**NEW VIDEOS ADDED!** Adam Lambert Conquers Moscow!


Check another country and culture off Adam’s “To Do” list!

After attending the American Idol Results Finale on Wednesday, May 25th, Adam Lambert must have jumped on a plane and headed to Moscow to play at the Maxidrom Festival at the Toshino Airfield. Joining him were band members Monte Pittman, Tommy Joe Ratliff and Isaac Carpenter.

This wasn’t a Glam Nation show. No costume changes, no sets and no dancers. The Glam Nation Tour with all of these extras was wonderful, but it is truly refreshing to see him like this! Adam commands this stage like a true Rock ‘n Roller! But he did have a hot new leather jacket! 🙂

Thank you to the quick fans in Russia for getting these posted so quickly! Can you believe it’s been over five months since we last saw Adam perform on stage at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles? The drought is over! Drink these performances in!

***Adam just responded on Twitter to the news of someone being beaten and arrested for marching in Moscow for gay pride at the same time he was performing.

Adam Lambert
So shocked that this happened today at the same hour and same city as I was performing in. #majordamperonthings

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Down the Rabbit Hole – missisnorris

Fever – The JinaBell

Fever – CoshkiMishki

Music Again – missisnorris

Sure Fire Winners – CoshkiMishki

Sleepwalker – tsirlina

Sleepwalker – forantonhudec

If I Had You – forantonhudec

If I Had You – aviana14

Strut – partial – forantonhudec

20th Century Boy – CoshkiMishki

End of WWL – CoshkiMishki

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Random Medley says:

    There is NOTHING like a live performance by Adam. At the first performance I went to I was almost disturbed that everyone was singing along. I mean, I went to see and hear Adam not the croaking old woman next to me. (speaking an an old woman) I thought it was disrespectful.
    But now when I hear the crowd singing I find it just adds to the excitement… mine and his. I think it took a bit for him to get use to it too.

    But, it is extraordinary that in every country, everyone knows the words to his songs. I am just speechless with how much love this man arouses.

    • KailuaGirl1966 says:

      I experienced the same thing…I think you are right that he has come to love the crowd singing his songs. I look forward to seeing Adam in a venue with assigned seats….. I’m so short that I have difficulty seeing him!
      Glam #394

  2. Thanks Carol!!! I’ve been missing my Adam” fix! It is very refreshing to see him casual and relaxed.

  3. cas2003 says:

    Does anyone know how many fans attended Adam’s concert in Moscow? Haven’t seen any pics of the audience, yet. So great to see him performing. Love the new hair!

  4. Mary at the Lake says:

    Would you believe I was one of those crazy Glamberts who stayed up all night and followed the Twitter feed! ? It was actually a lot of fun and things got even crazier when the radio station that was broadcasting information about Adam’s show (not the actual show itself: no livestream..) announced that his show was actually a “soundcheck”! It confused the heck out of everyone who wasn’t at the live performance, and resulted in a great deal of hilarity, especially amongst those of us who live in the US and were listening at 3 AM! I live on the West Coast and just pretty much stayed up all night! Its a little embarrassing to admit that, but we are so starved for those live performances, I guess we’ll do anything! Adam was apparently lurking the Twitter feed after the show and surely thought we were all nuts! “That WAS the show!” One of those bonding experiences, people from all over the world, sharing this “virtual” twitter concert..Adam Fans to the core!

    Adam just looked and sounded soooo good here.. Missing those Glam Nation concerts… My last two were the LA shows, and that was months ago! So looking forward to the new music.. I know Suz526 will be at the Quebec show, so vids for sure! I’d love to go to that one, but probably not…Very tempting….!

    Adam was welcomed so warmly at this show: fans are the same everywhere: we love him! ..Not good news about those who were arrested tho..The activist, Lt. Dan Choi, the Army linguist who was discharged from the Army for being openly gay, was released a few hours later.. Much more work to do for basic human rights in Russia, but the same goes for the US.. Adam is doing so much to enlighten people everywhere, just by being himself.. Both of these men are examples in their own right of being proud of who they are, and hopefully changes attitudes about “Gay”.. Respect and admiration for both. And may Adam and the band travel safely.

    “glitzylady” elsewhere….

    • Hi Mary!
      Thank you so much for filling us in on the latest about Dan Choi’s release. Also for clearing up about the sound check hullabaloo. Where was I in Adam-world that I didn’t event know there was live radio feed to be listening to? I’m slipping!

      Miss ya!

  5. Jane Parker says:

    It is great to see him in videos and performing again!! I have been missing it. OUR American Idol!!

    Thanks Carol!

    • Your welcome Jane! My pleasure to do anything I can to keep us up-to-date with Adam!

