Adam Lambert FYE Mardi Gras 2010 Video

The video we have ALL been waiting for, Thank You DJRottenRobbie… I’m not even saying anything else, i’m going to go and watch it again, and again, and again………..
p/s having trouble breathing…




  1. lovemyadam says:

    I’m still not breathing, but THAT IS HOW HE SHOULD BE ABLE TO PERFORM THAT SONG!!!!!
    OH.MY.HOTNESS. That was unbelievable, dancers and costumes, and, and, and ,and…….phwump.


    • Mary Howe (ladyofthelake) says:

      Wow Sue, you are really on top of it : ) , posting this so quickly. I agree totally with your comments, can’t stop smiling either. Breathing requires some effort too. I was at Fantasy Springs which was amazing, met you, Carol, and Lila and others in the Fantasy Lounge at the Glamily Reunion, which was certainly a highlight for me as well. First time posting here after being an avid reader of this website since practically day one of Idol season 8., when everyone in the family were practically struck dumb by Adam’s amazing talent . Being from a city in western Washington State close to the border and Vancouver, BC, I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy (rather expensive!) tickets to the Richmond, BC concert on April 9th. That venue is 19 and over so we’ll see how it compares to the one in Indio. Bought them on Stub Hub as the actual tickets sold out in 3 minutes. Really excited to see him again and wonder how many Glambs are planning (or hoping) to go. My 25 year old god-daughter and I are going together (hubby’s staying home this time) so plan to “glam” it up a little more than last time and will be able to show my “appreciation” a bit more freely ! My husband and a (male) friend of ours have their picture amongst the “official” Fantasy Springs Resort photos (many of Adam, some of fans) in which they appear to be a very attractive “couple” which we find quite amusing. One more comment on this performance: if he wears anything even remotely similar to this outfit in Richmond, they had better have a lot of medical assistance available for all of the fainting that could undoubtedly happen during the performance. Bring it on!

      • jnellie says:

        The Richmond theatre only holds 950 people so there’s really not a bad seat to be had. I paid the big $ too with absolutely no regrets because I think this will be the last chance to see him here in such a small and intimate setting.

        Adam, wear the pants. I think we need to trend this.


        • LolaGlamb says:

          Shouldn’t that be #adamwearthetightstovancouver?!

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            I prefer: pants on the ground!!!!! take it all off!!!! Whew!! I’m getting too frisky here!!

        • Jackie, I just got back from Mex so am way behind in all things Adam (3 wks) and so much has happened.

          I also have a single ticket, row U for the Richmond concert and like you, I figure it’s the last time I”ll see him relatively up close. I was at the GR concert with a lot of Glambs and was able to see him in person a foot away, and get his autograph, so my life is conplete! SIGH!

    • buffy522 says:

      Perfect setting, I agree. Love to know the crowd reaction. They really seemed to get this together fast. Best live vocal of this song that I’ve heard. Seems tough to sing parts of it live. I want to see it so bad!

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      Okay, now I’m a bit peeved that Indio was so tame (aka boring) in comparison. Wow!!!

      • Well, Lila, the gay Mardi Gras and being in Oz made a big difference in Adam’s performance style. I think it was also in consideration of the audience make up there in Fantasy Springs.

        In Canada I hope he’ll be a little more ‘raunchy’ but we’ll take ‘im any way we can get ‘im. LOL

        I dont know if there has been a thread on this topic already but I believe his management is promoting him world wide first and letting the USA get more accustomed to Adam’s ‘out there’ style. The rest of the world is more flexible (sorry but true) and is already accepting him readily.

    • melissa curry says:

      omg i agree 100%. total awesome. love you adam

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Well, because, there’s no bunch of “prudes” where he is performing!!! He can let it all hang (literally!! LOL!!)

  2. Glenda #1946 says:

    Amen. That song was done in good taste. You could see him come out of his “trance” at the end of the song. Just showing he is a performer first with a big smile of reality after the song…HE IS THE BOMB of our generation!!!!

