Adam Lambert in the Bottom Three (With Video)

Before getting to the video and Linda’s post (below) I want to make sure you understand that Adam was not necessarily in the bottom two; he was in the bottom three. That’s a BIG different when you have five contestants left.

A lot of people have commented about this but most people have the impression that Adam was in the bottom two! Ryan never said he was, he just said he was going to send someone to safety. He did not say he sent the highest vote getter to safety and they always do this to create more drama.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there but I absolutely believe that it comes down to us: Some of us got lazy. If you didn’t vote for Adam for the full two hours last week, look at yourself in the mirror and bitch slap yourself.

After a lot of analyzis and research, I believe what happened last night was a result of people that had overlapping bases going to vote for Allison and other contestants that were closer to get eliminated. We all ‘thought’ Adam had such a lead that there was no way he could’ve hit the bottom three and so we got comfortable. A lot of us also split voted for the contestant that we ‘thought’ were in danger like I did for Allison. We cannot afford to that anymore. We’re in the finals… time to choose guys. I love Allison but I choose Adam, how about you?

Finally, on a more positive note. Adam being in the bottom three was not the worst thing that could’ve happened. This was a great warning sign and our fan base has been fully activated. Send all of our reserves and lets mobilise our troops. THIS IS WAR!!! 🙂

by Fernando (Dreamsound)


Here’s what Matt Giraud said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“I really didn’t care what side he was gonna come on. If I was him, though, I probably would have sat down. I would have pulled an Archuleta and not said anything. But Adam was just being real. He’ll tell you what he thinks. He’s not afraid of hurtin’ you. Our feelings weren’t hurt. Kris and I joked about it with him. ”Why didn’t you pick us, dude?”

Ok.. Linda’s turn:

Not Feeling So Good

First of all, it was really cruel of American Idol to make Adam choose a top group, and then tell him he was in the other, bottom group. I recall that they usually do a bottom two, not three, at this point of the competition. Like everything else this season, they changed it up. I just wish they hadn’t done it to Adam. But the fact that they did, makes it apparent that they thought it would be a ‘shocker’ to reveal that Adam was in the bottom group, which no one believed would happen. I do love that Adam didn’t play it safe and actually chose which group he felt was the top one. He asked if it was based on last night’s performances, and that question wasn’t really answered. Then he chose anyway. Kudos to you, Adam, for not being afraid to go for it and play along with the ridiculous situation they put you in.

It was the longest half hour or however long it was, of my life, waiting for the official announcement that Adam was safe. I am still incredulous over tonight’s results. I cannot, no matter how hard I try, reconcile Adam’s talent with his being in the lower echelon this week. I have not fully comprehended that Adam was the person with the second lowest number of votes tonight. It is pure lunacy!!!

I am really trying to calm down and be rational. Okay, so Adam has some vulnerability. I guess we’ve learned that tonight. However, Adam standing there in the bottom is an aberration. An abomination. A craz y, unbelievable turn of events on American Idol. One that I never in a million years expected to happen, and am still stupified that it did.

Seeing Adam look so scared and susceptible was heartbreaking. I don’t think anyone really expected that he would be Daughtrified tonight; but it was still stressful. I think we were all less worried about Adam leaving than simply traumatized that he was in the bottom at all.

How did this happen? Did his fans get complacent? Did they think he was so invincible that they slacked off on the voting? That is the only way I can rationalize this result. Or, possibly Lil and Anoop’s votes all went to Allison.

As of now, Danny is the only one this season who has never been in the bottom. Of course that doesn’t count for anything, but I still so much wanted Adam to have the distinction of never being a basement dweller like Carrie, Clay, and Kelly. I guess that doesn’t really matter in the long run, but still. Ugh.

