Adam Lambert: Destroyer of American Idol

Those of you who hate “American Idol” should be down on your knees thanking one of its spawn right about now. Because the long running televised search for a superstar is on the slab. Cause of death: Blunt force trauma inflicted by runner-up Adam Lambert’s glittery platform boots.

Those of you who love “American Idol” know I’m right.

Of course, Glambert didn’t intend to kill the show. He just underestimated the strength of his fabulosity.
That this season was arguably the best in the show’s history is due, in large part, to Adam. Going into Season 8, questionable format changes (including a universally scorned fourth judge) and an annoying, ever-increasing focus on contestants’ backstories and commercial appeal over actual talent threatened to propel AI right over the proverbial shark. But then something unexpected happened. Adam Lambert took the stage during the semi-finals and blazed through a fierce and funky version of The Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.” At that moment, he either completely won you over (as he did me) or had you wondering, “Who the hell was that…and what is he gonna do next??”

What he did next was consistently wow us with his fresh approach to a show that many believed was well past its expiration date. Adam wisely avoided the tired Idol standards (”Against All Odds,” “Unchained Melody,” insert your own most-hated), while strategically choosing songs that would stand out from what the other contestants were doing. He also had a knack for doing the opposite of what the audience might have expected, like camping it up on Movie Night, slowing it down on Disco Night, and using Country Night to completely freak middle America out.

After being force-fed mashed potatoes for seven years, the audience finally discovered French fries, and they couldn’t get enough. Both lovers and haters of the show gobbled Adam up. Even those who weren’t Adam fans couldn’t stop talking about him. They couldn’t stop wondering what his next move (or outfit) would be. People who never watched AI were suddenly tuning in to see what all the fuss was about. Water coolers across the U.S. were drained dry as co-workers debated the big issues: Singer or screecher? Gay or straight? Pencil or liquid (eyeliner)? Maybe it’s powder! Maybe he’s bi!! Should we get back to work?

In a season with lower ratings than it had suffered in years, Adam Lambert breathed new life into “American Idol.” And it tried to hang on, really it did. But that poor show had no chance.
Remember when Glambert opened Rock ‘n’ Roll Night with a sexy, scorching rendition of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love?” Simon Cowell declared that, although Adam had started the show off with a bang, the downside was that no one would be able to follow it. And he was right. In fact, the only one who came close to touching his performance was…well, Adam himself. (With the help of pint-sized, big-voiced rocker Allison Iraheta, he closed out the evening and brought the house down with a duet of Foghat’s “Slow Ride.”)

Perhaps Simon didn’t realize it at the time, but he was also predicting the demise of the entire series. Because, really, who is going to be able to follow Adam Lambert? Ever?


Now, don’t get me wrong. Although Adam may have the power to turn me into a babbling fangirl at times, I’m not suggesting that he is the greatest artist who ever lived. I know that there are plenty of underground club kids out there who could probably give Glambert a run for his money. But a lot of “American Idol” fans wouldn’t know that. Because on a show that excels in creating family-friendly, safe “products” for its mainstream audience, a (not really) sexually ambiguous, guylinered, shrieking wild man with an anime haircut is something brand new. He’s a game-changer.

But does “American Idol” WANT a new game? And is the audience ready to play?
I suppose we’ll find out in January, when AI rises from the grave for a ninth season.
Of course, those questions were partially answered at this year’s finale when Adam, the clear-cut star of the show and most buzzed-about contestant in Idol history, still somehow finished second to the safe boy-next-door, Kris Allen.

To Allen’s credit, he showed much more creativity than most artists of his ilk. He also managed to quietly slide toward victory without the help of furious pimping or a sob story, so the public’s unwavering support of him was certainly a step in the right direction. Had Glambert lost to Gokey, AI would have completely gone over to the dark side, doomed to return next year as Tuesday Night of the Living Dead Karaoke.
There’s still a very real danger of that happening in Idol’s post-Glambert world. If the powers that be just go back to business as usual, stacking the deck with pleasantly dull singers and Daughtry wannabes, its ninth life could be its last. But serving up a bunch of Adam Lambert clones (and believe me, there will be many) isn’t the answer either. To stay relevant, the show needs to finally start delivering on its hollow promise that it is, first and foremost, a singing competition. It needs to throw away its formulas and cookie-cutters and embrace the unconventional.

