Adam Lambert Gets a Career Report Card from Entertainment Weekly

ent-weekly-pg-1-life-after-idolWhile reading Entertainment Weekly’s Oscar Edition (Feb. 4, 2011), I came across “Life After Idol” by Tanner Stransky. Of course my pulse quickened, hoping they’re heaping praise on Adam Lambert. Yes, he’s pictured in the main photo so I know it’s going to be good!

Ten contestants from Season 8 and earlier are spotlighted with How They’ve Done, What’s Next, and they are given a Career Grade. Adam is the only person from Season 8. I know you’re dying to read it! I’ll retype his section, but you’ll have to read the picture for the others. I couldn’t find a link to the printed article, so the picture of the article will have to do.

ADAM LAMBERTSeason 8’s envelope-pushing runner up.
How He’s Done Lambert recently scored a Grammy nomination for “Whataya Want From Me,” and his 2009 album, For Your Entertainment, has sold 787,000 copies. What’s Next Another album, of course. He’ll head back into the studio this spring, and the finished product could be out by the end of the year. Career Grade B

Whaaatttt???? What about just finishing the most incredible NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL GLAM NATION TOUR??? Oh well, they didn’t really list much detail for the others, and we still have to be grateful that he’s listed. Of course we think it’s a given, but I bet the Claymates are seething!!

A few pages later, under the Music Reviews on p. 112, they’re reviewing George Michael’s Faith: Special Edition. The first sentence: “As latter-day glamazons like Adam Lambert and Lady GaGa have shown, the Wham! man’s influence still looms large.”

Need I say more?!?

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. “B” ?

  2. What about Fantasia?

  3. And what about his international sales??? They’re the same idiots they’ve always been.

    Everyone needs to vote on the FUSE grammy page – MJ, who’s slated to win, was trailing Adam in the Fuse poll but now is pulling away. Please remind all to vote!

  4. They should give to adam A+++++++++++++++++…..Cause he deserves more than that , he’s the best in that magazine.

  5. What’s with “B” Adam is a ” worldwide entertainer”” have any of the others been on a worldwide tour.????????selling out concerts? making people scream? “A”=Audacious, Athletic, Androgynous, Adorable, Autoerotism, Angelic, AntsPants, Affectionate, Artistic, Apostolic, Appealing……………….LOL have to go now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. adam deserves,AAA!!!

  7. I think Adam is way above them. He’s a Superstar!!!! They just have to aim higher and they’ll find him. I think they grade by how much money they bring in. I don’t think it’s their talent. I’m gonna piss off a lot of Daughtry fans. He brings in the money. but he’s been at it longer and I’m not a fan of his. Adam’s voice, persona and his performances are out of this world. He’s doing it the way he wants to and I say, “Good for you Adam!!!” That’s important to him.
    Still, they had his picture with the winners and he didn’t win, officially.

    Adam has nothing to worry about. Not with that voice, etc.
    He deserves that Grammy!

  8. Yeah! ADAM! I love the picture of Adam that they pick for the story. My Grade Card has Adam down
    as big A PLUS!

  9. It continues to frustrate me that he only gets credit for the record sales in America. I guess it’s hard to count true sales around the world, but they should say he has sold over a million records worldwide. I am glad he was listed, but they should have bragged about his world tour.

    • It’s not hard to count the world wide albums. they do have all kinds of different names….international, tour, then the EPs. But you better believe there are numbers. Silly article but he is in it and that counts.

  10. Good point about the world wide sales but then again the measurement of succes is always dollar amounts in todays world. We all know there is so much more going on when it comes to Adam.

  11. Loved it though that they used a GNT picture instead of AI!!!

  12. You’re right. All sales should be counted whether it’s here or overseas. They all count. When is the media gonna take a good look at him for who he is & what he does vocally. Noone else on this list has done what he has accomplished in the past year. Wake up people & give credit where it is due. He’s the best of the best & deserves to be recognized for his great talent & forget about these teeny boppers who make be gag. Adam is the new generation man of the hour & will continue to please his many fans around the world for a long time to come.