  3. OmG!!!!!!

  4. Now that was fun;p here’s to Mardi Gras!

  5. tweeterpie says:

    I bet he was in 7th heaven being able to perform so open and freely like that. I’m VERY HAPPY for him to have had that chance. I adore him and hope that someday he’ll be able to perform however HE choses to here in the U.S. as well.

  6. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Now, if only Adam and his dancers could have worn those costumes at the AMAs–then we really would have had more fun visually. Otherwise, I actually felt badly there were no wild kisses or intense physical contact of any kind really, posturing yes, but actual touching–no. Bummer.

  7. Greatness is Adam Lambert!

    • Bad Ass, Yummy Ass!
      Insanely wonderfully 100% Gay and Zodiac.
      How much fun for him to be doing this with better costumes, much better pay and world wide media attention.

      • DEE #458 says:


        I’m with you….you said it perfectly!!!! YUMMY ASS IS RIGHT! Insanely wonderfully 100% GAY AND ZODIAC…..ADAM looked like he REALLY ENJOYED HIMSELF…..EXPRESSING HIMSELF THE WAY HE LOVES TO !!!!

        WE LOVE YOU ADAM !!!

  8. mjsamko says:

    I am hearing Adam’s songs on the radio everywhere I go. I am in heaven. There is no better entertainer, singer around. I play the CD daily. I wish there was another one coming up already. I know it’s too much to expect when this one is still just taking off. I am hungry for more of his music. He makes you want to listen to music again. Mardi Gras was awesome………..

    • LolaGlamb says:

      I’m sure a lot of the crowd had thinned out by the time Adam came on. Was there still a pretty good crowd for him?

  9. gran4adam says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Too bad we’re so hung up here in the states. There he is free to sing the song the way it should be.

  10. WOW!! That’s all i can say….i’m sorta speechless!!! Were those pants sprayed on??? LOVE EM!!!

  11. lisanick says:

    Ooo…no mention of the codpiece?!

  12. Libraglam says:

    Hahahha…..holly cow !!!!! my Babe Adam !! ADAM you are so sexy !!!
    This is a blast at MARDI GRAS !! I bet Australian had good times !!
    ADAM, please come back to US and i bet you will be freee to perform in Vegas
    without anyone say anything !!

    Love tight pants but this one….keep me awake the whole night!

    • nup his not coming back lol, we have Adamaped him and locked him away in the outfit he was in for ever…unless he wants to take it off then that ok lol

  13. jnellie says:

    So happy he got his costumes, dancers and lights. His dream come true. A kiss would have been the icing on the cake. He deserves it after all the #@?% he’s been putting up with at home.

    Now what about those pants? OMPG. He had baggy bum happening at Fantasy Springs, but def not at Mardi Gras. I hope he wears those in Vancouver.

  14. Robin Hatcher says:

    WOW and OMFG. That was awesome. Everything the way it should be. Great Mardi Gras performance.

  15. Coudn’t wait to c this! And Holy crap, he never disappoints this fan! This is probably my ultimate wet dream outfit. Yeah, I know, my fetish is showing again…. Bite me. Spectacular show piece/cod piece. Saw this typo (or not?) on a link to a twitpic :
    and after ROTFLMFAO I do believe it’s a highly appropriate and descriptive name: GODpiece. ;p

    The vocals sounded good too, although I don’t think that’s absolutely crucial here.

  16. To paraphrase something Adam was told on Idol……………Some dare to walk on the path of greatness, Adam IS that path……..amazing as always! <3<3

  17. Ima Ramorah says:

    I’ll never think of COD the same way again…

  18. OOOhhh…. it’s a handful, if not for the chastity belt. The yummy bunny looks more sumptous than the Easter bunny, I mean the Easter turkey. It’s like more naked than naked, like a dressed chicken or turkey. Shouldn’t he have some feathers or hair on? But it’s okay if the look is “The Millenium Man”. Oh, Adam, if only you’re in the garden of Eden, then you wouldn’t even need these excuse of a costume. Beauty it will be, so naturally. But then again, this is another playing dress-up, and so Freudian, with a bit of “castration-anxiety-complex”. The phallus is metallic encaged and insured, preserved hopefully for posterity.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Oh Dainty, you’re babbling, but so cute and funny!! That is what I call Adamholic hang over.

