Adam Lambert in American Idol’s Opening Montage!

I was happily watching the opening of American Idol on Wednesday night, wondering if anyone would make my heart race this season or compel me to put on black nail polish. Wow, the feeling of satisfaction is almost too much – that alll is right with the world when that show goes back on the air. So the opening bit ends and they go into the “da-nerr, da-nerr, da-nerr” first musical notes and immediately I see Adam Lambert on-screen, right where he belongs with the other Idol winners. Oh, did you think I forgot he didn’t win when I said “other?” No, he just is where he should be. There were two other “non-winners” flashed on the boards – Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson: a proven recording chart-topper and an Academy Award winner. As I said, right where he belongs!

The following video is just from someone shooting it off their television. But it works! Adam appears at :11 and :12 right next to Kelly Clarkson, and Chris Daughtry replaces Kelly Clarkson, to Adam’s left. When I was watching, I had to advance my DVR frame-by-frame (using the pause key, if anyone’s interested!) to catch Chris and to write down the names of all others who were appearing in the opening. Did you notice Adam appears right after the first-ever winner, before any of the others?? Oh man I’m happy now!

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Honestly i musn’t see american idol anymore cause finally i found who’s my IDOL .And no one in the whole universe can have my heart like Adam did.His the one that made my heart racing my whole life and made it more than ever before…LOVE IS THE TASTE OF LIFE .

    • Hi Gothic Girl,

      Can anyone tell me where, other than this site, I can see Adam Lambert on Season 10 of American Idol. Somehow I missed it, and would love to see this performance and probably because I live in Canada, the message I keep getting is to go to which i did and I still cannot get it.

      Help please



  2. Thrilling to see… I missed that, so thanks for pointing it out! He’s definitely right where he belongs–American Idol producers got it right!! But, it IS so hard to watch now– kind of a letdown, a sadness that the show will never have the excitement and thrill we felt while watching Adam’s mesmerising rise to fame… it was quite a ride! Glamation tour was amazing, but waiting like everyone else to see what’s next!

    • Robyn:

      I think you are right. Season 8 was like a roller coaster ride. The excitement level for one hour was tremendous. I agree, it IS so hard to watch AI ever since and unless AI can pull another trick out of the bag soon, even the new judges won’t be able to save it.

      For me, Season 8 will always be Adam’s ride to victory whether the votes said it or not; numbers, schmumbers! The real proof is in his success across N. America and internationally, in every performance and interview, in his album sales,and even in his charitable causes.

      Long may he reign!

  3. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    Yay! We all know he was the real winner!!!

    • ElianeBrasil GLAM #577 says:

      Hi / Oi
      I always read you but I don’t write often. How are you?
      We keep following our Adam. He looks great. More relax, being himself. Actually I love his big/long hair and agree when you say about hide his face…
      I look his eyes first of all and I’m sad when I can’t see his eyes;
      AI come here 1/29, great day, and I’ll watch what you are saying;
      We have to expect some different things from him because He is smart, clever, intelligent and keep his convictions.
      He never will be same person outside.
      But He keeps his essence that what I believe is most important.
      Kisses for all of you / Beijos para todos
      (Sorry my English)

  4. OMG!! I noticed the same thing….and i replayed it, and replayed it, and replayed it!!
    It was FABULOUS seeing Adam up on that stage again! Front and center….right where he belongs!!!

  5. Awesome! I watched it but missed the opening. Thanks for letting us know.

  6. Scootersmom says:

    I found my American Idol. There can be only one. I’ll be watching for HIS “runner up” when I watch Idol from now on!

  7. I can’t IMAGINE any contestant having the effect that Adam Lambert has had on so many of us! His appeal is too powerful to put into words, sometimes … and his significance in the culture of our times, as well as in the music industry, is part of that appeal. But, only those of us who share “affection” and admiration for him know exactly what I mean by that, no matter how many or how few words I use to try to convey it …

  8. Those few seconds of Adam made my day!!

  9. I know! I saw Adam right away, there is no other Adam Lambert, and never will. I usually watch the videos of Adam when he was on AI while watching AI 10….there just won’t be anyone who can sing like Adam…

  10. melinda#482 says:

    I noted it right away, and was not surprised.. He has been the most memorable act on AI. Win or lose on that show makes no difference. The real audience knows a showman when they see one. Adam will never be matched on this show. He was mesmorizing from beginning to end. I can’t wait for another tour., and a new album.
    I am trying to watch this yr. of AI, but It might be more for watching Steven Tyler, than the lame contestants.

