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Adam Lambert share surprise kiss/lick with his cute bass player; talks to “ET” about his first solo tour
By Greg Hernandez on Jun 23, 2010 1:39 pm | Comments (0) |

I cannot possibly keep up with all that is going on in Adam Lambert’s exciting universe right now but I try!

On the Adam Lambert Fan Page on Facebook, there is this new photo of Adam last night at the Nokia Theatre in New York City’s Times Square sharing what one fan describes as a “kiss-lick” with his cute bass player Tommy Joe Ratliff!

This occurred during a major stop on the Glam Nation Tour which is Adam’s first solo tour.

Adam talks to Entertainment Tonight about the tour and says his butterflies are long gone: “When I was putting together the show there was a little bit of pressure and I was a little nervous about it. … The nerves are all gone — and now it’s more excitement. Now it’s like, I can’t wait to show this to everybody. I can’t wait to share this with my fans.”

Adam, who appears on ET today, promises his fans a dazzling show with plenty of songs from his album For Your Entertainment and lots of dazzling visuals.

“There are nods in there to Boy George, there are nods to Michael Jackson maybe, to ‘The Matrix’… There’s a little something for everybody and it’s all kind of put together in this big melting pot.”

Watch the video for Adam’s thoughts on the upcoming one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, and for more behind-the-scenes excitement from his concert.

Adam’s Glam Nation Tour across the U.S. wraps up September 21 in Washington. In the meantime, you can help the star support education through the “Glam a Classroom” campaign.

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  1. I am sooo enjoying this experience of seeing Adam on American Idol, and then watching him become this amazing superstar! I love this fan club, and the way it keeps me posted on whats going on–the concert videos are great! I’m going to watch ET tonight, I remember Adam doing the fashion section!
    Thank you so much for all you are doing!

  2. eva soued says:

    I hope that everyone sees Adam for the fantastic talet that he is. Yes he is a showman. We need people like Adam who as far as I can see helps other artist. Who cares about anything else. I love his voice and everything else about him. He is a real human being. Adam you rock and keep true to yourself. You do not have to become any thing else because people think you shoud change. You are real and I love you for that beside the fact that I haven’t heard a voice soooooooooo fantastic is such a long time. I am 59 yrs old and I have enjoyed many artist in my life time so far. You are one of the best and do not let anyone tell you different. Keep true to yourself.

    • Eva,

      I SO agree with you. I’m 52 years old, and everyone at work teases me because I’m always talking about “my boy,” Adam Lambert. That’s how I refer to him…LOL!

      We literally grew up with Michael (RIP), we had the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Madonna. I put Adam right up there with the best.

      I think Adam is going to be the next big thing for many years to come. Remember it was Paula Abdul who told him that there are few performers who have longevity. I think she named Mick Jagger, Steve Tyler, and then named Adam.

      I just love that he knows who he is, not only as an artist, but as a person. When I was his age, I was going through a divorce, so I was totally lost and confused! I also love that he loves and respects his family…his Mom, Dad, and brother. I admire that in a man, especially one as popular as Adam.

      I hope I will be able to see Adam. I’m in Texas, so I’m looking out for the announcement.

      • Adamisamazing says:

        I am also 52, and refer to Adam as “my boy.” I have never felt this way about any performer. I think Adam is the best singer I have ever heard. Since AI, I feel I have seen and heard every interview, performance and video he has ever been involved in. I know some people think I have lost my mind, but like you said, Paula was so right. He will be the next big superstar. And, he will be iconic! I honestly believe that he will not only be “it” but he will bring people together – people of all races, religions, ethnicities, age and sexuality. How can you not love this man’s personality as well as vocals? He’s just amazing in every way. He inspires and uplifts me every day. He is the most exciting showman of my lifetime! I absolutely love him!!
        I’m going to see him next month in San Diego and two days later here in Arizona. I have never done anything like this before in my life. One concert maybe, but two within two days…
        He is coming to Texas (my birth state) – Houston and Lubbock. So, hope you can go.
        His official Web site lists the dates, as you know.
        I’ve never felt this way before. He came into my life during a dark period. In a two year span, I lost both my beloved parents, and my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Luckily, my husband is okay now. But, I thank Adam every day for coming into my life, and brightening my every day with his talent and personality. I feel lucky to have him in my life.

