Adam Lambert Dancing With Ellen-Must See Video!

As the credits roll, we get a cute little glimpse of Adam and Ellen doing a dance!! That alone made it worth watching the credits, haha. Check it out…


Video via:adamnlambfan



  1. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    He continues to be the cutest thing ever and that Ellen loves him only makes me love him more!!

    • Mbb_Glambert says:

      I so much adore Adam’s cuteness he’s like the hottest guy and also very very cute!! love lots :))

  2. Adam and Ellen have the same hair do

  3. Adam is going to be on Idol next….YES YES YES

  4. I meant to say he is going to be on Idol NEXT week.

    • Unfortunately, he tweeted today he won’t be performing on finale night. I think AI is a little worried he might out perform last years winner and S9 contestants,which is a valid concern as Adam is in another league as a singer/performer. Personally, I think he needs some R&R for a week or so. He’ll need it as his tour schedule will be grueling to say the least.

  5. cheryl 334 says:

    Adam is going to be on Jay Leno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • When will Adam be on Jay Leno?

      I missed him on ellen today. I don’t watch ellen, and there was no mention of it on his official website. I like this website better.

      Thanks for all the info an dupdates.

  6. Cricket says:

    Justin the little boy,,is going to be n Idol next week,,,darn,,,wish it would be Adam…

    • Who is Justin? or do your mean Justin Bieber? He’s almost 16 now I think. But I like your description.

  7. mandytwo says:

    I had my DVR ready for this!!!! Wonderful show. Love Love Love both Adam and Ellen.

    Glamb 616

  8. SHAR BORROSCO says:

    I just love Adam… What a DYNAMITE performance he did today on Ellen.
    Loved the smashing out fit he was wearing..only Adam could look so great in that..

  9. JEANENE says:


    • They did the lip lock twice..I love their friendship. Adam makes me smile, is that stupid? I absolutely smile when I read about him, listen to him, watch him…there is something so infectious about him, something that begs to have him as a friend. Lucky Ellen.

  10. That’s the Adam I love. Young, rested, energized, excited. It is obvious he loves Ellen and Ellen loves him. The hair cut is growing on me. It makes him look much younger.

    • buffy522 says:

      I agree! He was absolutely wired! so happy and positive looking. Regret that they still spent so much time on the AMAs but I guess it is still an issue with some people. We fans have so moved on! Loved the little dance at the end

  11. Darlene says:

    I was so happy to see Adam on Ellen. I just can’t get enough and never get tired of seeing him. It’s been over a year now since I have been doing nothing but searching for anything Adam on the internet. I am so grateful for the internet. It keeps us connected with the people we love and adore so much.

    • Magiclady says:

      I so agree, I remember throughout my life, I have been obsessed with different singers and bands (but never as much as Adam)!

      The only access I had was a once in awhile magazine article, or TV apprearence, or going to a concert.

      With the internet, I can see something about Adam everyday and I think that contributes to my love for him. I learned so much about him and his family and friends on Idol and continue to have constant access to his life because of wonderful websites like this one!!

      • So thankfull I am learning that I am not alone in this whole craziness of Adam.
        And it’s still lovely craziness I must consider being this deeply-hooked on “him”, he is life to me, and glad to know everyone else’s too.

    • JEANENE says:


  12. Adamisamazing says:

    I love watching Ellen and Adam interact. It’s such a comfortable relationship. Love the dancing…those two can really dance. Adam loves dancing, and if he wasn’t a singer, he said he would be a dancer. Adam looked happy, relaxed and energetic. Looking forward to Leno Friday.
    Although very disappointing about AI, I also do believe that he would outshine the subdued performers on that show this year. Plus, I agree he needs his rest before the tour. I hope he gets a vacation after the tour as well. I know that is what he is hoping as well. Fun show to watch today! Thanks for the postings.

  13. Loved that they loved each other. Wasn’t Adam exceptionally happy when he was singing? Someone else on this blog noticed it also. Who was sitting with his mother, anyone know? Can’t wait for Leno. Do I love Adam or what???!!!!

  14. We really should give a lot of credit to the Adam unofficial site.. it’s awesome because I get some videos sent to me just about everyday and I’m enjoying it immensely. For example I couldn’t watch Ellen’s show and I forgot to record it but there it was sent to me by the Adam official unofficial site. …. I don’t know who is responsible for sending them out so frequently and keeping all his signed on fans so informed but whoever you are I want to say thank you and that you’re doing a fantastic job.
    Ellen is nuts about Adam … I saw that when he was first on her show. Yah and it’s a fun relationship they have…. I can not wait to see him… got my tickets today… yahoo…..

    • Shirlee says:


  15. TINA REYNOLDS says:

    Did you hear Adam when he hugged Ellen? That little growl OMG. I am 54….If Adam were 10 years older and I were 10 years younger and he was into older woman…..I would be all over it.

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      Are you kidding me!? I’m 51 and I would do Adam NOW if he’d hold still long enough!!!!

    • adamfan says:

      Don’t lose hope! Ellen is 52. She is always so fun that she
      seems very youthful.
      (Her bio is interesting -it says she wasn’t “book smart” and worked selling
      vacuum cleaners and painting houses until the inner comic began
      to surface. Seems pretty smart to me….)
      She’s great with Adam – the two of them have such bright eyes and big smiles!!
      I agree with getting the hug and the growl – can you imagine it? I’m breaking
      out into a sweat haha

  16. PaulaGlam says:

    I also want to join in and thank Sue for this wonderful site that keeps all of us up to date and on top off all Adam’s news. LOVE THIS SITE.
    Today I got tickets for Adam’s Glam Nation Tour……I am so EXCITED!!!!!

