Adam Lambert General Admission Concerts: Tips on Surviving Them!!


Since many of Adam Lambert’s concerts are General Admission, I thought I’d share some of my experiences and offer some quick tips on how to make your concert one you’ll never forget. Fan site administrator Lila and I started going to GA concerts last year when we attended our first-of-many Muse shows. All of them are no reserved seating on the floor, but standing on a first-come, first-served basis. I attended Adam’s Hammond, Indiana show last week and it was the same thing. I have never had a bad experience with this practice. In fact, they’ve made for some of the best concerts of my life. Lila and I were 5th and 3rd row at Muse/Las Vegas and Muse/Phoenix, right in front of lead guitar genius Matt Bellamy and last week I was front and center with Adam!

Now there’s no getting around the “have to go early” syndrome if you want an up-close-and-personal experience. Sorry. But there is a way to make it much easier. I’ve never done the “get there the night before” thing. At Hammond, the first person got in line at 9 PM the night before. The next person arrived around 3 AM, and others trickled in during the next few hours. Depending on the location, some will let you sleep there, some won’t. This is something you’ll have to take a chance with, if you think it’s necessary. Contact the venue and ask about their policy. Lila and I believe in showing up relatively early the day of the show and scouting out the situation to see if there are others in line yet. If not, we leave for a while and check back later. Usually we’ve come from out-of-town and like to see a little of the city, if only to go get a good breakfast!

For Hammond, Ellen, Cheryl, Janet and I arrived around noon the day of the show. The first people in line had a clipboard, pen and several sheets of paper. Upon arrival, everyone signed in with a name and number, and then wrote that number on their back of our hand with a Sharpie. We were numbers 31-34 in line. This system is brilliant! However, this was NOT something that was supported or endorsed by the Hammond officials. They made it emphatically clear that they would not follow the list and if people complained, would not enforce it. It was simply our Glamily’s system of civility and trust, and we were all standing behind it. If anyone would have dared to challenge us, they would have been surprised to learn how strong a group of women can be! In fact, a group of 3 sweet men weren’t happy when they saw the group in line ahead of them, but had no one to blame but themselves for arriving when they did. We got no fight from them! The beauty of the sign-in sheet was it allowed for us to leave the line, go have something to eat, tour the facility, and just keep checking back to see how things were going. Some of our party felt the need to stay there the entire time, but that’s up to you. I wouldn’t feel right about signing in and not returning until it was time to enter the show. People could challenge you, and this is where you’re on your own. You obviously become friendly with the people around you. If this is the first Adam event you’re attending, it may be your first time to safely be among others who share your same passion and dedication to Adam.

1.) Even if you’re not going to be the first person to arrive, bring paper and Sharpies (don’t use washable ink) to start the list. Everyone will be grateful to you for using your head!

2.) Think about bringing portable chairs, food and drink and things to make your time more comfortable, depending on your needs. Usually doors open about an hour before the show starts, so take your chairs and things back to your car about 90 minutes prior. Again, call the venue ahead of time and ask about bringing food to the line and when they plan on letting people in.

3.) Another thing to consider is what part of the stage do you want to be in front of? Again, be prepared. Call the venue and ask them the width of the stage. Usually there’s room for 35-50+ to be at the front. What is the number on your hand? Will it allow you to be front row, center? Have a back-up plan. Do you have a favorite performer in the band that you’d like to be in front of, if you can’t be close to Adam? For example, do you want to witness first-hand the next Adam-Tommy kiss? Tee hee! Band members will always take the same position on stage, especially when there’s choreography. And we know there’s lots of that on this Glam Nation tour! That will give you some idea of where in the room you want to quickly walk to when they open the doors. You decide, is it better to be second row on the end, or 5th row back in the center?

4.) Wear comfortable & possibly closed-toed shoes. You’ll be on your feet a great deal of time, and in close proximity once the show starts. Protect those pedicures and toes!

5.) Choose a place ahead of time to meet up, just in case you’re separated from your friend(s). Thanks Lila for reminding me about that! 🙂

6.) Drink enough water so you don’t become dehydrated, but make sure and go to the bathroom before you go in. The crowd can be very unforgiving in trying to let someone get in front of them, even if you say you’re just going back to your place!

