics to For Your Entertainment – we have been absorbing the words for weeks, listening to the whip cracks at the beginning of the song, hearing the words – “getting rough” – “hurt real good” – “take the pain and the pleasure” – didya really think it was going to be a tiptoe through the tulips? I honestly did have a flinch when I heard that it was that song he was PORTRAYING (not just singing in a studio) but acting out. He hasn’t been any portend of soft and sweet since he flipped up that t-shirt during Ring of FIre (also on network TV) and manhandled the microphone stand across the country. Rock on, Man-On-Fire!!!

  36. PEOPLE:

    Adam was doing theater. It’s what he always does. If you’re a fan, you SHOULD know that.

    In this song he was playing a DOM (male dominatrix) or DEVIL, if that is a figure you can better relate to. This song was written for (not by) Adam. The writer probably got the idea when he saw the whips being thrown on stage on tour. They decided to go with the idea. Everybody ON THIS SITE thought the idea, the words were so hot.

    Everything translated beautifully to video (now on his official website), and disastrously to the live performance. It happens. Sometimes a presentation just doesn’t work. (Why isn’t the bad planning by the choreographer taking any heat for this? Those dancers were talented as we saw in the audition video and their talents went to waste. Maybe Adam felt this lack of energy and was trying to compensate.) Then Adam fell, which played a big factor in his voice being off.

    Just remember what Adam said in an early Idol interview: (paraphrased)
    “When you see me growlin’ and stompin’ around on stage, just remember, it’s not me up there.”
    That was the CHARACTER he portrayed giving the audience the finger, not Adam for gosh sakes.

    We were given NO WARNING you say? Incredible. You mean after THREE HOURS of gyrating and grabbing crotches, and the ABC announcer telling viewers at every commercial break that they would not believe what Adam had in store, you were unprepared? No, we didn’t like it, but just how was he supposed to TOP THAT PARTICULAR COMPETITION and be THE GRAND FINALE to a three hour sexual romp?

    Let’s take a deep breath and move on to positive thoughts—

    I see Adam on the celebrity programs laughing and having fun.
    Two of his New York performances will air tomorrow.
    His CD is selling at the top of the charts.
    I’m playing his songs, and I think this may be the best record I’ve ever bought.
    Adam continues to make me feel good and that’s why I love him.

    • OK, just saw his MTV interview—
      I was wrong on the bird. He was flipping off his critics.
      But I was right on the pressure he was feeling to “top” the performances that preceded him.

  37. I love Adam so much. His album is awesome. My husband and I were off from work and we both danced like crazy for 2 hours to the dance songs on the album….we had a blast. His AMA performance was shocking, but I am not going to change my mind about him. His talent is undeniable. I love this radio show interview…..it was very funny and showed how sweet Adam is and what a great personality he has. By the way….I love his new For Your Entertainment video…It is outstanding…I watched it like 10 times in a row. I hope people stop hating on him! It is so upsetting!

  38. I don’t feel Adam did any thing wrong. Loved the interview. and Adam Your the best thing thats come out in music in quite some time. I absolutly love your voice. I love every thing about you. Love the CD

  39. This is a great interview. I love your CD Adam!

  40. It is my ADAM, our ADAM !
    I love this interview !! LOVE IT !
    I AM SO PROUD to be ADAM’s fan – even when
    he is going through hard times this week – I
    feel so GOOD now that i am with ADAM 100%

    Thanks for posting it.

  41. I’ve totally had it with some of Adam’s “fans” (and I use the term loosely) regarding the entitlement they feel they deserve from him and judgment of him about the AMA performance.

    Adam always brought his best during his AI performances and during the AI tour which were always perfect. Even though he should have won AI, he lost due to prejudice and bigotry. People can say want they want to and explain it was that they preferred Kris’s style but we all know it was more about voting against Adam instead of voting for Kris. Which wasn’t fair to either of them in the end.

    In the last couple of months, he has been criticized for his CD cover, his sexuality (he’s too gay or not gay enough), the songs on the CD (which I think are awesome), the 2012 song, not thanking the fan’s enough and now The AMA performance. It wasn’t my favorite, but one “not so perfect performance” out of how many? I understood what he was trying to say that night.

