Adam Lambert explains to Access Hollywood his shocking AMA Performance (UPDATED)

“I’m not an artist that does things for every single person”

Must see Interview with Adam Lambert from Access Hollywood regarding Adam’s performance during the American Music Awards.

A lot of people got upset with Adam’s AMA performance, that’s already old news. Adam claims that mostly everyone took his past performance too seriously. More details on the video below:


I personally think that all Adam was trying to do was to interpret his own lyrics. As you watch his performance, think about them:

“Push the limit
Are you with it?
Baby, don’t be afraid”

“Let’s go
It’s my show
Baby, do what I say”

“Oh, do you know what you got into?
Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do?
‘Cause it’s about to get rough for you”

“Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet
‘Ya fallen angel swept ya off ya feet
Well I’m about to turn up the heat”

Can Adam be his own artist or should he have to conform to society’s expectations?

Can Adam become the ‘male Madonna’ ?

Positive Reviews are actually coming out from different sources and he is winning in most polls:

“The man is a phenomenal, ferocious talent – and THAT will be the punctuation at the end of the sentence when all the digital-ink is done spilling over this HOOPLA. He took the breath away from the collective audience in the room. It was totally Rock & Roll and the most authentic energy up on that stage all night (with the possible exception of Ga Ga). That performance was in-the-moment anarchy of the best kind. Finally – something interesting happening in pop culture. THANK YOU ADAM.”

Comment below.


  1. Adam is amazing. What he did yesterday was just a proof that he’s awesome. He has balls and he’s here to entertain us. XD

    • Xactly iTonks – when you think about it he’s doing exactly what he did on idol where he performed as the song dictated and here he has a sexy song with the sexy lyrics dictating his performance. Just leave reality for a while and step into Adam’s fantasy world – stop being so serious and critical and start just being entertained.

      In Adam we have one helluva unique performer who has internaional appeal and with this performance he just proves it. At least we know we can expect no boring run-of-the-mill stuff with him and won’t his concert tours be sellouts because of that. I for one can’t wait to see the next live performance – just what will he come up with next?

      • what did Adam do on the AMA’s??? He is so incredibly smart! I love him. What is everybody gonna talk about today? What is every news broadcast gonna show? What is every magazine gonna write about? ADAM! He just got himself FREE, FREE, huge publicity in less than 4 minutes. Compare him to Madonna alright, cause that’s what she does. She make X rated videos that MTV won’t show and then everybody goes out and buys them so they can see what’s so X rated that MTV won’t show them. Who’s gonna remember anything about the AMA’s except for Adam X rated performance. HA. He’s smart, this Adam. I just have to laugh. Anyway, that’s my comment.

        • I totally agree with you!!
          adam is the issue of the amas!!!! everybody knows him now!!!
          I think he can lost some fans, but .. ” if I disturbed you, maybe I not for You”
          Sorry my poor English, but I´m from Brazil and I try to read all issues about adam because he is an amazing artist!!!!

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:


            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              LMFAO!! I GET IT!! I GOT IT!!! I LOVED IT!!! It was theater! Everything about it was theatrical, including the fall. I want to party with this man! ADAM is theatrical, over the top, daring, fierce, controversial, he was brilliant! His voice was theatrical, he was playing a character of a devious sexual mastermind who was inviting you to let him entertain you. Would you like to be entertained by this sexy creature of a man? His performance was way beyond what anyone could’ve imagined. For sure he outdid Lady Gaga, wonder what she thought? HA!HA! I bet she was ASTOUNDED as hell! The only part I did not like was the damn backup singers, what’s up w/ these backups? Can’t they keep up w/ MASTER ADAM? HA!HA! He did that song justice! Remember, he really thinks about the lyrics, & he plays them to the fullest in character. This to me, was excellent adult theater. I love his Zodiac, so I know I will love his freakin’ concert shows.
              MASTER ADAM, YOU are for me!!!

              • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                #1 reason why I LOVE this man so much is that he is so TEASINGLY TERRIFIC!!!!

              • LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT, What a performance, well worth staying up to watch, nothing less then what I expected. This is Adam, why are we so shcked, he is controversial that is why we like him, he is here to entertain everyone and I mean everyone not jus the few. He is a very clever man, as itsme stated, look at what Madona did years ago and it shocked everyone, look where she is now, Adam has just got himself an abandance of publicity, the whole world will be talking about him, everyone will want to see that performance, I hope someone has taped it. Remember, Adam is different then any other performer, he will always create controversy, he will always suprise us, and I hope he carries on doing so.

                • Here’s one more thing that should be considered. Look who some of the other performers were, Janet Jackson, Shakira, Lady GaGa, Black Eyed Peas (who have been at the top of the charts for awhile now) . What Adam had to do was upstage them all. He had to be over the top and out of the box. He was pretty much pushed into that corner. The smart thing about Adam is that he knew exactly how to do it. And he did…. upstage them, that is. I’m telling you, this guy is smart. And he took a shot at losing some of his fan base. That’s who he is. A risk taker. There are those that won’t get it. And he’s fine with that. But remember, he said this is a business. And it’s a risky one at that. I think he’s up for the challenge. I can’t wait for a live concert. One can only imagine what that’s going to be like. ( Also, they must have made his dancers put on more clothes. I remember seeing them more nude in the pre-AMA rehearsals.) 🙂

                  • I think the ‘more nude’ dancers you saw were for the video, not for the AMA performance. MTV, being a cable network, is not under the same FCC regulations as the three main networks are.

                  • Adam may have lost or alienated a few of his fans, but I think the fans that really get him are pleased.

                    An intelligent, risk-taking, theatrical, actor-turned-singer performing a song with a strong BDSM feel to it in a risky, theatrical, BDSM-themed way that garnered him a huge amount of free publicity? Wow, who’d of thought of that?

                    (Sorry if I’m sounding sarcastic – I’m just stunned at the number of comments I’ve seen online from people purporting to have been fans saying that they are not any longer because of this. Granted it isn’t a lot, But that there’s some, & that they were ostensibly fans in the first place, I don’t see how they could have expected anything less… Just my opinion.)

                    I thought it was great when I have seen footage online (I was at work when it aired), and my husband is liking Adam more since I showed it to him. He’s almost a fan now too. (next to work on the roommate …)

              • Dianne Hill says:

                Me too Kimber, it was just brilliant wasn’t it. He sure does turn up the heat and good on him. Who has everyone remembered from the AMA’s, I can barely remember who else performed but I will never forget Adam’s performance.

                You rock baby, bring it on.

              • the sound was really off for a lot of the performers. there’s a lot of criticism about the sound mixes for last night. bad sound throughout the entire night.

              • kimber, GREAT POST!

                Cindy in MS
                Glamb #37

              • Silvana/Argentina says:

                OF COURSE IT WAS THEATRICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What was everyone expecting. He had said that hundreds of times. He was going to put up a show, not just sing. It is what he did. Of course someon would not like that, but we have been so fully warned about thios all week long.

                And as I said somewhere below on my first comment, he will have a different performance for each song. He will ACT every song. WE KNOW THAT HE ALWAS DID THAT.

              • KIMBER…

                YOU SAID IT PERFECTLY !!!


                SIGN ME UP…….FAST !!!!!

              • leilani aloha says:

                Yeah!!! Adam Bravo Bravo for last night’s perfomance!!!
                U sure entertertain us sweetie:) Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

                Love It Love It ! vove it!

                It’s all about ART!!!
                Like Adam says ” open your minds”
                he’s so creative to play & with the lyrics:)

                He’ll certaintly do very well in UK & Europe if America cannot accept his ” art” 🙁

                U Go Adam! U rock!
                Hurray, cds are in the mail from Amazon today
                Congrats Adam!!!

        • itsme, he sure did get huge huge publicity, all day long to. Radio’s , talk shows you name it.
          I feel much better after seeing the above Access Hollywood interview. Kind of knew he would say not
          to take this to seriously. Seems like he knew what he was doing and the upcoming appearances
          he will be singing different songs.
          Love you Adam, you little devil you!

          • Mary,

            thank goodness I saw that video…..I was up until 4:00 AM this morning reading all the blogs….until I saw that video…..ADAM knows EXACTLY what he’s doing…..we just don’t all catch on right away….lol

            Good thing I don’t have a job that I would have had to get up for this morning…although I was still so excited I only slept for 3 hours and got up anyway….playing his CD all day and all night…..I LOVE IT !!!!

            Wonder which song he is going to sing on Letterman? It doesn’t matter to me….I love them ALL !!!

          • KailuaGirl1966 says:

            Mary C, Why have there been no postings from the Glambs????!!!! We love Adam and yet it seems that our “group” has turned our back on him….
            Glamb #394

      • YES YES YES !!!
        LOVE ADAM !!
        He proved it all !

      • Are you serious? We are taking it too serious. My taste is in music and a sexy guy, not watching acts of sex. Who is Adam’s manager. ” Lets ax half of my buying public” This is what I get for NOT being homophobic? My 16 year old daughter and myself watched and called in for Adam on AI every week, we bought all of his i tunes, we went to his concert and waited out side to see both before and after the concert to see Adam (he never came out for either, but all the other guys did). We preordered his album. We bought his posters. Guess what, I am done. He can ******into someeone elses happiness but not mine. This is what I get for not being homophobic? Adam….. your manager sucks. For real I think Adam is a nice guy, but his music and performance I guess is not going to appeal to me or my daughter. I hope he can make it pleasing only the gay community and “cool people” but he has lost a lot of sales. And believe me, he will care in the long run!

        • I agree with you Ripley2 I like to look at a good looking sexy guy, not one that is turned on by other guys. that is what is wrong with the world now, everyone is turning gay. Guess that is one way to keep the population down.


      • Totally agree with you Ofra, we love Adam, people have to move on with the time, and we will certainly carry on supporting Adam.

        • Toni, watching the above video, he is so f _ _ _ in hot! Shennanigans? He has a way about him
          for sure. Ima going to conclude that Adam is Adam, he says if you’re uncomfortable with what he
          does, then maybe he isnt for you. OMG he is for me. Last night was a shocker, he loves to shock
          and I do love himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

          • Hi Mary, I loved it so much my heart is still racing, I cannot stop watching that performance, it is full of excitement, loved the dancers, loved the controversy, loved the kiss, loved everything. I was expecting that Adam would do his thing and he has delivered, ADAM I LOVE YOU BABY.

          • Hi Mary C…..i loved when he said shennanigans too…..wouldn’t even think HE would know that word…..he’s just TOO ADORABLE …..knows exactly what to say and when to say it…..ADAMAZING !!!

            OMG….HE’S for me too…..don’t you just love to get “shocked” !!!! In fact, he’s shocked me back to being 20 again !!!! What a way to go …..

            • Have been sneaking away from family all day to hide in closet and check what’s going on with Adam. I may even be able to sleep tonight thanks to the insight and comments by a variety of people who know what’s going on in the entertainment industry and think Adam knows exactly what he is doing, setting Twitter on fire, as well as almost every network TV show. Can’t wait to see the reaction once he switches gears and sings WHATAYA WANT FROM ME on Letterman. Also hope so much that Letterman confronts him about last night. I’m sure Adam is VERY prepared for that. It should be fun. Wish it was tonight, not Wednesday.

            • Dee, yeh my mojo is going very fine thanks to Adam! Shennanigans? hahaha I cracked up at him saying that so damm adorable!

    • I have been a fan of Adam since idol, like millions of others. But, I was so disappointed last night. I felt he blew a great opportunity, he could have made more of an impact with his awesome voice, rather than hiding it behind the distraction of shock value. Anyone could of pushed the envelope and crossed the line of what is in good taste, but not everyone could get up there and sing like Adam. I get the fact that he wants everyone to know just who he is. Which is good, but it’s not about he does or likes behind closed doors, its about the music. I was excited to see him and hear his voice and frankly I don’t even remember hearing him because of all that was going on.
      I have lost interest in Adam and his music, because whenever I hear him now I will have those images that I don’t care to remember in my memory.

      • Ok, I haven’t lost interest and I still think he rocks, but I was disappointed it wasn’t more about him and his singing!

    • I’m shocked. Adam’s vocals have always been so clean. Last night’s performance was bad in so many ways. He was off key, the back-up singers sounded terrible and when added to Adam’s voice, just made him sound worse. Then the “tumble”…yes he pulled himself out of that without freaking out, but damn! I’m an Adam fan from the beginning, but this was a complete disaster.

      • I was disappointed. His voice was horrid…like an amature…..the performance was porn. I felt insulted and let down…..all the hype an no show…..



          • Keep in mind he was climbing all over that stage while trying to focus and sing. I am amazed it came out as good as it did.He was up the strairs,down them,up them,over them. Good grief who ever put that together should of seen how this would go. I dont blame Adam at all

    • LOVED,LOVED,LOVED his performance, loved the recap interview-he looked cool,calm,and collected, which is more than i can say for half of america!!! it’s so funny to me that the female performers can run around in nothing but skin tight outfits, gyrate their pelvis’ and booties into your face, writhe around the floor in simulated sex action and nothing is said. then when adam offers up his take on it he gets crazy offended reaction from the double-standard prudes out there. go figure. HYPOCRITES BE WARNED!!! Adam will perform what he want, when he wants, in whatever way he wants and detractors can go to hell. how refreshing. give me more.

      • Me too! 🙂

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

      • I agree with the comment about female performers and the double standard. Did anyone see Janet Jackson at the very beginning of the show? She was standing behind a male dancer and reached under his crotch and grabbed his balls! NOW is anyone out there having a fit about that? NO!! Seriously, that set the whole theme of the evening. The fact that Adam ended the evening the same way with a bit more ACTION is a problem why? Also for those who were “offended” , the announcer all night long kept warning people that it was going to be over the top and a shocking performance. So if you were going to be offended, DON’T WATCH. As you can tell I personally didn’t have a problem with the performance except to say that I didn’t like the song arrangement at all. It’s a great up tempo song and I missed that. The performance was really dark and angry. I missed Adams’ wonderful smile. But I do feel so much better seeing the interview, it brought me back to the ADAM I love. I LOVE YOU ADAM!! Just try not to alienate too many people, we want you around for a very LONG TIME!

        • LvAdam, I too missed his beautiful smile. I thought last night was to soon for him to be so uncensored. The actions agreed with the lyrics and he put it out there. A lot of people werent ready
          for this. He seems totally fine with it, I love the above interview.
          Have we found out if the fall was an accident or part of the show?????


      • You are so RIGHT 2t2tag !!! Me too. I LOVE it , LOVE it and LOVE it!
        And ADAM has shown his sensuality on AI and during his tour
        people are hypocrite . What are they shocked about. They should
        see video during his tour. THAT’S ADAM !! Grow up everyone and
        be open-minded.

        • HOORAY LIBRA, yes everyone should grow up, that was an amazing performance, his look had to express the words of the song, if he smiled all the way through it would have looked odd. I cannot stop watching it, I just burned my dinner, I don’t care, I will carry on watching it.



          His singing sucked too, for the first time.

          • Summer, whew girl. Hope you r feeling better later. I was shocked, then got over it. Hope you do too. Lets see what is next??
            love and peace

            • Thank you Mary— I am “BROKEN OPEN” right now, depressed. 🙂

            • Iyleneidol09 says:

              My dear glambs sisters, I, too, has not recovered from the “shocked and awed” from watching his performance. I was not able to sleep that night, I was tired, worried and uncertained about the whole things. He really shocked the world! No one can make out of the act. I still love him, though. Just trying to recover..

        • glambertfan Glamb#193 says:

          I understand fan support their star.but read this comments I have a bit concern about will this courage adam lambert to try something more extreme than this next time? what will he try next time if he do believe this is ‘not far enough’,’audience need more open’?
          sometimes love too much also will kill somebody.criticism not all bad thing in some level.


    • I totally agree. He can give us his beautiful voice on GMA Wed morning. and on Letterman Wed nite.the only thing I didn’t like was the scary face at the end,but it fits in with the story he was telling.
      But as he said it is a business and if he wants to be successful in the mainstream,he will have to redeem himself.Do you think he cares?

    • leilani aloha says:

      U got that right!:)

      Love Adam’s performance last night:):):)

      HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!


        COMPLAIN FANS THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I SURELY agree ITONKS……ROCK on ADAM!!

  2. I LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I think the problem is that we all love him SO MUCH that we want everyone else to feel the same. He understands that can’t be the case, so maybe that rational will get rid of the knot in my stomach from worrying that he has slowed his momentum. Others don’t see him in the interviews that we fanatics do, so they don’t have a lot to base their like or dislike on. I ran out this morning and bought my CD, what I ordered from Amazon is going to another city where I won’t be until Friday, and even though I have been listening to the live streaming, I need something for the drive back. I just want Adam to have a perfect life, no bumps, no set-backs, all perfection. Even though that can’t be, it’s something to aspire to. Okay, on to GMA and Letterman.

  3. You explain it well, my love, have always been a No 1 fan, but the problem with the AMA performance was that it did not come off. There was no energy, the dance moves (everyone’s) were stiff, the male kiss looked uncomfortable. But I think yr album will be great, each song will have its magic and from what I can tell there will be differing styles. Still love you, man, but you have to get over the fact that yr gay, lots of us have.

  4. ellen #447 says:

    Now that 4 hours have past since the show, and watching the hysterical interview, I think I am relieved enough to go to bed! The show was definitely Shock & Awe! My only complaint was that Adam’s voice didn’t sound as gorgeous as the CD. Sound system was not the best either! Adam successfully upset all of us and really became a true rock star tonight! Can laugh about it now. Please Lorrin write a beautiful worded comment to put this all in perspective!!