I know many fans are freaking out a little about not knowing ahead of time where they’ll be. I hope this helps brings some calm to that anxiety. Most of all, enjoy your concert and get ready for a show like no other you’ve seen before! I’ve seen Queen and David Bowie, so I know what I’m talking about here! No matter what row you’re in, you’re going to have an AMAZING story to tell. But above all, if you don’t have plans to go to any of Adam’s shows, rethink that and do what you can to get to at least one. You’ll be thanking yourself for every dollar you spend and every moment you spent waiting in line. Once this national tour is over, if he begins an international tour, who knows how long it will be before he’s back?!

I can’t wait for my next “Fever” to start!!

~ Carol, Glamb #7 ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Kirouki says:

    Great tips. I went to see Adam when he did a small gig here at G-A-Y in London and the same number system was used which I found was really helpful and fair. I was number 78 and managed to get into the 4th row, middle. Not a bad view at all. This man is the most amazing experience, really advise everyone to go.

    Another tip is that fans could all do a little sing along as they wait in line (but don’t tire yourselves before the show too much :P) just to hype up a bit!

    • Farzana says:

      Are you a London area resident? If you are, could you please let me know who/how to get in touch with British fans? I want to let everyone who loves Adam know about the tribute charitable project that is in progress now. It is “Adam’s Ark”!

      See for info:

  2. Tanks for posting this! I hope it goes well at the Borgota tomorrow!

  3. Penny F says:

    Thanks Carol

    How do the “meet and greet” sessions work? How are people chosen and how do you know at which concerts they are available?

    Going to my first shows this summer since the Beatles!

    • cmhagey says:

      Hi Penny,
      For Meet and Greets, I have absolutely no idea! I think sometimes they’re done as promotions through radio stations. Call the station and ask! If you find out, let me know too! 🙂


    • patricia Pearce says:

      Hi Penny,
      Gosh I hope you are the “Penny” from Florida who is meeting a friend from Boone, NC and who kindly invited me to meet you gals in Durham, NC at your friend’s home. My “Save as Draft” where I kept my Adam letters (I’m pretty computer illiterate) apparently get deleted when I forward them as I did last week.

      Pleeeeeze contact me by e-mail to let me know if you are my shining Penny saviour so I won’t be worried about finding my way. Once all the details are known about where and when I’m to meet you and your friend please fill me in. I’m soooooooo excited. I told you I’d already bought a ticket which was the only single front and center last row. I didn’t want to stand because my feet get tired so I grabbed it instantly. I’ve been hoping that you, your Boone friend, and possibly the other gal from Florida you may have touched base with have all been able to get tickets.

      My phone is 1-919-883-5002 and in case you can’t see my e-mail it’s:

      Truthfully I’m very happy and chubby:-)


  4. LIBlondMom says:

    Good advice here. I’ve been to 2 GA shows in NYC – Highline & Nokia. Attending the GA in the city (like NYC) adds more complications and challenges of course. Most notably, weather, bathroom facilities, crowds, food, etc. I’d add:
    4) Comfortable footware….preferably flats. I wore boots in Feb., open sandals the other day.
    5) Discuss preparation strategy with friends. In our group the other day, one of my friends was clearly irked by the whole GA scene and was completely miserable except for the hour that Adam was on stage, and only about 10 feet from us.
    6) Cocktails and Starbucks – necessary for several obvious reasons.
    7) Great attitude. Talk to the other folks on line. While I’m in my 50s, the Glamberts I most enjoy speaking with are the young women in their early 20s. They were great fun. There wil be some idiots (Including a 50 yr old man with his 19 yr old girl friend who cut in front of several young girls…until we mature women shamed him from the line).
    8) Bring your sense of humor along with your sense of adventure. I waited more than 7 hours to see Adam the other night….and I even impressed myself with my stamina.
    9) Know that watching Adam perform his most recent version of WLL is worth it.

    Meanwhile, I will admit – I do hope that on Adam’s next tour when he’s in larger venues, there’ll be guaranteed seating for all.

  5. Thank you so much. I just got back from Nigeria where I was working for a time and am scheduled to go back in about two weeks. I live in California, and the only date I could find that I knew I could get to was the Washington D.C. show. So the trip is costing me. It is standing room only first come first serve. I am very short and I know that it is hard for me to see much not matter how soon I might get there. I am hoping for the balcony (it is a small venue for only about 1200.) But I’ll do my best. I will get there fairly early although I am taking the red-eye and have a business meeting to go to in the early morning. Thanks for the tip and I will try to take a tablet an marker and see if I can get something going. At least I’ll hear him. He is coming to San Francisco, but I will be back in Nigeria by that time…..

