Adam Lambert Discusses Idol And His “Glamnation Tour” With Ryan Seacrest

Adam Lambert dropped by the KIIS 102.5 studios in Los Angeles today to chat with Ryan Seacrest about last night’s spectacular performance of “Whataya Want From Me” on the Idol results show, mentoring the Season 9 Idols, and his upcoming North American tour.


Adam is playing the radio station’s May 15 Wango Tango concert and has hired 4 dancers to perform with him on stage. He’s headed to the UK and Europe for another promotional tour, and when he gets back, he’ll dive into rehearsals for his first North American tour.

Called, “The Glamnation Tour”, Adam hopes to make the production exciting and “atmospheric”.



  1. Kayluhhh says:

    Glam Nation?! What a perfect name for the most perfect tour! Im so excited, all the pieces are coming together, I can’t wait! Go Adam! <3

    • lovemyadam says:

      I agree, it is THE perfect name!! I know, I can’t wait either…


    • yes, it’s THE GLAM NATION. three words or the idiot bashers will replace the’g’ with a ‘d’ so we will not let that happen.
      The Glam Nation will raise the bar on what one wants from a concert. It will be magnificent.

  2. Thank you yet again Sue!! He makes me so happy!Did you know about the interview on Im kindof new to this web site do the glamberts have a chat room or a way to talk and give info other than the chat that is on the right side of the page?

    • lovemyadam says:

      You are very welcome Rema. I’m not sure what interview you are talking about. Everybody just adds to the comments the things they want people to know! So feel free…


      • Hey Sue , Sorry Im not great on the computer ,it was an article on the first page of the stories that keep flipping,went back today and cant find it.Thanks for answering! Love ya!

  3. Judy Lushman says:

    Really good interview. Thanks so much Sue. Everything is so exciting with Adam when you are a fan of him. His tour is going to be out of this world, literally. He said that he wants to take his fans somewhere else, atmospheric. Can’t wait!

  4. glad adam name his tour ;; glam nation wowo;;
    universal Music Publishing group soign kris allen
    hope adam lambert has this opporunity also.
    adms voice is big-great voice compare to kris veyr ordianry voice.

  5. universal music publising Group sign kris..
    got this info from
    hope adma lambert sign as well; adam is big-great voice- and kris is veyr ordinary singer ..

  6. …And, this definitely a great moment to cherish for all of us…GLAMNATION TOUR!!! WOW! the promise “atmospheric” I am ready!!! to fly with Adam!!!

  7. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    Woo-hoo! Can’t wait! I wonder if they did this before or after the taping yesterday. Hmmm…

  8. guys please help fellow fans….
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    All ADAM FANS show your love

    idol site that grades his performance from idol, haters are coming out of the wood works brought his score down from an 83 to a 70

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    • Thanks for the info. An awesome performance by Adam–pure perfection!!

    • Ima Ramorah says:

      Sara’s right!!!!
      The Adam hating TROLLS are out in force all over the net.

      Come on girls (et alia. ) letz vote our boy back on top 😉 , where he belongs.

      keep bumping these links up;

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      • Adam is already signed to a major label. RCA/Sony is about as big as they come. One might well ask, if Kris has so much potential, why did Jive Records let him go?

      • You do know that that those silly little polls don’t mean anything, right? They prove nothing more than that some people have nothing better to do with their time than sit and vote a whole bunch of times. They neither indicate popularity or sales.

        The only things that matter are music charts. Right now, Adam’s single “Whataya Want From Me,” is #7 in US, #8 in Australia, #2 in Germany, #3 in Finland, #7 in Sweden, and #1 in New Zealand for Top 10 songs on iTunes.

        It’s also #4 in US, #2 in Germany, #6 in Australia, #8 in Canada, #9 in Denmark, #1 in Finland, #1 in New Zealand and #5 in Sweden on iTunes Top 10 Pop songs. (None of the other Season 8 contestant’s have singles on any of those charts.) HIs album is yet to be released in UK and other European countries.

        On Billboard, it’s at #10 in Top 100, #14 Pop songs, #20 Radio songs, #8 Digital Songs, #16 Adult Contemporary songs, #6 Canadian Hot 100, and #9 Adult Pop songs.

    • Sara,
      Thanks so much for posting the links to vote for Adam. Lets all get out there and vote, vote,vote, for our Adam!! 🙂

  9. Another great interview with Adam. Thanks so much for sharing these with us.


  11. kat4adam says:

    Adam looks so fabulous!! This look is my favorite for him. I loved his performance and was so proud
    of him as a mentor and performer. Don’t you think these fresh puppies in Idol 9 were like “OH this is what you mean by step it up a notch or ten.
    I think Adam ruined it for me with Idol. I just don’t have that rush I got wondering what he would sing and wear. I remember times when I would get on the internet just to see him before it was shown here in Calif.
    I haven’t seen his American tour list yet but hope he does something close so I could go.
    I love to listen to his voice, he always gives a great interview .
    Has there been a name given to the Tongue laugh from last night with Ryan. Adams face was priceless.