  13. Hmm, looking at this objectively, I’d definitely say Adam deserves an A. An A- at the very least, considering he’s only gotten one album, his debut album, out. But a B? A mere B? I am shocked. Adam definitely tops the AI charts along with Underwood and Daughtry. Also, I’m quite surprised David Archuleta got no mention.

  14. I can’t believe they gave him the same grade as Constantine Maroulis… Jeez, there’s no freakin’ comparison…

    • Judy Lushman says:

      I agree with you eilo. There is no comparing Adam with Constantine. Adam deserves an A. Considering his tour (worldwide) and album sales (worldwide). Don’t forget his acoustic album as well.

  15. Ms.Starstruck for Adam says:

    Well I think the ” B” grade stands for BEAUTIFUL,what else could it be??

  16. This is a very unbalanced and biased career report card for Adam. If indeed they are basing it on sales and money, they’ll have to take into account all his earnings as well as his achievements eg his 113 sold out concerts and platinum cd and singles sales worldwide. A report card has to be transparent and true and not just based on Entertainment Weekly’s fuzzy perceived grades. I call this B grade for Adam totally unacceptable and demeaning. It’s a definite A** . He is not even gradeable ; he is in a class of his own ! By the way he broke the charitywater record as being the first person to garner the highest amount donated in one day ,his 29th birthday.

  17. Adam so cute

  18. Hello adam sweet 😆

  19. I love his song 😆

  20. I wait for grammy adam wins ^_^

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  22. Adam in magazin that great 😆

  23. He beast in magazin

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  27. Adam best in amrica idol

  28. Hes cute 😀 😀

  29. @sligo 😀

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  31. Obviously, the author is only limited in scope to one country he covers, disregarding Adam’s worldwide status. Well, this is a myopic/short-sighted or tunnel vision. In medical lingo, this tunnel vision is a prodrome to glaucoma that leads to blindness. Why should we let a glaucomic vision like the author’s that can be blind, lead us?

    Surely Adam has no comparison. Period.

  32. “B”??????????? You gotta be kiddin me!!!! He so deserves the highest honor of A++++++++++++++

  33. Believe me, I LOVE Adam, but I think a ‘B’ is pretty fair. His album didn’t become the overnight success that many Idol watchers thought it would~he, unfortunately, hasn’t even managed to sell one million in a year’s time here in the states. And WWFM is his one great single, while IIHY did good, and FYE performed rather poorly. We all know about his AMAZING GNT Tour, but how many of us went to multiple, multiple shows and helped fill the seats? Would his tour have sold out if his hard core fans only went to 1 or 2 shows? IDK…he does have pretty decent status in world music right now, but he’s so new it’s not even comparable to some others, yet. I know we all think he’s the greatest thing ever…but it will take some time for him to prove that to everyone else and be completely worthy of the title! Sorry for the rant, but I get a tad irritated by people who already think he’s in Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood territory…not yet folks…

    • kat23mogan says:

      Are you nuts…!?! Please get real…They are comparing artist from different genres…straight artist too… and those who have multiple cds out…Not a fair comparison…His cd sales are great…world wide he has sold well over a million…His singles are all platinum now…His tour sold out across US (remember many artist had to shorten their tours…due to poor sales…established artist mind you) and his concerts in Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia sold out…or were close…with huge audiences…There is no way in hell he should have gotten a B. Not to mention the fact that this cd is ground breaking in several ways…First his idea of a mix of styles music is great…Most young people do not buy cds…they download…and they download a variety of music…i.e. playlist…that is what this cd is…If you are older…use to records…buying at stores…then you would not do such…This is the wave of the future…If you check sales…most artist sold less…well established artist who easily fit in a genre…Good example Underwood…she has sold a lot…she has three cds out…she is country music and in US has a big following …overseas poor sales…This is like comparing apples to oranges…For an openly gay man…to come out with his cd …first gay to get a major record deal…and to sale what is now at 788k plus cds in US where some still are homophobic…is extroadinary…If you can not see that then you are blind. I am sorry but if you are a true fan…and you know about the walls he has to knock down on a daily basis that others do not have to do…then you know that his accomplishments have been huge…You can not compare Adam to the ho humm Underwood and Clarkson…they have no obstacles to go around…And his voice is much more amazing…I can not stand people who ignore this struggle he contends with…Doubt me…go to his twitter …if you scroll through…you will see hate messages…death threats…all because he is gay…Do not post here unless you are more informed.