    • Read Tina Fey’s and a few other showbiz people’s comments and they feel that it was all a calculated, more or less, plan on Adam’s part to set himself apart from everyone else (it sure did that) and garner attention for something besides his singing, which, seemingly, everyone knows is incredible. They think it was brilliant. (Hooray, hooray) Since the ladies of THE VIEW spent the first 8 minutes of the show, so I read, talking about him, perhaps he is smart like a fox. All I know is that I just want the next few days to be over and want to see him use his incredible talent to its fullest. I am spending the day with children and grandchildren I haven’t seen in 2 months and all I can think about is that I hope Adam is okay. How warped is that? At least I have the decency to know that is WAY WEIRD. The only justification is that my family is all fine and wonderful and I’m not sure what kind of day Adam is having.

  5. Not my favorite song from the cd, but he did a fab performance on AMA. Sure they will edit some of it out, but youtube won’t. Hours until I buy it!

  6. I feel better after hearing him on the interview.. I’m going to keep positive thoughts for him.. He is so much stronger than I gave him credit for.. sometimes he’s too tough.. lol looking forward to hearing the different song on letterman.. I hope it soaked… love him. 1:30am what the hell am I still up for… going to bed for sure this time…

    • Admfan1….know what you mean! I said I was going to bed 1/2 hour ago….it’s now 4:00am.
      I don’t want to miss anything!!!!! LOL 🙂

      • i didn’t go to sleep at all last night 😀 and now it’s 1pm here.. feelin kinda tired 😀

        i think the song will be whataya want from me

        • Riksa….i didn’t sleep at all last night either. OMG! I’m sooo afraid that Adam has totally ruined his career.
          He had the entire nation watching him and he had the best time slot of the night….and i think he totally blew it. He made an ass of himself.
          I LOVE Adam and he looked terrible and his voice was sooo bad.
          I’m so afraid of the bad reviews and terrible backlach!

          • AdamRocks! says:

            I’m sorry. . . Adam did not make an ass of himself!

            Cindy in MS
            Glamb #37

          • donna w. , just watch the access hollywood post-show interview w/adam. it’ll make you feel better. he’s not upset at all, he’s calm ,cool, and collected and answered all of the interviewer’s questions without any problem. his performance was brilliant, the sound was off, but it was off for a lot of the performers last night. relax and let adam do his thing. it’s gonna be a wild ride.

            • 2t2tag~~ Ok, i did watch the access hollywood interview and it did make me feel ALOT better. I just hope and pray that the rest of the audience will give him some slack and take the lyrics in the context they were meant for…..”your entertainment!”

            • Sorry, but I thought his interview was 110% bravado and 0% substance. Did you notice, he was chewing gum the whole interview, as if to imply, this was all no big deal?

              The he** it was no big deal; he just flubbed his world debut..and it wasn’t pretty.

        • riksa, hope so, I love that song. “baby you’re beautiful, thanks for lovin me” aaaaaaaaahhhhhh

      • FYI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just watching the view and for the first 5 mins they are talking about Adam and last nights showing… Barb Walters just said that she has Adam and lady ga ga on her special DEC 9th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch the clip from today.. they were not happy about Adam last night.. but at least whoopie tried to say that Adam has said all along what he was about… anyway.. it was all about Adam at first and at least it’s new for him..




      I LOVE YOU ADAM !!!!

  7. I am starting to not be a fan anymore…
    and I loved him so much before…

    • Adam said it so well. He’s not for everyone. I think we, as fans, need to look at what it was that made us fall in love with him in the first place. For me all those things are still true of Adam. Tonight’s “shenanigans” is just another layer Adam is revealing to us. I have a feeling that we are going to see many more layers of Adam before he’s done with us. I don’t think he would be content with success based on a lie. He wants to have success and to entertain on his own terms even if it means less record sales, and I respect him for that. Personally, I feel there are enough artists out there to entertain the mainstream, but Adam is here to entertain those of us that are looking for more in an artist; someone who is true to himself and his art. I don’t think Adam did anything wrong tonight. Adam is gay. Adam likes to kiss guys. Adam has balls.

      • jnellie i agree with your comment, i respect him and love him even more now, he does have balls, really big ones!!!!!! lol loooooove you Adam Lambert woooohooooooo!!!!!!!!!

      • “Before he is done with us” LMAO!!! I love that.

      • I work nights. I set the DVR to tape the AMA’s. I still watched as much as I could before I had to leave for work but Adam still wasn’t on. I start at 11 p.m.. My friend called me at work and said it was a very explicit performance. I couldn’t wait to get home to see it. I have just finished watching it and I still love this man! He is so full of surprises and that’s what makes me love him! The words for this song are warning his fans….be prepared, you’re in for a ride of your life! He’s very entertaining! This man is comfortable in his own skin! I respect that! No matter what Adam does, I’ll still follow him! By the way, I got both of my Adam CD’s this morning….the regular one and the deluxe (with the booklet). So happy!

    • Ah come on now cindy. Dont let one performance turn you away, Just wait.

  8. Guys stop! Adam is amazing…I’ll always be of fan of his…he’s unique, funny, talented and beautiful…It’s about time someone thinks outside the box…Don’t be bigoted. It’s Entertainment for God’s sake.



    • I only slept 4 hours last night, it is now 5:30 Central time, worrying about the fallout from his performance. I love the edginess of Adam, but I still think you have to think about how far to push something in a live performance. A video is a different story. My main concern, however, is that we didn’t hear his pure vocals and there was so much happening onstage that the music was secondary. Having said that, however, I am on my way out the door to buy the CD. Amazon emailed me that delivery would be delayed on mine, which I ordered back in Sept, and I have to have it in my hands.

      We still love you, Adam, but always remind yourself, IT IS ABOUT THE MUSIC, ABOUT YOUR VOICE, not about sensationalizing…………………. just my opinion.

  10. glambertfan Glamb#193 says:

    Adam leave me very complicated feeling. few things on my mind after being adam lambert fan.1).Does fan always have to say good review because we love him? can we just give our opinion as music lover to help him see some constractive suggestion?
    2).Is it possible to push some limitation or buttons more creative?conception of sexuality no matter it is straight,bi or gay.I don’t think it is big deal for most people.but artistry could be more undirectly to give people to watch on comfortable way.
    3).to be artist,try something new and push buttons are what great artist about.but meanwhile as be a human.we all accept everybody trial and error.that’s way how a great artistry to be build.Will it hurt artistry reputation if artist admit his or her trail and error?
    4).I hope adam lambert head up and be strong.In fact,fan won’t toss the star into garbage because of one song or one alblum not sell.but Fan definitly will remember the star because of one song or one album touched or moved them in life.

  11. I’ll always love you ADAM….and support you in everything you do! You make me proud to be your fan!

  12. But why flip the bird – he did look angry! at the end, and I feel he is acting a little bit in this interview. He’s pretty cocky! Can I say that?

    • Adam Lambert probably has an alter ego on stage, just like Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce. Well, either that or Adam was possessed (note the eye of horus tattoo = satan!!! LOL) hehehe

  13. S&M and overt sexual images aren’t new. Madonna had guys-as-horses on her last tour. And we know he’s gay, so what? He seems like a creative guy, so hopefully he will do something that we haven’t seen before. I’m hoping he even halfway lives up to his potential, but have a hunch he’s going to need to do it himself and get rid of all the people advising him.The AMA performance was like a bunch of MTV videos put in a blender and averaged. Kinda like how they averaged a bunch of faces to make the new betty crocker.

  14. I was disappointed with the performance because he did not showcase his vocals. I did see him this summer on tour and watched every city performance over and over on Youtube . He was sexy, and I loved everything he sang.
    I wish he would have chosen a different song on the show tonight. Didn’t like the performance at all.
    There was too much fog or maybe from the lights something and you couldn’t see it very clearly. I still adore him but I won’t be showing my grandson (7yrs) the taped performance. I’ve actually watched it 6X to see if it would grow on me. Love you Adam, your smile, your voice and you!, just not this performance. Sorry

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I’m sorry Kat4Adam, I don’t think any of Adam’s performances will ever be aimed at children. I have told a co-worker whose 12 year old son loved Adam on American Idol that he should not be letting him watch or listen to Adam’s music as it is not aimed at children, it is definitely Adults Only as far as Adam’s performances are concerned.

  15. I watched the video, and I still have to disagree with Adam on this one. An angry performance with no connection to the audience is not entertainment and is not going to sell CDs either. Artistic freedom is well and good, and I’m all for it, but your first time on the AMA was not the place for it. I still love Adam, but tonight was a disappointment. I miss the humility Adam displayed on Idol. This interview came off as indulgent and slightly cocky – not appealing traits.

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      Surely though Jeanette that since the decision to do FYE as he did was an informed decision he made, then he has the right to stand by it. What would we think of him if he did said oops I made a mistake. We’d then think he was wishy washy.
      Not trying to cause trouble just pointing out something. I like his attitude as it seems to me he came into his own tonight – a la zodiac – where he was always very comfortable.
      He’s a showman and a star….

      • Well said Lisa, and I’m with you. I did not see Adam being cocky with this interview. The agenda is Adam artistry, it’s not what we want him to do. Never will I see Adam do what everyone tells him to do, he is honest and true to himself. He knows very well himself more than we know him, and I do admire and respect him for that. And, his been consistent of being real to himself and to others. Again, as he said, his not for everyone. So for the negative vibes, my one piece advice go find another artist there’s so much others to admire. As for me, I am Adam Lambert all the way.

        • I didnt see Adam as coming across cocky. In fact after watching interview I felt better. I didnt like
          a few of the sexual actions, could have been toned down. All that commotion took away from his
          great voice. He is so frickin light hearted!

      • Hi Lisa. Actually, I would respect Adam more if he said he made a mistake, and especially if he apologized for giving the finger to all his fans. It would resonate more with me than this gum-chewing bravado. It was always Adam’s humility, graciousness and honesty that I had found to be some of his most attractive traits.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      JEANETTE…………..Absolutely. This is not the ADAM we have seen before. Feel the same as you about your artistic freedom. Adam should have planted his seeds much deeper before attempting to do something on national tv. Yeah, and there are kids under 18 watching this. He has a hard lesson to learn. He is like I used to be at his age, thinking it is all about ‘me’. Then, we grow up and realize that we’er part of a whole society. Not just a special piece onto ourselves with our own special set of rules that we do not have to live by.

    • I’m with you Jeanette. He came off a bit cocky in this interview. No – I don’t expect him to apologize, but I am glad he is doing something else for Letterman and hopefully GMA. This FYE performance was too angry and forced and not entertaining. I am very concerned about his attitude that he doesn’t seem to care if he loses fans. Maybe I shouldn’t be. He doesn’t care about losing me……….I am just very very sad that I might be losing him.

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      I agree – well said Jeanette. I was having a hard time putting my feelings into words – still loving him and respecting him, but feel like he’s trying a bit TOO hard in some ways… I also didn’t hear the huge applause and screams that a slightly toned down performance would have gotten him…. I guess we’re used to entertainers that target what WE LIKE – Adam seems to want to make statements that HE believes in, without regard to the mainstream… and yes, I respect that… but as you said, there’s a time and place for everything, and his DEBUT performance on the AMA’s with a much-anticipated album dropping the VERY NEXT DAY??? I dunno….My biggest wish is that he will someday realize that it’s about his VOICE, his MUSIC- not about being shocking to the eyes..,., i think his performance at the AMA’s took away from his real talent. I too, am sorry and disappointed. Not because i didn’t agree with him, but because HE DID NOT SHINE in his best way possible. Hey,. you can still be “different” but respectful… you can still have indivicuality, AND class…. you can still push the buttons without being raunchy. It’s like he’s not bothering to find the right blend. LOVE him, but I just didn’t think this was the right time or place.

      • Think about it! Alot of you so called fans talk nonsense about Adam, older (me too) but fantasizing about him like dogs in heat! That’s OK! But now you’re acting so righteous and knocking him for the performance that he did on the AMA’s. Make up your minds! You guys threw the bras, etc. on stage and now you’re shocked at what he does. Give me a break! Either you are a true fan or you’re not.

        • andi, I for one do act like a horney woman in heat when it comes to Adam. What he did with the micro
          phone on tour and his self gyrations were one thing , seeing his actions on the show last night with his dancers and band (his very first debut since AI) was a surprise to me. After hearing from his mouth thats what he wants to do , my mind is made up, I am still a big true fan! An opinion from one
          show doesnt break me.
          Adam rocks!

    • Jeanette. I’m with you on this one… I too felt that Adam came off Cocky. I think he had to stand behind what his choices were but as much as I love Adam, I miss the Adam we saw on Idol as a person sometimes.. His, I don’t give a f–k if you like me or not attitude isn’t pretty.. I know this is a way to protect himself and barge forward but it just doesn’t feel good when I watch this tough guy approach.. I cringe everytime I hear this L.A tone from him and I’m a calif girl so I should be used to it.. but it wasn’t the Adam I fell for… I will still love ADAM and I will follow everything he does for now.. I hope his career goes forward…

      • I was at the show and it was awesome…I met so many Adam fans and no one had a problem with the performance. This is Adam guys, he’s never said otherwise. His CD is great. Can’t get the songs out of my mind. Rock god and ethereal all at once.
        GO ADAM … can’t wait for the tour!

    • I absolutely agree, Jeanette!
      In a way, I think that the interview is even more disappointing than the performance.
      Of course Adam has to stand by his choice, I understand that, but there is something else. HE IS CONTRADICTING HIMSELF!!! He is naming his album “For Your Entertainment” so that it can have a wider appeal, he records songs with different feel to them so that “there will be something for everybody”. THESE ARE HIS WORDS, not mine… And now he’s telling us… If you don’t like this, maybe I’m not for you? Where is the humility?????? He is an artist who is at the beginning of his career, not at the peak!!! He has to earn the respect of the industry, if he wants to be taken seriously as an artist. And this is a bad way to start… A very bad way…
      Because shock value is all good – yes it will generate free publicity, but it is NOT SMART!!! It’s predictable!!!! And you know why… Just think what was on the news recently – A BALLOON HOAX made all the TV channels all around the world for weeks for godsake!!!!! Do you really want this legacy for Adam?

      Shock value is good only when it is TRULY ORIGINAL and served in small portions. Because people can only take so much… people also need softness, and beauty, and dreams, and depth, and goodness…
      And there is another thing… when you have to justify your every decision, be it the cover of your album, the photoshoot with the female model, the controversial AMA performance… when you have to give explanations for every big decisions you make, MAYBE YOU HAVE TO THINK WHY ???? Are you taking this a bit too far, too soon????

      I don’t want this for Adam…

      I WANT HIM TO BE ABLE TO STAND UP TALL, his talent and his beauty and his passion shining through!!! I didn’t see this last night!!! I can only hope that I will see it some day again…

      • uk4adam– RIGHT ON!!
        He won’t let up on the shock– no DOWN TIME! Yes he is totally contradictating himself. I want to appeal to many- then If you don’t like it F_K you!
        THE BIGGEST NIGHT OF HIS LIFE and he puts on the worst performance of his life!! And the DAY BEFORE HIS cd DROPS! FOOLISH, RIDICULOUS, NOT STRATEGIC. Giving everyone the FINGER at the end of the song was so rude too. Why would he FLIPP US OFF. We are the fans (or hands) that will feed him well, cloth him, shelter him nicely, and transport him in that new Jaguar. WHY TELL US TO FU_K OFF?? This show is ALL FAN NOMINATED!

        Heres another thing that hurts me so bad. Adam had a phenomenon occurring with him at the drivers seat– HE was the first star I ever saw break through all DIVISION IN AMERICA and JOIN all races, ages, religions, sexual orientations, classes together, who fell in love with his talent and person, through his articulate, humble, caring about others, giving attitude. He made us all THINK: “we should not be difined by any of these things, just like me for me” He said he would never be a “poster child for any agenda” I wish everyone would keep my sex life private where it should be” It’s nobodys BIZ” It’s about my singing” He said he hated how the gay community is so promiscuous and he does not want to live that way.
        He keep saying how he wanted his music to appeal to many different people.

        The performance made a contridictive statement and DIVIDED THINGS UP again for sure.

        “BROKEN OPEN” for now 🙁

    • WOW! Finally someone says the truth here about his performance and the interview!! He was cocky.
      The performance left ME FEELING like someone I have supported and defended and respected like a good friend through a winding road just kicked me in the face and said “Fu__K You Bitch- I don’t care what you think” “Get outta here”.
      His interview said tha same thing “Your NOT for ME”. Fu__k You”

      I of all people know and LOVE ADAM’S SEXYNESS, yes I do!! But this was NOT SEXY AT ALL. This is F__ing like animals, and disresectful to all, men and women.

      I feel deceived by Adam in Many ways- and based on what I heard from CD sales today he will get what he asked for. A small minority that worships him. That Boyle ladies CD has flown off the shelf, while Adams sits there. HMMM.

      I feel so “BROKEN OPEN” AND SAD! 🙁

  16. puteri abdul says:

    I have said it once, I have said it a thousand time..
    call me bias whatever, but once my mind has been set, I am on the go on what ever adam wants to deliver in his performances ..

    oh, and just out of the topic, my heart was melting (for I do not know for the ?’s time ) when I hear him talking in this interview…and his face….. oh me, oh my ………..

    • Way to go puteri abdul! You are one consistent fan and a real glam. Again, the agenda is all about Adam artistry, it’s not what we want him to do. I am glad I am walking a long haul with someone adoring Adam Lambert. Cheers!?