    • buffy522 says:

      I feel for you sister. I am feeling a little jealous of UK. Three weeks! They will be getting all the little concerts that most of us can only watch on youtube. Is he trying to leave this crazy nation? I wish I could have seen him here. Everything is far from me and, well, I just didn’t try. Next smallish venue I am going to go. I love all of his interviews and want to see a small concert first. Some people have been so lucky. Sorry, tired,it’s late and missing him already. Some of the haters are just Kris fans who won’t let it go. Let them be! Both can be successful. I haven’t seen any entertainment shows covering the mentoring or amazing performance. COme on!

  12. leilani aloha says:

    Adam ever so talented & creative to come up with a catcy name for his tour!!!
    He’s already a Super star,!!!
    judging from last night performance on AI, his fans just Love eeeeeeeeeee him:):):)
    all that screams 7 excitment for Adam
    It was just Wow! Wow1 Wow!
    & more Wows to come for sure!
    graet interview
    u can see Adam’s so so happy in this video!!!
    Congrats Adam!!!

  13. Did you guys all notice the sparkly ear peices on Adams WWFM performance on Idol? Every detail is immaculate. He could just cruise to the top with his voice alone, and his natural good look as in part of th official WWFM video , but he just loves all the theatrics. He has so many talentd. I am so thrilled for him, it has been a bit of a rocky road staying true to himself and not going the way the majority wanted him to. So keep doing what you love Adam, it is working. I think from looking round the internet he is getting heaps of well deserved compliments.

  14. Libraglam says:

    WOW WOW WOW……i could not stop Wow’ing since yesteday…NOW seeing him on this video KISS FM….more WOW coming out from my mouth….ADAM IS SO BEAUTIFUL !!!! his voice is so WARM and every word came out just perfect mix with humor as usual. His SMILE hypnotized me. I had to slide the bar to view it so many times !! He is SUCH A SWEETHEART !!

    Thank you Sue for posting this !!!

  15. Libraglam says:

    WOOHOO !!!

  16. Adam is sooo superduper handsome here. What perfect teeth, perfect laugh. Ohh, I could bite his lip, …. so chewy. I love it when he said, “I have to keep the shred of sanity I have left”. Ha -ha-ha ! I want too, to laugh with him. My wish someday, is to be able to talk and laugh with Adam. My gosh he is so sane and grounded. I hope we can have that same REALITY or SANITY CHECK like Adam does. Oh, he likes Starbucks. So GLAM sisters, you know now where to hang-out. Good luck and may you chance upon him.

  17. grandjag says:

    Adam not only is a fantastic singer and performer but no one ever can handle an interview as well as Adam. He does an amazing job with every one.

  18. SUE

    you make my day


  19. hahahahaha…….. I FOUND IT !!!!!!!!!

    just google ‘ youtube Adam Lambert talking boots ‘

    gawd – how i love that guy xxxx

  20. k. morgan says:

    My friends and co-Adam fans….Don’t let the haters get you down…I do not go to the Idol site much because I find the site full of very negative petty bloggers….I wager most are the stupid teens who have no clue or haters trying to spread their bigot messages…figuring if they post there more will read…
    I can tell you right now…the press….the critics….they all loved the performance and the current Idols were grateful for Adam’s help. Take a lesson from Adam, brush off the negative, concentrate on the positive …Haters are not worth your time of day….Loved his performance….was so amazing.

    • AMEN K !!!! Adam is such a beautiful and positive person.We need to stay on this site where all that love him can be together!!!!

  21. How does someone so unearthly also be so down to earth.? Adam is a living, breathing contradiction. I just can’t wait to see him live this summer. I hope he gets as much joy from the experience as all of us certainly will.

  22. yay i cant wait so f*****g happy *jumps up and down lika kanga rooooo*


  24. when i see some bad words for adam in a news i cant help but answer what they said. adam does not deserve that ,he is a good person.i love when michael lynch said that the crews and handlers of AI have all but nice things to say about adam. those haters are just jealous other idols fans who cant take adam’s superstardom. i hope we fans gets stronger and stronger as the idiots try to put him down. i am from hong kong and i almost read all the news, interviews and performances of adam in tne internet.

  25. He is still riding high here from his outstanding and redeeming performance from the night before and I am in awe of how he does it all, always so open, accesible, grounded and on target.
    He is giving so much of himself in these performances and I think this might actually be the reason that he can maintain all this zaniness around him, because he is so true to himself.
    Wow, so much to learn from him

  26. KO's smiling says:

    Love that he’s heard about the Kate Gosselin DWTS horror show. I hope he doesn’t ever watch that awkward performance.

  27. OMG, cannot WAIT to see Adam in concert, I just wonder how we’re all going to fit into the front row?? 🙂

  28. Lorraine says:

    Has Adam’s trip to the UK been cancelled or delayed due to flying conditions. Hope so.

  29. Donna 293 says:

    Loved this interview!! Thanks Sue!

  30. I really hope that Adam releases “Voodoo” as a single in the near future. It has great potential for a fantastic music video … bayou, swamp, voodoo, pins in dolls, hunter and prey. Enormous potential … especially for someone who was so fascinated by “Thriller.”