Most importantly, the powers that be need to stop assuming that they know what we, the viewers, want more than we do. We just want talent. And we know America’s got it.




  1. tikkari says:

    “To stay relevant, the show needs to finally start delivering on its hollow promise that it is, first and foremost, a singing competition.”

    This pretty much says it all.

    • What about the judges getting 50% of the vote and the public the other 50%? It would have made a difference some years.

      • Then Danny Gokey would have won.

        • Suse1701 says:

          I don’t believe that at all. I think they pimped Danny initially because of his backstory and big voice, but as the season wore on, I think Simon realized he was a one-trick pony. But it was too late. If you asked all four who was the superior talent/performer I’d bet BIG time they’d all say Adam. How could they not? After all, they’re not complete idiots.

          19 has not signed Danny and by all indications are not going to sign Danny. I still don’t understand why they continued to pimp him and let him slide on stuff they were crucifying others for, but by Rock Week I think they realized he was not who they thought he was, but it was too late. If they were scoring individual performances, Adam would have rated far more 10s than anyone.

      • Judges 50%? That’s definitely not the answer. No back stories to pull tug on the publics heartstrings would be a good start.

  2. I agree 100%, and you’re right, we don’t need a bunch of Adam clones, but a good variety of those who can sing well (ex. Lady Gaga) but also put on a current relevant performance. I like to think Adam has paved the way for that to happen…

    If you look back, David Cook and Chris Daughtry are more the heavy-voiced rocker type and I think there is room for all. Jennifer Hudson and Lil Rounds (R&B), Bo Bice, Daughtry (lightweight heavier metal), Kelly Clarkson and Katharine Mc Phee ( pop princesses), Bucky and Constantine (lighter rock), etc… and now Adam. He is the first techno p;op rocker to appear but won’t be the last .

    Technology is changing and judging by the awesome remixes and videos I’ve seen on youtube and elsewhere , so is the sound that the kids want to hear. They need a beat, they need a message, they need a memorable live performance. Adam provides all that for 2009 and the near future.

    He also has world appeal. As a non American myself I think he is less typically American that most of the performers have been. He should do well for decades if he doesnt implode or make some foolish choices along the waiy. (Michael Jackson?)

    • Hi Theresa:

      I was a huge Michael Jackson fan and kind of backed off once charges were made. I just didn’t know and still do not know. Idid and still do love Michael’s talent. I hope that Adam never has to deal with anything like that.


      • I don’t think we have to worry about Adam going the way of Michael Jackson. For one thing, he did not grow up in the media eye or rich and idolized. He had a normal middle class childhood with the plus of having supportive parents who were willing and able to expose him to a lot of music and get him into theatre, where he could channel all that talent and energy. He even made it well into his 20s being mostly self supporting (with occasional assists from parents on rent) and having genuine friends – not managers, body guards and sycophants. Everything I’ve observed about him says grounded, good humored, intelligent and sane. I’m not saying he won’t feel the pressure or have any issues adjusting to a radical change in lifestyle, but if anyone can handle it, I think Adam can.

        On the flip side, I just hope his fans respect his privacy and boundaries, as I worry when I see some posters positively bragging about out of control on his behalf – or doing not-cool things trying to get a reaction from him. It’s all about mutual respect.

  3. Great article and we totally agree with you;-)

    Stacey and Bobby

  4. Star Catcher says:

    But does “American Idol” WANT a new game? And is the audience ready to play?

    AI doesn’t want it, but if they can pump out people as unique and awesome as Adam I’d be the first up to bat. I’m sick of the cookie-cutter crap they spew out year after year. I’m surprised that I didn’t get sucked into Adam first, in fact he was last on my line of guys to root for. Mosty because they didn’t go into detail on his audition very well. By the time I started listening to him, I’d almost given up hope for American Idol. He turned it around and killed it in a good way, for which I am greatful.

