Adam Lambert Finland Live Interview

Look what I found, an interview with FUN, NEW questions!! This was a great video to see, FINALLY!!
They cover Adams passionate fans, Burning Man, and if he had NO budget, what would his concerts be like. I say we start fundraising today because in Adams world every seat at his concert is a massage chair and we all get our own personal bar!! Sign me up Mr. Lambert. I must admit that I’d watch him while sitting on a dirt floor out in the desert with no water. Plus, I have a feeling you all would be right there next to me…


New Finland Radio Interview:



  1. delibel (Nederland) says:

    Great interview,finally other questions Adam seem to like it.

    • I loved absolutely loved this interview!!!! I been away and when I found this waiting in my email I said WOOHOO!!! Adam your fans are passionate because of YOU, you make us that way! You are different and you do not play it safe, BUT I feel we (the fans) are so passionate about you because YOU are passionate about what you do. We love you Adam.

  2. tweeterpie says:

    It’s very nice to finally see an iterview that isn’t just a re-hash of old ones and to also see Adam looking so beautiful and refreshed. Though he claims it’s makeup, we all know that he doesn’t need anything to look georgeous. Besides… his inner beauty is EVEN MORE fabulous than his natural outer beauty.

  3. just when i think i cant love him anymore,he proves me wrong!!!!!!!PLEASE VOTE TO KEEP HIM NUMBER 1 GO TO TOP 20 AND VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!!!!THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh! Adam I would love to be with you on that space! It will be the greatest moment on earth! We can dream! and it can come true! 😉

  5. Libraglam says:

    AHHHH THIs is the kind of interview i ve been waiting for looooong time !!
    Findland knows how to do business !!
    I LOVE ADAM’s DREAMS !!! He is so creative in his thoughts as always!!
    Love it !

  6. luvya adam keep up!!


  8. Oh yeh!!!!! 3-D glasses so we can see the GB thrust come right at us!!!! Love it!

    • I love it as well. I also love the Aussie’s interviews, they sure know to do things “down under’………….lol

  9. wow! I love the questions and i love the interviewer’s accent;p it’s so cultured…

  10. jeanene says:


  11. glamaus says:

    ‘Positive’, ‘loving each other’, ‘dream’ etc………Hey, that’s sounds like ‘Burning Man’ along with the
    Sydney Mardi Gras too! Certainly incredible envoirnments that so many people could experience and learn from! ……..and to capture the vision of a spaceship to all take off together in, how cool is that! Awesome stuff ADAM!

  12. Kayluhhh says:

    Ohhhhh! That was a good one! Yeah, I’ll go to one of his concerts no matter what! You can tell her had lots of fun in this interveiw. Welcome home Adam! 🙂

  13. because we love him so much we must keep him no. 1 on vh1 top 20 countdown and also vote for adam to the 2010 MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE on TIME magazine visit www. time YES, PLS VOTE VOTE VOTE FOR OUR ADAM.

  14. Finally!! Something we haven’t heard before. The interviewer must have read Adam’s twats. lol

    Great interview. Thanks for sharing!!!

  15. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Interesting talk about his dark side. I do get the feeling that Adam demands a great deal from himself aristically. And it is interesting when he is on stage he is observing and commenting on what needs to be done to ensure a good performance. I was noticing how at one performance he was saying “fix up the monitor” to the stage crew. So, he is on top of every detail of his performance, observing everything, aware, and always trying to outdo himself. So, it seems to be that he could really knock himself over the edge with expectations of himself on occasion; so it makes sense this would be his dark side, tho’ I wouldn’t underestimate his partying inclinations, to quote him re drugs, etc. “We are all adults” so there is that side as well, as he would say, “Long live rock and roll!” I guess he has to be careful about mentioning that part of his dark side!

  16. Wonderful interview! I loved how Adam picked all those things about the no budget concert off the top of his head!

    oh and If I had you being the next single is sweet!

  17. I´m happy to be from Finland now! Unluckily I was not able to go to Sweden when Adam was there. So near but so far! But Adam had said to some Finnish fans that he will come to Finland “next time”. End of April? Ooh, I hope so, so I will have a chance to see him!
    This interview is not yet shown in TV in Finland, but will be on air in couple of weeks on channel Voice, which is mostly a music video channel.
    Following Adam´s international promo tour made me realize at least two things:
    Record company really believes in him, trips around the world are not cheap.
    Promoting one´s album is really full day´s job. Also that day in Sweden was full of interviews and a concert in in the evening.

  18. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    Wow, I want to attend that concert!!!

  19. ailaR, I’m so happy too that I’m Finnish, this is a great interview.

    There’s also an interview of Adam with a Finnish fan. She won the Voice’s competition so she got the chance to interview Adam and see him perform in Stockholm. And the questions that she asked were all from fans.

    Here’s the interview:
    Even though I wasn’t able to see Adam’s concert there, luckily my question was picked to that interview. But I didn’t actually get an answer to it.. 😀

    • Jenni, thanks for posting that other link, too. I think Heini did a very good job! I would have been completely speechless if I would have won. I sent a question too, but it wasn´t picked. Congrats for having your question asked, was it the last one? And did you win his signed album?

      This interview gave a clear answer why his album was more pop than rock – radioplay. Rock does not sell in US. Finland is a rock-loving country, but too small for record sales, haha. Adam, when you are rich enough and have your own recording studio, make a rock album!

      • Yes it was the last one. And YES, I won it !! And when I get it, I will have two Adam’s albums. 😛

  20. jeanene says:

    I have wondered about those GREAT CLASSIC ROCK songs from Idol, wish someone can make an albumn of those songs, it would go gold in minutes!!!! WE LOVE, LOVE ADAM, AND THE SONGS FROM IDOL, rather if it goes on the radio or not, Thank you so much for that video, and did answer questions. Who ever reads these fan posts, you must know WE ALL WANT THOSE SONGS!!!!! A huge part of the ADAM WE LOVE!!!! FYE is great, not saying that, but those songs help made him famous, and love them, week after week!

  21. Even Adam’s interviews are great entertainment. At least questions here are not repeat or rehashed questions. LIke when the building is burning, what position would one take? I’ll call the fire fighters, so this would be standing position. LOL

  22. Lou thanks for the heads up about the time magazine voting.Im not great on the computer,and i couldnt figure out how to vote,any pointers would be great!THANKS!

  23. The reason Adam fans have so much passion is because of HIM. How can you NOT get sucked in and fall in love? He’s a beautiful, articulate, kind person inside and out. He just has the ‘IT’ that makes people melt. I hope I get to meet him one day so I can tell him that!


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