    By the way, while I was in Nigeria I was so grateful to get Dreamsound!!!! Imagine the thought of not having access to Adam news for weeks and weeks. Well what a nice surprise. I found a Saudi Arabian tv channel that airs some US programs…like Oprah on a two to three weeks delay. Well, during a promo for her show I saw Adam with a clip saying “Her presence is very powerful” (talking about Madonna from his interview on Oprah several months back.) I also caught an interview on BBC World Enterntainment. I don’t remember the host, but Adam was beautiful, articulate and witty as usual. What a treat!
    So thank you for all you do for us Adam fans. Love your emails and look for them first thing every morning.

    It was also great meeting some of you at Indio earlier this year.

    Linda e3fan.

    • cmhagey says:

      Awe thanks Linda! Glad we can be there for you!! That’s great that you could fit in a concert during your short time back in the US. What we won’t go through to see this incredible entertainer, right? Good luck on all your trips!

  6. Madeline says:

    How great of you to post these suggestions. I will be attending 2 concerts and one of them is a GA. I have never been to one and was thinking all the things you posted here. Since I am very short, I always dislike when people stand up in front of me because invariably I cannot see. I’d love to bring a step stool….Ha… Thanks for this post.

  7. Manda_K says:

    Thanks! Good tips!

    Also, GA can be toe-stepping central, so comfy shoes should be worn unless you are brave!

  8. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    One thing I like about GA concerts is that the crazy fans (like me) who are willing to show up early and wait in like will for sure get right in front. With reserved seating some computer at a scalpers office snatches up the good seats and sells them at three times the cost.

  9. Where do disabled people go at a GA concert? I’m going to Baltimore on Sunday, but don’t use a wheelchair, just a regular folding chair. I can take my disability card issued by the state.

  10. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    Going to my first GA concert in Norfolk this week! We have dinner reservations at the restaurant behind the venue; part of the deal is if you eat there, you can get in 15 minutes before the general public outside! Has anyone else tried this way of getting in early? Any tips? One friend recommended not going to the bathroom once you find your spot inside – you can’t push thru the crowd to get back even if friends are saving a spot! Not sure how that will work for me and my TWB (teeny weenie bladder)!

    • I think the bathroom thing seems essential…… Fierceness All The Way!
      See you next week!

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      Any time we’ve waited in line (including the Muse concert and even going to the Tonight show etc) people have been gracious about letting us back in line after bathroom breaks. Everyone has to go at one point.

  11. I love MUSE! Was a fan long before they were even doing concerts. Their music is so amazing – the talent is disgusting. I play electric bass and want to be the MUSE bassist when I grow up!!

  12. I had trouble in the Nokia concert – I’m very short and was not one of the overnight waiters so was stuck on a riser in the back of the theater. However, I’m fortunate enough to be old enough to be able to buy my way into close seats and was able to get one at the Darby, PA, concert so I’m hoping to see more. I saw more on the videos you published than I did at the concert and I had binoculars!!

  13. AdamAddict says:

    I attended the Nokia theater where my son (who came with me) had attended many. He said to get the seats in the back first, sit through the two intro shows, and then before Adam’s set (which was after 10 pm, I sneaked down and worked my way into the standing crowd and had a great view. I even got to the venue at 5:30 pm. I still had a seat during the first three hours of the show, and then by the time Adam came on, I had a great view in the standing room section! Why? Because those folks in the standing section HAD to leave to go to the bathroom, get something to eat, rest, since they’d been standing the whole time! It opened up some room for others to get a spot. Seeing Adam up close is so incredible. He’s just incredible!

    • Liblondmom says:

      Sorry but it isn’t right to Sneak down and push your way thru people who have been on their feet for hours. A fight nearly broke out at the Nokia with 2 drunk middleaged women who tried that.

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      Depending on the venue sometimes this is not possible. Some venues give wrist bands to the floor ticket holders to avoid this.

      Always remember NOT to count on breaking the rules to get a good seat.

