Adam Lambert Day – How Are You Celebrating?

p1011101Adam Lambert at USMC Miramar –  photo by cmhagey

Today is May 8th. Yes, this year it’s Mother’s Day and I cherish it for that reason. But I will celebrate Mother’s Day no matter what day on the calendar it falls on. Today I have another reason to celebrate. May 8 is one of my most important days to remember because this is the day that Adam Lambert made his visit to San Diego in 2009 for American Idol Season 8’s Homecoming! I felt like such a schoolgirl, attending a fan gathering for this celebrity. As I’m sure many of you had, I had been spending an incredible amount of hours on the internet “meeting” others who somehow felt the same way about Adam as I did. How could this be? I thought I was the only one “over the top” in this adulation that had somehow taken over my life. Could there really be others? And that many others?? Through forums, I learned yes, this was true. Now at the radio station, I had a chance to finally meet some of these other wonderful fans, who felt the same way I did. Meaning, others who were doing all the same things we had told our kids never to do – make physical contact with people we met over the computer. I never even gave it consideration as to which one might be a serial killer. LOL!!

Back to May 8. This was my first time to see Adam, feel his presence, and even ask him a question. This is also the day I met Lila Hayes, when we carpooled with four others from the radio station to Mt. Carmel High School, where the mayor proclaimed May 8 as Adam Lambert Day in San Diego.

p1011074Yes, that’s my car with the sign telling others to vote for Adam!


Little did I know how significant this day or meeting Lila would become for me. Lila and I joined forces and planned the San Diego Idol Finale Watch Party together, where she introduced me to Fernando, the owner of this website. She and I became best friends, have spent the last 2 years traveling together in pursuit of our music loves, and I can’t imagine my life without her or Adam, for that matter! The same goes for the other close friends I’ve met because of my devotion to Adam. Ladies, you know who you are! 🙂

Last year coincidentally on May 8, Lila and I were invited to the baby shower for guitarist Monte Pittman’s wife Lisa, who was pregnant with twins. Lisa had been put on emergency bed rest for the last part of her pregnancy and would not be able to attend, but organizer Lori assured us we would have a surprise guest. We were totally surprised when Monte and bassist Tommy Joe Radcliffe came to the shower and spent the day eating and laughing with the twelve of us, answering questions, and just being “real folk.” Lori knew Monte was coming, but even she was blown away when Tommy Joe walked through the door!

37300_411592756596_560721596_4401506_7157073_nTommy Joe, Carol, Lila and Monte

The day was beautiful, spent with wonderful people for a beautiful reason, and became one of the most surreal days in Lila’s and my lives. So this year, we have no baby shower to attend, but instead we are going to see Ricky Martin tonight in San Diego. I am so ready to get “sexified” as Ricky has done to me for 15 years. Hmmm, do I see any similar threads linking my two favorite singers?

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone celebrating today! And, even if you aren’t a San Diego resident, Lila and I still feel you with us, and wonder what you’re doing today? Please fill your comments below and let us know how you spent the day!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Awesome picture of all of you. Thanks for sharing. I still get chill bumps and fast heart beats when I see Adam eor hear his name. I met Tommy and Longineiu (sp) In Ok at the Winstar Casino. Was very upset I didn’t get to meet Adam. That is the first thing on my “Bucket List” before I leave this earth.

  2. Ana Glam says:

    Today was a lovely day spent with my children and grandchildren. We enjoyed cooking out and lots of old ol’ family time. Of course, my daughter and I managed to spend some “private” time talking about Adam, Adam Lambert Day, American Idol (it will never be the same since Adam) and what a unique and special place Adam has in our hearts and minds. We are hard core fans.

