Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Tour Rocks the Paramount: Denver Colorado, July 17, 2010

denver-postera1Adam Lambert has done it again!  His latest concert on his Glam Nation tour was at the Paramount Theatre in  Denver, Colorado on July 17, 2010.  At this sold-out, 1870-seat venue, the Glam Nation Tour reached epic heights in musicality and production quality. 

When I saw Adam in his first solo concert at Fantasy Springs, I thought “this is great – but I can’t wait until he has the time and money to produce something that lets his creative side come out more”.  I knew he had more – way more – to give.  And he did.

Adam Lambert’s current concert tour, the Glam Nation tour, is just the beginning of our amazing journey with Adam in a long line of concert tours to come.  I’m not only thrilled with how his first concert tour has turned out – I am totally blown away!  But then, it’s not the first time Adam has blown me away.  I’m sure you know the feeling.

The theme that runs through the concert is one thing that sets the Glam Nation Tourdenvera apart.  Adam talks about love, relationships, and life throughout the concert as introductions to his songs.  At other times, he just lets his feelings out, interacting with the audience.  As they say, it’s all good.

Before the Concert

On to to show itself… Before the concert, Adam gave an interview on Denver’s Mix 100 radio.  You can listen to that here (Pt. 1) and here (Pt. 2).  No pictures, just a shot of him to longingly stare at while you listen to his voice.  This is fun to listen to.  I’m listening to it in the background as I write this.

Adam also had a Meet & Greet courtesy of local radio stations.  Radio station Alice 105.9’s Glam Bowl Contest winners got to meet Adam in person at the Lucky Strike Bowling Center and pose for pictures with him.  To see pictures of this event, go here.  It was interesting to see what people wore to this Meet & Greet to take a picture with Adam.

Videos of Adam Lambert’s Denver Concert: the Full Concert

Allison Iraheta opened the show.  You can watch some of the videos of her in concert here and here.  I love Allison and am so glad she is touring with Adam.  She has such a sexy, sultry voice.  Hopefully we will all get to know Allison better on this tour and support her by buying her CD’s.

denver-signing-autographsaAdam’s set list at the Denver concert was the Opening Medley with Voodoo, Down The Rabbit Hole, and Ring Of Fire, folowed by Fever, Sleepwalker, WWFM, Soaked, Aftermath, an Interlude with Sure Fire Winners, Strut, Music Again, If I Had You as the finale, and the encore – Mad World and Whole Lotta Love.

A huge thanks goes out to Suz526 and dnewton98 for such high quality videos of Adam Lambert singing at the Denver concert 7-17-10. 

To see pictures of the concert, check out this link.  

Here is the whole concert, in order:

Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Tour at the Paramount: Denver Colorado, July 17, 2010

Intro – Before the Concert


Opening Medley with Voodoo, Down the Rabbit Hole, Ring of Fire






Whatta Ya Want From Me






Interlude – Sure Fire Winners


Strut At the beginning of this, Adam comments, “I might not be able to breathe, but I can dance.”  At the mile-high city, Adam has been tossed into an altitude that makes it hard to breathe without any chance to adjust.  Yet he dances and sings like crazy.  He holds nothing back.  The man must be in amazing shape.



Music Again


Finale-IIHY: Adam introduces the band members and lets them show off their skills.  Camilla is hot on that keyboard!  And of course, Longineau, Tommy, and Monty are outstanding, as usual.  Mid-way into IIHY he introduces his dancers.  Someone’s head is in the way for part of this, but watch Adam’s face as he watches the dancers.  Adam dances with his choreographer at the end of this.  The way Adam rolls his body makes my heart race!

At the end of the concert, the concert-goers had to have been on such a high!  I know that seeing something on YouTube doesn’t feel like actually being there.  I can only imagine.  If you want to have a glimmer of what it feels to be there at the finale of an Adam Lambert concert, watch this one.

Denver Finale – If I Had You


Encore Adam’s encore followed the finale.  His upbeat version of “Mad World” is followed by one of my all-time Adam Lambert favorites, his sultry, sensuous, psychedelic version of “Whole Lotta Love”.


So there you have it – I most humbly submit to you Adam’s latest performance on his Glam Nation Tour.  I can’t wait to see him myself in about a week.  Even watching the videos over and over doesn’t spoil it for me, ’cause I simply can’t get enough of Adam!

Hope to see some of you at the concerts!