  14. hey friend i love you so much enjoy

  15. Hi, Can anyone tell me where to find the awesome photo (I know there all awesome) of Adam in a black tuxedo, black shirt and black tie. I twas just a head shot but I would love to see it again. I thought we had had it on our Glamb web site. Please help, thanks, Elly, Glamb# 640, AdamsElly

  16. Ovationimpact says:

    Not on the list because it doesn’t pertain to GA stratergies but an important suggestion for any #GlamNation Concert… It is so hard not to scream his name or the *I love you Adam* during the concert… been known to do it myself and then look around to see who that was, hum it was me in spontaneous combustion. So here is a suggestion that allows Adam’s out of this world VOICE to be heard by all during the acoustic songs… ‘only scream at the end of Adam’s acoustic songs’ there is enough time before the thunderous applause starts to be able to get the *I love you Adam* outbusts heard in the venue. Oh and of course, let your movement take you over… in fact rock out, but if you could only sing along with Adam when he requests the audience to sing along (which he does) that way we can hear Adam Lambert vs those around us. If we all attempt to join in these few extra principles (knowing full well sometimes outbursts and singing just can’t be helped because emotion over comes one self} but just think of the great vocal You Tube Videos we wil be all able to enjoy without the surrounding outbursts during those quiet moments when Adam is emo all he has to us his audience.
    Even during seated concerts as soon as Adam appears on the top of the stairs the audience is on there feet until he walks off stage after the encore. I too am one of those short people who spend most of my time moving from right to left to see between the heads… but it is all worth it becasue I can hear him performing live and I would have missed WLL at Indio, one of my all time faves where you could hear a pin drop in 3500 people.

  17. Margaret says:

    I was one of the overnight campers on June 22 &n 23. It was my very first GA admission ever. I totally didn’t know what to expect when i was getting my tix. I started my preparation 2 weeks in advance. During the online search for the companion with the great stamina, who would be willing to get there really early, I spoke to couple people who already went to GA admission and were able to give me a few tips like: don’t bring too much stuff unless you are ready to leave them behind you before you enter the venue, if you leave your spot for the bathroom break, don’t expect to be let back in the same spot. The rest of it I had to learn on my own. The first night (I got there 9 40pm on Mon) I learned that I can’t fall asleep in a camping chair (too uncomfortable), especially with all that extra loud NYC street. The second night my friend bought the air mattress.( I almost fainted blowing it). We felt like VIP sleeping on it in the center on NYC. The ear plugs also helped a lot to sleep through that street noise. In the morning i woke up rested. After the breakfast I took a 2 hour break from the line to get to my friend’s apartment in the upper west side to take a shower. The night before we also made friends with the fellow fans line who let us store our camping chairs in their hotel room, so we didn’t have to leave them behind us and could use them again. At the end sleeping on the sidewalk for 2 nights paid off big time. The first night I was in the center, 2nd row, and the following night – 1st row, right in the center. I had so much blast at the concert, I was right in front of Adam for most part, getting a lot of eye contact with him . I was a little embarrassed when Orianti looked at me having a cookie that I got from a nice lady that was standing right behind me. (make sure you have something with you in case your blood sugar drops!) Also make sure your plan of getting back home will work even during late hours. I learned it hard way and after waiting 25 min for my subway had to take a cab.

  18. Thanks everyone for all of the great tips! I really admire your endurance of course a little Adam
    fueled addreneline helps! I had a great idea for all the shorties like me, wear sneaks in line, old ones that you can dispose of, then put on the highest platforms that your feet can handle for a couple of hours and hopefully you will get a better view!

  19. Farzana says:

    What fantastic experiences and tips! You all could fill a book for sure with all that love of Adam!

  20. I have been looking just now for tickets in Houston and came across a GA ticket at the Pavilion-Post Oak on Aug. 4th for $225!!

    According to his official event list 8/04 is set for Lubbock,TX

    Looks like some mix up…anyone know anything?

    • The ticket sale was canceled but info on the venue can be found at: A recorded message from the box office stated on Friday 25th that if you were calling about Adam Lambert tickets that the ticket sales were cancelled and to check the website for more information. The concert was scheduled for Sept. 8th, still plenty of time for details to be sorted out. Ticketmaster is supposed to be handling the ticketing.

      • buffy522 says:

        Thanks roro. Houston tickets will be insane! I will be on all presales but I’ve learned that means nothing. I am going to San Francisco and have two GA tickets left over if anyone is interested. No scalping except for ticketmasters!

