Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Info- With Updates On ALL Shows

This will be an ongoing post, as information comes in I will update it. This was a tweet sent out from Adam just a few minutes ago…


~adamlambert: The Glam Nation Tour dates will be announced soon! For those who didn’t know, my opening acts are Orianthi and Allison Iraheta!!!

If he leaks more, I will let you know!! Such excitement.

There are some dates popping up that I do NOT believe are part of the GLAM NATION tour, but I want you to know about them anyways…
~Adam Lambert coming to Mystic Lake:
By PAUL WALSH, Star Tribune
Last update: April 13, 2010 – 2:43 PM
“American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert will appear at Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake in June.
According to the casino box office, the glam-rock sensation’s concert will be June 12 in the 2,100-seat theater.
Ticket prices range from $59 to $69, before fees. Ticket sales begin May 1 at the box office, the Mall of America and at Ticketmaster.
Paul Walsh โ€ข 612-673-4482
~~~Ludacris and Adam Lambert are headlining KFest 2010, set for June 6 at Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill.
According to an e-mail sent to KVIPs, the show also will feature Train, Orianthi, Taio Cruz, Iyaz, Kevin Rudolf, Aaron Fresh and Charice.
Ludacris’ storied hip-hop career began with his smash 2000 single “What’s Your Fantasy.” He has since charted two No. 1 Billboard hits (“Stand Up,” “Money Maker”) and has guest-starred on three other No. 1 singles, including Cruz’s “Break Your Heart.” That song was Cruz’s first U.S. single release, shooting to the top of the charts in March.
Lambert caught fame through “American Idol,” showcasing high creativity and stage presence with a dynamic voice. His recent single “Whataya Want From Me” reached the Billboard Top 20 in April.
Train โ€” who recently performed at the Chance Theatre in Poughkeepsie โ€” owns the current No. 3 single in the country, “Hey Soul Sister.” Orianthi, meanwhile, had a No. 3 hit with “According to You.”
Rudolf performed at KFest in 2009.
Tickets are available for KVIPs; you can sign up to be a KVIP at www.k104online. com.
KFest is a festival created in 1994 by WSPK (104.7 FM in Fishkill). Flo Rida and Jesse McCartney headlined the 2009 show.
~@FoxwoodsCt:When we have ticket info for Adam Lambert we’ll tweet & also put it on our Fbook pages for Foxwoods and MGM Grand at Foxwoods 8 minutes ago via TweetDeck
~Adam Lambert fans, your wish is going to come true June 24! Stay tuned for ticket info!


  1. Glad I like both opening acts, but I’d go see Adam no matter who else was there with him. Adam is the reason we buy the ticket. Period. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. KO's smiling says:

    Definitely! Thanks for keeping us informed! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. OMG ! I’m weak in the knees. I’m so excited.

  4. Smoke, lasers, dancers. I can hardly wait, and I need dates.

    I need to know when he’s going to be in my area because we’ve booked our vacation for the end of August, and I’m already cutting it short for Lady Gaga. Her concert also happens to fall on my wedding anniversary, and Gaga won out (I’ve spent the last 22 anniversaries with him, so what’s one without LOL). So you see my dilemma!!

  5. Hope part of his tour in the States is somewhere near Ontario, Canada. I’d definately book a flight and a hotel to see him. He’s worth every penny!

  6. Can’t wait for the dates / cities to be announced. I’ve banked up 15 days of vacation time and some $$$ so I can fly to as many of his concert events as possible. Definitely will be checking this site multiple times per day. Thanks for all your vigilant work you do here. This is an excellent source for all things Adam.

    • Reese, I have been saving $ also and figure i can go to a couple shows and i have 5 weeks of vacation, so I am good there. I have been waiting for this since I saw him on the AI tour last year. Too bad none of my friends are big Adam fans. My husband will go, but i’d really love to be around people who are as obsessed with Adam as I am. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Trish, I’m on the West Coast and in the same situation. My son (20 y.o.) actually very kindly accompanied me to the AI tour last year, but does not like Adam and refuses to go to another concert. If your on my side of the country, could be possible to connect. I’m not big on stewing around though, I’m more a “fly in, see the concert and fly out” kind of gal. I’ll look to see if you add a reply.