  17. Dianne Hill says:

    Good on Adam. I said in the other thread that I loved his performance at the AMAs and that hasn’t changed. As he said he is not for everyone. Just listen to the lyrics of that song, it is not a straightforward song. Just go with it Adam. As he said, there have been many acts which were considered outrageous in the 1970s, probably 1960s too, anyone remember Ozzy Osborne and a bat (not sexual, I know,) but very outrageous.

    Adam doesn’t stick to the rules and neither should he, he wants to push the envelope each and every time I think, just look out for what’s going to come next. You rock Adam. Love you.

    • Yeah, another one I can hold hand and cheer for Adam! Awesome Dianne! It’s about time someone needs to show the world the real rules! I just love Adam, enough said.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Last night I saw the performance, but only now I come to the site. I know there’s a lot of controversy about this performance. I haven’t seen this interivew (as always, I’m again at work and can’t watch it), but I would like to express my thought about all this in this thread. Then I’ll go and read all that was said before, on other threads, and later listen to the interview. I’m sure it will only reasure my thoughts.

      We knew what was coming our way with this performance, what we could expect. We’ve heard the lyrics, saw the dancers dressed for the video, saw photos of the rehearsal, saw the outfits that would be worn. These pictures were not leaked, they were shown to us to be “prepared”. Last night before the last break, the announcer said that “the outrageous performance of Adam Lambert, which would have everyone talking on Monday” was coming. The truth is I was not shocked at all, I was expecting this. Adam was just expressing one aspect of his artistry. Next time he will go a totally different direction, as he always does. He likes to stir things up, to shock, to create controversy. And he is always true to himself. I deeply admire that in him. One could ask oneself if it was appropiate for national prime time TV, international TV. Maybe not. But Adam is no longer on AI. And he’ll do things his way. Maybe his performances will no longer be appropiate for children The AMA organizers and Adam manegement knew this would be like this. All of us knew. We even talked about him with a whip, etc.

      At least in my case, I’ve seen far edgier performances on TV. I think it was one of the best performances last night, despite the sound system, etc. I liked only the Black eyed peas and Alicia keys, besides Adam. The way he solved him falling, was brilliant. He kissing the band memeber, his answer to the OUT mag’s editorial, he will do things his way, not what others try to push him to.

      All I have to say is that I’ll be there for him all the way. My daughter Victoria and me say: GO ADAM!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        When I mentioned my favourite performances, I forgot to mention that I loved Whitney Houston’s. she made me cry.

        • Silvana, I felt the same way about her performance. Whitney has redefined herself when most people wrote her off. She is my favourite female artist! To face adversity to the extent that she has and then find the courage to confront your demons, is truly something to behold! Bravo Whitney! Mmmmmmmmwah

      • nikka/argentina says:

        I totally agree with you Silvana! We knew what was coming! The only thing I have to add is that it seemed that Adam wasn’t having a blast as he should have been…And you can tell by the face at the end, he was completelly messed up!
        Missed Adam smile!!

        I have to add that Shakira’s performance was very good..although I don’t like her a bit!!

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          Hi Nikka,
          I was about to call you last bight at the end of the show to ask your impressions. But it was too late.
          I too missed his smile, maybe at the end of the performance, but only because someone mentioned it. During the performance, I think it would have been quite odd, I didn’t expect him to smile. I think that maybe tripping , being a profesional as he is, prevented him of having a blast. Just guessing.

          The sound system was not that good, I don’t know if it was our cable, or what but it was not good. I didn’t like much Shakira, the dancers maybe. But what we were talking with Victoria during all the AMA presentations, was that female singers as Shakira, Janet J., JLo, were so not sexy, so boyish in their ways. I didn’t like it. I’m not much into hip hop or rap, so it was too much of that too, at least for me. just to comment on something else than Adam.

          • nikka/argentina says:

            That tripping, oh when I saw it..was like OMG poor Adam!
            Yeah and the sound was awful for every performance…
            I don’t know if I liked Shakira’s song, I don’t even remember it! LOL, but I liked the performance, the dancers, it looked very proffessional…and entertaining…even Adam was dacing!!
            JLo was awful..and Janet..what to say..she even didn’t nealed the playback!!…I love Gaga, but this was mmmm way too over the top?? I’m still trying to figure the purpose of that skin coloured outfits!!
            Anyway, I’ll call u 2night if it’s ok w/u.

            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              Yes call me, please. would love to talk. Maybe there are lots of Lady Gaga’s fans here, I mean no offense, but hated the performance. Acted like a crazed person. And you are right Janet not even nailed the playback.

        • Adam was not messed up at the end he was GABBING HIS CROTCH AND FLIPPING US OFF–f__k you!! They cut that out for you

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Yay Silvana! Loved your post. . . I’m so proud of my daugher. 🙂

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          I was trying to reply to you but it didn’t work, kept taking me to the top of the thread.

          I’m with you: he did NOt make an ass of himself.

      • Silvana….I like your comments! Well said! He definitely accomplished the shock and awe aspect of his performance. ADAM certainly has people talking, and I will only think good thoughts of ADAM …. The way I always have!

      • Yes ! GO ADAM ROCK ! LOVE it LOVE it
        There are lot of non-hypocrite people who
        know how to live and enjoy life.
        WE LOVE YOU ADAM !!

        • adam will acquire more fans by being brave alone even with that most controversial performance last night. plus many people were able to know him. its a different thing when they hear the songs in his album. of course whatever happens he is already ADAM.

  18. cheryl 334 says:

    I posted many, many comments to Adam to ‘get up, stand up straight. it will be ok’. For him to’take full responsibility, laugh at his mistake in the tripping and laugh at himself’.

    Adam’s explanation is not the story he should be telling. For he was way ‘off’ on the show both vocally and personality, in my humble opinion. This is a bunch of garbage that he is spewing. It is NOT entertainment for the majority of those who watched it, everywhere. He is just trying to finally come out with the attitude that, ‘oh, this was just what I had planned’ and I don’t think many people are going to buy that. It was a bad performance in every way. Love Adam, but not his shit he put in our faces at the AMAs. He is in trouble iwht the attitude, ‘hey, if you didn’t like it, and I am who I am, then maybe I’m not for you’. That is one bad and statement that will definately come back and bity him in his ass. He should be humbleld. He should be considerate. If his attitude is that I am not going to try to be just the singer/performer, I will be vulgar and rub society’s nose in my belief, even if they don’t want it, then, too bad’. If that is the way he is going to ‘play’ this, he will be in for an even bigger shock than the one he gave the audiance tonite. Not good, Adam. Whatever happened to, “I want to be about the music”??????? Adam cannot seem to admit when he is wrong. A bit of stubbornness, I think. That is very unfortunate. Hopefully, he will rethink his life. Consider whether he wants a career in music or in gay musical theatre. The public is who he will have to appeal to, afterall. This, “I can do what I want cuz I’m an artist” shit is not the Adam we saw on idol or after idol. This is not the thoughtful, nice guy that wants all to understand and accept what everyone has to offer. He is not accepting and understanding of his fans and future/possible fans. No, Adam. This is not you. If it is, then sorry, I will not support this type of performance, and I do not want to pay big bucks to see you rubbing boys in your bulge and grabbing straight guys who must endure your big, open-mouth french kissing them during your “performance”. Better think again, honey. You are not THAT established to make these kinds of mistakes on your firsts outing. Not smart. Not smart at all, in any way. I am your fan, and I would be disloyal if I just jumped on those words and ‘followed’ you down that road. I will always be truthful about my feelings and thoughts, and I am doing so here. Being a fan is not supposed to hurt. It doesn’t mean that we will blindly follow whereever you may lead. I would not follow you off a steep cliff b/c you say, ‘well it’s me’, ‘it’s who I am’. Cuz then I say you go alone. You are not respecting my life. Don’t ask people to give you what they cannot. You give them what you can, and not any more lest you will be a one album side show, not a life long phenominal performer, I think Adam needs to decide for himself which he wants cuz he will not get both.

    • rosieaquarius says:

      cheryl step back its for fun you r way too serious to be an adam fan i loved it all. Hr sure knows how to get everyone talking smart man. I would suggest you dont be a fan.

      • cheryl 334 says:

        ROSIEAQUARIUS………………You are having fun? How nice. No, this was not fun. Even Adam was not having “fun” if you’ll just take a moment to see his face, and his anger. You are on the wrong side of the track, here, rosie. I’m fine just where I am. I have NO dilussions about this performance. It was awful in too many ways. I am not ‘too serious’ to be an Adam fan!!!! What the hell does that mean???
        What a stupid statement. I am too serious to be an Adam fan?!!???

        I am mature, maybe that is the adjective you mean. I am mature, but I am Adam’s biggest fan. I’m not dopey. Do Adam fans need to be dopey??? I think NOT.

      • aw Glamb #47 says:

        i’m 100% with you cheryl…sick of being called ‘uptight’ or ‘not a real fan.’ i had such higher hopes for adam since discovering him on idol last spring. i found this performance, with its simulated BJs and frenching the bass player — as well as his Details photo spread — to be in poor taste. i really thought he had more class than this. true artists do indeed push the envelope, but way too many mediocre talents confuse ‘artistry’ with ‘vulgarity.’ it’s not ‘artistry’ to push someone’s face (same or opposite sex) in your crotch. and to try to shock people for shock’s sake? i just don’t understand the need to do that. i guess we have madonna to thank for that. but our adam is anything but mediocre…he doesn’t need to do this…i wish he’d keep it about “the music” as he says he wants it to be.

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      AGREE 110% – you just put all of my thoughts into words…. I don’t like that “i dont’ care” attitude… it’s a but childish… most people grow out of that attitude and realize that life isn’t really like that… you can’t go on forever just suiting yourself…. ESPECIALLY in his current position. I HOPE this didn’t hurt him, but judging by the audience’s reaction, i wonder…

      • cheryl 334 says:

        ALLABOUTADAM…………………And I agree with you. Yes, the “I don’t care about anyone but me” attitude will never serve anyon who wants to be accepted and loved and have a musical career. Adam has been complimented, loved on, and assured that he is a phenomenon. But, don’t turn it all around and now be the opposite and expect the fans to just follow blindly. If that happend Adam will have just a bunch of ‘followers, who cannot think for themselves” as fans. Not the higher intelligent ones he was so proud to have. People a whole lot younger and less wise than I will be the ones who will see no problem with Adam, here. And there is a new real problem with Adam, here. Recognize it, accept it, and try to help him see. Don’t help plush him down a bad path just to say you are supportive. I am supportive still as of now. If this is his NEW attitude, ‘I don’t care’, which is so immature, than, I may have to give him up until he starts unsing the brailn in his head not on his bulge. Hey, Momma Lambert, I feel your pain.

  19. cheryl 334 says:

    We all have rules. That is life. Adam cannot say there are no ‘rules’ for him. No one is that important. Never has been never will be. People can point out Bowie, Jagger, Freddy, whoever they want, but they did not do what Adam did and therefore they lived to sing another song.

    Adam is trying to fight ‘city hall’. You cannot win against ‘city hall, Adam’. You are in the end just another human being, although we have treated you like so much more. Don’t believe your own hype. That is what usually get performers in trouble later in their careers. You don’t even have a career yet. You will have a very short lived career with a very small percentage of the people liking you and buying your music. Adam says he wants to give his fans and future fans what THEY want. What happened? Did the gay community play too big of a role in Adam’s decision after the OUT mag dissed him so badly? What the hell was he trying to say or prove, that he can be a flop in 60 sec or less? Look at the pics on gossipcandy, where he is in definate pain, tears in his eyes, giving the ‘finger’ to whoever is looking at him. Listen to that permance. Closely, if you must, but it is off right from the start, and it didn’t improve before it ended. And non too soon.

    Be a man, Adam, and admit to your mistake. Don’t INSULT your fans and the public with this weak ‘explanation’. It doesn’t fly. And the reason it doesn’t is because it ins NOT the truth. Remember the TRUTH, Adam???? Always be truthful, or just don’t say anything at all. No one wants to hear you trying to justify the huge mistake you made. It is not becoming to you to act this way.

    If Adam thinks this was just a ‘wonderful’ performance, then guess we’ll be seeing it all over tv -NOT! B/C it was NOT wonderful and my bet is that we will NEVER see THIS version of this song again. That can only be a good thing. If he thinks it is wonderful, then why not do it on tv again??? B/C tv will not allow it! If nothing else can wake him or other people who want to call this a stellar performance, maybe the fact that Adam will NEVER again do this on stage on tv. And if he does too much of this in concert, he will not have a concert in the future that will hold many people. lHe will be performing in gay clubs where he can “do what he wants cuz he’s an artist”. Give me a break. Anyone with any love for Adam and any common sense would want Adam to understand that he did a boo boo, and it did not work and to ‘fess up to his own misgivings. He was WRONG. Adam you were and are WRONG to think the public of any great measure will accept this from YOU. NOPE. Not gonna happen. Not in a million years. Never.

    • Oh Cheryl get a life already!! Did you happen to see any of Adam’s performances pre idol- the Zodiac club maybe? He has often stated how he toned things down for idol and now post idol he can be more himself – he’s a gay, theatrical, very entertaining, very very good vocally, singer/entertainer/actor. HIs live performances will all be about acting out a song and putting his own touches to that song – if you can’t handle his own interpretation while he’s being about himself, and are still in the Tracks of My Tears days of idol, perhaps Adam is not for you. Maybe you could go and vent your particular brand of poison on the Adam hatelists of which I’m sure there are many because individuality and difference upsets so many people, especially in the US. Maybe you should join Kris’s fan club instead so you can have safe, boring uncontroversial entertainment.

      I believe he should be doing what he wants cos he’s an artist even if that’s performing in gay clubs – no artist is wrong for being himself and doing his thing – you are wrong for expecting something other – for expecting him to conform and therefore fit into the mould that will ensure lots of CD sales whilst he’s not being true to himself. Hey if he’s gonna do this stuff he might as well do it his way and therefore show his own unique brand of entertainment – at least when you look and listen you know it’s no-one but Adam. And although he may lose fans such as yourself, the public will indeed support him – those who can separate fantasy from fact, the show from the person – how about you give it a try – think of it as a show – Did you see Brokeback Mountain by any chance? A show, fantasy – not fact or reality.

      • Well said Amanda. And for Cheryl please stay calm. Although, everyone is entitled for their own opinion. I just want you Cheryl to take it easy, not good for the heart for too much tension. I agree with Amanda, there are other great artists for you to admire. I believe this is a wake up call for you, that Adam is really not for you. Move on and find JOY! Wish you the best!

      • HELL yeah Amanda, well said!!!! People r just so whats the word…………..uptight maybe. Relax, take a chill pill its just all a show and Adam is still great regardless of his outrageous performance, like he said its about the vibe of the song and this song was provocative, sexy, about sex, and so what if he put it in our faces, if you dont like dont watch period. He can be many things but not a hipocrite, i love him and respect him even more now as an artist, hes staying true to who he is regardless of what people think. Love you so much beautiful ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • cheryl 334 says:

        amanda……………… have your say, I’ll have mine. Don’t even begin to think this site is the site to go and find cheryl and disagree with her and insult her. You are not good enough for me to care what you think. I think like me. I am true to myself as Adam is to his self. Give me a break here, little one.

        • Cheryl – apologies if you find my disagreeing with you insulting – and that I’m not good enough for you to care what I think because I disagree with you (which I find insulting and rather hurtful).

          I am pleased you are true to yourself – what you need now is to understand that Adam is also true to himself and thus he is no conformist. He will do as he wishes with his shows – instead of trying to please the people, the people will come to him because he is being himself and not letting people-pleasing get in the way of his ideas. This is, I think, the mark of a true artist who will be around for a long time with very loyal fans.


    • Cheryl, way too serious.

      • cheryl 334 says:

        MANDY………………AND WHOEVER, YES I SAW all of the shows preidol. What is your point? And what is it with 3 of you ladies trying to explain to mmmmmmmmmmmmmmme that I am too serious? NOT! Intelligence that maybe you just cannot comprehend, but not too serious. This is a serious issue in case you have not figured that out yet. Why don’t you tell everyone else how ‘too serious’ you think they are. I think you are too shallow.

        • Lots and lots of love and luck to you cheryl. Peace! 😉

        • lurker again says:

          Not “too serious”.
          Too wound up over this, maybe?

          Something here affected you so strongly you are raving and getting overly defensive about simple comments, and finally – insulting others by calling them too shallow. Calling someone “shallow” is
          not the same as calling someone “serious”.
          And no, we may not “comprehend” your particular “intelligence” which sees one performance by a rising star on a tv show “a very serious issue”.

          • cheryl 334 says:

            blah, blah blah, blah, blah, blah, etc………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

        • I meant no offence, dang. It was ONE performance. I can comprehend intelligence, that has nothing to do with it. I am an adult. It is not a “serious issue”, it is music. World hunger, poverty, the global market crisis, those are serious issues. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. And I am shallow, what is your point? I like his voice and his looks and his shows. Does that make me less than somehow?

          • cheryl 334 says:

            think people have invested much of their time to Adam for nearly a year. gone to his concerts, which may have entailed a long journey, waited for hrs in lines, voted week after week for him. stayed up till late to try to vote longer. invested their time, interest, love comcern, hope, and wishes, argued with friends and family members who did not like Adam, post all over the internet for nearly a yr to support him and his talent, encourage him, dress like him, and you come to the party late, and tell them that they are too serious? Someone get that person out of her before they get hurt! Yes, we have a lot invested in our love and hope for Adam and doing whatever we can to help make his dream come true. Don’t tell his hugest fans that they are too serious. That makes another look like they have no comprehension about who and what Adam means to those who love him and want him to do as good as possible, and not make stupid blunders for no good reason. Now do you GET IT????

