Adam Lambert interview on Gaydar Radio, UK

I must have been slacking because here is a radio interview that I missed with Adam on Gaydar Radio. Grab your cup of coffee, or a glass of wine depending on the time of day, and sit back to enjoy this 4 part interview. I am going to alert you to the fact that there is about 30 minutes of talking, so plan your time wisely!


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  1. Fun interview – and I suppose considering that it was on Gaydar Radio that this time we can’t complain that the interview was All Gay – All the Time – tho I know we’d all like that to be let go and there to be more talk about Adam’s music and tours and anything else he’s in the mood to talk about. But OK, this one gets a pass.

    Most of it was stuff we already knew, tho anytime I can sit for a half hour and listen to him talk is fine by me 🙂 The one thing *I* hadn’t heard before was that he’d been in talks with SNL about doing a show. And altho I’d LOVE to see him on there – if all they want to do is skits about gay stuff – that would just reinforce the stereotypes – I agree with him – why bother. HEY SNL WRITERS – USE YOUR IMAGINATIONS! He can do ANYTHING!

    Thank you so much Sue for finding this interview – what a great month Adam’s had! So glad he’s home safe and sound – For now anyway. I guess we’re just gonna have to get used to sharing him with the world.

  2. Elizabeth Glamb #545 says:

    What a great interview this is. I think Adam feels most comfortable when he is talking with his peers. I can relate to the whole feeling of discomfort about your sexuality. I didn’t have an intimate relationship until I was 24 and it wasn’t because I was gay; I was just shy. It’s a really tough situation to be in and thank goodness he has moved on!!!!

  3. Glenda #1946 says:

    Thank you Sue for all your posting….what would we do without you??? !!!!!

  4. jeanene says:

    interesting! alot about gay, but he does seem to express himself quite well, and is comfotable with it. Learned some new things about IDOL, did not know before. I would love to hear like the rest of you, about his summer concert tour, and you can still vote for the 100 MAZ thing, he is still #8, voted alot last night, and this morning. and SNL Wow, they should come up with something great!LOVE, LOVE ADAM! He had a great month, but miss him on american TV, can’t wait for his IDOL song, hopefully he will be a mentor in a few years!!!

    • buffy522 says:

      I think I learn a new little tidbit on even the shortest interviews. Very sweet of his to share those coming out details. Have a feeling there is even more to come from the unfiltered Mr. Adam Lambert.
      And good for him to reject the “gay gag” thing. A little maybe with Andy Sandberg on SNL, but like Andy, Adam has way more talent than to be a one bit pony!

  5. sherry s. says:

    Here is the link to donate to “Idol Gives Back” — in HONOR OF ADAM.

    TEAM ADAM is currently in 1st place!!!
    It is followed closely by Team Archie.

    This page can be accessed through the AMERICAN IDOL website, as well as ADAM’s OFFICIAL site.

  6. Libraglam says:

    UK and many part of Europe are much much more open minded about Gay. In Uk , you cannot discriminate against Gay for example. Therefore, when Adam come to Europe, they are curious and wnat to hear how ADAM has gone through when he is an open Gay and had to go through all the discrimination. That is new to European, esp.the make up, hair, style etc…the things that ADAM has put on has been started in Europe decades ago…it’s not thing new to them. What is nice about European and Asian is that … they are more interested in the artistry from an artist. For the Asian, Artists are categorized differently than normal people therefore they can do anything without being condemn. They are like….in different world and are allowed to do crazy thing. And then… they are famous or not depend on the majority of audience taste . If the audience does not like it then they just ignore them. That’s why the Asians do NOT UNDERSTAND why AMERICA is making big deal about it and i think the same questions have raised from the European and Australian.

    Glad that ADAM can talk comfortably about Gay things with people in UK. I am afraid we will loose ADAM one day if AMERICA is not progressive enough or cannot catch up with the rest of the World….
    oh well….i hope not….unless….he will fall in love with soemeone in UK in the future….i hope not…! I am selfish !

    • glamaus says:

      @Libraglam…….Really enjoyed your post…and others you’ve written. It is concerning that the
      U.S. still are having so much trouble with the ‘gay’ issue. California is a place of acceptance
      and I love it there for that reason…but a lot of other States still find it so hard to be able to show
      the love, respect and acceptance that is so needed in today’s world! ….The ‘puritan’ attitude,
      that has already been mentioned, has to go…..and it is time to move on! …Yes, the rest of the
      world does not have an issue and everything is out in the open and not in a closed box . People are comfortable to express honest thoughts and feelings and it gets mistaken in the U.S.
      ADAM is now an International Star heading towards Megastardom and I fear the U.S. will get left
      behind if they don’t start to adopt an attitude of acceptance and love!….and ‘Home might always be home’ but it sure gets old in the long run!……(Makes me realize how awesome it was for us in Oz with the Sydney Mardi Gras…..Incredible event….. breathtakingly spectacular ADAM in an envoirnment of love and awesomeness…..but could it have happened in the U.S.?….. and yet it would have been fantastic to have had you all there that night!)