  19. OH ME, OH MY! They know how to wake up in Sydney. Guys, we have got to make sure that Adam’s people know that we want him to be able to do his thing during his shows here in the states. Do not put him in chains, unless they are just part of the outfit, Ha! Ha!

  20. buffy522 says:

    I keep watching! This is so Zodiac so Adam is totally at ease. I am the first to want to distance Adam from American Idol, but this reinforces my theory that AI producers could not let him be “the AI”. But he is!!

  21. ellen #447 says:

    I think maybe they should include his Codpiece at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego along with his American Idol Rock Boots!

    • DITTO!!

      In fact it would be fun if Adam were to start a ‘codpiece collection’ and show them off at his concerts… let us join in the fun, let designers try to outdo each other… oh my!!

  22. KailuaGirl1966 says:

    Adam’s body never looked better. Strong and Sexy!

  23. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!

  24. loved it, love adam ,love the cod piece, love the tights, love the thighs, love the ass, love the attitude, loved it all and again LOVE ADAM.

  25. Libraglam says:

    Hee Hee Hee …My husband seriously wondered where to buy that costume (the whole set) !! after seeing all the women and I went wild watching ADAM at Mardi Gras !!! :-))) We had good times teasing each other and fun times watching ADAM performance. ADAM sang much better this time (great vocal) compared the time he sang at AMA. Great performance overall ! I gave him a “10” (applaud).

  26. choddie59 says:

    that costume looks gay.

  27. ONE MORE HOT PERFORMANCE!!!!! I had to watch it several time to see the actual performance because I could not take my eyes off the glittery bejeweled glambulge!!! Wonderful way to protect the perfect gem inside! I so hope he wears that to the concert I go to. But….. since it will be in the states…….who knows? Americans need to loosen up!!!! We could take a lesson from the aussies!

    • Nobody should have the right to prevent anybody, anywhere from experiencing this amazing man in his Full Glory.

  28. Glenda #1946 says:

    Choddie59…IT IS GAY!!! that’s the whole point and he looks fabulous GAY or NOT GAY…..we don’t care…

  29. Robin Hatcher says:

    If he wears this again, he should take the jacket off so we can see more of the harness.

  30. k. morgan says:

    He is so fine….love the costume…vocals were amazing as usual…Adam never fails to be great….Love his new song Voodoo too…

  31. Maureen says:

    The boys’ got Chuzpah (guts) thats all I can say!! After all the criticism he got after the AMA’s I love that he feels free to perform it again and not let anyone tell him what he can or can’t do!! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT and those pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  32. OMFG, I am still breathing or have I gone to heaven, THAT IS MY ADAM, LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT, what a BODY!!!!!!!!!!! What a ********************* Adam we love you, you must be allowed to do your own thing whichever country you are in, my heart is pumping blood around my body so fast I think I will take off any second now, WHAT A MAN, I wish I was one of those dancers, what would I pay to get so close when he was performing, I am still breathless, BLESS YOU ADAM, I am not going to be able to sleep now, I don’t care, all I think is ADAM BABY.

  33. OMG!!!…….you’ve all said it better than I could. What a tush!…and everything else “down under”!!! Did anyone catch this? Right at the end, one of the male dancers on the right puts out his arms and bows down, presumably to Adam. He’s facing Adam, not the audience.

  34. adam lambert is very talented-unique and not very common human being. one and only adam lambert-also one and only elvis presley and micheal jackson. i think adam lambert is americas national treasure no other artist can sing and act like adam lambert. bravo adam lambert after all is all about the voice.