– Sandra Essary aka “Sandy”


  1. AdamFetish says:

    Thank you, thank you! I was at last night’s show and this gives me a chance to re-live it! The show was AMAZING! I actually shed tears at one point. Then, after the concert, my friends and I headed around back just hoping for a chance to see him. Not only did we see him but we all got his autograph, along with Monte and Longineau. Again, I shed tears! It still feels like a dream. They were all so nice and were very willing to give us this great experience! I will never forget it! Now, I get to see him again in 2 weeks in Vegas!

    • After watching the videos, I can see why you shed tears at some point. I will doubtless do the same when I see him in a week. Vegas? Wow, that should be hot — in more ways than one!

  2. You lucky lucky people, thanks so much for your many posts and video it does feel a little bit like beiiing there, but we are still hoping for a visit down here, NZ was mentioned once but then the last time he spoke of his international tour he only mentioned Australia, so fingers crossed.

  3. Darlene says:

    How can someone be so talented, and so sexy at the same time? I never get tired of listening to him and watching him. I am in awe every single time. He is just amazing.

  4. Sandy Sandy Sandy Sandy
    Too tempting not to watch him. i must see the videos. No wait! i wanted to be a virgin when he sings to me in San Diego later this month.

  5. Sucarole says:

    Thanks to all who had a part in bringing these videos to us. Saw Adam in Lville and I still get goosebumps watching each and every video of his performances. I think I could watch him 24 hours a day. He has spread so much love across this land and changed the way we act and react to situations thru his love. He just keeps getting better & better and I get to see him again in Houston and New Orleans.

  6. tortillamiracle says:

    Thanks for the awesome videos and the audio is so clear too! Suz526 you’re sooooo talented!
    Love and light ya’ll!

  7. Thank you for these beautiful videos of this beautiful man. Don’t forget, he’ll be on ET monday at 6:30. God, I need someone to hug me!

    • Adamisamazing says:

      Thanks so much for the heads up regarding ET. I don’t like to miss a thing that Adam is involved in. Going now to set my DVR!

      • AdamFetish says:

        Set your DVR to record anything with the name ADAM LAMBERT. It will catch lots of great things!

  8. Thanks to Suz for this great videos!!!I actually felt like I was there watching them. I followed on twitter last night but didn’t get to see much. I’ve seen Adam once live and will see him again in Tunica, MS. All I can say is that he is the most talented, sexiest, charming, witty, gorgeous man I’ve ever laid my eyes on ever!!!!!!. I was not prepared for just how incredible he is Live. It was GA but got to stand just 4 rows to the right without struggling through the crowd. For those who have not seen him live yet. Be prepard for the best, most unforgetable night of your lives. It took me many days to come down from the Adam Effect. I have to say that I’ve seen videos of every single GNT show but it looks like this last show in Denver had the best audience so far. He just out does him self each time he performs.

    • The Adam Effect… great phrase for it. I know what you mean. Honestly, I think his concerts have changed me forever.

  9. These videos are out of this world! I love his hair too; it looks fantastic! I also like how he hinted in the interview about possibly doing a movie. Can you imagine how many of his megafans would go see that movie just to get a glimpse of him? Plus, the sales for the movie once released on DVD? I’m getting ahead of myself of course. That’s in the future – hopefully! Anyway, I have 12 days before I see him and then 14 days before I see him again! I love a million things about Adam, but the fact that he spreads the word of love, brings people of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientation, color, race, etc. together, and makes people so very happy is a true testament to the positive, wonderful, gracious, thoughtful, smart and great man he is. I love this man so, and I’m thrilled for his success.

  10. I was lucky enough to be there in Denver!!! The crowd was incredible. Noisy as hell but also well behaved if that makes sense. The first portion of Adam just flew by. I kept pinching myself thinking, “I’m really here watching this, and that is really Adam singing.” It was almost like a dream, so Adam certainly accomplished his goal of taking his audience for a journey. Loved his acoustic set. Aftermath was beautiful, and Soaked caused a tear. His voice is just so breathtaking. It does sound different/better than the recording if that is possible. Adam looked fantastic. Saw him on the Idol tour, and he looked good, But now, he is slim and buffed up. So impressed with his dancing. We all know how he can move that gorgeous body of his. He gives his all for his audience. He puts it all out there. Must say his band is tremendous as everyone knows. Monte just rocks that stage. What a talent. So glad these guys are together. They all mesh so well. Plan to see Adam at least two more times on this tour!!!! So excited.

    One tiny negative. I love Allison, but her performance was not so great. As the people next to me and behind me said, everything sounds the same. There is no subtlety or nuance. The base and band were so loud, it was almost like they were in competition for who could drown out the other. You could not hear her voice, and I know she has a great one. In my opinion, she needs a bit more variety. She told the audience to listen to the words. Fat chance. Like you couldn’t hear anything but noise. Sry Allison fans (I’m also one), but that”s my opinion and the opinion of those around me and those we talked to after the show.