    • buffy522 says:

      where? I tried for San Francisco all day. What drama. The “Official” website was flooded with complaints. Scalpers had them up on ebay before the “presale time”. I’ve only heard of one person who got tickets on site.

  17. hey their friend how r u doing ur looking good their hope ur enjoying ur self 1 love from my heart 2 urs

  18. Hi Sue,
    Honey your website is excellent,I usually find ADAM’s newest news here.
    I have a request,would you upload the Video of Time For Miracles in High Quality?
    If it’s not possible,would you introduse a Website or Link?

  19. Buffy522 what about Vegas tickets? I had no problem getting them,just called the hotel direct. $45

  20. mamasita says:

    Watch Entertainment Tonight tonight at 7:30. They are going to show some clips of Adam’s new IIHY video!!!!!!

  21. Evette #419 says:

    This is totally off topic but I was told you can post 24/7 at this site. Is this how I do it, or is there another place where you guys are talking to each other? I’ve got some questions for ya’ll 🙂

  22. I watched this over and over and then again this morning a few times. When Adam smiles, it somehow makes the world seem a better place. He brings joy to everything he does. We are so blessed to have him in our lives.

  23. Thanks Sue. This is great. Adam did look extremely happy….he slways looks happy but this interview. Was even more so. Oh Lordy , I live him soooooooo much !!!!! B.

  24. Thanks Sue. This is great. Adam did look extremely happy….he slways looks happy but this interview. Was even more so. Oh Lordy , I live him soooooooo much !!!!! B.
    I mean love. But I do live him every minute…..he’s on my mind!!!

  25. Princessshakeitup says:

    LOVE Ellen [and Adam, of course!] and the song performance saved the Adam segment of the show…it was brilliant and fun and sexy! BUT…more dancing next time please if Ellen and her staff can’t come up with any NEW topics to talk about. THE AMA’S AGAIN!? His sexuality and America’s attitude about it!? Why not just discuss whether he should have beaten Kris on AI if you really want to dredge up some ancient crap! I think there would have been a possibility for some funny stuff about his photo shoot with that bird if they hadn’t fallen back on the old tired ‘Cockatoo’ inuendos! Adam is so much more clever than all of that and Ellen is too. WHO is writing the material!? Someone needs to get ahold of Jessie Cruikshank [sp?] from Canada for her input on how to do a great interview with our Beastly Sexy Boy. That one is still my favorite! Makes me split my Pleather pants every time I watch it!

  26. Vocalsrule says:

    Sue and the other folks who keep this website up –

    WE LOVE YOU! Thank you for doing such a great job. The paid folks over at the official site ruined our chances of glam tour tickets with a bug that knocked out our emails. I wish they would do as good of a job for Adam that you do! Maybe you can have their salaries!

    I just hope Adam is as savvy as he seems. The people who get hired don’t always do the best job. Your hearts are in the right place and all our love is here to sustain it.

  27. PaulaGlam says:


    I got tickets for Portland, Oregon. Matter of fact was 7:00 am when I went to my email and already had the password sent to me, for 3 hours studied the sites and knew that I had to purchase the tickets via ticketmaster, so I set up my log ins with ticketmaster and got all prepared for the 10:00, 2 minutes before 10:00 am got in very easy and got 2 tickets. I also noticed that there was a site on Google mentioning that tickets for Portland and San Francisco were going to be on sale and they had the password giving to the general public, got very furious with this thinking that this would ruin my chance to get tickets, I decided to check that site out and get in like I was going to purchase tickets but fortunately that site stated that the tickets would be available for sale next day, I realized that they were not scalpers. I was able to get in the ticketmaster for almost an hour and maybe 50 minutes into to the hour the tickets were finally sold out.

  28. Maybe he’s in love–had that I’ve got a secret smile thoughout the show. Or just happy cause he’s on Ellen’s show and his career is going so well. Congrats for the VMMA? Award! ‘who was sitting with his Mom? OMG when did I become such an Adam cyber stalker? Think I’ll blame it on Sue for all her fantastic posting, not on my obsession with this gorgeous man!!!!!

  29. I hope for him that he is in Love and it will give us more sparkling eyes and happiness abound. This man has the capacity to love deeply so I hope he will be loved deeply in return. he deserves it so much.
    I hope he actually will get to enjoy some privacy around him being involved with somebody, so I won’t be speculating anymore!

  30. LOVE you ADAM!!! Another great performance!!! Hey guys…off topic….just wondering if anyone knows….I mean, Im from CA but Im watching Glam Nation in Costa Mesa and New York in Nokia theater. They said its general admission in NY and no seating assignment. I got the ticket for GA-floor so closer to the stage but its first come first serve also. Anyone knows how early people line up there outside Nokia theater? Im arriving there in am on the day of concert. Just dont want to waste opportunity to be closer to the stage …………thanks guys….I will appreciate some idea how it is theer in NY………..

  31. Janus Janis says:

    We need to really push to get If I Had You playing on the radio. I call every day to my local station and they say they can’t play it yet….maybe cause it’s not on the billboard 100 yet. (123) Please please push…Adam needs another song that climbs up the charts and exposes him to even more people. And I agree–thank you for this site.

  32. Yes, Adam looks on top of the world when he performed the ” If I had you song”. The message of the song is so relevant for him, and it seems like he had struck a hidden spring of overflowing water that quench thirsts. Or he had struck gold. Yes, he had seen the light, the glory and the beauty…………. and he is reflecting these in his radiance. This is true wealth, and the material wealth, will just follow, and is secondary. Ride on, brave young man.

  33. Johanna_Finland says:

    I love this video and I love youtube. This episode of Ellen is airing here in Finland next week and I am so glad I didn’t have to wait that long to see it 🙂