  5. There was never a doubt in my mind that AI would never be the same after Adam sang ‘satisfaction’! I have to say that it would have either fallen by the wayside or would come to be so ‘safe’ that onlly ‘tweens’ could stand to watch it. I liked David Cook and Carrie and Constantine, but really none of the others. No, wait, I did like Taylor!! Yes, I did! That was a desperate year, I’ll admit! Thank God for Adam!! We got a real singer w/him! Not ‘just’ a singer, but an unbelievable talent and personality! There are so many ‘bqands’ out there, no one who is talented enough to be a single-superstar in the truest sense of the word. I don’t care for Daughtry, myself, never did get ‘excited’ about him as so many did and do. Probably never would have gotten truly ‘excited’ again about a singer if Adam had not come along! Adam hasn’t just gushed onto the scene due to his superior, gorgeous vocal ability, but WHAT he does w/them!! He’s TRULY an ICON w/o any reservations!! His clothes – hot and young and interesting and new! His charisma, sexiness, charm and humility, unsurpassed! I won’t bore anyone, BUT Adam came onto AI trying to be Adam, in a ‘subtle’ way just to be heard!!! What does that say about a tv show that says they’re trying to find a ‘superstar’, but doesn’t say, THEY will decide who’s ‘super’ and who’s not, along w/trying to ‘water-down’ anyone who’s ‘different’? Just seems I’m repeating the same things said about Elvis in the 50’s and 60’s! Although, I want to be innovativse w/phrasing, I can’t because ‘it’ all has been said before about our culture, during the Elvis yrs., which seems to sayl a lot about American cultulre as Europeans have been saying forever. America is too Puritanical! I love Adam – all of Adam due in large part to all his unique-ness, and hope when the tours are over, we’ll be able to see ADAM UNLEASHED! Sorry, middle-America, time to crawl-out from the stone ages, finally! I know it’s hard, but come with us or die behind us! A TALENT LIKE ADAM LAMBERT ‘SHOULD’ BE LOVED, APPRECIATED, AND CULTIVATED BY HIS FANS, SINCE TO LEAVE IT TO THE CONSERVATIVES WOULD MEAN CERTAIN DEATH. -LOVE-PEACE-HOPE- 2 ADAM and those who love him. As for Am. Idol, it’s sink or swim. One thing, for sure, Americans won’t let the establishment force-feed us anything! Thanx to all Boomers! That fight has been fought, I thought, but apparently not truly WON! Back w/a vengence!

    • I believe America is changing, cheryl, bit by bit. We Canadians have more of a ‘world view’ and always have had. We were not founded by the Puritans, and only time will change America’s history in what it will accept or not. Just think of all the scandals involving so-called religious family men ( televangelists, politicians, even presidents) who turn out to be hypocrites.

      Even now, there are probably some who are judging Adam as being less than worthy, or ‘sinful’. I really like how Kris, who is a Christian I believe, is using his Christianity the way is is meant to be, being accepting and tolerant of all of “God’s children”. I am not particularly religious at this point in my life but it irks me to hear the critics of Adam’s style and lifestyle. He does not flaunt it. He has told us all we want (need?) to know. Time to move on.

      AI will never be the same, the bar has been lifted, (or moved sideways?) and I expect next season’s auditions to be rather spicey. I believe Simon has one more year on his contract and Paula has just been signed for one year as well. If their audience does not grow back it may be their demise.

