Adam Lambert In Japan’s June INROCK Magazine

**WARNING**Stunning photograph below.
It is one of those pictures that will take your breath away.
I don’t feel that I even need to add anything more to this post…
except to say to leave YOUR thoughts on this photo in the comments below!!



You can pre-order INROCK June issue featuring Adam here:



  1. EternalGlamNation says:


  2. Beautiful face, Beautiful soul

  3. It IS an AWESOME picture!!!! I just LOVE him!!!!

  4. danagram says:

    Sue, this is a question for you. Did you see the short interview from Nuvum2 in Germany? The end of it is what interests me. If you did not see it, it is on adamlambert 24/7. It is an older post from May 12. Check it out and see what you think of the wife, husband, lady, man reply.

    • lovemyadam says:

      I cannot get the video to play past 1:30, what is your question for me? Is it something you can explain to me since I cannot view it?


      • danagram says:

        I wish I could explain it to you. He says it at about 1:35. Adam says , “he is coming back there to get a wife – husband – lady – man -lady . I don’t know.”

        I wonder why it stops for you before it is finished. Not that important, Just interesting.

        • danagram says:

          Sue, this is the direct route. Maybe you can play it now

        • earlzagurl4u says:

          I saw that video,,and it left me feeling,, Heck,,I don’t know,,as Adam says{not verbatim here} that who knows, he’s not ruling out the possibility,,maybe he saw/met someone of the opposite sex that caught his interest/curiosity,,whatever,I just want Adam to go with his heart,,I want him to have love everlasting,,with whoever makes his heart go pittypatter, and makes him weak in the knees,,{as he does me},,:D ~PLL

          • danagram says:

            I agree with that whole heartedly. I really think deep down he is conflicted. I have heard comments before llike that. Especially when he is very tired. I think we all want him to find his perfect love.

            • lovemyadam says:

              Who wouldn’t agree? I wish that EVERY person may one day find their one true love, Adam included!! With all that is going on in his life, I am sure it is hard to imagine it happening for him. Love works in mysterious ways….


              • Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

                Adam has been very specific in his comments stating that at the end of the day he sleeps with boys. He has lived a way of life in L.A. in which he openly had relationships with boys. What he meant when he made that statement should really be interpreted within the light of what he has stated on other occasions that women are not his preference. If he says he wants a woman he is probably implying a boy who acts like a woman. And, when it gets down to it, Adam is a showman and a businessman. He knows his primary fans are women and girls and that women and girls make the star. So he plays these games to keep them intrigued and engaged, like telling people he is bicurious, whatever that is, and going around with stories about kissing Kesha. He’s pulling your chains guys. And I am a hetersexual woman myself so I’m not saying this because it pleases me. But I can face the truth–that Adam’s own family had no doubt that he was gay, that he has lived openly as a gay person for years, and in a recent statement he made he said, something on the level of you can fantasize all you want, but at the end of the day I sleep with boys. And I’m good with that, any fan should be good with that, as long as Adam is good with it.,

                • Paula J says:

                  I agree that Adam “plays with us”. I know he’s gay, and I fully expect he will end up with a man. I just want him happy, period. However, I also know that he has said on many occasions that “attraction is universal”. He has also stated that he doesn’t like to put “labels” on himself. Although he may toy with us, I truly believe that Adam doesn’t say anything he doesn’t mean. I honestly believe that he is open to anything. He goes with his heart. If his heart leads him to a man, wonderful. If it leads him to a woman, wonderful. As long as it leads to love. It is society that forces us to choose one way or the other. What if love transcends ALL labels? What if a connection is a connection no matter what sex one is? I tend to believe this is more of Adam’s thought process. But that’s just my take. Who knows. And to be honest, all I really care about is his amazing talent and the fact that he makes me feel ALIVE! 😀

  5. ” I’M DEAD ” Writing this post from the flames down under !! What a way to go LOL !!

  6. danagram says:

    Everyone, keesp voting at billboard for the top male American Idol. On May 19, they have the run off on the male and female. Adam has to win this one. Also, keep voting on VH1 for WWFM as I think there is 3 more weeks to go to make the 20/20 of the video hall of fame.

    By the way, the picture is gorgeous!

  7. Was there ever a more beautiful human being inside and out? Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Lambert.

  8. Hi,
    Thanks for the info!
    Where did you get this picture?
    No link or source provided here so I’m confused.
    (I’m not talking about the shop info. Source of this particular scan.)

    Could you give us the information where you got this picture please?

  9. cas2003 says:

    The “EYES” have it! Love those eyes…..

  10. I just can’t take my eyes off this picture. I first saw it last night before going to bed and it was an ‘other worldly vision”. I found myself sitting here at my computer totally blown away by Adam’s beauty-inside and out. Lorraine

  11. libraglam says:

    so beautiful…….!