  35. retrogrrrl says:

    The power of the Glambuldge compels me! (catching my breath after watching the video)…seriously he makes my mouth water!!!

  36. Adam is great, but the dancers sucked, big time. I don’t think he was happy with them. I think they were locals and the moves were put together without Adam. They were “yak”.

  37. OMFG…I think I’ll just watch this all day…I’ll call in “sick” to my workplace….LOL.
    What a face…what a body…what a voice…How can anyone be oh soooooo PERFECT…? I’m glad to be alive long enough to experience his magnificence…

  38. Margie - Glamb #559 says:

    Adam may want the freedom to perform in any way he wants, but I am afraid he is going to lose some of the huge fan base he gained during his fabulous run on Idol. I personally know of several prior fans who are no longer in his corner. I want to be able to enjoy seeing and hearing him for many years, but we live here in the USA (most of us!) and, whether Adam likes it or not, he will be held accountable for the type of performance he gives. He is such a super talent, I just don’t want to see him throw away what he has worked so hard to achieve. With his voice, charisma, and good looks, he could enjoy years and years of superstardom, but if he insists on these “underground” Zodiac-type performances… or elsewhere…..I hope he is prepared for a backlash that is certain to come from many fans. Some may love these performances, but many more will absolutely not put their stamp of approval on them and will turn their backs on him. If he wants to have a longlasting career, I hope he will rethink what path he takes in the future. I know he has already turned off many fans, and I just hate to see Adam risk what this may do to his future stardom, I personally want to see and hear him for many years. I am a huge fan, and I don’t want to see him jeopardize his future here in this country, and I do think that will happen if he continues this trend. I know Adam wants to be able to perform whatever and however he wants, but I hope he will tread carefully and not try to singlehandedly change the mindset of the country. It isn’t going to happen overnight, like it or not.

    • Margie, Adam is who he is, a gay creative man whose expression cannot be muffled or quenched. It is part of his very being and if he were to hold himself back or perform as he did on AI it would not be Adam. The very brain, personality and vocal talent that has shot him to the forefront this past year is so much part and parcel of his being that none of us have the right to remove or block any part of his performances.

      I thought America was founded to be the ‘land of the free’??? Doesnt that mean freedom of expression as well? Adam is not hurting anyone and he is enriching the lives of many of us.

      It’s time to put AI on the back burner and move on. It was only a platform for exposure to the public as Adam has told us many times. This is a man who embraces all of us, weak or strong, ugly or pretty, from any nation of the world, he is a man of our times, the Aquarian atmosphere which is slowly progressing all over the world.

      Those who find his performances uncomfortable should stop watching him, maybe just play his music and ignore the visual. Or just leave him alone, get out of his fan base completely.

  39. Dianne Hill says:

    Geez Margie, what I say to that is BRING ON THE ZODIAC PERFORMANCES. There is nothing wrong with the way Adam performs ANY of his songs. He was at the Mardi Gras for goodness sake, it is a HUGE thing in Sydney and Adam would have fitted right in there. Bloody hell I can’t believe some of ou people. If these so called “fans” feel like what you are saying then they are not fans of Adam, maybe they should go and be fans of Gokey for goodness sake, that wil keep them nice and safe. Adam is definitely going in the right direction and long may he continue to lead the way. He knows what he is doing and I for one will be right along with him, cheering him on.

  40. Yes, Dianne. We say or sing to Adam, “We love you just the way you are. Don’t try changing . . . to try and please me”. Thanks to Adam, I’m having profound lessons in “unconditional love”. Ohhh, of course, aside from those I got and the ones I’m still getting from my husband. LOL. . LOL. But yes, yes. . . Adam is just being himself, having been this ZODIAC man a long time ago. Wake up people! ! Adam has so much beauty by just being himself. We are so blind to the uglier people in this world, . . because they are the ones who hold the “high positions”, even if they are truly the “rascals, pirates and bandits”. People who are really good in hiding their rotten core. People who are desperate and cheat through ATT, and gave the false winner a disservice and falsehood. Ohh, wow, I don’t want to be this bitter or sour, like sour grapes. But yeah, these flavors, spice our lives. And this falsehood could have happened for the first time in AMERICAN IDOL history, . . but Adam will be redeemed. Because Adam was all graciousness, kindness and magnanimity even in this “false defeat” or “theft”, the Great One will look kindly upon him.