      • I think everyone can post here, whether “informed” or not, and you didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know, so I choose to consider myself as being informed. I don’t think this has anything to do with his being gay or straight, although I agree it’s great that his CD sales are so high in the US given that fact. But to suggest that he deserves an ‘A’ because he’s a gay artist and has had to break many barrieres is ludicrous. I much prefer Adam to both Carrie and Kelly, but I was merely pointing out that he is not quite at their level in CD sales, touring numbers (venue size, money made), awards, etc, which I KNOW is largely because he is a new artist on the scene. We are all entitled to our opinions, and I will express mine when and if I choose to and without calling names or being rude. It’d be great if we could all do the same.

        • kat23mogan says:

          i did not say that…you said it…I am simply saying due to all the crap he has to deal with, his grace in dealing with it…his world wide success…no way should he have the same grade as Constatine…And do not call me rude…I just read a lot about Adam and a lot from the negative people….so know a lot about what is going on…negative and positive…I did not call you a name…just simply stated that it is nuts to give him a B and ignore the world wide fame he has…Even Underwood is not world wide famous…It is not ludicrous to bring up the haters…they do effect many aspects of his life and his career …to ignore that is ludicrous…

        • kat23mogan says:

          And by the way…if you read about his pre-tour of them was that his managers and he choose small to medium venues…because he likes the one on one with the audience….He headlined a sold out tour…over 75 concerts (demand was so high they had to add to his tour). No way does he deserve a B….Do you think his vocals are B rated? No, so do not give him the same grade as someone who is no where near as good of a singer or had no where near the success…

  34. Adam is such a global star that his international sales and tours should never be overlooked. So, I would ask Tanner Stransky to step back and look at the top 10 picks from an international perspective. Give Adam credit for everything that he’s accomplished since AI. A B? Really? No way. Adam Lambert is an A++.

  35. kat23mogan says:

    If it makes you guys feel any better…EW has always not been hugely supportive of Adam…They are basically a gossip tabloid and show…No way Adam does not get an A…Plus you can not compare sales of someone who has one cd out and someone like Underwood, Daughtry who have multiple…Constantine???…No way he should have the same grade…If Adam had gone to theater…they would have torn him apart…saying he could not succeed in regular music industry…Dumb article.

  36. What are you thinking Entertaiment Weekly??????? We all know that Adam should have gotten an A or better yet an A+. He had a super tour was fantastic on Idol and has a very large fan base. We know there are a lot of great performers out there, but really, Adam’s FIRST year was above an A+.Sorry, but we have to disagree with your grading scale. We still love him and always will give him an A+. Adam Lovers, Rita & Donna 🙂 🙂 :): ) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  37. Don’t forget that Adam is the NEWBY in this list of Idols. He’s got plenty of time to escalate his career. He will outshine ALL of the former Idols in the long run. Don’t forget Carrie was 6 years ago. Let”s see what ADAM achieves in the next few years. He will be a MEGASTAR! Give it some time…

  38. Michael Jackson has once again surpassed Adam on the FUSE Grammy Countdown vote. Please post for everyone to vote for Adam.


  39. Thanks for this post, Carol. I have this ‘zine & didn’t see the mention of Adam on P. 112.

    I too think Adam deserves an A – I wonder why they don’t count international sales?

  40. I think that Adam is a fantastic entertainer and like Elle said give Adam 6 years and see where he is at….His show GNT was exceptional and he doesn’t need a grade card for sure..that is childish…It is his music and entertaining I love….Tired of Beiber fever, they pump him up for the grammys and he isn’t that great…Took my 12 year old granddaughter to see him and it was just a little kids show…. Seem Adams show and she did too and she loved it……Why he can’t sing at the grammys is beyond me…..but the little kid can…

  41. WHAT?????????????????B NONONO A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  42. This career report card is an individual assessment of how each past Idol has performed so far ; it is not a ranking exercise. So I don’t understand why Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have been brought in as comparisons. Based on Adam’s achievements and sales, no way it’s a B !! And if Entertainment Weeky wants to go into such a detailed assessment as slapping a B grade on an absolutely outstanding achiever as Adam, they need to show some proof of how they arrived at a B !! A report card of such specific nature needs to be transparent, true and convincing. Also, a report card has to take into consideration All sales and achievements, not partial. So I stand my ground, this is a fake report card on Adam. It should have been A* .