      • THERESA – YEAH, AMERICANS ARE SO MUCH MORE PURITANICAL THAN CANADIANS, I THINK THAT’S FOR SURE. I think the Mideast does beat us!! As soon as it seems that America is moving forward, something happens to thwart that hope! For a new example, there were a group of daycare kids who were African-Americans going to their pre-paid swim site and were actually told they couldn’t swim there b/c they ‘change the complection’ of the group! Some used the ‘n’ word, even! This just happened Wednesday. Of course, the hypocrites who caused the problem, as usual, denied it all. But I mean!!!! As for some may be ‘judging’ Adam, I’m sure of that!!! You’re so right! Kris is absolutely doing what ‘christians’ are supposed to do. However, this country is full of religious hypocrites!!! My son being a pastor over 15 yrs. still, I have not gained much hope for the USA. I am no longer part of organized religion. Haven’t been for over 10 yrs. Don’t see a ‘need’ for it in my life, given my extensive history w/evangelicans in my family. It’s a true turn-off for me! Everyone needs to do what is best for themselves. I am a Christian, but do not ever feel the ‘need’ to broadcast it. I think we can tell by the way people treat each other, where they stand on their own faith. ‘Telling’ someone ‘I’m a Christian’ brings up red flags for me, immediately!! I automatically think, ‘why do they feel the need to SAY what they are’, their ACTIONS are what I’ll look at. But, hopefully, not judge! Well,,, I’ve gone too long on this matter! HaHa! – Back to Adam and AI! I am so glad Adam doesn’t ‘flaunt’ himself in a ‘gay’ way!!! If he had been doing that, I don’t think he would be as appealing as he is, and I think he knows that b/c that is just NOT the way he does things!! Another reason why I love him!!!!1YEAH, ADAM!!!! I so agree w/you about AI’s coming years! I really think Simon will quit after this next year! I think he’s ‘fed up’ w/the way 2009 ended! I feel the same about Paula. If I remember correctly, Kara only had one yr. and won’t be bacI have to do some entertaining in my home here, so I’m sure you’ll be glad this ‘note’ back to ya is so shortk for 2010, but maybe after that. Randy, Mr. Smoothe, will probably come back in 2010, if idol doesn’t end after that. But, I have no more info than what is out there. Kara got married last week! I have to say, she does have beautiful skin, a pretty face, and a great-looking body after seeing that bikini-thing she pulled on the finale!! Adam is soooo hot, it’s still hard to believe idol let him do as much as he did this yr.!!! Seeing him onstage doing “Whole Lotta Love” was more exciting than I thought they would let him get!!! Just think, when he’s away from this tour and on his own. Man! What will he do to the world!!! He’s so super sexy on the concert tour, it boggles the immagination to try to see him ‘sexier’ than he is now, but we KNOW HE SURE WILL BE!!!! Sorry, this is so long,and I need to get back to my company here! Bet you’re glad this ‘note’ was so short!!! Hahaha! Let’s definately keep our eye on AI for 2010. It will definately be interesting! -PEACE-HOPE-

  6. I just want to share that Adam is the BEST! among the rest! YES! Man, He is one of a kind. nuff said.

  7. I’m sad MJ is gone, but I am happy Adam Lambert came into my life. YES!

  8. Agent_Betty says:

    Oh, I LOVE this article because it’s so true. (Although my comments are more referring to the subject in the first part.) I believe Adam made and is in the process of making history on so many levels. I almost can’t believe he’s real sometimes. And ok, I agree there are probably some underground people that could give him a run for his money, but where are they? No matter how you feel about him, he’s already a household name. I’ve been enamored with celeberties before, but my life has completely come to a halt ever since he appreared on the screen. And I know it has for many others. He’s addicting and I never tire of watching his videos or listening to his songs. It’s almost like every time I see them, I get something different out of them. I went to the first AI show in Portland and he was unreal. I don’t remember much after that (no disrespect to Kris who I think it talented, but no my taste). And then I got to see him after the show. He was everything I had hoped he’d be. As always kind and gracious. Even got my RS mag signed. Woot!! I have so much admiration and respect for him – how he handles himself and the decisions he makes. I know it sounds cheesy, but I feel like he’s changed my life in a number of way and for that I’m grateful. Love you Adam!

  9. pokergurl says:

    Well I tend to agree because as I said when Adam came in second, I will never watch AI again. As far as I’m concerned, nobody can come close to entertaining ME, the viewer as much as he has. I have found MY American Idol and have no need for this show any more. I think alot of people feel the same way, and in the end, their ratings are going to suffer for it. SO THERE!! LOL

    • AdamAddict says:

      I think I watched A.I started season 3.Just spent my boring time,never fell in love with that show.And then last year,I kinda like Archie & hope he win! And then comes this year,my fav. year! Comes ~Adam Lambert~sigh~! Started warm up my DVR,can’t wait Wednesday to come(Malaysia time) and get really nervous every Thursday and then downloaded Gizmo to vote for him!Woke up early morning to watch A.I finale live!Google Adam everyday,become Glamb!
      Next year,it won’t be the same.I’m still going to watch it though but I can tell A.I next year will be suck…because the best already won this year! 🙂