            • Cheryl Adam didn’t ask you to do any of those things for him – you did them off your own back – you don’t own Adam, he doesn’t owe you. He is entitled to make any “stupid blunders” that he wants without having you react as if he’s a favourite child who has let you down.

              He will be his own person and do his own thing – he has to because that’s how he’s made – let the lad grow up and have his own life – okay?

    • cheryl 334. I agree with your comments. I just wanted to hear Adam sing. I don’t have to be shocked with his performance. I looked up shocking in the dictionary and this is what it said:

      • cheryl 334 says:

        WEASIE………….Thank you so much for saying so, weasie. I just don’t think one is hard, Do you?
        Yeah, those words are not what we were hoping to hear and see from Adam. He is better than that! Peace-

        • LoveThatLook #559 says:

          Cheryl, I totally agree with everything you are saying. I hope that Adam hasn’t committed career suicide with this performance and with his subsequent attitude. He has such an amazing voice and so much charisma, he just does not need to demean himself in this way. He won over his huge fan base with his talent, humility, and his attitude of caring and consideration of others. This AMA performance afforded him a unique opportunity that few, if any, others have had. Even before his album had been released, he was given the prime spot of the evening in a show featuring the top entertainers in the industry. How many others have ever been given the spotlight like this when they are still on the brink of their career. Hopefully, Adam will learn from this and that it will not be the disaster it has the potential to be. I have been a huge fan of his since the beginning of Idol, and I want to enjoy hearing him for a long long time. I don’t know whether he is using poor judgment, being a little too stubborn in doing it “his way,” or whether he is being given some very bad career advice, starting with the Details photo spread. I hope he will rethink the path he has started down and that he will get back on track with what could be a long brilliant love affair with the public and his fans who want only the very best for him. Anything less will be our loss.

  20. WOHHHHH PPL! stop paying to much attention to this AMA performance, sure it was a big thing but helloooo Adam’s album is released TODAY! and I see no one talking much about it. His album was more expected than this performance so FOCUS ON THE REAL STUFF!

  21. This is the Adam I admired and respected since AI. I loved him because of who he was and who he is. As I always said, I never get shocked with Adam, I am proud of him. His one I can trust with his artistry because he remains true to himself.

    Go Adam Go! Keep rocking and keep shocking the world. And, thank you for your artistic freedom. It’s about time we have someone like you.


  22. Evette #419 says:

    Maybe there is something wrong with me, but the performance was just what I expected. After seeing all the vids from the AI tour and the Zodiac show etc. I wasn’t shocked at all. I do think the AMA’s hiped it a little too much. Announcing it during every commercial break but saving it for last. Calling it the performance that everyone will be talking about etc. Its just ADAM. I still love ya ADAM!

  23. hypnotizedbyadam says:

    While I was a little disappointed in the overall performance, I’m still not disappointed in Adam. I think there was too much emphasis on all of the dancers and not enough focus on just his singing. I think he recovered like a champ from his little tumble – loved the big smile afterwards. I wasn’t shocked overall by his performance, but then I follow him on a regular basis. One thing that I can be sure of is that his performance will be the only one anyone talks about today. (The rest of the show was pretty cookie cutter and expected) I just feel that too much pressure and hype was put on his shoulders. Closing the show was a big deal. Maybe he choked a little, but hey, he is human. And we love him for it.

  24. Just saw the real show on TV. Disgusting! I’m so disappointed in Adam. He’s so much better than that! It wasn’t sexy. It was in bad taste. What was he trying to prove with such a disturbing display? I had to turn it off. I didn’t even see the whole thing. I’ve loved him since the beginning!!! Saw him in concert over the summer and he was fantastic! Somebody somewhere is giving him bad advice. He’s going to lose fans over this one. I hope he wakes up! This was just low class!

  25. I thought it was brilliant, fabulous, awesome, fun, sexy!!! GO ADAM!!! Like he said, if you didn’t like it, maybe he isn’t actually for you!

    • You got it right Manda_K! It’s a wake up call for everyone. At least now we know who will be supporting Adam all the way. And, I think that’s Adam’s message, Love me or Hate me. I love him! 😉

      • YES! Thank you! He said he was gonna push boundries, and if you are uncomfortable with that, then he is not for you. It isn’t as though he blindsided anyone, he has said all along he is gonna be sexy and on the edge and I LOVED IT!!!!!

  26. GUH! I can’t believe I couldn’t sleep & now have to get ready for work soon! Saw his interview & boy, he is so sweet & honest (& so pretty!) how could anyone hold a grudge for his AMA performance. He’s right! Get ready for a bumpy ride if you want to be a fan! He’s gonna push that envelope & if you have a weak stomach, I think ya better get off that ride! Already have his cd from AO, ordered 2 from Amazon for gifts, which are on their way & got my notice from Itunes for the download. Yeah, I’m a big fan & won’t be scared away, even tho I was nervous earlier. Hang in there, fans, some of the most successful artists have been the most contraversial. And, oh, by the way, according to what he said in his interview, he always planned on doing different songs depending where he was gonna be. Still madly love Adam!!!!!

    • Awesome Bobbie! You definitely and absolutely will love his CD. I had it 3 days before today and I have been enjoying it so much. Last night was just an icing on the cake. Yes, it will be bumpy ride but it’s gonna be FUN! 😉 And, that’s what Adam all about! I am glad Adam is around to make life bearable.

    • Bobbie,

      You’re right…..don’t be “skerd” !!!!


    • I am ready! So ready! Heeheee!! His cd is fabulous and his performances are always interesting.

  27. Lambertini says:

    What did anyone expect him to do? He’s Adam. First people said he’s not gay enough in Details, Out, etc. Now he’s too gay. Give the kid a break. I thought we all loved and adored him here? Or is it only conditional love? I mean – everyone has the right to an opinion-for sure- but how could anyone love him so much one minute- then trash him the next??

    • This was my point too lambertini. How can you have a change of heart for one performance, when Adam gave us more than what he had last night. Although, I came into conclusion after reading so many comments. I therefore conclude, that at least now we know who will support Adam all the way. Adam so genius, he knows how to give a wake up call. Awesome! 😉

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        I agree with you and Lambertini and DEE and Manda. Come on!! It was just ONE performance. I know there are lots of fans disagreeing with me, but it was a performance according to the song chosen. We’ve heard the lyrics, we saw photos of rehearsal.
        He said so many times that he will do something different for every song. Next time he will be 180º direction.
        And I love that he does the unexpected, he is far ahead of everyone.

    • Lambertini… said it perfectly. Where’s the loyalty here????

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Methinks there are some Adam-hating trolls on here.

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

        • LibraLamb7 says:

          You are SO right, Cindy!!!

          Saw My 81 yr old Mom today (a Harry Connick Jr fan, BTW) & she’d stayed up to see Adam on AMAs last nite, cause I like him SO MUCH…I was worried about her reaction, but all she was mad about was how they squeezed him into the last 5 minutes of the show & she was worried they’d cut off the end of his performance! Not one word about the risque aspects of it! Way to ROCK, Mom!!

          Adam tweeted to Perez Hilton the he knew he had pitch problems & bad sound probs as he did on Idol…Not to mention the drop & roll move (trip?)…This might explain some of his apparent anger…He knew things were not going perfectly as he would want, BUT he is NOT apologizing for the content of the act…He had a blast & he’s getting LOTS of attention, which was what he intended.

          I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT…Can’t wait to see what he does on his upcoming performances!!!

          Candace in MS #388

    • Exactly!!!

  28. Didn’t like the performance either. Could barely discern his voice except when he was screeching. Too bad for such a talented guy. Anyone notice the lukewarm reception from the audience? I thought they had saved the best for last, but definitely not.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      Unfortunately, Nancy he actually did ‘squeech’. I could not believe it. No mistaking that. Poor Adam. With the kind of vocals that could blow anyone out of the water, he had to go do something so stupid as to even blow that part of his performance. So, so sad. He is too proud to say he was not right. ahe has said it before about some performances. He did not like Black and White, which I loved, being such a perfectionsit, he could not possibly be okay with that performance. Hope that he’ll do Soaked or Fever on Letterman. I KNOW he will turn it waaaaay down for the Wed morn concert. Yes, I sure did notice the audiance. So did he, that is why he gave them all the finger. Poor taste, Adam. Not the right thing to do. You need to grow up and act respectfully and responsibility. This was not MTV or Cable. There were very young kids who watch Adam thru Idol and stayed up to see how far he has come. This is a horrible thing to say, BUT…………… my son and I watched part of his performance on the internet, the pic they had stopped on of him, he had a ‘hard on’ as big as I have ever seen! I think he was horney, and got turned on during the performance and put that guys face in his crotch to hide his huge buldg!!!!!! Honestly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. OMG Adam i love you so much, you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im not worried anymore…… looked so pleased and laid back, im so happy now!
    you fearless sexy beast you!!!!!! lol, lol!!!

    • Keep on Michelle! You are one awesome supporter! I agree his a beast with a big heart for everyone to enjoy!!!! SEXY that’s a given on me 🙂

    • I feel that way too Michelle….ADAM didn’t apologize for any part of his performance, but stood by it….that’s ADAM! He looks very happy and was happy that he got people “riled up”….he loves that….he’s a fearless sexy beast alright! Just the way we like him!!!!

      • DEE………..I disagree. He lovked himself in his room first. If he was truly happy and excited, why did he do that? Why did he give the finger to the audiance? Riled up is one thing, getting people disgusted at you is another. He should have apologized for sure, then let his fans know he understands their feelings. To continue to say and show he is for the music, not the sex!

        • CHERYL,


          • cheryl 334 says:

            DEE…………..I KNOW what Adam says. I can hear. I can also read. I have my own opinion. And I see you have a different. Don’t try to tell me my opinion is wrong. An opinion cannot be ‘wrong’ for it is one’s personal thoughts. One’s personal thoughts cannot be proven wrong. The berst you can do is disagree. So you do. So what? I couldn’t care less what you lor anyone wlse thinks when I give my opinion, that is all I’m doing. Just like you, for YOU do NOT know it ALL like you proclaim in your comment. So get over yourselves. Or get a life.

            This jumping right under each and every post I write and speaking to me in very offensive way will have to come to an end. It is going to get you all nothing but maybe off this site. Then you’ll just have to go and make up new names for yourselves to post. But, by doing the exact same thing you are not hard to figure out. Also you are not being fair or intelligent, but then I guess neither one of those attributes are any that you would ever bre worried about, lhuh?

          • cheryl 334 says:

            Thanks for all your concern. I don’t need any advice from you, believe me. It’s is not asked for and not taken. Just take care of yourselves, and do us all a favor. I really don’t care what type of anything YOU like. I am only interested in Adam and my viewpoint.

    • YES! LOL!! No worries be happy!!!

  30. I didn’t care for the crotch move at all and even if he did that with a femail dancer, it would still be inappropriate and unnecessary.

  31. Adam’s making a mistake when he compares his shock performance to Madonna, David Bowie, Prince, Alice Cooper because as he said, “he’s the new kid on the block.” He’s not at that level to be that arrogant on stage. Now, Adam says “if you didn’t like his performance, then maybe I’m not for you.” Well, who are you for, Adam? I don’t think anyone cared for that crotch move at all.

    I waited three hours to see your performance and I didn’t like it. You want people to talk about you; not make fun of you. You can shock us, but don’t discust us.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      WEASIE……………..You speak the truth. Adam cannot compare himself to long established performers, just yet. He need to pay some dues first. Like at least a few yrs of them. Se e what his fans love and want, like he said he would do. That is not selling himslef out. That is being a good businessman, first lide he proclaims he is. Then doing what he promised he would, ‘give the fans what THEY want’ not just a few gay fans. He says it is about the Music. Last nite he forgot the music and made it about the sex.

      Are you about the music, Adam? If you are then I am for you.

      If you are about the gay sex, Adam, then I guess I am not for you.

      Pick one. For now this early in your career, your first song, and if you still want a career, you need to make a choice. Are you only about music, or do those who love your music have to take your gay sexual exploits when watching you perform? If tha is the case, then you are not for me and I am not for you.

      We’ll see, soon enough. I’ve been supporting you up to this moment. I will continue till you give me a reason not to. It’s always been your choice. It is your life to make it or break it. Whatever turns you on, I guess.

      • Yes Cheryl well said. It is supposed to be about the music. Came from the man’s mouth and I believed him.
        Adam looked shockingly angry and possessed.
        He gave us all the finger……and the impulsive response is to give it right back. Sadly.

        • DRISSIE……………..I know. It is beyond sad, now. It is so hurtful to have to see him go thru all that. He must think he can do whatever he wants and call it ‘art ‘. So sad.

      • Did the male dancer sign a release form prior to having his face rubbed in Adam’s crotch on national tv? Does anyone not see this as a degrading act? It’s okay? We should be able to accept Adam, who is gay, but not a gay spectacle. Would Adam get away with rubbing a female dancer’s face in his crotch? He could not get away with that, but a male dancer is okay? That sounds like discrimination to me on Adam’s part.

        Adam did a great job covering up his slip on stage and he is doing the same with this performance.

        • AllaboutAdam says:

          you all need to realize something… WE on this site, are supposed to be his BIGGEST FANS… OK? Well if part of us (myself included) think the performance and the attitude were diappointing… then, what about the rest of the people that are on the fence, or who are not Adam fans, but could have been? Again… his voice is his BEST ASSET – and it got lost in the mess that was happening on stage last night…. Maybe he doesn’t necessarily have to apologize, but he definitely needs to realize that sometimes “too much” is REALLY TOO MUCH.

        • WEASIE……………I doubt it if the guy signed anything. Adam was just soo out of line. He crossed the line. And to those who thought he kissed a girl, like I did, it was a straight guy. More saddness.

  32. I was so disappointed last night. I have always been a huge Adam fan, I love his voice and the personality is out of this world. But the show itself was WAY to over the top for this very special and opportunistic performance – I don’t think he picked up a whole lot of new fans last night. I was trying to see if anyone in the audience was clapping at all when he was done. ??

    I’ll get over this and will still love his voice and most likely attend concerts he will eventually have – but last night was really a disappointment to me.

  33. Adam has balls made of steal, I loved his heart pounding performance, his voice was spectacilar, and he was. is GORGEOUS..The interview was great. Too bad for those who did not enjoy it, there loss LOVE UU ADAM NEVER stop what your doing, you are AMAZING. CAN”T wait for NY show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Hrabina2000 says:

    I loved his performance so much! He is different , fearless and shocking. That is entertainment for me. He delivered what I expected and more! I love him beyond possible.
    PS. He didn’t kiss a guy, that was keyboard girl.
    Now everybody is talking about Adam, that is what we hoped for, didnt we ?!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I agree with your post Hrabina2000, but it wasn’t a girl that Adam kissed, it was Tommy the keyboard player.

  35. Adam, you’re going too far overboard with the moves on stage. I like you best with no make up on, hair down, in a flannel shirt and sitting in a chair and singing quietly, but that’s just me, I guess. I don’t need the theatrics to enjoy your singing. You’re hardly pleasing any of your fans acting like that, probably about 10% of them, so please knock it off.

  36. Hey!

    I know it was shocking, but I think that it’s cause we, glabms know that Adam can give us even more …

    I found this link

    and apparently, despite of all, his presentation was no as critizised as we are supposing…. E is asking about the best performance at AMAs and Adam is winning … is that too strange?

    Cheers, and I still LOOOOOVE Adam!


  37. He’s also considered as one of the best dressed by MTV


  38. hink that, after all we must RELAX and wish the best for him, right?

    Have a goregeus week with Adam’s cd!


  39. Okay, what’s not to love. Although I was somewhat disappointed in the vocals, I wasn’t really shocked at the performance. I just want everyone to understand what a remarkable singer Adam is and those who were shocked may never give him a chance to prove his talent. The concept fit the lyrics of the song but it seemed Adam was not at his best vocally and that is what I wanted to come through. On the other hand, gotta love the fact that he is not willing to conform to anything for anyone.

  40. Hi all, I miss you so much, sorry pero no puedo escribir esto en ingles, estuve fuera un tiempo por algunos problemas de salud, pero acabo de leer sus comentarios y no puedo creer que justo en este sitio en el que queremos y respetamos tanto a Adam exista gente que quiere “renunciar a ser un fan” por una poco afortunada interpretacion ( y lo digo por la caida que sufrió y por su voz que lamentablemente no estuvo a la altura de siempre).
    Mas allá de que a algunos no les haya parecido apropiado el contenido claramente sexual de la performance ( admito que viéndolo una y otra vez y con lo que se ve actualmente en la tv de mi pais,lo encuentro cada vez mas naif…) y están en su derecho de estar en desacuerdo y expresarlo, es MUY TRISTE que manifiesten JUSTO AQUI sus ganas de no ser mas su fan ( no creo que nunca lo hayan sido realmente, disculpen pero mi rigida mente se niega a creer que en un pais tan desarrollado exista gente con una mente tan cerrada e inhibida en cuanto al arte, porque les guste o no…esto es lisa y llanamente ARTE y no somos quien para no dejar que un artista se exprese libremente. Vamos chicas…Adam no quiso ofender a nadie. Ingrid,Teresa,Emili, Silvana, Kimber, Lisette, where are you??. Love sooo much.Kisses. Sorry for the spanish im sad.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Hi Marisa, really missed you. Every day I tell myself to write a post asking for you, but never did. Glad you posted. I posted somewhat above. I totally agree with you. It’s just one performance. In our country we see far edgier and sexual performances on TV.
      The system sound was not that good all through the presentations. His vocals maybe were not as usual, but the recorded song doesn’t showcase his voice as others. When he fall, I think he brilliantly solved the situation.

      I love him, as I said many times, and am supporting him. Tonight I’ll watch the interview and listen what he has to say.