        • Reese, my husband went with me to the AI concert and enjoyed himself and will take me to see him on tour, assuming we don’t have to fly somewhere. But I live in Wisconsin – not near you at all. I plan on going to the Mystic Lake Casino concert he is doing (with friends who are not big fans of Adam’s – I’ll take what I can get) on June 12th also. I want to see him as much as possible – just like you. Sucks we don’t have friends that are as fanatic as we are, huh? I am lucky to have people that will go with me, but they don’t appreciate his awesomeness, hey maybe they will once they see him live! Good luck with finding someone near you to meet up with, i hope to find some Glambs to meet up with also!

        • Hey Reese where on the west coast are you?I would love to find a fellow glambert in my area im in riverside calif if you know of anyone please have them contact me thanks

      • I am in Wi. Trish! I love Adam too! Are you on facebook? If you are lets be friends so we can chat!

        • Tamara, yes I am on facebook. Trisha Gollonik – I would love to be friends with you or any Glamb, how exciting!

  7. Tweeted from idolsnow “ALLISON IRAHETA will be one of ADAM LAMBERT’s opening acts on his Glam Nation tour. Orianthi also opens. Official announcement due Monday.”

  8. I hope there are Canadian dates on there. He needs to come perform in Toronto. I’m dying to see Adam.


    • Hey Kym, I’m in B’ham and I know he probably won’t come here, so I plan to be at the Hotlanta show and Memphis or Nashville or wherever else he appears in the south. My guy likes Adam and said he’d go with me, but he won’t wear nail polish or glitter…party pooper. LOL

  10. A couple hours after they announced he will be at Mystic Lake Casino I booked my room and the guy said people from all over the world were all ready booking rooms. I was planning on going to the Shooting Star concert, but this is 4 hours closer to me! I am sooo excited. I just hope I can get tickets now. Any Glambs going to the Mystic Lake concert? I’d love to meet up. I am going with 2 friends who aren’t big Adam fans (breaks my heart and I don’t understand why not!), but I don’t know anyone who is as fanatic about Adam as I am – what is wrong with people??!! LOL

  11. That’s very nice! I’ve been waiting for his tour since forever! I hope he comes somewhere near my town

  12. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    I think we should all band together and create a NEW city that only allows ADAM fans so we can all be together to obsess over our boy. I don’t have any friends who are into him the way I am either. My daughter loves him, but not like me . . . . . I don’t know a single soul in person who is as into Adam as I am . . . ๐Ÿ™

    • I’m with ya!!!! I live in a fairly small city. As far as I know, I was the only one from my neck of the woods that was at River Rock. What an amazing experience, and alas, there is nobody close to me to rave on and on with. PLEASE ADAM, PLEASE COME BACK TO VANCOUVER!!!!!

      • What neck of the woods are you from Char? I have a few people in the lower mainland that I twitter and email to that are as obsessed as I am. I went to the Coquitlam show by myself (bought a ticket on e-bay 40 min. before the show – live 35 min. away), and the people I met that night were also at the River Rock show. We got together after, talked about the show, got pics with the band and had a great time. Can’t believe that was one week ago tonight. ๐Ÿ™

        I think Adam will come back to Vancouver and play at the QE Theatre. It was a great venue for Lady Gaga when she came here.

        • I think after the reception he got at the River Rock he is only too happy to come back to Vancouver again but in a little larger venue this time. You could tell by the expression on his face how he was just thrilled with how everyone int he audience was singing along with all his songs! He actually was laughing about that if you watch the videos back. Jnellie the pics with the band were awesome! Did you get the pics that I sent to your mom of you?

    • Della,
      My two teenage girls don’t even want to hear Adam’s name. I also wish I knew someone who is as crazy in love with Adam as I am. I live in VA….anyone in VA who is an Adam fan?


      • I live in NC. Somebody suggested that he performs in one the casino’s in VA Beach, Whre in VA do you live?

      • I’m in Virginia also about 40 mins from VA Beach….wish he would come…BIG FAN!

  13. seaflea3 says:

    I’m wondering why Adam’s appearance at KFEST 2010 in Fishkill NY is not listed here….anyone know? He is appearing at Dutchess Stadium along with Orianthi, Ludacris and some others….