  10. RE: MJ – UNFORTUNATELY, MJ came w/a special set of problems from his earliests childhood due to his father who, as we know, was and probably still is an abuser, and maybe more. MJ had a great talent for singing, dancing, writing music, etc. But when it came to his really personal life, he had a damaged mind and feelings, due to his father. I wouldn’t be afraid Adam would be engaged in the same kind of problems as MJ. However, we all are way too familiar w/the problems due to the ‘superstar’ life. Drug use, the so-called ‘friendships’ of others, and the feelings of being so sure you can control your own life! That NEVER happens to ‘superstars’! I can only HOPE that Adam strives as much as possible to keep his ‘sanity’ while he conquers the world!! -PEACE-SAFETY-LOVE-HAPPINESS- 4 ADAM.

  11. American idol season 8 is the best season ever, because of ADAM LAMBERT…He’s the best thing that ever happened to the American Idol. Adam Lambert , I am a big, big, big, fan of yours.

  12. I agree with you 100%, I have found this last season of AI the most entertaining & interesting, because of adam. Every time AI came on I couldn’t care less about the others in the game, the only person who took my interest was Adam. Wether you like him or not, your eyes/ears are tuning into him. He’s amazing. know one in AI will ever come close to the talent adam has. I wish him the best of luck in his career. I truly believe he will become a legend.

    • I will thoroughly agree with you. The only reason why I watched and dvr’ed it was because I did not like listening to most of the other contestants. I listened to the last 30 seconds of their songs to hear what the judges thought, but Adam got played over and over again. Once again Adam is for anyone at any age. I am 37 years young and happy to be a die hard Adam fan.

  13. Great article! You summed the whole AI thing beautifully. And hooray for Adam Lambert! He gives us something to cheer about and for. May he ride to glory on this image-shattering wave he has created!

  14. Adamsbest says:

    I so agree. In the past, I was a great fan of AI. I was away for the first series, but in the second I wanted Clay to win, and then Bo but was finally pleased when David Cook took the title over Archie. Don’t get me wrong, love Carrie and Archie, just didn’t see them as idol material. Then Adam came on the stage and I thought Ai was the greatest show ever. How on earth did he come in second? I am still in shock and I don’t think I will ever take that competition seriously again. The current tour is an embarrassment. Adam is light years ahead of the other kids – this would be fine if he was the closing act, but as it stands now – fun but anti-climatic. I like Kris and think he is great in his genre, but against a powerful performer like Adam, he is sweet milky tea. However, we must remember, it is due to AI that we now have Adam – long may he bring live and prosper and bring us music and fun!

  15. shelbybb says:

    I have said for years ….”This is the best 10 singers of the thousands they saw around the country???”
    Then there was Adam and everything changed. It will be very interesting to see if AI can step up and make it a REAL singing contest. We’ll see in Jan.

  16. Patricia says:

    Adam, please, please do not let the demons that destroyed Elvis and Michael get near you. I think you are stronger, if only because you chose to be honest and truthful about all of your life, and you put it out there in the very beginning. Those who don’t lie remain the strongest over time. Good for you!

  17. Thanks for this article. I totally agree but must amend comment that Adam was a water cooler topic all across America, he was water cooler conversation all over the world – or at least wherever American Idol is shown. I’m in UK and myself, my family and most of my friends love Adam. I for one have still not fully recovered from his Whole Lotta Love (in a good way) He is phenomenal and it is just all round crazy that he did not win. How did that happen. I can’t, and never will, get my head around that one!

  18. Jane Parker says:

    Agree totally!
    If everyone that voted, had voted for the BEST singer in a singing competition, Adam would have WON!
    If everyone had been voting for raw talent to go with the BEST singing, Adam would have WON!
    As we know, for every category of AI, Adam would have WON.

    But somehow, Americans always make it about something other than what it is (Race,Sex,Religion, etc).
    There are always such BIASED opinions about all things!

    YES, AI let’s see how next season will be different!

    • Could we not slam “Americans” on the subject of Adam? I’m an American, and just about everyone I know has loved Adam and his talent as soon as they became aware of him. I honestly don’t know if the voting affected the outcome or not, but even if it happened in Arkansas, I don’t blame the entire state for it – let alone America. Adam is himself an American, after all!