These results can be analyzed ad nauseum, and I’m sure tomorrow’s articles will be full of such dissection. However, that does not do us or Adam any good right now. Next week is rock and roll, where Adam has the potential to slay the competition and give us another ‘wow’ moment. Adam needs to do something by Que en and Freddy, where he will totally shine and showcase who he is as an artist and what he is capable of doing. He needs to accentuate his lower register to shock all the naysayers. His fans need to vote. We need to make sure this was a one time lapse into insanity on the part of the voters. We need to stay focused and positive. The absurdity is over, and from hereon in, it’s only an upward march to the finale!!!

by LindaK (

Contributing Editor


  1. i can’t believe it, it must be crazy.
    What r u doing?

  2. First, we have to accept the fact that Adam is in the Bottom 2. And second, we should do all our might to save him until he is proclaimed the American Idol.

    So VOTE… VOTE… VOTE!!!

  3. adam is global now America doesnt deserve him if they cant make him win this

  4. i’m totally in shocked with what happend tonight. i can’t believe Adam in bottom 3! AMERICA WAKE UP! PLS DON’T LET ADAM! DOWN…. If only I can vote…am from Asia,,Ugh!

  5. ((((((((((THUD)))))))))))) Sorry, I just am now getting up off the floor after last nights show. What the hell happened?Vote, Vote<,Vote! Adam is truly the most talented idol ever. We cannot take for granted that everyone is voting because he is so good.Don’t forget to vote!!!! We love you Adam!

  6. It was mean what they did to Adam but maybe this result is good for him. It shows America that he is not safe and does need the votes. Maybe it will stop any complacency that has slipped in – and just in time.

    It is continually said how good this group is but I only have ears for Adam – if he was to go there’s no more reason to watch the show. Please don’t let him down America!!! I so wish I could vote but am from New Zealand – I”ll buy his CD even if he doesn’t win.

  7. loveadam says:

    Adam is rare genius, no words can describe this guy how amazing! Huge people keep watching american idol for the first time only because of adam. Adam is a work of inestimable value, we enjoied his performance so satisfaction and excited. I cannot believe what happened till now.

    I doubt whether american guys are really love music. If you just want a normal record singer, don’t need this show at all. Open your eyes for the wide musical sky, pls vote and support adam for musical art.

  8. What Mala from India said is very perceptive.

    Stop trying to figure out your own voting plan until next week. But in the meantime you have got to get more fans on board, send the link to this site to everyone you know, get mothers fathers grandmothers everyone on board…. If he doesn’t win it will be a tradgedy, culd you bear to watch it if he was sent home!!!! Do something about it, every hour of every day!

  9. AdamAdmirer says:

    Last night totally sucked! Adam should have stayed on the right side – he picked the right group is the way I see it – that was cruel of AI and they used him as a pawn – not good. Don’t stop voting for Adam next week!!!

  10. krisgirl says:

    About time! Too bad, so sad! Now Kris is going to pull forward like MAD!

  11. I was pissed when that happened! My jaw dropped when they said he was in the bottom three!!!

  12. OMG!! i just found out!! i can’t believe it!! I’m from UK so i can’t vote!! i feel so helpless, he HAS to win!!!!! He’s amazing!!!

  13. Linda, give off Adam’s joint, he only shares it with boys.

  14. Gabriela says:

    Vote, vote, vote, vote people!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. OH MY GOD!!! I could not believe that ADAM would be in the bottom three, much less bottom two. Please vote; he deserves to WIN and he should WIN….

  16. I really want Adam to sing Highway To Heaven by Led Zepplin. Stand at the microphone and let it pour out of his soul without anyover the top just bare vocals and let that voice tell the story the way only Adam can do. If there are two songs then one by Guns N Roses. If it has to be a slow song ‘”Patience.”
    I heard On the Wild Side the other day he would nail that.
    I wish his hair was a little longer like a photo of him a couple years back with just a little bit of hair or it might be a goatee but very sexy not messy looking at all. He should wear jeans and would love to see him in like those army boots. So Cool.