  14. buffy522 says:

    Good news! I know we all want him in our back yard, but unless you are in CA or NY, ain’t gonna happen. Allison! Cool! Sounds like a great show. I wish there was a site that was super current. The Adam Official is actually the worst. good luck glambs!

  15. When I was talking to Monte at the River Rock he said the tour starts June 1st, so I think any dates in June are probably part of the Glamnation tour. He also said they would be sticking to small and medium sized venues.

    Sidebar: He asked me who I thought he should get to fill in for him on the tour when Lisa has the babies. Like I know LOL. He thought maybe Tommy Victor. (I didn’t know who he was – he’s Prong’s guitarist). Any suggestions?

    • LolaGlamb says:

      Why not Orianthi? If she’s good enough for Michael…

      • I totally agree! Orianthi would be amazing !!! Perfect fit!! But Monte has to come back….wouldn’t be the same without him….

    • Micki (Glamb #535) says:

      In addition to being Prong’s guitarist, Tommy Victor was also part of Citizen Vein with Adam & Monte, and another guy (Steve Sidelnik?). Tommy Victor is rock, metal, goth, industrial type stuff, mostly, from what I understand.

  16. Razmatanian says:

    I’m thinking…where in the U.S. is Mystic Lake? I want Adam here in San Francisco with me!

  17. cheryl 334 says:

    Thank you, Sue, for starting the info on any tour dates!! I am just wanting to hear Adam is coming to the midwest soon!!! Maybe Ft. Wayne, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Lansing, Ohio, anywhere I can get to by car in less than 6 hrs!

    Love Ori, and her guitar genius! Eventually Adam should be surrounded by the genius’ of the music world! He deserves only the best! I would like to say, that in my opinion, Adam does not need any dancing girls or boys to ‘entertain’ his fans! I remember when on stage, Elvis threatened to replace his background singers with the Supremes and Mahalia Jackson! That was very funny ‘in the day’! Saying it all in jest. But, I’d like to see Adam with superior musicians around him. Of course, he w ould hel any little knowns become very ‘known’ by playing with him! Bayonce and Gaga could be his backup singers and maybe Randy Jackson, Eric Clapton, Elton John to accompany him!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Then, again, Adam needs only to stand on a stage and sing to capture an entire arena!


    • That is great Cheryl, thinking of these great artists making music with Adam. That would be truly phenomanal for everybody involved!!!!

  18. This awesome information Sue, thank you so much. I am excited about his move to the Eastcoast and I so glad to hear they will stick to small and medium sized venues!
    I actually emailed his record company and told them about an amazing venue we have here in NC with great accoustics. I also emailed the people who organize the Gay parade in Amsterdam, NL every summer and told them to get their butts in gear ( no pun intended) and get Adam over there and perform for a ruckus crowd of outrageous Gay men and women.

    • I am outside of Charlotte NC and can’t wait for tickets to his shows here in the Piedmont. Where in NC are you at Irena?

      • I am in the Triangle in Durham. Yes it would be great if he would come anywhere in NC.
        The venue I am talking about is the brandnew beautiful Durham Performing Arts Center (2700 seats). I know of the big venues in Greenboro or Charlotte, what would be the smaller ones, do you know?

        • Gigi Young says:

          Hi, Tamara and Irena. I am a huge Adam fan also and I am a grandmother. I live in Atlant a but have relatives in Rock Hill and N.C. I hope he comes to Atlanta or Charlote. I saw him in the AI Tour and cannot wait to see him again. What a voice!

          • If not VA, then I went to Greensboro last summer for AI tour. A 4 four drive for me and Charlotte would be six!! Hoping if not in VA than Greensboro!!!

  19. REDSTAR040665 says:

    Can’t wait till he comes to Ohio. Hopefully Columbus or Dayton.