    • nikka/argentina says:

      Hi Marissa!!
      I’m Nikka, from Argentina too…hope we can get in touch as we are with Silvana!!


    • Hi Marisa! You have been absent for a while and I stated in one of my posts that I am missing you. I hope Mama and Papa are fine. Mmmmmmmmmmmwah, Ingrid

  41. This too shall pass-and the negativity can be overcome with humor (Qabalah) Adam will be okay unless he makes ‘Discrimination” a legal issue. My ESP gut reaction is avoid legal discrimination issures & the generating of anger that will grow. Most male viewers like to watch controversial female moves and most female viewers do not like to watch controversial male moves-it is nature more than discrimination. Laugh it off will work. Laughter energy always overcomes the ‘Devil” negative energy.Laughter is a really powerful energy.-let it flow and move to next topic.

  42. Mrs.AdamLambert says:

    I can’t view it! Can some1 either write up the whole interview or put the YouTube version up?

  43. From the album “there’s a fine line”. That went over the line into total defiance. I’m old and I believe (through hard experience) that defiance may disturb those you are trying to defy for a time but it always hurts you more. What you are defying is probably legit so why approach it in a way that will cause more pain? Nobody performed well last night it seems. They all looked over done and tired and like pushing the limits is wearing them all down to talentless spasms. These are the musical geniuses of our time and I guess they are just reflecting our disillusionment and fear. Adam is a precious human being who has been shunned and experienced disgust for the very essential core of who he is. How do any of us know what that does to an individual spirit? I go back to that original RS article when Rob S said that we are used to gay performers who are tragic and disfunctional. Adam is not that by any means. He is confident and strong, but he is angry.

  44. I loved his amazing performance!

  45. I still love Adam but was really disappointed in the performance, like many of you. Primarily because he sounded terrible. I never thought in a million years that we would hear a bad performance from our guy – didn’t think it was possible. But all that running around on stage combined with nerves, I am sure, didn’t do much for his breathing or stamina which came out in the quality of his voice. The lighting was bad and the sound was bad. I could do without all the raunchy moves but I was kind of expecting it. Overall, not going to help his CD sales or gain new fans.

    Yes, the main market for Adam’s stuff right now is the US. And Americans can be a bit prudish. Adam should know that – I know he knows that because of his brilliant strategic decisions on AI8. Gave us a little taste of the naughty Adam and then balanced it with more main-stream Adam which did a lot to build up a fan base. During the AI tour, he turned up the heat a bit … showed us more of his playful, sexy stage personality. For the AMAs, he should have followed his own strategy from AI and did the same thing to introduce himself to the world on national television. Instead we got full-on Adam like drinking out of a fire hose. If he is smart, he will balance this misstep (no pun intended) on the AMAs with more thoughtful but provacative performances with some of his other songs on Letterman tonight and the GMA concert on Wednesday morning.

    I am still crazy about Adam but deleted his performance off my DVR and won’t be watching it again on YouTube. Too painful to watch. And I really wonder what his Mother was thinking watching her son last night. Yikes.

    • DD I guess you said it all for me to. Love his voice so much but am scared he is being too blatent. Especially for his first big performance, I agre there was too much gioing on and his vocals suffered, he is just new at all this lets all move on and give him a chance. Admittedly he was just acting out the lyrics but as Jeanette I think said it could have been done in a more lighted theme. He did appear a little defensive in the Access Hollywood interview, but good on him for that, His song on letterman will be a lot different. He is a great actor. I still love him and his music, but if I am really truthful was a little disappointed. this is probabbly the real Adam. his Idol performances which I loved because they showcased his voice, were not really his own choice, whatever happens now, people will sure know who he is. Good Luck and love to you Adam, and learn your lessons on the way, Maybe we are trying to make him into who we think he should be and not who he is?

  46. oh adam what have you done????????? i waited hours to see you perform and all i saw was a very low class sleasy performance.You are so much more talented then that..I have been praying for your acomplishments in the music business but i can asure you this is not the way to go.. Gay people and people wholike the shoch value are not the only ones who will pay for your music.You my dear young man better get your act togetheer before it is too late.

  47. Torontonian says:

    If it is indeed “ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC” which both Adam and his fans kept reiterating, it was really a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT last night. When Adam declared that he is gay, it certainly dampens the fantasy but then I am among thousands if not millions of those who still support him because of his ginormous talent… which is what he should have shown and proven last night. His vocal prowess!!! Last night was too gimmicky, too much concentration on the “shock value” of the performance, I could no longer appreciate his talent because I was too off-putting and I absolutely HATED it. Even his singing was not so impressive– he even forgot a line or two!!!

    It was too hard-sell for me. Too much was going on, he looked nervous and the FYE was so rearranged that I could not even recognize the song that I lauded when I first heard it. He appeared like he TRIED TOO HARD. I am angry at his manager or whoever it was who co-approved this along with Adam. Okay, so Adam probably could get additional press mileage with performances like this but if it’s more on negative, I thinkt it will do his career more bad than good.

    There was no balance between music and entertainment last night– it was more on entertainment and it was a bad one at that. Bad and of poor taste.

    I’m smirking and shaking my head up to now.


  49. Well, it seems as though Adam’s performance has got everyone talking which is what any of Adam’s team would want the day before his album comes out. All the talk today is the male on male kiss; it’s generating publicity and a great deal of thought and conversation and soul searching about our presumptions about what is acceptable or not acceptable for a gay performer to do in a straight world. The performances Adam gave prior to American Idol which we have all seen on Youtube have been just as risque if not more so and this is what Adam is used to and considers part of his culture. This is the guy who painted himself blue and put gold eye glitter on and was happy as can be. Look at the Zodiac Show. He’s given his best performances in full out drag. So, yeah, whaddoyou want from me?!? would be just the right tune. Are people here really fans or do they have those absurd notions that he is somehow “going to come to OUR side” as if it is better? And I don’t think Adam is so much “cocky” (love the word) is his interview as he is, come on guys, be reasonable, think, have other artists done too much different from what I have done, plus he is just confident, simply confident and honest. And if you were the parent of a young person watching the AMAs, even if Adam weren’t in it, shame on you! It is a very adult presentation and no 8 year old, 16, year old 18 year old, even 24 year old, in my view should have been watching it. Would Adam do this if he wasn’t in a certain context, having to compete in a very tough arena, does this behavior come from his core self, is he outrageous by nature, whatever, these are the questions that keep us watching, aside from the great voice. But bottom line is he is going to try things out, lots of things, and we have to learn not to have all sorts of sleepless nights on the basis of it because the wild boy is going to have gone on to other things by the time we get up in the morning and switch on our computers. Time to catch up with the shooting star!

    • 24?!! LOL!!! Sorry, just thought that was funny. :p


    • Dianne Hill says:

      Agree Elizabeth and why does it have to be a “straight” world – why can’t it bend a bit. I adored all Adam’s performances that I have seen in the Zodiac club, I loved every performance on Idol too, I loved his performance last night on the AMAs.

      I am wondering what everyone who has been talking about the “Adamstorm” thought they would be getting. A storm is not a ripple in a teacup, it is fierce, frantic, blazing, firey all the things I thought and knew Adam would be. Bring it on baby, bring it on.

  50. I gotta admit i was in shock. When he kissed that girl my mouth fell open. BUT that said after seeing his interview,like many i feel better. One glaring thing to me is the song sounded different..Whoever put all that together did a awful job..imo. The stage was so big Adam spent the whole song climbing all over. Therefor is showed in his voice. I am still scratching my head over this and i love Adam to death!! All this said he was true to the song for sure. When i heard the song on the CD, i thought it was all about ,sex,submission,domination,and like Adam says getting laid..LOL. I am looking forward to Letterman tonight even if i do have to stay up late. I am worried this new band wont be able to keep up with Adams fantastic voice. I still have to ponder all this that is going on..I might still be in shock a tad..LOL

  51. Adam needs to be very careful with the direction he is going. Maybe I’m too old for what was force-fed us last night, but he’s too talented to surround himself with that garbage. He certainly has the pipes and the charisma. He needs to just be on that stage and sing. His heart and soul will come through. What he did last night was a weird circus. It was not about music. The sound was awful, yes, but his voice was secondary to the theatrics. He’s too talented to let this happen.

    I think Adam has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard in my 53 years. I’m not really thrilled with the music on the first CD, but that could be generational. But last night awards was more about shock value and one outdoing the other with theatrics more than music (in my opinion). His career is just starting and he is going to alienate a lot of people. If that doesn’t bother him, so be it. I do think there are two types of Adam fans: the Mad World ones and the Ring of Fire ones!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I am definitely a ROF fan!

    • Debbie, it’s not because you are old. I am in the 50’s too.
      My husband , my friends, my relatives all love the ADAM performance
      on AMA, we are not shocked at all. You are just closed-minded and
      cannot see the ARTS ! It takes alot to be open-minded. So ADAM
      is not for you. You have chosen the wrong directions. Too bad.
      You and your friends just cannot “taste” it ! Just like the first time
      i ate sushi, i disgusted it, it takes alot to try to be open-minded and
      i started to like sushi and go for sashimi and got addicted. We can
      appreciate his music, his style and we ENJOYED it SO SO MUCH,
      Too bad for those who cannot see, feel and touch ! Nothing wrong with
      them. Just different ! ADAM is for those who can taste ARTS !!!

    • cheryl 334 says:

      DEBBIE, I agree with you. I am more of a ROF person, but love all his performances on AI. He has all he needs, his voice and those incredible looks. He doesn’t need to try to sing for the gay community, and help them out. Stay on focus, Adam, and stay with the music. Love 4 Adam!

  52. lambertlady54 says:

    i’m holding adam to his word about the new energy. I was disappointed in his performance. He, although, did make some points. I just hope that he decides to center on his voice instead of the “shenanagins”
    i still love him though 😉

  53. Well SAID Adam. I was one of those individuals in shock after watching performance. Never once in my mind did I underestimate Adams Thirst to express his sexuality. ZODIAC is proof of that. He is CLEVER loves!!! SEXS sells and has everyone talking. He is probably the talk right now all over the WORLD. He is right WOMEN in the entertainment buisness are ENCOURAGED to be sexual and kiss other woman on stage BUT when a male does it……OMG!!! I thought the whole performance expressed what the song was all about!!! Good Work ADAM. This song isnt the most technical song to sing, but he has many more tracks on his CD that DO!!! When are his tickets going on sale for tour????Parents out there……unfortunatly TEENS are acting way worse then what adam was doing on stage. TALK To them about it instead of FREAKING out on it.

  54. AdamAddict says:

    YES!!!!That’s our Adam!I’m so glad I heard this from him.Women did many times.Janet Jackson,I think.Justin ripped her cloth and there’s only “nipple stars” left!!!!LOL!!So,why he can’t do what he did?Some people who don’t like it,not for him.I am sooooooo for him!LOL!And he said he sing different song in Letterman?OMG,please it be Soaked!!!!If anyone who dislike this AMA performance might fell in love with him if he sing Soaked!Omg,omg,please be it.That woman smacked Adam’s hand?Someone tell her that Adam’s hand can only be molested not smack!!WTH?LOL!!Now,let’s talk about Adam’s crotch!!Hahaha! 🙂 Love Adam forever!!

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      I’m glad you are feeling better about his performance. I haven’t watched this interview yet, as I said before, but truly don’t need too. I believe in Adam, he didn’t shock me at all. As I said before,a fter all the photos of rehearsal, for the video, etc. I reallydidn’t expected differntly. I know next performance will be totally different. I went to Reality Rocks blog, there are various articles about his performance, loved the one written by Rob Sheffield. At Letterman’s, sorry but he won’t sing Soaked, he will sing Whataya want from me.

      I just love him for being so brave. I know plenty will disagree with me, but I’m OK with that.

      • I hope you can watch the interview coz he is HOT!LOL!And cute at the same time.Just watching him,you feel like “it’s all going to be okay” 🙂 BTW,I read somewhere mention the Janet and Justin also.Then also Madonna and Britney!Yeah,how can I forgot that one.Girl kissed a girl!That’s what Adam’s meant.When it comes to girl,it’s all hot but when it comes to guy…Adam,I’ll support you!Right besides you,Adam!!Don’t we all,sis?
        p/s:people keep saying his concert not suitable for kids,then just do like cinema or tv.Make it 18SX for Adam’s concert.I’m soooo pass that age!LOL!!I’m coming,Adam!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        I don’t disagree with you at all Silvana. I totally agree with you. Adam’s performance was aimed at an adult audience, it was hot, I loved the kiss, oh my, he was so fierce, he just blew me away with the whole thing. It is totally what I expected Adam’s performance to be like, hot and sexy.

  55. I have never thought this before about Adam, but after his pretty disappointing performance and this interview, I think he needs to get over himself. I hope him success in the future, especially on Wednesday when he performs again, but I think a little break from the Lambert is in order.

  56. Come one People, Lighten Up. American Music Awards is famous for shock value and he just played the game – really well. His vocals and his adorable appearance were still there, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though he was definitely over the top. As Adam suggests, don’t lose your sense of humor! Think back over all the other shocking performances by stars at the AMA and MTV Awards that we grew to love over the years. Did you people really expect his performance at the AMA’s to be sweet and mild?

  57. Hi Nikka, nice to meet you. Supongo que tambien sos de buenos aires,no?.
    In another post I put the link with the reactions of the press, is awaiting moderation, and I believe are not sooo bad . But the f…….comments of some people in the forum scare…..
    Silvana, thanks for your response, is nice come back!

    • nikka/argentina says:

      Hi Marisa!
      Yeah, I’m from BA too, Martinez exactly…
      I was skerd too bout the comments here..we’re suppossed to be fans an support him huh!
      I’m ok that not everybody may have liked him last night, but not being his fan anymore for only just one performance is way too much!!!
      I think, the same as you, in TV we see much more exposure and explicit sex than we saw last night.
      I don’t know if anybody watches Gossip Girl, a TV show aired here by Sony Channel, a few episodes away, we saw “Chuck Bass” a super hetero character, letting a gay character kiss him while in a bar…and that’s a show that every schoolgirl watch…so what¡s the big deal w/Adam????
      Chill out peepz…

  58. “Crawl through the Fire” is one of my favorite performances. I am fascinated by the over the top craziness of it, I admire people who live on the edge. I can be pretty edgy myself.
    Adam made his point, again, that he is an eccentric Gay performer. And damn, that kiss looks incredibly HOT.
    I would crawl through the Fire to honor this man’s Fierceness.

  59. ADAM never ceases to amaze! If you did’nt know ADAM you sure will today! He is so
    courageous and out of the box. Certainly there are double standards in the entertainment
    industry and how we seem to forget that. Noone owns ADAM…,he is a free spirit and so unique and that’s what makes him incredibly refreshing! ….

  60. The AMA set Lambert sung
    Had antics unfit for the young;
    The feds let you watch
    Adam grab his own crotch
    But fine for a slip of the tongue.

    News Short n’ Sweet by JFD8

  61. te_amo_adam Glamb #75 says:

    Awesome Interview!!!!! Thank you Adam!! Can’t wait to see you on Letterman and all the other shows! You are not Madonna by the way! You are Adam and that’s why I’m still here!

  62. Listen to Adam’s debut CD, it’s an absolute perfection. It’s a new day and the sun rose up! For the Adam lover let’s enjoy and have fun with him. I’m here to stay until Adam entertains. Cheers! 😉

  63. Glambs!! Glambs!! Let’s step back and chill just a bit, no?? I think we’re going to be singing a different tune in 36 hrs. or so after we see Adam on David Letterman. Might not we see “old Adam” — engaged, witty, laughing, and most of all, singing a different song (as he promised in the post-AMA interview)?? Last night, I was a bit shocked too and thought that maybe he had pushed the envelope just a bit too far, at least for an awards show, but I’ve had alot of hours to ponder this. Didn’t he warn us?? Didn’t he tell us he was not necessarily the performer we saw on Idol? Didn’t he tell us he wanted to experiment, to be bold, to move us out of our comfort zones, to entertain??? Listen to the lyrics of FYE……..wasn’t he just living those lyrics last night? “….push the limit, are you with it?……I bet you thought I was soft and sweet…….an angel swept you off your feet….” He’s reminding us he has many personas and will continually surprise. Granted, maybe the AMA Awards was not the ideal place to make his big debut and this statement about himself and maybe some of us were uncomfortable with the degree and variety of sexuality he expressed and moreover, the amount of contact he used to express it. Keep in mind, Adam was invited to perform on AMA before he really had a chance to make that big debut performance out from under the umbrella of Idol. Usually performers at the awards have been “out there” a bit longer. He chose to take that opportunity to show us yet another side of himself but no one should try to pigeon-hole him and categorize him by this performance alone. Likely we’ll see this Adam again, but I think we’ll see many other moods and styles and voices of Adam as well. Was it my favorite Adam performance ever? No, I don’t think he “smoldered” quite enough and I don’t think it highlighted his beautiful voice enough and the whole thing did seem a bit rushed and frantic. But, I do respect him for experimenting with something new, for being bold and brave and for inviting us to have fun on this ever-changing wild ride with him. He expects us to suspend reality for a few minutes, a few hours when we’re with him — to forget our worries and cares, to dance and gyrate and sing along, to be turned on, FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT. Hang in there girls!!…….he won’t let us down. Thanks Adam….love you as always and I’m holding on for the ride of my life!!

  64. nikka/argentina says:

    I was just wondering..where is Mary C ???????
    Sweetie I want to read your comment!!!

  65. adam was very smart to do that performance because he is now the talk of the town. i personally loved it!!