  21. glam#

    susiqbee, Palm Bay, Florida 32908

  22. Sucarole says:

    Would like to get a Glam #. Please let me know how to do that…

  23. I did the platforms trick for the Royal Oak, MI show…I’m 5’6″ and it added 2 more inches!! Also, I ate bland and light that day and went easy on fluids. Never needed to use the restroom at all. Would definately have lost my spot if I had. Was about 7 people back from stage and right in the center. (Only thing, I never saw his bare feet! ) But I did get to meet the band, Allison and Neil Lambert after the concert. They were just hanging out on the sidewalk near the tour busses, posing for pics, signing autographs and talking with fans. They were all very friendly and accomodating. Even got a huge hug from Monte after congratulating him on the babies!!

  24. Cathy A. says:

    I have 2 GA shows coming up, first in Wichita Kansas, this ticket is GA but also has seat 9 on the ticket. does that mean anything, Also looking for someone to meet up with. there.

    • cmhagey says:

      No, it doesn’t mean anything. They have to put some number on there, so the system can keep track of how many are sold. Have a great time!


  25. Sandyra says:

    What a terrific idea to have the clipboard-and-markers system! We Glamberts sure seem to stick together & support each other even in our efforts to get as close as possible to Adam. And it appears we’re pretty smart, to have come up with such a great organizing idea when the venue itself can’t seem to think of such a thing. Onward Glamberts!
    — Sandra

  26. i am going to see Adam tonight in Atlantic City .A meet and greet i think cost over 1,000 dollars in the Borgata hotel .I dont know if that includes the ticket and you meet and greet before the show. Its not in my budget. Iam looking forward to the show !!!!!!!

  27. We are at the Borgata in Atlantic City and are 1st in line. I called to make sure we are in the right place because I can’t believe no one else is here. We walked into the ballroom and they are setting up. No wonder they sold out, it is not very big. So where are all of the other Glamberts? We are waiting for you!

    • OK, just figured out what is going on. They have the escalator blocked to the ballroom level. I tool the elevator because I am disabled and use a scooter. So if you are coming see if you can get to the elevator and take it up to the Event Center level.

  28. Sandra Haxton says:

    The person who runs OMRG had a realbad experience in Hammond with GA. His mom was in a wheelchair and they put them in a small area, and everyone else stood up in front of them and she coundnt see anything !! That wasnt good planning on the part of the venue !!!!

    • That is terrible. They kicked all of us out, gave us wrist bands, and they said at 4:30 they will let the first 200 in. So I am back to square one. Am not going into the wheel chair area, hoping the fans will let my granddaughter and me up front with my scooter so I can see. Security asked if I checked to see if there is an age limit, my granddaughter is 12. She went to check, we were really freaking out! They came back and said it is fine, no age limit. Whew!

      • Just got a call from the Borgata box office supervisor. He GUARANTEES we will be in a special wheel chair area touching the stage and Kristie can be with me! He even gave me his personal extension and said to call him if I have any problems! Yay!

  29. mlizglamgirl4ever says:

    i with my brother attended my 1st ga concert two weeks ago seeing adam in toledo. omni was a small venue, 1000 people or so I was told. would loved to have gotten there early that morning, but had to work till 1:00. since we only lived 30 minutes away in michigan we arrived to the omni by 2:15. they were doing the list with the numbers, we were 134,135. I was happy with that. I thought the system worked out fabulous, as you didn’t have to stay in the line the whole afternoon. we met some wonderful adam fans, got sooooooo excited when the busses arrived, enjoyed listening to adam doing his soundchecks in the afternoon, and was thrilled to meet all of the band & allison, the time went by so fast, even in the light rain we had. A coffeeshop on the corner was nice enough to let concertgoers use their bathroom. I drank very lightly the whole day, and only had to use the bathroom once while waiting. i went for the right side of the stage, only 4 people back. i am 5’7 so I was glad someone really tall wasn’t in from of me. Before adam, my idol for 36 years has been david bowie, seeing him many times. since the 1st time i laid eyes on adam and he opened his mouth he has become my NEW IDOL. there are not enough words in the english language to describe adams looks & talent, stage presence and charisma!!!!!!!!!! love, love that man.
    can never get enough of him,, thanks for all you do with this website, i love checking in every day to see what’s new. a grateful glambert!!!!!!!!!