  6. Francess says:

    I think he’s really testing a new look – relaxed, even raw, and DON’T LOOK – JUST LISTEN! This Moscow performance increases my hope that the upcoming album will give us THE VOICE – Also, I think Adam and Monte have got there souls in sync for the rock sound that really, really works in Moscow – it makes my old R & R heart swell. He’s the best and the best just keeps getting better – how lucky are we????

  7. scootersmom says:

    I can breathe again!!! I’ve been holding my breath for so long, waiting on another live concert, I thought I wouldn’t make it at times!! We love you, Adam – hell, I love you Adam!!

  8. I agree with those who like Adam’s “new” concert look–much prefer it to the Glamnation look with so much make up and theatrical costumes.

  9. Also agree with the look. Just natural, unadorned Adam. He doesn’t need anything to make him look good – nature did that for him & us & the voice is over the top as usual.

    • wagepeace says:

      I saw glamnation on tour and loved the production with dancers, costumes and makeup. My first career was in musical theater so it felt like home to me and he was as amazing as i expected and then some…but looking at these concert videos i see a different side of Adam, the rock star side and I REALLY LIKE IT!!!! You are so right, just Adam. Seems like he is growing into himself and we are going right along with him….i think i will like whatever he does, costumes or not. The band sounds really tight. I like the new rock star look and can’t wait to hear what he is producing in the studio. He is always changing it up and always a surprise..a very pleasant and enlightening one at that. ..wp

  10. kmmorgan says:

    the word is at the American Idol final…Adam and Sauli were quite the attractions, Adam was on an isle seat and there was a constant stream of people wanting to talk to him and get autographs….stars included….They finally had to get two ushers to keep people away…A star is born for sure…

    • Where did you hear about that? I was a little surprised that we only saw him for the 2 seconds at the beginning of the show. But then, we didn’t really see other past-Idols or celebrities more than once either. What I was really hoping for was that Adam would have been the on-stage singing partner of one of the contestants – maybe Hailey since he supported her so much? I was so happy to see James with Judas Priest. He was so happy and living out his ultimate fantasy. I hope he continues. Actually, the finale I was hoping for was James and Pia! 🙂 It would have given us a real choice. Congrats to Scotty though! 🙂

      • kat23mogan says:

        I do not remember where I read it…was one of the news coverage things…it may have been on the MEaning of Adam Lambert site…Apparently he was quite the sensation…as well as Sauli…I am so proud of him bringing Sauli and holding his hand on red carpet…Name me a gay famous person who dares to do such…they are very few…He is showing literally that it is ok to be gay and proud…Such an awesome role model…This concert sounds like it was amazing…he sounded great…Wish someone would post the whole WLL rendition…my fave cover that he does….I love Robert Plant…but Adam owns this song….

      • kat23mogan says:

        Also …no offense…I wish James the best…but I am really not a fan…Not since he has pretty much made a practice of dissing Adam for giving him pointers on what to do…positively critiquing his work…which he needs to listen to…and his dig at Adam’s Glam Tour…James needs to learn respect, humility and take critiquing…He will not last 2 seconds in the music industry if he does not learn these things…Adam knows music…knows the business…He is not one you want to diss or ignore. James and Judas Priest was ok…not really a highlight…I am not a fan of heavy metal and screaming singing…I like people who sing in tune…Thought the highlight of the show was Beyounce and Gaga…I liked Hailey’s duet….was great…

  11. eriskay says:

    Love him like this!!! Been a bit starved of the voice, and the man. Can’t wait until his new album comes out in the Fall. I just know we are going to love it, as he is in a good place, right now.
    You rock, Adam!!

  12. Pat Porter says:

    great as usual

  13. Glamity58 says:

    Thanks Susie for all these videos. I love Adam’s total look. I loved Glamnation, but being a true rocker I appreciate the raw edge here. It’s all about his vocals and they were spot-on in Russia. I think the large crowds get him going. Glad to hear it went well. I wish he’d get a new single out and finish that album soon. He deserves to be more popular than some of the mediocre pop stars out there.

    • Glamity58, Suz526 (if that’s who mean by Susie) had nothing to do with these videos. She wasn’t able to go to Moscow. The people you should be thanking are noted after the name of the song. 🙂


  14. OMG!OMG! This is the Adam I fell in love with. Just him and that voice with no distractions! More please!!

  15. Yes, I love this simple, unadorned Adam too. Just so natural, without embellishments, but so ravishing and just whetting our ravenous appetites…… for more…morE…. moRE …. mORE….MORE!!!