  43. This article is purely partisan. They liked the older Idol people. I love Daughtry and think he is a
    true star. But I also think that Bo Bice was undersold. He had a beautiful voice, and he sold very few records as per his potential. The recording industry is such that it picks a person that they choose who they want to promote, and who they don’t. He was not fairly promoted in my mind.
    Country music likes beautiful young men and women, so they hopped right on Carrie. While they also promoted the other blonde who was only a C singer, namely Kelly Pickler. But she is sexy and kind of hott, so she is pushed. Certainly not her voice, and I doubt it has a lot to do with sales either.
    Adam has done it all. He has sold way over a million records, never mind the downloads and he has sold them world wide. He has the world wide star power. Not just one section of the country and the teeny boppers. He is an A for sure. You are an idiot. If you don’t see that.

    • kat23mogan says:

      As for Bo…he actually got very ill not long after Idol…had to take time off …got surgery and all…So his rode was harder..

  44. Unanimous !! Grade A for Adam !! Carol, thank you for this interesting post.

  45. Anybody out there who’s enterprising? Why not create and publish a magazine regularly about ADAM, also entitled ADAM like that of OPRAH, with Adam’s permission. This could also be owned by him or with his blessings. I know fans all over the world would grab this like hot cakes. I don’t know, but who knows this might even sell better than OPRAH magazine.

  46. I know we all expect Adam to get an A, and he deserves it; however, I think he scored high considering he’s only just begun. Can you imagine how much HOTTER he’ll be in 3 years, 5 years?

    He’s in great company. Pretty soon, he’ll be up there with Carrie, Jennifer, and Daughtry. Congratulations Adam!

  47. No need to be pretty soon, he is streets and miles ahead of the abovementioned already, said with full respect to them. Adam’s masterful vocals, crazy range, years-honed theatric excellence and control of the stage and his ingenious ability to transform / resurrect songs to make them sound current : he is a totally different kettle of fish. And I feel strongly about him winning his first Grammy because it will to a large extent allay biases against him. I do feel a very strong vibe he will win his first Grammy on Valentine’s Day !

  48. So, what and who are we talking about here? Adam Lambert, correct? THE Adam Lambert who should gave gone to AI when he was 15, and would have given the world an additional 14 years of the most fabulous voice to come along in decades! His vocal and performance talent is unsurpassed! Unfortunately, in this country, yes he does face the hurdle of being gay. But does that diminish his talent? NO! That would be an impossibility! Does that diminish who he is as a person? NO! Another impossibility! So let’s give him what he deserves as a person, a talented person who deserves what he deserves. AAAAA! So, there is no newby scale, no amount of records sold scale, no comparison scale, no gay or not gay scale. I’m asking everyone, as the people that we all are, to vote for him in the Grammy Poll, as the Best Male VOCAL Performer, as that’s what THE INDUSTRY has title that category. All things aside, good or not good opinions, let us speak out to the world and show our support for Adam, as that is what he deserves!

  49. Mr. Lambert is only praised by ignorant fools who cannot see the perverted young man for who he really is. He not only did reprehensible things on live television, he was never to apologize for those reprehensible behaviors either. His arrogance towards his actions at the AMA show only prove his sick hidden agenda. I am not one to normally judge the actions of entertainers, but this Lambert is a complete and utter zero in my book and a danger to the youth of today. Who cares if his music was up for a Grammy award, his character should be more important than the fake image of good he puts out there and or the music he puts out. I am hoping this young man will fade away quickly as I do not want entertainment like this for my children and grandchildren to see. I will never support or promote Mr. Lambert either.