    • libraglam says:

      I set this to background… looks like he is looking straight into my eyes….!
      No artist eyes could be compared to those beautiful eyes !!!

  12. Tweeterpie says:

    It’s the EYES!

  13. Hey Sue – do you have the picture protected from copying? I love all the Adam pictures you post for us but this one won’t let me save it down. 🙁 It is a stunning picture of our amazing Adam!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Hey DD, nope I don’t!! You can’t right click and “save image as”? Hmmm, I wonder why you can’t get it…
      I agree it is gorgeous.


      • Hi Sue – must have been my browser! I just tried it again and no problem! I might be weird but I really like his pictures where he isn’t so airbrushed. I like to see his freckles and crinklies! BTW, thanks for all your work on this blog! I’m glad to see it is getting a new breath of fresh air and more followers! This is always my first stop for all my Adamazing news!!!!

        • lovemyadam says:

          Hey DD… that isn’t weird! He is a cutie patootie without the airbrushing as well!! He just looks more glamorous this way, but I love him both ways!!
          Awww thank you! THANK YOU for making this your 1st stop, we all appreciate that. Thank you for your kind words, they mean alot to me…


  14. Beautiful, I always said that less is more when it comes to Adam/s makeup. He’s so handsome natually. This photo is perfect!

  15. Judy Lushman says:

    He is so gorgeous here. Hard to believe that any man could be so stunning

  16. now set as my desktop background….what else is there to say….yummmmmm

  17. Sue, I scrolled down to the phote before I read your blurb above the picture. I saw it and exclaimed outloud, “Oh my God!” Then, I went up to read your jot down and agree, yes, what can you say? The picture speaks for itself. Unbelievable!

    Thank you,

    • lovemyadam says:

      That’s what you get for not reading first!!!! Hahaha… I warned you. You know you are welcome


  18. This picture makes me hungry, because it looks good enough to eat. HHmmm… munch.. munch…

  19. gasp.. gorgeous how the black fades around him..

  20. kat4adam says:

    Love this pic it is my screen saver, found it yesterday.
    My very favorite!!!
    love you Adam, going both days in Costa Mesa!

    • danagram says:

      Hi Kat
      I am going both days in Costa Mesa also. It should be extraordinary!
      Did you get good seats?

  21. I love this picture, thanks for posting it. It is true, less is more in Adam’s case, he is naturally beautiful and needs very little to enhance it. you can see the blue eyes shine as brillient as his beautiful soul. LOVE ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Uuuuuummmmm……oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness…as someone said earlier, this is absolutely STUNNING! Thanks for sharing this pic! 🙂

  24. melinda#482 says:

    what a beautiful, baby doll.

  25. adamisamazing says:

    Oh my goodness. I have so many pictures of this gorgeous creature, but this one is out of this world. Sue, it did take my breath away. Can’t thank you enough for this one. It just may be my favorite picture of Adam. And that is saying a lot!

  26. As close to pure perfection as a human being could possibly be.

  27. AND – talented!
    Adam has IT all.

  28. OHHHHHHHHHHHH – I just love it!

  29. Darlene says:

    Hot! Very hot!

  30. Beautiful, beautiful photo of Adam…Makes a great wallpaper for my computer…..

  31. May 15 was my birthday. A magnificent birthday gift. Beautiful soul illuminates his beautiful face.

    • lovemyadam says:

      HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!! Mine was on May 4th!!! YAYAYAY…Glad Adam could make your day!!


  32. May 15 was my birthday. A magnificent birthday gift.

  33. Stefanie says:

    @ Danagram and everyone else. This interview you are talking about was recorded at Amsterdam. He talks about his sexuality and during his visit to Amsterdam he keeps his eyes wide open. He’s is looking voor a wife euhh husband euhh husband wife. (he’s joking)! The rest i think you kan understand!

    What a great picture, it literrally took my breathe away! Thanks Sue

  34. Razmatanian says:

    One morning, my husband asked me why I was so sad. I told him that I was sad because when I look in the mirror these days I realize that Adam looks better without his makeup than I do with my makeup. My husband laughed and said that is probably true for most of the people in the world because Adam is more beautiful than most people. That was the right thing to say!

  35. Dena Mericle says:

    Adam is the most gorgous man on earth. And the blue liner makes his beautiful blue eyes more beautiful!!!!!!!

  36. Paula J says:

    Wow. That’s really all I can say. The man is beyond stunning. He just keeps getting better….How is that even possible? 🙂 Thank you Sue!

  37. i would love to buy the magazine but the link provided does not work. thanks.