      • I’m going to have to agree with you. I’ve seen a lot of comments criticizing Americans especially when Adam lost. Lots of posts like this: ‘Americans’ don’t know talent. I’m originally from Chile but I’ve lived in the US for many years now and you can NEVER stereotype ‘Americans.’ Everything is here, every culture, every personality, we are all different. This is the MELTING POT of the world.

        • DREAMSOUND – SORRY, I DISAGREE! At least in my post I didn’t imply Americans didn’t ‘know talent’, just that Americans are very ‘puritanical’! And I believe they are! Because we are the MELTING POT of the world, ‘judgemental’, puritanical people are more apt to raise their ugly heads than other countries b/c America has freedom of speech etc., therefore, Americans are very vocal about how they feel. Also, this country was based on freedom of religion and free press, we feel obligated so often to tell the rest of the country ‘why’ they are ‘wrong’, so due to America’s puritanical-based religion. That is, of course, where & why there is so much adversity to ‘changing w/the times’, as the ‘religious right’, ‘moral majority’, and ‘conservatism’ makes ‘moving forward’ re advanced thinking is so difficult. Also, I have to add, that as an ‘American’, I can make this OBSERVATION when I feel the need, just like all the others I complain about!! SO THERE!! Americans, generally, I believe, are a tight-ass society, and I don’t think this many peoples around the world disagree much, nor do many, many Americans. All one has to do is pick up a newspaper during the last 100 yrs!! I mean,,,,REALLY! This is NOT a new thought on how many Americans view many Americans! So, don’t get too uncomfortable about the issue, julst accept that as Americans, we HAVE to agree to disagree!! This is all I’m saying!! -PEACE-LOVE-HOPE- 2 ALL!

          • Linda Desplanque says:

            America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Having that freedom makes Americans brave enough to speak out about anything, anytime, anywhere and it has the ability to throw things way out of proportion. I’m still not convinced that the whole voting thing is legit, accurate or even counted. In a perfect world, we could all speak out whenever we felt like it and no one would contest it, be offended or appalled by it, etc. It would hold true “If you don’t like it, don’t watch and don’t comment.” Personally, I can’t fathom anybody not liking Adam. Even if they disagree with his lifestyle, his look, or whatever…..they cannot deny the man has SOMETHING for everybody!!!

      • Peggy, it is not meant to ‘slam’ it is an observation about ‘taste’ which is a reflection of our culture. Adam is/was not everyone’s taste, partly for his flamboyant goth looks and partly for his voice. When he sang “Ring of Fire” I was awestruck! I loved it immediately but my thoughts were “Oh, oh.. people are not going to like this rendition.” Johnny Cash is a country and western icon and some thought Adam had gone too far.

        I believe his great performances brought many people into the ‘Adam fold’ but there are still some who do not appreciate anything different or unusual. His latent campiness which comes out now and then duriing performances can be a turn off for many as it relates to gayness.

        These are just my observations, thoughts and opinions. Adam has a kind of persona which will appeal round the world. Countries such as Britain and Germany tend to accept and promote more unusual acts than we N. Americans do. It’s just the way of the world.

        However with technology being what it is now, and likely to get even more advanced, future fans for Adam will have easy access to him. Just look at how many around the world are on this site.

        It would be fun to have each person here tell us which country/city they are posting from.

  19. Arizonahiker says:

    Well I love the songs from Adam like, “Kiss and Tell” and “I Just Love You” and I am hoping to be able to buy them in an album or on Itunes. So far I can only listen to them on the internet. I’m 42 and I haven’t been into music since I graduated high school. This season while cleaning house I heard Adam Lambert on AI and stopped to watch the rest of the show. Now I own every song he has sung on AI and I have bought the albums of all of the artists he sang songs to on AI. I have really expanded my newly started music collection. I’m not sure what it is about Adam Lambert but I haven’t been taken back like this since Michael Jackson. Then MJ passed away. It was all pretty sad having just rediscovered my love for music. I love Adam Lambert. He really is so amazing. I love that there are songs who can wind you down and then songs he does that just jazz you up.