  41. withour adam lambert this life is boring. id never known someone like adam the one has a great moves-great voice and and a good singer. love him very much.

  42. adam lambert has to perform in vegas- all over the country hes very exciting performer and singer. everything about adam lambert i like-love.

    • cherry, my dream is for Adam to have his own special stage and effects, dancers etc.. at one of the Vegas hotels, maybe perform like Celine Dion does, with a contract… perhaps for several months or a year.

      I’ve seen three Cirque du Soleil’s, one at Vegas, one in a tent and one in an arena and the quality is 200% better on a permanent stage! Vegas is so user friendly for travel (flights) from all over the world, shelter (tons of hotels) and food (cheap).

      Adam could realize his creative dreams at Vegas, take the things he is learning as he goes along and incorporate them… I just got back from Mexico where I saw an outdoor stage show with fire in their headdresses and in their hands and all I could think of was Adam and how he so wants “fire and glitter’.

  43. REMEMBER ADAM did say he was’nt for everyone…. THIS IS SO ADAM!… ZODIAC IS
    BACK! infact it never went away!……It is breathtaking, mind blowing, breeding creativity,
    oozing with sexyness, pouring in glitter with bloody brilliant stage presence!!!! ….Our Glitter Prince
    is a total genius who never ceases to ever amaze ……. raising the bar every time he performs!
    …never under estimate ADAM for one moment! ADAM belongs to the rest of the world now and
    they adore him…and forget that conservative U.S. approach…’s simply not Zodiac! Oh yeah!
    for being out the box!!!!!!’s sooooo bloody refreshing! …and how lame it is to keep on about
    the so called ‘gay’ label ……… OMG ADAM cannot clarify it any clearer….GAY! (and SO BEAUTIFUL!)
    The Sydney Mardi Gras Party was STUNNING! It was a total blast! ADAM UNLEASHED that attitude
    causing a glitter explosion in his INCREDIBLE MG outfit (that he loved by the way!) just as if he had landed from Planet Fierce itself!!….Breathtaking is an understatement! ADAM IS A GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks to ADAM, Monte, LP, and others for making it so awesome WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!! YOU
    DO MORE THAN ROCK! Your in the hearts of OZ always!……..THANKS FOR AMAZING PROMOTION!
    Everyone playing and loving ADAM like crazy now! ! ! …HEY ADAM, PREHAPS YOU SHOULD STAY
    IN OZ!!!!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hey Glamaus, I agree with you 100 per cent. Adam is a genius, absolutely incredible and he looked so good there on that stage in Sydney at the Mardi Gras, even though I wasn’t there, being across the ditch as I am in New Zealand. I cannot wait for Adam to go on a proper tour, he promised to come to New Zealand and I will be first in line to buy a ticket.

      It was great the way he was made so welcome in Oz, that’s the way it should be. He would be made just as welcome in little ole NZ.

  44. Margie - Glamb #559 says:

    I agree with all the things all of you are saying, but as I said before, I want Adam to have a longlasting career so I can enjoy him for many many years. I just hope he doesn’t alienate too many of his fan base (and there are others in his fan base who aren’t as liberal as most Glambs and who will be turned off with Zociac-type performances.) Even though Adam has a LOT of fan-club members who love EVERYTHING and ANYTHING he does, he still needs the vast number of fans who may think differently. His career is just in the beginning stages, and he is in the process of building his already huge fan base. I’m just saying I hope he learns to be careful and selective during this early stage. We haven’t seen the likes of Adam in a long time. With his dynamite voice, charisma, and unbelievable good looks, there is no limit how far he can soar.