Adam Lambert has the Boom Boom Pow

Yes… you heard right, he’s got the boom boom pow…


  1. Lamberkitten says:

    True that! 🙂

  2. AdamBabe says:

    Is he still single now? Read somewhere where Adam was at a party and Perez Hilton was there and Perez said that Adam’s boyfirend was also there and that he was very cute. Dunno *shrugs* just wondering. Would like to see his boyfriend though, that would be totally hot!

    • he doesnt have a boyfreind. he never had a boyfreind. im really sure that hes not gay. tmz found him on a date with a girl and then a few days later on the show they showed her in the audience.

  3. Jeanette says:

    Love it, love it, love it! Beautiful montage of many of our favorite “moments”…

    Now, please, somebody do me a personal favor and make a montage video set to “Sex Bomb” and then I will truly die a happy woman!

  4. Salmypal says:

    This is such a nice video. Thank you for posting this. Adam seems like a man of true integrity with a zest for life. It’s nice to see people like Adam in the world. He is a great role modal for unity, love, respect, caring, playful, tenacious (selfless service to God in action). Showing that we can live in true integrity a also do well, and be loved and respected for it…… We need people like all the contestants this year. Out with – fear based control – in with = In-to me see, integrity, love and respect =. Good things are here Yes, yes, yes,,,,,,,, AI season 9 contestants are all a great group of people….. Congratulations Adam & Kris.

  5. AdamAddict says:

    I’m glad he enter this intertainment industry, it has been a very long time I have this feeling to a newcomer.(Theatre thing doesn’t count because not all people know him)I think the last time was Leonardo Dicaprio!! I was like crazy,going out looking for his poster and all. Adam Lambert make me do that again.SUPER HOT AND SUPER TALENTED! That’s what we all want!!

  6. Salmypal says:

    Above…Wow I post here a comment that belongs at another post.

    Adam has the Egyptian all seeing eye on his right arm I think. Very nice. He is so boom boom boom. He is a cutie pie. His eyes really sparkle and with at devil may care spontaneous zest for life, with a wonderful curiosity of what life has to hold. He is amazing……. Truly sensual and wonderful….. boom boom boom

  7. hot doesn’t even come close .

  8. omg orgasm

  9. ejw89109 says:

    I agree he is HOT ! HOT ! HOT ! He has this sultry look unlike anyone else out there right now, and people are attracted to him ard gravitating toward him. Example: Mad World in the finals when he appeared in the long, black coat. He was HOT !!. Run with it Adam !!

  10. hahahahahahaha!!!!! i laughed sooooooo hard during this video! the way the pictures are just match the songs SO perfectly!!!! hahahaha. love you adam!

  11. I just had a series of Adamgasms….. Lol….

  12. Love you for posting this! I tweeted you about it, but I just saw this post and I can’t believe you posted my vid on this site! Btw, it’s the person who made the vid if you haven’t figured it out yet. 😉 haha. But, ahh, thanks!

  13. Btw, Ineed song suggestions for new vids! So, if anyone had any ideas please go to my YT and msg me or anything! For funny vids, serious ones, sexy ones, w/e. 😉 I’d love youu guys for itt.