Adam Lambert Dance Video – Truly For YOUR Entertainment!!

A big thank you to all of the talented, dedicated fans who make all of the videos of Adam For OUR Entertainment! This is what’s keeping me going, while I’m waiting forever for the server to open up to buy tickets for next summer’s Comic-Con! This particlular video is credited to Jesha84.

I love the selection of Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin In Love” for this. Enjoy all the moves – there were a few new ones, including Tommy Joe dancing!

~ Carol~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. kaceyalum says:

    Luv it- how much fun did you have putting this video together?

    • Hi PRINCESS… just read on another subject you were looking for me!?? YIPPPEEE… >jumping up and down< I’m Here, lol I’m here!!!! (Stepping over puddle…) Came here as this was the newest post… hope you read again. You’re still crackin me up. =) No I’m not on the official fansite…should I be??? You want to share some fun stuff and talk me into it????
      Hope you see me here….

    • AGREED!!! I was thinking the exact same thing… this must have been SOO much fun to match up.
      Great editing (Jesha?) Thanks for putting this joyfest of movement together for us… DAMN, has anyone noticed how WELL this guy can move??? Can you go blind watching this??? lol…. I may just have to watch it um… ya know againnnnnnn…..& againnnn? =) What’d I do with those glasses….

      Princesshakeitup…pls read reply below!!

      • darnit, sorry!! Make that reply ABOVE!

        • Princessshakeitup says:

          GOTCHA! I keep coming back here to find all the funky folks I don’t find on the fansite AND to continue to support this site which is still my first favorite. A shout out to Carol and Sue and all the hard working people who make this all possible!

          I finally joined the fansite for the ‘stuff’ and because I was afraid they were going to put info there I can not get anywhere else. Like the video where Adam FINALLY admits I am his one true love and he can not dream of touching anyone else. Surprisingly, that has not surfaced. Yet.

          SO Glad you found my howdy to you here! One of the fun things on the Fansite is getting to know more about a person’s lives, etc. In my case, probably more than anyone WANTS to know! So, let me know if you decide to join there, otherwise I will keep looking for you here!

    • Awesome job Jesha! I love the video. Adam has some great dance moves. Can you imagine if he would have danced like that on Idol?

      Thank you all so much for sharing all the great pics and videos.

      I got to see Adam when he came to Houston, but I get to relive his concert with these awesome videos.

      Love and peace,

  2. Luved the tape. Adam is so Hot and Delicious. I never tire of him.

  3. Whoa!!! Excellent!! Love it!! So fun! So sexy! Love the ending!!!!


  5. Glamb #470 says:

    LOVED IT! Forwarded to all my friends….

  6. I’ve seen a lot of these and this is one of my favorites! Great job!!!

  7. Now that was totally incredible!!!!

  8. WOW! 🙂 I love This!! Thats Our Adam Glamberts! 🙂

  9. great for my FB wall THANKS !! the excitement is mounting here in the UK we’re counting down the DAYS now instead of the months! Oh HELL i hope he gives us ALL that in London i’m soo in the mood for dancing and ( watching) some bro-romancing !!!

  10. Tina Glamb#654 says:

    LOVE IT!! Super HOT too!! 🙂 If anyone hears about a dvd coming out, please post it quickly, so I can get mine reserved!!


  11. I’ve heard this song a hundred times on the radio and thought it was just so-so. But, OMG! Just look what Adam can do for a so-so song with his total sexiness and dance moves. LOVE IT!

    • yeah, I’m not down with the song but Jesha and others are so creative. We get to watch those “precious” moments that might get lost if you just try to watch one performance after the other. Ithink Jes…will try to accommodate fan requests! If you have a favorite song, just ask!

  12. Lamchops59 says:

    Wow! Movin’ & groovin’ like no other!

  13. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. Peggy#345 Glamb says:

    Ah!!!!!this is just to Awesome…Love the video….

  15. BECKY DUIBLEY says:

    adam lambert fan club

  16. BECKY DUIBLEY says:


  17. Glambert #575 says:


  18. My favorite move is at :50……the body roll

  19. Great job!!!! Adam Lambert the dancing machine!!

  20. Jane Parker says:

    I love that dancing machine!!
    Thanks for the video!

