Adam Lambert In Munich, Bravo offices

This is a “triple play” of videos with Adam hitting the offices of Bravo, in Munich.
The first video is Adam arriving and stopping to sign autographs and take pictures with his fans. He is so genuinely sweet to everyone and that just gives me the warm fuzzies. One lady even asks him to take off his sunglasses and he does!!
The second video starts off with Adam surprising one of the fans with a special song… definitely her best day EVER! Then, as only Adam can do, he throws down a beautiful version of Whataya Want From Me.
The third video, I must say, is MY favorite version so far of Sleepwalker. His emotions just take me along for a ride… so gorgeous to listen to.


Adam Lambert arriving @ BRAVO:

Adam Lambert @ BRAVO, Whataya Want From Me:

Adam Lambert Sleepwalker Munich:



  1. linlivalex says:

    I think this is MY favorite version of Sleepwalker, too! Plus, he’s always SO CUTE when he’s a little tired…..
    Just this minute I got my CD of FYE from Japan with the 5 bonus tracks! YAY!

  2. lauradamn says:

    oh, i love this version oh sleepwalker, too ! ^^ so awsum ?

    ps.oh this sux, why couldn’t he be at Munich when I’m there too, in like one month lol this is just my luck :–(

  3. He is really tired. Those fans are so lucky. Just hangin’ with Adam, autographs, pics. such a contradiction to the Idols tour, waiting for hours behind barricades for maybe a shot. And other venues have been both ways. Just timing, luck and maybe here in the States, perseverance.

  4. Amazing! He just lays it all out there in the little radio studio! So beautiful. So many of us love the unplugged versions. I am pretty much only listening to those versions. That voice!!

    Hey, y’all. Vote for Adam on MTV March Madness. He is losing to Alice in Chains!

  5. Glenda #1946 says:

    Bless his heart. You really can tell how tired he is. I bet (if he can) he’ll take a few days off when he gets home. HOME TO US YAY!!!!!

  6. cheryl 334 says:

    UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! I agree with those who say he is ‘tired’. He was running on ‘fumes’ and yet that performance of SLEEPWALKER was amazing. What a voice.

    When signing autos and taking pics with fans, Adam seeemed to be ‘running on empty’ and being even more gracious than I can believe. He was just too good. Cute. ‘Spent’.

    Hope Adam can rest his voice and rest himself when he needs to do so. Maybe just staying out of the public eye and stay indoors for a day or two to just ‘unwind’, and colllect himself.

    Adam is just PERFECT. Such a good person! I love him.

    peace-love-light-truth-joy-fun 2 Adam.

  7. cheryl 334 says:

    SUE, FORGOT TO THANK YOU FOR PUTTING THIS UP!!!! You do a great job here!!!!! Yes, that Sleepwalker performance was emotionally on a higher plane than usual! Beautiful. Just beautiful.

    • Yes, at times I get so caught up in his personality, his words, his adventures, meeting fans etc and I love it all so much, then a video of him singing as he did above and I think my God, that is why I am a dedicated fan, his voice is amazing, I dont think even now he realizes how beautiful he is and how angelic he sounds.

      Go Adam rest you deserve it.

  8. AdamAddict says:

    There’s also vid when Adam leaves the place.And when he wanted to get inside the van….I make it short as possible,straight to bottom line!You guys… can see…. BOTTOM’s …LINE!If U know what I mean! 😛

    • KO's smiling says:

      I would love to believe that’s his heinie, but it’s a white belt under the black belt loop from his pants. You can see at the Idol shows he always wears some kind of long black tank to prevent his butt hanging out of his low-cut women’s jeans. Too bad.

  9. glamitup says:

    Can he get a sandwich on wheat? Is that the cutest or what? lol

  10. he is just amazing!this sleepwalker is second only to the leno performance! PLEASE HELP ADAM STAY AT NUMBER 1!!! VOTE AT TOP20.VH1.COM!!!!!! THANKS! IM NOT GREAT ON THE COMPUTER IF ANYONE CAN SPREAD THE WORD IT WOULD BE GREAT!!!! THANKS!!!!

  11. renogirl says:

    Yes he is looking tired. He seems to lisp a little at times when he sings. I was just wondering if it was me or well his mouth looks stressed. The Boy needs a rest for sure. I would love to be on tour with him. See the world. Maybe London can be some rest or maybe a big party. He could use a health week of good food execise and lovin friend. A time out.