    • earlzagurl4u says:

      Oh wow! Me too! I’ve been to the Schott for a Motley concert, Dayton/Kettering for David Cassidy, Indianapolis for the idols tour! I’m a regular concert-goer. I live in E. KY so those areas would be good for me,,but Rupp Arena in Lexington, Ky or somewhere in Huntington, WVA, anyhoo, I’ve been saving since I came home in Sept. from seeing him in Indy. Also, I have a bank set up in my kitchen for anyone who comes in to donate to the “Earl Needs To Go See Adam Again Fund.” I get everyone’s spare change! ๐Ÿ˜€ My wish is everyone who wants to see Adam again or for the first time gets to do so. The first` timers will never be the same! PLL

    • earlzagurl4u says:

      Oh yeah! I can sleep over @ my brothers or my niece’s house, so no hotel expenses! if Adam comes to Columbus!

  20. Anybody from Dallas on here???

    • @Betty I am in Fort Worth…no one I am friends with are into Adam. I missed the AI tour in Dallas but am determined to see him before I leave this world.
      We have the Fantastic Bass hall which is a small venue
      my email is

  21. I’m crazy about Adam. He is beautiful. I hope I will be able to get tickets to his tour somewhere in Texas. It’s so funny, my heart starts beating sooooooo fast every time I hear him. My daughter got a henna tatoo last weekend of the eye tatoo Adam has. She wants a real one but her hubby says no way.

    Just for your info, I’m 71 years old, and I feel we have another Elvia. Adam is sweet and kind like Elvis. When I was a teenager I went to Elvis’s concert and sat on the front row evey time he same. That was back in the 50’s. Adam keeps me feeling young. Surely he’ll come to Texas.

  22. Trish and whoever else is going to Mystic. I am soooooo crazy about Adam. Totally obsessed with him.!! I would love to go to the shooting star also but they’re right in a row and no rooms are available at shooting star. I’m going with my daughters but like you they are not near as crazy about Adam as I am. Iknow orianthi is advertised but haven’t seen Allison mentioned.

    • tutupat, YAY someone else going to Mystic! I was a day late getting a hotel room booked for the Shooting Star, but it worked out OK because Mystic is much closer. Where are you from? I am from central WI.

  23. trish in WI – hook up with me, olga, jeanette & maryd here in WI cuz we hope to hit lots of concerts, & unlike your friends, we are all about Adam’s awesomeness…PLUS we already booked room at Mystic without tix in hand, but praying for that to happen naturally?! – with Adam you just got to BELIEVE!! let me know if you want to get in touch – blessings, jill

    • Jill, I know you guys ROCK – you ARE all about Adam and I love it! Would love to meet up with you. i am not a traveler (I hate driving on my own), but if someone takes me, I will go anywhere. Since you guys live in/around Milwaukee, I would be too terrified to drive there to meet with you guys. I can’t believe I am letting a little (ok HUGE) fear of driving stop me from enjoying my Adam Lambert life! But I am such a wimp LOL Is “the gang” also going to Mystic Lake Casino? I am leaving all my options open – If I can’t get tickets for Mystic Lake I can still go to Shooting Star – have a room booked 1/2 hour from there just in case…..

      • hi trish – guess are reputation proceeds us?! thanks for the compliment…no fears…as far as driving goes we can work things out, but we too are booked at both hotels just waiting to find out what concert tix come thru for us…olga, jeanette & I booked flights to fargo nd for the “original” mn concert, but also would prefer to go to mystic lake…altho we fly back saturday via minneapolis, so are thinking we might even be crazy enough to do both concerts back to back if we can…our 4th maryd didn’t book the flight, so she’s most likely driving to Mystic either way. where in wi are u again? email me at & we can be in touch as things progress – k? we’d love to have you “onboard” & if you hang with us enough…you will be utterly FEARLESS!! LOL!! life’s too short – jump on the adam train & relish in every minute of the ride! blessings, jill

  24. LuvAdam476 says:

    Obsessed Glambert here also! God I hope he comes to either Tulsa or Oklahoma City. If I have to drive 6 hours to Dallas in order to see Adam, wild horses couldn’t keep me away!!!

    Can’t wait for tour dates and venues to be listed! Sue thank you so much for the info. Love reading your posts.

    Gloria (Glambert #476)


  25. I look forward to the tour. Lots of fans in South Carolina and lots of places for a performance!!

  26. Ninalatina9 says:

    Omg!!!!!! Adam!!!! Get your sexxxy body up to Canada ( London, Toronto or Hamilton)… We’ll treat you like the glam king you are!!!!