  7. adam sounded so comfortable in this interview. the two interviewers were quite pleasant.

    i have been voting for adam on time magazine 2010 most influential people, he currently #5 and long way up really. i am now imagining adam being on the cover if he wins and of course a page write up about him. please support adam by voting www. time magazine. com and look for POLL results. we could vote many time. adam is no. 90 of 201 just keep refreshing by clicking “back and next until adam’s page (90) appears, continue doing the same.

    • jeanene says:

      IT IS NOW EARLY MONDAY MORNING, YOU CAN STILL VOTE FOR ADAM, POLL IS STILL OPEN, HE IS NUMBER 5!!!!! Try to keep voting, didn.t know where to put this info, hopefully someone will reread it, and know where it should go to the public. 5 is great, but can we do better!!???

  8. IDOLize says:

    yes i think he will get an appartment in London , eastern europe and Asia and share himself totally with the world , but home will always be home.

  9. Pyrenze says:

    I love that Adam owns who he is and make no apology for being gay or anything else. I am proud of him for not apologizing for the AMA performance because IMO he had nothing to apologize for. I for one loved it, and that is the performance that drew me to him as a fan, since I didn’t watch AI8. Even with the technical problems with the audio, his incredible vocal talent showed through and I had chills run down my spine that I was witnessing the birth of a superstar!

    As for him displaying his sexuality in America, it doesn’t matter that he’s gay. If he were straight and showing his sexuality he would still get the same reaction from the repressed few just as other straight artists before him such as Elvis (who wasn’t shown below the waist on American tv), Tom Jones, and Madonna. There are many in America who have a problem with any overt sexuality regardless of what form it takes (mostly the faux-christians). Fortunately they are in the minority; unfortunately they are more vocal than those of us who appreciate any artist who owns their sexuality and aren’t afraid to show it. It baffles me that some in America like to pretend there is something wrong or shameful in displaying sexuality (although is it perfectly OK to use sexual images in advertising). But that is not all of America. There are plenty of us who admire the courage it takes artists like Adam to be themselves, to show their sexual side in their performances, gay or straight. Adam is rocking our world and he is a fierce, glittering angel who’s star is rising!

    • Pyrenze, I understand what you say about the AMA.
      I have to admit that I was flabbergasted but that was exactly the reason that I knew right there and then that I was absolutely committed to being his fan. Because he had my head spinning and my heart beating faster I knew we were all in for something so magnifecently different and personally I have always been a searcher for the unusual and something off the charts.
      The World needs Fearless and Courageous people as this were the change starts and Adam fits that bill completely.
      He is such an inspiartion to me.

  10. love adam lambert- all the way. like his unique voice evertyhing about him.

  11. Imaramorah says:

    woof, what a pose..oh, there’s an interview as

  12. adamismymuse says:

    I could listen to him talk for hours – his intellect is outstanding he is never thrown he is quick witted and I could just go on, however it is his confessions of akwardness in high school he puts out so easily. I desperately want to share mine with my son as he is a senior so very awkwardly social as I was yet I cannot bring myself to confess to him anything but a general yes I felt the same way. Adam actually gives details – such as thinking that admitting he was gay would get the other castmate who was gay to make out with him, now dawning on him that he wouldnt. It is a simple innocence he admits too that most of us could never in a million years say out loud. I know or think if I could confess my awkward moments in truth to my son it would help him. I am just not there yet.

    • I agree with you completely. Sometimes I feel akward about sharing that a 28 year is my muse and inspiraion on so many levels and then I think, what the heck, this is exactly what this it about. It doesn’t matter! Adam shows his Guts and Glory to the whole world so what do I have to be embaressed about sharing something to a few people. Let’s break down the facades, being authentic might throw people of in the beginning but then you eventually become the inspiration to them!

  13. Lila - Glamb #3 says:

    I love the woman interviewer. She was so excited “I have a room!” Oh yeah!

  14. Pyrenze says:

    Hey: I don’t know where to post this so I’ll say it here and maybe the group owners will post it in a new thread. Jimmy Fallon has a poll up to vote for your favorite AI artist of all time. Adam is in second place and he should be No. 1!

  15. glamaus says:

    AUSSIE’S please vote too for the TIME Who Are The World’s Most Influential Awards 2010. This is a biggy for ADAM and we all need to participate…..calling
    our friends in New Zealand too!

  16. Libraglam says:

    This is so funny, has anyone seen these 2 clips back in july 2009
    How great it is the famous producers/singers have great respect to
    ADAM;s talents:
    I don’t know how to make post those , here we go:

    Enjoy !!

  17. I don’t know, but even Adam’s talking voice, turns me on. He’s just so smooth. I don’t care about his sexual orientation. yes, sexy is sexy, and it does have a universal appeal, just as he said.


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