  12. renogirl says:

    Sleep walker is my favorite on the album. I just feels. Those fans were so lucky to have the soft personal time. I just love this guy. I am so hooked.

  13. Retrogrrrl says:

    I just looked back at Adam’s kinda sorta schedule posted awhile back & it looks as though he does get a nice long break before the Canada shows, so hopefully he will take it easy and then come back full force & take Canada by storm! Take care of yourself Adam, honey. We want you healthy and well rested for that upcoming US tour!
    I agree that was one of the best versions of Sleepwalker I’ve heard yet!

  14. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    I don’t think there is a real lisp there; it is the microphone (some Cabaret videos had the same problem). Beautiful, beautiful vocals! He is so patient and incredibly nice to his fans. Lord, if I ever meet him, may I not make any unreasonable requests!

  15. such amazing v ocals. He sounds so good no matter when or where.

  16. I never ever use cusswords, but that was f…ing amazing! My love for Adams talent and beauty, inside and out is endless.

  17. and by the way, he looks exhausted. Maybe the Hefeweizen beer had something to do with it. 🙂 I was born in Germany and am familiar with it. Hope he’s enjoying himself, wish I could see him again, still dream about Fantasy Springs and the hug I got from him.

  18. I don’t want out of this dream……….His beautiful voice makes me float to a peaceful place and DREAM! AAHHHH to hear that voice in person WOULD be a dream come true. I’m just sleepwalking till I get to a concert. Hurry back home safe and sound!

  19. adam is amazing. i hope anytime soon he will go back to the places to have big concerts. im also excited about the song he will record with monte pittman. i love he stays with adam for so many years specially this time that he is already famous. i also love that in FYE video the dancers are his friends from LA who he invited and designed their own costumes. he is a sweetheart so loving to all. i am looking forward to the time that adam will go up to the galaxy. HE is freaking GREAT! GO ADAM!

  20. oooohhh…love it!

  21. I want to work for Adam so I can walk up and touch his butt whenever I want, Ha! Ha!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Yes, Lisa, LOL!! what was that? I just laughed when I saw that woman hovering on his backside and scoping his butt and “touched” it, and Adam felt the “touch” and looked at her… how cute…

  22. k. morgan says:

    Adam rocked Sleepwalker…Sleepwalker and Broken Open are my two favs on cd…But I find myself liking all of it…Drove home with my windows down and blasting Fever….great tune to chill and bop to…I actually love the Voodoo track too…He should do a video at night in New Orleans…kind of in a spooky place like a cemetery with full moon or something with a haunting quality…would be awesome…

  23. Adam’s voice is so beautiful…….he touches my very soul with this version of Sleepwalker. What a nice guy he is… him sooooo much!!!!

  24. Adam is an angel. An angel. He is so sweet and patient with people and makes them feel good. I love this kid. I hope he had the chance to meet all the people he wanted while in Germany.

  25. sooo beautiful……….soooo awesome….I’m running out of words to describe you…just love you soooo much!!

  26. Reno’re the only one so far besides myself that has heard that cute lisp on a couple of videos. I saw this on a club video when he lisped the whole song and wondered if he had on a retainer. He’s so full of surprises and when we think we know just about everything there is to know about him, here he is lisping of all things on a song. Love you,’re wonderful, oh yes, you are.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Sandy, I noticed that too, sounds like “sheepwalker” instead of sleepwalker! Still so cute. I just love to kiss that lisp!! He always put his 100% effort in every song and perfomance he does, whether infront of 10 or 10 thousand people. Oh, Adam, my darling!!! I wanted to scoop you away from these exhausting schedule and lullabye you to a deep slumber!!

  27. Ooohh Adam, you make my day. You are in my garden, and I smell you like a rose. You are so exquisite and beautiful, I feel like a quivering, fluttering butterfly.

  28. JoyousOne says:

    I just love his acoustic versions of the songs — not too many artists can pull that off so well. He puts so much of himself into each song and “Sleepwalker” so far is my favorite here.

  29. mary ann says:

    Adam is just amazing in Sleepwalker!!! I hope he comes to the Philippines to perform, especially to Cebu. Love him so much!