  20. Love him! I mean when I see pictures of him my first thoughts are usually, “Damn that man is hot”. So anyone hung up on the whol he is gay issue can just go toot their own horn because men and women find Adam Sexy as Hell. My family discussed the AI 9th season at dinner last night and we were all wondering how it would work. We’ve never watched it and been so taken with one performer the entire season. We are talking my grandparents, parents and my sis and I all liking the same performer. That is huge. My dad said he was as controversal as MJ, my mom said Madonna and Prince. My grandpa said it was like all the noise that followed Elvis. I really just hope Adam doesn’t get surrounded by all the controversy and negativity that followed the other huge stars. I don’t want Adam to do drugs or drink and drive and get caught with allegations like corrupting youth or all that other horse poop you have to hear about stars. I hope he uses his music to send messages to the world on war, on aids on famine on civil rights on just people not accepting other people. He could be soooo huge. I also really hope he gets a fashion line. That guy was made to model. Look how tall he is! If he worked out and got a Ryan Renolds body foget about it!!

    • Sudschick says:

      I adore Adam. I love everything about him, and one of those things is that he has a REAL body. I hope he does NOT work out and become a muscular toothpick. Haven’t we had enough of that? He is SO real! Let him stay that way, so that all the young kids (and everyone else too) don’t feel that they have to starve themselves to look like or be like their idol….my idol.

      • AdamRocks! says:

        I feel exactly the same way. . . the *realness* of Adam is what makes him so charming and adorable.

        Cindy in MS

  21. sashabxgirl says:

    yes he definately changed the game. theshow willnever and should never be the same.

    love love love my Lamby!!!!!!!!!

  22. Great intelligent thoughtful posts!

    And FYI I tweeted Adam and told him about this site and gave the address. I used key words like “intelligent” to appeal to his own intelligence…. hope he reads us, if he hasnt already.

  23. Joyce Adamczak says:

    america, if you can’t see adam lambert as the ultimate talent then you have no eye /ear for talent at all!
    adam lambert is God’d gift to a weary america
    let’s enjoy him to the max – buy everything he records times 4
    long live adam lambert

  24. SPEAKING OF TALENT! I have seen still photos and have been searching for this video clip for ages.

    It shows Adam doing comedy and acting! Apparently he didnt even have a rehearsal, talk about quick on his feet, so to speak!

    This guy will go far… be expecting him on SNL this coming year! (my personal prediction)

    Be patient ,he does appear after about 40 sec.

  25. Linda Desplanque says:

    Great article!! As always!! I think those of us who have watched Idol since Season 1 will continue to follow it, however much we believe in our hearts that there will never be a talent to top Adam. As a member of the Bo Bice fan Club and Bucky Groups, I remember after each of those seasons the “PEEPS” and “BUCKAROOS” swore there would never be a better talent. Being a part of that belief has fallen by the wayside now and I realize that on all previous seasons, there was someone who I was sure was the best EVER. ADAM, on the other hand, makes me realize that, yes that’s true BUT there will NEVER be anyone as diverse as Adam or as nonconformist as Adam. Face it…All previous contestants in the Top 10 Seasons 1 thru 7 had talent and some have done very well. But NONE of them had the complete package. All of them had a little something that though we loved them, was something we didn’t care for about them. (EXAMPLE: I was crazy about Bo Bice but I hated some of his outfits). Not so with Mr. Lambert!! He has style, finness, talent, personality, looks, drive, he’s open to try anything, he’s nice, he’s humble. There is not one thing I can think of, (unless his liner is a little smeared! lol) that is not to absolutely adore about him. I’m not music business savvy but at times one would think “If Adam stays true to himself, he could be the next MICHAEL JACKSON!!! And no, we don’t have to worry about Adam contributing to his own demise by walking in Michaels shoes. Like someone mentioned before, Michael was used and abused by his parents for monetary exploitation. Adam grew up in a loving, nuturing home and was allowed to be a child, Michael never was.