        • Oh my gosh!!! did you say Adam is coming to Houston, Texas???? WHEN and WHERE???? How do I get tickets????? I missed his AI tour…but I do not want to miss any more of Adam in person. I am 50 + and my friends and family think I have lost it when it comes to Adam.
          If anyone is going to the Houston show please let me know. I don’t drive in Houston, but would be glad to go and share expenses. Where do we get the tickets
          you can contact me at
          When is the Lubbock show. I am in Fort Worth, but think Houston is closer. I just thought I lost my mind over Elvis…I am absolutely sure it went out the window when Adam hit the scene. Love love love Adam and his voice

          • Adamisamazing says:

            Yes, he is coming to Houston on Sept. 8 – at a venue to be determined. He is going to be in Lubbock on Sept. 4 at The Pavilion. If you go on the Official Web site, you can RSVP for the Houston venue. Tickets aren’t available because they haven’t secured the venue. I am from Dallas, but I now live in AZ. I also missed his AI Tour because I just wanted to see him alone, and it was a tough time for me at the time. Now, I’m making up for it by seeing him in two different cities. I used to live in San Diego, and now I live in Phoenix. Anyway, hope this helps, and I hope you get tickets for Houston.

        • Oh boy do i know what you mean about Adam coming into your life at a dark time!! I felt like my heart had been shattered into a million pieces. My only child/daughter had left for college 3000 miles away. Four months latter Idol started an an angel came into my life. Everytime i see him it feels like another piece of my heart heals!!!! You are going to the San Diego show!!! So am i hope to meet all the amazing glambs there!! Are you from San Diego?? Im from Riverside and am on an endless search for Adam fans that are nearby!! my email if you know of anyone!!!

          • Adamisamazing says:

            Yes, the timing was amazing for Adam to come into my life at that time. I am going to the San Diego show with my friend. We live in Phoenix, AZ. But, I couldn’t take the chance that he would be coming to Phoenix with the political climate and all. Thankfully, he is coming anyway, so I will see double Adam. My friend is a fan, but not as obsessive as I am. I will see all the Glambs before the San Diego show too.

    • Keli Green Eyes says:

      I get called “Cougar” in my office. I’m 46 and let me tell you, every time I watch WLL my husband is a lucky man!

      • Farzana says:

        Indeed he must be lucky …a lot! This particular “performance” is his most “inspiring”! If he would perform it all the time as he did at Gridlock on New Year’s Day there would be demographic changes in the world every day!!!!

  3. Adam, after watching your performances on AI, you looked so young and innocent to me, yes, even with your guyliner and mascara. That young man has become………ADAM LAMBERT, SUPERSTAR!
    This is the man, the powerhouse that we can’t get enough of. I am so glad that you have the theatrical background, as it is a joy to watch you on stage.

    Fever, is one of my favorites and to see you perform this live is just one of the highlights, but then, all your songs are!!.
    Surefire Winners was my least favorite until I saw you perform it, last night.
    Adam your CD is great! Watching you perform your songs is even greater.
    I love Surefire Winners now. You voice continues to amaze and enthrall us.

    I know the show is only an hour long and that was the disappointing part for me. I could have watched and listened to you all night. Who couldn’t?

    Adam, gay or straight, we get you and you get your audience!!! People who go to your shows get more than their money’s worth!! Don’t ever listen to the naysayers, as long as you love what you’re doing, keep on strutting and singing, as you do, from your very soul. That voice is magic!

    I saw the Beatles in the early sixties, in Glasgow, Scotland. My sister and I sat through the whole show and never heard them, as the fans there never stopped screaming, even while they were singing. I think we may have been the only two who were disappointed that we never heard them.
    We were not screamers. That’s what I love about the fans over here. They scream, but they also want to hear you sing. Now, that’s a sign of appreciation of your talents. Screaming has it’s place, I guess, but not while the artist is singing and your fans want to see and hear you!!