  11. Yes, Adam’s is the first face beamed on the screen, right where he belongs, right smack in the centre. Also at the end of the montage, the silhouette thrusting up the microphone, a genuine Adam signature move. AI is trying hard to appease his fans, a force to reckon with.
    Steven Tyler, iconic as he is, comes across as very kind and tolerant. When a contestant requested to sing the chorus of his song again ( off-key ), he said, ” Yeah, sing the chorus..” and the contestant merrily sang it off-key again, and Steven Tyler still waited to see if he wanted to sing some more; impressive, something new on AI.

  12. hey Lam My, i , too, noticed at the end that very familiar figure with hand thrust in the air, and I said to myself “that looks just like Adam!” He certainly belongs up there. Even though a few idols have done well for themselves, there has never been ANYONE on AI that can compare to Adam. Someone told me recently that there are other people who can sing good too. I said to her that a lot of people can sing, but there’s none who can sing like Adam. He wasn’t cut from the same ole cookie cutter!! Not one singer today (except Elvis, in the past), has ever impressed me like Adam! I love to hear him sing — especially the acoustics, when you can hear so well, that amazing voice. I JUST HAD A THOUGHT. WOULDN’T ADAM’S VOICE SOUND GREAT ON AN ANSWERING MACHINE? OR HOW ABOUT AN ALARM CLOCk? Hmmm.

  13. Oh, yeah, Barbara I even have Adam’s songs for all my cellular ring tones. And the sexiest song Ring of Fire I assigned for my husband. Ha – ha !

    I feel redeemed seeing Adam’s face at the center of the montage. Short of seeing his sole picture instead. Ha – ha ! But they know that Adam is not that selfish, so he shares the accolade with other AI winners with having their pictures on his sides. LIke they were his side-kicks or sidelines. He -he ! Oh, wow, I can be catty at times. But, yes, they can only be marginalized by Adam. Our Adam, and we love him.

  14. Yeah, I remembered that Adam thrusting his hand in the air with his fingerless gloves and black nail polish. They were quick and wise to capitalize on that Adam vibe and thrust. Yeah, Adam did a lot for the show.

  15. season 9 was a damp squid , there will never be another season 8 – i only tuned in this season to glimse a pic of Adam ?how are they going to top Kiss /Queen and Adam all in one Adamgasmic package – everrrrrrrr !!. Talking of packages- Adams the only bod around who can sell sex with his music to male AND female – hope he comes back and hits us with more orgasmic Sex & Rock and Soul – real soon , i stay young at heart with his energy and get recharged when i lock in to his eyes and sweet smile xx

  16. The AI producer now knows that Adam is a winner! He is the World Idol! He gets recognition now worldwide! Just like you said, it’s where he belongs more than the others…

  17. kat23morgan says:

    It is only right and it is marketing thing from producers because Adam is such a huge hit now and was the best that year….everyone knew…even the contestants, and since then the audience has dwindled…I noticed last year unlike the year Adam was on AI they did not tell you how many viewers voted…year of Adam the voters set record numbers…Now they are scrabling…The highlight of last season was the week Adam mentored and when he performed…No mistake about it…after his performance…contestants seemed very boring…To put him on opening is a way for them to try to get it right and to bring back viewers…I keep looking at the show just curious to see if another similar artist passed through to Hollywood…it is like they are purposely trying to stay away from his style artist….Interesting…I also kind of like the new judges…Steven is ultra cool…like Adam a rocker, do what the f _ _ k you want kind of guy…over the top kind of artist…J Lo even though I am not a big fan of hers ….has been quite funny, though she needs to learn to say no…And Randy is his usual…The soap opera dramatics of Simon, Paula, Kara, (not so much Randy) got really tiring…But allas my heart is really not in the show now…Adam did change it…There was an article about top Idol tryouts…top Idol stars…Adam was 5th…Why? The writer said they were a huge Adam fan…but they had to put Adam at five because he was so good that after that the show will never be the same and was pretty much ruined….Love Adam…I am hoping…praying…that the Grammy goes to him and that they surprise us with a surpise performance…the ratings would just skyrocket….

  18. Yeah Adam, Keep on rocking and don’t let anyone think you shouldn’t have been #1 on season eight!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 You ARE the BEST!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :), Luv 4-Ever, Rita & Donna

  19. LoveAdamInVA says:

    Yeah, the highlight of last season for me definitely was Adam performing–I still need to have a cigarette after watching the video. Goodness GRACIOUS!