    • Yes, either Led Zeppelin, Freddie Mercury or Guns N Roses..

      A lot of people agrees with me.. great!!

      • He MUST do those artists! Can you imagine?????

        • Demonic says:

          If he did Welcome to the Jungle completely unleashed he would decimate all.


          • Demonic says:

            Holy Sh*t! Just found out Slash is the guest tonight and the rumour is Adam will be doing Welcome to the Jungle. \m/ Rock on!!!!

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      Sally – the song is Stairway to Heaven and yes, I agree. He would blow everyone away! I am still in shock that he was in the bottom 3, with his talent. America wake up and vote – get your friends who watch but don’t vote to pick up the phone next week. Adam deserves this title more than anyone up there – he’s in a completely different stratosphere and it would be a sin if he had to leave. AMERICA PLEASE VOTE FOR ADAM
      Oh yeah, and that Krisgirl is crazy, sorry.

  17. Jennifer T says:

    But did you see how he was GRACIOUS even with Ryan being a total Ass.

    He “woooooooo’d” and gave a “high five” to the safe group. Was not Simon’s reaction strange??? Not sure. Hmmmmmmmm

    Love his personality….he is just a doll and I am more enthralled with him every time I see him. Even in the face of blankity blank blank blank.

    He is priceless

  18. i cried my eyes out last night..i still do…i hope America VOTE for Adam they can’t let go of a rare talent like him. It’s just so frustrating that i can’t vote…AMERICA PLEASE VOTE,VOTE,VOTE
    for ADAM!!

  19. ADAM fans, do not abandon ADAM again like that. Vote for him. Only Him Please. The split votes you made put him into jeopardy. I cannot vote because I am a please vote for us who can’t. Pleaze Please. He deserves to win.

  20. madamforadam says:

    Did anyone stop to think that they may have voted with 11 digits since Adam was the only one with a two digit number??? If you called 05 several times you could have possibly hit 010 if you were switching back and forth and the zero would be dropped to make it 01….Who was 01???? Did that person get half of adam’s votes??? We are all in such a frenzy to vote but I firmly believe there was some glitch with him having the only two digit number. There is no way he was really in the bottom two.
    We must all be extra careful when voting and also demand a recount if there is any record of people voting for Adam and 01…. LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!

  21. Okay guys, I am really starting to buy into this whole “Adam wasn’t REALLY in the bottom 2” thing. I really am starting to think that Idol put him in the bottom for ratings. There is a video on youtube of Adam’s exit video that we would’ve seen if Adam had been voted off teh show. Why would they have made that video??? There isn’t a video like it on youtube for any of the other contestants that have been in the bottom but not gone home. It makes me think they’re just trying to freak us out. I know it sounds crazy, but it just doens’t make sense!!!

    • AdamAdmirer says:



  22. Sharica says:

    I am in the UK so don’t see the show til 2 days after they are Aired in the US..
    I was so sad that Adam was in the Bottom 2.. He is the Best singer i have heard EVER!! ..
    I even went out and bought The Ten Commandments (Musical) just to see more of him and his AMAZING Voice.
    He is gonna go soooooo far whatever happens in the comp now..
    Not sure if i believe in a God, but if i there is one then God sent ADAM to us… 🙂

  23. Glamberta says:

    I agree, Pure Lunacy!! C’mon guys don’t get complacent this is what happens! I didn’t even watch when it happened I ran into the bathroom and blocked my ears, slowly crept back into my bedroom to see he was safe and took a deep breath. I won’t stand that anymore, time to choose a favorite guys.

  24. You guys do know that the American Idol producers pick the bottom three not based on who made the lowest amount of votes but by who they want to be in the bottom 3? They put Adam in the bottom 3 so people would get scared and vote for him alot more. And its working. VOTE FOR ADAM!!!=D

    • You are absolutely wrong, where did you get that information from??

      They pick the bottom three based on the lowest amounts of votes.