Adam Lambert Headlines Wham Bam 06/19/2010

I have to admit, I haven’t actually watched ANY of these videos for quality!! I am off to work, but I wanted to get them on here. Rumor has it there was an oh-so-close-but-not-quite-kiss between Adam and Tommy!! Hopefully I have it in here, if not it will be later!!
Think of it as a scavenger hunt, now GO FIND IT!!!


Adam Lambert’s in Toronto, Ontario headlining the KISS 92.5 WHAM BAM 2010 radio event at Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, with at least 16,000 people in attendance. GO ADAM!!

Whataya Want From Me:


Ring of Fire:




If I Had You:

Mad World:



  1. Marie/Toronto says:

    I was there. Soaked was so beautiful…..I cried. I’m sure this is the biggest crowd Adam has played for. 16,000 is the capacity of the venue. It wasn’t quite full though. I’d say about 2/3 full. But still….how amazing for him. So proud.

  2. Princessshakeitup says:

    So glad to see that our friends in Canada are loving the man too!!!
    Sue, you are so busy posting all this stuff I can not keep up with you!
    THANKS to you and Dana and Carol and all others who make sure we are kept up to date.

    GLAMBS from all over the world, PLEASE take a minute and go back to the “Adam Lamberts Much Music Video Rehearsal” post and read my entry there about Adam’s Ark.

    Peace, Love and Adam Lambert,
    Princessshakeitup a.k.a. Linda

    • adamfan says:

      I can’t find that entry ??

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        It was “awaiting moderation” but is posted now.
        I am usually “awaiting moderation” Gonna be a long wait!!!
        Glam #601!

  3. moonchild0628 says:

    Hey Sue!! The Infamous ~Adommy~ ~Almost Kiss~ Is At The Very Beginning Of “Fever”…..OMG!! It Has Everyone “Glittering” All Over Themselves!! These Guys R 2 Much!! They R Killing Us With This Stage “Lust” They Show 4 One Another…Whether “Real” Or “Fantasy” It’s Plainly & Simply “Hawt” For These 2 Beautiful Creatures To “Flirt” With Each Other As They Do. After They “Touch” Adam Of Course Being The One In Control Of This Lusty Situation Has Tommy By The Back Of His Hair & They Admiringly & Devilishly Smile At One Another & Release. OMG!! Please, Please, Please….None Of You Want To Miss This One Of Course….It Is “Epic”. Suggestion…If U Cannot Find It On Yours Go To “Twitter” And Start Following Adams “Peeps” It Is Everywhere There, Up Close & Personal!! I Promise None Of You Will Be Disappointed In This Better Than “Sexy Love Novel” Show Of Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Goodness!! Appreciate Everything You Do For Us & Adam Sue…Love U Sweetie!! Thnxs ~Moonchild0628~ 😉

    • Miss Molly says:

      C’mon Tommy. Come out of the closet already.

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        OMG! I rewinded that video “fever” several times, no they didn’t kiss but I saw Adam stuck his tongue out and quickky licked Tommy in the mouth!! Pls tell me I’m not just imagining things. Did anyone noticed that too!!

        • Nope…no lick…just a devilish smile from each of them…so cute!!

          • witchyangel says:

            You know what….I totally saw where Adam did lick Tommy’s lips. I think if you don’t have a fast connection on the computer you might miss it but it’s definitely there! 🙂 I like it anyhow. I think they are so delish. My favorite part is in rehearsals…the way that Adam goes over to Tommy and always puts his arm around him. Way sexy and way cute. They have mad love for each other!

        • ianaleah says:

          Your imagination, but it dosen’t matter, have fun, Adam is such a tease I get incredible joy watching him lead us along ! Tease tease tease, he must have a lot of fun thinking up things to do ! Betcha there are lots of fans who are now in anticipation of what next.

          • I can’t help but fantasize about Adam. My cousin told me, “I don’t know why you fantasize about him, you have the wrong equipment.” My reply, “Yeah, I do, but he doesn’t.” LOLLLLLLLLLL! Ok, I’m being naughty.

            I can’t see the pics, BTW…GRRRRRRRRRRR!

  4. Erica E says:

    I think the almost kiss is in the beginning of fever…Thx for all your posts! If it wasn’t for u I don’t think I ‘d ever know what’s gooin on in Adam world!

  5. moonchild0628 says:

    Ohhh & Sue….!! Heads Up 2 On This Adam NewsFlash!! Unfortunately, We Have Found Evidence Thru Twitter That “The Hater’s Group” I Hate Even Publishing The Name Of What They Stand For On Here….It’s Hard For Me To Type Such Ugliness OK Here Goes “GodHatesFags”, Jesus, Just Kills Me To Say That…I Am Only Posting This Due To The Fact Of Everyone Needs To Be Aware ~ALL FANS WATCH OUT…THESE IGNORANT ASSES ARE PICKETTING OUR BEAUTIFUL GLITTERY ALIEN~ KANSAS CITY, MO. #GlamNation SHOW July 15, 2010 (07/15/10)….Pls To All Who Are Attending That Show BeCareful & Protect Our Peace Loving Gentle Soul From These “Horrible” People…So Sad This Has To Happen To Such A Fine, Caring & Beautiful Man…Adam “Is” In The Process Of ~Changing~ The World But We All Have To Do Our Part In Bringing Peace To A Violent Society!! Love To All ~Moonchild0628~ <3

    • Miss Molly says:

      You shouldn’t have even acknowledged those idiots or their BS on this site. You just gave them a voice. Exactly what they want. Give us some credit for knowing who or what to avoid.