  3. Anna Langley says:

    Hi Carol,
    I am so happy to know others are celebrating just like me. I am in Australia so yesterday was Adam Lambert Day/Mother’s day. As the mother of a teenager I did not see her in the morning but she presented me witha beautiful drawing of Adam. Have a look on Twitpic(
    She and her father went out for the afternoon so I watched all Adam’s idol performanaces and the the GNT dvd,with a quiet wine or 2 and then rounded off the day with a lovely dinner out,my fave FYE tracks playing in the car to and fro.
    My clock radio cycles photos of Adam so I was able to look at them and fall asleep thinking of the
    wonderful man who has changed my life. Happy Adam Lambert Day to all in the states today.Every day is Lambert day for me but May 8th is special. Anna

  4. eriskay says:

    I spent Mother’s day with my younger daughter and my son-in-law. We are fans of Adam, and to be honest, it was no different than any other time we get together, as Adam is always with us, in our conversation.
    We always talk about how Season 8 was with Adam as a contestant, and we all agree that he was so professional, courteous, likeable, honest, fashion savvy and, most of all, that voice. We never tire of talking about Season 8 and how far he has come, today!
    We love him and are truly devoted to him.

  5. Yeah. Us, too. My daughter and her husband came over today for Mother’s Day and what was the first thing I did? Dragged them over to see my new photo on my fridge (loaded as it was). There, in all it’s splendor, was the beautiful photo of Adam and Sauli. I swear, a gal my age who can’t take her eyes off of Adam’s beautiful face….well, lordy, lordy. I am ever so happy that he’s in my life. And you know what? My husband is extremely happy he is in OUR lives…(ahem!)

  6. Glamity58 says:

    I spent time with my family and my husband’s today for Mother’s Day. It was nice and the weather was beautiful. I remember when the mayor proclaimed May 8 as Adam Lambert day. It was fun to watch him on Idol in season 8. I don’t think we’ll see another one like that season. This is a great day to celebrate moms and Adam Lambert.

  7. Anna Langley says:

    Very disappointed you did not lodge my comment. What was wrong with it ? Nothing bad. Now I feel horrible about the whole thing. Lambert day ruined.

    • Anna, your lovely comment did post. I read it above at 6:56 on May 8th. So please don’t be upset! It sounds like you had a very nice Mother’s Day! And thank you for sharing the beautiful drawing of Adam that your daughter did for you. She is very talented!! Linda

  8. Mary at the Lake says:

    Hi Carol! Loved your comment about doing what we tell our kids: “..not to make contact with people we met on the internet”!! LOL!! Well, here we are! And what an amazing time its been! I have many many friends I’ve met just exactly that way (including you and Lila), and many more from this site. I mean, gosh, who in their right mind would travel to LA for the final concerts of the GNT with women we met ON THE INTERNET (and who remain very special friends to this day)! Well, that would be me (and many more of us)!! This is the first Adam Lambert fan site I found right after Adam ran onto the stage and (into my world) during Michael Jackson week two years ago. Its just amazing the things that have happened since then: Idol, Idol Tour, Album release, early concerts, beginning with Fantasy Springs (where we initially met..), on to the Canadian Concerts (River Rock for me), many Glam Nation Tour concerts, much travel to distant places in some cases, concluded by the LA concerts and the fabulous Adam Lambert convocation/love fest that accompanied them. Who knew two years ago that any of this would be happening, and to me at that! So glad it did.

    I spent the day visiting with (non-Adam) friends who had all been away on a weekend together celebrating a birthday (myself included in the party). I took the opportunity today to educate and re-educate a bit about Adam, what he’s been doing, and introducing them to his music, both past and present. I hadn’t really planned to be spending time doing that, but the subject of Adam came up, since they knew I am a dedicated fan, and things just went from there. One woman who loved Adam on Idol but hasn’t followed his career closely since then, was VERY interested in hearing more, and she was the recipient of a couple of compilation CD’s (put together by me, with the express thought of introducing Adam to her gradually-maybe!), and she was also treated to some viewing of vids from the Glam Nation Live DVD..(I just happened to have them in my iTunes acct, and I just happened to have my computer with me: how lucky was that!). She was just in awe of his vocals and I think she will be following him a lot closer from now on. So in honor of Adam Lambert Day, a new (and educated) fan! I also spent time with family and celebrated Mother’s day as well, with my son and husband (also both fans BTW). All in all, a very good day! Mother’s Day and Adam Lambert Day, all rolled into one!