    Adam does not owe any of us an apology. How many times does he need to thank us? Also, if you are a true fan, you would have automatically known the “finger” was not toward you.

    Adam is just tired of all of the crap (and that’s not the word I want to use) he is getting. It’s bad enough he is getting it from all of the bigots and homophobes out there. Now he is getting it from the people he shouldn’t….his fans. Adam has been sweet, gracious, thankful, courteous and generous toward us all. Get off his back!

  42. Oh for heaven’s sake move on! The guy is amazing, he is young and having fun. Thank goodness we have someone who just enjoys life. Love listening to him to get his perspective on life – so different from the common morons (oh sorry think some of you are on this site)

  43. I am an unusual fan, I am a 71 year old widow. I admire Adam for being true to himself and hope he never changes.

  44. i love everything about Adam! nuff said..so looking forward
    to buy his CD.. but it’snot yet avail in our country waahhh!

  45. Helen/Canada says:

    I’m just sick to death of all of this. Get over it people and move on. Adam is human. You want him to be perfect–he’s not, accept it and either support him or not, but frickin’ stop talking about it already!

  46. Glamb #100 says:

    I love him after the interviews!!! not that I ceased being a Glamb……was just vaken aback, as his mom said.

  47. I don’t think that ADAM would want his fans to be at each other’s throats over his performance!
    We are all here for one reason….our love for ADAM! We are supposedly among friends on this site, and here to share our thoughts and feelings! I am for ADAM all the way!

    But I think that we can all respect each other when they share their thoughts/feelings, even if it doesn’t agree with our own. No use arguing back and forth and making it a personal thing!
    If someone truly is against ADAM because of his performance, and feels they can no longer support ADAM or be his fan, then say it—– and then for everyone’s sake, leave the fansite!

    I, for one, come here to share love not hate!!!!

  48. emerald skye says:

    I love Adam! Maybe he did get a bit carried away, but I thought his performance on the AMA’s reminded me of some of the numbers in the movie CABARET, starring LIza Minnelli, where Joel Grey plays the semi-evil MC in a Burlesque club in Berlin during the war. In the videos of the rehearsal, it was even mentioned that they were “going” for that look in the performance, even referencing Germany. If anyone else is old enough to remember that movie, you may know what I mean. For others, check it out! It was wartime burlesque and was somewhat risque and “dark”. This performance seemed to have that same atmosphere.

    None of us know the pressure that Adam is probably under from so many different directions. I think we should cut him some slack! We have all had moments where we got carried away, and others may have thought we were inappropriate, even if WE didn’t necessarily think we were in the moment! He is still young, and has been catapulted from obscurity to dealing with huge decisions, huge expectations, and a huge public visibility in a very short time! Give the guy some time to find his legs, and test his limits! It hasn’t been THAT long since the end of American Idol – what, six months? We all learn by testing our limits, getting push-back, and then deciding where we will go from there…

    I think Adam is going to be a huge star, and will find his own segment of the population who support him and are loyal. I wish him well, and hope he can weather the storms he creates with his originality and daring without becoming angry at those who reject him! It is a fine sword edge to walk, and I applaud his bravery!

    Everything else aside, the guy has the best voice I have heard in a very long time, and if for no other reason, I hope he continues to be outrageously successful so that I can continue to enjoy his music!

    • Emerald skye….. thank you for sharing your thoughts with us because I think you nailed it !!!! And , if I may say so, I think that his AMA performance has catapulted him straight into the road of success.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  49. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting this. It’s great!

  50. LoveAdam!!! says:

    I love the CD. It’s awesome! If you haven’t purchased it, you should. I do wonder why I’m not hearing Adam on radio or on VH1 top 20 today. What do you all think about this?

  51. adam lambert you are so hot touch you a first or third degree burn would result – go for the gut and shoot from the hip – love your album

  52. I think Adam’s correcting the DJ for calling Susan Boyle the “hairy angel” says it all. He is a nice person. Even though he doesn’t feel the need to apologise, he admits that he is still learning and knows he has to be more careful in the future on live television.

    I’m a huge fan and love the album.

    I’d loved to see Adam and Susan Boyle to a broadway number. Both have magnificant voices.