    • JoAnne T. says:

      Moonchild, all I can say is these ppl r idiots and and its best not to give em any attention. They r what gives so called christians a bad name! To quote one of my fave comedians Ron White…” u can’t fix stupid”. They were born being closed minded and unfortunately will probably die that way. Enjoy the concert hun and 4get the h8ers there will b enuff glittery love coming down it’ll b like a meteor shower!

      JoAnne T. (Glamb #497)

      • witchyangel says:

        I think it’s all right that we mention the hate group that might be picketing Adam’s show. There’s no reason to be afraid of that. If they want to come and show their face at that concert than I think it’s important for people to be aware they’ll be there. The truth is that they can actually pose a real threat to him and ignoring them won’t stop them from coming, nor will acknowledging them (in my opinion) give them extra publicity amongst people like us who don’t sympathize with them. I hope that anyone who goes to that concert will be on the lookout for them and tweet or report whatever those idiots do so that they don’t become a real security threat.
        Glamb #641

  6. Can someone in the know tell me how a performer gets paid on a tour. Does he or she pay all the expenses of just get a flat fee. Or just how does all work, I have no idea

    • Miss Molly says:

      I believe they are salaried employees getting paid either weekly or biweekly with allowance for meals, etc.

  7. The Adommy moment is right at the beginning of Fever.
    There isn’t really a kiss, Adam just puts his face playfully close to Tommy’s and they are
    both laughing the whole time. It’s so cute!!

  8. Yes, thanks Dana and Carol and all who do so much on here!

  9. PaulaGlam says:

    Replying to KC:

    I heard that the performer pays for all the expenses.

    • I think the record label pays for it cause its promoting the music for the purpose of selling more of his music through cds or itunes and they’re the ones sponsoring the tour.

  10. What fun everyone is having with the near miss/kiss on Fever. Such speculation!!! Do they, don’t they, have they, will they? I do believe that they’re all about weilting our imaginations. Doing a good job at it too. Glad to see what positive vibes this audience has–they get Adam.

  11. Chaplin says:

    1 week from today in BALTIMORE!

  12. PaulaGlam says:

    Today Adam will be at the MMVA Wards in Toronto, Canada.
    If you have cable tune in with the Fuse Music Chanel. Will start at 8:00 pm eastern, 7:00 pm central and 6:00 pm pacific time.
    Enjoy everyone!!! is going to be a good Sunday evening indeed!!! 🙂

  13. Adam Lambert is magnificent and I totally love the guy.

  14. CONGRATULATIONS to Adam for his MMVA win!!!!!

  15. They had better not start their picketing in NYC. They will be dealt with promptly.
    I just hope that most of us will ignore them. They want to get a reaction so that
    they can start with their yelling their rhetoric of hate and carrying placards.

    Let’s all enjoy Adam’s concert. I will definitely ignore them, unless one gets in my face.
    The first thing I will look for is a cop and have him removed, as he is harassing me.
    I know how to get these fanatics removed.!! And, they don’t want to get in my face, believe me!!

  16. Paulaglam, I have a friend in Nashville who is an entertainer and he gets paid a lump sum when he does a gig anywhere and he has to pay the expenses, but beleive me they know what to charge…
    So glad Adam won the award….

  17. Paulaglam, I have a friend in Nashville who is an entertainer and he gets paid a lump sum when he does a gig anywhere and he has to pay the expenses, but beleive me they know what to charge…
    So glad Adam won the award….
    Mystic lake held 2100, my brother said and he lives there and it was packed…..

  18. Ninalatinalambert lover says:

    Adam has such talent- he switches things up ever so slightly and always is amazing. I don’t know how his band keeps up with all the versions- imagine how they must rehearse to change it up a notch just for us! They are true artists! I love the whole flirtiness and silent inuendoes between them. I’m totally fine with me and the two of them!!!

  19. This video of him singing Soaked and IIHY was awesome.. he looked gorgeous and so sexy . I love love love his singing… can’t wait to see him …FRONT ROW at South Shore Music circus–at the ocean in August. …I’m bringing a rose to give to him…… I’ve been to this place and it’s usually an older crowd so I’m gonna try to get a seat at Foxwoods Casino this Thursday so I can ‘whoop it up” and scream and do whatever comes natural….

  20. love love love love loved it friend of minds (rock on)

  21. JoAnne T. says:

    I love the chemistry Adam & Tommy have sooo cute! You can tell they are REALLY bff’s. Monty is in his own rock world. And seems to ignore the antics. I can’t wait to see Adam in concert and am in hopes of a chance of mtg him just out n about. I’m so excited and these vids just fuel the fire! As to the almost kiss…I had to watch at least 5 times to make sure there was no tongue involved lol. It did look like it at first but no, no tongue but it was no less HOT!

    JoAnne T. (Glamb #497)

  22. I saw the Toronto concert on Saturday nite. Had great seats. Section 202 second row. But am I the only person who was disappointed in the sound?
    I felt that Adam’s vocals were muffled and unclear especially for the first few songs. He works very hard and it’s a pity not to hear his beautiful voice over a lousy sound system.

  23. I went to the concert and was under the impression that it was an all Adam concert! So after 5 hours we finally got to see him and he was INCREDIBLE. Here’s my youtube video :

    Leave a comment!

  24. kat23morg says:

    Adam kills it as usual….Fever is where he and Tommy sort of fake a kiss… 🙂

  25. karolisha says:

    OMG I was there and it was AMAZING!!! this was my first concert and i’m absolutely ecstatic that it was Adam’s, next time he’s on Toronto i WILL find a way to get VIP tickets 🙂

  26. juliette says:

    It was a great concert! There was 17,000 people attending. Taking in consideration
    that there was 600 bands playing that night at various venues in the city of Toronto the same night, Adam’s concert’s attendance was phenomenal.