  26. Fantastic article, never in the history of AI has there been a more unique performer then Adam Lambert, he is what we have been promised and waiting for, someone with talent, originality, someone who stands out from the rest, someone who mesmorises audience with his performance. Adam is not just talented but inteligent to take charge of his future. I will neve forget his first appearance on AI, I could not believe my eyes, the voice, the performance, the hypnotising look in his eyes, I was glued to the television, I could not wait to see what he was going to do next time. I began staying awake to watch the live shows on my computer in the early hours of the morning. He still has the same effect on people on the AI tour. People should celebrate his talent and not be too inquisitive in his private life. AI will never be the same, it will be a very long time before we see talent like Adam Lambert.

  27. I watch Adams AI tour concert video’s every day. They’re fantastic. I’ve been holding out to go see him at his own concert. I’m a Kris fan too, but I really want to see Adam. Then it dawned on me. It’s probably going to be a year at least before Adam is on his own tour. So I went to StubHub, ordered up a couple of tickets, not the best, but in the building. Reserved a rental car and made a hotel reservation. I”M GOING TO BE THERE THIS FRIDAY!!!!!!! I’m soooo excited. I can’t wait. And the crazy part is, I’m recently unemployed, can’t make my house payment, and can’t afford any of this, but I don’t care. I’m going to see Adam!!!!!!!!!! Ha!

  28. stop knocking Americans..americans voted Adam all the way into the finals! and Stop knocking concervatives! there are plenty of us who love adam with every fiver of our beings. I swear i know more homophobic liberals than concervatives! just stop! talent and appreciation for that talent goes beyond politics!

  29. “I’m not suggesting that he is the greatest artist who ever lived. I know that there are plenty of underground club kids out there who could probably give Glambert a run for his money.”

    “Plenty” of people who could give Adam a run for his money???? Oh, I strongly disagree. Adam is not so ordinary that there are gobs of people out there who could come close to competing with him as an entertainer & singer. He is unique. No one has come along in a long, long time who can even compare with Adam, much less there being “plenty of club kids” who would stand up in a competition with Adam.

    And “not suggesting that he is the greatest artist who ever lived”? Too early to tell that — time will tell. But he sure has a great headstart in that category.

  30. The next season should be called The Next Adam or Who Can Top Adam Lambert.

  31. I agree. At least for me, I won’t watch AI anymore. Bye bye cheesy show with immature voters!

  32. AdoreUAdam says:

    Yes!!! People always want to be neat, proper, and so white pure in public. Up to 1972 I lived in a segregated town where I was told in middle school to go to the principle office to change my schedule because he (white music teacher) wasn’t going to teach me the clarinet to be in the school band. We didn’t have African Americans in high school until 1968 I remember one boy was being raved about making touchdowns a strong athlete so the coach brought him in to win football games. Also, just today I read the parents locked up their three children in the restroom starving them for about a year but the father is obese. We read in the newspaper many fathers and mothers as well some church leaders sexually abuse children. Like the saying goes “the skunk doesn’t see his own tail” . Oh yes about churches up to recently each had its own one race congregation. That has been Christianity pertaining to one dominant race which was the way when I was growing up the Whites, Spanish, African Americans each had their own Church and of course the whites had nice brick church buildings but the rest had wooden church buildings. The Catholics were mixed when I was growing up due to some of my childhood friends would tell me they had to go to communion. In my Baptist Church the congregation was and still is one race. I didn’t see an Indian in person until 1991 when I saw a tribal dance show. “Everything happens for a reason” is my thought all the time. I feel God enabled his creation Adam Lambert to come forth universally due to God unites people universally in music also Adam Lambert’s choice of songs having variety profound messages that had been famous once in their era are being now reinforce by the one and only strong leader, perfect vocals due to raving professional AI judges and opera critics, outstanding singing sensation Adam Lambert!!!! Luv U Adam Lambert Forever and a Day Always!!! My attitude has changed for the better in that I feel invigorated by his music giving me chills and goosebumps. I move to his singing(dance) with him seeing his videos like long time ago I would forget my concerns for the moment laughing and enjoying dancing under the disco ball,strobe lights pulsating to the beat , and colorful lights underneath the dance glass floor. I’ve come to believe respect ethically for one another is what allows people to live harmoniously and a televised formal ceremony universally recognizing Adam Lambert with a huge trophy and his colleagues praising him is well deserved for his outstanding AI, theatrical, and concert creative performances. Adore You Adam!!! I feel awards help the well deserve individual feel gratification for the hard work.


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