  30. Dianne Hill says:

    I have received an email from an Australian friend who has four tickets to one of Adam’s concerts. I am posting it here because I don’t know where else to post it. Someone here may be interested in the tickets or know of someone who is interested so please pass on Jill’s email address to them, thanks.

    “Dianne, would you be kind enough to ask around on your site and see if anyone is interested
    in 4 tickets to the Glam Nation Costa Mesa Concert July 27th. They consist of 2 tickets in section 1
    Orchestra and 2 tickets in Section 3 Orchestra. Please list my e-mail
    and I will furnish details if interested.”

  31. REDSTAR040665 says:


    This method was tried at Columbus, Ohio and did not work.The venue said that some fans went around with sharpies and put numbers on hands. The venue was not going to go by the numbers. Therefore, the numbers did absolutely no good. We were told it was a “scam”.

    • cmhagey says:

      For us at tHammond it worked perfectly. Yes, the venue said it wasn’t honoring it, but we fans did. More than Sharpies, you need a written list that matches the numbers on people’s hands. This will keep people from just putting low numbers on their hands. Of course, it will be up to the line to challenge rude people who try that! But, since these artilcles only are read by all you wonderful people, that won’t happen, right?!


  32. My GOSH !!! MY heart goes out to all of you Glamb sisters for the sacrifices you have to go through, to see Adam. I don’t know if I am capable of going through such experience. The only concert I’ve seen live is by IRENE CARA, and that was 23 years ago at the FOLK ARTS theater in Manila. There was not much hassle. If ever Adam comes to the Philippines……. I don’t know what I’ll do. I can be far, and just use a telescope, as long as I can avoid hassles. He-he ! If ever he performs in an open field, then I must practice climbing trees. Ha-ha! Well, it’s quite unbecoming for my stature. I am a departure from the rest of my colleagues.

  33. Lambertini #520 says:

    Well my friends and I have fun tail -gaiting and hanging out before the show starts. We try not to sweat getting there first and waiting hours and hours on a line. We manage to make our way to the front somehow! We meet so many wonderful fans- young and old. I can’t imaging using a sharpie and a paper and having numbers in line!! There are going to be jerks who will try to push their way forward, and there will be nice people, too. Just wear comfortable shoes and have fun!!!!! It will make the whole GA experience a lot less stressful. Besides- if you are too close to the stage- Adam will be looking past you instead of right at you if you are a couple of rows back!!!

  34. Paula Jensen says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! It’s exactly what I needed! Heading to Myrtle Beach House of Blues to see Adam on July 3rd. I’m a bit nervous with my 62 yo mom going with me, but we’ll survive! Anything for Adam!!! 🙂

  35. Lynnsy, Glambert 41 says:

    Charlotte, NC
    Scouted today…best way to reach venue, parking areas, entrance to venue…and then read tips here.
    Love the Mission! Delighted to be an early part of Glam Nation…I am a 71 year old Glambert and my friends are running my checklist before Friday: black nail polish, glitter, the boots, the sleeveless T-shirt with the rhinestone skull, to show off my full tattoo sleeve,the studded belt…yep, yep…looking forward to meeting up with other fans.
    Thanks for the on going news, photos, videos, palpable excitement.
    Loving Adam!

  36. Christi says:

    Am also attending Wichita and would love to meet up shortly before the show!

  37. Suzanne says:

    I have GA tickets for GlamNation in Albuquerque Aug.3rd. How will we know if Adam will have a meet n greet after his performance. Do we need tickets? Someone, please enlighten me. I am so excited that I have the opportunity to “see” Adam LIVE!!!!

  38. It can be a very important subject and ignored by quite a few writers, even experts. I thank you for your help getting people more educated about this topic.

  39. I confess, I have not been on this website in a long time. nonetheless it was one more delight to see your great articles.

  40. if adam lambert have his concert in la loche this summer i would love to meet him

  41. Neverbeen15 says:

    Okay- Is there an age limit to buying tickets? I’m only fifteen, and I really want to go to his concerts. I have a job, and really wanted to buy tickets, but I didn’t know If I can actually get in- seeing as though I’m still a minor. It’s kind of frustrating, but I kind of need to know before I cash out and stuff. I’ve been saving up for a long time, too- and I’ve never been to a big concert before.
    Please advise!!!!!!!!