    • AdamFetish says:

      That’s funny that you thought Allison sounded bad. Maybe you were too close to the stage? We were in the balcony and she sound GREAT! It could just have been different depending on your seats.

  11. suz526 and dnewton98 Thank you for making my weekend all right again, as it sucked!!!!
    Great vids and the sound was dynamic!! Appreciate your time and patience to bring these
    to us. I’m not kidding, you made my weekend so much better. The sound quality is the best, yet.
    Adam is in great form!! I swear he just keeps getting better and better, with each perfomance.
    Even with the heads and arms showing. I, actually, at one point, tried to look around a woman’s head in front of your camera – and Adam was the one who coudn’t breathe?? That’s just how he affects me. I have to see him, even if I can’t. Go figure!

    • Glad you enjoyed the article so much! Suz does take outstanding videos, for sure. lol at you trying to look around someone’s head! If you do go see him, just keep telling yourself: “Breathe… breathe…”

      • Sandy, I saw him in NYC on June 22nd with my daughter and son-in-law.
        As for me trying to look around that woman’s head, I should have said that I had not slept since Sat a.m. I was knackered!! ha ha ha

  12. Sandy – have you written any other articles about Adam?

  13. OMG That Adam Effect puts you in this mesmerizing trance! I saw him last night in Denver and was so lucky to be in the 5th row, seat 3. My mind was in this glorious place in anticipation. I first saw him at Fantasy Springs, so this was my second time seeing him live. I was shaking just to see this beautiful, talented, sexy, performer. Even every speck of sweat on him took your breathe away! The voice like noone else, his dancing, dressed to perfection with those pants that hugged every part of that beautiful body. Somebody, please shake me!! Thanks! I needed that to get back to this comment! LOL! So I’ll be going to Vegas to see him on the 31st. Am currently searching for tickets to see him in Phoenix on Aug. 1st and then Albuquerque on Aug. 3rd. I do want to say that the crowd in Denver was so respectful to our Adam. When he sang Soaked we actually showed him the respect he deserves by actually listening. It was beautiful! Adam has changed my life by the love that he brings out in everyone and how he unites us. WE LOVE YOU ADAM!!

  14. LatinaAdamLambertLover says:

    Freaking awesome!! Love it!!! Thank the universe for ADAM

  15. I moved to Denver years ago and remember how hard it was to catch my breath the first two weeks, I cannot imagine trying to dance and sing the first day you arrive! Wow!

    He is amazing, looks, talent, personality.

  16. Lilyglam says:

    I was there! It was epic. These vids are great – thanks for capturing them. I was at the Fantasy Spring concert and this is my first Glam Nation Tour experience – will be seeing him again in Costa Mesa on the 28th. Met some really great Glamily from out of town as well as from Colorado – looking forward to the next and possibly another one – can never get enough of these vids – 2nd row seats was epic, I could almost touch Adam. There was one incident after the concer that bummed me out when waiting for Adam in line at the tour bus, a mother pushed her daughter to get her to the front of the rope line and hit a bunch of us – when I told her she was rude, she just said “oh well”, I really don’t think she was part of the Glamily – we are not rude, and if she is, shame on her. We need to all relax and take in Adam and be the fan that he wants of us, kind, loyal, loving and be there for one another. Just saying. Thanks Adam for the epic experience.

    • AdamFetish says:

      I agree with you, how rude! I was out there too and met nothing but fun, friendly, happy people! I was happy for everyone that got to see him and get his autograph and they were happy for me. Rude people need to stay home!

    • Hey Lily what are the plans for the 28th ill be there and would love to meet some of my glamily!!!!

  17. Jane Parker says:

    The Adam Effect! My new phrase!

  18. Sh*t, did you all see the half-smile at the end of Mad World, before WLL started? He licks his lips, as if suggesting what’s about to come, and has this dirty dirty look in his eyes, I had to take a cold shower right away…

    • Brilliant he was…simply brilliant! That boy is NO fool. He knows what sells., and god love him for it!

  19. OMG he’s soooo beautiful and hot! I need several cold showers now! Thanks so much for the awesome vids – really can’t wait till he gets to the UK!

  20. I was at the concert in Denver, right up near the front. These videos are fantastic! It still seems like a dream to have seen him live in concert and to have met him, the band and the dancers after the show near the tour bus. I cried when he sang Soaked, because that’s my absolute favorite song – ever. Can’t wait for him to come back!