    • That’s right lambertfan…..who is EVERYBODY TALKING ABOUT TODAY???? ADAM, ADAM, ADAM……he loves to shock and get people talking….that’s HIM !!!

      He’ll bring it back down on Letterman with some beautiful ballad probably….he is so diverse and he PROVES IT EVERY TIME !!!

      I JUST ADORE HIM !!!!

  66. I’m still in shock…it will pass. I was disappointed that the audience did not like it…he had no applause. What a shame, because he put so much into it. I don’t think ANYONE expected that type of display. I will always be a fan, but a lot of people might not understand him. I hope he didn’t hurt his album sales. He made Lady GaGa look like Little Bo Peep!

    • I saw a video where there was applause.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        I saw applause too mac0330, maybe some of these people cut out the applause to make it look like he didn’t get any. I know there were fans in the audience. But most of the audience were in the same industry and I doubt very much whether anything Adam did shocked any of them.

  67. You talking about my crotch, well thank you. Such a charmer. I NEED to see Letterman tomorrow to get the ugly AM A performance out of my head. You know he is going to work and million times harder to prove himself as an entertainer. This show may have been calculated hype but the blowback is probably not worth it. I wanted to see the ah-ha moment not the yuk moment. Whatdaya want from him?

    • cheryl 334 says:

      MOROMOR……………..Hey, I’m with you. Adam knows this was a big mistake. He won’t humble himself and admit and apologize, too much pride. But bet he won’t do it again! Pride Goeth Before The Fall. Bet he sings SOAKED OR FEVER ON LETTERMAN.

      • my wonder is who advised him? certainly all behind the scenes knew.. first time out a bit much. on tour with the intended fans – perfect. I did note that almost every act.. even Underwood’s, had women and men dressed in s&m.. so if his vocals had been perfect… alot this hoopla would equal out with talent. I just adore his talent and wanted more to jump on the Adam wagon.. not jump off the fence.

  68. I can’t understand why some ppl react like they’ve never seen some inappropriate things before. What Adam did last night was not surprise to me at all (well, maybe a little but it’s ok after all).You had seen what he did on Idol.Wild! Creative!…..this is just a little bit more advance? LOLZ

    It’s so easy for Adam to be “clean” and “sweet” and win millions and billions people’s hearts, but this is not Adam. He like challenges. Adam likes to take risk. Adam likes to take lead. And that’s what I love about Adam. People just can’t accept changes.

      That is what i think too
      I LOVE THE SHOW !!!
      Makes me feel 20 yrs- 30 yrs younger !!
      Thanks ADAM !

    • Yes, Adam likes to take risks but he needs to be prepared it the audience doens’t like it.

    • maybe “some people react like they’ve never seen some inappropriate things before”, because they haven’t. Maybe it is because this is illegal, most of us thought, on network TV. maybe it is because they don’t go out of their way to see things that are inappropriate. but mostly, I think it is because they expect fun, ‘out of the box’ sexual innuendos, great dancing and great singing and smiles from Adam, not some dark, “I can’t wait to hurt and abuse people”–from Adam. It’s becuase it was Adam. I think we have our feelings hurt, and some of us even have broken hearts, and expectations were high, and we are just beyond disappointed.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Yes, some of us can accept changes. I LOVED ADAM’S PERFORMANCE, he was bold, he was agressive, taking the stage and owning it, haven’t we talked about the ADAM STORM coming for months. Why all of a sudden when the storm is raging at its highest do people all of a sudden just want a lukewarm breeze blowing through. Not me. I want Adam however he wants to be. He is a risk taker, he is a risk maker and he can be as hot, wild and dirty as he likes. Love you Adam you are the beast.

  69. and so,, who else are we talking about today? just adam? wow, go figure. he knows how to get the attention, smart boy.

  70. SHARON FOWELL says:

    OMG … FANTASTIC.. WOW .. He certainly entertained me… He is the Man with a Plan.. World Domination and i am in line for more 🙂 How amazing and Refreshing his performance is.. I LOVE HIM… 🙂

  71. I just listened to the interview, WOW ADAM, please c arry on shocking me Baby, I love to be shocked by you, I loved your answers, why should people edit or dicreminate against your performance, I loved it, I want more, you are the artist for me for life. You are so right, when al lthe Glam rockers first came into the music scene in the 70s people were shcocke, look at the same people now, it has taken them years to admit that those artists have made music history, we don’t to wait for years to realise you are making music history again, and oh yes baby, people are talking about your crutch, hmm, really something to talk about. People are talking about you all over the worls, WE LOVE YOU ADAM.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hooray for Toni, I loved it too, all of it, I said on another thread that maybe I am weird. I’m not weird Adam is awesome, he shocked, he rocked, and you are right, he is being talked about all over the world. He is even making it onto our New Zealand websites. Way to go Adam.

  72. I was just hoping to see the jaws drop at the AMA’s at the sound of his awesome voice.
    If he wants to do this type of performance in concert…fine. I didn’t think this was the right
    venue for “the new kid on the block”. (His words on the red carpet.) I don’t care if I understand
    or get it…. just know I didn’t like it. Felt sad for him for such a great missed opportunity to
    earn some respect from the musical community. Leave the bat head eating to Ozzy please.

  73. You know, actually, I was upset for Adam when he tripped and rolled across that platform, but he did such a good job covering it up that no one is even talking about it, which in a way, the other “stuff” he did on stage with the dancers distracted everyone from it. I thought for sure that was going to be what everyone would be talking about.

    I’m sure as the week goes by, Adam may realize that his fans are important to him and listen to their comments on this performance. I saw another interview with CCN and Adam already said that the kiss on stage was “in that moment” and “lots of andrenalin was flowing.”

  74. KO's smiling says:

    Had his voice sounded like it usually does, I would have absolutely loved this performance!

    • AdamManFan says:

      yeah, whoever the sound engineer was, needs a talking to! Why did everyone elses performance sound so much better?

    • AdamRocks! says:

      I know! That’s what I keep thinking. . . I feel so bad for him that something was wrong with the sound.

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

  75. I must admit I was distracted after the stumble, wondering if he was OK and if he would get over the flub. I thought that perhaps Adam was a little flustered after the stumble and fall and roll, although he handled it very well, probably due to his training as an actor, where they learn to recover from the unexpected on stage. Maybe that affected his singing a little? And the non-smiling, almost angry look on his face at the end may not have been planned either. Maybe he was mad at himself for stumbling? But his interview above doesn’t seem to admit any problem with or after the stumble. I still adore him and hope his career is still on track. The haters have a lot more to use in their hate campaign now.

  76. Performance was shameful…..sorry – glad the kids were in bed. Sickening

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Wayne, I do not think that Adam will be aiming any of his performances at children. At that hour of the night surely the children should be in bed. Plus read the lyrics of For Your Entertainment, it is not a child’s nursery rhyme.

      He is an adult entertainer, he is leaving American Idol behind him. It served his purpose by being a launchpad on his fabulous career and believe me it will be fabulous. If you watched any of his Idol concert tour performances then you would know his act will not be for children.

  77. What a great group of people!!! I am so glad there are others out there who are not threatened by Adam’s performance. He is a class act who has a LOT of courage.

  78. Once again Adam is true to himself and makes no apologies! As an ardent fan, I also don’t like reading the negative publicity but I am embracing the positives as well! I belief that everything Adam did was intentional (my previous post refers).

    Whatever happened on AMA is past, it’s history and I am looking forward to what lies ahead and I know that the performance on Letterman’s show is going to be yet another surprise. Could’ve, should’ve … whatever, is not going to help. What is done is done! Bring on the Letterman show!

    What really perturbs me is when I hear, “I was a fan but not anymore”. Imagine denouncing your friends or family when they do something you don’t approve of … and you ‘called’ yourselves fans??? Many of you expressed your disappointment but are quick to add that you still love and support Adam – this I can understand. For the few who write him off because of one performance you do not like, how shallow and superficial. I think he can do nicely without you. I am not a fair-weather friend and definitely not a fair-weather fan. Fan or friend, when the going gets tough, I stick around and live up to what I understand a fan or friend to be.

    Adam, it’s all good! You go boy, sing your face off on the Letterman Show like we know you can.

    Love to Adam and love to the die-hard Adam fans who support him whether you agree or disagree with his choices. Mmmmmmmmmwah

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Mwah to YOU Ingrid!

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmwah! from me to Adam! Well said Ingrid. Again, now we know whose who with Adam Lambert. You should see his iTunes exclusive interview, he reveals it all how passionate he is with his artistry and how he respect and love his fans, may I say the true loyal fans. This interview says it all, he has no surprises, it’s like what you see is what you get. Cheers! 😉

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Mmmmmmmmmwah to you Ingrid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Ingrid, that is an awesome post. I absolutely agree with you.

      I would hate to be in some of these “fans” families, because if they do anything wrong (AND NO, I DON’T THINK ADAM DID ANYTHING WRONG AT ALL) then they are going to get turfed out. So much for unconditional love.

      I LOVE ADAM ALL THE WAY and nothing is ever going to change that.

      Mwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah to you Ingrid. Love and Hugs to you from me, Dianne, all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand.

      • Adam Rocks, Silvana, Aramikah and Dianne and all the Glambs who posted their take on Adam’s performance but continue to show uncondiitonal love – thank you! I didn’t say anything new just reiterated your sentiments with which I concur! Here’s some South African love being sent to you wherever you are … and it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say … MMMMWAH!

  79. ok adam, i love him. but could u get a little, at least PG? like ur starting to get rated R and then i can’t watch u! i’m a little girl who loves adam lambert but can’t watch him. WAAAAAA!!!!! i’m not trying to be mean. i just miss u.
    P.S. i loved and always will love adam’s hair on the show!!!! it was so big and puffy and awesome!!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Aww Brandy , he won’t always be R rated. That song is definitely an R rated song just like his fantastic performance. Just watch Letterman and the GMA’s it will be different. He is just the best isn’t he.

      What age are you Brandy? Do you mind me asking? I am 56 and love EVERYTHING that Adam does or has done.

  80. AdamRocks! says:

    Here’s what is posted on The Zodiac Show website regarding Adam’s performance:

    By Lee Cherry

    So, yes…Adam’s performance was the controversy of the night and everyone’s talking about it. Opinions are being tossed around like a stripper at a bachelor party, but no matter what anyone says. Here’s a fact…one year ago, almost to the day, we saw Adam perform one of his original songs at an underground club in downtown LA, just trying to get his music out and be seen. Now he’s closing the AMA’s, has a hit album dropping (created in collaboration with the best songwriters/producers in the world)…all while staying true to his artistic integrity. This has happened because of the moves he’s made. He is an artist on a journey, holding nothing back. We applaud and support him, and love watching him evolve without apology right before our eyes!
    In addition to Adam having several Zodiacers (Monte Pittman, Denna Thomsen, Nina Mcneely, Austin Westbay, Noel Bujandas) in his performance, there were also Zodiacers in Lady GaGa (Brian London, Asiel Hardison) Alicia Keys (Sonny Walters, Flii Stylz) and Carrie Underwood (Michele Martinez).

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  81. Libra says I’m closed minded. Not at all. I just have better taste and I just don’t appreciate garbage. I want to hear him sing. He belongs in a different venue if he wants to do that stuff. I thought he had more class than this.
    What’s wrong with just getting up and singing. I don’t need all the theatrics. Adam’s voice was secondary in this performance. If he’s a singer, then sing. If he wants to shove a guy’s face in his crotch, then do it in your bedroom. And that’s not even the main issue. The whole thing was so disjointed and disruptive and his voice sounded tinny. He just didn’t seem to care about the singing. I’m so pissed.

    • Sherry K GLAMB # 445 says:

      Debbie: Look at the utube, or what ever it is and LISTEN TO ADAM SAY IF YOU DIDN’T LIKE IT THEN MAYBE YOU ARE NOT FOR HIM. For his information there are going to be a LOT OF FANS that are not for him. I love him and won’t leave him. BUT, I WAS DISGUSTED BY THAT SHITTY PERFORMANCE HE GAVE ON AMA!!! I mean what the hell???

      He is talented and does not need to do that crap!! I was anxious to see him EVERY TIME HE PERFORMEND on american Idol. Couldn’t wait until the next time he sang his face off. I AM NOT CLOSED MINDED!!! And neither are you Debbie!! I say to hell with them if they can’t take the truth!!!!!!! It was not good. And if you look at his face , he was mad!!! So mad he gave the crowd the finger!!! LISA, DEBBIE IS NOT CLOSED MINDED AND NEITHER AM I, OR THE 100 OTHER FANS THAT HAVE SPOKEN THE TRUTH. THE TRUTH HURTS DOESN’T IT??

      • mADAM Glamb # 486 says:

        Thank- you, Sherry, for taking a stand. I’ve read thru the whole page of comments and what strikes me is that the haters here are ADAM fan haters. I grew weary of reading the crap they spew forth to anyone not saying how absolutely fabulous the AMA performance was. Don’t they think they’re special. Self-appointed true fans. And they rest of us who dare have an opinion are being called (insert all that crap) ! The replies are uncalled for. They are being divisive at a time when we should all be working thru our feelings together. Especially upsetting were the comments made to Debbie and Cheryl. I have read the threads since this websites begining though I didn’t get my number until late and don’t post much. This is the first thread that has me bothered. I’m more upset about this than what happened last night on AMAs. Who are these people? Their arrogance makes my stomach turn. I’ll stop at that before I go into a rant. I just want them to cease drawing lines between what they call themselves “True Fans” and ADAM’s true fans. It’s all love for ADAM and all of his fans 🙂

  82. It is late at night and I can’t sleep/ thinking about your AMA performance last night, Adam . I missed the amazing vocals. The performance was over the top. I just hope when we see Adam on Letterman and GMA he sings and croons to us. He is incredible when he does. I am listening to FYE and I hope it goes well because it is great music,love it, love it.

  83. It is late at night and I can’t sleep thinking about your performance last night,,over the top..I missed the amazing vocals but my CD’s came today (FYE)…it is beautiful music I hope everyone gets to hear it…and buy it.croon to me Adam …

  84. The performance was AWFUL, considering the way he consistently melted my face off during Idol. I don’t care so much about the “scandal”, but he’s so much better than that. He has always been a nice guy in real life, but even more than that, he’s just a kick ass performer. He doesn’t need “shock and awe” to make a performance great. All I want is for him to just be ADAM and quit trying to conform or be someone else (male Madonna – whatever) Be f**ing ADAM. That’s who everyone loves!! The next performance will be better, and hopefully, less “screamy”.

  85. AdamRocks! says:

    GREAT article about Adam’s AMA performance by Bill Lamb (love the last name!) on’s Top 40 Pop Blog:

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • This is an amazing article. I love it. It’s a must read!

    • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

      Adam rocks
      I have been sooooo sad today…I feel like the light went out of my day…. The article you set up was a great relief for me. I was afraid his career would be permanently sent to the alternative off-Broadway category. I guess we just need to wait and see where it goes.

      • DonnaNoble says:

        I too have been sad today because of my disappointment in the sound quality of last night’s performance. It would have been so epic if he’d been his usual perfection vocally. However this article cheered me up plus listening to the wonderful album has helped.

        One thing I am learning on my journey with Adam is patience. He is just so talented and he will have missteps but I’m in it for the long haul. Music Again is playing on my computer and he indeed has done this to me (even turned me on to Muse but that’s another story.) thanks Adam

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Thank you Cindy, again, for a great article.

    • Cindy, I am sitting here with goosebumps and all I can say is … WOW! Thank you for posting the link! Mega-mmmmmmmmwah

  86. I loove Adam being Adam. I get that it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but I felt the performance really fitted the lyrics and am baffled by so many “fans” who profess to like the song, but were shocked and horrified. Did they not listen to the words or just not understand plain English??? Which Adam have they been watching/listening to for the past few months, the real one or the one they fabricated in their own minds in order to fit him into their little preconceived comfort boxes? Come on guys, lighten up, this is ENTERTAINMENT!!!

    • You nailed it KarenB. His amazing!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Exactly KarenB and I didn’t see him as angry, I saw him playing the “master of a sex club being agressive and taking control of his group”, people need to really listen to those lyrics and what they are really all about. I have been watching the emergence of the Adam that we saw at the AMAs and I love him for being so daring and taking even more chances. LOVE YOU ADAM.

  87. Sherry K GLAMB # 445 says:


    AND AS~ laineyg6~ SAYS ON POST NOVEMBER 23, 2009 @ 5:13 PM~ ADAM, YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT!! laineyg6 YOU PUT IT DOWN JUST THE WAY IT SHOLD BE SAID, I want him to be just ADAM and quit trying to conform, or be someone else ~ male Madonna, or what ever. SORRY laineyg6 ADAM say’s it is a compliment to be like Madonna. NO IT’S NOT ADAM!~NOT!! Just be ADAM.



    • Totally agree, Jill. His face looked possessed….that was not art….it was evil…..and where oh where did that come from Adam? Where was your tenderness, your subtle, sensual ways of luring us, leading us, magnetizing us, making love to us?
      Instead you give us the finger? The total opposite of love? What???
      People need to recognize evil… was exploding off of his angry face. The word “Art” is what the devil would use to describe that ….and he is the “father of all lies”.

      And Jeanette, yes he had an attitude in that interview. Most people who love Adam know him so well they pick up on these things immediately. I’m so puzzled…where did all this anger come from?