  27. Already booked my room for Foxwoods Resort and Casino…………I’m still bouncing off the walls at this news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Adamxtasy says:

    I am usually a fly on the wall here–too little time to participate but someone posted that Mystic Lake was in CT and I wanted to share . There may be one in CT but the one Adam will be at on June 12 is in a small town called Prior Lake (just southwest of Apple Valley which is just south of Minneapolis) in Minnesota. I am the maryd that jill speaks of as the group of WI fans that will be going together. Just wanted to clear that up. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • maryd – how are you sweetie? excited to see adamxtasy back!! thanks for being the fly that came back off the wall! we all got to work together to make this all happen! call me this week girl – want to hear how your son’s competition went in Atlanta – k? love you – jill

  29. I am hoping Washington, Seattle or well anywhere here. I have been waiting and waiting.. My mom wants to go to.. Cannot wait….

  30. beaglewoman says:

    Here’s some additional info on the MN concerts. Sat June 12 at Mystic Lake (Prior Lake MN about 1 hr south of metro area). Mystic Lake is a 2100 seat venue – nice seating theatre style so really not a bad seat or view anywhere. Event hall has good sound. However, Mystic Lake is a dry casino so if you’re in the mood for cocktails you won’t get any there. Tickets go on sale May 1. Adam is doing another concert in MN on Friday June 11 at Shooting Star Casino in northern MN ( Tickets go on sale May 10. Shooting Star event center is floor seating only and seats 1700 and I think it is flat floor seating.

    At least you have a couple of chances to see him in MN….. I’m going to try as I am there on business over those dates. If not, I’ll hope that the Glamnation tour comes somewhere close to IN.

  31. please post the tour dates asap!! i’m there!!!!!!

  32. Ugh! I know diversity…good. BUT I hope any rap act is limited to ONE song. I’m sorry, but it is just generally such ugly music I have a hard time seeing the continued attraction. And I am not old.

  33. I hope he comes to Pennsylvania, hopefully somewhere in the southeast. Any other fans in this area?

  34. Check out Tampa Rays baseball website…I think he will be there at

    Tropicana Field (Florida) Sept 18

  35. He better come to Phoenix!!! Or at least anywhere in AZ cuz I dont wana travel! Dont get me wrong…I will travel if I have to lol Anything for Adam!!!!

  36. Micki (Glamb #535) says:

    I’m in Edmonton AB Can, & I really hope he comes to Alberta somewhere. If he hits any place in this province, we can probably manage to get there (even if we have to hitchhike!) I’ve never gotten into anybody from idol before, but I’m majorly into Adam I drive my husband & our roommate nuts. Allison is right behind him on my list, though, in a close second. But my husband is as huge on Alli as I am on Adam, so he’s actually looking forward to the concerts and hoping one will be near us too, ’cause he wants to see her! So we’re REALLY hoping he comes this far north.

  37. Please, please, please come to Michigan!!!

  38. Adan we have lots of casinos in the
    Portland Oregon area down toward
    our coast which is beautiful I too am
    a 66 year young grandma please
    come ane see us Oregon needs

  39. Ontario please..Toronto, Montreal, Niagara Falls Casino..we need our Adam fix. I’ve only got 2 days of holidays, and they are being saved for Adam’s tour. Crossing my fingers for Ontario.

  40. My daughters and I leave on the 10th to go to Council Bluffs, Ia (we have tickets)..then to Shooting Star where we have a room reserved (providing we get tickets), then we are going to Mystic lake (Have the tickets) and a room at my brothers that is only 25 minutes from there….we plan on being gone from Thursday to Sunday….Should be a lot of fun, cause my 2 daughters and I love Adams music and just looking at him is wonderful… We (9) of us seen him at the AI tour in K.C. and really anxious to watch him perform again….He is going to be in K.C. in July and we all plan on going to it…..Hope all of you get tickets and us also…..Have a good day, and fun is coming in the name of Adam……

  41. Melissa says:

    I have tickets to Shooting Star Casino in MN, but can’t get a room. If anyone has rooms and decided they are not going please email me at

    Thank you.