  21. Cougar65 says:

    Adam to debut on silver screen? According to IMDB, Adam Lambert is listed as one of the actors for the upcoming film “American Empire”!

    There is no official confirmation other than the IMDB page but if Adam is really going to act in movies, that would be very exciting!

    • I just looked up the info for the movie and he’s not listed on the cast, but it would be really cool

      • Funny. I saw Adam’s name listed under “Cast”. Is he trying to keep this a secret, or is this a mistake in print somehow, ’cause I haven’t heard him mention it yet. Regardless, it will be amazing when he does do a movie!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Adam has tweeted that it is just another rumour, he knows nothing about it.

      I think I would rather he waited anyway until a really big movie came along with a proper part just for him. He will be outstanding as usual.

    • Adam tweeted to say this is a rumour.

      • Ah, ok. Then the rumor is in print apparently. Even IMdb believes it.

        • Adam tweeted: “Rumor control: This movie project ‘american empire’ is b.s. Dunno how its on imdb. Dont know anything about it.”

  22. I was there – he was so beautiful, it hurts.

  23. Dear Glamberts,
    First, I would like to thank Sue and everyone on this website to have filled me in with all the news and videos about Adam. I check for your videos and comments every day and I can’t live without them! I am one of his most dedicated fan! I live in Rockville, Maryland, and I would like to get together with other Adam’s true fans in the greater area of Washington D.C. to talk about our IDOLl and sing along his songs. I think it would be fun to organize an Adam Lambert Party and promote his music among our own friends!
    Please email me if you live in my area ( I love you all Glamberts!

    • If you Google “Adam Lambert party” there are websites that can help you with that, including a blog on “How to Throw an Adam Lambert Party”.

  24. Dear Glamberts,
    First, I would like to thank Sue and everyone on this website to have filled me in with all the news and videos about Adam. I check for your videos and comments every day and I can’t live without them! I am one of his most dedicated fan! I live in Rockville, Maryland, and I would like to get together with other Adam’s true fans in the greater area of Washington D.C. to talk about our IDOLl and sing along his songs. I think it would be fun to organize an Adam Lambert Party and promote his music among our own friends!
    Please email me if you live in my area ( I love you all Glamberts!

  25. Thank you, Sandy, for your tip, and I love reading your articles! I hope I will get to meet some of Adam’s fans in my area…

    • Thanks 🙂 I know how you feel. Getting together with other Adam fans is like nothing else. Finally, you are with others who understand.

  26. FlamingoLady says:

    Is anyone reading this going to the San Francisco concert on the 25th? I just found out I can get there (YES!!!) and would love to meet up with other Glamberts. Also, if anyone has a ticket for sale, please let me know before I go to a ticket agency. And does anyone know where to park for the Warfield theater?
    Please contact me at SO EXCITED!!

  27. kat23morg says:

    Adam did say on his radio interview that something was in the works in regards to acting….would be so cool…He also hinted about a duet with another singing star……omg…wonder if it is who he requested….Christina or David? Maybe Gaga….? Would be a kick ass duet with any of these…

  28. Michelle R Queen Rusky says:

    I was there an I have to say it was one of the most amazing concerts I have been to! The energy in that place was amazing! Adam inspires such love and light! IWords cannot describe how awesome this was. 😀

  29. Victoria Denny says:

    After all this great write up I am really jazzed about going to see him Sat July 31 her ein Las Vegas, and it’s good to know that others feel the same way I do, yep, I felt that way the first time he ever appeared on A Idol. I say “Touche’ ” to Adam, he deserves this beautiful oppornity in his life right now.
    I think we have the next Elvis on our hands and so many people dont even see it yet.
    Cant wait to get that feeling!
    You know the kind that start up like butterflies just before he comes on stage and when you see him, you realize OMG is that really him!

  30. This is way after the fact and I know that no one is still reading new posts on a 3 week old concert but I was at the Denver show (obviously by my name) and I was awestruck by the pause in Soaked when he just looked up and out at us and let the cheers and love pour over him. I was not right up in front but I thought I could see tears in his eyes and down one cheek but I wasn’t sure since I was hopelessly in the same condition. Going back and watching this video carefully…I was right, he was definitely moved and the guyliner drifted down with those beautiful tears and stayed there as testimony for the rest of the song. I hope that love and his ability to take it in and feel it so deeply, carries him on through the rough times, cruel comments, snubs or whatever else he has the courage to bear. Our Superman. There is not, has never been and never will be anyone else like him.