      Cheryl 334…You are RIGHT ON— WORD FOR WORD!!!!! Only immature children believe there are “no rules” except for their own rules.. People who don’t follow at least some rules end up in prisons, hospitals, on the streets, drug addicts. All successful people follow rules and still appreciate great beauty and “art” in this world. They also RECOGNIZE the difference between real art and beauty and vulgar, tasteless, nauseating degrading acts”art”.
      Let me clarify that I totally get and love Adam…. I went to 5 concerts last summer spending alot of money flying to some of them and on tickets….planned my days and months around him. I LOVE HIM . AI and the summer concerts and all his interviews jTHAT was beauty and ecstasy……
      The vocals last night?…..If that was the first time I ever heard him sing….I would NEVER buy a CD.
      It was horrible.
      Adam, you are usually brilliant, … where was that beautiful man, that beautiful voice last night?

      Mary D.

  89. I love the iTunes exclusive interview. You wanna know more of him listen to the interview, but you have to buy the CD from iTunes, so worth it. It has bonuses like Behind the scene photo shoot, Behind the scene @ recording studio, and three bonus tracks. Love the CD, and the album digital book was amazing. WOW! the photos so beautiful, especially if you have a big computer screen. It’s an absolute Perfection! Worth every penny.

    Thank you Adam! Amazing CD, one of a kind!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Aramikah, is this the deluxe edition CD you are talking about. I certainly hope so. Mary C is getting that for me. I cannot wait, I want to see that interview.

  90. In addition to the iTunes interview Adam reveals how passionate he is with his craft and a no surprises with his artistry. He also talk about how he respect and adore his fans. It’s a Must see for all the true loyal Adam Lambert fan. I simply got what his trying to say, “what you see is what you get”. His awesome! A very gentleman, if I may say so. 😉

  91. Don’t be dismayed by the beginning of my post. Read through to the end. Remember, Adam said, “Everything’s going to be OK.”

    I was so excited yesterday, almost unbearably so, waiting the endless hours until the AMA awards show, and then slogging through the entire roster of the night’s performances until Adam would appear. I was so thrilled for him to be there, so proud of his being asked to be a part of something so big at this early stage in his career, and I was convinced that this only further proved that Adam was being boosted forward by many powerful people in the music industry, and that many powerful performers in the audience already counted him as one of them, one of the ‘chosen’ few of superstar status. I was also certain that I was witnessing history, and that Adam would take hold of that star-studded audience and the entire world by its heart and soul with a performance that would shake the earth with its greatness. What actually happened was something so completely different, that I was left wondering what I had just seen and experienced.

    My first impression of Adam seeing him up close and in the spotlight was one of extreme and intense joy. I thought and still think, that Adam Lambert is the single most powerfully attractive person on earth. His beautifully tailored silver-grey suit with the rampant shoulder studs was breath-taking, and he radiated enormous confidence and power. From this dramatic opening moment, I expected the first notes out of his mouth to overhwhelm and command our entire attention. Instead, something went haywire from the first few phrases, and I could feel it, not just hear it and see it. As Adam’s chief non-professional promoter and soap-box publicist, I truly believed that Adam could do no wrong in any direction. I fully expected him to come out of the box fully functioning as the greatest entertainer in the history of the world, and at the AMA’s last night, I was looking for the hands-down proof of his greatness to be communicated to the rest of the world within seconds of his taking the stage. What happened instead, is that Adam Lambert did what Adam Lambert wanted to do, and not what ANYONE expected. Adam threw us all down on the stage floor, dragged us by the leg, and then spun us around so fast we hardly knew where we were by the end of the night.

    First of all, the sound was completely off. From the first few notes, I knew that he had not grabbed the attention he needed musically to carry the performance. Whatever the problem was, the dubious acoustics, the lack of a back-up CD to enhance the vocals, or the lackluster arrangement of the song, the performance simply did not come off musically. For a debut as seemingly important as this one was, the song itself should have been as big and bold and wonderful as the performer himself. ‘For Your Entertainment’ was not that song. So, from the get-go, the song was floundering, and minutes later, the visual wildness of the choreography joined the song to further underscore the runaway nature of this off-kilter performance. There was nothing wrong with the whole concept of having an entire entourage swirling around Adam onstage, and my sympathies were with the dancers who obviously love him, but somehow, in this particular instance, the choreographed montage created too much busyness visually, and eclipsed the power and beauty of the one and only person I wanted to see and hear the whole night, Adam Lambert. The fall that Adam took shocked me in the extreme, because I know that no performer EVER falls for any reason. I have to say that he was so athletically graceful in saving that moment that I was utterly amazed. That the fall even happened at all further showed that too much was going on onstage, the set was too precarious, and the moves Adam had to make were almost unmanageable. The MOST powerful effect would have been to have no one else on the stage except Adam, and let him loose to dance and move and strut and sing and entertain for two whole sets, one set perhaps being ‘Whole Lotta Love’. If that had happened, the world would have been at his feet this morning, and the only talk around the ‘water cooler’ would have been of those confessing they had to agree that he is indeed the greatest entertainer of all time.

    From a purely professional standpoint, there were a number of things that shouldn’t have happened besides that fall last night. The first was that an entertainer should not be so moved himself to anger that he gives the whole audience and the entire world a visible hand signal of his wrath. The second is that an audience should NEVER be so confused or disapproving at the end of a performance that they will not even acknowledge the performer or his performance. Whatever else is said about last night, it was abundantly clear that the main body of the audience was not impressed, and disapproved of the performance, so much so that they would not even give the kid a break and applaud. Again, like the fear of an unplanned fall, the single most horrifying thing for any artist is to be unacknowleged and disaffirmed by his peers. All of these things happened all at once for Adam last night, in what was supposed to have been his glorious, shining debut. Be assured that no artist on the face of the earth can bear public disapproval by his colleagues. It is the artist’s lifeblood to be recognized, affirmed, championed, and loved by his public, particularly his peers. To be disapproved or unrecognized, both of which happened to Adam last night, is death to the artistic soul. That Adam was able to re-group in his dressing room, come out and give a heartening interview about himself and the performance was a testament to his incredible bravery and sheer panache in the face of a very heavy reality. If your peers aren’t giving you their whole-hearted approval, if your fans are dropping off your bandwagon, will your album sales also likewise take a nosedive and the studio execs begin to plan damage control instead of a triumphal procession across the globe….it does not bear consideration.

    Now, having said all this, I am going to change direction in midstream, just as Adam loves to do with all the rakish dash and derring-do of the true pirate and wild man. All that I said before was from the point of view of an older adult, someone who has been around a few city blocks, has accepted some things and discarded many, and has a very mature and fairly realistic view of the world and human events. I want beautiful Adam to be always gorgeous, totally professional, wise and perfectly well-informed, and for heaven’s sake, in touch with the true nature of his fabulous musicality and what he could really do with it, and all the class he could bring to his sizzling act! But alas, his future and every step he takes are not going to be directed by me, or any other more moderate voice around him. Most of us have already been in those fantastic years when radiant youth, vitality, and the supreme importance of sex and sexiness were everything. Believe me, we GET what Adam is doing and trying to do with his black-leather Glam look, stage routine, and message. And we get that he is trying for a certain dark fashion visual statement with all of it as he stated on his FYE music video interview. Because we’ve seen it all and done a lot of it, doesn’t mean that Adam has ‘seen and done it all’…..he’s young, he’s alive to everything, and he’s right in the middle of making his mark on the world. Instead of saying that I think I know what he should do now or what he should avoid in the future, I’m going to say I don’t know what he should do now, or what’s in the future for him. Because I am an adult, I want to see things well-done, neatly presented and packaged, and reasonably free of extraneous over-the-top stuff like writhing dancers in scanty costumes. But because I love Adam Lambert, I am going to say I still love him terribly, I never stopped loving him, I won’t stop loving him in the future, and I don’t know him as well as I thought I did. I’m also going to say that I trust his sense of judgment about himself and his own career, and that he has a specific vision in mind, despite the flat debut of last night. Adam is a very powerful being, an irrepressible force, a fierce and passionate man with an idea of how he wants to do things, and it goes contrary to the prevailing notions of acceptability. I am going to go so far as to say that he will pull away from any negativity surrounding the AMA Awards, roll up onto his knees and then onto his feet with the same boundless athletic grace he showed recovering from that almost disastrous fall across the top of that bleacher, and ‘go on with the show’. Despite everything, and disregarding all the talk and speculation, I believe that Adam Lambert is still the hottest man in show business. Forces behind the scenes will re-group, fans will have their whole concept of what they think about him and can accept turned completely around, an invisible seismic shift will occur, and Adam will go on to the superstardom he deserves.

    And after all, what do I know? I just know that I love Adam Lambert, and I’m not going anywhere. Count me in for the rest of the trip, even though we’re headed up the Himalayas in a rocket ship and one of the thrusters just fell off. Adam Lambert is not done yet, he’s only just getting started, and didn’t we sign on for this gig knowing that ANYTHING could happen? Well, anything just did happen, and after all the smoke and ashes have cleared, I find myself laughing about the whole thing. Adam pulled a number on us all last night, and instead of being outraged, I’m laughing. He is like a brisk slap of cold air in the face which jolts you awake after being indoors too long. Or he is like the sudden answer to an impossible problem, which shocks you with the new direction you will be required to take. Adam Lambert is like nobody we’ve ever known, and come hell or high water, I’m going to find out what happens next. There’s no way I’m letting go of this fantastic, saucy, crazily inventive, shockingly new and wild, over-the-top rocking wild man, no matter what. No over-produced awards show is going to shake me off, either. Isn’t it until death do us part? Well then, …Adam Lambert, I love you, and you’re stuck with me forever..

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      Bravo Lorrin,
      I was just posting my comment below and yours came up. You have said it all perfectly. He’d probably have to kill me to stop me loving him…
      I’m glad you posted… and I’m glad I got to read it.

    • DonnaNoble says:

      Ditto Lorrin, love your post. Guess Adam’s stuck with me also!

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      So true, Lorrin…every wonderful word you’ve written! Thank you for expressing once again the feelings in my heart. I signed on to this voyage the first time Adam opened his mouth & SANG for the audition judges on Idol. Who knows where he will lead us? I know this…it will NOT be boring….it will NOT be drab …it will NOT be mundane! It WILL be THRILLING! It WILL be EXCITING!!! It WILL be GENIUS!!! Adam WILL ENTERTAIN ME!!! Adam makes me know I’m still very much present in this world & ALIVE!!!!

      Camdace in MS #388

    • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

      Lorrin…BRAVO I have been so upset since last night that I was useless today. Your well written article is just what I needed to read. I feel so much better and ………hopeful again. Thanks

    • Lorrin, me too just like glue! Loved your version.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      LORRIN…………….So glad to find you, at last. I know how you feel, I think. I think, or know that we have the same fears and love for Adam. I agree with what you’ve said. I’ve been posting here and there saying this and that, but, what it all comes down to is what will Adam do? I understand so very well about the humiliation he endured after the performance by not being loved and his talent appreciated. But, as you said, he had to do things ‘his way’. He made a bad decision. He does need help from someone who can help him see why this or that might not work at this time. He wants to get it all out there, yesterday. He has been so patient with most of the goings on. But, I think his patience just ran out for this performance. He lost sight of himself. He lost sight at his focus. He just lost sight and his nerves and his will to prove himself too much too soon, in this way got the best of him. He continues to sue the phrase, “it’s not that deep”. He should have taken that advice and not made it so deep last nite. He does contradict himself. He is not used to the media picking up every little utterance. He is not used to playing out in the real world, away from the small community of the LA gay world. He is out of his comfort zone. He needs time. He really needs time. Time to understand, himself, that he can do wrong, and he will be held accountable. Yes, we his fans can just wait for the next tv show. But there is no good excuse for him to take a thing like the AMAs to make such a big blunder. And that is just what it is. Big. I, too love Adam and will be there when many may leave, but he should not be content with that. That would not be very smart. He didn’t come this far to end up simply relying on a small fan base to start a grand musical career like we have never known. You don’t get too many chances to skrew up, and rarely at giving the world your middle finger. He has shown some immaturity, and that is to be explected. Afterall he has been singing for 17 yrs. He in in a venue now, that he has only dreamed of. He cannot afford to take anything for granted, now. I’, afraid that that is just what happened.

      First I learn, then I teach. That is what he says. Adam, now is the time to learn. If you never believed it before, you can believe it now. Humility was not by your side last nite. Neither were most of the wonderful adjectives that people have been pouring on you for the last year.

      Think about it. It is serious. It is deep. You just made it so. Then commit yourself to making the best music and performances that the world has ever seen. You don’t need to put the sex thing in everything, especially when you have been stating for so long when people ‘dissed’ you about one thing or another. IT IS ABOUT THE MUSIC. Now I hear you say, I’M BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST. Which war are you going to? You might win the battle and LOSE the WAR. None of your fans want to even think that you would do that. Grow up and be the adult man you are. Act more responsibile and with more respect to your fellow man. This is something that people will remember long after the voice is gone. You are starting your reputation. Don’t be flip about it and use cliches.

      You are bigger and you are better than that. You are bigger, better and so much more talented and wonderful and gorgeous than you showed us last nite. So, do not keep coming up with these lame ass excuses. Own it and change it. Stand tall, but be humble. This is who you are.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Loved your post Lorrin as I always do.

      I just wish that Adam didn’t feel he has to explain himself. I don’t think he has to. I know a lot of people on this site felt better after he had that interview. Well, let’s put it this way, he never has to explain himself to me. I love him no matter what, I have said before that he will never disappoint me. He will never shock me either. I love him till death do us part, wish I could be his partner, I am way too old for that though and the wrong sex – and no I don’t want to start that discussion again, just saying!!!

      After the Details magazine shoot I had a feeling Adam may go in this direction particularly with this song, the words are pretty explicit and out there and with those lyrics he was never going to just be on the stage alone singing that song. I remember all the clips of Adam in the Zodiac club and how outrageous and fantastic they all were and I thought, yes, that is the direction he will head into. All I can say is ROCK ON ADAM. LOVE YOU MORE EVERYDAY.

    • Lorrin, ‘the voice of reason’, THIS IS WHY I ALWAYS LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR POSTS! Love you and just like Adam, you’re stuck with me! Mmmmmwah, Ingrid

    • Amen! Thanks so much… Now I don’t have to type everything you just said— I wouldn’t have been able to say it as well as you… Just got my FYE… love the spread and music so much;p

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      Ever hear the old saying…”People do not disappoint us. It is our expectations of them that disappoint us.” Lorrin is beautifully describing what we all WANTED for him and from him… and we didn’t get it. Not this time. And yes, part of that disappointment was our feeling that the audience of his peers may have disapproved. I didn’t feel comfortable at the end of that performance for several of reasons that Lorrin has put into words, best described as the performance’s “runaway nature”…. But I agree with you that we’re in it for the long haul because we love him – truly love him – and there simply is no one in his league. Period. In our defense, we’ve really never seen him when we didn’t think he was ab-so-lute-ly perfect. So we have learned something too – he’s only human. Thank you Lorrin for reminding us that things are not always as they seem – and that there’s always tomorrow. After all….it’s our own fault for falling in love with him so hard ;o) We, too, have to brush ourselves off and get back on the horse…. that’s what Adam has done already.

  92. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Hmm. I have been considering this further. I have been looking at different reviews all over the internet and have replied to a couple. It astounds me how closed minded people are to one thing and then totally blase about another.

    Blase about family viewing of the 6pm news where murder and terrorist victims are shown. To desensitize our children by watching repeated acts of violence or playing games with it included. Or allowing them to play Grand Theft Auto where they can kill someone or hire a prostitute. Where it’s acceptable for tv shows such as 2 and a half men actively show a man’s desire in life being to get a woman, sleep with her and have no commitment.
    For a large percentage of guys to watch porn or read it…. and for it to be eye level in most newsagents where our children can see it. Or advertising that places scantily clad women on billboards.
    At 8pm Janet grabbed a mans crotch – family viewing time…. Adam was on at 11pm outside the hours that are monitored for indecency. Not that it was.
    Getting it right means knowing that Adam put the mans face into his navel area. The man was a dancer and doing his job. Every move was choreographed. Ok maybe not the kiss but who didn’t think that was hot… we all know the guy is gay…soooo. Madonna and Brittney did it…
    Is it only when something new happens that everyone jumps up and down. Like when Elvis wasn’t filmed from the hips down because of his gyrations. Or Alice Cooper bit the heads off rats…
    The countries that showed the AMA’s in most part are democratic societies that allow and encourage free speech. Does that only become inconvenient when it is convenient.

    This isn’t about anything said here, it’s what’s out there and guess what, I’m going to post the same reply to all those negative sites I find! And it’s a bit stronger than this…

  93. I was disappointed. He has too much talent for that. This was TV…an award show ..not his concert. I told my grand-daughter to watch and I hope she missed seeing him put faces into his crotch. I love him but these award shows are turning into competition to see who can be the freakiest.

  94. Okay. I’ve read enough and now it’s time to chime in. After defending himself against the editor of OUT it seems he contradicted his strong feelings about not wanting to act “TOO GAY” or being the poster boy for he Gay and Lesbian political agenda. What’s up with the BS statement about discrimination? If that isn’t a political or civil rights type of phrase I don’t know what is. It’s not the graphic behavior that bothered me. It was the overt display of anger that bothered me. ALOT. The interpretation of that song could have gone either way. It could have been upbeat and whimsical. Positive and circus-like. Instead he went to the dark side. Bordering on abusive. I just read that the dancers did not know that he was going to grab their heads and shove them in his crotch or that he was going to shove his tongue down somebody’s throat. A straight man to boot. Imagine if somebody behaved like that towards you in the privacy of your own home? This self-gratifying, selfish, leud and degrading act occurred in front of millions of people. I am disgusted with him. When the song ended he looked so freaking angry. Why? Who pissed in his Wheaties that morning? Then I find out he was flippin’ everybody off? With that single act he HAS lost my support but more importantly my respect. I could get past the raunchy, pitchy, offensive and amateurish performance but not that. It was completely unnecessary and insulting to everyone that has supported him whether Joe Blow Fan that voted, pre-ordered his cd, raised money for charities in his name or the industry execs or peers that filled that have championed him or that filled that auditorium anticipating something remarkable not remarkably STUPID. Bravo to those who did not condone his disrespectful behavior by applauding it. I won’t spend one more minute after this following or supporting his now questionable rise to fame. Adam. You’re not even close to having the creds to pull of what you attempted at the AMAs. That takes years of proving yourself first. There is a time and a place. Adam has some tough lessons to learn. I’m done.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      See ya around, nope probably not. I don’t think Adam made a mistake, but let’s hope no one does so in your family or friends because you would cut them loose at the drop of a hat.

