Adam Lambert in a 2004 Telethon (Video)


  1. Ofcourse we are listening and GOD is listening to you too Adam.How can it be otherwise?.
    What a beautiful song !What a spellbinding rendition.! Here I am with tears running down my cheeks and my hair on end.
    Adam, do you know that your unadorned voice (or just accompanied by a piano or guitar )sounds the best ? Your voice requires no embellishments at all. ………..The voice evokes in me the image of a crystal clear mountain stream winding its way down with its lilting soothing cadence……………………..

    Good luck and God bless you for lighting up our lives!

    • frodo325 says:

      Wow- Mala-what a beautiful response to Adam’s talent. You sure have put it elegantly into words for me.

  2. Beautiful.

  3. mishelle says:

    This is the song he sang in that movie with Val Kilmer. love him. (adam)

  4. Sharica says:

    I have the ten commandments Musical on DVD AND He is AWESOME !!!!


      • Obsidian Eye says:

        Ofra, i definitely agree–Adam singing this at the Finals would inspire the longest standing ovation in AI history.

    • AdamAddict says:

      I watched youtube and somehow “wicked” looked more interesting than “10 commandments” but there’s no “Wicked” on DVD,right?

  5. AdamAdmirer says:

    ATTENTION JEWISH COMMUNITY: I hope the people that support Chabad and the Jewish Community will rally and vote for Adam on Tuesday; he was so gracious to perform for their telethon to help raise millions for their wonderful charity.

    This video is from the Chabad “To Life” Telethon, an annual fundraising event that celebrates life and a reminder of the power of good deeds. Chabad Lubavitch is one of the largest non-profit, Jewish organizations in the world. Lubavitch means “Brotherly Love”. Chabad helps millions of people in need through education programs among many other humanitarian efforts.

    Many people in the arts support Chabad including Jennifer Anniston, Bob Dylan, Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Douglas, Tony Danza, Regis Philbin, and Al Gore.

    I saw this info at:

  6. adamfanatic says:

    where was this taken?? he’s so sincere when he sings songs, and i guess that’s what makes him so different by a mile from everybody else……. you could see the emotion from his eyes… i know that this is just a performance, but what can i say?? he’s so spellbounding!! it’s difficult not 2 watch him!!

  7. Wowie, wowie, WOW! I have the Ten Commandments DVD and Adam is awesome in it. Worth buying JUST for his songs alone!! But this telethon performance was gorgeous, and he is SO beautiful to look at, as well. Yikes! Glad I found this!! Don’t forget to VOTE like mad Tuesday night. That’s the ONLY way he can win!!!!!

  8. God is looking down on him and saying…..

    I knew I did a good job when I made that boy!