    FWIW, I did think it was cool that the red-headed kid (Seth?) auditioned with Bohemian Rhapsody, I think he did a really good job. I could totally see him doing Mad World.

    But still not my sweet baby Adam. Sigh..

  20. kat23morgan: I voted on the top American Idol auditions and Adam was second behind David Archiletta. I don’t know what you saw. It doesn’t matter. I am thrilled that he is on IDOL in the beginning but want him to perform on the show. He better, or I won’t watch it.

  21. Thank you for talking about this. It’s the FIRST thing I noticed and I was sooooooo happy!!!! He’s at the very beginning right after Kelly Clarkson. AWESOME!!!!!! He was on Entertainment Tonight and said he missed it because he was at the Elton John Party. He said he’ll have to watch in on line. CUTE!!!

  22. Missed the Idol show. I’ll probably start watching right before they select the top 36. That’s usually where I start watching the show, which is why I had to go back to YouTube and watch all of Adam’s auditions. I had no idea he almost didn’t make it. Thank goodness that he did.

    Has anyone seen his new look? He looks absolutely stunning with his long hair.

  23. Who is that on track 14 & 15?

  24. Glamourclamor says:

    Recently read Richard Rushfield’s American Idol, the Untold Story where he says that Season8 was probably the best season–even better than Season 5. Also very kind to Adam in this book. I am waiting for the Shirley Hairpen book, which I pre-ordered also, so shall see what she has to say. Love that they have also included Adam, Daughtry and Hudson in their line up. Tried to watch the opening show, but got very bored with the auditions. Will wait a few weeks and try again. Do like the vibe that Tyler brings. Jlo to sweet for me, made my teeth ache.

  25. vocalsrule says:

    I only watched one season of AI. I happened to catch Ring of Fire and could not switch the channel – I was caught in his web. I have no interest in anyone else. It is just an amateur show now. So you think you can dance is worth watching because by the time they get to that level, it is professionally done and a joy to see. We should always celebrate exellence over the lucky kid on youtube.

  26. Is it me or the one figure that stands alone and his striking pose reminds me of Adam? I mean… well yeah. I can definitely picture Adam do that, and no other of the male winners… and they definitely need to tell them to amp up the showmanship cuz it’s getting boring like hell when it’s all about the instruments, especially in season 9.

    Im not into American Idol, except the auditions rounds. It get quite boring if there’s not an interesting contestant that makes it into the finals. I didnt even watch season 8, but saw Adam’s clips on the beginning of season 9 and got interested cause ‘he looks interesting’ and has that star quality and charisma. If I wanted to watch a singing competition and see who wins, I’d rather listen to them when they release a CD, but Adam certainly caught my eyes.

    Totally took my heart when he sang “Ring of Fire”. Love it. And totally drooled over him when he was giving ‘the eyes’ doing “Satisfaction”.

  27. kat23mogan says:

    hi all you guys…if you go to adam’s official website and hit follow his twitter account…there is an obnoxious hater who is repeatedly twittering him…I think we should if we have a twitter account hit this fool up with a ton of twits telling them how obnoxious they are…what they are saying to him is plain ugly and hurtful…I am sure he is ignoring it but still…maybe if we send this person a gazillion twits they will quit…it is truly disgusting and disturbing what they are saying to him…

    • @kat23, I noticed that too. Adam made a comment about that. I was wondering if he could read our tweets. I hope so cuz I tweeted him on his birthday. Anyway, how come that hateful tweet is getting through to him? Sometimes, when I tweet, I’ll check Adam’s Twitter, and I don’t see my tweet. I still don’t fully understand Twitter.

  28. Elizabeth Glamb #545 says:

    I was just watching the papparazzi shot that came after this one. Gotta say Adam really doesn’t like the papparazzi, really, really. I wish they would leave him alone. He likes to have his private time with his friends and I think they should give it to him.

  29. I am just hoping that Adam has not let fame go to his head and that he will not of ruined his opportunity to make it big….He was so classy on AI and it seems as if it is downhill from there on….
    He don’t need no dark music, he need something like ballads and great music that makes his voice shine through……
    I don’t even plan on Adam being on anything anymore, will be a while cause this is how they did Elvis and some others….Just wait till he gets it all together, but am his fan for sure……GNT I seen a lot of shows and they was great….still don’t like his kissing scenes……It is about music and not kissing his bass player……