  95. Oh…I have to go. I haven’t listened to the CD for at least an hour and I’m going into withdrawal. Last night is over. It was only 5 minutes.

  96. Since Im a hugh Adam fan from day one I must submit my two cents. “Are you ready for what
    im bout to do?’ You either understand Adam’s brilliance or you don’t. If you don’t like my
    music, don’t buy it or watch me. Adam is giving you a choice. He is different which is so
    refreshing to me and I am 57. Adam knew exactly what he was doing last night. If there are
    consequences to be paid, they are his consequences and he is willing to pay the price to be
    different. When I first saw the guys head in his crotch area, naval area, whatever, I had to take
    a few moments to think who was initiating the gesture, ADAM. I think he shocked everyone but
    after thinking about it, everyone realized this is who Adam is. Now the choice is yours to
    support him or not. I personally will always support Adam to the end. Besides he’s not too
    hard on the eyes. haha

  97. I am Adam’s fan even tho I didn’t like last nights performance-preference not discrimination tho. And Adam is not his experiences, neither are we. and as Albert Einstein said:”Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Whaat is sad fact, people are afraid of their bodies and sexuality more than violence on tv. Whatever.

    • That is a great point ayleah. How many murders and rapes have we seen on TV shows as part of our entertainment but there is this big hoopla over a provacative music number? Big deal. I do wish the sound system had done him justice. It made him sound pitchy and he is never pitchy in real life.

  98. omg ” what can i sat” gotta love this guy~!! he is so f—ing smart!!!!!

  99. James Champagne says:

    I’ve been reading this site for awhile now, and have never really felt the need to say anything, but I can’t bite my tongue any longer. I find it shocking how quickly some of Adam’s supposed “fans” have turned on him, and the hypocrisy of their responses is nauseating. I can’t help but wonder how many of the people shocked by the sexual nature of Adam’s act were also the same people having hot flashes and throwing panties at him during the American idol tour over the summer. Judging by what some people have said on here, it seems that they just want Lambert to some sexless innocent who croons wedding music to old women. Frankly, what drew me to Lambert in the first place was his bad boy vibe. I liked how he didn’t seem to be like so many of those other American Idol contestants. I like that he tries to push the envelope a bit. Either you get it or you don’t. The most offensive comments, to me, are the ones where people say he was rubbing his sexual orientation in their faces. As if the American heterosexual mainstream majority media doesn’t do the same thing every day. I’ve never seen such hypocrisy in my life. Lambert is in an unenviable position. On one hand, there’s certain quarters of the gay media that think he plays it too mainstream, isn’t gay enough or shocking enough. Yet when he does push the envelope even the slightest bit, it freaks out his more mainstream, conservative fans. Frankly, I hope he tries his hardest to alienate both camps, as they seem to be equally clueless. If anything, I hope Lambert pushes his career into even more bizarre areas. If this means shedding his more timid fans, so be it.

    Bottom line: whenever someone says that they aren’t a prude, 9 out of 10 times they actually are. I mean, come on, it’s 2009. People’s views of sex are still so antiquated. I found nothing shocking or in bad taste in Lambert’s performance at all, and I see no reason why he should apologize. Oh, and for the people offended that their kids saw that, you can’t shelter your kids from reality, you can’t keep them in a bubble. Kids see worse things then that in schools everyday anyway. Get over it.

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      Totally agree….. like I said before….. good observations.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Totally agree with you. And it’s true that he is in an uneviable position, in the middle of both camps, as you said. Sometimes they are really clueless. I hope he will continue being true to himself.

  100. Jeanette, will Adam’s performance on the Dave Letterman’s show be posted on the site??? Actually that is a dumb question and no need to answer! Glad you could spend time with Songwriter and Gala and are safely back!

  101. I thought Adam’s ballsy performance was very refreshing. He shook up one of the most boring show to once again talked about show. ABC should thank him. What was the big deal? His performance had nothing we haven’t seen before, but perhaps, not seen by a man. Adam’s a pioneer, how does that surprise anyone? I do agree with Adam’s statement of double standard. However, the double standard have existed on the both sides for long time. And many artist have dabbled on the subject many times before. I do think he had an unusual vocal challenge and the awesome fall recovery last night… Haha, it was all for fun, all for entertainment, whether it’s for you or for him.

  102. I was reading that The Chemical Romance band did several shows with simulated BJ s and that Justin Timberlakes “Summer Love” is really sexual. And, I noticed that the supposed spontaneous kiss -well-look at the photos-he was clearly definitely returning the kiss. (I would too,o yeah) And the camera angles were all in the right places to catch everything-Rehearsed for sure. Oh my. My wil sweet Adam planned it, I think. Okay. don’t care. I totally love love love his courage and him and his talent and unconditionally.

  103. Gina, Glamb #552 says:

    Hey Everyone…yesterday was my b-day and my gift was seats at the Letterman show taping with Adam performing. He was amazing!!! Afterwards he was so nice and took pictures and gave out autographs….Watch it Wednesday 11-25 when it airs….I will post my photo with him after I get off cloud 9!!!!!!!

  104. I know I am hours late, but I just want to say that Lorrin said it all for me. Great post! Thanks! Looking forward to where Adam (and we, his loving fans) go from here!

  105. AdamRocks! says:

    I watched the video again, and I’m loving it more and more. . . this is Adam, and it just makes me smile, and laugh, and get goosebumps all at the same time. I just LOVE the beginning of the song, when he sings “heat it up” with that little turn of his shoulders, and when, right after he sings “you need to be entertained,” he gives one of those fierce looks at the audience, and then turns quickly as the heavy beats start. And then “don’t be afraid,” how he changes the way he sings those words (yeah baby!).

    I feel so bad that the sound wasn’t working properly. . . he probably wouldn’t have sounded so pitchy. . . but despite any of the negatives, I am even more in love with him.

    This might sound strange, but I have an almost liberating feeling after his performance. 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  106. Lover-Vampire-Biter says:

    I LOVE ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and im on myspace. look me up

  107. AdamRocks! says:

    Ooooops! Sorry Ofra. . . I posted a link to the same E online article that you posted about.

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  108. W hat’s bugging me this AM (like anybody cares) is that the lyrics to For Your Entertainment are misquoted at the top of this article. Look in the CD – says nothing about a “fallen angel” ….. I sure didn’t hear that at any point of listening to the song and so checked it in the lyric type out. says “thought an angel swept you off your feet” .. right???? LOL from Never-Did-Think-He-Was-Soft and Sweet-and-that’s-why-he-continues-to-rock-MY-world

  109. I spent so much time trying to download the video last night and reading the tons of comments. I was shocked no doubt, not so much by the acts but more on his vocals which were far from impeccable. He went off pitch twice! There was definitely too much action going on stage that could have caused his fall! I just couldn’t sleep well after that, worrying that Adam could have lost some fans and fans-to-be and ruining his career. The raunchiness was not necessary though he definitely achieved maximum media attention! I am still trying to sort out my feelings for Adam. Just wished that he would concentrate on entertaining us with his vocals instead. And I agree with some of you – he looked so angry and almost sinister!I missed his sweet smile 🙁

  110. AdamAddict says:

    GMA CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SCREW THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SHOW THEM YOUR FINGER,ADAM,SHOW TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    URGH,I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WELL DONE ABC,TO PLEASE 1000 PEOPLE,YOU GUYS MAKE 1,000,000 PEOPLE MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I WANT TO KICK CROTCH,GIVE ME CROTCH TO KICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SCREW THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Poor Adam 🙁 Let’s show Adam some love,people!OMG,I need to lie down!

    • AdamAddict — I live in NY and I heard this first from you. Seems to be true as I just saw a short blurb on the New York Times online to confirm this.

      This is just an act unbelievable and unwarranted censorship on ABCs part!!! If they (ABC) had any concerns, which were probably unjustified anyway, all they had to do was ask Adam in advance what he planned to do and explain their concerns. In the post AMA interview Adam had already said he’d be performing a different song, with a more “vulnerable” theme to it, when he was in NY. Did ABC really think he was going to perform out in the street in NYC and do exactly what he did at the AMA awards??? I believe they knew he wouldn’t but chose to censor him anyway. They never bothered to find out what he was going to sing?……maybe TFM or another ballad from the new CD????

      We need to unite this group and send our vehement objections to ABC. They need to know that he has a substantial fan base out here and that we can boycott them in turn! Money talks and when their ratings go down, they will realize the mistake they’ve made.

      Whether we liked or disliked his performance Sunday is a moot point. We need to defend our guy and his right to perform and not to be censored like this. GMA had Rihanna on this morning wearing a “jacket” (only) up to the yee-hah and that was OK for the early morning “family” audience. I can only imagine the view down on the ground below the stage!!

      Glambs Unite!! We must blast ABC with emails and phone calls and letters until Adam at least gets a public apology.

      Jeannette where are you??? Help!!!

      • Adam will be on CBS Early Show tomorrow (same time – 7am) and rumor has it he will sing two songs and will be interviewed. For whatever business reasons, ABC is cancelling but their loss is CBS’s gain.

  111. Enjoyed James Champagne’s comment because he clearly made a whole lot of sense!
    Those double standards are absured! Adam is a brillant entertainer who is super motivated
    and full of positivity…extremely talented, creative and a true professional! Over the top for some,
    maybe, but this is ADAM…and that’s what makes him so spectacular! I would’nt change him for a second!….. Keep pushing those boundries ADAM it’s time the world woke up!

  112. I’m late to the critic party but….it’s kind of sad that people are pining their dreams on him being boxed into one mode that is palatable for them.

    It’s should be up to any Artist to do what they want with their careers. Fans either jump on the band wagon or jump off and that has always been how it is in any medium. To try and hold someone to an expectation of what they should be at any given time seems futile and not letting an artist take risk or discover something about themselves in the process is way too controlling.

    Who could have missed all of his pre-idol performance days? Why would anyone think that persona was no longer part of him? It was going to seep in somewhere and he didn’t hide his desire to break-out from the idol shackles that he put on to get exposure.

    It all seems calculated that as the CD dropped he also dropped the AI facade. There is really nothing wrong with Adam Lambert being who he wants to be as an artist and he seems willing to live with any outcome.

    As I see it, he has thrown down the gauntlet and either people want to go with him on this journey or not. But for him to be or act like he is something that he isn’t to please a certain of fans doesn’t seem fair to me.

    Picasso is a good example. He was so out-there and completely changed the world of Modern Art. Artist should be able to create freely without being dictated to by their fans. Art has and will always be subjective. Fans may come and go but I do believe that Artist have to be true to themselves first and let the chips fall where they may.

    Please one group and then you insult another, which is an age-old trap that kills art and creativity.

    Just let the guy do what he wants without all the wailing. No doubt there will be more twist and turns in his career as he doubles down on what it is he is trying to get out there. No great artist is the same person over the course of time if they are really talented and passionate.

    Evolution is inevitable and it really is unfair to try choose a course for another person!

    AMA’s aside, I think he will be interesting to watch over the long haul.

    • Yes, this all so far out and I feel I have to go all the way. I am commiited to be on this outrageous journey with him!!!

  113. I agree with Leticia totally.
    I just watched the access video interview. Bowie, Alice Cooper, etc. did what they did so you didn’t notice they couldn’t sing! Adam’s voice is just the best. I read a posted comment a while back that said – I wish Adam would sing every song there is. I agree.
    Hey Adam, don’t forget who we fell in love with. The voice – the personality. We felt like we got to know you on Idol. You weren’t just a performer, it was like you were one of us. Now, after voting for you and promoting you, going to your concerts you’re saying “well maybe I’m not for you”. I feel betrayed. Seems like you did what you had to do like, be nice, let us meet your family, take us to your high school, let us into your life and your struggles and then as soon as Idol is over its like you said “I got what I want”. You used is for the exposure, to become a name so you could do wnat you wanted all along.
    I’ve watcherd the videos from the Zodiac Club, and must say I’d rather watch those than the AMA performance. There your vocals were great, at the AMAs you were just another act. 🙁

  114. Hey everyone… Good Morning America just cancelled Adams concert for tomorrow….I just fired off a letter of complaint to ABC. What hypocrites….they can have serial killers, terrorists and all manner of abusers on their network but this kid makes ONE screw-up and he’s gone! That means we should ignore every other wonderful performance he has done? Give me a break! They are letting 1500 complaints out of millions of people dictate their programming. Let’s see how many complaints they get now! If you are so inclined you should go the the ABC sight and voice your concern. The good news is that CBS has picked up the concert and he will be doing it in the morning show! Yeah a network who can put things in perspective!! Let’s give Adam our support!

    • LvAdam — Bravo! Please see my post from a few minutes ago, just a few above yours (in response to AdamAddict). This is just unforgiveable, unwarranted, irrational…….. It’s yet another overreaction from a network, quaking in its boots that it will lose a few viewers, or worse, a few sponsors. We are a nation of such pseudo puritanical hypocrites! We let people drive like maniacs, untrained and uninsured, but put warnings on sandboxes in playgrounds. I’m so livid I’m almost incoherent!! Thank God CBS has had the cohones to take advantage of the opportunity. I’ll be watching and I’ll be letting ABC know exactly what I think of what they’ve done. I hope all the Glambs and all of Adam’s fans will do the same. Strength in numbers!

      • hi Cris R , I was so pissed off that I didn’t take the time to read the other posts but yours is GREAT! We really need to take ABC to task for this. Talk about over the top! Their reaction is ridiculous! Keep sending those complaints to ABC people!!!

  115. this was what I was afraid of=( Anyway it’s time to stick to our idol!! Even if it’s continents away I’m rooting for him;p It was stupid of them not to even take advantage of the “scandalous” performance. I would’ve asked some hardhitting questions if i were in their place. Knowing Adam, he’d have really thought it over by this time and come up with an honest response – and it doesnt necessarily have to be an apology. Well maybe for flipping the audience but not the sexuality bit

    • btw, what’s goin’ on with the updates? I had to get this news from who’s rubbing me off as sarcastic… glamb leaders, please don’t be too disheartened… i’m really counting on you guys there to show strength… I’m hoping Adam shows us his heart on the upcoming interviews to remind us that it wasnt just his phenomenal voice that won us over – it was that refreshingly honest and great personality

  116. AdventureGuy says:

    I am open minded and so I have attended a fetish club because I do find that sexy to watch…… but the important point to be made here is that as a free adult I CHOSE to attend and see that kind of “ENTERTAINMENT”. However, I did not enjoy Adam’s AMA performance at all – mainly because it was forced on a public (and also upon open-minded me) who were expecting SEXY ARTFUL SINGING, not just RAW SCREAMING SEX! Just as Simon would say “You chose the wrong song” – in this case Adam, “You Chose the wrong VENUE”! I probably would have enjoyed that performance if I chose to go see it in a Fetish Club setting where I would expect to see such things by choice. But definitely not on the AMAs when you KNOW kids are going to be watching to the end to see if Taylor Swift wins Artist of the Year (Way to go Sweetie – a truly class act who is so sexy in her innocence and graciousness to her fans). Another disappointment was that the song just plain sucked! I definitely won’t be humming that one tomrrow. The tune was very boring with a repetitive beat and lame lyrics that did not express any kind of human emotion that would warrant and invoke that sort of screaming delivery, so it was waaaay oversung. I was an Adam fan and would fast forward my TIVO through every week’s episode of American Idol to see his performances. And he was especially brilliant in the final with Kiss and Queen. But sadly, now I wonder if I will be able to remain a fan. I will not buy this CD if this was the best song on it, but will await a redemption and a return to the brilliance he is capable of (with better song writers of course). Another dissapointment during the entire evening was all the interruptions with no sound when most songs had to be censored repeatedly due to content. Artists should smarten up and chose what songs should be performed on TV so the lyrics and music would not have to be interrupted so much! The music industry has to give their head a shake as half of the other performances were not enjoyable to me either, even though I am fully open-minded about things like this.

    • Dear AdventureGuy,

      Hope you give Adam’s album a chance…this song was probably the weakest in the whole album IMO, just totally pop and dancy (more for club audience). Other songs have more content and showcase his voice better. Go back a few posts, and you will hear the songs livestreaming and you will fall in love all over again.

    • I totally agree with you.
      But, having seen the video to For Your Entertainment I like it. His vocals are much better and I think the video was produced well. But again, that’s a video and not a live performance. What do you think of the video after your experiences at the “clubs”?

  117. I am a fan who will always buy his music and watch his shows. Adam choses to go the hard way, forging his own path and sometimes (maybe, many times) he will be paying for this just like any other artist who pushes the envelope. I just hope the music will go on for years to come.

    Out of topic question: sometimes your emails end up in my spam folder…is there a way to fix this?
    For a minute there, when I didn’t get any emails after AMA, I thought you guys had abandoned Adam. Then, I remembered to check my spam folder, and there you were! Whew!!! Anyway, thanks.

  118. Wilhelmina says:

    It’s always apples and oranges for Adam and I love that <3


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