    Like a baby, I just want to hold him up there in the air… hearing the baby’s shrieks and gurgles of laughter. It feels like he’s giving me that delight, especially when I toss the baby in the air and catch with my hands. Oh, what delight, having done that to my 4 sons, 2 decades ago. Now Adam, had brought all these feelings of delight and celebration. WHAT A MAN !!! OUR ADAM.

  16. Thanks Carol. Love yah !!!

  17. i think this amount – 50000 people – is the biggest audience he ever performed for?

  18. I could not attend this event but my Moscow friends did. They said Adam sounded realy great. He turned on the Maxidrom from the very first seconds. One of the friends confessed, he was eager to listen to Prodigy, who also highlighted the fest. Before this concert he even did not hear about Adam – he is a hard rock fan. But when he heard Adam’s voice he got excited about him. “Goch, this guy GOT VOICE!” – this is what he told me today.

    Interesting that many people who knew Monte Pittman before he joined Adam’s team, came to the concert particulalry to listen to his guitar and got really crazy about his solo in WWL – the video gives some idea of how inspired Mote was. One can feel almost the mere rave watching this gorgeous pic: http://www.maximum.ru/upload/contents/471/field_9373/IMG_0268.JPG

  19. Just a few words about the Maxidrom fest: it’s the annual event which puts together the Russian and foreign rock musicians. Each presents the 80-minute non-stop session. The bands and soloists perform in non-stop manner one by one during almost 6.5 hr. The fest is held at one of the Moscow airport fields – Toushino.

    Here’re the pics from MXD-2011:

  20. And Brilliant Adam on-stage:

    Many pics more:

    Russian fan site about Adam in Moscow, with pics:

    The DJs from Radio Maximum, the host of the event, said after the interview that, first, “Adam is very tall, taller than they expected” and, second and most important: “Adam is a very-very-very charismatic person, very positive and….oh, yeah – very-very SEXY”….

  21. I just would like to add that I’m really impressed by this “Blitzkrieg” Adam and his friends took – I fly time to time to States and know very well how it is to spend from 21 (from Russian St.Petersburg to NY) to 15 (back) hr in travel, with 7-9 hr in non-stop flight cross the Atlantic, languishing in airports and airport-hotel-airport driving…

    And after all this long-long in-between space&time travel, to go up to the stage, and entertain people for 80 minutes non-stop…but this must be the real professionalism, I believe. And PASSION about what you do.

    Adam and his great colleagues/friends should know – they are not just loved by fans, they are highly respected for their professionalism.

  22. Adam’s audience here, in Russia is not less than in US, I suppose (in per cent ratio, of course) – his hits are on air with all pop-rock stations. You can hear his Fever or If I Had U as cell ring tones very often in the streets, banks, offices and of course in the Universities and colleges.

    The poor and ugly fact is that the level of homophobia in Russia goes beyond any limits. Though, it’s our current hard situation with the total intolerance: it does not matter whether it’s about non-Russian people, or aged people, or LGBT, or job migrants – Russia is overwhelmed with hate toward the oligarchs and this terrible feeling is spread upon all others who are “strangers and not like me”. Alas.

    I only hope that the talent and art of such persons like Adam will help people to remember about their inner kindness and finally “we shall overcome”, as one old song says…

  23. I just love Adam!!!

  24. Onegoodwoman says:

    It was so awesome to see these. It makes me want to see Adam live again!

  25. I looooooooooooooooooooooooove adam,but I don’t like his new style.It’s very simple!he looks sexy in every style,but it doesn’t satisfy me!he’s the best and the sexiest singer ever.kissing him is one of my wishes and I really get sad when I see the pictures of him kissing fans!LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YA MAN!

  26. I’m still SO in love with Adam…LOL! I didn’t get to see him at the AI finale, but I did see pictures of him and Sauli. They are a stunning couple!

    Thanks for the videos!

    Can’t wait to see him again in concert.

  27. Haven’t been on this site for a while, so happy to be back and reading all the positives. I also was thrilled to have Adam performing live again. Like this toned down R&R look and believe that is what he meant when he said he was going less glam and more leather. Works for me. Cannot wait for new CD. Up to his fans to make it platinum and NO. 1 the first week out. I will do my part. Our mantra should be anything country can do, we can do!

  28. ianaleah says:

    Such a dream. Even better than in his costumes.

  29. There’s no stopping him! I like the stripped down look and just pure music. It’s all good!


  1. […] My favorite part of this interview is hearing him talk about how the fans have gotten to know each other via their involvement with blogs and attending the concerts. I always hear fans wondering if he knows what he has brought to our lives, other than his music, meaning the great friendships they’ve developed with other fans. Now we have a definitive YES! At 3:10, we leave Adam and hear some other bands that must have been playing the Maxidrom Festival. So sad they didn’t include any footage of Adam playing that day, but at least you can see them here! […]