    Thank you, Adam for a great show!!!


    • Eriskay, I appreciate all your comments, especially about the place screaming has in a concert. My one fear is that I won’t be able to hear Adam over the screams and ‘singing along’ of the fans. I noticed in one posted video, Adam tried to start a song and had to pause a couple times to wait for people to be quieter. Living in the Mountain States, and not being young!, I have this one opportunity to see and HEAR Adam perform and I’m really hoping the fans keep fairly quiet while he is singing, and save their appreciative screams for after. Anyway, all your comments were great! I also find my ‘favorites’ changing…whatever Adam is singing at the moment becomes my favorite! lol

    • @Eriskay – I’m with you – I’m also not only NOT screamer – I HATE all that screaming when it makes it so you can’t hear a thing….

      but… let me tell you a story…

      In 1965, when I was 16, The Beatles did a 2nd tour of the U.S. and not only was I able to go, but I had a GREAT seat! I didn’t know our seats would be so good so I took binoculars with me and I didn’t even need them – but I used them anyway and was so excited cuz with them I could actually see the sweat pouring down their faces. LOL BUT – this was my first big concert so my first experience with being in the same place with all the screamers. I was furious that I couldn’t HEAR – and I couldn’t STAND the screaming – so after a couple songs I gave up on hearing anything and plugged/closed my ears with my fingers to at least block out the damn screaming – and WOW! WHAT A SURPRISE!! Closing my ears actually blocked out the screaming and made it possible to actually HEAR the music and singing that was coming over the sound system!

      For the whole rest of the concert I stood there, happily, with my fingers holding my ears closed and ENJOYING THE BEATLES PLAYING AND SINGING! Everyone around me looked at me like I was nuts LOL – I even got some nasty looks, like they thought I didn’t like the Beatles – but I didn’t care – I was the only one in the whole arena who could actually hear them!

      And – I’ve also discovered that it works when I watch videos on YouTube – the screaming fades into the background and you can hear the music. I have NO idea why it works, but it DOES! So – now you all know how to hear past the screaming – that is, when you’re not DOING the screaming 🙂

      I’m going to be seeing Adam on July 12 – and I can’t WAIT! Unfortunately I won’t be able to plug my ears tho – I got a new camera just for Adam and plan to take videos of every single song and lots inbetween. I sure hope security is light at this one! I hope I’ll have something worth posting, but even if they’re not good enough to post, at least I’ll have them for my own memories.

  4. Oh, dear, I just watched the Fever vid. Looks like I’ll have a hard time keeping quiet myself! lol

  5. hey (love) you look real good in that video love always from me to you

  6. Ninalatinalambert lover says:

    Omg! I love Adam! I love his confidence in himself and his talent! Those of us on the glamfamily know that World STARDOM ICONization will happen! Go Adam!

  7. I so missed Adam talking like this. So relaxed, sane and grounded. And my Gosh, despite all the glitter, glamor and fab, he is still so humble, attributing the drawing power to his diverse fans from the universal language and power of music, and not to his own genius. My dear Adam, you are on the right track……… and I’m so happy for you. I like to kiss you baby……. Oooohhmmwwaah

  8. Siobhan says:

    hi guys
    it’s who you hate… again…

    u look grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr8
    I just wish I were there ;(
    luky me…. ;(
    I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove u boy you’re just sooo……. I dont know….

    I dont need a kiss if u dont want to
    maybe just a little hug and a photo would be enough
    I saw u on ET
    u were sexy!
    keep on the good work my love (oh gosh I started talking like my dad!!!)

    thats a kiss from me to you
    remember it


  9. glamaus says:

    ADAM is an unbelieveable performer! I have 4 tickets for Costa Mesa, Orchestra (2 in section 1 and 2 in section 3) as family unable to now attend. If you are interested please e-mail me
    Is anyone travelling from Thunder Valley to the Warfield 25th? Please e-mail me.