    aka “glitzylady” elsewhere

  9. dainty says:

    Of course I’m a bit different. May 1 to 7 was spent in a hotel for our training in Medical Documentation for Municipal Health officers and City Health Officers here in the Philippines. Of course we are to document dead bodies, of extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances and other torture victims aside from our run-of-the-mill postmortem/autopsy. We are to help implement a new law RA 9745(Republic Act against torture). It was tough, and included CSI or crime scene investigation. Now I know the difference between Forensic Pathology from Forensic Archaeology. Whew!!!

    Good we were pampered with good hotel, food and really topnotch trainers/lecturers. On the morning of May 8, I still studied my notes even if the seminar was over. In between I texted greetings or responded to Happy Mother’s Day greetings. One even consulted me with her asthma on text. My gosh!!! Then I checked out and bought whatever it was that fancied me. It’s MOTHER’S DAY, what the heck.

    So now back to work. So many happenings. No more USMLE reviews in the meantime. “God will lead the way, in wherever I’ll live and work someday. Man proposes, but God disposes.”

    Adam looked so fresh in his picture that was taken in San Diego. He looked so effervescent and healthy. I hope that he is happy now and enjoying his company…. just living normally. I do miss his public presence, but I understand that he badly needs this personal, private space in his life to have equanimity. Someday, he’ll resurface, resurge having recharged his batteries……. and we’ll be there again to march with his drums. Hope also to meet other Glambs in this site again.

    In the meantime, there’s AI 10th season to watch for. But of course, our Adam is beyond compare. They’re all entertaining, even Steven Tyler, but no one had inspired me as much as Adam. Adam made me break-out into prose and poetry, and just colored my world rainbow.

    • LolaGlamb says:

      dainty-sounds like you have a very stressful job, and the joy and effervesance that bubbles out of Adam must be a welcome antidote to what you encounter in your day to day life. He is such a sunny, happy person. I, too, hope he gets rested and refreshed, so he can come back to us with renewed energy and passion. And I hope he has found love, because that is what he gives us in a different form.

  10. e3fan205 says:

    Your passion and steadfastness in admiring and supporting Adam Lambert is greatly appreciated for all of us who may be a little farther away. Like you, I take a few moments every day to “check in” on Adam news and Adam friends. I’ve met wonderful fans, mostly in line at concerts, and some of us have stayed in touch. Even learned to twitter because of Adam. He is so much fun to follow….and listen to. The other day I had to do a lot of freeway driving. I am amazed how well FYI has stood up to time, especially the foreign release with the extra tracks. I stilll find something new each time I take a listen and still find that my “favorites” keep changing, I remain envious that Europe gets the benefits of so many more singles.

    I have worked in Russia many times and wish I had an assignment that would take me there for his performance later this summer. Wouldn’t that be fun. Because of my work assignments, I did get to see him in Singapore (with 22K fans there) and in Munich on my way home from Kosovo, where the venue was like a grange hall with about 800. I was in the front row for that one and couldn’t even take pictures because I just wanted to see and listen. I’ll probably never have that chance so up close again. Perhaps none of us will. I think that is why so many people tried to see several GNT performances…..It will probaby never be so intimate again.
    Thank you for keeping in touch with us.

  11. hay adam i am a big fan i have your cds it would be grate to be at one of your concerts
    well your my second fav singer plz write bk a dream come true

  12. Just wanted to comment on Ricky Martin. I, too have fallen for him again with his new album just coming out. He and Adam would make such a lovely couple, don’t you think? Ricky does to me, what Adam did to me last year. I was in a slump with no Adam sightings. Sorry, Adam.

  13. May 8th is important to me as well…..It was my birthday. How great that my favorite artist celebrated it. I’ll believe he celebrated it for me. Thanks Adam