  21. imagine Adam on DWTS……

  22. Saw Adam 3 times and he blew me away… he’s LIKE NO OTHER. The one and only Adam.
    His moves are incredibly sexy. He is so so much sex it’d turn anyone on. I was up front and thought I was gonna jump on the stage any minute just watching him. Wait till he comes home and does this on national TV. OMG. He is so increidbly handsome and sexual. …must have a lot of invites from male admirers. Loved the moves when he had the dreadlock wig on… nice and slow and smooth… and I loved when he grabbed his lead dancer … he must have got too hot… that’s Adam…. tooo ooooo hoooooot.

  23. SisterMaryMadWorld says:

    What a wonderful day to fall in love again – with Adam.

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      Over and over. And don’t you just love it when Adam rubs up against Tommy and Tommy gets al shy and “aw shucks, I think he LIKES me!” Makes me go all puddly…

  24. I need help breathing!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME

  25. Hey Jesha84,, Good Job!! Boy, do I miss Adam!!!!!!!

  26. Diane #610 says:

    Oh I love this video!!! Yummmm! Plus, now I have to buy that song from iTunes cuz it will always make me think of Adam!!!! (not that I don’t do that anyway!)

  27. Please, please, please, keep this up, it’s GREAT!!!! Thank you to all the Glamberts out there who keep us up to date, cos some of us just can’t follow him all the time but sure wish we could. LAMBERTLVRS, Rita & Donna

  28. Jesha, Thank you so much…I love how you put this all together…just awesome!! Adam certainly lives up to his “glittery alien from the planet fierce” persona…but I think that is just naturally who he is.
    I must say that I thought Tommy was adorable and I would love to see him dance some more…he seems so shy…but just so cute.

    On a much more sadder note, I looked up the AMA 2010 nominations and Adam is not mentioned at all. They did make a special effort after the end of the list to add a place you could click on to see adams 2009 ama performance!! I believe they did this for the sole purpose of perpetuating that show and to continue their “punishment” and to remind people that they are safe to watch this years show!!
    I will NOT watch this year, or any other year until the “hypocracy” ends.

    I will say that I love the creativity these stars come up with…I find it amazing..but if we were to compare Adams performances with some of the others,such as Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Katy Perry, etc. etc. it is blatantly obvious how much discrimination is vented toward only Adam Lambert. And since I won’t cater to thier condescending attitude, I will not watch the AMA’s this year! Does anyone else agree with me?

    Hugs, Nana#1

    • Yup absoluteley agree… PLUS, BIIGGG bonus for us, the hell with the AMA awards… give them all to those auto-tuned robots with HALF Adam’s talent…. We won’t be viewing, INSTEAD,,,,,,

      –>WE can all be watching ADAM in his own E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY, that SAME NIGHT
      Nov 21, 9 p.m. Ahhhh justice is sweet…

      Hope the AMAs lose millions of viewers who will all be watching Adam on E!
      Spread the word!! Hope this is the most watched THS ever!

    • Diane #610 says:

      Definitely will not be watching the AMAs! Will be recording & probably watching too the E show featuring Adam. BTW, I have the 2009 AMAs recorded & watch Adam’s performance over & over. I did not see anything wrong with it – I loved it! You are so right about what all those other stars get away with & no one cares …

  29. I would love to see Adam on Dancing with the Stars!!!!

    Is there nothing he can’t do??? he is amazing.. a top notch singer, song writer, dancer, awsome human being, magnificant speaker and a wonderful contribution to humanity!!! Love him.

    • TOTALLY AGREE!!! Mentioned it a few subjects back… He would be awesome, and his voice would blow everyone away. (Haven’t been impressed with some of the recent singers at all)
      It would be GREAT exposure for ADAM to be seen on mainstream prime time tv again. I’t’s TIME!!

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      NO! No Adam on DWTS until they get rid of BP! And, it looks like the entire Tea Party is voting for her so she will probably win. I don’t think Mama Sarah will let BP be on the same stage with our lovely boy… Remember Leno!?

  30. Adamesque says:

    Love everything about it! Fun, sexy, entertaining – all of it!

  31. I am in love with this super nice, incredible human being ADAM LAMBERT!

  32. NinaLatina says:

    ok…that was awesome. I loved it! LOVE ADAM!!! He rox!!

  33. Keep em coming…….loved it